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AUSTIN. March 15. —<AV- The
question of submitting prohibition
repeal was the next important busi
fadng the house of represen
ts Friday after It had approv.
1 $3,000,000 appropriation for the
Texas centennial.
When consideration of submission
was stopped temporarily a few days
ago, the house was debating a com
promise suggestion of Representa
tive Alfred Petsch of Fredericks
burg. and the senate had approved
submission next August 34 at a spe
cial election.
Unde* PcUcn's resolution, the
question of repealing the present
bone-dry constitutional amendment
would be submitted and a system of
wate sales of bard liquor would be
substituted The senate resolution
submitting repeal merely author
ised the legislature to set up a state
monopoly over hard lljuor.
The house passed the centennial
appropriation bill Thursday. 103 to
S3, the heavy majority making It
effective Immediately If It received
21 votes in the senate, where spon
sors said it would be brought up
The long-pending subject of a
planning board to correlate state
and federal relief programs, advo
cated by Governor James V. Allred,
was finally cleared as both house
and senate adopted a conference
report adjusting differences
The house also passed a bill ap.
proprtatir ~ $227,538 for summer
schools and state colleges, but be
cause the senate had approved an
appropriation of $380,000 a confer
ence committee was in order.
uespite cnarges tnat tne issue
was being avoided, a senate com
mittee reported favorably. 9 to 4. a
bill by Senator Frank Rawlings of
Fort Worth prescribing eou::'y local
option elections as a pre-requisite
to holding horse racing meets at
which wagering was permitted.
Rawlings’ resolution was a substi
tute for one by Senator Joe Hill of
Henderson to repeal the law legal
izing wagering on horse races. On
the substitution, the committee
vote was 7 to 6.
A similar local option bill by Re- j
presentatlve Traylor Russell and a j
bill by Representative Firry Or»vw
of Georgetown providing outright
repeal have been reoorted favorably
by a house committee
The house appropriations com- j
mlttee voted, 11 to 5. to grant the ,
request of heads of the state's high
er educational Institutions and re
commend lump appropriations for
* those schools for the next bien
nium. The appropriations have
been itemized for many years.
The committee also voted. 12 to 1. j
to recommend an appropriation of
$20 per student to municipal Ju
nior colleges. These colleges here
tofore have received no state aid.
Exemption of Christian Science
practitioners from the Medical
Practice Act. opposed by the State
Medical Association, was tejected by
the senate health committee as it
killed. 5 to 1. a bill tv Senator
Claud Westerfeld of Dallas.
Christian Science practitioners
contended the prohibition against
dbnrging for services denied them
moans of a livelihood, as the church
restricted their business endeavors,
and that strict obedience to the ,
Jaw would force n’1 of their church- !
es in Texas to dost.
Dr. Holm?n 'i a\ lot of Fort Worth
•aid medical doctor would agree to
removal of the entire sub-section of
the act referring to churches, which ,
he contended would permit Christ- |
lan Scientists to operate in their
proper sphere *
"We can’t agree to eliminating
the no-pay feature." he said, for
with that removed, "they would
have the right to practice medi
lf€ VtAI€*
March 15. 1535—The day was the
thirteenth anniversary of the ar
rival in San Antonio of Stephen F
Austin and a party, which includ
ed his brother. James Brown Aus
tin. and Josiah H. Bell, to report to
the Spanish governor. Martinez, on
the progress of colonization. During
most of the earlier part of the year
1532. Austin had been wanterinp
up and down the coa.«t in the
neighborhood of the mouth of the
Colorado river, where, by arranye
ment. The Lively, which had left
New Orleans in November with col
onists. was to land. Owing to mea
ger knowledge of the Texas coast
line, the captain of The Livelv had
put in at the mouth of the Brazos
river under the impression it wa«
that of U" Colorado. There th**
colonist passengers disembarked
some to remain and settle ar
others to shortly return to the*
homes due to the confusion arisi
from the mistake and their cor
•eqi'ent failure to meet Austin. Tb
Lively, as you know, was nevr
heard of again. You will recall tha*
Austin came to Texas overland bv
way of Natchitoches and camped
at a place which his followers call
id Nsw Year Creek located where
the LaBahla road crossed the Bra
■os river (near present Washlng
I ton). Those who settled there and
In the locality were An'*ew Robin
aAbner. Joseph and Robert Kuy
’-3. DanJel Oilleland. Thomas
right and Josiah H. Bell. The
Lively s passengers were W 8. Lew
is. James Beard, Edward Lovelace I
fetephen Holaton. Young Phelps and
•m following whose surnames onlv
STB now available—Messrs. Harrison,
Cannon. Butler (an engineer). Bed
dinger. Wilson, Williams. Matlgan.
rhonrDson (a caroenter). Willis and
O’Neal, and three others whose
names are not known Mexico, as
you know, had just gained its lnde
, pen den re from Spain when Austin
first visited San Antonio In 1821
Governor Martinet was doubtful on
his second visit whether the new
goverrment would approve his sets
of 1822 concerning Austin's colony
That uncertainty made it necessary
that Austin go to Mexico City to
procure recognition of his rights;
and you know of his presence in the
capital city during the reign of
tturtMd*, tha emperor i
Over and over at a mile a minute
—This breathtaking feat will be
performed for Valley thrillaeekers
Sunday afternoon at S o'clock at the
Harlingen fair park race track bv
“Lucky" Teter, ace of the “Hell
Driver" troupe. Teter. whoee plan
ned crashes have been the sensa
tion of a nation, straps himself to
the seat of a stock Plymouth, dons
a football helmet, gets up a speed
of above a mile a minute, flicks the
steering wheel and "holds every
thing." His average roll over Is two
comolete revolutions from wheel
to wheel, and his record is five.
He guarantees to put at least one
complete revolution on the body of
his car Sunday, regardless of how
many bones he cracks In the at
tempt. Other stunts originated by
Teter Include jumping cars over
obstacles, performing ski - jumps
over a series of raised platforms and
executing the most amazing driving
stunts ever attemp*ed by the driver
of a stock auto. A troupe of 14
complete the personell who perform
a routine of lethal stunts in motor
cycles as well as autos. The show
is under ausoices of the Harlingen
post of the American Legion.
Street Closed For
Plant Construction
iSofr'ifl to Th» H'tH i
SAN BENITO. March 15—Ebony
street has been closed for a distance
of about 50 feet in the Industrial
section on S Sam Houston boule
vard where the Kemp Bros. Pack
ing Co. Diant is being erected by
the Missouri Pacific. The commis
sion obtained a signed agreement
from the Missouri Pacific to pro
vide another ooenlng nearby should
it become necessarv as a result of
additional development.
Have you seen the new Olds
mobiles?— Adv.
San Benito Rotary
Hears George White
(Special to The Herald)
SAN BENITO. March 15 —George
White of Brownsville, Cameron coun
ty relief administrator, told the
Rotary club Thursday how the re
lief organization from the state
down through the oounty was op
He explained that relief was un
der the direction of the state board
of control. There are four divisions
of county work with a case super
visor. H L. Leake; supervisor of
relief work. S. H. Carrington; dis
tribution of food and clothing under
McMurry Richey; and clerical work
in charge of Ephraim Champion.
The club decided to send a mem
ber of the Boy Scout troop which
r sponsors to the national jamboree
ln Washington in August. R. J.
(Bud) Bohner of San Benito will
lave a number of boys ln his charge
or the trip.
J. E. McAnally and H. D Martin
were named to represent Ute club
on the proposed Inspection trip of
;he Vailey flood control system.
Visiting Rota.ians Included E.
Hertz. Pulton Jones, D. E. Ewing,
E C. Bsnnett. C. J. Rothgeb and W
C. Black of Harlingen; W P. Hauser.
McAllen; and A. P. Benjamin of
R. A. Porter was a guest.
College Examiner
On Valley Visit
SAN BENITO. March 15 — Dr W.
A. Nelson, college examiner for the
state department of education, was
a visitor with Supt. O. L Davis of
San Benito who formerly was em
p’oved bv the department.
Dr. Nelson Inspected Brownsville
Junior college eaMer this week and
was to be at Eld in burg Junto col
lege Friday.
Mercedes Kiwanians
To Give Minstrel
(SdnIiI to Tb# a«nM)
MERCEDES, March IS. —On* of
the cleverest minstrel shows ever
staged In Mercedes Is planned for
April 5, by the Klwanls club, as a
benefit performance to raise funds
for underprivileged child work. The
club has set as their goal $14)00 to
be raised this year for this work. B.
O. Mueller Is In charge of the club
performance, which will be In the
nature of a luncheon club meeting,
with the waiters as the end men.
In addition to the mlrntrel, three
other Valley Klwanls clubs will be
asked to present 10-mlnute acta on
the program.
HARLINGEN. March 15.—Dr. J.
G. Brittain, adjutant of Harlingen
Poat No. 305 of the American Le
gion. has called a special meeting
for T:30 o’clock Friday night at the
clu brooms.
Have you seen the new Olds*

Take a sporting
chance . . . once! If
you've been wearing
the ordinary type of
clothes slip Into a
Varsity-town sport
model. We'll guaran
tee that the pleat
backs . . . the new
pockets ... the clever
vents . ; . the gor
geous weave#... the
colors . . will win
your instant admira
Happy Breakfasts ....
Smiling Lunches ....
Blithesome Dinners . . .
and all with less work in the kitchen!
Like Napoleon’s army, the whole world marches on its *
stomach—and when there are four or five in the family
it’s a very hungry stomacn, too! But there’s no use at ali
in letting it bother you. Your kitchen can be the happiest
place in the world.
A happy kitchen each day keeps
the whole family gay! You can The cooun, school mu be
learn how to have your Happy under the personal supervl
Kitchen at our cooking school. New Beulah “^cfey Yatea
tasty recipes—all sorts of time- noted "Happy kitchen*
savers will be yours, t tan now to expert
AT 2:30 ,
March 26 March 27 March 28 March 29
Junior College Auditorium
Set These Four Days Aside Now!
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