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Cameron County Goes 5 to 1 Democratic Except in Governor’s Race
207 TORY
Except in the gubernatorial race
Cameron county went democratic
about five to one, according to
unofficial figures compiled from
all 34 prceiiKts in the countv. The
last precinct, No. 1 at Port Isabel,
made its returns late Thursday
“Ma” Ferguson made it a demo
cratic sweep, but she von only bv
207 votes over Orville Bulliigton
out of 8883 ballots cast. The ermnt
was Mrs. Ferguson 4,545, Bulling
ton 4,338.
IS Socialist*
On a basis of these unofficial
figures, B. Frank Hardin of Har
lingen. democratic nominee for
tax collector, led all opposed can
didates with a vote of 7.877. Chas
Bowie, popular San Ben.tan seek
ing the office of county attorney
on the democratic ticket, was sec
ond high with 1,875—Just three
votes to the rear.
Evidently Cameron county has
63 socialists for that many national
socialist ballots were cast Two
voters cast their ballots for the
Liberty ticket. There were one
communist and one Jacksonian.
The figures on the most impor
tant contested races, with demo
crats first and republicans second,
are set out below:
President-Vice President
Roosevelt-Garner . 7,147
Hoover-Curtis . 1,787
Mrs. Miriam Ferguson. 4,545
p Orville Bullington . 4,338
U. 8. Congress
John N. Garner . 7.473
Carloa G. Watson . 1.537
State Legislature
Milton West . 7.679
John Q. Adams . 1,309
W. Frank Brown .7.522
H. R. Jefferds . 1.52o
Judge, County Court
E. T. Yates . 7,729
H. M. Carroll . 1,255
County Attorney
Chas C. Bowie . 7,875
Kenneth Faxon . 1,137
County Clrrk
H D. Sea^a . 7,671
D- A. Phillios . 1,233
Tag Collector
B. Frank Haruin . 7 877
W. Reed Lang . 1,141
Tag Assessor
Ralph T. Agar . 7 "50
G. R. Bibsin . 1,239
County Treasurer
I s. Mary Muses . 7,730
I rs. Greta Mae Harri".. 1,213
Co nr., Pet. One
J G. WeitiCl . 549
V x An:.'r3S2n . 285
Comr, Pet. Tr.o
£ H. B _»1 . 2 528
E. A. M isers . 5„0
Cotnr., Fct. Three
J. D. Wa d . 1,383
C. W. Bull.van . 303
• Comr„ Pet. Four
Aarcn W. Cunningham . 2.452
Paul Lire . 404
Hide, Animal Inspector
J. D. Scrivner . 7.785
J C. McOoy . 1.215
J. P.. Pet. 2, Pie. 1
John Martin . 2.712
C. C. Hi^hsmith . 401
J. P.. Pet. 2, Pie. 2
Bertram Cjm'oe . 2.676
R. D. Howard . 462
Brownsville Constable
H3rry Wallis . 2,685
V.cente Crixell . 439
Barometric pressure was r'latlvelv
to moderately high over m06t cf
the United States this morning, at
tended by generally fair to clear
and moderately cold to cold weather
throughtcut the country, except in
the northeastern and far north
western states where It was cloudy
and unsettled with some precipita
tion. Light to heavy frost and some
free zing temperature occurred
throughout the cotton belt last
night, exceot in Florida and along
the immediate Gulf coast. Tem
peratures wr’-e moderating in the
far northwest this morning.
(First figures, lowest temnera
ture last night; second, highest
jresterdav third. ?*•■* ** rw!*v
8 a m ; fourth prerlnifatlon lr
t'- »-«t 24 hour*
Abilene . 30 50 .. .00
Amarillo . 28 46 .. .00
Atlanta . 30 52 12 .00
Au Mn . 36 58 10 00
F. 52 60 .. .00
E' TTJE ... 44 62 .. .O'*
T airport . 40 61 .. .00
C^-ary . 12 *0 .. .00
Cr',cmrr> . 26 28 .. 00
C’-'ve’an* . 26 44 18 .00
C'-mis Christl .... 4? 64 .. .00
. 34 4R 12 .00
r«l rto . 30 58 .. .00
P«rver . 28 40 10 .o'*
C’*y . ?2 44 10 .(*o
F' Fi*«o . ** M .. 0o
p-**. Bmith . 30 ao .. .on
F**’ena . 34 38 .. .O'*
p^.c-^n 4*> .. p'
p?**v*n . ?o *»8 .. o'*
. 4*1 78 17 .17
rty !....! 07 20 00
I ^ Ar*"'»,es . 60 84 no
jon^i’e . ?« 34 18 00
M"**T'»'v'is . ?o 44 #> pa
. 6° 74 .. .'*'*
. 4S *8 ., .PO
p—fK w.e. . v 44 .. .O'*
r -'*'*''1—a c ty -*8 .. .OO
*1 *7 . 07
. rr\ 12
r—* »~**'ur.’4 K6 ., .00
.. r* ** .. -oo
r * ” . «*7 74 18 O'*
— ,..1 '»'» **o 12 o'*
- * .... 40 •*"
r . • ** S'* 17 .O'*
, •. —, . [ «* »4 it O'*
• «i n e*
__.. 1,4 e< 0*
--„ p'' "** 44 O"
r *»* “O .. .60
........ 30 M .. .0*
.......... 16 34 .00
........ 4<* 16
Wlnnemucca . 1* 52 .. -®0 1
_ *
Men Who Designed
Skyscrapers Take
Fling At Dresses
CHICAGO. Nov. 12—</Pj—Hands
that designed some o! Chicago's
skyscrapers took a fling at fern.
nine fashion designing and the
startling results were shewn to
the world today.
The ideas of seven architects of
what women will wear in 1933 in
clude :
A street frock with only one
sleeve, a satin afternoon dress
with an oil cloth Jacket and an
evening gown with elbow length
The architects are responsible
for much of the building designs
at a century of progess. Chicago’s
second world's fair, which opens
next year.
Tall slim figures are the "sites”
cn which the architects envision
ed their creations. In the length
the costumes are extra long, some
OKLAHOMA CT"Y. Nov 12. <#>,—
Pointing out that Pres.-elect Roose
velt is a member of the Georgia
Cotton Co-Operative association and
John N. Gamer, vice-president elect
comes from the leading cotton
growing state, the Oklahoma Cot
ton Grower, official organ of the
Oklahoma Cotton Growers’ associa
tion sets in the new democratic re
gime **a new deal” for the cotton
“With this new deal,” let us take
courage and look to the future th
faith.” the newspaper says. “It
should be remembered, however,
that agriculture is not going to be
taken by the -;ape of the n^ek :
h* pitched over into a Garden of
Eden or a field of prosperity."
For East Texas: Fair a urday
night; not quite so cold Ui north
west portion; frost except in thr
Lower Rio Grande Valley; freezin
in interior cf extreme east por
tion; Sunday generally fair ar
somewhat warmer.
Ll' ht northerly winds on th.
There w.ll be no mater.al change
n the river during the next 24 to
8 hours.
ptooa P-enent 24-Hr 24-Hr
Sirne Since Ch: tig Rain
Ea-le Fasa 16 5 0 -o.i .00
Laredo 27 1.3 -0.4 .00
Rio Grande 21 8.6 -0.6 .00
Hidalgo 22 10.5 -0.4 .00
Mercedes 20 14.3 -0.3 .00
Brownsville 18 14 6 -0.3 .00
High and low tide ? ^ort Isabel ■
Sunday, under normal meteor
ological cond.tions;
High . 5:10 p. m.
Low . 9:08 a. m. !
Sur. st today . 5:42
Sunrise tomorrow . 6:47
____ !
P1IONE 237
South-Land Beauty Shop
14th A Elizabeth Sts.
See Adv. in This Paper
of the everung gowns ending in
trains. The waist-line, when not
ignored, was lower than this sea
A straight skin-tight satin af
ternoon frock, half of the skirt
being white and half yellow at
tracted attention. Doan each side
of the skirt was a band of black
oil cloth. The costume had a black
oilcloth wast length jacket with
puffed elbow sleeves. It was com
pleted by an oil cloth sailor hat.
Another model was of grass
green wool street dress with a
collar banded with three bands
of patent leather and fastened on
one side and extending down the
left side so as to cover the arm
to the elbow. There was no sleeve
on that side. The one sleeve had
a wide cuff of patent leather.
The gowns, which were made
according to ‘•blue-prints-’ and
•-specifications-‘ were given the r
premier-showing at a banquet at
the Red. White and Blue Club,
one of Chicago's society's charity
The architect - designers were
John Root, Abel Faidy. Sam Marx.
Walter Frazier, Lewis Sh dmore,
Alfred Shaw, and Ernest Gruns
Cortinas Rites
Mrs. Isidora Cortinas, 56. died
at her residence on 13th and Har
rison streets Thursday at 10 p. m.
and was buried Friday morn ins
from the Immaculate Concepcion
church with Interment in oty
cemetery. She Is survived by one
son, Jose. Delta Funeral Home
handled arrangements.
ALPINE. Nov. 12.—(>P>—To poor
Lo, the pale faces have always
insisted on living under crazy laws
and customs. So thought a band
of Kickapoo Indians who recently
crossed the Rio Grande at Hot
Springs in the southern extremity
of Brewster county.
They came across from their
homes in the Del Carmen range
jci old Mexico. Their purpose was
i to pay a friendly visit to the
health seekers at Hot Springs and
trade a little with J. O. Langford
who runs a small store at his re
Deer Plentiful
Deer are plentiful in the Del
Carmen, and it was no troublej
for the Kickapoos to bring with
them some fat deer hams to
trade for tobacco, calico, flour,
cartridges, cigarettes or what
have-you. They reasoned that df»?r
meat was always acceptable re
gardless of season, so they gather
ed up fifteen Juicy hams and
proceeded to cross the river ac
companied by their sqaaws arid
The several Mrs. Kickapoos also
carried some trinkets for birte.-.
such as bea~s, pottery and blank
ets. for they too longed to do some
much needed shopping in the
white man's emporium.
Why should an old river stand
as a barrier between folks jcho
wanted to visit and trade a little?
Pale faces like fresh venison. Ind
ians like gee-gaws and dingle-bobs
that the white man sells. To the
Indian its Just plain swapping, but
to the white man it becomes inter
national trade, hedged and hamp
A SAVINGS Account if the stock in trade of
many a person of moderate means from which
will be drawn future profits—profits that are
continually piling up in the form of interest and
compound interest.
Start a
Cap!*cl Stock
Paid In
Prom Earnings
National Bank
Brownsville, Texas
Portable—Easily Removed for Use Elsewhere
Sears Silvertone Superheterodyne
Battleship Construction—Magnavox Dynamic Speaker
I nit ailed.
Terms if
• Automatic Voluma Control
• Laiest Low Dro’n Type Tubas
• Chassis, Speaker, Control in One Unft
• Users Report Coest-to-Coast Reception
The most practical auto
radio I Easily installed—
easily removed 1 Excep
tional in tone—in per
formance — in construc
tion. Strong and reliable.
Uses less current than
one headlight Auto
matic volume coiitr'd
•tops fading Installed
complete at only 39.95.
Price Includes:
Radio Receiver.
Running Board Aerial.
Matched Sitvertone Tube*.
Four “BM Battenes.
Spark Pluq Suppressors.
Distributor and Generator Con
■InstaPatio*—Free Ttrvit*
. Full Guarantee by Seers.
ered by & maze of interdictions |
and regulations.
Rangers Spoil Fun
They soon mingled with the
curious health seekers and offered
their meat and multi-colored
wares. The stuff offered was tempt
ing. To an epicure what is finer
than venison steak. Pale feminine
hands itched to possess soAe of
the brJUiant beads and ancient
like pottery. But who dared to
trade, with three formidable, dusty
Texas rangers arriving on the
scene from their camp at Boquil
lias. Taking in the situation the
rangers soon told the Indians in
nver-Spanish that they were in
fringing on international laws and
must go back to their homes or
suffer embarrassing consequences.
Slowly and reluctaxly they re
crcssed the strange river and dis
appeared towards the bright es
carpments of the Del Carmen,
shaking their heads and ponder
ing the foolish customs of the pale
McAllen Library
Will Open Soon
McALLEN. Nov. 12.—The new
McAllen Public Library will be
opened within a short time by the
McAllen Study Club, according to
the announcement Friday of club
The library has been given space
in the McAllen Chamber of Com
merce building until such time as
it outgrows those quarters. More
than 500 volumes have been
donated by interested McAllen
reslderts. irvatV /-f »hP
number originally sought by the
vlU D*
"" .-- -—
HARLINGEN. Nov. 12.— The
South Texas Shippers association Is
preparing to send representatives
to Washington for a hearing No
vember 18. when the question of
consolidarng three of the rate
cases applying to the Valley will
; be taken up.
All of these cases seek Increased
rates and shippers of the Valley
| have been active in opposition to
them during the past year i.nd a
i half.
At the hearing the question of
combining docket 3820. the case
which was recently suspended un
til May 20. next year, with two
previous docket* will be taken up
So far there has been no an
j nouncement of opposition to the
proposed consolidation. C. D Wai
I !*ce. secretary of the association.
| said.
- —.—1 -
Cisneros Drug Wins
Westclox Co. Prize
Third prize m the druk store
Westclox window display contest
' was awarded to Cisneros Drug
i store of Brownsville, it has been
Cisneros Drug was the only drug
store in Texas to win one of the
The display was arranged by
Joe Sandoval, head clerk of the
store, and clocks were used to
i lustrate the difference in time
in principal cities of the world.
(Special to The Herald)
WESLACO, Nov. 12—The South
Texas Shippers Association wiU
hokl a regular meeting here Mon
day night.
All Makes Perfectly Repaired
Recently completed installation of additional radio
equipment on aircraft for Pan American Airway* at
Brownsville Municipal Airport.
All Work Guaranteed to be Satisfactory
Phone 1379-R
“Sure, it Starts at
3 o’Clock
And lasts all week.
Let’s plan to attend
every day at that
Say Marge, ....
D o you know
that Sears’ cook- '
inp school starts
I Mr. M. H. Reed Will Conduct the Most Amazing-Scientific I
of the Age at SEARS
Classes every day this week at 3 P. M.,
He Will Show
You How to—
—Cook a complete meal in only 10 minutes . . •
Roast, fry, hake, stew or can—all with the ^
same utensil!
—Do prize-winning Cold Pack canning . . . by
the only method recommended by the U. S.
department of agriculture as safe!
—Cook savory meats, tasty vegetables, deli
cious desserts, in one-third the time, with
one-third the fuel! Half the trouble!
—Cook everything from poultry to meat roasts,
vegetables to deserts at one time, without
odors or heat in your kitchen!
—Preserve such minerals as iron, lime, potash
and all the vitamins in your meals, through
pressure cooking.
Shop at Sears
and Save!
Harlingen, Texas

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