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w - ..—. "■....
=• — -—_
me*' Darters wbo have corns anc
are still doing busmen m tbc Val
ley. psan to do still mare business
m tins section. as witness the an
nouncement art e yesterday tisat
tins well known tins would estab
lish a packing plan*, .n Browns
• • •
Industries are coming to the Val
ley as vr grow and as oar growth
makes the estabiisimwrat of these
industries profitable. We cannot
expect, or if we do expect we are
open to disappointment any man or
any company to enter business
where be cannot see a profit
• • •
The mere fact that new indus
tries are daily coming to every city
in the Valley is evidence enough
that the men managmg these in
dustries see a prospective profit.
And we all know that a profit can
not come from any community sot
financially prosperous.
• • •
COMMEMORATING trie name of
the late Fred C- Booth by engraving
it on one of the San Benito public
schools will serve to remind count
less hundreds of school children of
the present and future of the life
of that man who did so much for
the public school system of the Re
*aca City and who left ins imprint
on every pha.~* of the civic life of
that city.
• • •
The naming of schools, parks and
other public places after Valley
men who have gone ahead is a most
praiseworthy idea and one which
should endear itself to the public
authorities of our city, school and
county entities. In years to come
our residents will be able to read
and learn ihnr civic and Valley
history from our public buildings
9 9 9
Let’s have more of our schools
and other buildings named lor Val
ley men and women.
.there is a newspaper that knows
how to get business. In a recent
Issue of the Casper Tnoune-Herald
the paper itself advertised the free
gift of three BIG. JUICY, TEXAS
GRAPEFRUIT' with each want ad
placed in the Sunday edition.
• • •
Wager you that every man wo
man and child reader of the Trib
une-Hera id who had ever tasted
Texas grapefruit placed, said want
ad and probably placed two or
three want ad*.
• • •
A paper that knows a good thing
undoubtedly has readers who know
a good thing.
• • •
A *300.000 HIGH SCHOOL which
children of every school district m
Willacy cconty would attend ta the
late*: project advanced along edu
cational toes in the Valley .
m • •
As we understand the propo»
lat children would attend ths
srtjocis of their respective districts
through the eighth crane as Mai
taking their last four years m the
consolidated high school.
• • •
The i**" has its advantages. Un
doubtedly a high school supported
by the entire county would be abie
ta offer a greatly broadened car
nrohm. with better and more
't rupee laboratory and ocher
* jza&mrziz. than the schools of sev
eral smaller districts could affrre
A ante eitspiete teaching staff
could be maintained and mere at
tendee? grim to detail than s new
• • •
Ip scene respects overhead ccdd
V cut down, and m seme s would
be raised, notably by the necessity
of furnishing traasperrasaeii to stfs
desu brag & the ocslrag ihstncts
treat the poea: where the crstral
high school was located
m • •
We jraciy that edacators wiZ
be able v> <sr tg> «<«* real live
argument* on the proposal.
pouring the water to frost better
bear, and tomatoes and potatoes
daring the past few days, and a
newr looks as if at least tome of the
stricken crops wRI be sated by sack
• • •
One tii-rty certain. thew Is
enough prospectrw cash an the Bar
rel bead in '-fir. for such trqpa
crops that can be earned through
to maturity to warrant the taking
of any steps which hoid oat the
least tut of hope
• • •
WCMCDIR WHATS become of ail
the agitat**: m faxor of a Vhi>y
chamber of commerce—'If* been
sewral months since a new rail
road was bmh into the Valley*—
And since a million dollar bmei wm*
built to any city*—Or since a new
county or state was formed.
• • •
Can it be poastoie that ocr Valley
scribes are lowing their nose for
news, or Is thetr hrwcnw genios
od a short racatim—or ere !hr rr
busy ciirocjcim? what really hap
pens that they |.se not time lar
fief, dehgtetfnl PMUBHS
Salazar Goes to Pen
For Slaying Sister
With Iron
Was Still Hung At Noon
Thursday In Cockfight
Murder Case
Guillermo Sizar San Benito
youth, was sentenced to IS year*
in the penitentiary for the murder
of his sss^r. Cipnaca Salazar by
a jury in the trauma: district i
anr* here Wednesday at ernoon.
Salazar, through his attorneys,
pleaded gu-lty with the understand
ing that he was to receive no
more than » years in the peniten
The state s efejej weapon ns a
ronlfsaoE obtained by shernf s
department shortly after his ar
The confession told of his going
U> his aster's home at night, kill
ing her with a heavy iron and a
knife and throwing the body into
an outhouse. The woman s onai.
sen was in the home at the time
of the killing. in an ad
joining room Salazar said in the
confession that he loJed his aster
because of improper conduct on
her part.
The defense aitemped to show
that the confession was obtained
under duress and force Deltas*
counsel also capitalized on the mo
use Salazar set forth m ins con
fession. An attemp; was also start
ed to show that Stzur was in
sane. but Geo. Wesferveit refused
to allow this as the plea of guilty
had already been en-ered. He gave
defense the option of withdrawing
its plea of guilty, if it wished to
continue on the insanity phase of
the case. This option was no
The courthouse remained pack
< Continued on Page Seven.!
Dallas Reporter Released
From Jail By Judge
Hits Morning

DALLAS. Mar 12 F—Edd*
Barr, reporter for the Da*Las Dis
patch. jailed yesterday far coctem?'
today toad Judge Greyer Adam* that
Sornac Register, an assistant at the
offices >J Detnct Attorney Vilax
MeCram. &rst ;o£d h* of the fad-.*
napzf of Less Hunt and C. I.
Coder roamtsais; argaaaers. lag?
Thursday. UcCraw s cwndumrg
the erand jury r;- -ignar. it
was his question which respited m
the reporter's sentence for contempt
Judge Atfarrs ordered Barr s re
lease from pi and remuaun of a
SIM fsa* The reperter was taae..
before die grand jary.
■qvur denied gntpg Barr the sn
fcfMtxc McCraw awtracted tusc
to appear before the grand jury
Reg-iter to3d newspaper men that
he leases a tehkeng to the K. Kui
Kiac bn dedswd to say if he is a
Barr s ongsal story a ttnfaur ed
the fiogrtae and kidnaping of Haul
and Cad-’T to the Ka&
New Industry Opened
Now In Brownsville
A new and unusual md'JSLrv ba>
opened in BrcnrasriDe. asd »
known as the Valley Unik Drink*
Company COS W Fttabcth. It p
operated bf E L Holar
The company mixes and <Ls
trJacte? rinou drink*, inciydir-2
rook beer Special stands are far
msned dealers and alert's, who
wffl serve the wed drinks is pla&i
I; » for stores which do not con
tain fountains.
The factory fc alrradv in oper
ation. ard refit pnow hive been
employed. I: is biped that expan
sion m2 enable a larper number*
of local workers to be etnpxyed
during the summer twnrth«
The company *C operate in the
Valley and serve the entire tern
ary srefh cf Sin ATtmn a*u! Aa
In addition to cold drinks, casii
; ed wa ter ft mid. *
~V w v w.w w"w v y a a t
Shades of
Buffalo Bill!
FARGO. !C D, Mar. 12 F—
How the mighty hath fallen
For a teg time it has been
known that dnerafjcation of
crops and other factors have been
forcing the cowboy to make hus
hot stand m the bad Lands but
no one has ever thought he would
be called span to fill a request
like the one a woman made m a
want-ad in a forth Dakota news
paper It read.
“Wanted—A good cowboy to
herd turkeys.'
s ^ a ^ a t.i
San Benito Radio Owners
Aik Ordinance Against
Bt Staff Corresoearient»
SAN BENITO March 12—Seek
ing * city ordinance to eliminate
radio interference from electrical
appliances, a petition signed by ICO
local citiaens was presented by
John Betts to the city commis
sltxi~rs to meeting Wednesday
Mr Be'ts. a radio dealer, explain
ed that be could get at least 500
mere names if necessary.
It was pointed out that electrical
Boch-aes like x-rays, etc- were
causing unnecessary interference
Although the ordinance was not
passed Wednesday night, the com
missioners instructed the city at
torney to retain a competent elec
trical engineer and work out a
system of grounding which will
possibly be made compulsory by
Other Valiev towns are plasmg
similar actions, and Trownsn e
commissioners hare been a noroach
ed by various radio owner* and
X-ray machines violet ray ma
chines. and other electrical aonO
ances. when imnroperlv grounded,
create static which interferes with
radio reception
Commission Chairman
Says Holds Comfort
For Antis ,
That Wet* Should Have
Criticised Report
So Severely
BOSTON March 12.—^—Chair
man Wickersham erf the law en
forcement ccomsiton today inter
preted the commission s prohibit:' n
report as holding more comfort to
the “wet*" than to the "jkn .
He expressed surprise that the
most vehement criticise" had com.
from an.i-prohibition sources, ad
ding be thought the wets" wvrXc
have derived more encouragement
from the repeat and the separate
statements of the commissnners *;
taefaed to it than the “drys“
The 72-year-cld commissi an -hair
man included this statement in i
luncheon address before the Boston
Chamber of Commerce.
Hitting out ai various cniman
of the prohibition report. Wicker
vham asserted it was untrue :ha;
the cccxs ^i s conclusions and re
coomeniaticiis "were utterly at va
riance with the report"
He tie-ued flatly statement.' that
the dry fcw study had cost $50.03*.
or "upw^roj of $5 a word “ The to*al
amour.* emended upen it. h- said
was $56_xr5* addition of overhead
expenses tearing the cost below
Dry* Are Friendly
The tun? spent upon it. he sa-f
“has left us with too short a p?n >d
m which to ctrroJet. wtih sati<
<Continued cn page 2>
Wallace Irwin, on Visit To
Valley, Lauds State Pride
**We came to spend two days m
Texas, have been here two meets
and don: want to ever leave'**
Thus did Wallace Inrm. author
of the “Letters of a Japanese
Schoolboy" describe briefly and
pithiijr his impressions of the Lone
Star State wiihe breakfasting in
Grand Jury to Make Final
Reports Here On
F rida y
TXa* zo the bang Jury m zhe
■nsrder ca*e against Jean Rabago.
winch cat down the number of
jurymen a-a ,aa <. cases set for
Thursday. Friday and Saturday m
the crjBjaa: distract coon were
reset Jar Monday ay Judge Geo. C
Wakened Thursday aaomu^
The grace jury wzZ w—un at
W a m. Friday far the purpose of
■ak.hr ns that report. There siul
«®»jj a iuta-. portion cl an
fmt&hec basnatu to be uaec up by
d»e grand joey. County Attorney
M R Ha- has been ~>f the
district attorney's office nab :ae
granc jury, a number of are
scheduled to be returned Prtuay.
There ate two aaoce murder
charges to confront the court this
term of court They are against R
E Sharp at La ftena and Vicente
Vallejo erf Edinburg. Sharp is
charged with the slaying of his
Brother, who was a co-worker m
the kitchen of a La Ferta cafe
He ts represented by John
The Vallejo case was brought here
on a change of mae by agreement
at attorneys. The defendant a rep
resented by J. T. Canales of th-«
Bxh of these cases are scheduled
to be tried Wednesday of neat
Man In Custody
After Shooting
LITTLE ROCK Art Mar 12 ¥
-*■ C. McCabe represent*;.ve
from Baxter county in the Arkan
sas state legislature. nt shot and
■rioasSr eosoded by a bullet
which passed through the doo- of
his h~t?! rcr rx-Ir today. F O
A:'a:ata' tnvet
tody after the (
Browns-. iBe this monuif pr.or to
a tour of th< Valley.
"It s so dam big tins state of
yours, anti so waocerfui. no matter
what section you nsu.
“Probably it would better serve*
the interests of the state were it to
be broken up into fire separate
states, but your state pnde would
never permit that.
"There is more state patriotism
today than any other taxi, any
way. Let a man from Elsaca jamp
up in a New York rigtz eluH and
sound the rallying cry for his -tare
and immediately cheers will 50 sp
from all parts of the room
"If somebody were to jump cp
and yelL •Americans tins way. ev
erybody wood wocrier when war
had been, declared and *ga:.r --
"Since rsiaa Texas I can un
derstand why the state cs
the kad a trathc drreiapmsn:'
You have to have piares to get
over the state. I am an anaum
cnthtniaas *
And Togo * creator left irs Har
ry Nunn of the El Jardm to new
the local airport
Before toe left, however he ear
ned back to Ins theme of state pa
triotism. reraZmg the Stanltrd
Arasj game a Sew Tore some years
“I looked around woe and saw
that the men who were doscf the
tCocLnjed oc pace 2*
Row. ntgrc pncaera V/ r ’ wsi twrarl t* or* a a *► . .*
N C„ from t!ucJi 41 com .T tte trca ceil tumM u> ua» i*«a» «£ .* a«
abtne n< rt*r C5f m tfcm the pmaaea <Jjpc
Gilbert Floyd of England
Says Valley Fruit
Is Superior
'Br Staff On—rfmt *
SAN BENITO Star 12-—VaBej
grapefruit is superior to any im
ported mta Ear:and ir the opecaa
of Gilbert Ficyd of Laackm a bo » a
eorrwpcMknt of The Dallas Se»?
In a letter to H. E Elcoc. Hous
ton and Vaiky engwer «*tt «al
hnr. some Valle- graprtnxH as a
GMHW g’-'t Floyd said that the
glair. > m wmch grapelru*: u scre
ed also are more easily procurable
That part cf his letter re# mo*
to the fnd follows
"Had a San Benito grapefruit
yesterday—not as a sick man tru'
as an emrare. Tbr\ have the et
na fruit we gr* here beat—on!'
free pits to the fruit where me ye:
hundreds, and free of fibre V.>
meetly get a brand which 1 be Lane
comes from Jamaica
The grapefruit habit fee getting
firmly established in England Tern
can now get thr glasses for them
anywhere.. They were aftmet un
known years age- But 1 can r»
mrmbrr when thr itimra was gpaB
a rarity Tie tort of thin* you
math: get from the capu.n of a
ship *
CHICAGO Urtt 12- *>—F-C
Ba cartp Bariai
at Baapfe
■wrasaneaix* «tf liar Jaquor trail ar
Tbe raad atari! mas tiar 'jpmcr. ctf
a pmaras raid, l© tiar cad) to*" Re*
Bade and Has Coprar. federal pra
JubracB officer?'
TSn§ suaraarsf liar-. led a setae of
•edrra: offloex* nxua tiar cldb Hhq
«por«J tary loose a caa! o wr
pas.if.., the dkorm grl* and orebn
trm scattered ©err tbe eiuto Tiar
*»oss prosnjKjr brake » baa! doaec
batiks of liquor an tbr floor, bat
thm u» ao other oaBfuaar.
Hidalgo Law All Wet, Say
Visitors Who Lost Wine
EDINBURG. March 12—Two
prominent produce men at Rob
!®vn think Hidalgo county s la*
wifarremi officers, bamng mine
are all wet. and they doc : mean
maybe. And when they mean wet.
they mean sorry, ugly. mean, crass,
straight laced, and a! the other
polite terms they might think of.
and why not?
Weren't they haring a grand
time rating round and round and
hither and thither *rsd yoc about
the campus of the Mercedes school!
Wednesday afternoon a a high
powered e^fa: cyhnder car taking .
two prominent Weslaco produce
men with them for the ride?
AEd the airtrg had to stop wber
John Pace, .aagran m officer
happened along and halted them
2j their swde, whereupon he took
them to task rather severely for
baling snera: bodies of unean
smeed champ*me and artualf
was «n!»psni2ak'e enmgh ta take
every bocfe away from them.
And that wasn't all
They made a fijaaf tnp dowa »
Sjo Rico, amd umt on their %^.
tack, wher. officer* mcuadm* Pa
held them for they
rtaZy didst know or care jw&
aha*, but they awe grtped coo
saderab-y and before they knew
aha: a am* «T about C A 'Mju » ;
Maaahaa. deputy sfaertff amved.
and took them under his roc atmt
What happened afier that ten:
an fxiihed. bat k u to far at the
Bobs: own irs-tors ace concerned
The dnvei paid a fine zz Justice
of the Peace R D. Combe wart,
late yesterday for reddest drros*.
mad the fine aas maximum to
boot. and costs
And the »*vuoo friends they had
ultra fw a rate iUE hare to as- ,
saer In Jastiee W D Cccfeers
court x Mercedes, according so
Ifanahar who had a triepbone
canwraataoc aith UedHtr tr *wm
5So a-aesdrr the BOtaCoans mea
think the Kidaieo county law for*
is *2 a*- wire they tad *• "rue*r*
such a beary piece of soe aowtall
«tae end of them husetul Joytul
haMaj. 1
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
* ♦ ♦ ♦ #
Blicmn ARK Karr* IJ~
—Dniesss the mere mn. of Haass
poiej fiyspiky more dariaif than t*
nm us evidence *J*r toarc ai~ mom.
Joan YcBrffit is hem* wider ’.Jar
leaammr thwah.
YeOnlle lacanllj ejected arun.
dpa. officer* from mayor tc aaar
mmi: ano mm the caaoss her* &*..<
aoattaated a .mu of pitwc at*
van:- tom posed MMHtf «f aaasrt.
Mom oarers n ur .r.pa. ejrrtsaa **
April 7. and s:;^ there *». *v_ ua«
lor aufiiaf upnet to «Mdr
there a no tndicar.aB tha: the age*
jwmiratT mil hr used
In both YeBwOr and Haas atom
tbe * onv n s najan n "canm up
the teas..'’
Alsnteyer Urge* laueedalc
Spr*\ mg or Dust mg
Of Plants
eStshr* of ttor
^ i er m,r CSr'',r
«Shffifto Ob* bkXjob «m» #«i*bN
lecmEi-y eter. tte b u*bt to *
■posmc *e_ Tto .cutter panna to
II* farid *ws tore: tmnc to:, an:
I " * *
test te* car!- to me* U*
WmMef* ptohto crop, Mr Aii*annr**f
s*jc Tte Inn* latf mark, w *oc,~
taoc to tto gawrgt to**-* to* tv •
mhtto as • tow of M par na of
tto crop auras#* orr amdaot to a
MR*# Wfdnrwia*.
Bt cooctotoc to urgasg t:.*: a
«r dust I* used
A Bprcmli} egtupprd a:rpiaxa
•tC m i* tto %’a.a.i Tbuni*'
mr tto Thato ftoW •aawvtxr* «c
One Tfcadv ttu* ownaia* A *.jr
EOT a*, t !*- it.
< and aiflBoihpi toagMfy
i ; a sms morto uu
“Tto etssrpr |i nwltjr not cauarh,*
Tto rhargtr lor du*tu* to' pihisr
m live mate a pound sad « taton
atoir. thirtt pouatb per hear A
place essr. cffaaoBtljr 4a« a;jp?vihi
Many Drowned When
Steamer Blows Up
Witlacf Cw»> f ••»!»» f
Itl! As t«»t: ** •
"J4* Staff C t iw mwt:<nftw ^ ♦
MrpJMH'ILU Ms U it
«K> 4«n*s< Prt*t *i»r, ft..*
tv puUSU t 4ra M-i-U ohm* Mw •
pPalli p iJpM.:}1 *P» LU: Pi,
SMMTwAA V. .| cmm4™J £»*,.MS MM.
'*Ywcav0 Imp p i**»ipf p >*■ ■
ttm *> thr **. •* » *s*
p UP ptaWaattiftMiP Mftwu
P 191 tart* PP Pi «**.- *m* 4P
MS Mur —<Jft. p • !rs4 «P P
Mh » 4mmm
ptaSMliAft P
P 141PM pfPTil.
I '.«
CMwmp- Aprs; Ifcptari m««p
iPS44 dP4 ftp 4
'tpft ffeptf. p ftp ftp * top, mump
■M p:
< Mf ARM
■I t P4
TO Klff ANlS
Hfrl 4l IklUi
ImmS €»»■ « * tot K
tomtom mm • MMir. m «
mm UY ■»'<!•( Mfe* toi \sm
^ rim m :m B. Mnt+
Mr> J T Mommy g*'.* *mm
"MM to» urn iMifMMMi |M
g*». mm M-m. #.«•«• c
Oe*n Mm i m — ■ tommmm •
om<* wn* i> v dm 9m. 9m ■
D CuMMuftt. O V to
UttjrfMM I.Maii* to* ■ « M
«i*. HsrlUManit. • J §%.. •
M*» *"**•• ... tot .
Oil Head* to Hold
National Senior
Mnrder Charge I*
Made Again*! One
r ^ ^jg| i ^ s^w#^
#*W W-'ft
KaaalfMC# iJffitmr*
Mm U VmM
Op* *••*••• mi
• Maitt
aauMM*w **„, .(hi.I## 4|fi ,#*#..
Mitt iM feUMW * 4|til<|lM4l
.. «f «nnMi <iaRt *'«pp|
m 'Tftwniw * *« «*. »' «nMi«i«i
I _ t *SL
ifem | mpm #

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