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Ft. Brown Troops Compete
For Place in Draper
Trophy Test
Lieutenant John H. Stodter's
platoon from Troop A, took the lead
Monday in the regimental competi
tion to determine which platoon of
the 13th Cavalry will represent the
regiment in the Draper Trophy test
at Fort Clark in November.
Some years ago a fund was set
aside by a cavalry reserve officer,
Mr. Draper, to provide a $1,000 prize
each year for the best cavalry
platoon In the Army. Due to the
expense of a troop movement to a
central point for holding the test,
the 13th Cavalry has never before
been represented. This year, with
the test at Fort Clark, platoons
from the 1st, 5th and 12th Cavalry
will oompete. The prize money is
divided among the members of the
platoon and amounts to about one
month’s pay or more fpr each man.
Platoons from Troop A and B
at Fort Brown, and Troops E and
F at Fort Ringgold, will each go
through a test this week to deter
mine the one to go to Fort Clark.
The test on Monday was a 5 mile
cross-country ride over 16 jumps
with pistol and saber targets and a
time limit of 30 minutes. On Wed
nesday each platoon starts on a
march which Includes mounted and
dismounted combat, reconnaissance,
meeting hostile armored cars and
airplanes, camping and night
marching. The platoons will be out
two days.
The tests at Fort Brown take
place first, then the Judges, Major
Geoffrey Keyes, Oliver I. Holman
and Robert W. Grow go to Fort
Ringgold to test the other platoons.
The platoon leaders are at Fort
Brown: Lieut. Stodter, Troop A;
Lieut. Bamum. Troop B. At Fort
Rin?cold: Lieut. DePew. Troop E
and Lieut. C* ~~n. Troop F. Out
of a possible 15 points In the cross
country' ride. Lieut. Stodter’s platoon
made 14 and Lieut. Bamum’s 13
Mumm* ,-l®
This shows six Chevrolets of a fleet of 16 sold to the U. S. Immigration Service and Border Patrol on
Sept. 17. Tom Stevenson, local Chevrolet dealer, delivered six cars, others being sold at Del Rio and
Laredo. The above Illustration shows the automobiles delivered locally, and shops the Stevenson Motor
Company on Elizabeth and Fifth streets.
Officers Are- Interested In
Plane Using Pasture
For Landings
SHAWNEE. Okla., Sept. 23—
—Pottawatomie county authorities
were seeking today to clear up the
mystery surrounding a biplane
which for several days has been
making a pastyre eight . tiles
southwest of here its landing base
A man who gave his name as
George P. Farelton. arrested late
yesterday when he appeared at the
plane, was in the county Jail in lieu
! of a $25 fine for carrying concealed
weapons. Arresting officers said he
had a gun in his possession. An
other man was being sought.
Hazeiton refused to pay the fine
and telephone^ his brother, W. A
Hazelton of Tulsa, who. he said,
was owner cl the plane. Officers
said Hazelton's brother advised him
not to pay the fine and told him
to withhold information about the
A farmer whose name was not
divulged by officers, said the plane
had been making several flights
from the pasture for three or four
days. He notified officials who went
to the plane yesterday and waited
When Harelton appeared he was
arrested. The farmer said 'wo men
had been flying the machine.
Department of commerce officials
at Oklahoma City were notified
They ordered the Diane brought tc
the municipal sirne-t here and
-- " I
One Healthful form of
Necessary Nourishment
that kids need no
coaxing to drink
Little "human dynamos” run out of "juice” between
meals. That’s why they tease for sweets. Sugar is the
quickest energy food and Mother Nature knows it. She
prompts the appetite. It’s as natural as hunger can be.
If your kiddies crave sugar, give them as much as they
want... but in a form that can’t be abused. Dr.
Pepper contains fruit juice for flavor and health ...
pure sugar for quick-energy supply... and sparkling
water for bulk and thirst. No tax on digestion. No
ingredients that can possibly harm. The small propor
tions of sugar to water is a safety-valve against excess.
© D*. hlHr Ck
m 10-264 O'CLOCK
Improvements Are Planned;
Would Put City On
Cash Basis
(Special to The Herald)
PHARR, Sept. 23—The citizens
of Pharr voted Saturday to issue
bonds to take care of the outstand
ing indebtedness of the city and to
pave some of the streets in Mexican
town. The bond issue will take care
of all of the warrants which have
been issued during the past few
years and put the city on a pay-as
you-go plan and on a sound finan
cial working basis. Several streets of
the Mexican town will be paved
under the bond Issue which will
insure that part of the town the
best of good streets, on a par with
the other parts of the city and of
oher Valley towns. The vote on the
oropo6tition of issuing bonds to
take up the outstanding warrants
carried by a vote of 111 to 8 and
the paving bonds passed by a vote
of 106 to 10.
Various ether improvements are
being planned for the city by the
Civic club and the city commission
ers in order that Pharr may be
classed as one of the most progres
sive and cleanest towns in the Rio
Ora ride Valley The streets are being
beautified by filling in the ditches
on the sides and by making the
^pnroaches to the ettv pleasant to
Kok upon. The parkways are being
Van ted to flowers and sodded
under the direction of the Civic club
raking in connection with the city
offi -ers.
The library which was recently
•>ut iri the Kiwanis building is be
sponsored by local clubs and a
number of volumes have been
Vaeed on the shelves. It Is the plan
‘o *ave books donated to the library
•vPh the idea in view of making it
*t f’rst class library in every respect
and a number of citizens have made
•aluable con‘ributions to the cause.
Steamer Aground;
Crew Is Rescued
PETERHEAD, Scotland. Sept. 23
—<fPi—The City of CKaka. a 6.814
‘cn steamer, Tyne to New York, was
i«hore seven miles from here to
day in a badly crippled condition
ifter pounding on the rocks for
•everal hours.
The weather cleared this fore
| 'oon and the sea abated so that
he officers and several members
"»f the crew decided to remain on
! *h* vessel, which has three holds
*ull of water and considerable wa
er In her engine rooms.
Those on the city of Osaka spent
in anxious nieht. with two life
boats and a destroyer standing by
n the heavy weather and a coast
guard force on a cliff above with a
rocket apparatus ready to signal
for help if the lifeboats proved un
able to take off the 80 persons
aboard, all crew men.
Most of the crew were taken
ashore r+ dawn.
i - -.- - - - - '
An amazingly
quick way to
end Headaches
FAR too many women spend
hours, even days every month
with splitting, tortnring headaches
that accompany their periods, not
knowing chat Capa dine will end
their misery in fast ■ few minutes'
time. Even women and girls who
suffer the most can enjoy the same
blessed quick relief. Nothing in
Capudine that interferes with
Being liquid, Capudine acts imme
diately, often in one-third the time
required by other forms. It con
tains no narcotics, does not disturb
digestion and is approved by doc
tors and druggists; Even with the
most severe headache, relief comes
very quickly.
Sold at Deaf Stores. 10*. JO# ft 60# bodies
and by the aosc at soda fountains.
Dodge Distance Mileage
Machine to Visit
Jesse Dennett
The Dodge Mileage Marathon
car, a standard stock model Eight
in-Line sedan, which is crossing
and re-crossing the continent from
ocean to ocean and border to bor
der in an attempt to pile up more
mileage than any automobile has
heretofore, Is scheduled to pay a
brief visit to Brownsville Wednes
day, according to Jesse Dennett of
Jesse Dennett Inc., local Dodge
Ray Priest, member of the con
test board of the A. A. A. and offi
cial observer who has been a passen
ger in the car since the start of
the run. wiU accompany the car to
Brownsville. The run la sanctioned
by the A. A. A. and ia entirely under
their supervision. •
The car is now on the sixth lap
of what is intended to be the
longest hardest and most unusual
single automobile feat of all time
In 96 days of driving which this car
has gone through since July 1st., it
has traveled 39.380 miles over every
possible kind of road and under
every conceivable condition. It has
been through landslides In Utah,
hurricanes In the south and floods
In the southwest.
Despite this terrific punishment,
the car looks and runs Just like It
did the day it left the assembly
l line of Dodge Brothers factory in
Detroit and was selected by the
contest board of the A. 4. A. for
this unusual endurance test.
“In this Mileage Marathon." ex
plained Jesse Dennett, the Iocai
aouge dealer, 'no attempt at speed
records is being attempted, me car
is being driven at ordinary driving
speeds; only the element ol time
taken to pile up mileage exceeds
that of the everyday driver.
“Due to the strenuous schedule
that the car must follow for hun
dreds of thousands of miles, it will
make but a brief stop in this city.
It is scheduled here around 9 p. m.
Wednesday and will visit our snow
room. ieavng the city at 9:30 a. in.
“In the protracted endurance feat,
the greatest demonstration of motor
car stamina durability, perform
ance and long life that has ever
been attempted in the history of
the industry the Dodge dependable
tight is being driven across and up
and down the country from the east
to the west coasts and from Can
ada to the Gulf of Mexico as no
car has ever been driven before.
The steady grind will be kept until
it llteralljrean be driven no longer.
“It is confidently expected that
the total mileage will startle the
world and demonstrate dramatically
that the stamina and durability
which have characterized Dodge
Brothers dependable motor cars for
15 years have kept abreast of the
improvements in appearance and
performance that mark the modern,
present-day six and eight cylinder
Fact# For Fat Folk#
In two weeks Mrs. M. C. Taylor
of Lewisburg, W. Va.. reduced her
weight from 175 to 1591* pounds—
Her headache Is no more and short
ness of breath is gone—"Thanks for
such a good remedy.” she writes.
Fat folks take a half teaspoonful
of Kruschen in a glass of hot water
every morning before breakfast. An
85 cent bottle lasts 4 weeks—Get it
at McKay’s Pharmacy or any drug
store In the world—Millions take
this little daily health dose.
San Benito Legion
To Elect Thursday
SAN BENITO, Sept. 23.—Elec
tion of officers is expected to be
held Thursday night by Sam Jack
sen Post No. Ill of the American
Legion at the Memorial Home, ac
cording to announcement of old
Election of the new officers was
to hare taken place last week but
due to the fact that the meeting
date fell on circus night it was
postponed a week.
Nominations were made some time
ago but they will not be cloaed un
til the elections Thursday night.
This National Bank is “large
enough to serve any — strong
enough to protect all.”
There’s efficiency in concentrat
ing your banking where service and
protection are linked together.
Capital Stock:
Originally paid in_$100,000.00
Increased from earnings 150,000.00 $250,000.00
Surplus Fund, earned.. 275,000.00
First Vice-President
of Armour and Company
one of the world’s largest meat packing con
ccm>, a purveyor of food to millions. The name
“Armour” in connection with food products
is known for the highest possible quality wher
ever these products are sold.
"Science and business working
together in the packing industry
are constantly bringing rapid
changes in methods and quality,
all of which are to the lasting
benefit of the public at large*
Your employment of the benefits
of the Ultra Violet Ray Process
in thefToasting9 of tobaccos for
LUCKY STRIKE is an impress
give example of how science can
be utilized for the benefit of
millions. It is in pace with the
finest spirit and devotion to quab
ity in American industry.”
LUCKY STRIKE—the finest cigarette you
ever smoked, made of the finesttobaccos
-the Cream of the Crop-THEN -"IT'S
TOASTED/* Everyone knows that heat
purifies and so TOASTING removes harm
ful irritants that cause throat irritation
and coughing. No wonder 20,679 phy
sicians have stated LUCKIES to be less
irritating I Everyone knows that sun
shine mellows — that’s why TOASTING
includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rav*
“It’s toasted”
Your Throat Protection-against Irritation-against cough
Consistent with its policy of laying the facta before the public. The AmejfcanTohsccc[Cpmoam' h«i invited “r.PWlip
D. Armour to review the reports of the distinguished men who have witnessed LUCKY STBIKL S famous Toasting
Process. The statement of Mr. Armour appears on this page.
© IMS. Tbs A—rlcsa Tobacco Co.. Mlrs _ _

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