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Brownsville herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1910-current, December 16, 1930, Image 1

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. ■ " . - — 1 ' 1 " 1 “ — "" L .“ " . ." " ' T“"" nimiMniiiii. irim
W W to.to''to".W W to.to V V? 1
sow uon it?
“Tve woo wc man's rnaaspaoc
cap as Wtetoi® Erhard tour
~~~ iron bat r»e rrwr «« the cap.'
—Heien WiDs Slcoc:
• mm
"We a~ speed 3§ years and mere
in sleep if we tie the allotted
three score and trc. Two decades
b a keg ere to prod s bed
Something should be &xe aton
—Dce-ad A Laird and CLarks G
Italic, is The Country Earn
to • to
“Saner* must learn to state »
teEagerr: use of the lessure creased
—Omen D Tacof
to to to
“There are ram s New York
toi wnh! stop at nothing to drag
re* who ha? achieved fair*
Wto —R udy Yallee
rOCAN nstens inspectors are
ngxCy enforcing the mnea^ed
dimes on purchases freer the
Aflwncan «d; This has grown to
such an extern tha: bus-aess from
Masamorm b fTpmrannf a drop
felt m Brownsville.
In Matamoros one or two lurch
stands and the the which served
■seats purchased on this side of the
rtPtr. have ceased daezsg business
The partiruiar wares they served
mere not obcaraahje in Matarnorce
and they feared to raise the prxe
Utomir >~r with the tariff. As
a result they are not serving any
more at present
llatamorc-' cniaens themselves
are experiencing no little inconven
ience because of the situation.
Hearly all commodities are affec ed.
LOOKING at the t:at^ (rum
tins side of the nver tto causes
are seen for this. One is the
■owe now speead-sg over Mexaco
to force the Mexican people 10 text
Mfifi rnirti goods Hath tariff
is being employed as the weapon
The other reason seen is retalia
tion far the tariff imposed on this
side of the river.
Whatever the cause, is is admit
ted that Mexico has the ngfa: to
bnpnw whatever tariffs she sees
fiL bos the wisdom of fe is doubted
with reference to benefits accrued
from free trade akear the border
of the good pol
r : Amerxvs Democrats not
the side. or the
_ __ . mmm mmm mmm§
pepce of goods to the coryascr.
fOME DAY bcch piirrawritt
A wiB tetrwr AM tee trade of
** ^rrr jit within a florty-niiie
aonr »^"T the border will mi? fcr
better prosper.'. and cocieraefxr
Otherwise Bro*sr.ia »«
perirsttng a real shortage
nrf bbbe r local sscrcbaats re
*0^**Bcywrs are
leahjzc* that the tine between
to do what they b»w bef-we ihr
and areas. to be tecttag advantage
yf* T B" C _»■* T*I—.—CT
k*t- pe-i of Per* Bn sars *s»
company as eniermc the fences:
risantT * aaotetsent m Bra iamO
SdAnaasSc An —d^nSwRa to
the needy through local xrtr-Ji
a BOCT CtrrtRmaa to feaeral
A jtEisan*d Amae nses to say
*• tSsar if naeehrr does not swd a
an coat, lather went pw a
MOWNSVllLI S eaffinnesto
K w««hrrr.x oc the pen peepo
w Sftico are expected » return
Thoee'wb© have terr aired fcs the
caty fer! that a gr-at atrobr was
accnrr-fcisbed at the eur ■etnen*
reacted with the powers that be ai
the capital
There te.^ been beard, froc turse
to thnr. rumors that the Yaliry
Esentairres s^gfct not hare
'watching all earners and were
r wt iiwia lined when pwern
aaenf dad of engine*** did not tn
rlade the Brownsrille-Saa Bento
Port Dabei pr\wct a the WJX ap
^T>wf was noc a* a3 the case I:
was known that a would not br
rE TALLEY was not ready with
an the drtans scqtsrcid by the
gomtunen'. so why the ap
propriation at thut time' Mean
while any fear that either Browns
«.tv. or Port Isabel wocld have 2s
project a—iplirtlHt and aiups eoeu
og far ahead of one another was
door away abb The agreement
to complete both pro wets -*aeu.*a
ncawly" dad away any nvet fear
far as Boannaadte
It eoorerred she has yet to cact
a few details on nrhts-of
wav ard arfs her bonds. Thro the
week wHI be ftarted It a held
Representative Plans
Trip To Inspect
•Soeml to The Herald*
SAX BENITO. Die '€ —A iep- J
resexiahve so arerr.:af a Lora:an ‘
lor a r/xe by-produr-s abrt-jrv
x this skux wtH be sex: to the
YaLey flauowaag the rwssage off a
SIZMI appropcuaixc for thus pcr
XK<e now rvwxs.-i»rT»» mw, _ C ^
was stated x a Letter received
Tuesday freoi Jobs Gamer, rep
£«sest2Xrte from tins district.
Gamer stated that several to
catoons hate axcady been ottered
jy ranoua Valey towns far the
a watery.
Such a iboratocT. be wee: x 1
» to say. *--u-d be off grew: advantage
to the YalLej tf it sacxd ; vne as
jirossfal as ‘Je one xx Cahfcrtxa.
The purpose of the -aocca: xz
would be to test oat ways of acr^ .
cnUk and ssrxz products new to i
a large extent wasted. Some o! the
ways for profitably wag these I
ware fruits are atrat pectin. mar- i
xalahe. candied peel and he:tied

Brownsville Woman
Victim of Accident
Oansueia Gam. Brownsvule. was
; struck by an au;ocnoot> Monday |
ijftt at tbe intersection off Wash- •
oftoc and Eleventh streets at IX.
and accenting to an eye-witness
1 was hurled fuHy 30 feet.
Miss Gam. a floorwalker at the
Local Woolwurth store. was given
medical treatment and taken to berj
home See was severely cut about
tbe face and head, and suffered
numerous bruises. An x-ray will be
takes today to determine tbe fxh
extent of ber injures.
Podce records show that the girl j
was crossing the street a the middle
off the bkxw. but an eyewitness. Dr.j
Charles Calderoni. who helped place j
tbe gni m a car. stated that she k
was croasmg at tbe intersection and
was thrown under the wheels of a
car that was parked 30 feet from
tee corner
M. Ttadoc was the driver off tbe
car winch smack Miss Gam.
The girl was treated by Dr J. L.
Spanish Monarchy
Safe After Revolt
MADRID Dec 1C -T- Rules
sac btyootu of loyal raops kept ,
:he peace sa Spam soda? as the
coiLTiiT sacred lo sake Usnoft
ns vactory over saoac dj:emitt
ed asias-t the crown 21
m~ce than half a eesrtsry.
Already Ut*c«i«l by nafaaewde'
sn*r:^I sr. a fcaera: strike ca_e*3
■ sc pretest as mntos of taw of,
the Jora rrroi; leader* remained *
the pmaeipal xc<'la'< jr;cci
cf the pitcaaai.
Off*r-v» Ftoe
LISBON IHaUwal Dec. 1« —«P
—The Fmtawa* psosat today
had re ns hands twelve Seaman
Anar af^en. amerse them the
tnas-Rlwnc araatcr. Ma; Rasn
Pnctr. mno were j-jk as wekmae
as rruverfcal white elephant*.
Frenj Sp*m s forsr aiphna
Tesrerda- after ccBarwe of tbesr
afrsjp? to overthrew the reocarcay
ird estabM^ a repdhSir aU bead
ed far Ltrixn arac cam? down ts
ran places nearby
Far North Heavily
Hit By Cold Wave
The maritime provinces and New- ;
locrndjind acre order a blanket of <
snow today, lad cove by a 13 hour
~.i7aard which ewased distress to
duppsm cad taoerrapaad commas-1
mr&:xc and traffic
Four seamen one lost off New-!
fonrdlard and several fishermen '
were stiassny from North Sydnev. i i
A heavy matin ml gait ifakh ac-1
the snow drove the
schooner Arawana afround on her
wav fro Smi John to Dishy. The I
vessel was later floated and pot -c i
at Centervuie
Bernard Taylor and Allan Km
i fishermen, were warned by Lrfe
savers from the Bavv.ew stahoa
wiser, their >maZ boat was blown out
to sea.
Texas Police Hunt
Houston Hijacker
HOUSTON Dec M—4-F—Pofcre
tadar were scarchas* for two yoursy
sac cr<e Biassed and tfce o^iser art
masked. who forced their w*- into
*h? ixtx of Saasae! F lt nr». dss
tnct nie nasasc for The Thas
Company last niefet and held Mr
Mrr.ne at bey with a cwfof wteJr
they rcobed him c< a diasnerd raw
raided a' tl3m and a rick pm
mined at ST256
Diet Clashes Over Picture
xu ba*e«L Tse irr at *a-£
Gencaz peopSe jb tfce Wore «ax.
toe KsJsiert Jar as AsrrScax. fejE
9BB #?BL*
He *ms r^t:; tipfrwi br c*s Jtt*e
It* Seft TSsats ise ray it *as
The Jars saji Seirarcir ~tmo
p^Ti -m at jJe ax? cjaafrng
aere Afa-ss:_tb* paciScBtac naf
Use Jrsp Gerssaz sfcrs s' HtdaBI
ed tha: the d?oa
\r ■-*-—-—— !/> ^
Daisies. accordmc to the old sons:, don't tell—but Lerr s a Daisy who says he - gwxi* to t*B pJer:]r jns*
as soon as she gets a chance. She s Daisy Decor left*. Clara Bex's ex - secretary. a ho .• to ro M trial
socn to answer charges of theft brought igur.>t fa-r cy Clara. She has premised u> ante-den hrr'*$f of
a kx she knows about Clara's kree affairs when the case comes to trial At the eight Is a poster r of
Brownsville Student Killed
Helen Bridges Dies At Austin and Csbaldo
Garcia Injured In Auto Accident
Hein Bridge; well-fcECwn BcvsasvUte tact and cadcre pia..
ire. mas kilted and Gsba-co Garcia, also of Bicmasiflje. e in
petal as the resutl of being struck by an aeiMsofaue m Austm MonriaT
xugbr about S o'clock...
Bern mere sendents a; site Uawerstt; of Tkxa.-.
Dispatches from Austin tocuy state doty mere i truck toy ac
ki drives, a? W. B Forney, of Paste. *ta> rcodr» at tr* 5~ asa A^a.i
Kjxig bouse at Acstin. H* cade a statement cocker:_s l.; act_
Poocare And J off re Are
Reported Seriously
IU At Paris
PARIS, Dec 1*.—.P—Caawde?
ansae:? was felt today far
Raymond Psaca? French states
nan, who * senatssir il art a
par'.tal paralysti.
go genous » has ccedrraac re
carded that reports current in Parts
today that he bad died octasonec
or- great anomshmenT.. aithnch
armgmc forth mac? espresaaew ce
paff. gi’vr e<atl.shec :na:
Jae report* were mcarrec”, ana
Inends fcjrrar to fe» bcme were
even aecased that there had been
s, improvement m his coc
Huai irr ta great bope for ins
recovery was expressed and M Tar
Bw hi* disespie and protezr wfco
left his home ear!? this fort noon,
aid newspapermen'war mg octsfde.
'His aacun is grate.”
PARIS Dee 16 — *>— Report*
rer* current today in the chamber
>f deputes that Marsha! Jdfii.
rtrtce of the line, was senoasiy
iE. Last mgh. lus sec-lr-law, re
[fprrx to reports of Iks illness, said
tbe marshal was m ids customary
Eood health. ~
Einstein Sails For
Los Angeles to Work
srar YORK. Dec 16 —P—Dr.
A-bert Einstein, sued for Cahfor
sia e«r*? today to continue his re
search whh American ■oen.'.tsj
Tbe tar Bclgenlard wtl! take
the pfajiAUe and has party to ■
Batina on Dec 19. sh:w them tbe
Panaura canal on Dec 23 zed leave
rhexn a tlaa AugRes oo 7«ew Year s
far. toeensng San Diego. Qthf- an
Dee 31
Dr nmacin wtU pass socae wfU
it Pasadena. Titrz m caEarxcra
:joc with Dr Robert A. MI3R—
bead of tbe CWBfam :i Instr.aie of <
I>chne&ocy. and t wiring Mean*
RHmb obmasrn
a whjch be sasd me u< oemas.
aucta on Gst3.-tif screes gcmr tw
was rsnnasr am a gees heist a:
tbe street mlexsestam and cat me.
are aayaor ctcssbi: tsisc. be n>
spam tbase be struck.
Ad Ones
He was sib> to j;. tym sa: r
were as tbe group. bu. mg be
jitr.K hm car to tbe jefz. beard
the agjjmrt of a ccBaaan ax susp
te m w % tr1 y w> te rn w m-w
P-ragra! armors wifi be beg
Tfeamtsdbf nXirnDceet b Bmra
wiiie a. 3 o'clock In* zb* FSm
Metbatex cftumch. Or Saerisj®
F-sber. assisted by Hr? E P Da?.
rffiforaf. wn±» fesrml .n Banco
Poao Cea«PTT. The body ariB
Mting Thtzrseay mcn.-.i
h A A A. A A A A A
ped wsthan aoco* at feet. He aac
v« that be jumped trim hs& car ana
ran to tbe mierserjcm m tsar *s t
Mip place Mm.- fended. to annex.*
rar. dr.nn by Le^rm bartBaocL a
Irate-may brother.
He sag be directed Hammond to
tbe hcapasal. aad ir.es id-owed ta
h*.' car. At tie tewpitai Fcir<r was
Tsestueed by Mozcrrycie Otficer
Pm:t, who took hia to tbe pobre
station. EjruMiiegaes to tbe acci
dent were being ye maned by Jus
tice of tbe Peace Blalock who mg
today that be had mot decided
whether tbe Beared couple was
struck while eilrg across the.
street m tbe face of a red bgfat. bit
expects further testamocy to elfcxr
:his peas:
IM la Baylul
Mi*« Bntmts was taxes to tbe
Satan Infirmary, wnere doctors
ntaoc as x-ray. Tory ciacovera.
her skh! had bees fructnred. amc
she died within a few czamces af
ter reaching tbe baspetal Osaakip
Gircp received oats nixzM. tbe heal
and shamierrs. anc setenl brmscs
bet wan reported cot ser-acily m
Helen Bridges is Joe daughter of
Mr ud Ei E. F Ba-tL £. lax
±n and gadtiatec trues the krai
high school and coflrer welt bacs
hone— For fifteen ncBSbfc she vx
secretary to G. AT. Gotke auperri
tesdent of the' local ■nSrpenera:
school system Thr* was her sec
ond year a* tbr enst-rw? aad has
she bred until June would have re
cerred a B B A. «#*rre»
Sfe* was very pocwjar aster the *
atad*Bta. and rack interest m arhoci
Father Tax CaOertar
Her fatftser a zax coOctor
or ami aadeor ter tbr
Cony water control ami
■Best ifeatnet %e* i and nxi
employed zs tins capacity for about
focr Terns.
Orteoo Gama wbc resides n
Brtrpe-Jf a: ITT W Ie?e also
-ndruatec froe# the lack! scbooBs
—ct. i-arr- bcrsers. and was ame of
be i£ad*sts 'Of the first jonter «#
Jewe rtem to je heM m BtpwbstiS*
He was editor of the caLe** paper
Tbe RcJlrtg Sterne. Ear no*:
aaartha. and taak *3 rt?? ear" —■
tei setmaea Ee played lac*.
Weather Bureau Mercury
Above Record Far
Present Year
Agasi the Rja Gcaodr Ti5fj at*
-sard jwur? raid vinjl ember p—U
_a TVxas MSUetwi
Tbr Sour*;* I
at tar ¥aSn was 125
tew* 34. Boatfac 41.
r, Gatir-sue a-* ?'
bt Zi joc Vacs M
Tbe mem m Berger iu repor.
"taSlrag tMaASy**. r± s euej* js
of 22 degaus.
Weaker pewcbruoas lor the Val
iev £«- tb* vet 24 bam* » la no
wiucb change jb toupesaiaw
tSunxbiies tBf cmcsaiiBd wcmioC'
•I ibcoer* Weaibrr ciar! S’ J
Or t', mi in rflaull lorrcas- tbr mesr.nr,
veaj& boaer m tbe low !arj» to
usia arc x< tutsan. fear i
lec ftar erg*
*Tbrre am a spread 114
grees se u'liii— iraapexaltag »
imven Aaoasi Jo. xa tbr VUaduadh
to ■rcunraTjr. «c tbr Rm GcauM
Aaar-rtEit. hoc a gaasui off 24 de
gre-s. asad Bxvnsrik 44.' tbe At
■-acaaSed Press paUCbd oust.
Tbe cold suar muted ataman
to setsJr wer One brasgmg Mad
jt'to wewflUr to Maine.. *Mk a io*
ear tbr uutkuaflm port of TVs
as artmgLi nugf tesEperatarv*. re
parti' stum
Fjrtber naderoxaau m artEper*
uses ari rue was Mutest far tb
’jotaoa'a* a vboir for flu act 31
Tbe anew xc. Gajewvfiie mat
Beeper is mid to 6r tbe tire u
Texas for tbr -raaee
T*rto er-w Ta agd* ,Z-< a «. •*
a «. JT auadLa as *. .^be. ..... ...at ■«*►....
nreats to be cwcchJted aicag th»
coast struct a tbe Gabwstoe ur
tub. feu. atbwaga tbr boy and gu
“utr.* Isob wre rough. e*
of set tand was repartee
Finland Weakening
On Pro Legislatior
——Tb* w~«~ ■%,’h
tLT' &. t#*/'
peraeatape of aJsobeC j
IJL wtaefc » tbe -ass
jarwaf. lav. ta 2J5
urrease the esaust ta 2 4 ar
audL The M2 s regarded a.* tb
•tree serjcM «sep toward WMUdJeo
tu or oafr r"fr of prabiSSmaa a
Oenton Man Given
Thirty-Five Y ean
DESrrax Tex.. Dee 14 —JP
Jefat Rjmes. wa* ga—a X iau a
tbe pemas-TstaKT ut. ooturraB wit,
T. Tr?i "
~*Ur 5bex rf !
ac 2! years..
I I :lf'' 1;
Work Is Progressing
On Other County
j A arm
u ; rir gy*: j
b^injr a-x
Ti*r Brjcas
Lijrttsa- MccXa* a'
■ mX tr opened tar ace b» Ctent
parte Mgbaap to tor p»if »m
a* a twort hai tor* neinalt er
tantte by tea of tmpiaapt |
ctf pivai * tor aty of hr* Iter.
iu caaartot to to ramp rand to>
! d*> rjxsa stwaw. atetsnc a Mop i
. torasarts tor bmmrw district oaa
nrrtf with toe nr* state ButtNiap
■ Maxac and Ptam *awrt« arr tor
j rar* *"hjra ace paved Tto* ;»**>- 1
meat erteste ac far a* Gama
Caasrrar. catmty eastern taw
i aimer: tsutard tor atoaoariUK «e
| tor Military fcurka-ar toert hm
lato and B.jrustrt. Tim *•»
* atrmapstmrasf out to* read, saratf
f aao>u: a -ta-f a ej» They aev ate
■ * rairnrrxaf etc tor pbacaMS t* *
ter t» La raJcma aavmg »*mti a
coartrr of a mur Faa» far tor
cradicjr and craduict an stotar
t»3 rape aill to nadv tar sateaca
*-*• to tor .stair ttactmm* draer*.. "
sen: toer-j after tor feat af tor
^ jjHa p ttftt tei aipwtf H tate em
*tair ta taar
j tor^MiStarr tagtswaf an JUdalr>
|drer'>r to'—d., 'are:.SPMEIr. aid tor
* ted:, m torn naarm
dread _ Ic tor par & tom toaa n
tr**r’s StffcrsSt Jar t**a. ta aaa1 a
Communists Take
New Chinese C*ty
Children’s Names Wanted
• —.. i -i
Goodie!low* Joining Club Fast But Paicati
Asked To Send Kiddie* Name,
; turn a«—n rtmw M ^ ^
.m psfV"j&<ig «tt: cvmtt cflw f ■mi m—iif: i m *»# ^ m
11 Tike UesmJC mi* jjh umt —w aatf rnmrrmt- » mm* wtmm W- ■
C»w iWiiic not a&tanriar mtwuf gr
Tt« OtndSalMr rapnr in* in amama *■* n* *m inn
aoA nmapi uanui umhi *pnus u •*» rm *
a*t P®<» fiwkiHim wi £*»«« or man*'... mawMciiat, fem •uaaaiac t
I InOi ot lops ot cwnr tarai tn'.^
- '■ • 1awiiKTm, VMU< UPf Sul *1 Jipi ll1^ # W ijlff
Big Hotel Mam Show • How
To Combat Urprro^.
i! t aS (f 'iA "
r jr< ^ apmdM u *1111*
: Five Masked Men
Rob Indiana Bank
p ar.-4 JK
'to rf:j a
| |
• '**■ 4f
4MB ti& •MK4MW:* g* |
** SHUT I* .lawns ittwiMt
B* -. I*mMh-'.: * *» -•
^i*M* *JS «f i.iii« i-iii •M 4
wm ft* Mm* mm Amp* mm
turn M4 MU MB At M'4 41
kMMr 14' • CImhI
■UK t * *r MM <*•* i .*>
*>IAMA. '
Weslaco Officials
Heard at Houston
Three Witnwiet Tell cf Hiadiun HaiU*
Bout la Diapftr Fattamf
Fai—a 1921 Elmc*mm
movarom Tn.UK m Ml—.Ill m mm *-* irinri mm*
mm U«fiiw mm «—lit—f tar —m § r 1 rrt * *« mm- m mm
—* Ml tant —Itr—>. — uag hi—M ima*
mj wtMn J • —uaw*. mm -—. «tak. m .* rn —*<—«•
flMMMhr'ii CfeatfNtaHP* 0* ' . -h..-. •* ■* ■
‘' WEATHii 1
p *1*6 n #,*» #K§ Hi

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