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Here's How
To Achieve
how over 30 and happily married,
but when I was younger I used to
tNQtic I'd never be popular. I had
gone with a girl chum who matured
earlier than I and became interested
In boys much sooner. She was leaa
shy and could talk ctuertaiatn*ly
Later I went away lo teach, got into
a new crowd who had never known
me when I was shy. and soon learn
ed how to attract boys.
“Here are some suggestions I
would give lonely girls: Get into
some organization, club, church, lit
tle theatre, philanthropic group,
that will throw you with young peo
ple in an Informal way. Working
with people is better than only
meeting them socially. Be friendly,
helpful, dependable. Make friends
of girls who are the type boys like,
ana they may either Introduce their
friends and get you a date—often
a start is all that is neet>d—or you
may leam from observation or dis
cussion what you lack.
“When with these boys be friendly
laugh easily. There it nothing more
more complimentary than laughing
at a person's jokes and appreciating
what he says. Get the boy to talk
ing if possible, about his interests,
and that’s where working tn groups,
etc., will help. If you have an In
terest in common outside of your
social life it will draw you together.
“The first thing in being popular,
if you are really attractive personal
ly, is to be well known. Boys are
shy. too, and if a girl is a stranger
and seems ill at ease, they are apt
to leave her alone. If you can work
with them and serve on committees
together, the ice will be broken.
“As a final word, don't feel that
you are the type not to be popular.
It doesn’t follow, necessarily. If you
arc naturally serious, forget it some
times. be smiling, ready to 'kid,' talk
nonsense and depend on the boy s
judgment or advice Even if you are
capable, let the boys build fires and
cook steaks. Be there smllng to ap
preciate their skill, however.
“I hope this may be helpful There
is no more awful feeling than that
you aren't liked. Remember that
because if that seems true now, it
needn't remain so.
Now there is a fine, sensible, help
ful letter which should be a real in
spiration to all, old and young, who
feel that folk dont like them. T
won t add a word to It. And thank
you, Happily Married
• • •
LONESOME C.: I do not know
how you can attract the man wou
think you love, my dear. If you
never see him except at funerals
where he 1* busy, you haven’t much
chance to attract him.
I think if he really was Interested
he would try to get to know you bet
ter. anyhow Maybe he will.
Now as you do not seem to be
having much success In attracting
men. why not turn your thoughts to
something that will bring you satis
faction and contentment? There si- j
ways is plenty of work to do in the
world Why not loin a church. 1f
you are not already a member of
«t? Work with the members of
iW Try to visit people who are shut
in. Read to them, and try to bring
them cheer. You see if folk cannot
have one thing that they want, they
can fill their lives with other inter
ests and be reaaonablv happy. The
queer part of life ts. that when they
do that, very often the thtpg that
they want most comes to them.
• • •
W. M : I could not give you the
name you ask for tn the column.
Your local physicton could recom
mend a good eye doctor to you. I
am sure.
When you buy vour skirt this
year—that you will buy a suit goes
without saving, for It's a suit year
be sure to order an extra skirt of
contrasting fabric. For instance, a
separate black skirt to go with a
checked Jacket, or the other way
around. Stripes and cross bars are
the most important note in skirts
this spring.
In the matter of accessories, a
suit year calls for caution and taate.
Don’t wear high heels with tailored
suits. That goes ditto for nose veils,
fussy bags and gloves and very lock
necked lacy blouses. Those things all
have their place—when you put
on your, silk afternoon suit
When changing paper on shelves
that are used for holding pots and
pans, put several papers on shelf
at one time; it is easy to slip the top
paper off when it gets soiled. Result:
A nice clean shelf paper and no muss
of taking everything out to put in
fresh peper. This is quite a time
Loft, Virginia Raid; right, Virginia Carroll
Bye Baby Bunting, now mama's
gone ahunting! Two outdoor girls
are these- two Virginias. Right,
Virginia Carroll takes her sports
seriously in bright green doeskin
hat and jacket, divided skirt of
brown wool with invisible check.
Her leather knapsack is covered
with brown and white zebra skin,
imagine that! Virginia Reid, left,
takes a stroll in a suit of coral
wool in novelty weave, with coat j|
that is pleated in front. It it
trimmed from shoulder to elbow
with self-covereu button*. The
collar is pleated in the back,
which makes it stand up. All ac
cessories are chocolate brown.
Most Children \
Are Naturally
Perhaps few of us can glance at a
person and tell him what he had for
breakfast—unless there is egg on
his cravat. We cannot tell by his
shoe strings, as did Sherlock Holmes,
that our visitor has gotten out of |
the wrong side of bed. left by the
back door and missed his bus.
But every mother* son of us
misses about nine-tenths of what
goes on because we are just too
dumb to use our eyes.
Observation is lacking in most
people to an unbelievaable degree
and yet It is almost without par
allel as an asset to success
Some schools have taken it up
as part of mental training and I
know of nothing more worth while
Schools teach memorv. or rather
emphasize those studies that train
it. and they keep on inventing mejn
tal gymnastics to develop reason.
But for the major part they stop
there. One would think that mem
ory and reason were the only facul
ties these children were going to
need in a highly competitive world.
Now it so happens that children
are more observant than their pa
rents. Ask almost any child what
Claudette Colbert wore in such and
such a part of a certain show You
will get a fairly accurate description,
whereas you will have to puzzle
your brains to remember what the
plot of the show was about Ask a
boy what the number of the street
car was that he came home on and
there is an almost even chance he
will have it. You or I would not.
quite probably, be able to identify |
the motorman.
Yes. children are naturally ob
servant. They have better memo
ries. too. as we know. Actually they
have far greater potential possibili
ties than grown ups. But while
their memories do not atrophy early,
their powers of observation do.
Why? Because that which is not
constantly exercised and kept on
tip-toe neither advances nor stands
still It retrarta.
This habit of mentally registering
things can be taught at home as
- ^ I
Laura Wheeler Designs
Washington—familiar to us all in
if not actually—is one of
cities. Here is the
fSLSFlS* huldlina that forma the
SSywSmawbBh th. city 1U.1I
as 1U Ufa centers. Whether
IS. , hive seen it youraelf or not. it
rsr&issvssws ™
>Wlt .uvih in
on* thread and on* color, and the !
result Is a bit of handiwork that 1
looks like an etching. You will find !
it most interesting to do. 1
Pattern 950 comes to vou with a
transfer pattern of a picture 11 x 14
inches; material requirement*: il-;
lustrations of all stitches needed;
directions for framing.
Bend 10 cents in stamps or ootn
'coin preferred* for this pattern to
The Brownsville Herald. Needlecraft
Dept. 42 Eighth Avenue. New York.
N. Y. -|
- e
Every one smart and easy to make
Simple Cutting Achieve* Beauty
in Marin Martin Frock
Complete. Diagrammed Marian
Martin 'ew Chart Included
Isnt It a dream? Can't you just
see it made In a lovely cherry-pink
or turquoise blue handkerchief liner,
lor warm afternoons about the
house? Or in dainty dotted, figured
or flowered cotton for busy morn
ings? The back is cut in one piece—
the front m two. A simple slash and'
a few little gathers are the meaiv
of creating those most beautiful
sleeves. M.nan Marlin scallop* arm
holes. lastetung and pocket for a
final feminine touch. The reault is
a winsome frock, completed in a
minimum of time, which will revive
your spirits when unexpected callers
Pattern 9336 may be qgdered only
in Me* 14. 16. 18. 20. 32. 34. 36. 38. 40.
42 and 44 Size 36 requires 3 3-8 yards
36 inch fabne.
Send fifteen cents in coins or
stamps (coins preferred) for each
Marian Martin pattern. Be sure to
write plainly your name, address,
the style number and size of each
Let the Marian Martin spring pat
tern book guide you to chic! Distinc
tive. wearable clothes are included in
its lorty beautifully illustrated pages
The new and the smart for tots, chil
dren. young and older women, and
brides. Slenderizing designs for wo
men of heavier build. Every garment
is one you can make with our easy’- j
to-use Marian Martin Patterns. 8end
for your copy now! Price of book
fifteen cents. Book and pattern to
gether. twenty-five cents.
Send your order to The Browns
ville Herald Pattern Department.
232 W 18th St.. New York. N. Y.
weH as in school It makes one of
the best games in the world.
Show the children a picture, any ,
picture for a period of thirty sec- I
ends Then remove It and see who
can remember the most details ac
curately. Tell a story describing
a room#or the way certain people
were dressed. Then compare notes.
Observation is not all optical pic
tures. It includes mental pictures
drawn on the mind through the oth
er senses as well as that of vision.
Take them unawares and see what
they have noticed about the houses
they pass every day, the kind of
steps that lead to Mr 8mtth's porch,
the kind of path that leads around
Mrs Jones’ house What color Of
tie the principal wore or If the teach
er wore her wnst watch.
The complaint in many schools and
high schools has been for years-on
vears that children wont pay at
tention Attention means obaerv
ition with eyes and ears, called con
centration-alert senses to catch
what is going on and being said.
Strange that such a simple thing
has been neglected for so long.
It is wise to run the carpet sweep
er over the dining room rug alter
»ch meal. Not only does it remove
,he crumbs but if anything has been
spilled it is discovered before it has
:ime to do damage to the rug.
8Umdard time was adopted at an
ntemational conference in Washi
ngton in 1884. Before then, the
computation of time was a Jum
ped affair in all countries.
..Soothes the throat
One cup crushed pineapple, one
cup granulated sugar, one cup wa- !
ter, one-half teaspoon salt, three1
tablespoons cornstarch, two egg
whites, one-half pint whipping
cream. Place pineapple, sugar, salt
tnd water in double boiler and mix
well. When mixture is hot add the
cornstarch, which has been mixed
with a little water, stirring while
adding Cook 20 minutes, cool Beat
the egg whites very stiff and fold in
the pineapple mixture. Place in bak
ed pie shell and cover with sweeten
ed whipped cream.
Good Mirror
Is Important
Beauty Aid
’ America's Moat Famous Beaut>’
Whether you’re up on your myth
ology or not, moat of you probably
know the story of Narciaaua. th«
beautiful youth, who In the day?
before mirrors were Invented, saw
his reflection in a woodland pool and
fell in love with It. And In the end,
he pined to death with love of his
reflection Even In pastoral times
the only way a girl could catch a
glimpse of hcraalf was by seeking
her reflection in a pool or rivulet. It
wasn't until the Roman era that
mirrors came into uae and then they
were only made of polished metal
Today, of course, mirrors are al
most perfect. And while many wom
en don t realise it. mirrors are im
portant beauty accessories, as they
enable a woman to see herself exact
ly as others see her. A triple mir
ror is the best sort of mirror to
have at one s makeup table, a* It
permits a woman to view her face
from all angles. For when a gal has
finished applying her makeup, she
should not only obtain a clear view
of the front of her face, but should
also examine each side carefully
This is essential so that she may see
whether or not her rouge, powder,
lipstick and eye cosmetics are blend
ed evenly and harmoniously on each
side of her face. If her makeup Is
not properly balanced, if may give a
somewhat disproportionate appear
ance to her face.
A full-length mirror also is an
important beauty accessory. Some
girls look as though they’ve never
seen themselves other than In sec
tions The short, plump gal. for In
stance. who persists in wearing large
hats, belted frocks, cape dresses and
the like. Or the tall thin girl who
goes for gowns with long, vertical,
flowing lines. Such girls without a
full-length mirror, cannot see that
■lie respective styles they are wear
ing only accent the short squatness
or tall lankiness of their figures.
Without a full-length mirror, no
girl can study herself, can learn to
gown herself correctly so that the
best lines of her figure are fully
brought out. And without a triple
mirror no femme can really get a
decent slant at her makeup. So take
my advice and always study yourself
carefully from every angle before you
consider your toilet complete. Be
fair to yourself in this respect, and
you'll always appear fair to others.
One and one-third cups tone can)
sweetened condensed milk, two ta
blespoons lemon Juice, two bananas,
one package (three ounces! choco
late snaps. Blend thoroughly sweet
ened condensed milk and lemon
juice. Stir until mixture thickens
Fold in bananas which have been
mashed to pulp with a silver fork
Roll chocolate snaps to crumbs, add
all but one-fourth cup Pile mix
ture in sherbet glasses Sprinkle
with remaining chocolate crumbs
chill. Serves six.
Fruit Salad in Orange Cups—Six
large oranges, twelve marshmallow*
quartered: lettuce, one cup diced
pineapple one cup banana slice* (or
other fruit: pears, peaches, cherries
white crapesi. Cut top* off orange*
and remove pulp leaving orange
baskets. Flute edge? If desired
Combine ingredient*, fill orange cup*
and arrange on lettuce covered salad
plates Serve with mayonnaise, mix
ed with one-third orange juice.
Serve* six
Two-thirds cup .sweetened con
densed milk, one-fourth cun mo
lasses. one-fourth teaspoon salt, one
cup shredded coconut. Cook sweet
ened condensed milk. molasses and
salt together In a heavy pan. Stir
over low heat until hard ball forms
when tested In cold water. Add
cocconut and stir until well mixed;
drop by spoonfuls on buttered pan
Make* 24 pieces Nice to send the
college lad or lass
Soften the butter for sandwiches
by adding a few drops of hot water
and working the water in until the
butter It soft. This la much better
than melting it. as thia way the but
ter ia of uniform smoothness.
A bank in Fox Grove. Ill. has *
peephole in it* front door and nc
stranger la allowed to enter until
he i* identified
Constipation Troubles
Thedford's Black - Draught li
made of the dried, ground-up leave*
and root* of plant* that act on the
bowel* when they are sluggish or
constipated. For refreshing relief
when you need a laxative, take thia
dependable, purely vegetable medi
"I was almost down: was bloated
and had gas pain* until I was in a
bad fix," writes Mr J. W. Dillard,
of Jonesboro. Ark. “I had heard so
much about Black-Drought. I want
ed to try it. I began taking small
dose* after meals. I found it was
helping me. I have regulated my
iiii.i it _
it's always 9000
Jasmin* Ham has com* to
b* th* choic* in thousands
oi homes •.. ths rsason is
obvious ... baked, boiled
or tried, it's always good!
Jasmins Ham is rich in
flavor and delicious in
taste; it is msllow-cursd
and hickory smoked. One*
you've tried a generous
helping of this wonderful
ham. you'll never be quite
satisfied with any other.
Keep one in your refrig
erator for ready use.
IICTCN. TO THE jasmine quartet each ■# vail
. - ■ ■ i .. —... 1 .-. ■■■—?■«
«. _ ■■■ -- ■■■ ----
For the extra feetlve party loach, aac the hollowed oat pineapple shell tilled with the delightful ensn
dressing aa centerpiece oI the salad plate.
SEA Service surf Writer
A bang-up fruit salad is my an
swer to the call of spring It's easy
to make and that gives me more tune
to play with my garden which is just
in the stage where I wish I had no
thing to do except dig It's also good
for jaded appetites which is what all
my family seem to have these spring
feverish days.
Last year I made a culinary hit
in the home circle by scooping out
the pineapple and serving salad In
the shell# This year I’m going to
fill the shell with the salad dress
ing It ought to make a stunning
table picture—the russet pineapple
shell filled with gleaming dressing
surrounded by luscious fruit on a
l bed of feathery endive.
For the salad I use slices of
pineapple, canned pears and fresh
strawberries, one fine large berry
for each person.
Oranges and bananas with straw
berry garnish make a good salad,
And here s the best salad dressing
( ream Dressing
One cup whipping cream, tea
The tailored influence is extending
even to the cocktail dress which is
bring shown in a strictly shirtmaker
styl with a pinch back belted Jack- 1
et One particular model is made
j of navy lace and is street length
; Ribbon is going to be of tremen
dous importance this season. It’s
being used in the form of bows of
cire or groagrain under th* brims of
bonnets. And some of the bonnets
are finished with streamers tying
under chm. However, a few bows
are more practical. In some of the
newer models of off-the-face hats,
which are worn far back on the
head, ribbon Is posed across the hair
i front of the upturned brim.
T*o table spoons gelatin. cup
orange juice, ’« cup pineapple juice.
2 tablespoons sugar. 2 tablespoons
lemon juice, Vi teaspoon salt. 1 cup
ginger ale. cup stoned white
cherries, cup orange sections. H
I cup diced sliced pineapple. Soften
j gelatin In cold orange.
Queen bees can lay 2.000 eggs or
more daily, more than their own
weight in eggs.
spoon salt. *4 teaspoon paprika. 3
teaspoons lemon Juice, 1 teaspoon
sugar. 1 package cream cheese. 1 cup
pineapple Juice.
Work cheese to a smooth paste,
gradually adding cream, salt, sugar,
paprika and pineapple uice When
ready to sene beat with a dover
beater and add lemon Juice
If I have time I chlU the first
mixture for an hour in the coldest
part of the refrigerator before add
ing the lemon Juice. If my time is
limited I whip the cream before
combining with cheese snd then add
the lemon Juice and serve at once.
My home-made bread twists made
with ice-box dough are another re
cent triumph and they go well with
the salad.
Bread Twists
One cup rlced potatoes. 1 com
pressed yeast cake. Vi cup water
in which potatoes were cooked. 2 cups
milk. 4 tablespoons butter. 4 table
spoons lard. 1-3 cup sugar. 2 tea
spoons salt. 2 eggs. 714 cupa flour.
Scald milk and add butter and
lard. Cool to lukewarm tempera
ture. Cool V4 cup water In which
potatoes were cooked to lukewarm
temperature and add crumbled yeast
cake. When cake is dissolved add to
milk with potatoes, sugar, salt and
eggs well beaten. Add 3 cupa flour.
Beat hard, cover and let stand in
a warm place for one hour. Add re
maining flour and knead on a flour
ed board for ten minutes. Cut off
about one-fourth of the dough to
make the bread sticks Put remain
ing dough in a mixing bowl, brush l
with melted butter, cover closely and I
store tn ice-box for future use.
To make bread twists put dough
reserved for this purpose in a bowl,
r^ver with a fresh dish towel and
let stand in a warm place for 3
hours. Roll the dough 4 of an inch
thick. Cut into strips 4 inch wids
and 3 inches long. Roll each stick
on the board with the palm of ths
hand until smooth. Twin two
rolls together and place on a {greased
baking sheet at least an inch apart
sr that the twists wont touch in
rising. Cover and let stand until
'**7 light. It will take at least an
hour for the twists to rise. Bake in
a hot oven < 400 degrees F t for fif
teen minutes.
Instead of twisting two rolls to
gether each roll may be baked sep
arately to make bread sticks.
The American Red Cross had a to
tal membership of 3 802.300 in July
1. 1834. in the United States, its
territories and possessions.
7;ai t
used the well-known
KC Baking Powder I
in the •— I
Her demonstrations showed that in using K C the double-tested,
double-action baking powder your bakings will have fine even texture ,
and large volume—KC is a dependable, high quality baking powder
that will produce the finest of based goods at low cost.
For economy and efficiency in your baking it is to your advantage to use
• Same Price Today I
as 44 Years Ago I
★ Manufactured by Baking Powder Specialists who
make nothing but Baking Powder—under super
vision of expert chemists of national reputation.
The quality is always uniform—KC is dependable.
Try it in your favorite recipe# as instructed by the lec
turer. Results will convince you there is real economy
end satisfaction in using K C Baking Powder.
Hundreds of thousands of women have received
You can amt« copy of this beautifully illustrated book—full of pcecttael. teed
lecipea mat will please you.
Mall the certificate from a can of t C Baking Powder with your name and
adriraes end your onpy will be sent postage paid.
Addreee JAQUEB MFG. CO„ Dept. C. B.. Chicago. IU. I
4^8111*. ® 1 "4 1 | I l g/f gJH a fl k 1 k i 1 JN
I IliBiMMi
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