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M—»90000009mm—— *0000999
14 Cli'JBS are
.Spec-*. *» be Brfs
HAJU.r.GE:- Der Ba*VJ:
Graads Yalr Ama M
Bl. jeagae writ jrcg
Thursday ng:: aci
are to aeyjr. t* toe
The upper z»:a x-i
Frjtij e.«ccg Jaa
ieagae too a 2:-^ne ^
Tinrria? mgte ■*_. tT^., . .
tag r F.r. Errs- ,
sffie and Rm Bocso <
■Btii a toe loser r
gag^y a
r. w22 be a* faBen. ft.
a: Pharr, Edcrbarj at
Progreso at Btorarc aad'
fa - e! offraj
xdge: as fcCeas
^P5iarr . r &. m ...
Palmer a: Fdrimrh. r S? I
Pip* .ri a: Brov-crr-je ' ■
daiih> header-, rceeiy ^ '
Final rtaai
Pcrmacoc o! toe _
*■«■* lose I
■iKtcj*, .‘-■e Ted a. ve^e
m Harimpm ^
rapeesecied and toe
ds nOed into jppe.
brarkeu at osier to j
jump*. CMa _r. tbe .
are HoBmn •>.
too nrfcoitian^ Part Hocdc
■ex. Biosna.Ue and wl
The Tin »■ mi fill inks
grren opciac of en jerjig
by fiat ardav o? tola
vase there vj: be a h
toe eight team ;.ueduJe
Tbe upper bracket is
of F*t. Extrrld Pharr.
Minim ig. Brogreso.
Weslaco. This alas lex res
paction black. Any Hidalgo
team is given toe oocJon of
tip toe eighth post til
entry must be in by
President 8pdx Clarke,
most be « :img to play
game this vee* la*er in the
of » postponed eontest. This
be done before Jan !
Flavin* Date*
The lover bracket vxll
Mondays ard Thursdays
upper aectwr. viH play on
days and Fridays Th—e is
exception to this rale. Port
car.nc* plar at heme
nights and in such
Jvill be played
Also the Chnstma*
in the lover bracket
moved up to tbe 2S’h. ^
A motion vas duly made e_
_ l
LONDON.—Fee hundred
children had their annual
recently as the result of to
which was obtained from th*
tnp of the Fitrroy hotel in the
ter.ham Court-road distric*
the past five years it has been
practice of customers at the hot
to wrap silver and ccpner corns l
tissue pacer ta which a tack is a'
fixed, and throw the missies to t
roof, where thev remain for tie
re**, of the w*r to be collected forti
the poor children's picnic. m
j Air Mail Sch^dnlea ) l|
The whedul* tar ta# b*s b*cn««a |
SrewBsmi* and Balia* ta aaaouaevc
9f the poavtfhes departmast aa fol
L**t« Dais .. t 43 a m
‘ ten ft Worts ........ S IS a a
bin Ware ................ §20 a as
Laav* A ii Li t * a .............. 10 15 a o
ten Saa Ac tee to . 1126 a a
Worth rwuad—
ten fcw=«Lt . 123 a m
ten Cu Aatnoie ...... «:I3 a a
ten Aasrs .. 316 a m
ban Waco . i.u a •
ten r. Worth .t is a a
Arr.'rm Oa_as . T23 a aa
Th* acaed-i.« tor th* Aasancaa ah
■a to Mac.cc City la *> fo--. ro*
Leave Eroouenae _§13 a a
ARn Tant^.rg ..UWi m.
ten licptn .-.UWa a H
ARn Where Cty..143 a m i
lean Mitt: asy .. to a m | '
tS: iSSS:5StS
ftXJL -9ft &- x.
" •
Train Scbf’"!c»
/aiaed that 29 T.r,.*-r
perries be pla;ec sx mg j**ra
Earn ms a u pa? the /resident
and aecretary S jesu each weed )
[hi g sa be /aid nx*n:
AL outdoor courts ha ? so be m
jOCd COBttn apd «ai i! rar'TTT.
so u hear as pnav
Tae referee will be yodge of the
Lxfli of tha casts and has the
aashoraqr so forfeit tie game cd
hie grounds of unfit cions
AL stgaiar jaxc are so aegs:
at * p. at. In case :! dcuaor bead
era, the fret renter: s so get sn
der way at 7 p. sa. A max m.
eaaraooe charge of 25 cents was
set by tie league
Tie rente cab a to farms* tie
official scorer. He a respoeaseue
lor league reports I; k rt* neater? >
that be mast to tie secretary. Hal
E*rtar* at Tie BrcwnavUe Herald
a complete bn :cace of all home
iames Tig sboold be paced in
In case a cits a unable to sake
a tnp. tie opposing manager must
oe nefified a: leas: by 12 noon of
-hr same day Earose nouce *1
desirable. r was poured ©=t a: tie
gathering Player contracts have
to be in the mails 24 hours before
a paper is ehciole. Tbe postmark
on the letter will be the manner
of betersnmmg whether the con
tract was xn the mail 24 hours be- !
fore tbe parer participated si a
league game
Entrance Fees
Entrance fee g J15 per cLib wtthi
an additional 15 cents fer each
player signed Th*s should be got
ten si to Spit* Clarke at the ear
Lret poenble moment, with a com
plete club roster.
A number of basket ba.l officials
were present at the meeting and
they held a separate meet mg {root
the general body. They elected Neely .
Ne-man of San Benito president.;
and toe r body will operate much j
as the Valley Officials association
d:d during the football season
They win meet from time to time
to dgcuss rule# and questions that
-otne up in the game; Anv offi
cial who is not notified that a game
has been postponed and he shows
up w:!l be entitled to hi* par. not-1
wit branding tha; the game is not I
The next meeting of the organ -
:ra*ior for managers, captains and
officials, has been called for Dec. i
31 at the Harhneen high school j
The first round of schedules is J
K out below:
I'pper Bracket
Der. 15.
•Ft Ringgold at Pharr
Edinburg a: Weslaco
Progreso at Edcouch *
McAllen at Blank 1
Dec 23
Weslaco at Ft Ringgold
Edcouch a* Edinburg.
Blank at Progreso
Pharr a: McAllen
Dec. If
port Ringgold at Edcouch
Edinburg a: Blank 1
Progreso at Pharr
McAllen at Weslaco
Dec. 3#
Blank at Ft Ringgo.d
Pharr at Edinburg
Weslaco at Progreso
Edcouch at McAllen
Jan 2
Ft. Ringgold at Fdmburg
Progreso at McAllen !
(Pharr at W«i *co
i Edcouch a: Blank
Jan. «
•t F* PdCggoJd
at Edinburg
at Pharr,
at Weslaco
Jaa. 5
at Edcouch
.old a: McA-len
at Edcouch.
ts -he first round
w* 1 be three rounds. The
sc is *he u the
the exoepeiec that the
be plated on the op~
The tinod —«
BebaSaaTa:*K» Hoodt
soead and *
^ere m3 be three roradb The t1
»r»«! ro=d is the ««=• as the *
ihr-» -he c^eepcfaa that he (
be - *'«d ac the cp- 1
we;*? grrsai* The thrd rouatf *
rC be the sax* aa tat finl * •
- --—- 1
BRUSHING UP SPORTS . . . . By Laufer
t Hi* Tm a. P-*3 H*tu &r*rr> tl ^ ^
man in
foot Sail*
k //
• •
)nly Greenleaf Remain]
Between Him And
Cue Crown
NEW YORK, Dec. 16— V —E
my one a to stop the tr:umpcar/
»rade of Erwin Rudolph througt
he field m the worlds champion
hip pocket billiards tournament
ipparently it wiZ have to be Rap:
Tnrtn'ttf defending title .holder,
Rudolph, who :jls from Chi
a*t> noeed out 'he New Ycrii
dark horse.’ Onofr.o Lauri. 125 t<
24 at 21 innings last nigh* an*
hereby earn'd his fifth success:"*
wmitaBt victory He has vet te
nee- Arthurs Woods, another New
forker. and Greeruaaf
Rudolph's free triumph*; give bur
nd-spared possession of the leak
rita Green leaf as runner-up with
cur vsetortes and one defeat Leon
i third with four and two: Wood:
earth with three and three. Fran*
’acerski of Sehenec*adv X. Y
:fth with two and three Beam*
LZen of Kansat City sixth wire
wo and four. Ftsqpabe XataZe
2ucago. seventh with one and
our. and Thomas Beat mar. Pcrt
md. Ore. eight with ace ard five
Rwtclrh plays Woods temgh*
nth Xarahe meet nut AZen and
teatman pla-try Taber? i_ tha
Green>af gave further evirteaui
sa* he a back m form ?es-«rda~
rhen be trounced Woods hi *e
4 at if — *p
4an Held Following
Amarillo Shooting
AXARZIC ftc 14 — y*— Oca
tan was held hr affirm -v -
—er ins coorpar or.. Frana Parte:
f Ofcahoas* Cnv z*t been six*
3 a: th« farm off Tan Xa: -
x- run* ras «tc off Clarendon
Nayxjc anem-tec n> rmscc tin
aemff to take charge cf three m
• -tend oc ins place Sunday myh'
a sicz. vie feed as be went 4a
be elepbece. He caZed for be.:
ad Tan flee* a certoc pgrker rar
* his assscance Ie a shoxmy
iiTker was felled.. one off the trx
fag bea and the tfcrd escaped a
a autOBaobfle
BERLIN —Gmtg "-»*>•<.«• _n the
■* *wtner without a bat
r~n ooe p. of A. S*tnder fzsds
ra: tn macy instances the tem
erature inaice i u: x a mar..
*ead is often coder *nan outssoe
-dependmg on the type of bat
s ooe instance c -was foood --»•
be temperature aside a Panama
»*. wa« 71 degrees wi_> outsodf
t was fl.
AxtooDOdZe traffic a New Tori
j’bemg apeeded up by tse cun
afHec off elevated iugtway
two* the streets far fait tra^
where cars cat
i For First baseman Only To
Find They Have One

CHICAGO. Dec 16— ** — Alter
. hunting all cer the baseball laad
] srape for another first baseman.
‘ the Cubs d .sc orered they bought
on« from Baltimore last simmer
} a.though they purchased ban for
an outfielder.
v mcent Barton, a 22-vear-bSd
prospect Dialed in the outfield be
cause Baltimore had a capable first
baseman and needed «n outfielder
; After the Cubs failed to obtain
Jim Bottom!* r from the St Lou.*
Cardinals. Manager Rogers Horasb
and President ^llax L Veecfc
rendered if Barton might not be
converted into a frr saccer.
love*'.gazoo re-ea.ee *hat Bar
tor placed all h-s baseball at the
initial corner until the Oraaie?
moved him in'*> the outfield Horr
sby sav* he a® be given plenty of
■ opportunity to p.-epar* hnnoeif •*>
j understudy Charlie Grtmm and
George Kelly.
Raney Chicago beat Steve Hrl
silo. Auburn N Y *16.*
MIAMI Fla —Base Herman Ca
ifornia knocked oct Albert Leon
Tarrra. Fu * 1
NEWARK N J —Vtaee Dradee
Baltimore. troeird ox Denna
Gcldes. Ireland. 7 .
LONDON England—A1 Ftremar
Montreal. Qae and JobHBy Cc.fc
England drrr .isi
Akron O kntr ced oh George
Prnia. PTtsmxb. -T
BOSTON—Cen OTCeZv Ire^ad
cr.pcined A. Fntx»n Btsstac.
I 13 .
TULSA Okla—Al Fa-. P3Ks
r_rgh defeated 3ao* Hun . Focxa
Clt~r ota fat: If
DZS MOSHEB la—Ht=e» Wtje
t~*~ Dr* ti’ *ar* —y-rr-ed T—
PsZiso N«tt York 'It? Lsxe Mar s
Des Vitnn cctaasad Jack Mc
Cann- Cnicag? I« .
BUFFALO—Geccge fRdak Bf
fiA x*px*/d Chunk Bxu Ch_
Ujt vlS*.
► OQPCOUCEy-Denmark a
> bury scrappmg some tf ns nav
I He- only “m crxsers the :-*e;r-dal
. and the NeZ* Jje: are ts be yanked.
i the latter*a* jae^^Si^Sae:**^
Denmark* tmj nav—
U Z*ea* tf. f»fe **-* aaercred
hr dreeagh? las* rmamaen » a; jear.
Sand wins Fight*
Poreda Tonight
nr* YORK Dec 1«_P-A m
round bout between Ted fiaadadaa
Sioux City, I* ft—ryaeuftt a»
Stanley Poreda of Jercey City head
an ail-star boxjif card for the Nn
York ft—mren % Chris* znas fund e
the St Nicholas arena ramgtit
Eddie Ran Polish vcBarveftr
meets Eddx Pnaco and Jack For'
ney. Baltimore ii*ft:»«ffct en
counter* Huoert Gil is of Be^sua
us right rouadera
Ha: Boxes
\I1 Luggage, 1-5 Off
Amarillo Favored to Down
Tyler Eleven on Saturday
Sandstorm Roars Out of District Noted For
Producing Champs; Sooth and Last
Teams Said Weak
.—I —l I-.—Ml.—
it cmi Tutor *
tr Eof1 &**<§ x
.apse Wj thing m Ovtcact *
\ omcrar' i Tt la * tte® *»* e *x
. Aar.-r niter tf Daaencta T ant t
9? tut: tesMtelae coast tf «* ta «
Tte Astanln Gates; Caste ■ or*,
fcan r, a fil J'Brj oat af tot Tvaai
Pantextfa aal a ftmgjt gaumf
arssw tele *« a ur a* Lunaoca ate
tMaaif or. hx» I tt f aut icr
tew raw tecctfa a tel tf tor
Tter itevpatf tat raffertfe*
•Mtearooi teotnrt 2 rttasss U ta
i. ate tte® nnarteg tte Coruteoa
Tiferi pMatixata* tf «mnet* I
one «. S3 ta S Taa> an ammmr
eoacted toy Bar Caerr
"natr* tea tew a Brief ara tf
ute ta csloth Aattneuy us Ttea*
t Ctmatiac Cmvexvx? ttateats *;
I Art Vrrtft for tte asat* adteOtei
Udr Tter aw ted* surf van tf a
fate of etrr.rr ran A teas* Ujoi
• too* up tte torch ta getermpr
Tter had to te food ta #r. »tew
tter arr
Wiuea wi2 vtef Aasa-.te *JJ w
■ tte favontr Vte: tf AatanJa ’
tenet vas* Tte: ui2 ht ohat tte
fcportr omen tone a* "upar*"
AaerSe hat oatee throe-tf tte
tougtert oapoRiae® t® tte r**e to *
--- -
:.... * < ■ - ., - .
Iff ffp ff MMW
m+mmm ? *
cmm a» a -
• mm !■—Minf.mm
°rt* £VL*Y uamt cmurius
T 'ade in your
I old suit ;
I We are offering you an
opportunity to help the
needy and save money at
the same time.
I eirntL— -_«• eU mum *
l ^H?9 ,/7°r ^°"r 0W •SlIlP
I HC,P ,he need> tiiis Christ am 1
jj *

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