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I THE WEATHER | /%j |4>a «|Z g*f A%S | 4fl rt 5.
1> cloudy Wedne sd tfv ■ v B| 1/ jP 11 1 I | | | I | ( 1 I I l| jPj I J III UP 111 LondOM
Thursday: much chin«e in I N I I B^ If I I B B B B B B B_ / B II II I.IA, ^L. today co nfidence
temperature. BB ^B B 1|TtT W^f W ” W American return..
deuts of the Valley stand sure 10
b* rewarded for their ettorts in
behalf of the Democratic parly at
the hando of the new deal ad- j
Associated Press dispatches to
the Herald today lrom Washing
ton say that Harry' L Sexton, for
mer editor of the Brownsville
Herald and for the past several
secretary to John Garner, is
collector of customs of the
\ntomo district.
That is not quite news, having
been published in the Herald sev
eral weeks ago.
What, is news is ,m- announce- j
ment that W. R. Montgomery of
Edinburg, well known Hidalgo
conuty lawyer, u to be attorney j
general ot Puerto Rico.
The Valley has been done pretiv 1
well by. we would say, with the
granting of these two very nice
plums to Valley folk.
• • •
ville tells larmers of the Combes
To ’’stick to your farms.
Right he is.
You cannot get away from the
theory, no matter how hard you
Tnat people, now unemployed in
the big cities ol ihe land,
Are going to turn to the tarm.
Further you iani escape the
theory —
Fostered by the hope—
That things arc going to come
And that there will comparative
ly soon.
Be a real value lot the products
ot the farm.
regulations placed on .He conduct
ol bank., by the new secretary 01
the treasury.
No nerd lor suffering under these
Dralts for tooo shipments may
bt paid through banks under the
regulations published m the He;
aid yesterday.
Your banker has authority to
pay ou. money *n case ol actual
need for medical supplies and the
Also a is* are the regulation*
oal.' ned to protect tire bank.
h in this present instance
means protecting every one ol us
who have our little bit m the banks
The strongest dank in the coun
try needs protection right now
what with these bank holidays and
. .
impression got around here in
Brownsville regarding the sue ol
these RFC unemployment checks.
Most ot ‘he... checks are lot
sums under $ttm some ol them
are for sums over $4 00, but not
Merchatns art aged to take I
these checks ir trade.
That holding them need the
money and need it oadly.
Give them a lift, they wont
forget it when time* get better.
hfce the set: > being .v>ued in some
other sec. ions is scrip issued
against real ami actual securities,
held by the city oi Brownsville.
All of tiie crip put into circula
tion so far is against the city j
payroll, and uch oi it is secured
by actual cash field in the city '
The scrip is good as gold.
• • •
i try in the world that can take it
on the chin and come up with a
grin like the United States o:
I Auiema.
Our prop** are not cowed into
taking wna. tomes, no indeed.
Oui people are imbued witp A
m-nse of security, based on con- 1
fidenc* in themselves, in their
country and in their leaders
We know? we are tne greatest
country on earth, and '• e know 1
that any troubles which iv beset
the greatest country on earth can
be but purely temporary.
-w_ • • •
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Cameron Gets $20,000 for R.F.C. ‘Made Work *
* * .. *-—-* -
R. F. C. Work to Begin
Again in City
Unemployment relief work will
bi started in Brownsville again to
The work is being started again
following receipt of a communica
tion at the chamber of commerce '
here from Lawrence Westbrook, di
rector of emergency relief work,
operating out ot the office of Gov.
SMHkMl Allocated
Mr Wf si brook ga\e assurance
that additional funds are to be re
ceived as soon as tne bank situation
is worked out, and said that $20,000
has been allocated to Cameron ,
county. I
The work will be started in a i
limited way Thursday, a..o will be
increased until by next week it will
be going in full swing again in the
Brownsville district, according to
G C. Richardson. manag> r of the
chamber of commerce. The com
mittees in charge were making ar
rangement* today to get those in
greatest need of help working to
morrow. and during the remainder
ol the week.
Work Begin* Agaiu
If the $20,000 is received before
Monday, when the workers are paid,
they will be given cash. If it is not
received by then, checks will be
issued, Mr Richardson said, and
all merchants arc asked to honor
these checks, as they will be re
deemed as soon as the banking
situation is adjusted
Mr. Westbrook authorized the
chamber of commerce here to start
lie work again on the assurance
that the funds would be available
The unemployment relief work in
several communities of thp county
has been carried on without inter
ruption, those in charge taking a
chance on getting funds.
Hearings Resumed
In District Court
Tile case of Ambrosio Valdez.
20-v ear-old Santa Maria man
charged with assault with intent
to murder on E&piridion Diaz, was
before a jury in the criminal dis
trict court at noon Wednesday.
Valdez adnntied firing a shot
gun near Diaz Dec. 5 but claimed
that the shooting was accidental.
Diaz was not injured.
The case charging Chas. Oschnrr
of San Benito with driving while
intoxicated was dismissed when it
was found that he had been tried
in a lower court.
Four charges of embezzlement
against Fred B Latham ol Browns
ville, former head of the Cameron
Countv Potato Growers' association,
were to he called in the court some
time Wednesday afternoon.
Commissioner Made
Financial Dictator
LITTLE ROCK Ark.. March 8
PI The Arkansas legislature tenta
tively has approved measures mak
ing the bank commissioner virtual
ly fuiancial dictator of the state to
deal with banking crises.
Commissioner Marion Wasson
announced Arkansas banks would
own today under regulation, laid
down by the secretary of the treas
ury. Plans for issuing scrip are be
ing studied.
Sailor Decides To
Kill Boy, Find Body
SAN DIEGO. Calif . March 8. (4>.
—Henry Francis Hoffman. 27-year
old sailor who chose a 14-year-old
boy to slay because I suddenly de
cided to kill somebody and to be
hanged for it.” was under observa
tion today as to his mental condi
Hoffman called police and told
them he had killed a youth known
as J P McDonald. Jr., and that
they would fmd the body in a hotel
room Police wen; to the room and
discovered the body.
Veteran Di^'.
CORSCANA. March 8. T—Dr. J.
M V. Willis, 86 native of Georgia,
and practicing phv-irian in Navarro
county for more than 50 years, died
early today and funeral serdres
are scheduled ior tomorrow lie
was a Confederate veteran.
Surviving arc hi* widow, two
sons and live daughters.
Mrs. Hoover
Just Plain
‘Grandma ’
8 UP<—Her cares a* first ladv of
the land past. Mrs. Herbert Hoo
ver was just "grandma" today.
The wife ol the former presi
dent ol the United States arrived
in Pasadena yesterday and came
herp immediately to spend a few
days at the home of her son.
Herbert Hoover. Jr, member of
the faculty of the California In
stitute of Technology.
Mrs.- Hoover was welcomed at
the railroad station by a trio of
childish voices piping, "Hello,
grandma.” The voices were those
ol her Jon's children.
“I plan to remain here about
a week." Mrs. Hoover said "ana
plan to leave for Palo Alto, Calif.,
in time to get my own house
ready before Mr Hoover arrives.*
Driver Think* I* Another
Road, Head* Car
Into Ditch
• Special to The Herald i
HARLINGEN. March 8 — Two
Valley women were in hospitals
this morning as the result of an
unusual wreck near here last night.
The driver of a car in which the
women and another occupant were
riding thought he was on the Rio
Hondo road when he was driving
along the Grimes road about four
and a half miles northeast of town
The pavement ends abruptly on
both roads. On the Rio Hondo
road a dirt road to the left, may be
taken where the pavement ends by
making a sharp turn.
The driver reached the end of the
pavement, made the sharp turn to
the left, and discovered that *
sharp turn to the left on the
Grimes road hurtles an automobile
into a 12-foot drain ditch.
As a result of the accident Mrs.
Minnie Han*r is in the Mercedes
hospital suffering both shoulders
broken and jjosMble internal in
juries. Miss Mozelle is confined to
the Valley Baptist hospital with in
juries to her left knee and bruises.
The other occupants of the car
were uninjured.
Corsicana Bank
Business Grows
CORSICANA March 8 • t —No
ticeable increase in business was rr
iiorted by both Corsicana banks
Wednesday on the second day they
were opened following nationwide
banking holiday. A number of
new accounts werr reported, gov
ernment checks cashed, and many
merchants presented bales of checks
for collection only.
Both banks had their entire
clerical staff busily engaged in run
ning their checks through the usual
routine preparatory to the resump
tion of normal business as soon as
liermission is given by national au
A considerable amount of old
style currency and some gold was
reported coming back into circula
Death Penalty I*
Remanded by Court
LIBERTY March 8 Dist.
Atty. Clyde Smith announced he
would demand the death penalty
for Mrs. Pearltc Browney. 36. whose
trial on murder charges, fa? the
death of her husband. Doc Woods>
Browney. 62. r.ightwatchman at
Moe* Bluff, was set to begin here
B Barrow. 35. was charged with
Mrs Browney with murder, and the
\oung woman’s mother. Mrs R O.
Sherman. 75. was charged with be
ing an accomplice.
Holmes Observes
His 92nd Birthday
WASHINGTON March 8 r —
Ninety-two years old »oda\ Xas
Oliver Wendell Holmes, jurist, lec
turer. lawyer and now principally
a practitioner of the art < I leisure
ly living
His birthday didn't mean for
him. as it mieht for some, a visit
to the supreme court to receive the
congratulations of those with whom
he worked so long as a justice. It
meant, instead that soon spring
and summer would be here and he
could extend his aulomobil rides
:o the Virgu ia Ciul war battle
fields he loves . nd on which j was
wounded several times as a Massa
chusetts volunteer.
FWi thdrawal
I Draft Meets
JEHOL CITY Jehol, March H —
The Japanese arrnv com .Meted
today the seizure if 230 mi.cs of
the Great Wall of China, extend
ing from the mner Mongolia bor
der to the Yellow Sea.
Gen. Tadashi Kawaimra !oth
infantry brigade, wnic.i climaxed
the invasion of Jehol with 'he
capture of this city Ju>t .-•amriir*.
occupied Kupeikow, the Great 'Vail
gateway to Peiping, at noon todav.
It engaged in a six-hour final bat
tle to ous„ the Chinese front tht
last pa** they held in the wa’l
on the southern Jehol jrontier.
Chinese fled m the iirrtt.on of
Peiping, 65 miles sou’.axcs of
Kupeikow. Airplanes bombed thu
retreating columns. The Chine.sa
commander of the desperate last
sturd was Wang Yiche.
The Japanese halted at the pass
For the time beuig they ire re
maining there havmg denied they
intend to push °n to Pei.ling jt:
less reprisals against the Japuw :•
ivopulation in that city, the center
of tne international treaty area of
north China, forced them.
TOKYO March 8.—/Pt— Tlie
cabinet approved and sent to the
privy council today the draft of
a communication in which Japan
is expected to notify the League
o: Nation* about March 20 of her
withdrawal from that interna
tional body
Foreign Minister Yasyua Uchlda
previously subnutted tlie draft to
the emperor fer his approval.
The Japanese cabinet decided
February 21 'o withdraw irom the
League ol Nations if that body
approved a re]>ort condemning the
i >anesr policy in Manchuria The
Hague adopted the report three
dayi later and tne Japanese d* le
gation walked out cf the assembly
meeting at which the action was
Death Penalty Is
Asked for Woman
AUSTIN March 8- l> _ The
court of criminal appeals today
reversed and rpmanded a death
penalty judgment against Barney
Blackshcar, convicted in Snntii
comity for the murder of Viola
Viola Brmioerrv and her hus
band. George Brimberry. were
iound slam in a log cabin near
Arp. in the east Texas oil field
on March 2i last.
Blackshear was clia.^rd with the
double crime after hoc. iound in
Ills possession * allied with tracks
discovered in the nc.mty of the
Brimberry cabin and leading to
the nome of Bla-\ heart. brother
Five San Benito
Men Off to Pen
Five San Brnito men. sentenced
to 18 years, were picked up at the
Cameron county jail Wednesday by
a penitentiary agent
Casimiro Cortez, who has done
time before, left to serve a five vear
sentence on a charge of burglary.
Agustin Garcia. Ernesto Guerra
and Lorenzo Salinas are to serve
four year terms on charges of bur
glary and theft Garcia and Salinas
were given concurrent 4-ycar terms
while Guerra was given four con
current terms of four years each.
Jose Castillo was given one year
after conviction on a charge of
violating the Dean act.
France Names New
U. S. Ambassador
PARIS. March 8 <p —Andre Le
fevre de la Boulave, veteran of the
French diplomatic service, today
was named ambassador to Wash
1 mgton.
He succeeds Ambassador Paul
Claudel, who was named to the
Brussels post succeeding Charles
Corbin, who in turn was appoint
ed to go to London.
Youth to Die For
Slaying of Clerk
I LUBBOCK March 8—t.-P)_ ^
jury in seventy-setxnd distrfet
court todiy sentenced Paul Mitch
ell. 24. to dea*h in the electric
chair for the slaving of Robe;
1 harp, young grocery clerk here
Cc;. 15. 1932. It was the first
death twt'.tonce ever given in Lub
j bock county.
France’s New
Envoy to U. S.
Succeeding the scholarly Paul
Claudel, Fiance's new anib.i a
dor to the 1,'nited States is
to b»* Andre L<»t»'bore do
LalHiulayc, above. M. I.abou la>e
is 57. a veteran diplomat, and a
i.'Ota i friend of Pi • nidk >t
Hoove veil. Vdjustnient of the
French war debt will Ire his big ^
Boettcher’s Abductors
Believed Headed
For Border
DENVER. March 8. V—The ever*'
widening search for the abductors of
Charles Boettcher. 2nd spread
across the international line into
Two of six persons against whom
kidnaping charges have been filed
in United States district court are
believed by Chief of Police Albert
T Clark of Denver to be fleeing
i this country They are Vein San
key. 41. named by police as the
probable leader of the gang which
held the 31-year-old wealthy broker
captive more than two weeks and
then collected $60,000 ransom for
his safe release, and Gordon EIk
horn. alias Gordon B^st. 33.
>1one\ Is .Marked
Police said both men formerly liv
ed in Canada and were employed
by the Canadian National Railway.
They were believed by officers to
have started their flight from the
vicinity of Sankey s ranch. 18 miles
northeast of Chamberlain. South
Dakota, where Arthur Youngbuerg.
| 37. one of the six charged, was ar
rested. Tlie house has been iden
tilied bv oflicers. through descrip
tions given by Boe'tcher as the
place where he was held during
ransom negotiations with his multi
millionaire father, Claude K.
Clark, directing the hunt, said he
believed the two were heading into
Canada to change into Canadian
money the ••hot" $60 000 in the
United States currency the gang
received for liberating the scion of
a pioneer Colorado family a week
ago. They were paid with $5. $10
and $20 marked notes.
Two Women Named
Besides the two still at large, and
Youngberg. who has waived extra
dition and is bring returned here,
these arc named in charges filed
by Ralph L Carr. United States dis
trict attorney:
Mrs Ruth Kohler. 39; Mrs. Vern
Sankey. mother of two children,
and Carl Pearce, 36. All arc in jail
! Carr said the charges are among
the first filed under a new’ fed
: eral statute known as the "Lind
bergh law." which allows a federal
judge virtually unlimited authority
to impose heavy sentence upon con
Film Employe* To
Take 8-Day Slash
HOLLYWOOD. Calif . March 8
> r—Faced with an ultimatum from
producers that all film studio ac
t n itics will cease unless drastic pay
an 8-week period, union labor lead
ers and ofticials of the Association
cuts are taken by all employes for
Of y .on Picture Producers pre
pared t confer today on the prob
lem. Th - studios will remain open
pending settlement of the pro
The Academy of Motion Picture
Aits and Sciences, in special ses
sion. recommended to its members
i that the cuts be taken.
Expansion by Federal
Reserve Believed
Present Plan
WASHINGTON, March 8.—(>P>—
Sec. Wcodin said today that actual
currency would be circulated in
place of scrip or clearing house
ct*ruficau**a under a plan now be
ing formulated.
He did not disclose the plan
under which currency would be
used, but made it clear that a for
mal plan lor scrip or ether medium
of exchange issue was being aban
Bv The Associated Pressl
With gradually loosening re
frictions, the bank holiday will
be continued until congress pass
es new legislation. j
Meantime, gold can not be
paid out. but banks depositing
gold with their federal reserve
banks will receive in return cur
rency which they can pay out
now for necessities.
Mew curerncy also will b. is
sued against other reserves made
available under the Giass
Stcagall bill.
Maximum use of currency
(other than gold* is intended,
keeping use of scrip to a mini
Both the present emergency
regulations and the permanent
legislation are being framed to
keep the strong banks doing
business, rather than to bolster
Actually insolvent institutions.
Tne secretary appeared highly'
cpunustic of the outlook.
Highly Optimistic
We can set the light here. ’ he ■
aid with a smile on addressing
newspapermen who surrounded him
at iiia oil ice in the treasury.
"This tlnng isn't going to pieces. ’ j
It appeared that announcement<
as to what form ol money was to
— At the treasury and White
House, it was pointed out today
that under the regulations thus
far issued, sections desiring to
use scrip may obtain permission
from secy. Woodin to do so be
ginning Friday, if he considers
lhe emergency conditions in that
locality warrant.
be adopted and its backing must
tx made by midnight tomorrow,
because a conditional regulation
issued earlier in the week by
\*. oodin permits issuance of scrip
Friday morning.
The secretary had apparently
foreseen the j>. .vubilines of the
present plan, tor m issuing the
clcarmg house certificate issuance
permission he made it ronditionai
that it might be revoked.
Federal reserve currency could be
expanded $2,000,000,000. if the banks
took lull adtanlage of the Glass
Steagall law and have sufficient
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Hoover Makes First
Trip Without Guard
NEW YORK March 8.— V —
Walking abroad without a secret
service guard for only the second
tune in more than four years,
Herbert Hoover today enjoyed a
.-elf-conducted window shopping
taunt down Park avenue.
The ex-president wavs recognucu
by few persons as he left his close
1> guarded hotel apartment for his
morning walk, accompanied by his
youngest son. Allan, and his secre
tary, Lawrence Richey.
Several persons spoke to him
1 bx name, and he returned their
I meting with a nod hut tor ;h»
most part ins high-turned collar
against the heavy mist and light
; lain afforded him the non-recog
niuon he apparently desires.
Valley Grid Players
Get Suspended Terms
iSpecial to The Herald)
EDINBURG, March 8— Arthur
Calhoun and Ewm Bell, former
Fharr high school football stars,
pleaded guilty to charges o: rob
bery of lirearms ir. connection witn
the recent robbery of a filling
station near McAllen, and receix-ed
ssupended sentences ranging from
two to five years ir. district court
here yesterday.
The district grand jury recesoed
>«sterday after returning Z6 in
I dictments m two days. It will re*
< convene Match JO.
Nickel Beer
Appears In
Although the Mexican peso has
taken a jump since the bank
moratorium in this country and |
some money exchanges in Mata
moros are reported refusing to
buy the dollar, merchandising es- (
tablishments in Matamoros are
still taking American money, ano j
it still buys just as much.
In fact, in some instances it is
buying more.
For a five-cent glass ol beer
has now made its appearance in
Matamoros for the first time in
more than 20 years, and the price
of other drinks, in American
money, is as low as. or lower than
it has ever been.
The peso is now quoted at
from two to two and a half for
one, as against almost four to
one which it was several weeks |
'an Benito Boy Indicted
In Slaying Of
Fne indictments including one
charging Earl Dodson. 17-year-old
San Benito youth, with murder In
connection with the slaying of
Lehman Nelson. Harlingen flying
instructor, were returned by a spe
cial session of the grand Jury here
Tuesday afternoon. Dodson also is
charged with theft of an aeroplane
In another indictment.
One of the indictments returned
is a rpindictment of an old case,
and the nature of the other bills
has not been revealed pending ar
rest of the defendants.
It is understood that Cage John
son. Harlingen policeman, was no
billed In connection with the death
of Joseph Sulzor Sunday. Accord
ing to officers. Sulzor was killed by
a bullet which glanced off the
ground. Sul/er was ordered to halt
but fled, officers state, and the
shot was fired to frighten him and
halt his flight.
State authorities have deemed to
turn the shooting of Manuel Pulido.
Brownsville, over to federal authori
ties as the incident occurred in Fort
Brown. Dep. Sheriff E. M Yznaga
shot Pulido after a running fight
with men believed to be liquor
Dodson has been charged with
murder on the theory that he and
Frln McCall conspired to steal an
aeroplane as a result of which Nel
son was killed.
Nelson, as Instructor, took Mc
Call up for a practice tjight Feb
23. When the plane came back to
earth Nelson was dead with a bul
let through the back of his head.
McCall sprang from the plane, ran
a short distance and shot himself
through the head, witnesses state.
No indication has been given as
to the disposition of complaints
aRamst three other San Benito
vouths charging an attempted theft
of the plane. This alleged at
tempted theft was two days prior to
the double killing, officers sa>.
Janet Gaynor Seeks
To Divorce Writer
LOS ANGELES March 8 ..Pj—
Jealousy is assigned by Janet Gay
nor. screen star, as the principal
cause of a marital rift which caus
ed her to seek a divorce from Ly
tiell Peck, screen writer.
Tile actress' complaint filed yes
terday, sets forth that Peck was
unduly jealous and suspicious of
he r and suffered fits of anger and
ouarreled with her over jietty
thing} Ttli* she charged, tnter
ferred with her professional career.
Golf Ball Injury
May Cause Death
ABIT ' NE March 8 -Struck
ox. the head by a golf ball yester
day a! p local course. Cecil H Fol
hard 33. today was near death in a
hospital, his body partially paralyz
Folliard. assistant to the general
aitent of the Burlington Lines, of
xhich th< Wichita Valley railroad
is a part. wa,‘ playing with D M
Dickey. Anson agent for the Wi
. chita Valley.
‘Ma’ Announces Her
Education Choice
AUSTIN. March 8.- Gov
Miriam A. Fergusor. today aopoint
eo Larry Mills, of Dalla* county
and W A Morrison of Milam
conuty, to tbe state board of educa
To Keep Command Of
Situation Until
Laws Passed
WASHINGTON. March 3 — /P—
Pres Roosevelt intends to continue
his command of the national mon
etary situation until permanent
legislation is possible.
A new proclamation is due on
Thursday night when the present
holiday ends to continue ;he broad
power of the president over the
To Ask Broad Powers
In his message to the special
session of congress on Thursday.
Mr. Roosevelt will ask for broad
High covernmenl officials today
said Pres. K cose veil will ask
the new tongress this week to
grant him ihe widest authority
possible under the constitution
to effect immediate economies
in government eosts.
The request will be especially
directed at Ihe veterans" com
pensalion. I’nder the president's
plan, it was slated, he would
ask for authority to review all
cases relating to veterans, and
power to merge major depart
ments and cut statutory ap
Ihe request is uiidershiod to
be along the line of the proposal
\ iee Pres. Garner advocated In
the last congress as speaker.
powers to meet a sruation that is
changing from day to day.
Because of the swift moving
developments the president lee is
it. is impossible to lay down im
mediatel the broad bunkuig re
form program he has in mind.
There!-to. . .ter congress receives
his emergency program on Thurs
day. he will continue his personal
control over ihe banks pendmg the
com pit am of a permanent plan
to be submitted probably in two
or three weeks.
While scrip may still be resorted
to to gne tiic pc >ie currency dur
ing the banking resp'te. the pres
ident is inclined to believe that a
sounder and more feasible way can
be worked out now He apparently
is relying on the plan put forward
last night by the New York Fed
rral Reserve bank for additional
us« of federal reserve notes based
on the impounded gold.
'•ev.ion Todav
He will call ui congressional
k uder.s late tooay to talk over
plans for the social session. He is
v ill mg that congress recess tor
two or three weeks after taking
it:, emergency action in Thursday
to permit the draft mg of a more
definite and permanent program.
It ery definitely hinted to
t«0 at the White House that Mr.
Roosevelt will also include in his
message to congress on Thursday
a sweeping government reorganiza
tion proiKJs.il as the first step in
the drive to balance the budget
, which he has ruged in the past.
In his new proclamation on
I Thursday night tiie president m
| tends to keep ihe door dosed on
the gold in American banking
Every effort to relieve the dis
1 tress incident to the banking holi
uay is to be considered but Mr.
Roosevelt plans to keep the national
gold supply safe in vaults until he
feels the situation is in hand.
President t heerful
The views of tlie busy chief ex
ecutive who assumed office last
Saturday noon with the banks of
j the nation closed, were Riven in
lormally odo.v by him to news
papermen w ho jammed his office.
Dress 'd in ulue suit a: u blue tie,
Mr. R )' vt l appeared ch«*;fui as
ever as he shook hands with each
of the correspondents and then
rued question and an. wer with
' tlicm.
He ruled out ah written ques
! lions and told ’he newspapermen
he was ready to dis.uss with them
in a fami.'iar wav »L» govennr.er.t
He said he would not guarantee
to answer all questions 'or various
rca»ons but he did an*.v?r al! teat
were put to him today and a.most
without exception lime, related to
the trying domestic economis
for currency
WASHINGTON. March 8.—ppt—
An invitation to trade frozen gold
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