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Mercedes Club Ends !
A Satisfactory Year
S* *ciai to *T%c BcnidJ
MERCEDES AprD »—Market
•Sf dear X a nos: sattsf actor;
Tears work. -Jse Mercedes Wornas*
RtadT dob Odd tietr last rejtilar
br .'^ X th* carrer:: ciao year
OB MootS&T afteraooe as tie Oatae
X Mrs G a Wuaoa
Tb* pr*a«r»m oealc wzzh. z&t i*&
o( Mrs. t¥ X c« Mn.^Coe 4#
RgC'^d isrr —steoers asta a xmr»
Mira-j * Sr^rs. X ’Jam aarasaer?
ed atsa .--eressj* lupus,
oe rise sdbject.
at tie
it's dbatfr. Mrs.
c. of Use papal casax-t
•m. BUR Mrs. W X. Car asd Mrs.
CoL Sub Robertson Opens
Del Mar Resort; Says
Toe Del Ba.n Hou* s:
Bora Ctuca.. Cast of a series oC
developamts Mr be oamp.f-.ed a;
the *»-' OF CoL Sam Roberts*: oC
Se_ Binifn wzZ opes Sunday. Ma;
X. K ta* announced today.
Col Roberson pact :o dndop
tbe bear*: xa a modem pirarme
»or be expiated Tbarsday Ber
erm: madera -jovk ipstnsi are
■Oder constractaoc and rJ! Oe op
ened May 15. Other apartments
*C be completed by Jxe 15. «n
ukiirz toansst* and Vv>y errata
to spend tbe veu-eaiu or vara*
tnu at Boca Chin Tbe wears
and apartment* *rO eooiam mod
In MflUaa. CoL Robcr-son plans
to erect lunch stands and a
The De. Mar Bath Hoo*#. ogen
Uf Sunday. * to be manage*! be
Ewing B Clark., and will remain
+ open during the summer mantis
It a located on Brazos Island, and
ts the second bath home from the
end of the pavement. Mr Clark or
assistant = m2 be as the Del Mar
Bight and day. and wtT acromodate
ponies a: acT hour, he said
“Boca Chxa wfll soon become as
pop- a- a seashiie resort as any
as Thaas coi, Robertson pr**dxt
«d 'Already mrh practically no
dreelopcvrr there, ft a:-r*rts thou
sands of Ttstors, aad on week
oods the beaches are crowded *
R. M W.zz. la <Ljtie
szjmZj far tlae ceasing year, u Mae
cay § meeting. iaer« «is a strong
wiry ■ rut, wward conr-amaj tie
sunty aC lie preen: year, aeijti
-Tterr "
Mrs Ja*epc-se KadDMS pres
et a: tn* »««!»«« **«-*. Earn
year, a: ne fmjdmn at tie
years wort. as. apm rawse soca^
a ■steers t-i as tie r.,.ao Fans for
tfew »tZ » asswaaced -*er
Tioie presets: 1: sfes ir. asd
*ery asaeres--3ag msesin? far ttea
X Ragraacd M*~« s«%—
A*t:.cc. arxry LsafesCtee' S &
Csgaw. R H Sx.'.r Grant Ifct
rsm. .JoSie Brace R M Wan.
Rapes WesternSer W L Brainn
J L. TTcrj W x Cae, W J Cope
"■■mi iff
Singer* Entertain
Col lege Group
'»rml to The H'rai! >
EARU5GES Aprfi 38—At the
week!*: mifk ? - program of the
Har..^fpa Vijr Bat&aes* Cc&hk
B A Gnmaid of the OaCeee at
thofkaced the Rev Uc\r. Pasor
* vi ltot dtesrea of God of HarLngezt
1 Tfce Rer. McMl introduced the
I Re* Jcea I B* *r mad. teas fasti*
- of sneer* «f Manchester lad. vrho
entertained n-feh a Boaher of
«BfL ‘Tha Heart of Maw”. Lw*
ib the Theme”. “I Xeed Jesus" and
tart retro aparttaa! soms Etovrr.
far the Roadside and "Peter od the
Sea ”
Brtam the seers Mr B* >r toM
cf the saeaifirapr* of the stop
C F Hvkessppkr read the csk
Je©e paper ^Thr Weaker SBrasacSe".
Retiber. Exan sarjt two sonar?.
-When I* % S -wBMttase re the
Rockies"’ and 'Jeans Lore* Me*
The Rer JftVii care ar e*rel
3rnt talk on the safcnect “Wlut is
Life", er-phauncc the need of a
?ood character
m m m
Weilnc'ilay Bri-ca
Cllll) Ho>tC>>
Mrs C P Ba-reda debgbtfilfv
Meruord the Wednesday Br-sra
chib at her home on WtaMnctai
«reet tins a»ffc Of the three
tables «f posers. Mrs Joe A...
Chant r. n held hxh score and *e
eenred a Isrselr nedtiare Mrs. Al
bsio Hernandez was second and
recernd a bos of iaodkrtrjd' A
salad cmrw wm serred fdOosred bf
ice cre**B and cake.
A rajT’tr of sprrne fl—eia adeem
ed both brine and <fmm rooms
Mr PtwncHCO Barrera Gor-ra
will be bosses neat Wednesday a*
three or lock
Informal Bridge
Party Given
Mrs. Prank Berwald was tbr
ptewssn* bogeas on Wednesday af
irsen a ber apwrcmewu. Tb*
roams were astractrreSy acnaavnc
and red roses pronnded Coral aiorn
fhmh some tractor m tbr rater-s*- ’
---* mo of brdee rasrs went to
Kf!. A.. Kalman oC Mercators aod;
low score was ziat award cf Mr*
Harry HoOoweZ C* pnacs we-e
woe by Mr* Boarasbtol sad Mas*
Sfcapsro Appropriate 53ft.* were pre
IsaewaefcsS 31 tiar jaerwEaei W-T
Mesdaases Ben FteotoensWai. Wavo*
'Wood Z Boonsbai Ed' Mersh. K» -
n a&Z-weB, Arcbar Pir Ka.no
Btoasa Lrrr. Adofipto amTSmbma
A Ha-iscni.- K E±t^zesz *ad lb.:
aarato gfaapce
• • •
Comic Bull
Fight Given
The ajdmr—at «f the twees
Harfc Scaocl m» :*_^ed is cspsrrrT
. on Vednesds? sftemssia siaes the
popcis of the school presented a
nexe-i aad wH 4tand aroerast.
A timer *»*i—«•»<
• as the umof*' grt*n_ .4 perfrema
i«rs si! senefug est eoatmana a* be
■ toc..re us? naniM mod gauuas.
cabaErr:? The antstaoMfaiig fcn
tcre of too afternoon sms the .com
ae b— :ufct. Ue psrunpnnts m
iasae hr=af *-.I'roiimi ly soared u
eataeox pirmdores. bandmlSmA
Omlat. Orru ss *Jae artfe otf the *ie
tomacis tea*scar, ria'ed be Joe
Torre?- ‘icr tsa besotafni Spanish
wtiettmtu 'The bull fight sms hagb
1? ente-taimru and caused much
lascrmfe:- comnaeat.
Other tii—its i *rC rereiTgd w»—
soczs nr Matter Fraa~= Konabfcij
and a Ttecis dance hr 31 late atrii.!
• • •
Matinee Please?
School (iroup
The hah school 'n#~ry ncese-ited
■ a matinee off their class play ~St»
entera" by Booth Tarkmrum.' Tfctffv
Jiv monnc* at tune o'clock !cr *he
'•outfit of the Ward artaaal thU
en Ar nbm i m off ter rents ns
*dtarwd Boses arete see* t» etmapy
the dtfdren to the school md a
laree r-imber was present.
The aud»i»ee V1, appseciatne off
the «p endv! w-dme and s’. emoy
ed the plar namely It win fee
a.ten cm Fpdar c::fct at S 15 te
the JBEie- Oollree AcifTTiHn and
tartoets are now tor-af soid and re
serred at Crr rr*
• • •
mvvyr Tt »-r\r
Women of the OnM wdl *r*we
m dinner on Tuesday. May 5 at the
Epncnpel P»-3h Hnw E —r*ooe
is mended an ’nntatiaa and tick
ets win be aT3 .iabie a: the door.
*kom> mu
Many Improvements — Paved Road —
Good Weather
Many improvements have been made for your enjoy
ment ... and more improvements will be added.
Soon we will have a race restaurant and lunch
stand, abundant of apartment tottafe* that will be
nice—with all conveniences. Our plan is to make
this a first class resort for you in every way ... and
at popular pace charge?. A nice place for all the
family, all the time. Come Down!
Apartment Cottages Ready by May 15th—
They’re Modern!
— By June 15th More Available —
This Summer
Enjoy Yourself
At the Del Mar
•el Mar Bath House
Ewing B. Clark, Mgr. Boca Chica
Phan Will
Be Host To
Club Women
rn.a —a»*r of r.tev p; of
» asd Mn.. S B
Har-r^g...:: M* CtMBB
Mm Oaea teed, peeaeE: praa
drat of *J» Bjo Grsaot Yaiiy f t«
ure and tom to# r»*e. aver la
tike anrir ejected jreMoesa. Jin.
The local crwGiBr.:e* «b arranjw
crjoe* Mo«5»iEi«eRa? Sum— fhr
McCcraa'c H £ AinC J O
’Laartawn C. L Vena acd Le»
he Flowers.
• • •
French Club Party
Enjoyable Event
Km £::a Carol. Thomas was tY* '
33? ai her per::* home as Z3 Jambr
'' nmpttaff ■%, awmilirr* c€ tint
French cash of the Junior coiief,r
The irretaas? ami spent mfonnE? |
»m briflare dominoes and canoms
isrxa the chief drreraans PoEoo
31? the .sCTEf of * drimms des
sert coarm. doncstz ns enyr.ed
Caesss presort mere Masses Fran
ces Scthman. Dons Bark. iii’ti * ■
Hiyrhstms Psiae Msrier. E«1*t
Mae Pattcnon. Kasrr ScraaOJoa.
Mir- Krxaaefc arm* Ansae T*rtr
*M*na*ar Mew* Prr.z Ball Jofar,
STiTwter Ben Br:;e. Jae CfedmpKc
Ar*rle MrAlen. Wa^ace Beef anr
Lee flmstfe
• • •
F'icnic At
* Mrrtito
Bmamn- was wrinrwj-d on VHU
nr®,®*T br ■essbrr* «f tbr J-aas
Spw cl’ito thru thrr cajaycd a jar
mt at OWb Thp aftierryre:
bcm wrm aw tafamay wrh a
&&rmm prry luaUt aprraf? tacs#-r
tlar tsvca "Ob** wsv all— jv~
tanpacaaff 5b tbr deJacttfci *cra
W>*t ■tanmiprillB' ictianiel M*f Fr_r
*= «» p *. Tt* a nc.
tLaLjr ssnani
• • m
Mi--ionary Sr'»*rictv
I> Kntenaine*:
-A^r*~ “*afr'*e ** Mrnaamr*
Mm Carktu TBarmt men,*-. <*S
e3am ***r***mKm*.. Bitsamm a»
arr» »w» pttmiL.. am* Mrt. OfcrlC
Cmrat &r tap * 9 AI ^
Dorothy Faulk
May Fete Oueen
Maas OarwixT F»«lc mill be
cromued of Mae Utr Fete crt
rrrtaj aSirrmmm m *M erk* «
W«* WrrymmmnOe trace*. c*s
P**- foliowsns m-facta f FBirijn—11111 m
vaL (xSejnte Moi!ier <V»tsv F..r-.
dtj and hae»r tbr queen cf ta*
«*»7 bnuto, Uie pan Tvnraid »
EZ^saixr- Ase T*ej^T- A : wt
Taor will be tn<| br all «bn Atte?»d
•*& ttoe pwnl palsiar w r~»—i ».
the bwOkky aad teacher*
• A m
\ alley Couple
W eel \\ ednesdav
Oxr Ccnr nr. H*r..r**r *r*i
Franc** Wills of Kan Bkz&o
**t* qxuK~.iT iirrltd «c
0*t aoormiK ax 1* m the
*** PWWBKps br l>r. Ttrr 1mm Ptaber
On.y mmJterr of bocii Jaatia** wm
presne; for Woe chtwhoct.
Corrnnjr*. Goings
Mra Herbert minima i tu m
tMHii orrr tb* wttz-rod...
m • m
Mr. lac M-s Syrraod Btelwr
and twj children retained fraea
Sac Ac: ocj© aber© they »f«jy:
•he <T:h Dimes Ra*arv ©onveasi a
Mr. Bishop an* a local dr>*av
Mrs Pearl Km hoi* hm letamrl
Ircoi 3am Antfiuo
— ..._ .. | ^
Ml H'lDEV f
By Sttff Ccrwpjtri”' i
MERCEDES Apex... » _p. P
Ema*. Mercedes ©detractor. has
narted roBEirartioc of a OBe-otaer
tec-room., fraas- and bra* veneer
residence far Mr ard Mrs Rtopt
E K^krsotrwk s® ©or ahocr *».*■»
W B Besicc of Har-c*ec is
Mitscuri Beauty
JtMUMUMMt >-**** t%ml*
Hftt* DifMCa* 0f H K(.
•as ctosaaa tne meet fesaetuCwi g.
hi tee live.Mrsftjr «i Mwem at I
Ccdaroia flag r* ;m u «*ce* •#
tie staoaat /wtomafc.
SpinifhDaggcr Road
Interests North
Wa*t iif tto mm fSf 4r
P»r»ra: ic. nlarrf Stoats* 4» -
pen. aloof tto MO—9 Iwm toar
in Par. lair: p tomratr Brasx^
am puNttcttg,
Sp^i .fijutperi, aooBp&ai to
an prude atone. tto appa.jfl fcxs
»to »■* to**1.to** tom immfl
pan «f da* Uarjetf St*.,,** tto ar
SeBp toparcaaoat «f time It—tor
<f mamr
■eparto Siaa an* caaupp aaa* fto
Program For
Music Week
Is Announced
R. M. A. VUit Bring*
Valley Publicity
fur tin# Valiiff armtvftMt s* • ill**
r "c-iaw MfS'igv Ihcw
W" MRHaiii"" » "HP"* w wpn m
H*r imrr » *v«atP««i4W ¥«*•**
«E .. «f **
For Friday aad Salarday
Special Selling
at Gimble**
\ Aims* mi
§2m ft - iTi.— %mm I: i I'i
•am fi .«w mmm fltn
•u n aw i I
Hats I
I km* m 917 St
fMliMf Ik# Ikmt'pMMk* ##p ft# 4 •#■ "***"*'
JkM frk— P <m!
At 6 o Clock
1207 Elizabeth Street
25c Assorted Style* Children » Ankle* Sock* Ike
3Sc Assorted Style* Children’s Anklet. Sock* ..... 2k
SGc AMort»d Style* Ckiidree'* Anklet Seek* ..... 3k
75c Thread Silk La dim* Hoe only , ..... „ SO*
f 1 00 Assorted .Style* Lades' Sdk Hoar ... ......, . Ah*
$1-23 Point ex Service Horn .. . 42*
SI-50 Mew Silk Grenadine Mesh Hoar. SI 24
S!-30 French Heel C biff on Hose , ... SI 02
Si-25 to S2.S0 Cic* Slock (t.f*'an Hoar .. t."
Si->3 Oaaaacr oc£u.‘ ~J Ch-fton Hck ... 41-14
Si -95 French Heel Chiffon Heat* . ........... SI-41
51.S3 Pc aiti Heel Light Service Ho** . • » iil
$2 '00 Odd* Mew Mesh Met Hate .... . - SI A#
92.00 tWidili **S«.ik-Seal ed Chiffon Hoae . ... . . 11*1
$2 99 Mm Mesh Hose only . S2.S4
S3-00 DntUle **Stk-Sealed" Sheerest Hose ..42.3*1
7Sc Kmo-Lmcrt ide*«d Infant** Pee*se» . 5 >*
Si-00 Hand-Cmhruidered Infant** Dre»ae* ... ......
SI-50 Hand-lLmbroidered Ixs'anf*’ Dre*ae* .... SI -21
51 .00 Ladies* Silk Vest* and Bloomer* S7«
51.50 Aucrtrd Stvle* Fine Scimot* .. St IO
SI.25 and SI.SO Javmiftt Balking Swat* tS*.
Si.75 and 51-96 Juvende Bathing Sad* ..... ... SI -44
52 "3 Jim ~-n:.e Mluei Bath^n* St:it*.. SI .04
53.50 Jnren'le Ctr*» Bathing Svd* .,.,. f 2 45
53 SO Ladies* Wool Brke( Soil* .. 42 9'
$4.50 and 54 ..AS Wool Bathing c«*t* .......... . 53 9®
S5.SC and 55.9S Wool Ea'huig Sod* . S4 7S
46-9S Ladies' Wool Bathing Sod* __ S3 40
18 00 and 58 SO Lad e** Wool Bathing Sort* 44 43
49c Ktckenakk Childs Mainacok Bloomer* ». 4 *
51.00 Kickemick Chad- Silk Bloomer*. 47c
54 9§ Lea! Her Haadhag*. on.! " ... .... ... 44 04
SI.15 Marblehead Hemm-d Sheets.. 5! 03
SiJ00 Marblehead Hrmned Sheets ... AAr
93c Marblehead Hemmed Sheets.. ... AS*
SI.45 Fruit of Loom Sheet*... 11.27
SI £9 Fruit of Learn Hemstitched Sheet* ,. ». , . . 41X4
SI .59 Fruit of Loom Hemstitched Sheet* 51.54
SI-95 Fnu* of Locm HemstdcKed Sheet* .. 91.€9
11 Yard* While Pajama Chock, for ... f l.BA
7 Spools Coat* Black and Wkst* Thread for ....... 2k*

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