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_ l
Whiteside and Altamirano
To Clash in Main j
A strong all-star wrestling card,
headlined by a bout between Calvin
Whiteside, the U. of Oklahoma
product, and Marcelo Altamirano,
the lanky bundle of concentrated
energy from San Luis Potosi, will
be staged at the Brownsville Vet
arena Saturday night. This has the
appearance of a good match, for
both boys are young, strong and
willing mixers. Altamirano has a
big following in the bleacher sec
Whiteside if, far from a slouch at
this game for he was well trained
in college and has had ample sea
soning in professional bouts. Alta
mirano has plenty to learn, but he
has the physical set-up and is learn
ing rapidly. They are to go to a
The semi-final will bring together
Sammy George, the tough Beau
mont slugger, and Chas. Burgett
who is now making his headquar
ters in McAllen. Regardless of
whether the elect to wrestle or fight
these boys are sure to give the crov’d
the kind of entertainment it de
mands. They are scheduled two falls
to a finish.
Donkey Dickens and Charley
Heard are matched in one of the
openers, limited to one hour. These
boys are fast and buzz around ir
spectacular style.
The opener will pit the Texas K’d
against Bob Phillpot.
Numerous prizes, including a Pcrd
V-8. are to be given away. Ihe j
bouts are being held under the aus
pices of radio station KWWG.
NEW YORK, June 30. (/^—Al
though unaccustomed to being
knocked out, having experienced
that sensation only three times in
his 11 years in the ring, Jack Shar
key Vocepted his defeat by Primo
Camera with much more grace than
he did most of the victories that
carried him to the heavyweight
“It’s been a long time since this
happened to me,” he declared calm
ly, and, without malice, added, “I
suppose a lot of people are happy
Prom the time Sharkey’s handlers
led him from the scene of his down
fall, which a year ago saw his title
victory over Max Schmeling, the
Boston boxer was calm and quiet.
He was still dazed when he enter
ed his quarters but a cold shower
quickly revived him. As if referring
to some casual matter, he asked for
an explanation of his defeat.
“How did it happen? What round
was it? How was I doing?”
A few words filled the gaps that
Camera’s right uppercut made in
his brain.
He appeared to have reconciled
himself to such an ending long ago.
But when asked if he was going to
retire, he denied it.
“Am I going to hang up my
gloves? No, I’m not. I’m going to
fight again in a couple of weeks.
When I’m not so rusty. That’s what
is wrong with me now.”
“That's up to Jack,” Manager
Johnny Buckley said.
i 1 "1 i
WMEN Pl&vimg from
' When playing from rough lio
make sure clubface is open.
It’s bad enough to find your
ball imbedded in a rough lie, but
it’s a thousand times worse to try
and hit it out of such a spot with
a closed clubface.
Turning the clubface forward
at the start of your swing means
that you’ll surely strike the ball
with the clubface in this position
or even more closed.
Obviously this makes it more
difficult to get tiie ball up.
Open the clubface.
Lay it back a bit when you play
out of the rough.
And if the clubface is open as
you address the ball, chances are
you’ll land on the ball with it
open and thereby send it up in
ithe air as you desire.
We'd probably all be playing
tennis if all the women play
ers followed Bonnie Miller's
court costume. Miss Miller,
runner-up in last year's nation
al junior women’s tennis tour
ney, is pictured here as she ap
peared during the U. S. wom
en’s western championship
matches at Chicago.
Many Driven From
Homes by Fumes
Ammonia fumes, escaping from a
broken pipe line in an ice cream
factory, swept over a section of north
Philadelphia today, forcing hun
dreds of persons to leave their
Ruth and Company Again In
Tie for League
Associated Press Sports Writer
Taking divergent paths toward the
top, the New York Yankees and the
St.’Louis Cardinals have resumed
their courses toward the leading
places in the major leagues.
Seizing upon the first sign of
slacking in Washington’s winning
streak, the Yanks battered their way
back into a tie for the American
league lead yesterday at the ex
pense of the Cleveland Indians. The
Cards opened a direct attack on the
New York Giants, and walloped the
National league leaders 7-3.
The Yanks did a great job of
bunching their blows against Cleve
land to win 9-3. Lefty Gomez was
effective in the pinches and Babe
Ruth set the hitting pace for the
fourth straight New York victory.
Sens Are Beaten
The Senators, meanwhile, bowed
5-4 to the Detroit Tigers. After ty-?
Ing the count in the ninth, the Sen
ators kicked the game away in the
last half of the frame when Bill
McAfee gave a walk and booted
Heonie Schhtfle's sacrifice to set
the stage for Gerald Walker to drive
in the deciding run.
With Lefty Grove on the hill, the
Philadelphia Athletics defeated the
St. Losis Browns 4-1. Jirmie Foxx
hit his 19th homer.
The revived Phillies, paced by
Chuck Klein, continued to knock
off the National league’s first de
cision clubs as they hung a 6-4 de
feat on the third place Pittsburgh
Pirates. Klein knocked in all six
runs with two homers and two sin
The combination of Guy Bush’s
steady pitching and an 11 hit attack
on Walter Beck gave the Chicago
Cubs a 7-2 victory over the Brooklyn
Rain halted the Boston-Chicago
game, while the Braves and the Cin
j cinnati Reds had an off day in the
i National.
San Beni.t<
Gist’s 16, Merchants 1.
Rotary 17, Kiwanis 12.
Friday—Boneheads vs. Lions.
Surprise Kayo in 6th
Gives Camera Title
NEW YORK, June 30. (JF}~Under
circumstances that still seemed baf
fling today to at least a share of
the fight fraternity, Primo Camera,
the 25-year-old 260-pound Italian
giant, who was just a “strong man”
in a circus sideshow a few years
ago, stood astride the boxing world
like a modem colossus as the new
heavyweight champion.
With one mighty swoop of his
Missions Down Exporters;
Cats Maul Oilers
9 to 5
(By Associated Press)
The fact that Houston is six full
games ahead in the Texas league
pennant marathon didn’t mean a
thing to Lefty Darrow Thursday
night. The Galveston southpaw clip
ped the Buffaloes, 8 to 4, for his 15th
victory this season. It was his 8th
straight victory.
It looked worse than bad for Dar
row in the first two innings when in
field hits and errors by his mates
gave the Buffaloes an advantage of
four runs. After this bad start, Dar
row saw his mates settle down and
Dlay powerful offensive and defen
sive baseball to sweep through to
The hitting combination of I<ou
Brower, Fischer, Holman and Tom
Jenkins smothered the Oklahoma
City Indians, 8to 1. Holman with two
timely hits, knocked in three runs
and scored a pair. Jenkins got three
for three to drive across a run and
score one.
Van Gilder limited the Indians to
eight hits and did not allow a run
until the ninth when Windle drove
a tally across. Holman got the long
est hit, a home run.
In the opener of their series, the
San Antonio Missions gained a 9 to
4 decision over Beaumont. Fabian
Kowralik was touched for 11 hits by
the Exporters. Hare allowed San An
tonio 12 bingles. Larry Bettencourt
batted in three runs for the Missions
with a single and double.
The Fort Worth Cats continued
their winning streak with a 9 to 5
victory over the Tulsa Oilers.
Sharkey-Carnera Bout Round-by-Round
Round One
The huge Camera moved majes
tically out of his comer like an an- j
cient broad beamed whaler under
full sail. Sharkey dove for him but
Primo caught his left hook on his
big right paw. As they came to
gether Camera bounced his pon
derous right fist twice off Shar
key’s side but took a hard left hook
to the head. Sharkey ripped back
in with both hands to the body but
as he pulled away Camera’s left
hook caught him off balance, hurl
ed him across the ring, and nearly
drove him through the ropes. In
censed, the blazing champion flail
ed back in again with both hands. !
landing a left and right to Car
nera’s head but again the tremen
dous Italian heaved him across the
ring as though he were a child, and
into the far ropes. Sharkey took i
Camera’s right to the body and
banged a beautiful right off the
Italian’s long chin, the best punch
of the round as the bell sounded.
Round Two
Boxing carefully Camera led
with his long left and smothered
Sharkey as the champion drove to
close quarters. Sharkey bounced
his right off Primo’s broad chest
and grunted so he could be heard
all over the ringside as he flung
a long right that missed. Another
terrific right to the jaw didn’t miss
and Camera bounced back into the
ropes as Sharkey followed him with
a hard left hook to the head.
Lunging in after feinting like a
fox darting in on its prey, Sharkey
lunged again and his right cracked
on Camera’s chin. Primo envelop
ed the champion in his huge arms
as Sharkey tried to get a punch at
his body. Sharkey was sneering at
the tremendous Italian as he
feinted, searching for an opening,
with Camera pinned against the
ropes as the gong sounded.
Round Three
Sharkey was fighting a very
careful, very heady fight, moving
constantly around, feinting for
openings. He got Camera set but
his right bounced from the Ital
ian’s defending left arm as though
it had hit a lamp post. Again
Sharkey flung himself in and as
Camera's arms flailed about, miss
ing him with a dozen punches, the
champion drove a furious right to
the head and a hard left hook to
the body. Camera was falling back
more and more on the defense as
Sharkey looped over a left to the
head, feinted to bring Camera’s
arms up, and smashed his left in
to the huge Italian’s side. Sharkey
wove in with a hard right to the
body but Camera roughed him with
both hands about the head as he
pushed him along the ropes. The
bell caught Sharkey tearing back for
Round Four
Camera stuck out his long left
but Sharkey slipped under it, pull
ed away from three more stabs, and
shot inside for a quick volley into
the Italian’s body. The champion
was away again before Camera
could swing his huge hands into
action. Standing back now with his
left they paced around the ring,
matching left jabs and Camera
suddenly swung a hard right to the
head. Camera grabbed Sharkey’s
left hand, pulled him in. and belt
ed his hea4 with both hands, draw
ing a warning for holding and hit
ting then another for backhanding.
He threw Sharkey into the ropes
again as though he were tossing
a volley ball as the bell rang.
Round Five
Sharkey poked at Camera's body
with a left until he drew the
giant’s fists down but Primo put
his hands up in time to block a
hard shot to the chin. As Sharkey
banged a left to the body Camera
grabbed him, held him and bang
ed him with his free hand, draw
ing another warning from the re
feree, but Sharkey merely sneered
and smashed his left to the Ital
ian’s ribs again.
Camera hooked two lefts to
Sharkey’s jaw, but the champion
followed him around the ring,
feinted his hands down and smash
ed a terrific right to the giant’s
temple. Camera wobbled like a
brick chimney that is starting to
come down but he held and recov
ered quickly as Sharkey failed to
fight clear of his tremendous arms.
But Sharkey was right back on
him, swinging left hooks to the
head, his right cocked for a fin
isher. He chased Camera to a
comer, but the bell rang before he
could do more than fire a long left
to the jaw.
Round Six
Bending low, keeping his head
down around Camera’s waist, Shar
key stabbed up into the Italian's
face, then he hooked two lefts to
the body. Camera drove in with both
hands, catching Sharkey off balance,
and as he thumped the champion
around the ring Sharkey slipped to
the floor. He was caught off bal
ance and came up without a count
to weaver in on the Italian. Car
nera held the champion off with his
left and ripped four ponderous rights
to Sharkey’s body. A right uppercut
floored Sharkey and he was counted
ham-like right fist, Camera took
the title from Jack Sharkey, 201
pound American, on a knockout in
the sixth round of a 15-round match
last evening.
The finish came with a suddeness
as dramatic as it was startling to a
crowd of 35,000 spectators, little more
than half filling the Madison Square
Garden Bowl. An inside right upper
cut, brought up swiftly as the giant
came to grips along the ropes with
his foe, felled Sharkey as though he
had been a tree hit by the wood
man’s final blow.
Champion Counted Out
The champion fell to the canvas
face down, scarcely moved except
to lift his head once and drop his
mouthpiece to the floor, while Ref
eree Arthur Donovan finished the
count of ten, after 2 minutes and 27
seconds of the sixth round.
It marked the second time in his
erratic career that Sharkey had lost
an international battle, with the
title at stake, and it baffled most of
those at the ringside who had
watched the Bostonian drop after
punching Camera by a wide margin
punching Carena by a wide margin
in the first five rounds.
There was no question about the
nower behind Camera’s final thrust,
the climax of a spectacular clos
ing flurry that saw the champion
flounder suddenly, lose almost com
plete control of his defense and
crumple under the ponderous
punches of the biggest man who ever
scaled the world heavyweight
heights. It was an uppercut that
had everything Camera could mus
ter in his huge frame behind it and
Sharkey looked “cold” if ever a
fighter did, as he went down. It was
his ‘secret punch,” Camera ex
claimed exultantly, after the fight,
and perhaps he was right, for Shar
key didn’t see it coming and may
not know yet what hit him.
Sharkey Leads
The champion started slowly and
lost the first round, taking at least
one hard right hand clout on the
chin, but he seemed unhurt and for
the next four rounds gave Camera
a boxing lesson. He feinted the big
fellow off balance, he hooked him
dizzy with lefts and tried desperately
at times to apply the “crusher” with
a looping right to the head.
In the second and fifth rounds,
Sharkey staggered Camera with
right handers to the head. Primo,
when most flustered, restorted to
bear-like wrestling tactics and em
ployed backhand blows that drew
warning from the referee in the
third, fourth and fifth rounds. The
Italian took many of the champion's
punches on his huge arms but up to
the sixth round he did not appear
to hurt Sharkey seriously.
Ringside opinion differed some
what sharply as to the circum
stanches of the finish, but moxing
commission officials said they saw
no reason to doubt the genuineness
of the outcome.
Deutscer Verein To
Give Picnic Sunday
The Deutscher Verein of the Rio
Grande Valley will hold its regular
meeting and a summer picnic at Car
ter’s club house, Mercedes, Sunday,
July 2. The feature of the picnic will
be a “bird shooting,” with a cash
prize for the lucky marksman.
There will be games and a well
known orchestra for which Dr. H.
Drucker, president of the Verein has
made arrangements, will be present.
All members and their families and
friends are cordially invited.

forged ms WAV To The lOP
of The American league batters,
and caused manager^
JoN Than did ms mor^=
1 '
New Champion Says He is
Ready for Crop Of
NEW YORK, June 30. t/P)—The
new heavyweight fighting champion
of the world, Primo Camera of Italy,
sat back in the corner of a blister
ing little room out on Long Island
last night and beat his great hands
together like a delighted child as
he chanted in rough shod English:
“Boyt oh boy, oh boy! Now my
mama and papa be happy! Now my
mama and papa be happy! Primo’s
champion! Now they be happy!”
Over and over, as though dazed,
the tremendous man who a few mo
ments before had battered .Jack
Sharkey into helplessness, assured
himself it was true. He would stop
long enough to shake the hands of
those who had fought their way in
to the cubbyhole dressing room, only
to lapse again into his chant of vic
Between draughts from a bottle
labeled “beer” he told how he won
from the super-boxer, Jack Shar
Prime's Version
‘‘I hit him with a left and he fall
into the ropes. I know he's hurt and
I follow him. Pret’ soon my right
uppercut catch him, and that is all.
He go down and I know he stay
The blow* that felled the ex-sail
or was one all the experts had said
Primo didn’t possess.
‘Tve been teaching that right
uppercut for months,” revealed Bill
Duffy, the man who is credited with
having made a boxer out of the for
mer circus freak. “We practiced it
in private, just Primo and me, and
I knew in my own mind what would
happen when it landed on Sharkey’s
chin. One was enough.”
In Camera’s opinion, Sharkey v.as
a better man last night than when
he gave Primo a beating two years
And, as far as he is concerned,
they can bring on the challengers
now. He probably is the most confi
dent champion who ever demanded
the big end cf the gate.
“I fight Baer. I fight anybody. I
whip al lof them. You'll see. Primo
is chamD."
School Band to Be
Guests At Barbecue
(Special to The Herald)
HARLINGEN, June 30.—Apprecia
tion for the splendid work done by
the high school band which has
been accompanying good will trips
and otherwise co-operating with lo
cal citizens, will be shown by means
of a barbecue this evening.
They are to meet with local busi
ness men at the corner of First
St. and Van Buren Ave., at 5:30
P. m. and then go to Camp Perry
for the barbecue Materials for the
barbecue are to be furnished by lo
cal grocers
Twenty-five per cent of the auto
mobiles in the United States at the
end of 1932 were seven years old
or older.
Buddy Baer, brother of the mighty Max, is some man himself. Not
yet 18, he weighs 243 pounds in this outfit, and aspires to be a fighter
like his brother. He’s shown with Velvia Miller, left, Pacific Coast
junior sprint champion, and Hazel Cabral, skilled diver.
Team— W. L. Pet.
Houston . 51 30 .630
Galveston . 45 36 .556
San Antonio . 43 38 .531
Beaumont . 40 38 .513
Dallas . 39 40 .494
Tulsa . 37 40 .481
Ft. Worth . 34 46 .425
Oklahoma City . 31 52 .373
Thursday’s Results
Beaumont 4. San Antonio 9.
Galveston 8. Houston 4.
Tulsa 5, Ft. Worth 9.
Dallas 8, Oklahoma City 1.
Friday’s Games
Beaumont at San Antonio.
Houston at Galveston.
Fort Worth at Tulsa.
Dallas at Oklahoma City.
Team— W. L. Pet.
New York . 40 24 .625
St. Louis . 38 29 .567
Pittsburgh . 36 32 .529
Chicago . 36 34 .5!4
Boston . 33 35 .485
Brooklyn . 30 35 .462
Cincinnati . 30 39 .435
Philadelphia . 27 42 .391
Thursday's Results
Chicago 7. Brooklyn 2.
Philadelphia 6, Pittsburgh 4
St. Louis 7. New York 3.
Only three scheduled.
Friday’s Games
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
Cincinnati at Boston.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
St. Louis at New York.
Team— W.
Washington . 43 2Jp32
New York . 43 2^832
Philadelphia . 34 31 523
Chicago . 34 34
Cleveland . 34 35 486
Detroit . 33 35 .473
Boston . 27 41 397
St. Louis . 25 45 357
Thursday’s Results
New York 9. Cleveland 3
Philadelphia 4. St. Louis 1.
Detroit 5, Washington 4.
Only three scheduled.
Friday’s Games
Washingion at Detroit.
Philadelphia at St. Louis.
New York at Cleveland.
Boston at Chicago.
V x
July 9th
JULY 4th
All Entries to Be Mailed to
Port Isabel Resort Co.

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