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Screaming Eagles Bear Down Hard for Austin Tilt
a a at a a aa a a a a aa aa a a a. .......-. 1 ■ ■ ————————■
Club Flashes Defensive
Strength Practicing
^ • Monday
A downy brood of fledgling
Brownsville High Eagles is preening
feathers and sharpening claws lor
its encounter with the Austin high
Maroons here Friday.
All of Brownsville is plajmg the
hunch ‘hat the Eagles will play
their best game oi the season
against the District leaders. This
fteang has been welling up through
out th« year. ‘Wait until we get to
Austin.' ’the fans have been saying.
The Ugh‘. inexperienced squad
has been steadily improving with
each game ana the Maroons win
likely and the Eagle defense a tough
barrier In the line. Captain Frank
Cortez played a whale of a defens
ive game against the Brackcnndge
Eagles. Benway was to the second
ary defense what Cortez was to the
line. Coach Red Irvine praised the
work of these two boys highly after
the game.
Polish Up
Thg Eagles went through a stre
nuous workout Monday afternoon. |
brushing up cn defensive play. The j
boys showed more stuff than they '
ever have this season, despite the
fact that it was ‘ Blue Monday."
Austin will bring a powerful !
machine here According to critics,
it is potentially a state champion
ship aggregation. It is a well-bal
anced club, perhaps the greatest
Austin high machine turned out '
jJ-ce the days of Big Os Eck
'1 -t. who later made history at the
Adversity of Texas. But. when the
Jr..b comes here, the district cham
AmV.'Of’hip will be at stake Should
®*5rowTisvine upset the Maroon apple
cart, the district race would De
thrown into a turmoil of ties.
Shoot Everything
The Eagles are going to shoot
everything against the Austin club.
They will be playing wide open with
everything to gain Any team in this
frame of mind is dangerous That
was the spirit S. M. U carried to
South Ber.d The Texans were beat- j
en only one touchdown by a great
Notre Dame aggregation.
The Eagles that face Austin will j
be far different from the untried
youths w-ho played the season's
opener with Corpus Christi. The
team has improved steadily with
each game and it is now a veteran
outfit Th«* machine has been weld
ed together and it is going to play
its bes* game of the season against
"We are going out there to win.” ;
Irvine declares.
!■ I'— ■■■ ■■■■■■»
America's major automobile race
at Indianaplois has been officially
scheduled by the international
sporting commission for May 30.

Tennessee has 7.069 miles of
hifhwav in its sta'e svstem. with
12.225 miles in secondary and dis
trtct roads.
. - . ■ -
, Air Mail Schedules I
> -. --»
i e schedule for tne mall Between
/ *' maviue and wallas la announced
^f^.be poa toff ice department aa fol
Bouth bound—
Leave Dallas . 7 45 a. m
Leave Pt. Worth . 8 15 a. ra
Leave Waco .. 9:20 a tn
Leave Austin .. 10 23 a m
Leave San Antonio . 11 20 a. m
Arrive Brownsville . 2 05 p. cn
Leave Brownsville ........ 1:25 p. m
Leave San Antonio . 4:13 p tn
Leave Austin .. 5:10 p. m
Leave Waco .. 6:15 p. m
Leave rt. Worth . 7:15 p. tn
Arrive Delias . 7:35 p. m
The schedule for the American at:
mail to Mexico City la as follows
Leave Brownsville . 8:13 a tn
Arrive Tampico .11.00 a m
Leave Tampico ...1130 a m
Arrive Mexico Cl tv. 1 45 p. tn
Following is the schedule tor Un
Mexican ti:r mall
Leave Mexico City . 7 43 a. m
Arrive Tampico .10-OOa m
Leave Tampico .. -.10 25 a m
Arrive Brownsville . 12 55 p. tn
Following is tne acnedule on tbr
Brownsviue-Mizatian Route:
Leave Brownsville .8 00 a. on
Leave Monterrey .9 45 a tn
Arrive Torreon . 12 30 p. m
Leave Torreon .. 1:30 p. on
Leave Torreon .1 00 p. tn
Arrive Durango .2 45 p. m
Leave Durango .. 4.10 p. m
Arrive Mezatiao .415 o on
Return trip
Leave Mazatlan . 8 0L a m
Leave Durango .........9 45 a m
Leave Durango .. 9 20 a m
Arrive Torreon .11:15 A tn
Leave Torreon .100 a tn
Arrive Monterrey . 3 10 p tn
Leave Monterrey .3:00 p. in
Arrive Brownsville .. 4:30 p. tn
The United States air mall postage
rate is 3 cents ter the tint ounce and
10 cents for each additional ounce or
fraction thereof Letters mailed tn
the United States tor tbs points in
Mexico take this rate.
Train Sche-’-Iea
12—To Houston. San Antonio j
Alia- tn.
14—To Houston. 1:00 p m
no. 16—To Houston. San Antonio
• 00 p tn
No. 15—Prom 8t wnra San Antonio
Bouston. 7 3u t m
No. 13—Pran Houston. 8:10 a m.
No. 11— From San Antonio and Hous
ton 9 53 p. tn
southern pacutc lines
No 319—From Houston Sen An to
ol o 8 13 a m
No To Houston Sen Antonio
:1S p. (h
(Matamoros Station t
No 132—To Monterrey. Mexico City
•:03 a m
No 131—rrotn Mexico City Monter
•tjr. 3 30 p. tn
Prom Point Isabel 4 p. tn.
To Point Isabel. 9:30 a on I
Bobby Jones Hangs Up Clubs as Amateur
_— . —-— w - ' ■•" ■■ *
Years 1
old/ A
-nr 60£5\
_ Ifj 1932,
^i5 AM6iT?OM !
OF AW (<
Olympic, \
**P ^-c^P
_ ♦»!» Th» A. P Ail RuMt R»Mrw4 j
fama ViM n p
_ -IN tne. recent PopT
^-MEST£<2 ^,AI?ATHOi ME £An1
awav from TrtE. FiE.1.c? //
Southwest May Require
Elevens to Play
Five Games
Associated Press Sports Writer
DALLAS. Nov 18 —.P—There
might be a new rule in the south
ern conference book? next fall,
stipulating that the seven member
schools play the same number of
championship engagements, say.
five apiece At present the matter
is left entirely to the individual
schools and the result Just now is
not a haopv one
The Texas Christian Horn»d
Frogs stand a very good chance
of winning their second str^pht
title, though it i* generally conced
ed they are not the strongest eleven
in the circuit this season. It is
conceded, at least, by some 18 000
fans who saw the Frogs chased to
cover bv the Texas Longhorns Sat
urday at Fort Worth
As it happens, the Christian*
had th* foresight to book the limit
of six conference tilts, while the
longhorns signed onlv for five If
the Frogs can come back after
Saturday'* trimming and take both
Baylor and Southern Methodist,
they will be official conference
champions, no matter wha^ the big
Texas team does to the Aggies on
Thanksgiving Day
It would be rather a hollow
honor for the Christians after last
year's clean-up drive to the cham
pionship. They would have to listen
to much talk about the Longhorns
being “unofficial chamns.”
Th* fact that the Texas eleven
has made a rractice of looking
verv ordinary for a half and then
suddenly turning on the heat in
the third quarter has given rise to
a widespread relief tha* coach Lit
tlefield ha* his bovs flavin? ’pas
su m But. take it from Bill James.
Longhorns line coach, there's
nothing to it He was Quoted in
th® Wort Worth Star-Telegram
"Not a chance." or words to that
effect “We would be foolish to
send them in there with orders to
take It easv arainst a strong team
There would be too much chance
of getting slipped up on ”
James savs frankly dce«n't know
whv it takes tb<* Bteers thirty
minutes to eet warmed up and play
at top stride
Light* and semaphore* to regu
late traffic were first tried in 1868
in London.
is a c’octor’s Prescription for
Colds and Headaches
It is the most speedy remedy known
666 also in Tablets
Heslin and Waters Win Bouts;
Karasick Unable to Wrestle
• Special to *I*he Herald)
HARLINGEN. Nov. 18—Virtue
never goes unrewarded
Last night two rough-and tumble
rowdies, really a pair of uncouth
persons, attempted a little dirty
work on the favorites on a wrest
ling card in the Fair park auditor
ium Anyone who knows his copy
book maxiums knows what happen
ed without having seen the brawls.
The villians were hissed, the tin
cared Sir Gallahads were applaud
ed. and last but not least, the;
heroes won after a long, hard
struggle. |
The kmehts of the squared circle <
were Jim Heslin and Cowboy "r>ddv
Waters; the knaves. Jim Coffield
and "Wildcat" Reynolds
Flat Note
A Rat note in the evening's
orchestration was sounded when it
J. B. McCabe Passe* Away
During A. A. U. Meet
At Washington
The sudden death of Joseph B
McCabe, of Boston, one of the best
! loved and most prominent mem
; bers of the Amateur Athletic Union
i cast doom over the concluding
sessions here today of the A A. U.
' Convention
When the kindly little man who
was known and resoected in
amateur srto~t circles throughout j
I the United States and Europe sud
denly collapsed and d’.ed of ao
| ODlexv during a caucus last night,
all the machmeyv of the conven
tion was b’-oncht to a standstill
For a time president Averv
Brundaee of Chicago, con idered
adjourning the convention but he
submitted to the urginzs of B-^ton I
delegates who dec’ared McPabe
would have preferred the work to
go on uninterrupted.
Accordingly, the r-'r^ludme ses
sions were to b® held t®d?.’ as
scheduled. Occupying a prominent
place #n the nroeram were the
election of officers, the final
awarding of various chamnionship
contests and of nex* year’s con
vention. and the naming of ten
athletes adjudged the outstanding
figures in amateur sport during
the last year.
McCabe himself as president o'
the James E Sullivan Memorial
Ccmmit*ee. had looked forced to
announcing the names of th~ >o
from whom one will be selected
later to receive the Sullivan trophy,
a gold cup.
was announced that A! Karasick
would oe unable to meet Reynolds
in the star bout. Bearing a pair
of heavy glasses. Karasick appeared
on the platform and stated that he
would be unable to perform be
cause of a recent injury to his
eyes Unable to obtain another
grunt of abilitv. Promo‘er Heslin
girted up his loins and sallied forth
into the arena to do battle with the
noted Wildcat.
A partial answer to "What
makes the wildcat wild?" was
rendered shortly afterward It's
guys like Jim Heslin The wildcat
gouged, slugged, butted and gave
Heslin the works in general, but
he wound up the •victim of two
punishing splits, both of which left
him writhme in pain Heslin won
‘he first fall in th» second round
with a soli* Reynolds butted Heslin
for a fall in the third and Heslin
camp bark with another split in
the fourth for the third and decid
ing fall.
The “Crab"
Tha Wildcat had a nifty trick of
chmbine up on the ropes He gave
a perfect picture of an embattled
rooster whose hom* life is threat
ened bv a strange cat. "Crab”
would be a better name for Rey
nolds than ■Wildcat" He could
crawl off the mat quicker and in
more different, directions than
seems possible.
Cowboy Waters threw Coffield in
the fourth round of a scheduled
five round bout with a "Cowboy
snecial" These boys milled at a
fast, punishme pace with Coffield
resorting to a little dirty work.
Cochran Leadvn;?
Hoppe :n Match
NEW YORK. Nov 18 —T—
Walker Cochran's snectacular play
in thp first two blocks of his 3600
rc.nt mft’ch with Willie Hcppe for
the world's 18 1 balkline billiards
title found the Hollywood star
leading its veteran rival by nearly
350 points
Cochran won both afternoon and
evening blocks yesterday In the
first block a high run of 118 en
abl*d him to *in. 300 to 213. while
]»«! night h's margin was 300 to
4?. givinz him an advantaze of
600 to 255 with ten more blocks to
go. Cochran put tozether a string
of 127 in the second block for the
best cluster of the match Honpes
only re a 11 v big string was a cluster
of p'1 in the ninth inninz o' tfc'*
first block.
Searle-San Diego air mail volume
increased 735.120 letters over 1929
in the first nine months of this
y^ar. the total being 8 216 950.
Etudenr*. to the r.umh“r of 3P29.
drive their own automobiles to the
University of California at Los An
geles campus dally.
Master Linksman of All <
Times Makes His (
Case Clear
iAssociated Press Sports Writer*
NEW YORK. Nov 18 —^—Bob
by Jones, master golfer of all times,
who has retired from competition
in order to make sound films, has
left as a heritage a wide-open i
battle for the four American and :
British national championships he 1 1
holds. !
Nowhere on the horizon at present
does there loom any amateur with
the golfing gifts needed to dupli- 1
cate Bobby’s unprecedented feat of
winning all four national titles in
a single year. Perhaps there never
will be another Jones.
The stocky Atlanta lawyer, alone
among amateurs, consistently has
beaten the professionals at their
own game. Four times he has won
ihe American open against the best
pros and amateurs in the game and
thrice the British open fell to his
amazing skill.
With his retirement, it seems
i certain that the pros again will ,
| dominate both open tournaments 1
j for certainly amateur ranks contain :
I no figure even approaching Jones
,in shot-making ability or in stead
iness under fire.
Others Too
It is a coincidence, and an odd
cne, that the last few months,
tha. Gecrge Von Elm and Jonnny
Goodman, the only players who
have beaten Jones in the American !
amateur m the last seven years. 1
both have announced their retire- )
: ment as amateurs. Von Elm beat
Bobby in the final round at Ma- 1
tusroi in 1926 and Goodman elim
inated him in the first round at
Pebble Beach in 1929. In every other
>ear the Atlantan emerged victor.
Press comment on Jones' decision
to renounce his amateur status was
almost uniformly favorable.
The New York Herald-Tribune .
called Jones’ decision "most under
standable, most natural ’’
"Who in his position would not
welcom* the profitable opportunity
to teach golf through motion pic
tures?" the editorial continued "bor :
the Atlanta lawyer's frank facing !
of Me amateur problem there can ,
be nothing but praise. He preiersI
not to be in any twilight zone, but j
; recognizes fully the commercial ap- ,
plication of the motion picture
contract. It is a straightforward,
unequivocal decision and certainly I
neither th* motives nor the attitude 1
of Mr. Jones toward golf in its com
mercial phase can be criticized. i
Herbert H. Ramsay, president !
elect of the United * States Golf ;
iAssociation, through whom Jones’)
statement was made public, paid
this tribute to the champion:
' He has unquestionably, during :
his career, made the greatest com- .
petitive record in the history of the .
game. Aside from that, though, hit ,
| character and personality are such ’
that he has become a popular world
i iigure. His withdrawal from com- j
i petition will be greatly regretted by
everyone. ’
There were similar expressions of
regret in England.
The St. Marys Rattlers of San
Antonio have accepted a game with
the Brownsville Junior College
: Scorpions. Exact date and location
; of the game have not been decid
i ed upon, but there is a possibility !
that the Rattlers will come here
for the tilt next Tuesdav.
Red Irvine, local athletic director,
has irons in the fire for a game.
with "B" teams at Texas and Rice
I expect to hear from Texas this
afternoon." Irvine stated Tuesday
morning, * and I am going to pick
i the best team I can get for the j
; Scorpions." It Is certain, however,
that the Scorpions will play some
; strong eleven h/.-e Tuesdav of next
The Rattlers are Jifnlant af/n
jthplr 57-0 victory over the Univer- I
sitv of Mexico and are anxious for
3 tlit with the Junior college Scorps. I
I The locals have been dickering with ,
y-r Marys all the season eyd have i
been unable to close a game. After
a strong article on the Scorpions
in San Antonio oapers Sundav. th®
Rattlers accepted the Brownsnlie
'Bv The Associated Pre-.s >
PITTSBURGH — Tonv Herrera.
Fhica^o, knocked out Joe click
New York. «7>. Eddie Brannon.
; Pittsburgh, outpointed Ray Newton.
Mansfield. Ohio. <8>.
Philadelphia. out"oint»d Tommy
0-®~an Omnha. N®b (10*.
boston—Andv Callah«n. Laur
ence. Mass. outpointed Sammy (
Fuller Boston (]0*
MILWAUKEE-Dave Maier. MU-1
- auk®e. stopped Franki- W*r*e. t
r'>*eland. (4). R«v
Tt-Wc'e-d. Til.. onf"rIn*ed Pid Kv
••pv. ''ttlwau’.-cr. 11 o >
TUI.8A—Rav (Kid K'-r* Tu’S1
•outpointed Mickey OVel’i- j
i kee, (10)- *
Cameron Courts
Furnished by Valley Abstract Co.)
J. J Heidt. Annie Heidt, to John
Hatz; All north 20 acres, block 2.
lollrns Sub $10 00 etc.
Paul Wells, Veda Wells, to J J
Villingham; North 5 66 acres, blk
5, survey 42; $10.00 etc.
N. H Baldwin. Betty Baldwin to
5aul Wells: North 5.66 ac. of blk.
5. Sur 42. $10 00 etc.
J. W Rhone to C. H. Hamilton;
U1 town lots 13. 14. 15. 16. block
’9. Harlingen. $7.00000
J T. Gallant. Primma Gallant
o L. C Bankhead. Era Bankhead,
jot 7. block 6. Second Addn San
3enito $10.00 etc.
Glenn C. Farris. Madge Farris to
dill Cocke: Lot 3. block 138, Orig
rownsite Harlingen: $10 00 etc
Juan Benavides to Pedro Aguilar:
Lot 13. Alta Addn. La Paloma;
)50 00
John W B“tt, vs Jessie Betts,
o G G Henson: Univ. >2 lots 1
l. 3. block 21. Third Addn San Be
nito. $10 00 etc.
Farmers State Bank to E D
Reed; Lots 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 12. block
12. Third Addn. San Benito; $1000
A F Parker to A1 and Llovd
Parker. Inr.; South ren acres 46,
Sh. 17. 9. 15. Monte Grande Sub ;
51000 etc.
A1 Parker Sec Company to Mrs
Bertha Theobald: South 2 97 ac
block 41; and north 3 60 ac block
40. La Feria Ld A Ir. Co ; $6570 00
Cristobal Longoria to Wilber
Scholes; 179 1 acres, out of La Fe
ria Grant: $1500 00
W D. Jeffress. Martha Sumners
Jeffress. to Sam Betts: T^ndiv. 1-6
mt. in lots 1. 2. blk 22. Harlin
gent; $500 00
W D and Martha Sumners Jef
fress. to W E Jeffres; Undiv 1-6
mt. in lots 1, 2. block 22. Harlin
gen: $50000
Leo Reed to Da-id Walter Mer
ritt; Lot 10. blc'k 12. town of
Combes: $10 00, etc.
T. F Maher to L Rav Carter:
Lot 1. block "Z". West Brownsville
$10 00 etc.
T. F Mahre to L. Rav Carter;
Lot, 62. Cental Blvd. In block 'Z'\
Siooo etc.
T F Maher to L Rav Carter:
Lot 2. blk. ••Z’\ West Brownsville:
$10 00 etc.
A E Purvis, et a!, to Bert M
Cromark: Let 6 blk 1 Second
Addn San Ben;to. $10 00 etc.
Cuates Dev. Co to Henrv East;
block .58. Rice Tr. Sub '10 00 etc
W G Mathes to Felix Salinas.
Juana Leal de Salinas: Lots 30. 31,
32. 33. 34, block 12. Lo‘ 6. blk 10
Coloma Alta Vista Brownsville;
$10 00 etc.
W. G .Mathes. to Luz Cervantes;
Lot 21. blk 15. Coloma La Paloma,
'.lap of Combes Reserve in adjoin
ng city San Benito $10 00 etc
Port Isabel Irrig. Co to C H Hol
:omb: Fast 13 02 ac of blk 9. Pt
:sabel Irrig. Sub sh 32 unit 2. Bay
dew Citrus Groves: $10 00 etc.
A1 and Lloyd Parker. Inc to Em
na C. Platt; South seven ac in blk
». Orange Grove Pk $3.325 00
Houston Fide A- Ln A«sn to J
Course*-; I ot P blk 1. Nicholson
3lace. Third Filing. Harlingen:
>450 00.
C M Plinn to Anna Ashford
110.00 S 12 ac Lot 27 A 28. Block
10. SW1-4 Sec. 10 Hidalgo Cana!
John P J. Hovev to H W Stock
hoof $10 00 S 1-2 of El-2 Block 34.
Hill Halbert Tract.
H B O'Neill Shf. to Hidaleo C
W Control A Imp Dist No. 1
524692. Lot 16. Sec. 279. Tex Mex.
H. B O'Neill. Shf. to Hidaleo C
W Control A Imp. Dist No. 1
5394.74 Lot 172, Holt Trait
H B. O'Neil. Shf. to Hidaleo C
W Control A Imp D;*t No. l
5226.15 Lot 1. Sec 279. Tex. Mex
H B O'Neill. Shf. to Hidaleo C
W C. A Imp Dist No 1 $534 99
W 20 ac Lot 1. Sec. 278. Tex Mex
Felix Muleski to Theresa Muleski
$10 00 W 1-1-4 ac of E 2 8 ac out
lot “R'* Pharr
Charles E McDowell to John
WHEREAS, on the 27th day of
February. A. D. 1329, George Per
anteau executed a Deed ol Trust,
conveying to J. A. Terral, A Trustee,
the real estate herein described
to secure C. H. Colgin trustee
in the payment of a debt therein
described, said Deed of Trust be
ing recorded in Volume 32 at pages
253-62 of the Deed of Trust Records
of Cameron County, Texas, and
Whereas default has occured In
the payment of said indebtedness,
and the same is now wholly due ana
tne owner and holder of said debt
has requested the undersigned to
sell said property to satisfy said
hereby given that on Tuesday, the
second day of December, A. D. 1930.
between ten o'clock A. M. and four
o'clock P. M., I will sell said real
estate at the door of the County
Court House in Brownsville.
Cameron County, Texas, to the
highest bidder for cash.
Said real estate is described as
follows: In the County of Cameron.
State of Texas, to-wit:
20 acres, mere or less, in parti
tion Share No. 1, Espiritu Santa
Grant, in Cameron Ccunty, Texas,
being the West 20 acres of Faxm
Block or Subdivision No. 251, as
shown upon a certain map. record
ed in Volume 3 on page 16 of the
Map Records of Cameron County,
witness my hind this 7th day of
November, A. D. 1330.
•T A. Terral - Trustee.
Deere Plow Co. $1 00 Lot 378, Kelly i
Pharr Subd.
E L. Daugherty, et ux to C. R
Borah $10 00 VV1-2 Lot 13, Tec. 248,
Tex. Mex.
C. J. Vollmer. et ux to^Ravmond
G. Lambe $3800 00 S 1-2 of N 1-2
and N 1-2 of S 1-2 Lot 11 Block 32.
Alamo Tract.
H H. Ramsev, et ux to Mrs Geo.
P. Knight $500.00 N 1-2 Lot 23-12.
West'Addn. to Sharylir.:!.
Charles Troutmen. et ux to John
H Sharv $10 00 N 10 ac. of S 15
ac. of w 40 40 ac. Lot 523, Jno
H Shary Subd
George A Earnhardt to Earnhardt
Dev. Co. Inc $3105 11 Lot 4. Block
15. North McAllen
W G. Rice to Earnhardt Dev
Co Inc. $10 00 10 ac. out Lots 83 A*
90 La Lomita.
Eanhardt Dev Co to Earnhardt
Deming Inc $10 00 10 acres out
Lots 89 A* 90, La Lomita
S. E Golgbzier. et ux to H. W
Youkm $10.C„. S 12.095 ac. or N 1-3
lot 7, blk 8, McCoU's Sub.
Emma B. Hammond, to A. J. Hol
lenbeck, et ux. $10 00 Lots 6, 7, and
8, blk 1. Hammond s Subd.
A. J. Hollenbeck et ux to Walter
McLaren, 51000. Lots 6. 7, and 8,
blk. 1, Hammond's Subd.
D W. Wilmoth, et ux to J P Wil
moth. Jr. $10.00. Lot 1, Wilmoth
W. A Harding to A W. Berg
strom. et al $815100 Lot 3. blk 43.
Wev B Bowman et vir to Lewis
Annan. S10C0 Lots 15. 16. 21. 22
and 23. Frost Proof Heights
C D. Adamson to J. F Ken
dricks $10.00. Lot 2. blk 7. E’sa
To-* naite
Registration of passenger auto
; mobiles in Madrid dropped 30 per
cent for the first eight months of
1930 below the same period last
■ year
Lounging Robes
— IN —
Patterned Silk and Flannel Blazer Stripes
An investment in comfort for
your evenings at home.
$9== ' I
i " "■ i
Russian Pajamas•
With Cossack neck and individual em
broidered crest—Beautiful selection of col
or combinatons.
Johnson s
YOU’VE BEEN Championship
Valley Mid Winter Fair
Harlingen, Nov. 22—1930
Directed By
Fun On The
Auditorium Features Daily
And Numerous Other Attractions

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