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Brownsville herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1910-current, March 16, 1931, Image 4

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(thf Bnmmstnnc licmlD
d ].!V 4. 1852
®nes*<S kcooS-ca j a&ittex a tie Poetofiscs,
Hhio i— Pm . T>i*»
member of the associated press
Tie Aaom:«i Press is ecielw^r entitled to the ik
Jot pHOHeation of rears. cLs patches crecned to it or
nee etoer*i&c otdsai 20 tins paper. *jo the
local news paU^r^d he**—.
MkflplNB Rates—Didj and Sanday:
Ctee Year .. *5M
8a Mantes...%a x
Tfcree Mcria .. *2LT5
Otoe Monti. 71
Nats— 11 Uim—C Si>-r«aUawt
rutfias. Thtt. 512 Mercasfife RxzJl Builthn?..
Ka.nv City, Mo. 366 Coca-Cola BiTflrtwg
CSsJcagt. HI.. Assocatua Baking.
Near York. 350 Madison Awaac.
SL Lkls 502 Star Btakune
T/« Cal, Rcesa. 1015 Nea .ire KdR
£ ~ SL BOna ~ vay
San Fraaatsc c Cal 213 K:tl
I ;
\ Brownsville Has: j
I. A a I**I ml ««
2L. A was* a*era.;a ttx.'p'Tiirqft «f T1
X «»».'■» Or Mir I - s#jm* mot.
4- F«or sr.ta tih»i i.
i ifcwnm •«« ■ ajrpoet. fire* air tiara.
I • j» )A«IM 4m? water pact tcimtA l
Arkansas Joe Given a Big Sendoff
liar Artaxas sesa-e ?■ ■ *ir Waoowar rwaaaacaas.
for the jrrsaiFS'-? aa 1*12 Te- re; ae*«sl a* WMa
sees wc* :1m* * :■* s^n*’ *r ? mgr.aticp trad rir*
. tze wwajd -- *r>*’*e : - tel ji:_,o Sr«aa the gjeases*
peasrrrrr* ersas sc sts' fcsKUsr. an w Parte tasters** are
caowc x_ *t* r€ ar*t» teirssers o* of meatepat,
*: « samd '..I usd tamfpr 9k *3 Ms Sad*
035 matet? ss f* * x: Jts lefej m hmQTOs aC xtaa
eacc? «f per--*:. :c* -rar-e: - ..- rygff
Fc.-ar £ j*e £-1 Tixwaas E Lc~r of Ttaaa m as
ld0T.Mr ;av«i ©si a ibr c*~ cf Waiiin$Xfln. 4?
dwrec ts*: fr» xi... «*a ifexaimis ifanf A"
Rar -*'- arc Jar F.'" sr 17M aod ’rrsjC ao it
»g*ir 3Eut s -Jae ::-*sxsas* wt» niw ftr
fiEt.*r. azr RetRerr. no t.na: f -rtan vtul penrr
tbr Lore tacand •€ arm- x_:- craft tise jHStlocTE
wad rax- toe s*.2-r-.war*: aa 1532 Wte? steooiS
its*' A *" *r seal-xa: frets
Ocesrr. ra T*«-a ja * * fa -' I* 0 aipflBSibje **s
msicr. * .
assijtfMt staca as pautanaaO the fit*
wiry.*. t£SiSe> »*© ;jBL.i>*a tite* f*rsce x 122* isd
cacnsjec the r?~.r_:*r* x power te* MWa* for the
lepuborar sswdard kram."s x tst*c naoa twsa
Copt am art ... \e r o*r c! the ca* Mai* vt? for
the «trxf of pooe? talons
£m~il Banks Sound and
A stndy cf “-5 graaB fn^rpeabeBt "rarJz Ir •**
Ukutcui' * ri Kxfcr :z rank? *z* *
ucscdseos !* -*s! : csad 2” -erf Bate* Is *hr
era. of braarti chain aad snoop hanfang the rej *r~
says tse wt2 z*~r..--'-5 rzEserrarjTeiy ipanarea
cossets- task has / - a - *i au~ be •■■re-red to
canter? Tlse ss *t*r ns- fcs oo :?“nr** of tm-kl
an the seirezHi ar.d -_z*L federal wn* Basnets ra
UT Why not based <r* nepf-rrs of Saris r: She
■eoecth acri eiz:S f*-Serai mem dBtrsBs eb l*»f
ItaVEtr was raUtey high n ISST It t is a "err
dmererT tz IKO
Stone For the Lerge Politics
I- b aKooDced r» Wastucgrec ttsst the geserai
Bocoe* of is? !m board ts: -erno tnskvr
rtar.y cedar tSe : z of Chsni .1 - ~r •-- (*
This aczlass part..SAiSy t-> *be treses; cperatioo* r!
Use grass asdi c«,Crr. abCjzatira corpacations la a
Kaaezxr.- Cbr - r* *5„-?n?ti the carjpeis*r.g
Method of argor :rv:m u- The acr. rffertr1 *za
best ad»p«*i to tfce s*eas cf tine laraaes* Ssar* *fee
erpoatne of The .-■ - »5:_-*?r** has beer
gyres 152 aswscSatrrz- mar- f the*a ca?ymn! or ie
jaacil osarxrtiz? agesoea conspoaetl of ..ininili of
loca: CD-operatxr tar* Leas; total titefeilr nrr
th&z f23§fifif 330 sr/i the laza board |-a« uadertakee
130 pro-errs rz otodr-jssr Kacfeetjag sad fxxaaisefeU pro
tsers* for these a*;3ej»:i-s: Seven nation iT sales
anus hate been organized with tie a-eassancr of tie
board This is tie rerdart of Chain Stone: *tJoe sees
and hears a :r. these days about bow noth tie
firs beard is fMC '£» 5o*e of tie rroit
m| fund Ye* some money sit b» k*. tout any loases j
sastaiaed will be small m comparison »ui tie bene
fits to afncakse a tad for that matter, the country
as a whole.'* Alexander W. Le®g* biaaed the tt*v
Chinn James C Stone appear* to be wmheng in the
trail as Lerge yuryeyed it and then passed it on to ks
Philadelphia A Very Unhealthy
More ?fc»r <:<*»non->op. .bout SS® per. capita s
spear annual:- in IHteilrlpliii for medical arr.x
acttrtimjr to a bulletin issued. by experts on cost of
care m that city It is said the first bath
tub in America *as set up ® tiie horn* of a Pinla
deipixia paooeer and tte town burghers declared
aya-ns- ks continuance u "» z usance for the reason
that a bathtuft must be unsanitary And William
P?cr a peaceful Quaker xnth a sound xad and
riean body vas the founder of Philadelphia
Aged Man Starved Saving Nickels
Face An*?c Hila I Sat* of Baltimrre m the
picture He is5 Tl -shes fce passed cut- He ted
cere. -cari_2g aicteis for 11 - ears He star ed to
heath m ins zmm In a trunk, near the core*?
£2 :i* *d ® cash »ss tend, and sa-rsas hank books
:.uy»rd dercsits of I5TT ** jc-> trace of renames
ftusa be feijoi and the —gse after fi—aal expenses
«iZ st» to feed the unemployed Wrh a trunk full
ef ■»«rk*te *rad drares he refused t*> btry bread to rrr
_-nr ins emstenee 1“ 3 sajh there are I 900 00? S3P?
h;.r—art ct tfl» FjllCe bC the fXTth id 22
aUc* It must be trae
Is This Heathen America?
3&w tte* Htcne JLssatEs OwonI ff PmHi Adherra
rr a &atetm sars that a—pits ha# MUM aaen
vrboe chxche Jf.fte nDafes arrthrwt resad^r*
paiwes and EW VB ctsii«r»E under 12 ' aviwut
brarfd of reisiaerae mserartme”* The HtcB* Ifssrrs
rt-Being s a Prr- estant trgansatstc S a*e -
fflW cetr.be r? as s affinet-ed ac*~- taw is
Ixr: 235te»d ctf frtaoc seme imports person a*3 be
appear w>r send rioncme t® Aaa and Afrttx
end Erroce axd the i<arwd« of the seres sea# * *
0-L"~---”-=-=-- -4
The Once Over
Bl a. L fHtUJPS
t-. . ----=
Cte the ether hand the wraLiaer m mmsy «? «r
-inter resects valid hare reminded Ca va Cooudfe
cf zbf kojlmd naoi cn *as Vour. hem
9 9 9 9
ft jasc doeset xu* sense
• • • •
Rnronst* and tvr dealers ar- fcaflr engaged tmeg
to tod a reascc. The ■. He wtitu attrsfcnte it to changes
m the Gl! HI ir— and specs cn the stm The fur
d-auers a'"ntw»e r to the Hoover admosscrataoc
9 9 9 9
Fnc ttmtrre* Unse-t.ed as all portincs with m
creasing surpcaw and fresh tarafc atmemph-ncal siv
sett. followed by using eecplam.es and bnsk busene*;
n al doctors Elites
The Nalanul Spm*
Tber* amt do me
?tev iaes to mace—
Were get smee new
Than *e can breac
Cincinnati Enquirer
• • • *
BOt rbeeT op mm—
Stress to man-'
Well break er: aZ
If given. tune.
Professor Enrm 3 a greater mar. than an** hod~
thought. He managed to enter and leave Cahfxna
wrtls the same ale.
Newspaper Faorr
Eom-*» here be*, xl mm * v«yx!
Sri. do The ?r-*je* vter.
Putting to bed the papers—
Printing the Wedds that were
Som- pl*r- abae ttioe means ntehiaf.
&mt* piK* vh-re roid means less
There 3 an Oid Ouard variant
Ptettmg Them all to pres*
Soc* par- where that* *"* lar mr
Puhtaer r.*s—and Cobb
Under a dome stiZ golden
Dcmg the daily job.
! Our Boarding Blouse.By Ahem
f SPEAK =3 l X>-SS vo° Ai- M J, ^ p
i Mu.&r~£r*ES - -LE BaaADMiODeD.nfciS g| -THE msde of mew
f lvSIlDeV 7, - MAN SOUMD LJ*^e *Av FULL V
c s ' EUiiERA'ce — ^ MaSTTACriES ! * P^rTT
II .HA , __ : Bet <K. * !>ANE .BAOC 7 feCvU ALBAMlA kAS
had -a -E - 3L -TOP *AI> A 7 / ^ SPECIMENS
«. I_1“ _ ~ vjs-"AO« *5 nSEU' _ A*ii> rru a PrtV
p.'ll' / * i\ W ^ -TMA-r A MAr-CU A5
— 7^“Hl ~ , , ^. '* _ . ' -?S rCSS,. LAAoE AS tKfS S*C_P
l |Al LA-lEP V5FFE W-EM * « ”1 •#
> MV ^m-Te.B C-l.E > UWS
Him a sttoBT -;m | On caftwEP tt§M-S-'Aa-E
~ PE _ 7 E6APf >
Ctm HclRlOC. lkrw-«4
ALAS* ntOfBT rrtarM fr«* a
rear »*4 a kalf ta Parte. Tar
atekrr ktrr Ala* krrak* aa ra
aa«r»r^t win t^iy aa a j*»r
Owfcy rtlT* Will. UTGLtV
TVr» tr a art. Wn. Laacter
*•- cc os «m« nc itmi
•*p lilt ss5f!*ned to fee a >«**
* Gypsy asked a* was »* tmH
ist Her dirk eyes, wewey-mg UTai
Sacei ioofcsd wide ai ©huffish.,
“Do I kok as ‘tosutfe I w»r* j?k
tig’ Verer cct lerjacs ;a cy hfe
I said Isc s get marr»d I Bear ALT*
“Bat wti:—~
"I-ist**. this w_n toe ttoe iwwt
*er*:sle Mtikp yt« «t«t bears
•d Njt wait a m.rvr*'—toe ur
that ttoe grr! was atownt o laser
rape asi hurraed *a- Doess: It
«nke you as a c©i»ciae»ee that
«**t of ttojs while my full off ;««pie
yew and I stoawM n«t itaigte’
Ate that tooth «f as stoaaM toe try
to forge: *cc*i»cdy else? For
®«—say. jw ttd I are jet a
casagie ad saps wtoa dealt realms
tor lucky we are*
“Tom're pretty Utter, aren't ya»T*
Gypsy asked *1 doa t Erne joe tor
that it; tost I couldn't
Barry you**
Ttr ooeT*
TtH it—it lust Isn't my idea off
a Barrage. that* all"
“Do you like this town?” Wal
lace asked.
Gypsy oosAiweff “ I thought
I did." she said. "I'tt always
ljTed here. But sear I hat* it!"
“Getting oat of here tomorrow
Boixing. myaelf." said ttoe young
nut “Glad of It. Two days of
New York is plenty. Lord—IT fee
glad to be on ay way toack to
Fores: City."
“What's it Lke there?"
“Ofe. yon probably woa!Sc'?
think it was so much. Little place
—coa pared with Xew York. We
think it'* quit* a httrtyola oat
there." He told her about the
city 5k# miles westward where
the Wallaces hid always tired
Forest City boasted a population
of 2AA.49* <:tseas It had n
Chamber of Cob tree that was
“boosting' it and two country
• • •
•»¥ LL get there.” he said, “a*
X * 2* tomorrow night. The®
ni go ont to the house and be
fore 1't* had a chance to get ©5
my coat Aunt Ellen will be toiling
ate that the roast is gevinr ©old
aad to hurry sad come to the
table Wallace laughed shortly:
“There's one person who’s getting
a break—Aunt Ellen! I*re lired
with her erer s:rce I was a kid.
Parer's died. She waa going t©
more next couth. Rented a little
place across the street bat I don't
think she really liked the idea.
Fond of tho old house. We.I—
she wont need to bjch now!”
There *u a brief silence. Then
Gypsy said: “Were you—to fee
I JL#* •
aimed laic's?"
' Sen tasogk Est irstaad mC
warring a mntb for am tta pwwag
My m gwzzg to r*roB sp to lb*
alur cm weak trrm mxl fiafar
day wati yo*eg Brack Phillips
pete player, bon wrraa* and »»•
fwBy. awfelly me33 Awed »si cash
i Safe heir fa papa's aflap*
* Ti? j* ;cr toxigkT tut it*
told jwP
S aace s odded. He glanced at
ti.* watek ©* La rrnt ‘ Appro*
mafeety cue hoar and a tall a*©." j
he »:i "Top cax mag.se tkat R 11
s rather charged my pteas for the
*1 Changed ties rmwiiftfr
ably. At tkat. Is wa m kadi# at
as yaa. Toa r« pat of a job? Wit
did yea git* sp the eae yea kad*
Dc-a t ye* know tkat was feed*
fasd Grrrw “Ai< Id 4c
k a rata fogorrwwr
■ ft r.t was tbe matter with the
“■taking. BsaritMag* I’w
worked for the XaeNamara earn
rasy trxee years- Ptraataap type
writer*. Fh sg letter* Dartauoi;
1= so drk off ©See* axd Ike
asrnsd off typewriters—raaktag to
work asoratags aed rwskiwc fees*
agaia at tight—tkat I 4c:st **«
tow I cax go back to r I e sat*
■off New York, to©* I'd lika 1© set
aw*y *sd forget tkere is sack a
place Tkat tow* yam were tehiag
about—Form City-—soasdt «»•
derfal Tea'll be glad to get ltd
tkere. I gaess "
| Wallace leased forward- “To*
eaa ec-m* atapp." he said. ‘ JB j
eT*r ■tin bold* And tkat's some*
tktag f ee eeter doe# before—ask
a girl ?© marry me after she's re
icsed ate#."
Tke r-tl looked at km Wtai j
she weald ka#e aaswered mu*
rent* a myrtery. for as Gypsy
was about to spea* eack of the*
raddexly became aware ef tke
. pre sect of a third person. Star i
irg is ti# doorway is ier «m»-'
cos erexiEg gown amazed aad
ffmpfnikg. wa* Arse Trow*1
"What is tke world—l" Aim#
, begas ari seemed at a loss for
sere words.
I Of cearsw It was. apeesrea
tkmaL Gypsy, rewd.sg her ©oasis *
shocked express::s. realized is.*
"IIEILO. Azv* ~ toe Hid
“Case* is art hoar ft*
•core. l£r WaiXc* aad « aao pu.a#
to *» married **
* Grpn
' . moelt pea*"'"
•WUoe* broke ». 'Too ate Puj
are *ooMed to too *«4d.rg if •
gr:tg te b» tomorrow Temerroo
aim tod eocooosed *to to***
of rpeoct . “Art pea toe «•»****"
to* asked **¥oo Cam ’ **»*» us •
each other* Ho» did poo set tor*
Jis* I (hoofId pot tr» ta*x|
dimer with pour toaeet?*
“And i*«*ed pc.* lad ma the
ecr.'ptcd M*«r at Pfaocao he
I*o. V* hoi tt ol for ooc *•#*
tteg it «r
Had as* of the® toea la a
mood to apprermf* x pouas Mr*.
Trotrbndsce dowomfk* ere o«*id
to'* tors imams
%*Hjr MeJ#r*4*'* sba ca
claimed."" >«o carl to a thug
Lka Chit! Wi*. pot mate to oot
of »«or bead—"
Cn*’ c taea rr-m te a tgrcr
fitch. “That mm® x*“ tsa de
clared *"Am*. In M eamaa*
aart to far pmrff. 1 ® fotog to
C*t oa< of tbi* dec** aad iota ®f
#n cSoetoa aod s* item* To
sarr)' tttt perns maA—-if to atilt
erase* ®*—art iea*« St* fori
and forget thorn 'ever a a* «arb
a iAc* II poo aid Hit »*at to
co®« oxth m t# to married. ail
right. 12 >m tot—*oii. IH «ot
sty teadtadp aad oo* of lb* otto*
Color «tf bun its la Grp*¥‘*
Witt ficac list *A*
ratted fro® ft* rooo aid tax#
tha toU. Ttos a door *lam®ed
It «a* It atxstos later wheo
fto sir. emerged There bad toes
a traaeCarmetiee looaaad ad Mb*
:n;c. ban eras ct'doo to* ware
tha rated coot aad breed beret.
£he stopped abruptly.
“*©*! I cUdx t ed§*c: ta ftd paw
her*'* to* addressed the ta.
tears was who via HocSixf t.L*
Waliaca a or* bis tot end a*®*
“1 thought tt pea »*r» ready
to lea** I d *#* poo tt-ai. ' b*
<aX “To* dooh ast’*
Grmi tones lor bead “Sat at _
a ** - ^ ;
^ MLLAcaraiM.imi mr* t*«*
imi»* t**.*®# mm imt—i *»**i *.s
trnat **» fti* —•pr* I — #*■
1 **tjK • gi
J**Jg»t* 1ILff ■■ ■
I * ** * * .* *i. i; to iiM alto toitf
M*>fa* Mi •—*M ><—
at 14 *i
ttat I « ta* t* — IT I
lot r« •«•'«* CM 9M fc* •—*9 f
C ty ft* I* 0 t,i* ftRacpaaaA pi*®* * "*
•« r mm »«i I p— I 3 p*t
.1*1 — r—i> ." C*V»*f paw*—ft
At .it.* Am* «f Cta tiwRMft#
•***• ****** «*>t*tai A«* ft*’.
»■ i *.i. >* * -**c »<4 f» •
****** cl—tag ift* t**« pftPM
Tc* taara l*t*r «pp*f *«
Cararaa of Motor Bos**- With tfee
White-Draped Passengers Strife**
Iaratncw Vote tn MefemJ
Atracsphrr* of Fez
FEZ Mcraeoo.—Somehow, i <j*Ld
Mi» dace affiT weZ wcbaoc that
in—ia of motor bases and taut
tad array cf cmaife jck cwtsds
ie tiZs of Fez.
I bad bit o*a dn« afeoat the
E-c.*ra: atxospher- I warred Aid
peet-g a deg 3& x~ cwx petrol
rasoo. the XZrop prardex jmc
is sett of puctxr* I bad txczed
iwj e»» cb—lxtod that ef a
Bagdad »r. of place T~' arex**
irxtgx witch ace entered txe cry
irf 13 he the las* word ta rzxr
Krr-xzsied z.at: And th_» txrj
B-* had a acjr »»i- front ax:
®e of the three wa_ex oej that
caar a? Fez. there cars* a cara
rax cf xoc.hr braes taealag the
aarr-rt wastes into a sort cf far
»a* Fbftx Anal*. Aid e-ex as
sor the rmxeaaa ' the bases were
parted to the gaardz feat ■•=*■
0 zicaagruas that x was
shuc sen to sax> After al
a so reason why a crowd of heart -
ad Armas axd t -xbased Sfcars
sfeoddx’S he wr_izad to tier far
nrr nafeoana by rar&m—ter. after
i* tara-axs cf easels axd don
tQi the seme rta-rtrex a* £3a
aoc <r rat?
However. one has roes <±s*ee of
:hre1 wp«> and t»s;t f;fv -
xx hows Thee* is F*x Bah the
*L ertgrxa. ai rff trwx. wjfcrfc
jes as thhctsaftled aw a fli
rt a last.ie efty of fadzar paTrh
Sn» trees axd near-by erazze
(r—-e*. of ■mazers Onectta.
»Ctr For B»ehid ts the nr-*- %r»
•ctsbc. where the aaltas has las
Mae and these a the slZ aeaer
Pbexch BBCffe...
• • •
56—rer ic aH the wrr>rjd wa® the-*
mrfe ax extxsste to a hone, a*
hi: wtKh *-aaes sae ~jq the ?ia:*
Tbe tr*T«jBr wi» wants ba
fsrZs art Sit bowr-Tt wffi. Sad ta»
r nt:* rtfrfet wr *a§ a3py art
nsrfct 4owt eterw otxxr war: of
Soy net eaaretrpd Tber* ar» a£jfy»
of drty acad aad Biers of ate
it tee aOers tmt m: aad ale-.*
oMtteaod wifla Sesrars art podC-cy
To wtp-s-t; ti-s. yon ba^e to
loswr wtaar I enow—-Tuts ta r*ar
ire betos was east a sxtaa i pal
ax art ba* stood rr*» Sir *esne
fine octctfs sr trerraaosts teat
tors and tb* 'Tranaar' Sox: pexx
took tbe «£d 7 lax or«r rrtac* art
bx Sx a yao or two of eeraacna-,
tabes too x -roar rwe 3* bbp;- to
cere oersrart bw tie aaiSBat ia
wenne «srl Srsoat
*» "rw-i* ^ jT%- •«■» » fur £
m m m
Sr tt tie water tberl. bees
telxtg its aaocr Tea kt, 'box*
water ber* wrrr a art- Fte a
Fft To bo *=x :* s a <xyafr *■
trrr Soakaag «*ro*x for too nr
part 3r r* water., am* x art!
ASrxa tixr a aooarasxp to taSt
I tp bears texts aaoct • to <tr—
Arab atX 'be drxr JSoar and -no
dfcty balf-ras*? and al t» ?w*
Mt ahniMJL tas boer t**c •£*
peooiP ax^ar* drxr «BC of *rr x
Oc tbe xr-^ aSar a Vfr.
rax I brrw wa-'*f wiitSe enter *
X ffcp biandf* dfww» v*rte 1bp
■teHtffe • t ■ took laB
entsw fur _ akanf- a bats x tbr
face of al pasfexa *rmffr Tie vet
•ggn M-be tbrr imn and take a
wad tax a rx»r tmak l*r
And as rac d know wafl—g x*
. iwasT. Fta b toe My cf haftn .
eiBr-rwU •*£& wmtm* •»! »a
Mb * i*a of auRriitbi Mil
rt-fjaw crsr<«M' coflor!». aah tar.*
' . .\
C ifv - Valley I
Part a id Mpppatft**
In* 1 ini#* *
Ti <*tti Hi tin'ifW
TP *• aae .ffc mm
• It. aa*fiMN»* 9mm.i.
Ml* M« mi «■ «** ®»
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:. mm §'«•'■* ir?*. !»**»** lie
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