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Bodies of Pair Burned In
Home; Young Man Thought
fil if '■ I
XASHTTIIF lad. Dee- iS-jP—
Paul Brown 28 ns sought by po
lice today Isr the sUyam of Ms
parents arc' tae to-m_ng of zhezz
bodies in the iiaily bcsae four
«fn ncriins of here yasterda'.
Offrers bebnwd that uabe'.anted
by istensrte work cm a radio m
TratKC. young Brown shoe and
bEei Ms father. Lee Browr. €i
wounded Ms neither sue €3. and
then set the house a lire.
Cbeste* Bunge 24. a farm hard
who was shot twice during the
youth« rampage tax: he a*-bread
Browr ^a* trapped by the Cure*. :
but after a thorough search of the
•thna. which gaw up the bxLes of
the parents officers ahsncar.ee1 tkue
theory and said the kffier p ^cV*
•eased. Bunt* tv :r. a erl :cal
eeesdteac a a hoaptal
Bunge was attaebad a; oon*.
Brcwn when he retin et *c tit:
Brown heme after lunch -.eitwrdar
Paul opened fire or .r r. and a bul
let struck him tn the left arm. As
he Ced. the tot:ft flsrd tram,
•trffcng Bunee a -ft* andr-ten. j
Binge aasaeed to re*tft his v me
Sheriff Wllkereoc bebeied Paul
then went home and As Ms!
parent. hTus Ms father with a
bullet thrcoift the heart Mrs
Brown wounded, *e!*>,oft'-ned a
>" • a ■ .* K*wa» \f~
on Dorfraan's quaittw
f l»m ntanyyg fcriv
.* tiaa
8 2km Daaaaod Basra,
*P««3al ..S SUM
t mm Dfeamexoa R - r*
hpeeial ... f KJi J
* m *m r -aiiiii rx.
Speraal.8 ttdM
81OC >■ Dusood Bagi
K»y » Ohamand Bbap-.
s»wui .. 4iia.w j
SOT©1* DseBsood Kap,
:-pertal... <!«**» i
amm Daaoco Rx?j.
«yrm! .. . ... simm
Marks* Die nch. tew agrees perrons.:*; festoreti with Gsry Cooper
aa -"Morocco,' ss toe Cap^oi Theatre Tue«dar.
— — —.. ■■ — —' — ■■■ —— — ■■ Mil »
*-— " 1
' .li ovie Calen 1ar«
—__ - _i
CapiMft—"SicracaT: Gary Oaoger
and Marks# D&eenea.
Dtnms-n— Om a Ge- levk-sr. ;
Earaxri Honesr
Ancafca— iix and BBT; Marx
Dm# aud Waiacr Beety
and Sfasjfy SacaJa
Palacw— Morocco ; Gary Cooper
ass Mari-s* Dut .Ttt.
Qara 'TCaa Trcotok ; Sl-s~
Eboe Qr -ar.
>4\ BtMTG—
fcwCt)u» wr* Dmbj
Palace—“The Phantom «f the
Opens'; Lac Cbaarr
« »TAC O—
R?t—"Fait arsd Loom : Carol
Maries# DKndL love:- Gersuar
aciiua who is la make be- a .
teas Safas*1 pieaxr* debts: arts.
Git Ooc-jer and Acfclpis Mrajoo
3t Mswiirtn ’ wisies opens a- it*
Ci'xial Theater tadat for a three
day engapeaMSK, is creatsa* a
sUsnK of dbtkr and excteaier:: m
ta* American morion pietnre faek!
Movie stars who bay* ion* heid
the hearts of tbr mane fans, are
nr-rwisSjr loekme to then- laorels
tecwsse of this tiriaa hwred beau
ty who Is »x to poaes am ao
pewf than ant ©ci^r actress wac
cat; appeared m the screen. Her
cm are otoe like oearette *asoke
*ne, the old aoa«e of "Where
there's saacfce. there's fixe.* fit*
^ hfce a z’3tf He: has
the bats and carnage of a svelte
tizrwa and her Trace b Idee the
■S«erj of the anhaift:. Her fess
Aa^rciE pectrre “Morocco* b
awa-ted asrs-risly by the mm*
it*r> sari entfsmflaalicwHr to? the
suacae zagra:**.
I**ttfch b a stow daaghsg cf
Benin Tacat r* xere hagi as
en—a nd as the German Mrr.
Sfc'* fcai * flag a: azaat fcr a
xmc of sar boc InaUF beaded
3. taxor cf “he stage xaere she
y&hcesf off the eaeseess of roles
afch sm» trooifc> at aT" I: wsa$ *m
aa* a »jbms 3i Germany fcsesn
3s* a UFA prartachdc. thas Jaarzh
13S flanJerg. as ace Parians
dkwcaar z^ppesed le see per anti
warn*. Arrangemesis mere
*=d :ze F-f-z* *.ar agreed to caeor
to HcU_;aoMi whew *.nee the tiaae
cd her atind. *ae has own the
topic of a_ cmtersamn*
There Was a Reason
CHICAGO. Dee II—.^—CrrioaL
soai* fas was Airahazz Krauts
of the cjOtiae* other men »ir* *r/i
thereby hangs a xe.
"IMt owptoa:.."’ Se saad ia*;
zzgz: indicatm* the eee a yosza#
nan lea “tag h» atom was maar
3i#. * b teerHie. A handsome yosnr
mam Me yam shoald not be w*ar
3ie a coat Ire* tha Le- me srl t»_
•ometiMf sauiabue-’
Hot :he yam# maw kept rich;
ob wmlktar and after a wane ohm
r was t3ne to w hcane Krarta
ftoowd oat why.
Hz own coat *a» son*.
ANGORA. rarkfr-Jf*! Jaaepto
C Grew, wife of *£* .taertna am
ba^-idar.. applies toys and clothes
for the jaadlbff home which the
T'Jiknb *ocety for the protection
of cr...drer. has nealied oat of an
eld V. la She rails the Bin jticc
f ■
■ —■..■■■■■■■■ 1.1
Enoyed and Played
by Both Young
and Old
Of As Much Value in Your
Child’s Development As School
. . . But
Take Care,
* - 1 hey re do interesting, \
You’ll Be Playing Them Yourself! j
114i Elizabeth . Brownsville i
Democrat* Fight Drtmgfct
Bill Ob Floor Maw
in ourward sagas the prmdrnis
rehef program today was as deeply
■cmesfred as ever m the soar! si
Rebuked for eatemsg a teasaxne
T.aZy appointed the senate's can
[erenoe committee on the caer
rsct public works biZ vat hack
IS ns task pledgee this taf to
report to the membership before
'orsentmg *x stnkeout tasead
aarsts objectionable to the adzn
la the house the pant of leader;
'or action on the drought relief
sit were somewhat tmoenaixk after
i republican attempt to push it
r-rough without vtrtlng on senate
provisions of the memsum had bees
uraed back
Only routine legislation ad sn
>*d, the s*aa*e passing testerdt
fce *reasnry-past office bCioc del
ar appropnariac. with amendment;
nninialfa*lBk s oonferihre with
the ho--«e ca :* too.,
Hcu€ »tsf• *i •«.
- iblican rotes and that of the one
'aimer-.abac member to defeat the
Rtajueisy a attempt to ruah throegh
'he drought bf~ vttbent amend -
neat;, stripped of aothocaMhaa
?JT food loans and eta fro® the
«maies «C*:geJ8 m fcal* ?k«
The senate me a? me vas bezg
: :nsjrffred asaia by the bouse agn
rclture cummitsee. which itudxd
"He as as amocem: «f deem, of
w±imz Is railed hank ^ and c£ de
takes-vho da® S!? lS*
°e=»iaaeBfl as a awe.-ner ®* the
awrar and a 'hank peedier" «ald
maei with the
««5T rood citaen *,»
T^s: or xx- -hr wawfc *S3
rrpprteu _to ac: upon the Kda
EMC Of p-jjj,
3eaa. br_
scvtjcen* * ert: iran of _
xtiTe artirttaes *
1 “ “ a
1 Day In Congress I
.. ■ *
'B* The A.*odaXeci Rees;*
Tuesday -
i>-xatef Jaat* walenwy tsZ
Interstate commerce commit t**
.-aps to rote co imbmih iim of
'"rang R MeSDnch to the pomes
Indian affairs eoanaBBce cotra
mes hearmgr* on irei^n cowtitwc
!>*»*« relief measures gac sent
■xnergencT public works t*E to
Intent*:* commert* ciBucr.tee
approved 4 to S *<w« tv
»wer commnsson.
Imnagraticn committee beam *es
unocy on Reed bill to Expend ar
Recetr® annum: agrtcatf e dep
irtment supply bill
Immtgra#ioE ccmmntee newrs »—*f
if Its study oe awyityc ets
> vision bi.i«
Pnblie lands fratattee toatarpet
■*'^dy of proposed r^rirxo-* ra
Donal park..
Rejected plans to take up drought
reixf program.
Received reeoBHBeiidafsan fresn
Ptrwdent Hooter for tRMlim ef
fnmry appropnattoo
Approve* Graham bat* to erwaie
’ vtemmen*. to sp*ed pobhe bu£d
Rpecta! ccmasittee ended cue
Biunise investigation.
Kdl Deer. — H. D Seago and Kdb
a PiK. BrovasrtZe fcZed two
- :ge bracks near RiTS»aXr> over
week—rx*. atid brought them to
E'Cata-rfCe Maevfay. where they
-ere betrx dSs^ayef One cf the
ks was a ten-pociaei or 11 ■ slj
Personal contact with those who
handle credit requirements is in
valuable—to bank and customer
That’s why there are no dosed
doors at the Merchants’ National
—why our officers are always ac
cessible to all.
Originally paid m_SI00.000 00
Increased from earnings 150,000.00 $250,000.00
>«rphtt F and, earned .. 275,000.00
Capital Stock:
I Cameron Courts
I etc.
* i
: Met 3. « Wort 3 La <
E. D CateM Ban* H Cable taj,
-U.f Mo:a' Oos^to. wan Me .
13, bR. 25. La Perm tovnsne «
UCM ex •
to Jons Baric, lot 2, Mock 42, O '
T Bgz. I1CM.
W L A *<?,« MdEwax te Valjrt
Cmu Grom Cc.; Bit 11. La Fern j
14 1 Co. mad bL4 35. Mcu. Tea 4
L 4 I Cc. 41*46 etc
Gee M ILiaaer. LeLe E Biaaer
to Port Isabel Rea.'- Co lot 11
kit X. Pact Umbel SICK. etc..
Geo-T* M Hate. 3eLe E Ha-- |
aer to Part Txb~t R*».-jr Co. Lac
it. but M Pcr. laabr: MB c;
Geo.ft M H-*aer Bc-e E fc-s
«er to ftr. laaoel Bel Cc.; Loc 5. J
-oca X. Par: Uacel. IKK etc
Gearfe M Hauer. BeJ» E.. Bm*~ ,
ser to Pert Isabel Rea-. Ca; lot 4. f
atock 2s Per. Its.be:. SUM etc
f L Jackson. « aa. to G* J1 ,
itoafi:' LCN «i
R L Jazaaca. e. sz to Gee X ,
Haxer. et sa. Me It. black a
Port Isabel; flSM etc.
laabei Res t°Co Lac^E *C
, <
D. WnLarcs to Per
, Cat. Laca E 2- A. 3 ace 3-A. i
W. rma laabr-. iiic et i
Der. Cbl to VIMa f
lcs» 1 4 aQt X Team:-.*
OtBK laca ». * E a b
E St. JX. IlfK ex
G G Brrs-ac et tat ts Wtm G©*!
TaZey Te- Ca ; lac II. ak K .&£
Belx CIB etc
-~=e T Lr-rr^j. et va v, R -
|1M. TbL Oa, m O. HR. M Ban
•as . S3«tC
J O Ha-ct. Pear!
O «Ub. Mae* »
£fB esc
W G Xa'to« to
La Boss jaLC JS &.a* »
Vtea BBBa It BbM 6*1" ■ -
M. E Bat Ena E-rt to B H
Gatos*::; .tor 12 Week C t m
am*' Cama2» Her f2«2C«* etc '
Tbaaasa T G*r*» •» *>*.»-—
atza: tots M aac 27. Woes 4, of 1
V Wes: Baraxeea Adssc SIMM
esc. t
P "IYsbssi to H W Bk/>
fc a tux* 'A' Jarir 7Vrrar*
5-5 12Ji acre* CEB etc
Prei C Sanaa to H IT Aonr 1
PartwE hiora X Loc C HIT. Sab
S3 AM to
■••bd A H* * te jfuSrd V
H*F»- 144 arm. Keck X. Lu In- 1
dsto Bob, end tot 13. j !
HabdT Bnrtb fc«* Bob Bar' r’
«*to: into etc. I
M-f VtdfbBA Corar Wa :,—i **,
M R. Hal: Sar- Per £ HR
Si^aT** * ***** 12 »'*** '
tK X e;.'
Ajaaoo Boom Pares* Ce *«• J w
Wa^aoe. SM. part black IX ear?
-i4 arm pur 4 f 1-f btoa jrr
W 1-2 back 177. par: of g r *_#
,fcaecR ix.. l* Haora
Alar» Hanna Paaam Ce a v p
•* «** W :-2 Cf I j-2
-4 Week 3£ Ajf.ane Trart
t W H Msibre to L M Baa*
taa 6 1-2 of M 1-2 jo? 5 btocc «
Alaxa Tran
31 P. Tad m a. to L If Bu''
! “i * y:-2 i« J Man «
Ajasao Tract
J. C Ecjeejasao.. Jr, to G C Lae
«»- »B! 14. (« acre* tot f **■
M Eay acac re tab sec MAE 1-2
34 Mo Trt
C. E Haoaer. et » to Joins Ho.
«*. si®, m aces Pam Ttotr. r
tr«c Ttort
Mrt Irene Hadaer. et wur te Ida
SrfaraeArr. et eSr CM rj \k acre*
£1*1* acre* « S M arm to 4
Va.'jrr Tire Past Od
D. M. Peek to CnarW Tsada.»
SISflO. tot 2 and A 1-2 to 3 btoca
iZ. Wesiaeo
J C BacMmaL Jr... to Prank a
Lartz. ct ca SAG: r* s it arm ctf
!S ail acre* to 14 block r b
Tto S 11775 arm lot f. btort r
Sftc Tb*.
Prank A. Ljrtx. et vm to 3 C Ea -
pdesac. Jr, SIC. S p arm of sc a3;
arm to 14 block CT. Me Tea
I Ma-jd MeCtoxiPrtT to C A to'!.
eca SIX. SC ICO acm Jr. 1*3
Snrjdaad *sA
S- W B'fk et aa to Baaapfeirep
Setmocr Beck SrAOO E 1-2 black
las. La Pin
H If O^Se *; Eil to Brtrr Wei
* tSm OmSf ***■» # ***
assasaas * . *....... aa aa
r«a ... _ as as is as
mmm ... m m m m
»1_ .......... a* aa at
f-"™” ... « at i< aa
saovwiLii . nan *
caaaaay 'aa
^oa^taa^aa .......... is 5® ^a^i
cmm . aa 3ai
C»n*** canr .... 41 •• :J *
3*2** .. 1* » U *
r*c a?f .......... a® ®a .. as ,
« aa .. m
c a .. a
aa «i .. i®aa i
owns . r at m
l*o»i«s _ 4S 4* IS a*
. ame i aa m a
Jaefcaaev^* . 4 if tf ■
aLat^sat^ c*y aa aa oa
t4rjvr!Sr ___ :• M 14 m
aasfayoos ........ aa aa la oa
SBass ^a^issfss oa
Starts Tmrvt . S3 a » m
OkJk&xm* cstf .... 3 aa .. J»
.w _ _ _. ..
0-. .....- » . mm
Fart Arttiar ...... 4* M IS 4*
f b*mmc .. *. i. aa oa
8- 14TJ* 14 as tj oa
ft f»- .. .. it 3* as
tmi- ±mm* c. } .... aa aa oa
Sax lotflM _ m m ia as
Ohms ais ...... 14 aa .. as *
mmrnm o oa # . oa ^
aa 4a .. aa
_ aa m .. aaj
sriftn■■ Y.T » a as
wuBtarja M aa is as1
•At toc mama ac wawM^ c *muup*
A ziz Biios
van mimmi
int i a tnim
a mm aaiii....
^ ^ fci umi aMftMif
^ -i :j
Smart mtA Snappy—veil tallm4 am I 4wr>
aala—-*a a grt a. aaaorunett of »akf e*4
on and! AantftML Cesiua# all wfl can*
that preeeat at < jyrar<i*t»f \mm at tiu»
remarkable lav price. Year «*e a her*
Warm Sheepskin Coal;
tm “HIM*

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