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»ies swamp'
Indus t r j
%ammSE% " M it -fbodarjt
zZ bss ZmSUstj were to saeit rrea;
front the first that ~ H.
peestoer; gC the Mer-can
Bsaa; c uc rrer ?b .*
is begto to a
; star-aitr a.; we.
uCcer pasteer. &
_, _ ncs pofefeat,
la Ot-i-trerta Ctoy.
The facet? 4 bta‘*d to a spare
es aad ha* a baZy eapa-hy
t hast. Orders far ex
■ a ad addfctaorsal
| i beer ordered to
sanyin; c ^ aa expansion program
JLbeait X® persons are CMpfioped
iu aZ phase- of tbe sadtgtsy.
Twwaty «Berac: £3'jm af head
gear are manuCacturai with a
Mr. Tisoer-is, win has Lied to
tbe Taler 33 year*, is aa ardent
booster for ttos section and each
stnpezent of haU which roe? out
«—-•»> c desmatite IitetalTe
Store these ritystsp go act ail
over tbe United State*, tbe cham
ber off commerce regards the ad
vmistoar so drscnboted as very
m ~ tt
C1JT* •* »T.
Mr. Thomas was to the farmtor
aad prodace bosmess beicre rctoz
too the nuabetare of hats
Trachoma Found In
Tri-City Schools
(Sped*: to the Herald *
PHARR Jan. 17—Dr. Hearten
H. Boraur. of Men»d-:i. eye spec
toiia ca3ed to the Pharr-San
Juan-Alamo school .system this
week far the porpoe- of inspect?
the entire ■ffmihfiiTi'lp of the school
to Cad oat jasz haw much Trac
homa infect-xr there was ixxx
tii* papal*.
Dr. Bowman found ten pcsttne
cases in the Pharr Grammar seised
and wHl rasper; the San Juan and
Atomm Grammar schools on
day. It is the plan of toe school
boud to hare the students of the
Junior and senior hrjh schools ex
am.tr ed next week.
AT. of those 5t:?d-nl5 who are
infected are zeqnmed to take treat -
Hart before rrumrne to school
This is bettered to be the best
plan m order tos* the infertScn
nay be fBnnaffd a? scca as pcs
Pharr First Nail
Elects Officials
PHARR. January 17.—Tbe sreek
teoiders of the Fuss national Bum
of Pharr held thnr re. aiar anaal
cait at aata time toe afucess
tor toe en-w.r 3 jcur were ejected.
Toe new <itrect.ee* for 1331 are
John A Cook. Garter Stewart, w.
h. Keenar. Outer C. Aldnen, and
G. E. Langford.
Office: i iur me year were delet
ed as follows: J:>hn A Coot, pzf.s
hm.; W. & Ke.xuu, nce-*seu.
t-K Ul. Ci. X I .nit—...CC U. U. .. * g > U - -
preside:-.; A. J. Uirs. c**ajrr
W. D. Baden, asus.a.t cashier, and
W„ M. Langford. assistant caunter.
The recent stutetn'n; of the Pharr
Raruu. Bam snows assets of
t3S3.«i4.3a with iota* deposits of
Man Injured in
Crash btiil Low
Tl—i 111 hi Jagoes. lflat&usoccs cu -
toms olficuL. continued eery lav
Saturday fallowing hss injury in a
crash an the old intematiata. bride?
Thursday eTeamg and Mataatora*
officers expressed, fear that he would
not ttrt.
Cayetano Beserra. another custom
official. is xacmsexlng rapsdly as *«e
coffered only three broken ribs.
The ear in which the pair was rid
ing Thursday e reruns crashed
tfcrougn the railing on the ap
proach to the oid bridge;
tailing scene 30 feet to the earth
below- Jaques suffered a fracture
at the base of his skull
Demanded In Wire
BAKFRSFIF-LD Cal. Jan. 17 —
Mr*—A telegraphed demand upon
Ptesaienc Hoover for a protective
tariff or an embargo on oil imports
was sent to Wasrur.ct.oo today freer,
a mass meet®* of oil men of the
San Joaquin vale:. -
The eC men also sent a ieierraBi
to Secretary of *he Interior Ra.
L$tu:. Wi-bur denir.jay fjt re
tract Oktwnit attributed to Mm
to the effect American rasofcrr
should be caocerved far the rm
Stock of Hardware
Found In Dead Cow
GRJLXGEY ILLE I<!aao. Jan 17
-eJ*—Albert Fray s txm daed. Cn
wfliirsa to accept the neighborhood
dklgBORtt k anas potstoced. Fray
perforated an acto&r,
"This Is part c£ what he focrd in
the wa**>n:
■IfM four and eiafct penny sa:lr
•oc latf* tacfc: sia inches of were
as*d a strip c: cap-peg1 Isa. If an tecta
wide and three etches: lost?
Six Dead F rom Cold
In Mexican Capital
MEXICO CITY. Jar. 17—U%—
Three mere remocs died here dar
ter the najht frets exposes as a
■f ■Tperattrr-' ■- wharh hare pert ailed
fK» w*k. Thr deaths tircrjgt' the
IcT-r feact tft*' "aid riw to *
Etrwr jrathrr was predarted
ix mLvnox fomn
F O B- ituppag pocac nfem
--3B re-ported Frxay. Jam XI:
Lower P—t Gnafc Vutj Pxrts:
«f «a*ar. Moderate rat agetyr
iexrd Lot. xartet dill. sen
few sate. Carkads and =s Kxed
tars FOB .*im terms—round type
teiace crates Ilij-Lii: belfc per
*d cars FOB rash Hal f—Ml
type irtiace crates H2>!J5: milk
per tots few sales f*6-36J§. Traek
-5*4* at* to growers—balk per
it 53-3* mostly f: 5-1735
Carrot - gq-Linp £ghk aerogel
■3g WgnCfeBC. T arP: *ur taggeiErr.
c raa: and trading limited, mar
ket bx: tkt lew ate. CaikaLs
and m m**c cars FOB tut a' terms
—crate cash track
Berts: Haul mgs light account
wier. LagJr. wire -ntjolry. de
mand and train? slew, market
daH *ery Sew sate. Carloads and
la mixed ears FOB cxiil ierms—
crates bee parks—6125-1 it: cash
track SI 13-136.
gp-ja-r Bsirp light acsoont
of weaSJxr. Good wire tnqxrr. de
mand good., market firm. Carloads
FOB 0*1*1 terms—bosael baskets
Sanoy type few sate 56-5©c: 13
mixed cars «-€Sc.
Carlo: shipments of entire United
States reported Friday. Jan. 16:
Cabbage: Texas 37. Florida 23.
Set Ycrk 57. Wiscacmn 14. txa.
U. & 127 cars.
Carrot*: Texas 1. California 23
X-w York 9 local U. S. 37 cars.
Beets- Texas 7. total U. S 7 cars.
Grapefruit: Texas 26. Ail— 3.
Fonda 164. total U S 135 cars
Mixed Vegetables: Texas 54. L»
suana 3. V. rriaa 13. total U. S. 94
Sptnacfc: Texas 16, South Caro
lina 2. total U. S. It cars.
Orange* Texas 1. California HB.
Florida IX. total U. S 311 cars.
Lower Valley shipments forrarf
ed Saturday nankg: Jan. 17:
Grapefruit 24 Oranges 1. Mixed
Verrabes 25. Cabfcar- 21.. Bee's
I. Carrots I. Fotatnes 1. total 75
tars. Freight mor^ment to date
this season—Fruit 1966. Vegetables
2694. total 4-5*2 cars: to «an» dsr
last season—Fra:- 3343. Vegetables
4148., total 7«I cars.
City Briefs
Visit or—R. S. Chambers o: Dm
3* was a nsiar a: the Cameroo
exzaty caarthame Saturday.
\tks Saylar’s Candies are deli
rsoss. Becker's Drug S:ore has a
iresi supply. act. 22.
la Xnkt> City —A. S. Gimo>
is n Mexico C.:j for the weekend
He is expected back Sunday ac
R«* Bash Sale SI 30. S225 asd
523# per daaen. New is the time
to xlarz. T. R R-ZZ . Merredex
Aa Expert Pharmacist 1- charre
all the time- Berbers Drug Store
Mr. 22.
Large 3 to I'V'oot pecan trees.
Spe-fal for Monday 1900 b. roar
ing pansy plants in pots. 3#c per
oaten: fifty aioetruag Cyclamen
at cue dollar earh. T. R Riggs.
Mercedes, act.
R... R Maloan. of Harlingen, Dis
:nrt freight claim adjuster. Ha
soon PjuIx uses leaves tonight oc
a bmmem tr.a to Los Angeles and
San Franciacn. Cal Mrs. Maloan
will accompany him.
BBB Manager Now
In Chares Office
B~ Staff Correspondent i
HARLINGEN*. Jan. 17.—Keimetn
W Hood, manager of the Valley
3mer Business Burexx arrrred he~e
last night and assumed charge of
the bureau offices in the Valley
State Bank buikLn? this morning
Mr. Hood, who came to the Val
ley frees St. Louis, has bad severe!
years experience with Better Easi
ness Bureau organizations.
Weather Moderates
Brnro: 1'jt and Vax:. Fla. con
tarae to nan cock and neck ia the
weather nee as BroaawC3c re*
ported a aasaiaa temperature
Friday of 65 degree? and the Fo
r.Ja resort reported 66 degrees.
R*rcrds at the M weather bc
rema. show that this j* the first
;uae ei appraadawtely two week*
that Brawwsr-lje has fsHfa behind
Pred-rtaons for toclght and Sun
day are for r» change a tenser
atare—ha*, alsc no more ra n.
A*mck:*4 rrtr Fielo
_ A,bert Einstein (right) with Frau Einstein and some ®f t*-e
ncteu scientists w*o are studyng with tun the prntili mi Cf the a*'*
**er^. Lett to right: Or. WaMfcer Makers ©f the Prspte, esntpsr s«
Einstein; Prcf, Richard Chase Tc!man of California inst-tute ef
Technology and Frederick H. Sears assistant C rector ef Kt W• s*-n
^^-vatcry. They are pictured at the California inst t*te of Tecs
* ▼■ ’y vr.t v »r t?.or.v %> *
Planes to Ply From
Point to Padre
Many participant? and i sena
tes of the coyote drive iciwM- {
ed far Padre Is_ar.d Outlay Jam
18, wCZ be taken to the island
from the mainland by airplane,
it was announced today.
W. J. Weddell. San Benito, of
the Maycnck fiieis. explained
taa: their planes win be a: the
port city early Sunday morning,
and i9 snake several trips car
rying passengers.
Okas AA«a. a Ak
Survey Party Goes
Over New Banccs
An intemat-ocal boundary snr\
party under C. S. Kerr is gotr :
over taro recently created ban:os a
■ lias section. Tfae parry, compose i
at six surveyors, is going over the
West Btosmnlk banco sna Use
San Pedro banco.
The worlc will be completed with
al tfce nex; two rale. members o»
:he|fany be neve.
Licenses arc! Pci!
Taxes Go Slowly
In order to speed up the sale of
poll taxes Tax CoOector J- J. Fax
oins to open a downtown sab-si?
ticra here Monday which will be n
charge of Mt«s Josephine Jaamics.
he anr.cur.'Td Saturcav
Both poO. taxes and ■iitiamilei*
• 1: peis.se plat.es are going very siow?y.
the tax collertor say*.
- ' m ■ r — .~ *
Prv In Congress I
f nulr
Saturday: Coottnes debate cc
mseraor drparunesH a hi and $2»,
OOIjW Hi j Cross rehef f und.
Cunp<gn expenditures commit
tee comtianw hearings ca Penru; 1
xaiua election
Friday: Actherad investigation
of bread and sugar pores.
Apprcved bul to apprcnatc $30 -
OCO.OB) lor modem izat.gn of three
Appropriated $50,000 to continue
| imeahgauon by campaign npmrit
! tares commune.
Saturday: Resumes debate cn
Saar-depanxetit supply bCL
Ci hi i n ijt comm-:tee makes re
port and recommendations after
eegh: months investigation.
Fruit.*. Argued four-departmcm
Bar-Sun- committee decided to as
certain if it had power to compel
two Sew Tort tankers to provide
promised evidence.
Two Uiuce Shoals conferees ex
pressed dor at that bnl would pais
this session.
Ralph S. K Ley told public lands
committee present oil sha> laws
would solve problem.
Pouera.: services for Jewell Dan
bar Love. 35 jear cuti nesro vhj
died Friday a* the bony of his
mo:her on 11th and Fronton. will
he heid Monday a: 3 p a: from
lint Moms mortuary. Interment
wZ! he ;a the Ci*v cemetery.
The 1733 tobacco mp of tor
province of Ontario is estimated
. at S7MOJBOO.
CHICAGO. Jna. IT.—yp—Grains
tutored new downturns early to
day, influenced by amesHoos that
ericas of bogs aac. caul* w.re ma
iimaSy under 2 profitable fowlatf
liana. He* rallies were reported a:
to kjwesi level a a. run j.ars.
Opeac* unchanged to 1-2 cent
lower. Wi>ea'. m.e. : ard showed an
oil arcurd decLne. Cora started
anrhanged . I up. aid sabae
ifntoiy sac. 2 genera, sag.
NEW Y jr. . 1 JTTON
NEW YORK, -jcl IT.—.*• —Cct
;on opened Steacy uncharged to 3
panda mgiser oa enwtrai* and
trade buying pronsoted by to
~ readiness o£ Lirripaal in tb* face
of the Lanchasteae locknut.
No KxCban selling was reported
here. but tore was enough ream
ing at Iqpndatinn fraat kseal cr
crmmts--.cn bouse sources to
to early demand and press cased
off slightly dsmss the early trading
Ihrti: dec!tog iron 1J3 to 1719
ALsy firm SQjK to 13A3. with to
market ruling about net anrbanged
to 2 points hrrer 2: to end of to
first, ball boar.
KANSAS CITY’. Jam 17.— **-—
C. S. D. A —Hc«s. 1JW; ».£dj;
top 740; packing sows, 6.0-6 ♦:.
Caitk, MC; ca.ies. 60; lor week.
Fed steers mostly steady; some
strength tn the better enoes ei*
lured stems; other killing cl—
steady to 25 lower; stood led feed
ers and cows td most; vealers and
caJstcs steacy to 60 lower; Mockers
and iwders weak to 25 lower;
Jr N't t *ps: t: J; miiad yearlaaf.
1225. jemrbng stems 12Jh . matured
steers 1144; readers 14 J6; bulk
sbur. led s^en 7 75-1040. slacker
and feeders 625-5.75.
Sheep, none: for week: Haaghier
lamis-13-15 Inzner; jfeeep strong to
25 higher; top slaughter lambs 425;
weeks bulk at 7.75-* I*. Top err
103; mast sak*> 3.75-4 00. Feecnn
ambs largely 645-726.
HEW YORK. Jan. 17.—tP—The
stock market skidri.d In the last
hall fccur of trading today, a nr.
rime to a stacdstO. that professional
Tfe? slow rally of the rrenotg
session eoatinued during the flat
bear, bet trading was slackened sc
close to 2 stndstiii that prolesswcta!
traders, itching lor action, dropped
heavy sehmg orten at the late
trading. and the Ls; closed wnh a
■Kwalc tone. 1 to 4 pomia lower.
Transfer* far the two-hour session
were only a boa; €50*40 shares.
Chemicals again were under pres
sure. Allied broke 4 points, and ds
Font and Air Redaction, mire than
2 WesUflgboaae Electric and Va
nadium lost. 2. and issues closing a
point cr more down ancluded U. S
Steel. Americmx Can, Eastman
Goodyear. American Telephone
American and Foreign Power. Gen
eral Electxir. and American Smelt
ing. Naticcal mwait was a firm
feature, clc-in* up a pmaf.
CHICAGO. Jan. 17 — 7*—tfC S
:> a ■?'■■■
rmt. Wuoowj! ro-jid viutcs * B
t TJ.V* .a,.*, ^ ^ r
"""" ' -..- .= .: .- : — -- -- I --- ---- c
Dempsey Continues to Get
Into Weird Rmg Mix-Ups
j }
Tennis Obtains
> Boost At S. B.
By New Courts
Bv S~off Correspondent
£A3» BEOTO J*xl It —Witt
;the caopimbm of tar canoes.?
the met pome B expected •» pack
: which stars no. otjr «£ lias eeeuou,
' toot from otter porn of the state
will be inijoed. wiS toe held, ar
ccntt( to L H Tirtoptoc usma
White at tbe tournaawmt eon
darned »t BHWbmg lost summer
; these players indicate:! that they
wmM like to return another iaa«
mrr Since the school board brrr
is pccradmp four eerserrte courts
siucb wffl be awaited? for putohr
meat w!3 be brought *^rv„ Mr
Vaifeoda said
Beruso ba& Quite a bet of ten
do totem. Scare mew players tauve
■ named here. tod:*oda»c Dr. Kraut of
CSucarr. who held the chixptoc
ship of Ms cnLeoe at cne pane.
Week is expected to begSr. next
rert oc the courts Dodds oac
Wedegsrtarr will caesstmet the*.
Waco to Sell Out
WACO Jan. 27— e—Piirrt—t off
the Waco franchise in the Texas
leairae by GaiTectua iaftemd* ap
nairntk was a certainty todT, C
R Turner, rresidna cf the Waco
Basebaa chib- har-.nf announced
>«* that rmSes* s-oaeoar fee
tcp met or betl-med the oerfmd
tim today, the offer would bs ac
Turaer raid the Gal-rest an offer
was S3 jet.
Fdmbar* J C. II Pritgmc 21..
MrAISra J7 Pharr 2!.
Mstb—f-Bde—ight rained «at
Ft. BantfOud—L* Bias:*. raised
(Cn'naiJ truss. page ll
Xatimr Fre^-lrr*^ drI«E» PUdOWl.
IMisy lapsed into thought Wart
replying.. "inert cere so marry it u
hmto to remember them all..'
Then she readied that Ciara sent
her 19 a store to purchase a SICjWft
engagement nng.
Tins, aeatmwy was elicited as an
exptanadOi d why Mist de B* hau
drawn cheeks, '-cane of that to cash
cn the -Special Ciara Boa Account,
to vbtctk she had access She ex
ianed r.aae c* the stores deeiaaeS
to take checks, and she drew out
the money for the purchases.
About the bquor, .Mist de Boe tes
tified ~miach.very much liquor" was
delivered to Clare's home, where she
was directed to pay far it at. the
door. The largest amtagMnent .lie
cook! reraember coat *275. toe said..
I The poker parties. Mas de Buy
said, explained many off the hun
dred- of checks toe drew. She said
Clara always had her pay the debta.
which ranged from *5 to SJW.
These items. Miss dr Boe explain
ed, sometimes were pud out of her
own account, aametimes 'by cheek on'
the ipecal account, and sometime
m cash. They made bookkeeping
Tin .«aI.:= pae ibie.. ?hd a *' erred
~I nsed to try to keep the ~r
eauts sxruistaL* abr mid. “but one
Clara ffosnad me sertme oat can
celled checks and said Tee told won
net to' 'do that. Tie fed ocher things
far you to do.' ”
Local Shoe Store
Head to St Lows
Mr* EsSe Barred*., off the Inter
na*. local Shoe Store left for Sr
Looii PTjday nigh: ce a barinest
Mrs Barred* wSS be ir S* Lotto
for several days, and while these
n to attend a cortientaois off dhae
dealers held be the Central Shoe
company off that city.
Colored glam windows, to *f*e a
Bfht Thai irsi-rs bknd uvii*-.a
rrntotoSe, is beiaf tried at Michi
rxE Stale trllege u a care for
rarr.ibahsm in chickens
%iC<JO G'ZtCiCjS'
X>» Ai?i- —'
— AT" |T --
— Jt'lL • ' -'Z M£0
m* ft
» i-CT Cf OlO
k -
--1NL CiOStT
ftCll -^OC?
i(m&tjOto'foa A SOX / ,
atafbt Otto Van Para* «2 pul
tot: clashed far cimrtr Bemi
«wed m mmei VcwMtT'vtuc*
ended is a foul mad tt ww mW »
lev da;:: ajtc Uttt: to toils. eaUM I
towc^to waller* a posu^tiralST »- 1
Champ* Wrestler
Thrown *n N. M.
aawBint % m j*a» n
—Waite*, vfac «•*»■»
I® bate Hue*' !a® awes the iactx
haarvoeftpu aravatnpp rhaa&pvm
tSup of tbr Uhlud »*■« ft* vj. *•**
defeat*'® Prannaoa Aiwa
Mcnicmrp ilea. .» the r r-vrett
cf a a^Kcau* ere terr i*« npf.
Tbr Mncfcoui tank Ibe .liras Safi i»
XS Buesta and tbr maad. In ns »
la tl» amteftN! m*xcfc ft. ,
MltCbeE of Fort AnbW lhaa# XT!
C!tf. in, atwa flaw!. tfeasa* imm
a* rabraded to rr am wril t»
Sullivan Resigns
DALLAS... Jac It -* «wn* Dal
ian Mermap Neva mad today ttm
Jam feUrtm Unarnrn mmmm*
of athlrta at T«aa» asnetaitaral
cad ICesbiaunt paGapt* far pear.'’
12 jpeara lad rrsaowd Hr tnft»
mght uk! b nt accepted * «** rr**
■ob lor bis artic* mar pm aad
trboo! odinali dhKXtpaid «a •*■»
it«: Sullim left Collape «t*
tiao for a buraarat trip mnt* n*akr
UK he icasbad for a smtraam*
A report from Shreveport i
Boc-er H Xaruc. Aihir*jr 0Lim^Sr,'Jl *r I
of Cnuion cetSeyr. as aavtiaf
•s*Bi*aa bad applied for * paur: :
wtth Cmt-Banr at maxaaper of atfe
n«S|'*eniil5fwde '*** k"SI*f ***'*

*KW YORK-Mm Bm Li- -
more. Cal. knock#*! not Ts*n Hwnt,»
*T. Hrv Zealand. «J . Man. £**.
ioghrr. Waatiingsa:; D C. and
Fa-1 SamrrskL U/rrmcmr % Y
drear «!§•, Sianirt Fomc* Jem.
City, knocked out Ikoy Start, Ban
Duetc Cal *2*.
CHICAGO — Danny Dr lawn v
Cfateag©. mopped Young lurry;, XM
■rapt. La,
Dmmut, knocked oat Jfeaasf Ovmi
Tkn, Ok. «2‘ .
LAKFB'QRTH Flfc—J**r LiPr.!:
lndntni«t>i"i«iii». wfitxu .x Joe Lanes
West Palm Brack, <1*<
. OKMULGEE. Ok —Bake Rank.
Poor* CRT. Ok,, knocked mi Prod
Reuse p.-tudrarr Kan.., CD.
SAX PBABCXBOO — flOjOt .£*•»'
Zarftta. Ban Hml CM. dime «
Fraxupr Kirk Bar. Pkanmaa •!*
Sas. Omen—Jot Gaod&usv .Cat:-.*
Ana Cal.. stopped Eddie Dugan
ft Pnnl #5 .
fjsnSiaas* poparts 1® hm* ®
<*» *rm® praSneOBBi tJae year of
«.1*1 ISO caLJac' cavp®r®£ mill
£br V: t • : *** t:
— la —
-*1.. C_ _ .. _ Bt
jouiii ov oonoft
wmf mmrn* m Ta T-*
GaMara la A(m
vax kiTt* »«U1M Itr
•Thr M*a VV'So
Came Back ’ 1
-!>:!■ il—tiwr .Hi.T*
Yflttl ME*%4.':
T ME AWN Wf MF * •*
" ; . .. .™ I
#* ' « .<hng.
£mm§ "***" •*>•£ Mu# t^tf
1L « r . IT . , _
Tm4m* — 1 — Tmmm
a. nii..S'* bumumi
N St *• SNA •*
I__ ItM j
) Su*«mc I
j to Love* |
F'reiff; tit* ■MMSMil nine smnmr |i*a,L.#4 # j* *#si f
Me Itni—Mi isef! Hint is wiMtjr 1-4**.t-* ? —.Jtiil smi
ms • v«a*Mi f«rifeis&4«* I**# *
| w uuu ana uwu i
Guidance in Banking
First National Bank |
mmmrnrnmiMm vsniia i

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