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Brownsville herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1910-current, October 23, 1932, FINAL SUNDAY EDITION, TEXAS-OKLAHOMA KIWANIS SECTION, Image 18

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Valley Co-operated
To Make Kiwanian
Meeting a Success
Preparation lor a district conven
tion erf Kiw&nis clubs is no sma'l
Job and it was only due to the fact
that members of all eight Valley
clubs “pitched in" and did their bit.
that success of the fifteenth annual
gathering in Harlingen, Oct. 23 and
26 was assured.
The convention organization was
headed by H. J. Goetzke of Har
lingen as general chairman. He is
head of the executive committee
which directed all preparational
Acting with Goetzke on the exec
utive committee were Harry Ratliff,
of Weslaco, secretary; W. C. Brum
ley, Harlingen, treasurer; W. A.
Rasco, Brownsville; and E. M. Will
Other Committees
Personnel of other committees
working on the convention were:
Entertainment — A. L. Brooks,
Harlingen, chairman; Rex Baxter,
Raymondville; Charles Huntley, !
The needy of Weslaco have rea
son to be thankful that their com
munity has a Kiwanis club.
It has always been the special
province of the Weslaco club to
look alter the destitute of their
city. Members of this club are
noted for their willingness to give
personal service in all common
causes and when the need for food
arises among the city poor they
jump in together, assemble and
distribute it.
The club now is sponsoring a
milk fund for undernourished chil
dren and others.
Boy Scout activities have always
had the helping hand of Weslaco
Locating of mall boxes is an
other accomplishment of the club.
The club was organized in
March, 1927 with Charles E.
Thompson as president; Judson
Friday, vice president; and Luther
Hughes, secretary’.
Officers now in charge are Har
ry Ratliff, president; T. G. Cress
ner, vice president; Gordon Keth
ley. secretary; Clift Davenport,
district trustee; Luther Hughes,
A Glenn Schuepbach, Eunice Ford,
« Sam Richardson, John Wood, Blake
\WUliams, Walter H. Baxter, Jr.,
VThc club expects to be on hand,
1® per cent strong, at the 1932
convention in Harlingen.
Kiwanians To Get
Trip Into Mexico
Delegates to the Kiwants dis
trict convention were no expect
ed to be able to resist the lure of
Old Mexico 5o convention officials
arranged for a side trip to Mon
terrey and Saltillo.
The tour will start from Har
lingen Wednesday mornmg. day
alter the convention, and last
four days. The tour will be by
automobile and efforts will be
made to find transportation for
those who did not come to the
convention In their own cars.
Harlingen; W. T. Jennings, Browns
ville; R. R Talbert, Mercedes; !
Luther Hughes, Weslaco; George
McCullough, Pharr; D. C. Abney.
Edinburg; Dr. E. T. Morris, San
Finance—W. C. Brumley, Harlin- j
gen, chairman; I. B. Loe, Raymond
ville; W. F. McCrosky, Brownsville; j
J. C. Deyo, Mercedes; W. S. Ray,
Weslaco; George Fleming. Pharr; j
J. C. Hall. Edinburg; W. S. Brock,
San Benito.
Music—A. B. Chambers, Edinburg,
chairman; D. W. Day, Harlingen; ;
George R Calder, Raymond ville; ;
T. S. Fair, Brownsville; Tom Mur
ray, Mercedes; Harry Merchant,
Weslaco; D. U. Buckner, Pharr;
A. B. Weaver, San Benito.
Housing—Victor Pernaud, Har
lingen, chairman; Ralph Scott,
Ray mond ville, R o y c e Russell,
Brownsville; M. L. David, Mercedes;
Roy Lombard, Weslaco, J. A.
Slaughter, Pharr; Otto Kusell,
Edinburg. Joe Erwin, San Benito.
Transportation—J. P. Ellis, San
Benito, chairman; M. R. Montgom
ery, Harlingen; Wayne Sprecher,
Raymond vilk; L. L. Shropshire,
Brownsville; H. E. Bennett, Mer
cedes; Fred Turner, Weslaco; Carl
Klinger, Pharr; L. J. Roberts, Edin
Registration: E. C. Breedlove,
San Benito, chairman; Tyre H.
Brown, Harlingen; C. P. Hllbun,
Raymondville; M. A, Bansbaeh,
Brownsville, Dallas Whaley, Mer
cedes; Bruce Walter, Weslaco; E. C
White, Pharr; C. A. Liljestrand,
Decoration — Nix Harrington,
Mercedes, chairman; R. L. Cham
berlain, Harlingen; W. J. Reason
over. Raymondville; A. A. Hargrove
Brownsville; Herman Martin. Wes
laco; Jim Tabar, Pharr; C. K. Mcv
tler. San Benito; P. Bullard, Edin
Publicity—Sam Perl, Brownsville,
chairman; Harry Eagleston, Har-,
lingen; W. A. Addington, Raymond-'
ville; C. A. Rouse, Mercedes; T. G
Cressner, Weslaco; Paul Zenor.
Pharr; Harry Foehner, San Ben
ito; T. N. Barton. Edinburg.
Traffic-Tom Duncan, Weslaco; ‘
chairman; Ned Sondock, Harlingen;
S. I. Byars, Raymondville; A. S.
Gimble, Brownsville; Joe T. Spetti
gue, Mercedes, Bob Conrad, Pharr;
Joe Sloan, San Benito; Tom Baden,
Printing—Bob Prackelman, Ray
mcndville. chairman; B. S. Mothers
hend, Harlingen; Charles Reil,
Brownsville: Gordon Kethley, Wes
laco: Floyd Langford, Mercedes;
Roy Clausner. Pharr; John McWhor
*r, Edinburg; Paul Hornbeck, Sin
Hostess—Mrs. 8. R. Jennings. I
Harlingen, chairman; Mrs. L. D.
Snow. Brownsville: Mrs. Robin Pate.
Brownsville; Mrs. Lawler, Mercedes;
Mrs. Sarah Hutto, Weslaco; Mrs
E. C. White and Mrs. George Flem
ing. Pharr; Mrs. J. P. Ellis and Mrs.
E. T. Morris. San Benito; Mrs. H
J. Barnett, Edinburg.
Reception—Tom Hartley, Pharr,
chairman; O. M. Walley, Harlin
gen; B. E. Carroll, Raymondville;
Winshlp Hodge, Brownsville; E. A
Brown, Mercedes; Judson Friday,
Weslaco; Joh" Prentiss, San Benito,
A. B Chambers. Edinburg.
Golf—E. Richard Criss, Harlin
gen; F. 8. CPldwell, Raymondville;
George B Fleming, Pharr; L. S.
Witte, San Benito: J, C. Bower,
Mercedes; Glen Schuepbach, Wes
I----— • -
Mosquito Question .
1 Prickly pear,
t Wine veswL
k Shrub.
13 Supreme deity
of the Nora«
14 Whitlow grass
16 New star.
17 To decay.
Ik Benefice held
by a prelate,
to Spider's home,
tl France tabbr.)
22 To speak.
23 Small flap.
25 Seventh note
of major dia
tonic scale.
C6 Bashful.
27 Three.
20 Blemish,
tl Leo
33 A dot.
35 To scoff.
3T Hill.
38 Devilish.
40 Door rug.
41 To taka
43 Untidy man.
46 First king of
* * Israel.
4k Deposited.
60 South America
62 Provided.
* A
.Answer to Previous Puzzle
S3 Matter.
65 Southeast.
56 Dad.
67 Guided.
69 Sudden In
62 Grazed.
63 Cuckooplnt.
65 Derived from
6G To close with
67 Tower
6S To cherish.
1 Island belong
ing to Aus
2 Smell.
It Cavity.
4 Variant o!
5 Verb.
6 Sir Ronald
Ross rained
fame by discov
ering that -
was spread by
7 Stl iped fabric.’
9 Within.
10 Opposite of
11 To what class
of vertebrates
do birds be
12 Set of drawers.
14 Arid.
15 To perform.
IS Wages.
19 Sweet potato.
22 Male child.'
24 Sack.
26 Contends.
27 To carry.
28 Hotels.
30 Made verses.
32 Particle.’
33 To become
34 Money drawer
36 Curse.;
38 Goods. V
39 Shore. \'.'f,
42 Monkey. .
44 To emulate.
45 Mohammedan
47 To meditate.
49 Copper scoop.
51 Pertaining to
53 Skin.
54 pjrt of leg.
56 Fruit.
68 Payment de
CO Kgss of fishes
61 Small shield.
62 Feudal
64 Mother.
66 Street
* The City Is Yours — The Latchstring Is Out
We are mighty proud y
to have you as our
guests during this dis
trict convention— We
want you to have a
good time—We are go
ing to feel hurt and
disappointed beyond
measure if you do not
have a good time.

We mean this— If there
is anything in the world
any of us whose signa
tures appear on this
page can do to help you
enjoy your stay, we
want you to tell us
about it pronto.
And of course, if during your stay here you
have the time to look over our city, to visit our
citrus and vegetable packing sheds, to see our
magnificent public school system, to find out
something about our irrigation system, we will
be hapy.
San Benito, a city of happy homes, is proud
of itself, of its business institutions, its civic or
ganizations, we would like to have you know
No member of Kiwanis International should
feel himself a stranger here—We know Kiwanis—
y/e want Kiwanis to know us.
This Space Endorsed by the Following Individuals and Concerns
Runnels Gulf Serivce Station Ward-King Electric Co.
Valley Waffle Shop Brown Built Shoe Store
Resaca City News Co. Smart Shoppe
Alexander Marketing Co. Allison Dry Cleaners
City Cleaners Michel's Pharmacy
Grisham's Ice Cream Stonewall Jackson Hotel
Valley Box and Crate Factory
* *

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