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Brownsville herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1910-current, March 13, 1931, Image 2

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Dominion Statu For
India Will Be
Discus red
Kidnaping Charge
Macs* By Grar.d Jury
imjlmsmasa ika, lima iz~
*#—A B:vi« rr-jr; j^rr
3T 02 toargK EC l** 24 *2 SOWS
fb1'-* to rLbterr^TCi^nL^a. ^ je
waging «C S W Harx,k„ E4«kc
OOmmeot pntOBi^r bafi tees pm
a ZS-yetr snr.teanr ipx ro:nr..x
«f robbery onb Iheaias* ?cr tbe at
tack cc li* baiirr.
basts roNwnw nn axgfd
ST 1X3TIS. Mo, Sbuti 13 — f
JSo cbarce p-rmigt-.t In the euc
ditin of Ban Jkte^oa. f'nser base
bat rxar a bo s se-ioostr CL «v rc
prrtrd tntfay by 8L Jocn's bospsta.:
is a cleaner,
and better sugar ”
CHILDREN need Susar
fcr energy. Be sore it**
Imperial lor absolute clean -
lr« and real economy. AH
children like cookie*. Try
Imperial in this recipe.
Mzszk 13— »j— IWtf
c iht IX it _3 - jug -lA_t
«i i.3i Uii oki --.a uf i—e 4_nd
^*'Z— — XT*. X —— It - .. Of *Zif Xw ,.m.
csr.Tg me seat m _je m; g—
t» » out me : . . ■~.f -*az.
aam&Z3n r :Ajg-L
Otocri-rg 1—»y m a Wt.. g
■ mne. Hie * nine pdMBirf la laws
ccj snwis i..—r nxor _# anx
*pead sat rest m me t-sot m cam
a-'-ee acMCo*. m
U TxMLi 1, t ■ 'llyl -' .' *~: : pagdMe that dar
taf taa: Laz aozr Hue senate *®al3
fxm_y pa« a teZ a-macag arnoau,
ta the Qrxugzr. area to rtxm open
" their foil tena this year. A free
lute fence -f ■tnw gee together
oc terms of tat atZ jisanSsy
The propoaed aseasx”?. iairodaraft
by Bepwamtative Ytwag of WeZ
wgfn. would permit scitao: trustees
to issue mtrrriT be ■ling aairwiu
to pay teachers laane. The hall
*as cocs-cered necessary because
of tax menae deficienc^s m certain
. secuoDs caaeed by trahnartc coe
| dittoes and the poat-pxseirent of
the rieitagwat date foe pajmg
taxes to October 15.
Oil Preratioa
The house coauautee oc oC. gx;
md a .rung last r.;r- toted to
fa* arable rsyacn oc a biZ defining
ourgzce; of! wls and etex .z?
those we-ls from yrarxtxm.. OZ ex
perts sam the OQ'.pn: e: mar^zaal
•eis in Texas vocm be :r.~rca.?i
Man barren da—y jf ixZ should
becoaae a ;ay. Tt-f 6lI hi lavxec
The luZ wouid exempt freta pro
ra*zctt eels dewm to 2J00 feet
aac-g ten barrels or jess, drra
to 3509 fee: ztatzg S barrels or
ess and deeper than 31509 far:
mxicr.i m barrels or les* Re?.
Long of WScaiia FaZs ira*; the only
aaemaer of :ze care-nittev rating
agaztit the hi He said is xmZd
bartdara? proracac. efforts.
Is »as only ay Hie ■aepc of cce
rate tint the ccmm-ttee raced so
«—rttTi.- the If a». « flnm far
15 25. 30 Tie bcH was tur'Xfuevd
ortrzsaZy If- He? Hardy of Breci
Mrtflgv and n; redrafted ay a ksO
rararr'tteg headed oy Hep. Boasiey
of AmazT
Grt* Frw BZ1
The hussse esamnsiee go agnof
£ar? rated to mcasrarad pa«aje if
a btZ by Eep Leonard of MrAZes
■xcizizztg Lie offering for sae cf
erven eitrzs irm. The raas~zt.ee
iZjec *» prapraa: by Be-? TerreZ
of Aim to req-r? a rare hr
•XBogiie befme a mmttg **rnt coca
Japanese Princess Goes
Thmngli Ceremonial
Rites Friday
TOKYO. March IS —T—Ji jar._
tiateat tec «f npsBv vas ctateKes
cS tt- t--> iocsy on c£se sex
Tfflri b the fourth
y. bar t» tbKr tearra! nm
rtarste* Tfce «ci«reagr te -ohisyr:
a itrect ra> fertr to rxrnd ha=,
flc tie terror «f “The ace taaterck*"-.
~t -w mrg-jg ffte iufazrf
er^* s c-'-sacrra* bch ic t npvT
ir~-™r?st tste rf ITr- Tir. ♦crpress
"Sm-saeTafr fsr fafefe a*te
girted 2: the drew of the aa
•"tewr cp .r tamed ^
Archaic nee icseatacd to few a2
! r^-afp-e* «E af tie Ke of tfc ’
be apoeuctaC and a rate every tv>
years thn«a£»r sc wet U she apecs
fehaalfl be sesaaaeA lfcneft. Tbs
n* the aed-t- per^-or racing tar the
&£L pretested at ibe iack off a
Cn>ss the senate rotes to over
ride 2* am jurisprudence raan
mitsce. the ICrOtZ tes-jartr mflh:
bill passed by the bouse after mg
rrant k dead The senate as*
-wtttae yesterday vased four to three
to e;re the bull ar unfavorable re
The bC to mate the histone
Sarerbeid trail a state hkhv&y
apprmgy r»« fclled by the prime
nuuttee « highways and motor
'hi'-*. Senator Lor of Sherman
was the only eifrrfseiM«i Totinjr
tm the bC and he said be wouu!
Aterar maZ the s*sr c E.
Tbf frog* eT.j>7rr irma' JUDBafl
cmcm&sep approved a pn>
posed wnrodaesg to allswr the is js
or? manae* t® nmsiir* their
mwrr ®r^ err ©oressanret? ersd
ao adrp; a home nur charter The
a3©er*r»B:: xrsaid appiF to cmxnue* '
hrrrasr a popnlatiat of 1BB.9W tr
over Ssa jer caanxje* txarb: adapt
the niars throaki. *r efcrtJaa
The taar to have a2 state cfT*ers
appMMaf esrem those «f pBwenar
iapatenarr rsvemor aad a*ton>*T
»c<Ti: aSso was aajwntd b^ fb*
boose m'lttoti—J aaodooitf
e— aut^ee.
The boa* passed * senate bf!*
.aimed at enfiiaw the *r ^*e '>reo*e
warfare miaca the borders. TV b'“I!
would permit trmfts UMMBi bs
another state to Esak»» two tri-« of
i foor daft cads per maaffli toeto Tex
as without retMrmtian a fUs state
Coder the present law., all tracks
tear, have Texas licences.
«»—■**■■■■ ....imam*,
Friday the 13th Has Many
Notable Events to Credit
History Survey Has Shown
i «£
Peru Threatened
By New Rebellion
UMA... Peru March II —^P—
Ocampo today leave tdfioai confr
malior to reparti that a lair'am at
tbe Arequips anxn brd refused J
support h* jwwnmeru if Goknrl
Gustavo Jmencr remainea a* «st>
retarr rf sar.
Tbe southern faroes. threatened a
near rebellion if J annex did me
stop out and tbe Junta here bas
effort to brine tbe rebels into hm
nr* Dior* olao
LONDON Ifincb 11—*•—Ver
noD Hartshorn tbe lord privy aea'
dropped ct**! today durihf * vast
n tbe emmArf.
Mother of Pastor
Tells of Results
—»■ -' ...—.d
clone Mss, Fkwenor Homo Dono
18 « E, Mb tt , Poonao.* Gtt».,
metixmr ce uc pooler e( tor lus
vas star vact«B of chronic ranr.ipc
ttOKi ot<c coiB» tu*c oirJ'a. os
ok sack txttcartr one loot fall **„
flat ok as? beet I r wm fci» •
lie* of &*rpot; |«»m% ua
perir—t cood Afire. Sorest P a
cow me eongAMc whrf trace «a»
eupoUDG.. Tbe sl't tMedoctam hove
MMppeand ontinTf one S
’ acranpcr and brwr tbar. T bet* ir
" won T pw flarmn al. tor arm
for ft*
W anted!
Would like to get in touch with
all residents of the Valiev who former
mf •
ly lived in Arkansas, Louisiana or east
Texas. We are planning to have a
lot of people from these territorities
in the Valley on the 15th, 16th and
17th of March, and would like to have
them meet their old friends. We would
like to have your telephone number
and address, stating which section
you are from, as doubtlessly some
of your old friends will want to get
in touch with you. Please advise by
letter, or phone.
W. M. Egan
Box 1244 Brownsville, Texas Pfaooe 2U or 12*3W
^ •
Ainsworth i Colgin
SOAPLt^ 10 29c
Wesson Oil r~, 25c
Peanuts rTr^T'* 20c
Ginger Ale I’ZZfZT 48c
Peanut Butter £
Butter 33c
Rice STk, 17c
Tomatoes £ llZZ— »*
Tomato Paste L-_19c
Shortening IZ* 1 Ic
Peaches 20c
Pineapple ~ -1— 2x*
Queen Olives £“ 20c
Apple Butter 7~£' 20c
Fig Jam 17Ll~ 25c,
Presenes '£E?:.ir~ 03c
spuds rr^r 28c
Toilet Paper ?£r 25c
It tuu t«*4 i
Apples 19c
Prunes 1711^ 21c
Pork & Beans i\\l" 15c
CORN ^ 25c
PEAS Z.‘ 3 t— 25c
:HHHB ,...■ § ,m’WKtmtmm ■ 11 WHKKk m *
FLOLR 1*3* ... lit
Shortening rZ— 11 c
Salmon _12c
Marshmallows . 7c
BACON SQUARES, par pmmmd .. IT'*
CHUCK ROAST, per fmmmd . lie
CHEESE, Wmcmm Fwil Cam. K Oc
STEW MEAT, par *mm4 .14c

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