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llllno!* Secretary Sent
Petition Requesting
8PRINGFIELD, 111., Aug. 12.—{/P;
—The Cook county Republican com
mittee petitioned the secretary of
state today for a dry law referen
Three petitions, bearing the
names of approximately 400,000 vot
ers and sent from Chicago last
night under guard, called for the
Inclusion on the ballot of thre ques
Shall the eighteenth amendment
be repealed?
Shall Congress modify the Vol
stead act?
Shall the Illinois search and sei
zure act be repealed?
Bernard W. Snow, chairman of
the Cook county G. O. P. commit
tee, who headed a group of Chicago
party leaders in presented the peti
tions. said prohibition has not only
been a failure in accomplishing the
object sought, but has been attend
ed by a long train of evil conse
quences that threaten the stability
of government administration".
Under the Illinois law. the name;
of 310.000 voters must be had before
a public policy question can be
placed on the ballot.
If approved, the questions will be
voted upon at the November gener
al election.
Search Is Opened
For Missing Banker
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 12—<&)— Police
began a search today for Charles
Kern, wealthy St. Louis flour buy
er, and his w-ife, who left here last
night for Toledo. Ohio, with a $70.
000 bank treasurer's check, bui
alighted from the train instead al
Defiance, Ohio. Police fear they
are in the hands of swindlers an<
possibly have been kidnaped.
Kerri, about 70. had taken th<
check aftPr being urged by hi;
banker not to follow his original in
iention of takine $90,000 in casl
with him to swing a real estati
deal. Word was sent ahead to To
ledo to ha\*> detectives meet Ken
to give him protection.
However, it was learned today thi
couple alighted from the train a
Defiance. 50 miles west of Toledc
and investigation disclosed Ken
got two telegrams on the train. on<
of which urged him to leave tb
train at Fon Wayne. Ind. am
meet n group of persons. Appar
ently the second telegram suggested
he get off at Defiance.
Another Rexall
Money Saving
Starting Monday,
August 25th and
lasting one week
One of the many
bargains to be fea
$1.50 Shari
with a
12.50 Box of
Both for
rzrvm STORES
HV SaJ and V
NEW YORK. Aug. 12.—The
mild energy which stock market
! jull forces mustered yesterday to
combat bear selling disappeared
overnight on publication of the gov
ernment crop figures revealing the
shortest corn crop in more than 25
Transportation issues and shares
of companies depending largely
for their earnings on the agricul
tural section, were liquidated free
ly during the earlier hours today,
but the whole market suffered from
the volume of selling orders. The
general weakness and the absence
of any appreciable demand at the
lower levels had an unfavorable
effect mi commission house senti
Sears Roebuck. Montgomery
Ward. Rock Island, Canadian Paci
fic. General Theaters and Bullard
broke to new lows for the year or
longer. Losses of one to two points
were general. The decline reaching
7 In Eastman Kodak and about 5 In
J. L Case, Allied Chemical and
American Tobacco "B". Westing
house Electric and Vanadium lost
3. Warner Brothers was an excep
tion. rallying a couple of points on
active short covering.
Call money renewed at 2 1-2 per
NEW YORK. Aug. 12.-HiP)—Cot
ton opened steady at a decline of 4
to 6 points in response to the rela
tively easy showing of Liverpool
cables and private reports of show
ers in parts of Alabama and Missi
There was further covering and
trade buying, but the decline con
tinued right after the opening with
New' October selling off to 12.20 and
March to 12.65 or about 10 to 12
points net lower on the active
months. These prices brought in a
little more buying and the market
was steady at the end of the first I
half hour, although prices remain
ed within 2 or 3 points of the low
est on most propositions.

NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 12.—(Ab—
Cotton had a quiet but steady open
* ing with Liverpool cables about as
( due First trades here showed no
, change from yesterday's close. Sen
. timent among ring traders contl
, nued bearish and the market grad
ually eased off on lack of support
• until October traded at 12.24 and
■ December at 12 43. or 6 to 6 points
. below yesterday's close. At the end
\ of the first hour the market was
> steady and a point or two above the
» lows.
I -
i , CHICAGO. Aug. 12.—Com
prices jumped fast early today, but
. met with immense profit-taking
sales which forced the market
Instead of soaring 5c a bushel, as
many traders had expected, the
• corn market for at least the time
being rose but 3c, and quickly lost
most of that Trading was on a
huge scale, buyers of com being
aroused by official confirmation of
drought losses beyond what had
generally been expected, whereas on
the other hand many sellers were
acting on belief that recent sharp
advances In price had largely dis
counted the government report.
Wheat was beartshly affected by
the enlarged estimates of United
States wheat yields taken as a
whole. Starting 3-4 to 3c higher.
' com afterward receded in some
cases to below yesterday's finish.
Wheat opened 3-8e off to 3-4c up
, and subsequently showed a decided
CHICAGO. Aug 12.—».4*>—Butter
firm: creamery extras 37 2-4 to 38;
standards 38: extra first* 36 1-2 to
37: firsts 34 1-2 *o 35 1-2: seconds
32 to 33 '-2.
Ergs firm, unchanged
Houston Men Here
On Whltewing Hunt
A partv of six Houston men.
prominent in business and ej tc af
fairs. are in Brownsville as guests
of Homer L. Fitch, white wing
The party consists of Dan Orr,
president of the Houston Show
Case company; Stuart Boyles
county surveyor for Harris county:
James Anderson. Jr., vice president
Humble Oil company: Bert Grey,
Houston Electric company: Sam
Netherlev, City attorney for
Houston; and Rodman S Cost.,
assistant city attorney.
The men expect to remain here
1 several days.
Kill dris pest^ ft spreads disease
■ G|teppwg out in
fBOM pawn till Pawn. ^
) iv/F rigwt is Of Black
f 'Below- Black velvet
V Tor evening, a
City^ Briefs '
Dickey’* Old Reliable Eye Water
refreshes and strengthens weak and
tired eyes —Adv. <4)
Special shampoo and linger wave
for 75c; manicure 50c. Amaya’s
Beauty Shop. adv.
The will of Hattie Hopper, deceas
ed. was probated in the county pro
bate court Saturday by Judge O C.
Harrison Hopper was named exec
utor and W. E McDavitt. W B.
Clint and John Gregg were ap
pointed appraisers.
A new muffler for locomotives
discharges steam and hot water in
a fine spray between the tracks sc
that they do not obstruct an engi
neer’s vision nor damage cars or
adjacent tracks.
Twenty-three of the 5f signers of
the Declaration of Independence
were college men.
Air Derby Official
To Arrive Aug. 16
Richard Allen. Chicago, chair
man of the Brownsville-to-Chicago
' air derby, will arrive In Browns
ville on an official scouting trip
on Saturday August 16. accordltic
to a telegram received here Mon
day from Clifford Henderson, con
• test manager
"Richard Allen chairman Brow ns
ville Chicago derby now enroutr
official scouting trip and scheduled
1 to arrive Brownsville Saturday
’ August 16 weather permitting.” thr
telegram states. "He will wire actual
I arrival time. Please arrange eom
' mittee meeting at time of his ar
I rival to diicuss technical details
Will appreciate all courtesies: ex
tended Allen."
The local chamber of commerce
will handle the matter, and plan;
are being completed now by O. C
j Richardson, secretary, to arrangf
' for a meeting upon Allen's ar
| rival.
Americans spend 26 per rent o'
their annual income on food alone
Seen About
Driving up the avenue we have
.Fausto Yturrla, Brownsville
lawyer....driving along In his car
with a youngster.bound for
Brownsville.looking fine.a
little farther we find Jesus Her
nandez.young man.well
known in Matamoros circles.... I
standing in the ••zaguan” (gate)
of his house-eating a banana..
..and smilling....by the smile on
his face we venture to sa. that
particular banana must be un
usually appetizing—yes he does
not mind beLng seen ...as we go
by the by-ways we notice Shat they
are being graded-looking up to
the Chamber of Commerce build
ing we discover Dr. L. F. Lopez....
dentist....on the balcony of his
office.... giving the thoroughfare
the once over from his vantage
point....and driving on we find
Julio Galvan.... money exchange
man_amiably walking and chat
ting with Oscar Trevino..... both
are looking fine — now they are
saying *adios' and Trevino is board
ing his sport roadster bound for
Brownsville.a jolly pair.
these two....and arriving at the
Plaza de Armas we find that things
are rather quiet — maybe It Is be
cause the weather is a little bit Lot
and sultry — anyway the Plaza
seems dull.... walking around we
find the first bale of cotton still on
exhibition_It was picked on thr
Hulzachal' ranch... .near the city
and was ginned by the Gonzalez
gin — keeping the bale of cotton
on exhibition is a good idea—since
it arouses interests among the
growers and will help greatly In
developing rivalry among the grow
ers_Matamoros should offer a
prize for the first bale o. cotton
ginned every year — upon making
this offer we are positive that
more, earlier, and a better grade of
cotton would be the result.
6 Run-Offs Booked
In Dem. State Races
DALLAS. Aug. 12.—"?’'—The state
Democratic executive committee,
meeting here today, announced that
tlie vote cast for governor in the
i July 26 primary totaled 833.442.
.setting a new record by more than
12.000 votes.
D W Wilcox of Georgetown,
chairman of the committee, said all
records on obtaining official re
turns had been broken with Secre
tary Albert Sidney Johnson of Dal
las obtaining a certified copy ol
returns from every county chair
man in the state.
, Attendance at the meeting wa?
; small, even with the proxies repre
sen’ing absent conmitteemen. Can
vassing of the flection returns was
the onlv business
Wilcox called the committee's at
tention to the fact that it woulr
have to convene at Galveston Sep
tember 8. the day before the stat<
convention, to prepare the temper
arv roll of delegates to the conven
t1nn and to canvass the returns n
the run-off • primarv to be hek
August 23
Run-offs will be necessary in si)
state races and in the o’her six. th<
candidates who received maiorttie!
were declared the official Demo
cratic nominees.
Relieves a Headache or Neuralgia h
30 minutes, checks a Cold the firs
day. and checks Malaria In threi
, davs
666 also in Tablets
I for you to make that
|pHM SI f«l;l,tf^
I ^Angeles
21 Day Return Limit
Leave 8:15 P. M. (Border Limited) Saturday, Aug. 18.
Only J9 hours to Los Angeles from San Antonio. _
Connect with “Argonaut" at San Antonio, arrive Los w^m**"»*w«"w«a»«wwaa
Angeles 18:15 A. M. Tuesday. Lug. 19. n aai inipe amee
Connect with "Sunset Limited" at San Antonio. a>-fivr II11II ail II | If I M
Los Angeles 5 p. m. Tuesday, Aug. 19. ■ ■wli^ •••
America's finer limited*. Stop-over anywhere rnroute,
going or returning.
South' Pacific
Phone 1787
Two Sixteen-Year-Olds Are
Held for Kidnaping
With Toy Pistol
DETROIT. Aug. 12.—<;P>—Two 16
year-old girl* were in the Juvenile
detention home here today after a
profitless and brief adventure In
kidnaping and highway robbery.
The girl* last night held up Steve
Schultz. 28. a chauffeur, pointing a
toy pistol—which he thought was a
real weapon—at him; got into his
automobile; demanded his money;
forced him out when he inssted he
was penniless and drove away with
the car.
Later the car was found aban
doned. and Schultz pointed out the
girls on the street. They gave their
names as Dolores Kowalski and
Alfred Lepak, admitted the charge
and showed police where they had
thrown the toy pistol In a vacant
Chemical Explosion
Kills One, Injures 13
NEW YORK. Aug. 12/*»>—Wreck
age of two buildings attested today
to the power of an explosive acci
dentally compounded by a chemist
while making an experiment.
One man was killed ■*nd 13 per
sons injured yesterday by the ex
plosion of a mixture which Mar
cus Cohen was heating In his labo
ratory’ on the fifth floor of a build
ing in Prince street.
The blast blew out the side of
the laboratory building and tons
of brick and other debris dropped
through the roof of a two-story
building adjoining crashing to the
Divorce Contract
Off; Son Is Born
SOUDERTON. Pa , Aug. 12.—<*>.
—Mr and Mrs. William Kenneth
Moyer, who were married here on
Jan. 2, after signing a contract that
either was privileged to obtain a
divorce without consulting the other
if there was no jssue within two
years, today announced the birth
of a son.
Mr Moyer, who is a free-lance
writer cf Chicago, said the child
weighed eight and cine-half pounds
and arrived at 3 o'clock this morn
Nicaragua is planning to establish
a permanent agricultural school U
conduct a country-wide soil survey
instructing the natives in the use o!
i modern implements and in catth
Allred It Accused 1
Of Trade With Ring
ROCKWALL, Tex., Aug. 11 -—
—Attorney General R. L. Robbltt.
seeking the gubernatorial nomina
tion for the office he holds by
appointment, told a crowd here
today that his opponent, James V
Allred of Wichita Palls, had made
a “trade” with the Bexar county
political ring.
"My office conducted an in
vestigation of complaints that pol'
taxes were being illegally issued j
j and as a result of that inquiry 7
] decided to institute ouster proceed
ings against two of the office hold
ers who were members of the ring."
Bobbtt said.
"My opponent goes down to San
Antonio and after a conference
with the ring leaders gives an in
terview to the press declaring 1'
elected he will not interfere in local
affairs. In other words, he would
close his eyes to alleged law
violations my investigator revealed
and virtually disfranchise the
people of this community by off
setting their good, legal votes with
2.500 illegal votes manipulated by
a political machine in south
■. —. w
Funeral Services
For H. L. Russell
Funeral services for Henry L. Rus
sell. father of Mrs. N. O. Cofer were
held at 10 a. m- Monday at the Mor
ris chapel, with the Rev. J. E. Lov
ett. pastor of the Methodist church
officiating. Interment took place
in the Buena Vista cemetery.
Russell died at the Mercy Hos
pital at 4:30 p. m. Sunday. He was
60 years old. He had made his
home with Mr. and Mrs. Cofer aince
the death of his wife nine years
ago. and came with them to Browns -
vllle four years ago.
Besides Mrs. Cofer he leaves an
other daughter. Mrs. A. O. Gor
don. of Winston-Salem. North Car
olina: and two sons. Lester L. Rus
sell and Hubert R. Russell, both of
Houston, who were here for the
Foul breath, loose teeth or sore
gums are disgusting to behold, all
will agree. LETO'S PYORRHEA
REMEDY is highly recommended
by leading dentists and never dis
appoints. Druggists return money
if It fails Ctsneroa Drug Stores.
►1 Si
Money Spent for
The average family spends
less than a dime a day for all
the comforts, conveniences and
advantages of Electricity.
This small sum pays for Light
with which to brilliantly illumi
nate every room in the house,
and for the Power with which
to operate the useful Electric
appliances that help so much
to make housework easy and
When one considers the real
value of the services rendered
it is very apparent that Electri
city, truly,is"the biggest bargain
on the household budget".
\ /
Central Power
Cm«Uim Siftlu Aleefi

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