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Tj (By D. ft. Weather Bureau)
Brownsville and the Valley: Fair
to partly cloudy Thursday night and
] Friday; warmer Thursday night.
QnOnh /
ley could possibly get right at this
time when the matter of freight
rates is so In the limelight—
Is that coming from Congresa
a man West to the effect that a
Sjurvey of the Valley's deep water
projects has been ordered—
With a view to seeing If condi
tions do not warrant 30 feet of wa
. The government will do the ad
ditional dredging to bring about
that depth—
And the Valley's deep water will
be Just as deep as that at Houston
and the other large ports of the
It is indeed r£al good news.
• • •
of course, what the findings of the
army engineers will be, prospects
for business are such that the out
look for a favorable recommenda
tion is good.
Certainly it is encouraging that
the Rivers and Harbors committee
feels such a survey is Justified.
For the Brownsville port to start
off with SO feet of water would give
us a prestige the world over, and
would certainly react most favor
ably on the shipping trade gener
• • •
part of the Valley If this section
is to benefit by the reopening of
the Robstown differential fight—
Is again brought out by Congress
man Milton H. West.
In touch with the situation as he
Congressman West insists that It
the Valley is to get the hoped for
results from the hearing—
The Valley must raise the funds
tc defray the necessary expense
and »o provide an attorney to argue
our case.
That is sense.
And that is what the Valley must
• • •
gather round to admire the new
automobile models as they come on
Buy one. the automobile business
ought to be good
And from the number of new
cars seen on the streets and high
ways, the automobile business really
is picking up.
• • •
marketing efforts and agencies will
be discussed at Harlingen Thursday
night by Clinton Fraser. Sr., whose
discussion along these lines at
the Bdmburg Citrus institute has
aroused Valley wide attention.
Members of the citrus associa
tions of Harlingen, San Benito,
Stuart Place. Combes and Santa
Rosa will attend the meeting, to
which the public is given a cordial
^ We have said it many times, and
ire repeat—the future of this citrus
marketing tangle is distinctly up to
the growers of the Valley, and it is
high time they realize it.
ects of which me read in the papers
every now and then—
Furnish work for those on the
relief rolls, and for them alone.
In other words to be eligible for
employment on one of these proj
A person must already be on
The National Re - Employment
•ervice. on the other hand—
Undertakes v furnish fobs for all
who register there, and is used as
a sort of clearing house for labor
PWA projects and the like.
Jack York Named
Pharr Postmaster
• Special tc The Herald)
PHARR Feb 21—Jack York, who
was appouned early this month as
deputy county collector in charge
of automobile registrations, has been
named postmaster at Pharr, accord
ing to information received from
the postoffice department.
George F. Smith, clerk in the
Jercedn postoffice for the past
-even years, has been notified of
* is elevation tc postmaster, suc
xliag H E. Hager. I
Body Not Lindy Babe’s, Claimed
Body Found Taller
Than Eaglet And
Embalmed, Claims
TRENTON, N. J.. Feb. tl.—
A writ of error which will stay the
execution of Bruno Richard
Hauptmann, condemned to die the
week of March 18 for his convic
tion of the Lindbergh baby killing,
was filed Thursday with the Court
of Errors and Appeals, the state's
highest tribunal.
NEW YORK. Feb. 21 —fJP)— A
former defense Investigator said
Thursday counsel for Bruno Haupt
mann had ignored evidence that
the body in the murder case could
not have been that of the Lindbergh
Seven autopsy experts were readv
to show, declared George H. Foster,
that the body found five miles from
Hopewell. N. J.. and identified by
Col. Charles A. Lindbergh as that of
his son. in reality was:
(1) More than four inches taller
than Charles Lindbergh. Jr.;
<2i Decomposed more than would
have been possible in the mild
weather after the kidnaping, and
(3) Embalmed.
Aide of Faucet!
Foster is chief investigator for
James M. Fawcett, who was replac
ed as Hauptmann's counsel before
the trial.
His assertion came as the pres
ent defense staff prepared to gath
er in Trenton for a conference on
their disagreement over appeal pro
cedure. This was understood to be
due in part to the failure of Edward
J Reilly, chief counsel, to attack the
state's identification of the body
Advices from Trenton predicted a
showdown, but Reilly Insisted in
Boston Wednesday night that there
is no row.”
Associated with Reilly are C.
Lloyd Fisher, designated as Haupt
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Federal Grand Jury
Calls Roy Collins
Roy Collins. Brownsville customs
patrolman charged by J. P. warrant
with the murder of Domingo Oliv
ares, was called to Houston Thurs
day to appear before the federal
grand Jury. The telegram request
ing that he appear, sent by the U.
3. attorneys office, did not indi
cate the case :n which he would be
expected to testify.
The Cameron county grand Jury,
now in session, is to consider Justice
of the peace warrants charging
Collins and two special deputies. E.
Cavazos and Francisco Perez, In
connection with Olivares’ death.
nus young 3anta Rosa rancher
was found dead in a field near the
Cameron-Hidalgo line in the vicin
ity of Santa Maria. An autopsy re
vealed that he died from a ruptured
niere is a possibility. It has been
indicated, that the federal, court
will take jurisdiction in the matter
as it affects a federal officer who
was on duty at the time of the
alleged murder.
Villanueva School
Plans Are Rushed
The delayed movement to con
struct a modern six-room school
house in the Villanueva district
through the PWA set-up is getting
back under way.
Papers are being rushed through
iollowing passage of a $15,000 bond
issue in an election last week The
PWA will take the bonds and in ad
dition made a 1-3 grant, according
to ;resent plans.
The delay was caused when the
attorney general refused to approve
previous bonds because of techni
cal errors. The $19,000 issue supplants
he previous issue of $25,000.
The Cameron county commission
ers’ court Thursday passed an or
der rescinding its action in issuing
the previous bonds.
M. P. Bus to Travel
On Military Road
A change In schedule to give the
Military highway between San Ben
ito and Brownsville bus service has
been announced by the Missouri Pa
cific Transportation company
The bus leaving San Benito at 9:25
a m. will come to Brownsville via
the Military highway, arriving here
at 10.10 a. m. The night bus leaving
here at 8 o'clock will also cover the
Military highway, arriving in San
Benito at 8:45 p. m . according to the
The new schedules go into eflect
on February 25th.
Found Macon Defect
Lieut. Calvin M. Bolster
Dirigible Macon was undergoing re
pairs when she made last flight,
Lieut. Bolster, technician of de
stroyed airship, told Navy probe
Hoard at San Francisco. He testified
t» reported defective fin last April
»nd that recommended repairs had
lot been completed when Macon
made last flight.
More Than Hundred Meet
At Del Mar For
(8pecla! to The Herald)
DEL MAR, Feb. 21.—More than a
hundred tourists and visitors were
gathered on the beach here Thurs
day at noon to enjoy a fish fry aft
er prizes in the first annual tourists
fishing tournament were awarded
earlier in the morning.
The fish fry was given by Colonel
Sam A. Robertson, Del Mar develop
Prizes awarded during the morn
ing were as follows;
Most redfish, $6 reel donated by
the Model Laundry, awarded to C.
F Geams, of Oklahoma; most spec
kled trout, $6 reel donated by Bat
sell-Wells sporting goods house, to
Jack Murphy, of Borger, Texas; most
trout caught, $5.50 rod donated by
Palm Courts, awarded to William
Moorberry of Wisconsin; most fish
caught in one day, $5 in groceries
donated by the Gregory R. G. V.
store, awarded to Mrs. W. L. Aber
nathy of Denver, Colo.; largest red
fish caught. $5 meal ticket donated
by by White Kitchen, won by D. M.
Gill, of Oklahoma; largest drum
caught, $3 in groceries donated by
Piggly Wiggly, awarded to C. S
Christman of New York; i*ost un
usual fish caught during tourna
ment, box of grapefruit donated by
H. H. Banker, awarded to Mrs. Jack
Murphy i a tiny Jewfish); largest
number of fish caught during the
tournament, subscription to Field
and Stream magazine donated by
Hargrove's Book store, awarded to
R P. Crane of Oklahoma; second
largest number of redfish, $4 in trade
at the Pipkin Manske company,
awarded to W. L. Kidd of Kansas;
second largest number of speckled
trout, a kcdak by Lackner's Jewelry
store. won by M. F. Mills of Fort
Worth; most redfish caught by a wo
man. a coctail shaker donated by
Dorfman's Jewelry store, won by Mrs
J. L. Boyd of Kansas.
Several prizes were not awarded
due to the ruling that one person
could not receive more than one
prize. The remaining prizes are to be
awarded at future weekly fishing
contests, it was announced.
Markets to Close
NETW YORK, Feb. 21. UPy—All
leading security and commodity mar
kets in the United States, with the
exception of various cattle markets,
will be closed Washington's birth
All Canadian and European mar
kets will be open as usual.
Group of Six Leaves
For Mexico City
To Urge Work On
Valley Link
(Special to The Herald'
HOUSTON. Feb. 21.—Houstonians
are showing their keen Interest in
the highway from Brownsville to
Victoria and on to Mexico City,
which will shorten the route from
Houston to Mexico City by 150 miles,
by sending a delegation of six men
to the Mexican capital for a confer
ence intended to expedite highway
This announcement was made by
T. L. Evans, manager of the For
eign Trades Department of the
Houston Chamber of Commerce,
who left with five others Thursday
morning on a trip to the Mexican
The group also will log the high
way from Laredo to Mexico City,
which is expected to be opened for
traffic May 1.
• We will confer with Jose L. Gon
xalex, director general of the high
way commission of Mexico, on the
proposed Brownsville-Victona high
way, which will open a new gate
way to Mexico and shorten the dis
tance from Houston to Mexico City
by 150 miles,” Evans declared as
the group departed.
“Houston and the Rio Grande Val
ley are particularly Interested in
this project. Completion of the
road will bring much of the tourist
traffic to Mexico from the Mid
dlewest through Houston and the
Lower Rio Grande Valley instead
of entering Mexico by way of San
Antonio and Laredo as at present,”
he said.
Word also has been received here
of the proposed trip to Matamoros
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(Special to Th« Herald)
SAN ANTONIO, F b. 21.—Another
direct route from San Antonio to
the Lower Rio Grande Valley which
would cut 50 mile* frcm the present
distance, is sought by Starr. Jim
Hogg, McMullen and Atascosa coun
ties, and the co-operation of the San
Antonio Chamber of Commerce In
securing aid of the State Highway
Department is asked.
The proposed road would connect
San Antonio and Rio Grande City,
a distance of slightly more than 200
miles, via Hebbronville in Jim Hogg
county and Tilden in McMullen
The highway from Rio Grande
City to Hebbronville has been des
ignated State Highway No. 97.
“The time is ripe now to designate
that part of the proposed route from
Hebbronville to San Antonio," says
Joseph Gruv, president of the Heb
bronville Business Men's League in
a letter seeking the help of the cham
The new road, it is pointed out.
would open thousands of acres of fer
tile land to San Antonio as well as
provide a new transportation outlet
to the oil fields of Webb. Jim Hogg
and Starr counties.
Train Kills Man
PORT WORTH. Feb. 21. An
unidentified man was instantly kill
ed when his automobile was struck
by a southbound Rock Island pass
enger train here Thursday.
Both of his legs were severed and
the automobile was demolished. A
check of the license plates revealed
that the automobile is registered to
J. J. Spraggins, of Newark.
‘Dead’ Texan Is Revived By
Powerful Stimulant in Heart
TYLER. Feb. 21. OPh-Life that
left him for five minutes Wednes
day slowly returned to 71-year-old
W. A Strang Thursday—the work
of adrenalin injected into a still
ed heart.
Dr. Howard Bryant, who revived
the former Smith county sheriff
five minutes after he had folded
his hands In "death," said his
chances for complete recovery were
Strang weakened slightly early
Thursday as he lay in an oxygen
tent—his watch beside him—but
attendant* still hoped for recov
Dr Bry ant, who termed the case
extremely rare," said Strang came
to his office Wednesday, apparent
ly suffering from coronary occlus
"His breathing was difficult—he
was unable to speak and I had
to diagnose his condition from ex
amination alone. His pulse was
thready and very weak.
"He was placed on an examining
table and his head raised to a
senv.-sitting position He was giv
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* * * * *
* * * * *
(Special to The Herald)
HARLINGEN. Feb 21^- The
strange antics of a Kingsville
youth wont bother police here
for at least a while—for he's in
jail, on a charge of swindling.
Several days ago he walked
into Thompson's mortuary and
made arrangements for a funeral.
He told the mortuary employe to
send the bill to his father at
Kingsville, and funeral expenses
would be paid.
As he started out, the mortuary
employe aslted him if there was
a body, or if be expected a death
in his family.
Yes, he said he expected a
death in his family. Then, as he
reached the door, he called back:
“It’ll be my funeral, I'm tired of
Police watched him for several
days until he was arrested Wed
nesday and jailed on a bogus
check charge. Now. police believe,
they can stop worrying about his
Contracts Between Him And
His Brother Are
Over strong objection bv counsel for
Andrew W. Mellon, the board of
Lax appeals Thursday permitted the
government to examine the alleged
contract relationships between the
financier and his late brother, R
B. Mellon,
Attorneys for the internal rev
enue bureau brought the question
up at Mellons J3.0ll0.000 tax hear
ing in an examination of the for
mer secretary of the treasury's
stock transactions by which they
claim he deducted invalid losses
Irorn his 1931 Income tax report.
Rights of Way On
Beach Road Okehed
An order guaranteeing the state
highway department 100 foot right
of way on the Boca Chica highway
was adopted by the Cameron coun
ty commisisdhers' court Thursday.
This step was taken in order to
comply with conditions on which
the highway department agreed to
take over the Boca Chica road as an
extension of State Highway No. 4
The minute order passed by the
commission reads:
“In Cameron county, it is ordered
by the commission that state high
way No. 4 be extended via Browns
ville by-pass to Boca Chica, on con
dition that the county will furnish
not less than 100 foot right of way.”
The highway is 100 to 200 feet most
of the way, but is 60 and 80 through
Brownsville and El Jardin.
Insurance Policies
Aired During Trial
WAXAHACHIE. Feb. 21. (A*)—
State's attorneys Thursday hammer
ed away at a motive as the murder
trial of Cal B. Yarbrough, accused
of fatally burning his foster-daugh
ter. Doris, continued.
Insurance policies, totaling $5,000.
were introduced Wednesday by pros
ecutors in an effort to prove Yar
brough burned the girl to collect in
Other witnesses testified Yar
brought had whipped the girl with
boards as far back as 1926.
Ratification of Oil
Pact Urged by Allred
AUSTIN. Feb. 21. Governor
James V. Allred appeared personally
before the legislature Thursday to
urge Texas to become the first state
to ratify the interstate oil compact
drafted last Saturday at Dallas.
“Since legislation is pending and
proposed belore congress dealing
math the oil Industry and the natur
al resources of the oil producing
states which pending and proposed
national legislation will naturally
be influenced to some extent by the
action of the state, I respectfully
urge that this compact be approv
ed by the legislature at the earliest
opportunity,” Governor Allred said.
Duel Called Off
PARIS, Feb. 21. </P>—The duel be
tween Bertrand de Jouvenel and Jul
ien Duvivier, was called off Thurs
Duvivier. motion picture director,
was quoted by his seconds as saying
he “doesn’t believe in duelling."
De Jouvenel journalist, said it was
-deplora le” that an adversary re
fuse “satisfaction by arm*”
Extreme Penalty Plea
Comes as Surprise;
Sensational Trial
Goes to Jury
PAWNEE, Okla , Feb 21 (P>—
The state closed its arguments In
the Phil Kennamer murder trial
Thursday with a dramatic plea that
the life of the federal judge's son
be exacted “just as Phil Kennamer
shot and killed John Oorrell in
Tulsa last Thanksgiving night."
The sensational trial was placed
in the hands of the jury of farmers
and small town business men at
11.45 a. m., ending one of the most
spectacular murder trials in the
history of Oklahoma.
W. F. (Dixie* Oilmer, Jr., young
est of the trial lawyers, 33-year-old
assistant Tulsa county prosecutor,
made the demand for the death
penalty in the state's final argu
Unexpected in view of other
prosecutors' demands for imprison
ment. his plea created a sensation
in the courtroom.
His demand was as startling as
the announcement that he. instead
of his chief. Holly Anderson, would
close lor the state, following the
78-year-old C. B Stuart of the de
As the Jury filed out of the court
room to begin its deliberations,
Kennamer. tall, dark-haired, turn
ed and smiled nervously at his sis
ter, Opal, in the first row of spec
Virginia Wilcox, the Tulsa beau
ty, for love of whom Kennamer
swore he killed, was not present.
Holiday Will Be
Observed in City
Brownsville schools, the bank and
the post office will remain closed
Friday, Feb. 22. in observance of
Washington's birthday.
A number of schools over the city
presented Washington birthday pro
grams Thursday, and a number of
teachers were expected to visit their
homes out of the city during the
j three days during which classes will
not meet.
Practically all offices in the Cam
eron county courthouse, including
the two courts, were to close for
the holiday. Judge George Wester
velt of the criminal district court is
returning to Corpus Christ! over
the week-end. and Judge A. M
Kent of the 103rd Civil District
court is out of the city.
Offices at 'he Brownsville city
hall were to close at noon, taking
half day holiday.
Life Term Given
DALLAS. Feb. 21. —Life impris
| onment for the second time Thurs
day hung over Robert L Newman.
40. convicted slayer of Mrs. Peggy
Dutton Innis. 20 Newman, who tes
tified during the trial he had been
sentenced to life in Virginia on a
murder charge but later granted a
conditional pardon, was convicted by
a Jury that deliberated four hours
Mrs Innis was slain when two men
jumped on the running board of an
automobile in which she rode with
her husband, who was wounded.
Wire Flashes
NEWARK. N. J.—Lei and S. An
drew*. In a single motored mono
plane. Thursday set a new trans
continental transport record, cov
ering the flight from Los Angeles
to Floyd Bennett airport, New
York, in an elapsed time of 11
hours 21 minutes and one second.
He knocked 37 minutes and 59
seconds from the previous record,
set by his brother-in-law, Major
James R. Doolittle on Jan. 15.
Two Daughters
Of U. S. Consul
Leave Letters
Girls Heart-Broken
Over Deaths Of
British Fliers
(Copyright. 1935. by the [A»>>
UPMINSTER. Essex. Eng., Feb.
21 —Two beautiful American girls,
Elizabeth and Jane Du Bols. the
only children of a United States
consul general, plunged from an
airplane to death Thursday. Friends
said they started on their last flight
heart-broken over the recent crash
deaths of two men of the royal fly
ing corps.
They fell from a commercial air
plane speeding to Paris at an alti
tude oi 1.500 feet. Horrified wit
nesses. looking up. said they plum
meted to earth "c.asped hand in
hand in a last embrace.”
Daughters ef Consul
Iondon friends of the girls, who
were the daughters of Coert Du
Boi.s United states consul general
in Naples, said the girls' grief was1
uncontrollable over the loss of the ,
big British seaplane "Ace of Dla-!
monds'' which .smashed into a hill
Bide near Messina. Sicily, Feb. 15.
just six days ago.
The friends raid they did not know 1
which of the nine men killed in i
the Ace of Diamonds the girls had
been especially interested in al
though they had learned the girls
were in the company of the British
fliers a number of times when the
Ace of Diamonds was in Naples
during January and the early part
of February.
The girls had been living in a
west-end hotel in London for the
last four or five days, coming to
England only i short time after the
funeral of the British crash-victims
in Italy Their tears and hysterics
excited the Interest of attendants
at the London hotel.
(The dead In the crash of the
Ace of Diamonds were Flight Lieut.
Henry Longfield Beatty Plying Of
ficer John A. C Forbes, Lieutenant
Willis, four other ofticers named
Allen. Bailey. Rees and Wogan. j
Sergeant Wallace, and a civilian
named Penn.)
Ship's Only Passengers
The girls flew out to death alone
for, aside from the airplane's pilot, j
there was no other person on the
eight-passenger ship. The Misses
Du Bois had reserved and paid for
every seat in the plane, apparently
in order to be by themselves on
the channel crossing. The pilot ap
parently flew on for an hour after
the girls fell to ttielr deaths with
out knowing of the fate of his two
Out over the English Channel, he
looked back nto the cabin saw the
girls were missing, and that a door
v/as ajar.
The death rlunge was witnessed
bv • group of workmen who glanced 1
up into the skv at the sound of the
plane motor s roar.
Remembering the recent expert-1
ence in the 106s of bar gold from a
Hillman plane flying from Paris to
England, the group rushed to the
spot expecting to find strong boxes.
Instead, the men were horrified to
see the mutilated bodies of the two
A shattered wrist watch en
graved with the Initials “J. Du B."
was found near the bodies. They
were embedded one foot into the
The two letters were said to have
been addressed to the girls' parents.
Five Sentenced
(»Tv<"al to The Her-tdi
EDINBURG, Feb. 21.—Five more
penitentiary sentences have been
given three defendants In the 92nd
Criminal District Court since open
ing of the term.
Concepcion Chasco was given two
terms of two years each in two
cattle theft cases. He already faced
two years on a mule theft convic
tion. Longtno Flores, already con
victed and sentenced to eight years
In three burglary cases, was given
a 10-year sentence on a fourth
conviction. Manuel Lozano was
given one year alter conviction on
an assault to murder charge.
Not a single suspended sentence
nor acquittal has been given any
defendant in nearly a score of
criminal cases thus far.
Passenger Plane Streaks
For Capital and Record
LOS ANGELES. Feb 21. f/PV—
A giant, low-winged passenger
plane roared eastward out of the
dawn Thursday. Its pilots aiming
at speed record for transport ships
betmeen Los Angeles and Wash
ington. D. C
At the controls of the ship were
Leland 8. Andrews, veteran
American Airlines pilot with some
10.000 flying hours behind him;
Henry Meyers, co-pilot, and O. D.
Rayburn, radio operator.
Hoping to reach the nation's
capital in less than 12 hours. An
drews and his aides took off from
Union Air Terminal at Burbank
Wednesday night at 11:50 o’clock.
(2:50 a. m.. Thursday, Eastern
Standard Time).
At 2:35 a. m. Andrews notified
the field here he had passed the
Orand Canyon and was 5 minutes
ahead of schedule. Thirty-three
minutes later he advised the plane
wag crossing the Rio Grande river.
His exact position was not given.
Described simply as a business
like attempt to bring southern
California to within a day s air
Journey from Washington, the
take-off was without benefit of
Congressional Group
Approves Plan; New
Depth to Compare
With Houston
The Board of Army Engineer* has
been Instructed by the Riven and
Harbors committee of the house of
representative* to make a survey of
the Brownsville ship channel and
turning basin with a view to de
termining the advisability of SO feet
of water for the Brownsville port.
The request for the survey was pre
sented to the committee by Con
gressman Milton H. West.
Information to this effect waa
received in Brownsville Thursday
morning In a telegram from Con
gressman West to J. O. Fernand**,
secretary of the Browrtfcville Naviga
tion commission.
In his telegram the congressman
stated that he had requested the
Board of Army Engineer* to
expedite the survey so that the
necessary appropriation for dredg
ing the channel and turning
basin to the 30-foot depth may be
included In the next River* and
Harbors bill.
Would Cost 5500,000
The additional ftve feet of dredg
ing will require approximately 1500,
000. according to Captain A. L. Lane
of the armv encheers, engineer on
the Brownsville project. Near
ly 5 000 000 cubic feet of dirt would
have to be moved, according to
Captain Lane’s figures
Order for the survey was charac
terized by Captain Lane as “good
news”, and not entirely unexpect
ed "Now is the time to make the
survev and dredge the additional
five feet to give a 30 foot channel."
the army engineer told The Herald.
"With the two dredges already her*
and In operation, the cost wtH be
cut down considerably "
Mr Fernandez was delighted over
the news of the survey, and express
ed confidence that the recommen
dations of the Board of Army En
gineers will be favorable to the In
creased depth.
While in Washington recently Mr.
Fernandez and Congressman Weal
conferred with Congressman Mans
field. chairman of the Rivera and
Harbors committee, relative to the
survey. At that time Judge Mans
field expressed himself as favorable
to the survey and stated his belief
that the committee would look on
the project with favor.
Government Would Pay
In event the 30 foot depth la ap
proved. the entire cost of the addi
tional dredging will be borne by
the government, and the Browns
ville port will have a* much water
as Houston and other large sea
port*. The 30 foot depth would re
sult in additional ships calling here,
and would enable fully loaded oil
tankers and other large ship* to
make the local port without trou
Very little time will be required
to make the survey ordered by the
Rivers and Harbors committee, ac
cording to Captain Lane, who stated
that practically all of the data la
available right now. It might be
necessary to do some additional
work, but not much. Captain Lane
stated No notice of the survey hae
been received by his offioe, the
army engineer said.
Judge Cox Speaks
At School Assembly
Judge Bascom Cox Thursday
morning addressed a combined as
sembly of the Brownsville Junior
College, high school and Junior
high school, held In observance of
Washington’* birthday. The girls
glee club, directed by Miss Cornelia
Anzualda. gave several selections.
Appropriate exercises were also
held at the various grade school*.
All public schools in the city wlH
be closed Friday. February 22nd, In
observance of the day, it was an
nounced Thursday by E C. Dodd,
A. L. Landry Enters
Campaign for Mayor
(Sweiil to The Heraldi
Me ALLEN, Feb 21— McAllen’s
mayoralty campaign finally got un
der way Tuesday with announce
ment that Acting Mayor A. L. Lan
dry. who succeeded former Mayor
John Ewing January 1, will be a
candidate to succeeed himself al
the conclusion of his present term
in April. He has been a city com
missioner for four years and was
a candidate for county commissioner
of the McAllen precinct last fall.
Brownsville: The Capitol Richard
Arlen and Madge Evens In Helldorado.'*
The Queen Francis Lederer and Joan
Bennett tn ' Pursuit of Happiness.” The
Dltunann—Pay Wray in Cheating
Cheaters ."
San Benito: The Rlvolt—Jamas Cag
ney in "The St Louis Kid ."
Harlingen: The Arcadia—W C. Plaids
and Baby Laroy tn -It's a Olft* The
Rialto—Dorothy Sebastian and Pted
Kohler In "Ship of Wanted Men.”
La Kerim The Bijou—Claude Rene
and Joan Bennett in "The Man Who
Reclaimed Hie Head '*
Raymondville: The Ramon—Eddie
Cantor In Kid Millions.”
Donna. The Plaaa -Robert Young and
Betty Purnearn In ' The Band Playa On.
San Juan: The San Juan—Richard
Arlen and Madge Evans m Helldorado."
Mercedes: The Capitol—Lee Tracy.
Helen Mack and Helen Morgan In "You
Belong to Me "
Weslaco: The Rita-Edmund Uei
and Victor McLagien tn Under Pm
sure.” _
McAllen: The Palece—Irene Dunns
and Donald Wood* in ‘ 8w«ft AdtHnt
The Queen-Mr and Mr*. Martin John
son'* Baboons '
Mission. The Mlaaloo—Laurel and
Hardy In "Babe# in Toyland."

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