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(•oKlai to rb» Herald*
PORT ISABEL, March 15—This
cily will be host to the Valley Sun
day in what is expected to be one of;
V® ‘ the outstanding St. Patrick Day1
celebrations in Us history.
Port Isabel has picked this day as
Its particular celebration, and oth
er cities of the Valley, In spirit of
cooperation, Join in the event here,
rather than holding celebrations of
their own.
The big day gets under way offi
cially with band music, furnished
by the 12th Cavalry band of Port
Brorn. at the lunch hour. A fish
dinner is to be served by the Ladies
Auxiliary of the Catholic church.
Immediately after the dinner the
official program will start.
Mayor George Scanlan of Port
Isabel will open the meeting and
Introduce Mavor R. B. Rent, ro of
Brownsville. Mayor E. L Barmore
of Bar Benito, and Mayor Sam
Bolts of Harlingen.
Following their introduction, talks
will be msde by Dr. 8. K. H«u!«m of
Brownsville. County Judge Oscar C.
Dancy and James Q. Lou than, man
ager of the Port Isabel-San Benito
Navigation district.
A new feature of the program was
announced Friday. W. E. Sonnemak
er of Brownsville, well known for
his singing, will sing several typical
Irish songs, according to announce
ment of S. I. Jackson, secretary of
the Port Isabel Chamber of Com
B&nd music will be furnished at
the conclusion of the speaking pro
gram, which will bring this part of
the day’s events to a close. A street
carnival will continue on into the
A crowd of 500 or more Valley peo
ple is expected here during the day
Sunday. If weather conditions re
main favorable. Many of the visi
tor* are expected to take advmt'je
of the opportunity in inspect the
port work now going on in this sec
tion, and boats will be available for
such trips.
Text: Act* 12:5-17
The International I'nlform Sun
day School Lmon for March 17.
Editor of Advance
Peter was in prison. Prisons have
had a fashion in history of con
fining the very bad and the very
8omeone has &aid that mankind
In the progress throws out a van
guard and a rear guard, and
though the vanguard Is very dif
ferent from the rear guard. It suf
fers frequently as much from the
misunderstanding, hostility and per
secution of those in the main body,
who will not tolerate either the
prophet, who is in advance of so
ciety, or the criminal, who harries
•oci^ty from the rear.
One would think that each age
would learn from the mistakes of
preceding ages and rectify these
things but the age-old process goes
Within our own1 generation there
have been in American pr.sons and
^penitentiaries men who* only
••"fault wan the Itensity of their con
cientious objecton to war and kill
ing. The fact that many of these
ba-.e said, as Peter did. “We ought
to obey God gather than rmtV has
made no difierence.
Society Is still intolerant of its
taints and its prophets especially
whenever they dare in any way to
challenge the existing order, cr
policy and acts of a nation iu a
particular circumstances.
There are angels who visit saints
aiid prohets in prison. How else
eould they survive and continue
their work In the world?
There Is a strength and power
of persistency in men of truth and
right that gives them a strange
power to triumph over all manner
of persecution. The angel may not
always be materialized. cha.ns may
not be cast off as miraculously as
In the rase of Peter, but the reality
foes od.
The lesson is given as an example
of the “Power of United Prayer"
(topic for young people and adults)
or for “How Prayer Helps" (inter
mediate a*»1 senior topic). As such
it needs judicious exposition.
It can be given a somewhat ma
terialistic exposition and applica
tion hardly In harmony with facts
of present-day experience. There
may. of course, always be in our
minds the consciousness that pray
er might accomplish a great deal
more than we realize If our faith
and our trust in God’s power were
deeper and more persistent.
Nevetheless. to suggest that ma
terialistic deliverance from impri
sonment -’".♦j-d ' uoncio will always
pmm In answer to prayer would be
to miss the real point and truth of
the lesson.
The important thUg is that
Peter was )|3foundly devoted to
the truth of God. He cared far
more about being faithful to his
mission than about whether he re
mained in Prison or was released
from prison.
We are never in a position to ex
perience all that Ood's power may
achieve until we have that sublime
devotion to duty, that unconcern
about what may happen to our
selves. ss long as we have the
strength and the will to do what is
right and to speak the truth as we
ought to speak it.
?The great things that praver
has achieved have happened to
ward those who had made this
supreme disposal of their lives ac
cording to God s will. There is no
such thing as sincere prayer that
bargains with God or that mea
sures what happens according to
human demand.
But when mag brings his whole
Hie under submission to the will
of God. he understands that there
Is rsslity and power in prayer that
th worldly-minded can never un
derstand. and that often Cjpd ans
wers prayers most particularly in
what seems to be the denial of
outward petitions.
The one significant accomplish
ment of all true praying is In the
words of Jesus. “Nevertheless not
my win, btft thine, he done ’
Hsve you seen the new Olds- .
mobiles?—Ad v. j
Real Kitchens Are I
Laboratories, Says
Cook School Head
A woman's mission as a home
maker is not fulfilled when she
merely sees that her family is well
fed and clothed. Her higher duty
Is concerned also w.th childrens
recreation. So Wlleves Mrs. Beulah
Mackey Yates, nationally known
expert on Food and Horae Econo
mics who is to open the Browns
Sues for Money
Willed Horses
Became $5000 waa willed to
two farm horse* aid she waa cot
off from the estate of bor half*
brother, Mrs. Edna P. Gilpin,
above, of Su Loots, is sung in
Olatbe. Kan., court to brjak the
will of Oe Forrest F. Piauek,
former head of the Kansas City
Board of Trade.
Band Concerts to Be
Heard In Evenings
The first evening concert of
spring will be presented by the
Fort Brown band at the post Fnday
at 7 p. m. it was announced by W.
O Archambault, conductor.
During the winter months, the
concerts are presented during the
Friday night s concert program
Overture. ‘ Humors of Donny
brook”: Walts. Wiener Blut”: Fox
Trot. ‘Melody In Spring”* Danse
Espagnole, "Segovlane"; Selection.
“Lucia di Lammermoor”; Porto
Rican Dance. "Roslta”; Marcia Sin
fonlca. "Alba Sentlmentale."
The flipping of a com resulted In
the naming of Portland, Ore. Had
the coin fallen the other way, it
would have been named Boston.
vllle Herald's Happy Kitchen Cook
ing School at the Junior College
Auditorium on March 26. 27, 28 and
“From the earliest childhood our
treasured recollections of our par
ents are those when they forgot
their grown-up cares and romped
and played With us," says Mrs.
Yates. “Tais play obligation on the
part of the mother does not end
when the children start to school.
“The modern homemaker, how
ever, realizes that her cookery and
other household duties must be ef
ficiently done so that she may
have free hours for her own, as
well as her childrens' recreation.
“The privilege of being a true
homemaker is woman's greatest
privilege. It is a profession m
Itself and should be taken Just ss
seriously #> any man's profession.
The real homemaker keeps pace
with the newest trends In her pro
fession and takes %s much care In
planning her meals to meet the
needs of each member of her fam
ily as the doctor or lawy er would
take with his clients ”
In short, as Mrs Yates will show
you when the Happy Kitchen Cook
ing School ooens in Brownsville,
the kitchen Is a laboratory where
in the homemaker uses scientific
methods in preparing meals which
not only please the tastes of hr*
family, but guarantee their health
as well.
Admission to the Herald Happy
Kitchen Cooking School will be
free—and there will be no obliga
tion of any son.
Sessions will be(\n at 2:30 p. m.
‘Devil Proposes To
Christ’ Is Subject
"The Devil Proposes to Christ”
will be the subject of the sermon
Sunc)ny night at the Central
Christian church. “In this day tof
compromise and excuse making, it
will be well lor us to see how Christ
dealt with problems of conduct
when he came face to face with
them during the days of his popu
larity in his eary young manhood."
U was announced. "What did he do
with the proposals to live an unre
strained life? What did he do with
he proposal to live in such a way as
:o be popular? How did he keep his
'ife unspoiled amid the clamoring
temptations of his day? These and
other questions will be answered as
we look In on the scene where Satan
comes to offer Jesus his friendship
and assistance. This sermon looks
deep Into life as we now live It."
Services begin promptly st 7:30
with the singing of familiar hymns.
The male quartette will furnish spe
cial music.
Former Resident Of
Hawaii Is Speaker
to Th#
SAN BENITO March 15— Mrs.
M. M. Magoon sang Hawaiian songs
in costume at assembly period at
the high school this week and an
swered questions about her native
Hawaii She lives near here now.
For many years has served the Best of
Sea Food and Mexican Dinners and
invites you to eat here when you come
to Port Isabel.
Sunday, March 17th, Will Be
A Big Day-Be Here
Coming To
Port Isabel
Of Course You’ll Eat at
Every Thing to Eat and Drink
Delicious Sea Food Dinners
Short Orders — Light Lunches
A Big Dance on the Pier
Sunday Night, March 17th
ROME. March 15. -OPh- Italy’*
operations In east Africa will result
In a government expenditure of 78.
000.000 Href about S6.552.000> in ex
cels of the budget allotted tor the
war. navy and air ministries before
June 30, the official gasette dis
closed Friday.
The expenses are listed as extra,
ordinary items “in the Interest of
the colonies.” required before the
present budget term expires.
They include an outlay of 40,000.
000 lire (about 83.360.000> for the
war ministry; 18.000.000 lire for the
navy and 20865.000 for aviation.
The total extraordinary expendi
ture of the three ministries includ
ing domestic as well as African
operations which will be met by an
appropriation decree to be publish
ed Friday are: war, 75,93 000 lire
(about 86.382.320*; navy, 34.920.* K)
Ure: air, 33.705,000 lire.
Tne complete budgets for the
three departments are: war. 2,500.
000.000 lire (about $210,000,000;
navy. U25.000.000 lire, (about $102,
900,000) and air. 720.000 000 lire
(about $00,480,000).
Meanwhile it was persistently re
ported that the extra expenditures
In Africa might easily be Increased
due to the strained relations with
HARLINGEN. March 15.— Plans
for entertaining the Tip o’ Texas
Radio club In the Valley Sunday.
March 31 were discussed at a meet
ing of the Valley Radio club held
recently at the city hall. A place
for the Joint meeting will be named
l)i a few days.
Business Woman’s
Week Is Observed
(Special to The Herald i
MERCEDES, March 15.—National
Business Women s Week. March 17
to 23 inclusive, will be observed by
the Mercedes Business and Pro
fessional Women. Thursday night a
special program will be presented
at a dinner meeting of the dub in
the high school cafeteria. The city
will Join in the observance. Mayor
W. D. Chadick having issued the
following proclamation:
“I, W. D. Chadick. by the power
vested in me as mayor of the city
of Mercedes, do hereby proclaim
March 17 to 23 inclusive, as National
Business Women’s Week in Mer
cedes, and ask the citizens of this
city, and especially the business and
professional men. to cooperate with
the Mercedes Business and Profes
sional Women's club in the observ
ance r» this week as a token of the
appreciation of the work of the
local, organization, and also a mark
of respect for the activities and
principles of the national and in
ternational federations of Business
and Professional Women's club.
Church Clast For
Boys, Girls Formed
A class for boys and girls from
the ages of 8 to 14 inclusive will be
gin Saturday afternoon at 1:30 at
the Central Christian church and
will continue for six Saturdays
"The Christian Life- is the title
of the class, and will be taught by D.
W McElroy, pastor of the church
Mot tiers and fathers of boys and
tirls In the Sunday School are urg
ed to cooperate with the minister,
making it. possible for them to be on
time each Saturday. The class will
ast one hour.
Have you seen the new Olds
mobiles ?—Ad v.
<Hdcc.«I Ic Th* HrrHid
RIO HONDO. March 15 —An en
thusiastic group of 00 business men
and fanners banded 'themselves in
to an organization here Wednesday
right when they pledged themselves
100 per cent strong as members of
the newly organise^ chamber of
The meeting the second organ
ization meeting of the community
to organize a chamber of commerce
was held at the high school with
Mayo* Byrl Hollon presiding. City
Secretary Harold Maiiemee was act
ing secretary.
A directorate of seven men was
put into office by secret ballotting.
Those elected were: Judge W. K.
Hodgkin; R. J. Bingham, superin
tendent of schools; A- J. Carpenter,
secretary of the Arroyo Colorado
Navigation District: Percy H. Smith,
fanner and retired business man;
Dr. Oeo D. Beech; H. T. Hartzog,
merchant and Jack Carpenter, mer
A committee of five met Friday
night (or the purpose of drawing up
by Ians for the new organization
and also arranged ballots
By law6 as drawn up by commit
tee of five composed of Mayor Hoi
Ion. J R. George. A. J. Carpenter.
James Porter and R. J. Bingham,
were read before the assembly.
Four directors are to serve for
two years and three for one year
with officers to be selected from
the personnel of the directorate In
cluding president, first and second
vice president, treasurer and sec
retary The position of secretary
will be optional and an outsider may
be employed by the directors to
Addressing the embryo organlza
tion, frank SUwr stressed the nec
essity of the enthusiasm ot each
member, becked by concerted acuoo
to push forward to the goal every
objective of the town of Rio Hondo.
Others who spoke were W. K. Hodg
kin and R. J. Bingham, newly elect
ed directors.
HARUNOEN— Mn Stanley W.
BUm u 111 at the Valley Bairn*
Ikoepital. R. T. OoUlna of Abb Bn
ito underwent an operation Thurs

When You Come to Port Isabel
For Sightseeing and Fishing
At Your Senice Day and Night
Port Isabel Boat &
Barge Company
Kates by Hour or Trip — See Bill Pattes
Docks on Channel at Highway 100
East of M. & M. Station
Phone Port Isabel 1 Port Isabel. Teaaa
I \
\ & &
\ i ssagssss^ l
i rrOOKS uoN- ;t \
1 VION. ^ \\PiXX^*^ , Barmore, San en \
\ BOB,; £—«£■£ t Sg* “ \
\ —i ~S££K-“w' *-* \
\ Mu:st m- \
\ RIG iw \
1 *-|1‘ - „ «ft ^ ^vedr ‘“ ratboUc *«»*• \* l
\ . A ft* din** * &ry °f the <* t \
\ B;;^riocoME! 1
. ~ - ..*■. ..
This Invitation to the Valley Public Made Possible by the
Undersigned Port Isabel Business and Professional Men:

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