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r Ijj . - — —
t> kscm a lots*. as amy csasxe at
Fiara&a csrs paws boat m a
exEzsxcarj 3© keep Yafies grapesrss:
cos: «f -Jae scnrr err
• to to
^Ea wde nnma gje sea:, s i? am
tie,n fii tog. Hat atot at wtf tor mer~
cfc«3S that ear crap » a£ done ami
tea: thee* a aa Tala? into prv
mratbi? Oar * "■ •••gym?****■-,?•
fraer sxLI ob she trere ac YiLejr err ;
•sda. *wrrs t© kcr*s the adry* mad
* • •
HenoaeJT, me caa: tel ham
to Franc Hal at Hrntoi or Tec
Meidra as Sharrirnd nr Da'1> Wad>
m or Bran Yhsie a: S*r: B-": >
L. F Sam-.*- t at Harlinrrc. or ro
man me ©f many nv-ire *k «r me
produce asre will amRwer fees hfig
to • •
We craagme that nght ucw r 1=
r»* mer hard «a re- aa coder for mar.
can of grapeflrar Cram the Taflr
filled, as the season h jsst aberr.
cwr. Fathnme. we ahr taagir. *
that rr ’akes mwnr a car off ci?rm *r
ffi! the dec mar* off CMcagto epimr*s
• o
We cast finagtese Cliaeag© cn
■iriinii met w.fnar tr.ro a* r ror
igaracT to keep surh a good tfeint
a- YaLer gnprfre:; oat off tlv:r
City. neiThei raa we usance mar'
Fiend* fnnads resort mg *o man sar a
at*en:r ( it re-Tamt of trade.
• • •
AS Tor READ THIS srrtr - ma;
no* be here, tact we are telling the
world rt mas here m Saturday aft-- r
b«c as thss cofeuna was being peck
ed out bw the well kDewn bane. park
ard peck system.
. .
In tame ma dac t know r there
are at least three better wavs --f
sprrvr.ng a smsshmy Satmday aftec
DOCC La the Rio Grande VaZSeT thaa
asrtmg te» an office Btakarg tnpe
wtibar keys do funny thing
to to to
Fcr ore thing. w» srotLd re; r
tiffct now besiae tp. the sand a- B>
Cea Chic* Beach watching the &*!
sea wave* com** roCarsr in. masefeisr
the times m their lanr drift mot
Jr a a be. and s> «c *
to to •
Fee another Using, we «wid re
Jos- a nde sp the Maas Stree: off tit
YaEey. seeing ihe Sfd*. crowd*
an ibr xir©B Yailey cr.aes- wanpOwj
a tax a: a pockin-i seed or tig ac
perhaas teru .4 fcauae a few
bunches of beet- and carrots a*aa
• • •
El!*..-©*.' m3t- W1f.i£ »
1 crisp T_i S-:::4«
_ 'back ob Sa:ani*T
war- at-re each daya are wag
asc that 2 urns be Lae now.
to to to
free. the YaBre are ahowltoc. *2. wp
pwaUe ■amg^raBco: Sc tfcai
Foefcaer who joermes up ami down
the foiiswwr* and feypuths of Use
YalSfy as sekrtr. of the newt of u>
to to to
T*2rg tsff the teaal earioc sfe^
®>re.3* frees the YaLey :® dace m
tts, mme of :3ar Her*.c Jt Fbetsurr
fn« * S!f> «> 4ftii al—ag **.
nmaoBsa of imaa cma'dre!
afcmped. end remarks isrwsc the tr
■rrease 3 ©HKaeinc maceLanas ■»
to to to
^ Pr~t «f cscrsr •‘rtf "• V*T
tanner r* teeaorac a»f — ’-■■
a wint ?® dSweosfaeel faorwte&z:
I>^ts-Kf--'*E>rsr as 21 dmzjd *a*i gr .
h* prar'itrd te 'be Val>*r. aara*-.
the tz^nzzs of a sneer ce saane 1
neties •< weprtaMe* where am* cr
tw® TarSeties bane here crow® be
# —'a—■®
• 0 a*
Land tiar has he*® temaad
uwtat curKi and se*-; wt~4* a
laid. ar~i ■‘w**- granted *■* a H
Crain, ar aa «:-*r *»rar:>* * prop -
ar rater™*'*. w.: ji»§S *r—m l'0
Prrt Isabel prrwfgoes bane
a» aa •
YOCtt^ MEV5 SCSI?':: = *>*
srse off SC^s-agc araaoBBr’** 2 yard *r:.i
carder cartes* ?tt the * Has*' raff e
Cupfnat* wife the stewed par
pear af eweae.. of farther hem-ntfr
lass she spprr WaSer cirr.
• • •
(These cwssesta work w oafler* in
the appearance ctf aay dtj. Hat *he
fins year, sad perhaps net evra *he
second hot the third or the fser-h
year these contest* are stared -he
cfcarr mlieeted proceed sc Kae*rr=
a YaSrr eranar tree
• • •
If’jefc c! the tssciT *0 be t->w*n
mmiiiid tN boose* of llermirs H.: ■ -
tenser, and other Yalier dUr e***
be tracad dfcrrJy bark to rtaSSar
attests as those dttn
Pearsons To Make
Bond Next Monday
‘ Special to The Herald
KDIXBGRG. Feb. 38 —W L Prr
soc thro his aucm**- today ar.
Bonacerd ifea* he wcwh! matt* bred
m Ccrpjs Cfcruri Sfanda~ in cr.
■aettai wish 'ha tettelaaBBti rr
*f tied ia^e tins week try •'--- spam.’
gra-.i hist * se&£k» i* Idicbiirr
, O O 5orw**bd made bend Sat
VZtZMJ tft AsMtsZL. mrrnrtLisrg to ZZ
Convention Is Held
In McAllen On
Two Days
Hal Bmtau Of Laredo Is
Among Prominent Men
Present At Meet
Bprraal to The Hera-: .
MeALLEK Feb 38—With one
members esraDed ear.? Saturday
mpht. registrations were nperttti
to rear a the one thousand stark
two-cay raGvntNB of the ’fifteenth
Ammcac legaon Drsinri of Th
a.'. ae com *z\z * o C sni >a ncer
A * O ..Ill *
•a »»I.El ri a
jhi - j^^^KELAISjHP X— '■ it . P'jPl1 C‘ — *
wm pr’psmt SA*'ird*T in
IScAlkn. He! Brennan. Laredo,
sate .-munftf was present, a?
was past commander Osro Cost o*
Mr? F H carpenter. Sour Lake,
and Veterans’ Bureau Manager L
C Chapman. San Antonio. were
.. ocher e.fjcui-s here lor the eon
V^X- - ICG
Brier al oat-of-ton —meal or
garr-zaaoes are at the exrr
Art:-.Saturdax tnc.uded an
tatiun cf seten candidates br *fce
H:c. ro county \oiture of 48 and 8
Pirn.jc ceremocses took p-ace an the
main street curing the afternoon.
A a rest, ing match was held Satur
day night, followed hr a dance. An
boar'? program oxer station xm
a; Re-mesa was offer'll between II
p. it ar.e 12 si Mart nsitagf Le
ocemaares spoke ewer rhe station
dura? the program.
Omi'ti’if'— sessions will get cn
derwar Sanday fo&wnrur a grand
parade ar * o'clock A joert Lewfor.
arj«: Au.ti.jarx are'icg wu..i be held
*t tae lush school aadator—a. At
■cor. a barbecue on the feagfa school
t:->*x field jy arfcedisfcd.' A num
ber of cups and ocher award? wul
be presetted darnur the rloakag
mraoes SUndax mftermec..
A e-rwp of sexen piano arrrsed
5L- urdar fine— Brinks Fed Sar.
and ?..t snips from K* -
Fte'd are rapecurd .c.-rufa
Tbe Jor.n Kanscct post of the
flarrri sw to faeid a ss-n
rw breakfast at the 11 Jardm. bote!
ScdlT »Xfl.EZ *Tepwra.fr^r
***<® urg the Mr Alien dsscrurt
—baatiesa. he a b-d-r Lcc«x gflM
*1= =--rr.: t -rrrctf a larye thehms
•» the- fc*x» barir hopes cf recant
mar the attend—» prra? the iacal
■ Cssmmt * tar? c>
Many Application* Filed
At Dal la* Office
U. S. Bureau
DALLAS.. Feb 31 — .*»—Benefits
of tie s>r* veteram bnnas ML wi!2
be cmae avaLahe frm to lame who
are a dire neec. Bead Joems-gc.
Dates resjsesal dsrertor of the
Limed S*at» Veterans' Bsreu
said ■MtacEt.
V'terar* whs 'axed the rxrm
, ed farLit*? of the efface to the
halt ttamhai tie day ftfa# l
3GB anp&cwtioua for joass sneer
the wrw act of tagiia whafe prr
nrr- loans ap to SO per ccst of the
certificate * lace vaLae PrevsKh-T
2.10* applies :n»s had been Bled
v ,:.Ji the office for loans coder the
rare hr"
The regular farce of the office.,
which serves 125 counties m north
Tex*s. war :r creased by 'wecty
pnaon* today. Jotmaon aid he ex
?er*d a total of between KMaad
€5 '•» application* frets the north
Tn« t*:rttotT and that between
S3 *Jt OOP and *2350.1900 mrrLd be
paid out by hM office. Adtual pay
s''*!^' wiL begis etther Monday or
Tuesday, be said
Masked Bank Robber
Escape* With $450
—On," a few rectLar* have laker,
rar. a .he Athletics traaiaig the?
far. and Manager Cocse Mack fca?
-Ac. p.-c of apportion!j to look
over his reensaa. Is one of hs
brief talk* to the sg-iad. Mack said
that “otsar men pasj*s?sng basebaL
taler.: have a better chance to break
into the xa;cn ths aeasoc that
for v»ars.
*We. toe are Inotonf fer voting
■rr. be mse ‘I need pitching
^reogrh. and I hope it come* from
11* 70t33£ CZOgb”
St. Patrick's Day Here
Will Attract Many Well
Known National Figures
manager Sec A- fiet.-z t*=arj»g xoe
be -zm ct me leadmg speakers
a2 the Si Piinrka Dry rtMacataoE
te ae bcid m in Hi and Par
Vhi March 27 n war aaaamsed
i jcax by Jota. C Faming.
The paesahurty cf "*r«1—if Card
in: Bayes.. head of the Catholic
daereh a America te be present
and addrese Yale? Irsih on the oe
darr was expressed today when
ft aas jearoed that the 1mmm
earcmal panned to attend the Sar
Aston jo celebration March 9. A
cter.ti.ntee composed at George
ScarLar. mayor of Port Isaor.
Taa Oleary. chief of pchre of
Pert Isabel Frazx Rabb large
land owner, and others have been
earned to travel to Saz Aatoma to
confer with the cardinal Mr? D
P Gay. Jr_ cf BroncnUe s 2 R»?>
Antccjo at present attending to
several matters connected with tbe
proposed festrraL and tt was
through her efforts that Mr Boyle
was obtained as a speaker.
-Although many have though*
that the invitation extended to A!
Smith and Jurzv Walker was
mere pobhnty. it is entrelT proba
ble that at least one of them mSB
be present- for Mr Bo?>. A1
Smith's manager in the south, has
X Jx Tajry * Mr Farming s^c so
"'The wirh-aiy » growing ex—
ureiT oat of bcwada. and s grrx
mg far beyood our foroer: rcperta
Ucass Tax Oleary said Satarca-'
"Be the aware the bctjet We
sues to our tmauxal program—me
are hosts, axe do charge wt2 Or
made for rather the talks, tax. frr..
or dax>res It IfiJOB tisX are need
ed to teed the Irate George Seax
iax has promised to farsafc Them
And if 10 J0» loaves of Oread are
needed. I wiZ get them ~
“Letters telephone ea2» and
telegrams have been recrated from
every rate as the Valley, and large
delegations from Sax Antonie
Houston Carpus Chrst and other
South Texas m*s have notified us
that they wil be on hand March
IT." Mr Farming continued
In addition to Mr Boyle and
Cardixa! Hayes, other speakers win
be leading pcuiieians and business
men from all over the state
'We certainly didxt asuapa*r
anyrhmg :Jte this* Mr. Scaxlax
said Saturday However the b.g
ger it ». :he better we wia hke x.
And from present indacatiosss. it
will be the biggest S; Patrick's Day
celebration ever held as South Tex
as. and the bigges* celebratra of
this nature m Texas this year."
Blue Eyed Boy Surprises
San Benito Farm Family
'Special to The Herak!»
SAN BENITO Fefc «. 1—rt
Francis. lancer on lateral T cortfc
of Sac Benito. and Ms -*j5e arc:
to HarLcaec. Frasay 111 ling and
Republic* aLeader Makes
Positive Announcement
On Senate Floor
Repobtxaz. Leader W*jcc az
ponaced as the senate otarnelT to
day there v__ be no specsa! se<aec
.of tie senate or cjoeea* after Mar
Witaor asked members of tcm
oC Umstz. when the great zt ses
aoe. eods
Charrxc Borah of the Fx?-:.
Beiataocaa camtrrrzee asked if there
was ac? poaubtlrry of aa extra ses
-I as sure rf the apprapmtaoos
laLs are passed aod there a so ne
cnaasy of raearess there vsll be »
Bomb auinf M In was spnk
zt asshsrsatnely.
1 fpeu wrr. race i«rr/'
fra rrb* echr weree that cocz
cal ar. extra mcx. that I am vzre
there wiS be am' Watson rep Zed
Adams Tract Plan
Is Told To Club
beast rf: tatitz at the Adams Tn.'
bet wees bore mad L* Pert* * be
fore the Racarr e5sh at the Cm -
tan dwret. Friday by Charles F C
Ladd, eoiactxer asd developer of the
He .msd that e-.ery effort wtZ be
■Bade -jo r uerre the arail beat;* *
cf the *r*cr aturfc is neb in native
enwthf Advantage wZ be take:
of the bstaifzxtioc oppartmtors
offered by the resaca asd other
bodies of water The chafe beard
a readirx from Jfcrarr Ass Bah a
dazrfcter of VL* asd Mr; Ftofd
Legion Post Helps
Veterans Get Loan
•Be Staff Correspcsder:
SAX BEHITO Pet 28 — Sam
JaefcaoC Post !te. Ill of the Amer
ican Iepce will assaet trtentj of
the World War in UJcsf advant
age of the caapfsa'ac kac bill
passed bv Coocre?« this week, az
oonhof to Charges C Bowie
Veterans notes may be seeded
from hue
Robbery Suspects
Held In Houston
HOrSTON Fb 2S —F—Twr
bmc arrested here as suspects in
the ST.1M burfiarr of the Lee
County State banc of Lentyor ac
Febnjarr II. were en route to Gsd
<top the county seat, today c
emtafy of officer*. .
when the? misrnec. the? fr-nd a
The surprise was a teak?. Sne
ered bo? abObS seres maaczts c-i aft
who iaj a toe sidd> of a bed
wai r; a-it with a beetle of »_x
A full set of rlnfhbn *-»T beade the
yoGrxscer at a oc-.. ben... No narks
of idectificatics or written note was
toend with rhe ynaasgster
Oc* neighbor saw m car stop at
the Prams 'boose bs£ cd not take
esose nonce of its occupants. Of
ficers were called in ar effort to lo
cate the bo? s parent,*, bet
no eiae was foend to toesr Heats?
The yard natsred bah? soon cate
nated all arose*; xx An ofiyer
daarted has sneer toe db® and
asked 'What s toor rse* see®??'
The yoGsagscers face empSed 9
with glee arc he backed ha zx.tc~
btoe legs, eajcytr* hsaseif hapen
Use only c2ne faai waj to? <fe£
box x ahaerf the bey's clre*-—»y was
P»**< The box was reacted 41-4EA
MW. The bo abase the label ~TbABe
Ttt a Petre Dell -
Officers are checfay on toes*
Bares b ar efftm to fry: where tap
box was ootared Freer zkx the
hepe to locate the boy's g-wf
Itr* Prams. C wrh appendath
U* wept staffed? as stoe Soak the
happy pnnpicr scfo her anas "If
he Kay* arwsd here jon*. I knew
I arret r -r hast apt.' she said.
Autos Demolished,
Drivers Uninjured
Bv Staff Ctrrespeeadesst*
SAN BENITO Fe* 3a.-Tfc.Et Cart
Vosgtot ar.d T A CaffaL driven of
tracks which coLjoed at a road is
tenrruoB about a nx> vest cf San
Becr-o earlv Saturday mams* es
caped wklwat scjay i§ regarded a*
a Bnrar> saoe tbrr resKues were
Ycrgrr. was dmm$ a track for
the Yoegbt Bakery of W«s3ae» ©ax
ed by hss brother. He was gar*
ear oc the Harlingen-Sac Bet.*'
test way and Caffal was extern* the
fcagnway from the ZiLioach ranch
road winch * paved The bakery
track was turned cc its sade and as
cargo of tread and cua scattered
vta> the task track vex: ttoocst
the ditch zno a fed
Yosgfct was thrawx frctc ba cab
but suffered no injanes, only the
seat being torn oat of his trousers
as be skiSded alor* the ground
Robertson Going To
Austin To Oppose
Water Tax Rill
Offer Made By Advocates
Of Tax Ob irrigatiaa
Water Rejected
*Bt Staff Correswaad-trt '
SAN Bfc-Xfro r^t 3 —The rt»
pramsr offered 'by rmpooer.tr of tar
state beL which would tax owner*
of water appropriations wax turned
down at a meeting of Valley imga
Uoc dtftrurt representatives bold tr
the Water building here Frida;,
F S Robertson secretary of tbe
joust association rtf Valley Irrga
taoc distncts w_: go :« Ansun soon
to oppose the passage of the tac2 a
any frrrr. before the coourjttee hear
say which wC be set on i*
The tall m roocpraesae loot aaid
tax water aaers to the extent of
ha^ a cert per acre loot of mater
instead of two rent* The money
would a? used for paymg ;*hnr
and ocher expenses of aperatiag the
beard... exist of rxr.tax ,nx ga-gsag
raura and end of deurrar.aang the
duty of water cr the
aary to anpb load
porta of the state..
Zn its anginal fees the owners of
water afivopnotiana. warns, of winefe
are' s. the Ya3ry. weold also have
to pay the' expense* of omasa ar
and winch prwhaify poold be and
AT does to BnmwrMt hr
and ta®ped hrdwr Mart.?.
Si as a n^T ordaano
aaiKt Frtday rjgar
AI dost start: hate not
dtei alter Marti; Si sii hr te
S<*v 72 tao b 'tap. ar
toe jar to deart. A
pmm S tret* a 4bt for 'the
the doe r lapoaaded sH be ra*~.
«d wltoet it as reetwejad ffi sat de
It vas fins: ®uspeK*d that 3«
cent? a rsr ae charred tost Coec
~tWBtf-fis Mi ssrtfe af foal
•odd toerp a doc tor a dar " Cok
MtoRoB-r P.red panned out 'that
■skit doer had died after hear aac
emated toe that proper precaaMent
RtomM toe taken %m elaaav tbsi
Aithorjeh lev ease? _of rab» ‘
hate been discovered to B: ■^a,ur '.~S»
or CatError roaoty dfeanne ifX
Rato offvtair xtRtted iqme vaenasa
tot and as emerfenrjr erdmaer*
Bid* sere opened Fridar apfe
tor the pa-na* of certain atrerto a
'CoBtisoed oc P**r 8a
Orphan Boy Has Chosen
Judge Dancy Stepdaddy
Mockeries* and fatherless. bttie
Abel Cortex, sent to the state train
ing: school at Gates-. _> over a year
ago from Cameron comity. js stud;. -
mg bard and ec.vioi hansel? as
never be?«e be amte* County Judge
O C. Dancy.
He recently wrote Judge Das-7
that he I ad Iocs at little friends but
that be needed some one to take the
place f cm iriamng parents He ex
plained that be needed seise one
to see its report card and be warr
ed to correspond wus some sire
lady—like the ocher hoys wise bad
mothers srd fathers
J-jdpe Haney now rti bttir Abtli
report riitSi msad bn gratia *r- r
age *«2 crer it Tbe yoangMer
now pc nr ob tee yean of age, arrjte*
eg J.li* Danry* staff regn-ariy
cnnfifcr.p ins tronsj; and *\—ag o'
ins- pjeasures.
ls Ini bat Setter Am. wrote *1
baw a groti t» pat sag as the
ymrt arJs ttie odxr bon- ! it r
the eupn mconti now and ary teaeto
er a Mr Jana
Hca*t Smm w Fails Osc-r
Piesaua* mt» *tf 'am or:.
far «M!»! ««Stt ha* cauaiai <•*.
mmmp~ wtueb ww.. ny trues Appst,
a Stir wow Aaupmaii jr*
Ab? t-igat or *a# err? at • ? -»■»?
MrtfeKT Aiicfc fsept Awn: A..V
Star «&al#
At Aaar^Aojijjj'iB mm mm
mmKltrr < us»* v *-rr ?* . r* if
An aZ-Obt ix at, Faa :m tisn»€
■w« bear* tao* *: j.jf? «* T>»
WMprrAjrr Aw« t* » m t
P a Koods m liar t xar % ***■■* ♦*,
pMr <xaMtTJan Jnr tl*r|fc**c* rasnf
A alow rmst at Pjauemirw t.uMd
«e Bigrt a&c mam lata toe** lu
ttor snowfall oantaswre *an.s
Farttwrr imirn, Vicb "a Fa rr
port#* aiow rmmt- t» *?*• •au’r *■ 6
a bftr Kjst ptkrrt TY^ r*,,
rjctm-x aorjUsoAMl miner *ar F
VarLb wo* Orr.-.er rm;.» *
Lions Club Approves
Community Building
B;- Sul.' GacxvapacNftrat *
SA5f BCVTTO f»t M. —T*r
M 'if mr K. *■*..
dst> ui push aKinrjB o: *
hnuiific her* t§ hr am* m
aqgr.cr.us. i&g te ,o—e tana.
Bacrai-. Jmduac facer: Pnlr
Or it E L IhmhMi'. pM*KMBt
dr the Kmmuis ciuh.. Mg J If
She Liam mmeas* mnc ®Jr.maeci. the .
Brr&t'tf W*ad* piatvg •#**»»■*
enrt ooka lor she Lhh eng S
V Jiee > act
Man Slashed Across
Stomach With Knife
wtm*rn mt ***** ** **
CmmfiAem* ml B * p a a t la
Brtur**4. W«H A*J
ii j|- gf f
bxvmk. m ■ wm a.*
aratad aasawt 'it aa amaaiw *Ma**
f Miatf a fii'rfg-'' » i firHir af KMa
flfertf 4L J** *:»«*ss.t «•&»> 'Hi 4fa»
ffratfai jama bPf Bb* ft
mmhi- mat Jut f
TIM' (apart aau»t. aaa aaf Maaa
TBLZ. ap#.ms •T*aat jut at m a «♦
*ap#» Iflarcai |4 a fc* tiittMUl H L
C laat a. Un*#=«.r* » * t'
Mac tjMtiem. mm' j . * a u«* aw« #«
araw^ai ai- » a*. *..*•
aat ' casripnt 1* Sa fp^ *4 to# a#*
tfeaa ala^ar aan> a»a« •.■•*■
faaa#C<tfCH# ..toa* jMfMM# ato aaaaTnp aftlaiii
#anfvt a^iaf fan *..1 'i» af <painf
r*.**#ia#«'*- a» cap' mrnm.r tna - -.
'UcsatiMK ! *a# aapiaaii* 4 i<4#
A***. Dr.«e. Sr KmS
Fmyi—lit llwi
C#Xi 4ftKlMt!ll to 0 S .
Mac M 0 'ft****. MU 40 a«4» mm
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