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subjects placed high on the demo
cratic legislative program—appro
priations and Philippine indepen
dence—injected sharp controversies
into congress todav as it attacked
these important questions of the
short session.
Freedom in 18 Years
While tlie Hawes-Cutting bill
granting island freedom in 18 years
was debated in the senate, the bouse
appropriations committee took up
the treasury post office supply bill
with the necessity of deciding
whether Pres. Hoover's recom
mendations of new federal pay
cuts should be followed.
The house itself, meanwhile in
clining an interested ear to beer
hearings in its ways and means com
mittee, gave its time to general
debate on the president’s annual
message, with party disagreements
developing over his suggestions for
a general sales tax. new economies
and the slashing of benefits to war
The problem of extending agri
cultural aid was dominant in dis
cussions on both sides of the capi
tol as the result of the conference
of senate democrats yesterday and
a meeting of 50 house members of
both parties last night The demo
cratic list this along with prohi
bition. unemployment relief, econo
my and other measures as part of
their goal to avoid an extra session.
Deficit Draws study
Meanwhile, Mr Hoover’s estimate
that the present fiscal year will end
One Sure Way to
End Coughs and Colds
Persistent coughs and colds lead to
fcerious trouble. ^ ou can stop them now
with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote
that is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a
new medical discovery with IVofold ac
tion; it soothe* and heals the inflamed
membranes and inhibits germ growth.
Of all known drugs, creosote is recog*
faired by high medical authorities as one
of the greatest healing agencies for per
sistent coughs and colds and other forma
of throat troubles. Creomulsion contain*
in addition to creosote, other healing ele*
tnents which soothe and heal the infected
membranes and stop the irritation and in
flammation, while the creosote goea on to
the stomach, is absorbed into the blood,
attacks the seat of the trouble and checka
the growth of the germs.
Creomulsion is guaranteedaatisfactcry
in the treatment of persiatent coughs and
colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and
ether forms of respiratory diseases, and
is excellent for building up the tystero
after colds or flu. Money refunded if any
cough orcold, no matter of howlong stand*
ing. is not relieved after taking according
todinretions. Ask your druggist. (Adv.) I
Miss Helen Layton, above, of
Wichita, Kan., grandniece of Vice
President Curtis, is the bride of
Forest Bernard Cox. former foot
ball star, now assistant coach of
football and basketball at the
University of Kansas.
with a $1,140,000,000 deficit excited
! renewed study of the presidential
i budget for operating government
departments. At the same ’time
members looked for the special mes
sage which the president had prom
ised on war debts and reorganiza
tion of the federal machinery. War
debts were brought up in the house
yesterday with the tenor of debate
indicating continued congressional
opposition to relieving debtor na
WASHINGTON. Dec. 8 .,-P -In
dependence for the Philippines,
pledged by the democratic party,
was taken up today as the Im
mediate chief concern of the sen
' ate.
Leaders of both parties looked
for passage of a bill by next week.
The measure before them, consid
ered today under an agreement
made before adjournment of the
last session, was the Hawes-Cutting
bill, granting freedom to the islands
18 years after passage. But changes
were forecast, largely because it
conflicts sharply with the Hare bill
—passed by an overwhelming ma
jority bv the house last session—
which provides for full freedom in
eight years.
Both measures are opposed by the
American Farm Bureau Federation
on the grounds that thev fail to
provide the strict limitation desir
ed of free imports from the islands
during the transition period pending
full economic and political freedom
ANN ARBOR. Mich. Dec. 8. t>P)—
Did a cold in the head change the
timid aon of a university profes
sor first to a dram major and then (
to a highway robber and automobile
Or ir the case of Ransom H.
Hawley, Jr., just like that of any
other 18-year-old youth accused of
This question was presented to- |
day to a Washtenaw county jury
which heard oil the one side testi
mony that Hawley, son of a pro
feasor in the University of Michi
gan Engine; mg college, held up
two gasci'ne stations and stole two
automobiles, snd on the other that
he suffers from ‘ mental sickness"
traceable to a severe cold.
The defem? story of the change
in the youth's disposition and hab
its started with his father’s state
ment that his son became irritable
and moody after the cold in Septem
ber, 1931. Then followed physicians,
led by Dr. Franklin O. Lmdomulder.
professor of neurology at the uni
versity, who attributed the change to
encephalitis, or inflammation of the
brain, contracted from the inflam
mation accompanying the cold.
The physicians told how young
Hawley had been “immature, child
ish. in need of protection." but after
the condition they described de
veloped. wanted to show off.’’ seek
ing and obtaining the post of drum
major of the Ann Arbor high school
band. The robberies, they said, re
sulted from the same "mental sick
Jews Will Celebrate
Feast of Dedication
Beginning Friday. Dec. 23. one of
the most interesting minor holidays
in the Jewish calendar will be cele
brated for a period of eight davs.
It is known as Hanukkah. the
Feast of Dedication, and being a
home festival, it is anticipated by
all. especially the children, since to a
great extent it has become a chil
dren's festival.
The festival commemorates the
events of the period from 168 to 165
B. C. E. Antiochus Epiphanes. the
king of Syria, wishing to unite all
the provinces under his dominion
into one nation, issued a decree that
only the Greek religion was to be
practiced thenceforth. He thereup
on tried to suppress Judaism, burn
ed the Sacred Scr>-” •. of the law and
set up idols in the Holy Temple at
Jerusalem But the Jews did not
submit to his decree. Instead, they
resisted, and after a long protract
ed warfare. Judas Maccabeus, the
son of Mattathias the priest, sup
ported by his four brothers, defeat
ed the Syrians, and on the 25th day
of the month of Kislev in the* year
165 B. C. E.. removed the idols from
the Temple and rededicated it to the
service of God.
Sisters Are Killed
When Train Hits Car
NORTH ZULCH. Dec. 8 (*V-Mrs ;
Charles Hicks, 35, and her sister,!
Miss Jimmie Earl Whitmire, 17. were
killed yesterday and Mrs. Henry j
Kicks, sister-in-law of Mrs. Charles
Hicks, was seriously injured when j
their automobile was demolished by '
a passenger train at a grade cross- i
ing here.
Mrs. Henry Hicks suffered a frac
tured skull. Physicians said it wa?
doubtful that she would recover.
jp—Staple diet of their ancestors,
but only an occasional delicacy dur
ing the past hall century, buffalo
meat again this winter will be is
sued to "ndians of the northwc A
to sup Ter .ent diminshed larders.
While to he youth among the
tribesmen, perhaps, this Christmas
present of Uncle Sam means onlv a
full stomach, to their elders it con- I
jures recollections of ancient glor- i
ies, forgotten prowess with spear
and arrow behind thunderous hoof- |
beats on the open plains when the
buffalo were plenty and the Indian j
free to hunt them.
Now. e>.:ept for those carefullv
guarded in Yellowstone Park and
other public and private preserves,
the buffal has gone and the Indian
settled down to less thrilling ras
But the <*reat herd in the western
park is outgrowing its range and
about 250 of the 800 head must be
disposed of. Most will be butchered
and turn 1 over to the crow and
blackfeet Indians.
Friday - Saturday
Pork Shoulder
Pork Loin Roast .. 12c
Veal Chuck Roast . 10c
Veal Stew, pound . 8c
No extra rharfe for
Market Square
U. S. IS NOW !
second firm, polite refusal to ex
tend the war debt moratorium was
ir the hands of the British today
while the American government
waited to see how much of the near
ly $125,000,000 due Dec. 15 would be
paid by foreign debtors.
A few hours after renewed opposi
tion to reducing tliese obligations
had been heard in congress. Sec.
Stimson last night gave Sir Ronald
Lindsay, the British ambassador, the
United Slates reply to that coun
try's newest request for suspension
of payments this month.
While the contents were not made
patblic, it was assumed in official
quarters that the note said again
that congress alone could change
the debt situation, that the presi
dent would ask creation of an
ncy to stud- it, and advised that
payment be made.
At least six countries have asked
for a new moratorium, the Belgian
government making a second appeal
yesterday. Pres. Hoover is expected
soon to transmit a special message
on the debt question to congress
Meanwhile. Sec. Stimson is unde*-,
stood to be preparing a second reply
to Prance.
Two Die In Wreck
SAN MARCOS. Dec. 8. lAh-Taylor
Cliett. 31. and Bobby Swift, 25. both
of San Marc06. were killed In an
automobile accident yesterday while
on a hunting trip to the hill coun
try west of here.
Their automobile skidded on loose
gravel and overturned In a ditch be
side the New Braunfels-Bianco
highway, 15 miles from Fredericks
burg. Cliett was killed instantly.
Swift died last night in a New
Braunfels hospital.
MADISON Wifi.. Dec. 8 —A
machine to impart the health giv
ing qualities of vitamin D to fluid
milk at the rate of more than 3.000
quarts an hcur was given final tests
at the University of Wisconsin to
Developed to make the Steenbock
process for directly Irradiating milk
with vitamin D commercially feas
ible. the machine will be made
available to all dairies licensed by
the Wisconsin alumni research foun
•'It utilizes the qualities of ultra
violet rays in such a practical and
economical way that the lradiation
of milk is now only a matter of
snapping an electric switch.” Dr
Harry L. Russel, director of the
Twenty-three of the 56 men who
signed the Declaration of Inde
pendence had attended college.
Matamoros Cafe
Night Club Revue
Starting December 8th
Indefinte Engagement
Floor Shows Nightly
10 — Clever Show People —10
For reservations Phone 77 Matamoros
No Cover Charge
Geo. Leonard and Charlie Warden, Managers
NFW YORK. Dec. 8 t/f*—The
scales of International settlements
appear to be tilting so sharply
against France as to promise a sub
stantial return flow of gold from
that country to the United States.
Would Be Revenied
This, if it occurred, would mark a
complete reversal m the dirfctiou of
the gold stream For. In 15 months.
France levied a toll of nearly a bil
lion dollars on America's gold re
A strong possibility that gold will
be shifted in heavy volume from
the bank of France vaults to the
American Central bank is seen in
the recent weakness of the French
franc. At its present quotations of
■round 3 90 3-9 cents it is at lbs
level where It Is theoretically more
profitable to ship gold here than to
purchase dollars.
France Palled Heavily
The heavy flow of France start
ed in September. 1931. foUortng
England s abandonment of the gold
standard. By the end of that year,
French withdrawal from the United
States totalled over 1360.000. X
During subsequent developments
France continued to puli heavily n
her balances here, which of course
were shipped to her in gold.
The ability of France to part with
considerable gold without weaken
ing her reserves is unquestioned to
international banking quarters in
view of the gold holdings of the
Bank of France. These approxi
mate more than $3,300,000,000 aa
compared with about $2,700,000,000 a
year ago.
“Miss Green do. let me help you
Id some more pudding.*
“Well. I will take some more, but
only a mouthful."
“Bella.** said the hostess to tho
maid, -fill Miss Green’s plate’—
a Gillette
It carries ike penralt al
Kla« C. Gillette.
• You save time and effort when
you shave with the “BLUE
BLADE.” Every stroke with your
razor leaves a clean, smooth
shaven path. When you’re through
there's no need to remove the blade
from the holder. Just loosen the
handle a trifle and rinse under hot
water. The “BLUE BLADE” IS
then clean and ready for the next
shave. This exclusive feature, com
bined with glass-hard shaving
edges, slotted, flexing center for
easy adjustment and other great
advantages,have madethe“BLL E
BLADE” an overwhelming fa
vorite. Try the “BLUE BLADE”
on our money-back guarantee
of comfort and satisfaction.
A»k your dealer to show you our special Gift Boa containing
100 "BLUE BLADES." You pay for the blades alone. The band
some cigarette er jewel ease—rich mahogany color—is free.
As you know, we bought the three big stocks of the Rio
Grande Hardware Co. in Harlingen, Weslaco and Raymond*
ville at 28 cents on the dollar. As we also told you, some
go: i friends put up the cash and we are under strict obliga
tions to pay it back by a specified date.
Our time is a Vnost up; a lot of cash must still be raised; there is no time to
lose, so for the rest of this sale we offer
New and Bigger Bargains
Get on the Band Wagon - Bring Out Your Savings
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•een in South Texa*.
. Extra Special, Finish-up Prices
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counts on Electrical Appliances, Stoves, Gas Heaters and have sold around 50*^ of the entire stock, but there is a
good choice left if you hurry. Our stock of Paints, Varnishes, Floor waxes is melting and the big warehouse is
showing up pretty bare.
on all our Tool*, Garden and Farm Implement* and Tractor*
baw*. Hammer*, Drill*, firace* and Bit*, Plane*, Squares, Level*,
Chisel*, Lawn Mowers, Spades, Shovels, Rakes, Axe*, Machetes,
Hoea^ Electrician* Tools, Mechanic* Tool*, Tool* for the Contrac
nir n., f°,r the B,acksmith ~ everything closing out in ONE
nltj rush.
A considerable quantity of nails of various sizes at 2 cents and 3
cents per pound.
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Remember the three stores—Harlingen — Weslaco — Raymondville

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