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WASHINGTON, March 29.—UP)—
^•cing against time to that deplet
ed^relief coffers may be filled, ad
mftilstration leaders sought Friday
IS? President Roosevelt the
$4380,030,ooo work and relief bill
on which conferees from senate and
house reached complete agreement
Thursday night.
. Striking out the Thomas silver
inflation amendment and malting
other changes, the conference end
•d Its task after a wearying, all-day
With sllverltes apparently aban
doning any idea of a filibuster,
leaders saw a possibility the bill
might be hurried to enactment
this week. Both houses must now
act on the bill as approved by con
ferees. •
Observers saw a possibility that
the bill—hugest appropriation meas
ure in American history—might be
taken to President Roosevelt by air
plane so he could sign It on the
yacht Nourmahal in southern wa
Though the amendment of Sena
tor Thomas (D-Okla) to have the
treasury issue silver against bullion
at a $139 an ounce value was strick
en out, members of the silver bloc
said they would not seek to delay
the measure Thomas declared he
would offer his plan later.
Observers watched to see what
Senator Long (D-La). who fought
the administration on the bill, would
One change made In conference
would leave President Roosevelt
free to name Relief Administrator
Hopkins. Secretary Ickes. Under
secretary of Agriculture Tugwell or
others high in the administration to
posts In the new setup without sen
ate confirmation.
‘Hoover Nomination
Would Elect F.D.R.*
WASHINGTON. March 29—<<P>—
Senator Norris, discussing the poli
tical situation from the vantage
point of an “ln-betweener." said
Friday he thinks President Roose
velt will be renominated next year
and that there will be no third
The Nebraska republican inde
pendent. who supported Smith in
1928 and Rosevelt in 1932. said the
president does not have a “cinch."
but that he will be ie-elected “If
he doesn’t paring to the right.”
Looking over the field of possible
republican candidates. Norris said
he saw no one now that would win
his support, but he said he had no
idea who would be nominated by
the party.
Nomination of former President
Hoover. Norris said, would mean
the re-election of President Roose
Picketing . Strikers
Are Sent to Jail
DALLAS. March 29.——Twen
ty-four garment workers, who re
fused to be put on their personal
honor not to violate an injunction
against picketing, were sent to jail
judge Town$ Voung offered them
their choice of going to jail or pro
mising not to take part in strike
Five of the str.ipers signed the
pledge and were released.
The charges against the strikers
grew out of a free-for-all fight in
front of a garment factory after
court orders had Wbid violence.
Those sent to jail were told th»*
would be released when they de
cided to purge themselves of con
tempt by signing the pledge.
The strike was called several
weeks ago after the union had de
manded higher wages and better
working conditions.
New Store to Open
(8peclal to The Herald)
RIO HONDO. March 29.-Formal
opening of the F. L. Harsh Variety
store will be held Saturday.
Hie store is 25 by 75 feet and is
entirely redecorated. The exterior
has been decorated in red. and the
sign is of gold lettering. Gifts are
to be given with purchases on the
opening date, according to F. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Harsh moved here
recently from Chicago.
Flemington?... Flemington?... Let’s See
... Name Sounds Familiar... Oh, Yes-!
NEA SUIT Correspondent
PLEMINOTON. N. J—The horde
of reporters, photographers, and
telegaph operators; the artists, crime
analysts, lady novelists and sob sis
ters, the wood experts, fingerprint
specialists, squads of troopers and
battalions of witnesses — all have
Old settlers of the 8ourland foot
hills have reclaimed the chairs In
the lobby of the Union Hotel. Citi
zens of the town have reclaimed
the guest bedrooms that were rent
ed to newspaper folk, The sheriff
and his constabulary are concern
ing themselves with the mystery of
a dastardly theft of 23 chickens.
The statue of a Union soldier now
peers up Main Street at a norma!,
somnolent scene.
But Flemington never will be
quite the same again. It has a new
set of local heroes, a fresh anthol
ogy of anecdotes, a large measure
of self-esteem. No longer a pin
prick on a large-scale map, Flem
ington now appears on the charts
of destiny — a bold X marking the
spot where World Enemy No. 1 and
a city-slicker lawyer pot their
• • •
Boom Seen In
Perjnry Trials
The verdict of Bruno Richard
Hauptmann's guilt was almost, una
nimously approved here. Townsmen,
too. have expressed resentment at
Defense Attorney Reilly s Introduc
tion of several witnesses who quick
ly were discredited. They hope re
ports are true that Attorney Gen
eral Wilentz will prosecute these
people for perjury.
Such trials would enliven Flem
ington strain, bringing back at
least a small part of the army-of -
many-occupations which spent
about $5,000 a day in Flemington
during the 32-day trial.
During a day’s visit here, this
correspondent found only three
names on the hotel’s register.
They’re all salesmen, the rear
guard of an army of apportunists
who already have combed the town,
seeking to trade Insurance policies,
high-priced cars, mechanical refri
gerators and oil stock for the citi
zens’ newly-acquired wealth.
Two waitresses now have little to
do in the hotel dining room where
40 employees used to serve 900 per
sons each day. Nellie’s Bar, named
for a stray mongrel which became
enamored of the gentlemen of the
press, has been dismantled. “Poppy"
Hann. veteran court crier, fireman,
constable, detective, fisherman, gar
dener and pinochle shark, brought
his level and reset the pool tables
which had been moved out to make
way for the taproom.
• • •
Sunday Crowds
Create Rush
The lanky young man whom
thousands of trial-goers know only
as Earl, Is alone behind the hotel's
main bar, and has plenty of time
to gossip with his applejack cus
tomers. Earl is busy only on Sun
days, when sightseers motor to
Flemington and inspect the court
house and Jail across the street.
Burt Pedrick, the hotel manager,
isn’t too busy for gossip, either.
Downright lonely, Burt is, with all
the newspaper boys gone. He sells,
as do several Main street stores,
souvenir pictures taken during the
Hauptmann trial, and books about
the case.
Many of the Hauptmann trial
principals have scattered far from
Flemington. Judge Trenchard. At
torney General Wilent* and lesser
members of the legal staffs are va
cationing. Special Assistant Attor
ney General George K. Large is
pickinir up the tangled threads of
his private law* practice. Chief
Deputy Sheriff Oden Baggstrom.
who guarded the Jury day and
night during the trial, has resumed
driving one of the two school buses
he operates under contract with the
• • •
Sheriff Glad
Hauptmann's Safe
Sheriff John H. Curtiss, short,
squat and beaming happily, hasn’t
much to occupy him these days.
Sheriff's sales, mostly, aqd the rou
tine attendant on the jailing of
minor offenders. There are 20
prisoners in Warden Harry Mc
Crea’s Jail now, but Hauptmann’s
old cell isn’t occupied.
“Only bad customer we got.” said
Sheriff Curtiss, “is a feller named
■ Tfa uonoavvi moutk, gab? War wio trouMc,*
i ib'a caus&d bi* gossip —— but ujJu/u a mans
fnoutX <^ob hints ms a jams - blamxL it o»u kjsswt^.
1 ......■ ■ ———I II IB " ■■ ■ ...
Rover manages to sleep undisturbed ... on the sidewalk in front of
the Union Hotel . . once thronged by visitors to the Hauptmann trial.
Ray Bean. Our star boarder, Ray
Is; been In 28 times on minor
charges. This time we got him for
breakin' and enterin’, so I think
maybe we can send him to the
penitentiary for a spell.”
The sheriff said he heaved a
mighty sigh of relief when he
finally got a receipt for the safe
delivery of Hauptmann to the Tren
ton prison. Curtiss confided that
he had received scores of threaten
ing letters and warnings of at
tempts to free the prisoner. Then
there was the possibility of sui
cide. And not the least of his
worries was the danger of fire in
the century-old tinder-box court
« • *
Show Court
Under the somewhat unofficial
auspices of the local American Le
gion post, the courthouse has been
open to hundreds of tourists on
Sundays. Members of the post
police the building, answer sight
seers' questions, and call attention
to a contribution box in the court
room. Gratuities totaled $35 the
first pleasant Sunday afternoon.
The Hauptmann jurors have
gained a lot of stature in their
ximmunities. Life has been a round
of pleasure parties and sociables
They declare that they never se
riously considered offers of vaude
ville contracts. "It wasn't like as if
we needed the money, either.” said
Mrs. Day Brelsford, the only juror
resident in Flemington. .'My land,
we’d saved nearly every cent of all
$128 the county paid us for our ser
vices !**
Mackerel Season
Will Open Soon
(Sped*I to The Herald)
PORT ISABEL. March 29 —Own
ers and operators of fishing boats
here are putting them in shape
now for the beginning in about two
weeks of the summer fishing sea
son. which will start off with king
These big mackerel are reported
now' about ten or twelve miles out
in the Gulf, and gradually moving
in closer. Fishermen on a snap
per boat recently reported some
about 15 miles offshore.
Fishing for king mackerel is one
of the main sports in this section
during the summer, and many
Texas people are expected to comp
to the Valley when the kings move
in three or %>ur miles from shore,
and fishing starts in earnest.
WASHINGTON. March 29. <*>—
William Green put tha American
Federation of Labor firmly behind
President Roosevelt's request for an
extension of NRA Friday, but he
also demanded a blanket 30-hour
work week law.
The testimony of the federation
president before the senate finance
committee refuted reports that la
bor had abandoned the 30-hour
week plan in order to get NRA ex
The heavy-set leader of organis
ed workers read a prepared state
ment contending that the recovery
program was "the only plan which
is available to us at this time for
the rehabilitation of our economic
But he diverted from his prepared
testimony to say that to make the
recovery program "fully effective”
the Black bill must be passed put
All white sport oxfords
add greatly to one's
appearance and com
fort. Edgerton “all
whites” are shoes you’ll
be proud to wear.
s„ ta 'mu a., ■ ■ • 8
V . v- ’> Sr. • ; * ' . ' *t ■ - A -s-- - >*; H
ting the six hour day and fire-day
week Into aH codes.
Chairman Harrison asked whether
labor would prefer the extension of
NRA or the 30-hour week bill.
"We hare no reason to make a
choice." Green replied.
“But If there was a choice?" Har
rison persisted.
“There Is no choice," Green re
Illegitimate children have t«swi
put an the same level ae legitimate
children, far care of health
other social sendees, by 3d coun
The odds against any single num
ber winning any time the ball Is
whirled on a llonte Carlo roulette
wheel are 37 to 1. A winner receives
3d times the amount of his stake.
ii Friday Friday i
ii Saturday Saturday i
ii 29 - 30 29 - 30 i
Beet, Paper *
Bag, 10 lbs..
Cane, Cloth mm m
Bag, 10 lbs.. j A C
SOAP •'-»'-“* 25c
8 Rrrulsr .
CLEANSER, 2 cam for .. 9C
Last week we moved into our new De- • •
luxe store at Pharr. Larger and better !
in every respect, with modern equipment ] [
for the handling of fresh meats and oth- ]
er perishable foods, together with all < ’
other latest improved methods to better ! !
serve the housewives of the Valley. Se- | |
lect your groceries from the aisles of < »
Smiles at Piggly Wiggly.
Fancy Wlneaap if ' '
APPLES, doz. 15c ii
Maine (J. 8. No. One* * /» ' '
POTATOES, 10 lb*. Ibc ::
.. i I
__^ Blue Bonnet, A pure
Oleomargarine vegetable product, ih
’ All Flavor* 1 J
PAR-T-JELL, 3 boxe* ... MC
Steamboat (Corn A Cane Blend) JA
SYRUP £.,1 c-.,.
Swanxdown Cake AA
FLOUR, 2 3-4 lb. box.OC
Valley Park No. 1 (10-os.) ^ M J J
TOMATOES, 3 cant for 14^ ■'
Del Monte aa \ \
COFFEE, lb.flC ,
Upton's Yellow Label An « •
TEA, % lb. ZUc ■:
(Ground la Oar Mill.) 1 lb. bag*..
Argo Gloss
8-Oz. Box
ASPIRIN, Bayer’s, 100 tablets .... 59c
MINERAL OIL, pint.33c
CASTORIA, Fletcher’s 40c bottle . . 29c
JERGEN’S LOTION, 50c size_35c
TOOTHPASTE, Squibb's, 40c tube 33c
CREAM, Nadinola Bleaching 50c jar 35c
30c LYSOL.21c
Regular size box for.
8-02. A
Cello. ba*»15®
16-Ox. Can.
Old Manlexas Recommends W
Ih, WashtdWhtai
5-lb. sack . . . 26c
12-lb sack . . . 53c
24-lb sack.. $ 1.02
Made by 6-Lb. Sack* ...... 27c
Gladioia 12-Lb. Sack*.Sic
People 24-Lb. Sack*.97c
Coffee i:
Sanka, Vacuum | [
Cant, Lb.
48c jj
^_ < i
i *
3>/t !!
Ounce .. ! I
In Foil Wrapped J \
Ounce .. 28c i
£Kpenuts^..-V 17c |
» ____ " ~~ ’ '
i Del Monte, Font, Conntr, Gentle— 1 0
. CORN. No. 2 Ig. cant.
\ Hersbey*e . Ilf
COCOA, 1 lb. boxe», each
\ Lenten Suggestions
| Alaska Pink in I
| SALMON, No. 1 tall • • IZc
» Kins Oscar Kippered - I
: SNACKS, No. y4.5c
> FISH FLAKES, 71/«-oz. ... I
j SHRIMP, can.12'*c I
School Supplies
» Big Chief. Bif Flee or Movie Star I
; TABLETS, each.3c
> si. Joseph or Cedar - I
: PENCILS, 6 for .. • 5c
I ' I
! Note Book 1
: BINDERS, each.8c I
_^ ^ ^
1-Lb. Sealed Cans in
SNOWDRIFT,each. 13C j;
______________ ' »
Slokely s Honey Pod m « i
PEAS, No. 2 can.\ \
BACON, diced, lb.29c j;
CHOPS, lb.35c ;:
LEG, lb.. 27c | j
SHOULDER ROAST, lb.23c j ‘
RIBLETS, It. . 17c II
PORK CHOPS, lean meat lb 23c j j
BACON SQUARES, lb.22c j j
CHEESE, full cream, lb. ... 23c j j
SCHMALZ HERRING 2 for 25c j j
.. .. ....
BLOATERS, 10c; 3 for ... 25c <;
SALT MACKEREL, 2 for .. 15c j j
", i- -

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