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NEW YORK, March 29. uPj—Dun
& Bradstreet in its weekly trade re
view declared Friday business is
pushing aside decisively the impedi
ments which have been hindering its
The report Bees the nation’s trade
m “taking full advantage of the
normal seasonal rise to provide mo
mentum which will carry It beyond
the reach of enervating extraneous
"Following the more or less static
conditions of the past four weeks,’’
the report continued, “industrial
operations are starting to rise, as
preparations are being completed for
new peaks for the year to be reach
ed In April, while in distributive
branches the spring season is off to
an auspicious start, with consumer
buying giving assurance of Easter
•ales surpassing the high level at a
year ago. •••
“To the progress made doubtless
can be attributed the greater con
fidence now being taken In expan
sion and long-term planning, as new
financing finally has shown signs of
revival, with new issues running to
the largest total for any week since
the early part of 1933. •••
“Retail sales for the week, tak
ing the country as a whole, were
higher by 3 to 10 per cent than for
the comparative period of 1934. •••
“An actual need for a wide var
iety of merchandise is strongly ap
parent, and now that the realization
is more generally accepted that no
price reduction of significance will
appear during the next six months,
the release of long-deferred orders
may tax productive capacity well into
The Weather
East Texas least of 100th meri
dian) : Cloudy, probably occasional
rains near the coast Friday night and
Saturday; warmer in intertor Friday
night; warmer in northeast and
colder in extreme northwest por
tion Saturday.
Moderate northeast to southeast
winds on the coast.
The river will change little or rise
very slightly in the Valley during
the next few days.
Flood Present 24-Hr. 24-Hx
Stage Stage Chang. Ran
Laredo 27 -0.4 0.0 .10
Rio Grande 21 3.6 +1.8 .02
Hidalgo 21 2.4 -0.7 .04
Mercedes 21 4.6 -0.2 .08
Brownsville 18 1.5 .03
; High and low tide at Point Isabel
Saturday, under normal meteor
ological conditions:
High . 1:57 p. m.
Low.6:00 a. m. 7:33 p. m.
Sunset Friday . 6:45
Sunrise Saturday. 6:23
Barometric pressure was moder
ately high over the southeastern and
far northwestern states Friday morn
ing, and moderately low over the
middle Rocky Mountain region. Ex-1
cept for very light rains in extreme j
south Texas and a few other widely
scattered showers the weamer con
tinued fair to partly cloudy through
out the country * since last report.
Temperatures rose more or less over
most of the country since Thurs
day morning. _
Brownsville 8 a. m. (EST) sea
level pressure 30.01 inches.
'First figures, lowest temperature last
Bight, second, highest yesterday, third
wind velocity at S a. m.; fourth, prec
tpltstlon in last 24 hours)
Abilene . 48 66 .00
Amarillo. 42 62 12 .00
Atlanta . 40 70 .. .00
Austin . 56 70 .. .00
tfuSton ... 34 46 20 .80
BROWNSVILLE ... 66 79 12 .03
Br ville Airpt . 67 80 .. .03
Chicago . 40 48 10 .00
Cleveland . 38 46 20 .00
Corpus Christi. 66 76 .. .01
Dallas. 52 62 12 .00
Del Rio . 64 72 10 .00
Denver . 48 60 .. .00
Dodge City .. 46 64 12 .00
El Paso . 52 74 .. .00
Fort Smith . 42 64 .. .001
Houston . 56 74 12 .001
Jacksonville . 66 86 .. .00
Kansas City. 52 64 22 .00
LQ6 Angeles . 52 66 .. .00
Louisville .. 44 56 10 .00
Memphis . 48 .8 .. .00
Miami ..... 5® 82 .. .00
Minneapolis . 22 34 10 .00
New Orleans. 60 78 .. .00
North Platte . 36 58 .. .00
Oklahoma City .... 46 62 12 .00
Palestine . 50 64 .. .00
Pensacola . 60 74 12 J4
Phoenix . 52 84 10 X)0
St. Louis . 44 60 18 .00
Salt Lake City. 40 58 .. .00
San Antonio. 58 72 14 00
Santa Fe. 30 58 .. .0^
Sheridan . m2*’ *00
Shreveport. 52 66 .. .oo
Tampa .••••••• oo oo •• .w
Vicksburg . 52 64 .. .00
Washington . 40 60 .. .18
WllliSton . 1® 38 .. .00
Wilmington . g 74 10 .00
Wlnnemucca.28 62 .. w
Rio Hondo Schools
Name New Teachers
(Special to The Herald)
RIO HONDO, March 29 —Election
of teachers was the principal busi
ness of the Rio Hondo School board
here Monday night when the board
£et at the high school building
Resignation of two teachers. Mrs
rov Goolsby and Miss Garaldtne
Raivn was accepted. Mrs. Harr\
? eld ' was promoted from Junior
vT.ih school to senior high school.
“Srf&iTwSe elected were: Supt
r J Bingham. Principal Jack
w«*hour and high school; Mrs C
E L. D. Todd. Miss Marjorie
WebST’Mre- Harry Field; Junior ^
525,•Key Merchant, principal;
Miss Ollie Haney; Elementary. Ml**
JJjf? Mire Miss Pearl Brown. Mrs
Srivln Roter*. Mbs Maud John**.
Ward Miss Mabel Mc
SfKirkham. Miss Nina Grantham
A«J5 <vacancies Including librar
Hn are to be filled following the elec
tion^ **<*>! trustees April 6.
Armroximately 5.000.000 trees are
ASKSaSy to the United States to
£\£Sd for telegraph and telephone
S'---— ■ ..
Putt D. Mathis, above. Illustrious Potentate, Alzafar temple. San An
tonio. will head the 30 or 40 San Antonio Shriners into the Valley
Friday for two appearances before Valley Master Masons. The enter
tainers. which include the temple's famous “rube band’’ and Its quartet,
will appear Friday night at San Benito before Master Masons, and
again Saturday night at McAllen. The quartet will also appear at the
Club Royale near McAllen Saturday night.
Hoover Took His Fishing
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ *****
Seriously While F. D. Goes
***** *****
Along Just to Get Outing
29. JP>—Three president*—Warren
Harding, Herbert Hoover, Franklin
D. Roosevelt—have sat in the big
swivel chairs on the back deck of
the fisherman's dream boat, the 50
foot ‘Orca.'' Captain Herman P.
Gray, out of Palm Beach.
But only cne of them. Hoover
managed to catch the prize warrior
of the sea, the lithe, handsome sail
lish that rule these waters.
"Fish dont know whose bait
they’re bitingsays Captain Gray.
Chairmen Of
Red Cross In
Hidalgo Named
(Special to The Herald)
McALLEN. March 29—Four chair
men of committees to serve during
the ensuing year in the Hidalgo
oounty chapter of the American Red
Cross were appointed at the chap
ter’s first meeting here by Lee D.
Rowe of McAllen, chapter president.
J. A. Slaughter of Pharr was re
appointed to the chairmanship of
t.te permanent committee on dis
aster relief. Slaughter recently at
tended the Valley-wide disaster
school conducted by Red Cross of
icials in planning co-ordinated ef
forts of all units in event of a
Leo M. B&umfelder of Mission
zas re-appomted chairman of the
committee on first aid and life
saving. He was presented with a
Red Cross service medal at the
meeting in recognition of his work
In having voluntarily spent over 500
hours during the past year at his
chosen task. The medal for Baum
felder was one of six awarded in
Texas this year.
Luther Hughes of Weslaco was
appointed home service chairman
and Miss Sonora C. Ponder of Ed
inburg was made chairman of the
chapter’s work in home hygiene
and care of the sick.
The chapter I ld£d to continue
the services of J iss Gayle Isensee.
Hidalgo Countv public health nurse,
in co-operation with the Council of
Women for Home Missions.
Harl'ngen School
Heads Unopposed!
(Bv Staff Correspondent)
HARLINGEN. March 29—0. N
Joyner and W. E. Bush will be un
opposed for re-election to the
school board Saturday. April 6.
These men have filed for re-elec
tion and no one has filed to tv
pose them.
Holdover members of the board
elected previously are R L. Hill. |
Dr. John A. Crockett. Dr. N. A. Da
vidson. Frank Davis and S. D
Grant I
, "So I guess Hoover was the best
fisherman of the three. He seemed
to know more about fishing to care
more about details. When he went
fishing, he was strictly in earnest.”
1 Hoovers sailfish was a fish they
still talk about. It measured just a
fraction of an inch under the 8 feet
that qualifies you for the gold but
ton of the Sail Fish Club. It weighed
ever 70 pounds, took close to an hour
to land.
"If Id ever known he was that
close.” says Capn Gray. "Id have
given his tail a little tweak on the
way in. Hed have been 8 feet all
Now President Roosevelt, who
off the Bah mus now on an
other expedition, isn't a serious fish
erman at all. In fact in two trips
with Captain Gray, the first in 1933,
i the second a year later, he not only
didn’t get a sailfish but he didn’t
even fish for them most of the time.
He was content with amberjack,
kingfish. barracuda and the like
not*to be mentioned in the same
I ' lass with the leaping, dashing, regal
He was a lot more fun to fish
i with, though," says the Cap n. "He’s
about the best natured fisherman 1
ever sailed. He was laughing and
joking all the time. I guess he en
joyed himself so much he didn't care
whether he got fish or not. Early
on the last trip he strained the
muscles in his left arm ‘horsing in
kingfish. so he never did get a sail
bait over."
Harding, who fished regularly
with the cap'n, "didn't give a hoot"
about it
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Double-Tested — Double-Action_
Three development* added Friday
to the worries of house democratic
leaders who already were having to
exert unusual efforts to speed the
Roosevelt administration’s old-age
pension and Job-insurance bill
They were:
1. Reports that a modified Town
send pension plan was being draft
ed and would be offered at the
psychological time, probably Just
before the house takes up the ad
ministration bill.
2. An assertion by Rep. Martin of
Massachusetts, a republican leader,
that the G. O. P. house members
“will have a conference" shortly on
the administration's measure.
S. The fact that Rep. Isabella
Greenway fD-Arixi has obtained
more than 60 democratic signatures
on a petition to force a party
caucus on the question of lifting
old-age pensions out of the ad
ministration bill and passing them
in a hurry, letting the other things
take a slower course.
The Townsend pension plan ori
ginally called for a 2 per cent tax
on all business transactions to fi
nance payments of t200 a month to
all persons over 60. Reports were
that this plan was being modified
to require pensions of “not more
than $200." with the added stipula
tion that any money not spent for
pensions should be used to retire
the public debt.
The moon's maximum tempera
ture at mid-day is 244 degrees Fah
renheit. I
Bills Intended To
Keep U. S. from War
Will Be Introduced
WASHINGTON. March 39.—0Ph
Demands that America make Its
plans now to keep out of any fu
ture war among other powers re
ceived new emphasis Friday with a
disclosure that Chairman Nye <R
NDiof the senate munitions com
mittee is ready to offer tentative
bills to that end.
Although Nye did not disclose the
details, the bills were reported to
deal with foreign travel by Amer
icans in wartime, trade with belli
gerents and foreign loans. The aim
is to prevent the United States
being drawn into war through such
Already Bernard Baruch, New
York financier who headed the
World War Industries board, has
told the Nye committee that “no
national has the right to go into
the trouble zone and expect this
nation to back him if he gets into
Baruch, who was called back be
fore the senate committee for the
third day Friday to elaborate on
bis ideas, has said “it is most im
portant that this nation establish
neutrality laws.”
Meanwhile the drive to take pro
fits out of war was carried to a
new front with an announcement
sy Rep. Maverick <D-Tex» that he
urould introduce in the house anti
var-profits legislation along lines
favored by Nye.
It is understood that the Nye
neasure which Maverick said he
would offer the house “within a
few days," Is similar to the broad
taxation plan presented the senate
committee of John T. Flynn, eco
nomist and writer. Among other
things the Flynn plan would limit
Individual Incomes to $10,000 a year
In wartime.
Maverick, stocky Texan whose
family name became a word for
non-conformity, sharply criticized
the war profits elimination plan
offered by Chairman McSwaln (D
8C) of the house military commit
tee. flaverick Is a member of the
The McSwaln bill, among other
provisions would put a “celling" on
prices when war broke out.
Three on Ticket In
Rio Hondo Election
(Special to The Herald)
RIO HONDO, March 29 —Election
of school trustees is to be held here
Saturday. April 6, at the high school
Three vacancies are to be filled
because of expiration of the terms
of Henry T. Hartzog. J. W. Tredway
and Wm. Brockhaus
Garnet Spear, John Canville and
S. J. Christly who have filed for
election with Brockhause expected tc
file for re-election.
O. W. Fields will be Judge of the
election with Forrest Woodside and
Fred Wells as clerks.
AMARILLO. March 29. UP)—'The
first of miniature man-made for
ests which the United States Forest
8ervlce hopes will check eroding
I winds which for an estimated 50.
000,000 yean hare swept the mid
west will be planted in the Texas
Panhandle this month.
Two strips, each half a mile long
will be planted before April 1, John j
D. Jones, of Wichita Falls, state di
rector of the plains shelterbelt
project, announces One will be
six miles west of Childress and the
other in Wheeler county between
Shamrock and Wellington.
Each strip will be 165 feet from
fence to fence with trees planted
12 feet apart over about 130 feet. |
Tallest-growing trees will be placed
in the middle, flanked by smaller
ones and at the extreme edges by
shrubby growth, creating a roof- *
like formation.
The tree belt program is getting I
away to a slow start in Texas be- !
cause of a lack of seedlings and.
the lateness in perfecting a state
organization. The next immediate
problem of shelterbelt officials will
be to make arrangements for seed
lings to be planted next year.
"Seed has been obtained and if
we can lease nurseries we will use
relief labor to raise trees.” Jones
Planting has started in Oklahoma
under the direction of George R
Phillips, state director. He and his
crew will be in charge of the Texas
planting this spring as his organi
ration Is more nearly complete
than the one in Texas.
The Texas-Oklahoma line splits
in half the present tentative shel
ter belt xone lor those stales. The
belt includes only the eastern part
of the Panhandle, embracing Lips
comb. Hemphill. Wheeler. Collings
worth and Childress counties and
the eastern sections of Ochiltree,
Roberts. Oray, Donley and HalL
The final designated area is to be
determined by soil and moisture.
As now planned shelterbelta
eventually will dot an areaRlO
miles aide extending from Tarns
to the Canadian border.
Initial plantings will be in the
most favorable locations and the
trees will be those common to the
localities. The government will
obtain a seven-year lease on each
strip with an option of buying at
the end of that period. Accurate
surveys and correct titles will be
Strips will be planted at right
angles to prevailing winds when
ever possible No trees will be
planted on grass or break lands,
only in cultivated areas where wind
erosion, augmented by year* of
one-way plowing, takes its heaviest
After nurseries are obtained the
next step will be to acquire strip*
and prepare them for planting
next December. January and Feb
ruary. Next years program will
not be announced definitely until
the 1936 appropriation is made
known. __
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