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^Treasury Fights Bill
Proposing Repeal
Of 3 Sections Of
Purchasing Act
WASHINGTON. April 13. UP)—
The treasury, engaged in an exten
sive silver purchase program, wants
to be free to force the surrender of
stocks of the metal in the event that
their owners refuse to sell.
Secretary Morgenthau outlined
this view Thursday in opposing a
bill by Senator McCarran <D-Nev>
to repeal the government's present
powers to Lake over or "nationalise'’
silver, impose a profits tax on sup
plies taken over snd regulate silver
The treasury chief reminded Mc
Carran that the executive order call
ing in the white metal last August
9. 1934. applied only to stocks in
the country on that date. The possi
bility that another such order might
be adviseable. "in the event that a
tendency should arise to withhold
that metal for non-industrial pur
pose,” was suggested by Morgenthau
in his letter to the western senator.
Discourages GamMers
Some observers said tills stand
would have the effect of discouraging
■peculators who would like to hold
stocks of silver snd benefit from
any further increase in the price
The treasury cm Wednesday an
nounced al'i cents increase in the
price of newly-mined domestic sil
ver. The price quoted in foreign mar
kets had climbed while the treas
ury's purchase program was in prog
In opposing McCarran s proposal
to repeal three sections of the sil
ver purchase act. Morgenthau said:
“I think those three sections have
contributed materially to the success
of our silver purchase program and
believe that their repeal would Jeo
pardise the true purpose of the leg
islation of which they form a part.”
14 to 1 Issue Again
His letter was made public short
ly after the old 16-to-l issue was
Mised anew by senate silverites.
TTiey obtained the agriculture com
mittee's approval of legislation
which would direct the treasury to
buy at least 50.000.000 ounces of sil
ver s month until:
The market price reaches $1.29 an
ounce; the real value of an ounce
of pure gold equals that of 16 ounces
of silver; or until the treasury's
monetary reserves contain 25 per
cent silver and 75 per cent gold. On
attainment of any of these objec
tives. free snd unlimited coinage
of silver would become effective.
The silver purchase bill enacted
last year left the rate of purchases
to the president.
San Benito C. of C.
To Select Manager
• Soeolal to The Heritd*
BAN BENITO. April 12—There
Is considerable speculation here as
to whether the new board of di
rectors for the chamber of com
merce will re-elect Pete H. Smith
to the office of manager.
The board members whoee terras
Just expired, employed Smith with
the understanding that they could
promise nothing beyond their
tenure of office and that his re
election would be in the hands of
the new board. The present indi
cations are that Smith will be re
elected although there was a feel
ing among some business men at
the original selection was made
that George Toolan. a local man
«rving in a temporary capacity,
ould have been continued in the
office on a permanent basis. Smith
came here January 1.
The board also is faced with
aeiection of a new president. Har
ry M. Carroll failing of re-appoint
ment after having served two
Illegal Production Of
Oil Probe Sponsored
By Augustine Celaya
AUSTIN. April 12. (A*)—An Inves
tigation to determine the founda
tion of reports that thousands of
barrels of illegally produced oil
were being transported in East
Texas was proposed in a resolution
on file in the house of representa
tives Friday.
Sponsored by Represents 11 ▼ e
Augustine Celaya of Brownsville,
the resolution said the charges had
been made by government officials
and others, and an investigation
was needed to clear Texas’ good
Asserting the Railroad commis
sion, administrator of proration
laws in Texas, lacked the official
personnel to make the investiga
tion, the resolution provided for an
inquiry by a special committee of
five representatives
It was introduced Thursday soon
after the senate had passed a
bill ratifying an interstate com
pact intended to prevent waste of
oil and gas and prohibit transpor
tation of oil produced in excess of
proration regulations.
Since the house already had pass
ed the bill, only the signature of
Governor James V. Allred was
needed to make it effective, and
that was assured. Governor All
red helped draw up the compact at
a meeting with representatives of
oil states.
Oklahoma. New Mexico and
Kansas previously having ratified
the compact, the remaining step
for consummation of what its spon
sors believed was a barrier against
federal control of the oil Industry
was a sanction by congress.
The house had authorized an
other investigation by a committee
of its members, an investigation
into alleged brutal treatment of
convicts on the Retrieve prison
farm near Angleton. The com
mittee planned to begin the inquiry
next Sunday, going first to Hous
Member* of the committee were
Representatives Kenneth McCalla
of Houston. Bob Alexander of
Childress. Dr. J. C. Davis ol Rule.
C. C. Canon of Honey Grove and
A. T. McKinney of Huntsville. Mc
Calla sponsored the investigation.
One controversial question was
removed from the calendar of the
senate however, with passage of a
resolution submitting a constitu
tional amendment placing an over
all limit of one and one-half per
cent of the assessed value of prop
erty on ad valorem taxes for all
Over the objection# of sponsors
of the limitation, riders were
adopted directing the legislature to
raise revenue to replace any result
ing deficit by levies on natural re
sources, intangible assets, fran
chises. privileges and occupations.
An even more controversial sub
ject was put aside temporarily when
the house passed to third reading
the bill combining the rangers and
the highway patrol into a depart
ment of public safety. Such con
solidation was recommended by
the senate crime Investigating
committee, and the bill had been
passed by the upper house.
House and senate conferees
agreed tentatively on a bill appro
priating $3,000,000 for state aid to
the Texas Centennial celebration
J_- r_rj-uni-,.r. ~
Insurance Company
Executive Visits
(Special to The Herald)
HARLINGEN April 12.—William
L. Dugger of San Antonio, vice
president of the Great American
Life Insurance company, was a
visitor in the Valley this week.
Dugger said that he remembered
particularly his visit to the Valley
which co-incided with that of Ad
miral Byrd. He met the distin
guished visitor and has been an
ardent admirer ever since. Mr
Dugger also has been prominent in
Lions club activities.
Dugger was making the rounds
with J. D. Wren of Harlingen, his
Valley representative.
There are 32.000.000 bicycles in
Europe, according to a recent sur
Every one smart end easy to make
"Tailored Simplicity Hina.”
Say* Marian Martin!
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Marian Martin Sew Chart
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Send your order to The Browns
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232 W. 18th St.. New York. N. Y
-Adv. j
In 1936. The sub-group of the con
ference committee which reached
the agreement decided against pro
viding part of the exposition re
ceipts should be used to re-pay the
state, as had been advocated by a
powerful element in the house.
The question of substituting a
special control commission for the
Centennial commission in super
vising expenditure of funt* for cele
brations at other places than the
central exposition at Dallas was
left to the main committee. The
senate had advocated the control
Voluntary Basis of Code
Signing Advocated
By McCaren
substitute for the administration'a
NRA bill was being drafted Friday
by Senator McCarran CN-Nev) re
covery law critic, to permit only
voluntary codes.
The measures was expected tc
prove a rallying {Mint for many ol
the congressional opponents of NRA
who have contended that It waa
crushing the little man and foster
ing monopoly.
McCarran. one of the authors ol
the resolution under which the cur
rent senate inquiry Into NRA to
being conducted, was the first mem
ber of congress to attempt to draft
a substitute for the recovery law.
While his measure was still in a
tentative shape, he said it would
leave the whole business an a
voluntary basis. Industries which
wished would be permitted to get
together and draft agreements for
certain specified purposes The
government regulatory agency would
be set up only for those industries
which wanted codes.
Under the McCarran proposal
there would be no distinction be
tween intrastate end interstate com
merce. With the whole arrange
ment voluntary there could be no
issue about the constitutionality of
regulating businesses entirely with
in state Unes.
McCarran said he would continue
Section 7 (A), the collective bar
gaining section, though he did not
consider It very effective, and would
attempt to tighten up the enforce
ment of the anti-trust laws
1 "I think we can enforce the anti
trust laws and yet permit voluntary
association of business far certain
stated purposes.’* he said. ’’But I
think the anti-trust laws are more
important than NRA ”
Valley Physicians To
Meet at Rio Hondo
(Special to T*-> Herald >
RIO HONDO. April 12— The
Cameron-Willacy Counties Medical
society will meet here Thursday
April 18 at the Community church.
Doctors and their wives from the
two counties are expected to at
tend the dinner and meeting of the
Dinner will take place at 7 o’clock
with the public meeting following
at 8 o’clock at the Church audl-|
Dr. C. P. Coogle, federal health
officer, is featured on the program
jvlth a paper on ’’Malaria.’’ Dr.
George D. Beech of Rto Hondo is
president of the organization and
Dr. E. M. A. Sizer Is secretary.
Los Fresnos
Are Selected
(Special to The Herald)
LOS FRESNOS. April It. — The
following student# of Lo# Fresno*
schools made grades during the sec
ond weeks of the second semester
to place them on the honor roll.
The Ust was released thla week
by Principal Clyde Krame.
Honor students follow.
Eleventh grade: J. T. Casey. Rob
ert Laak&o. Lois Kretz.
Ninth grade: Wayne Count*. Wln
olan Taylor.
Eighth grade: Amy Lou BlUu*.
Margaret Richey.
Seventh grade: Evelyn Kyle. La
Vaughn Moreland. Verdelle Page.
Sixth grade; Dorothy Richey,
Dorothy Henry.
Fifth grade Lloyd Sanders, Har
old Gray bill Maggie Stanford.
Fourth grade: Hasel Llpe. Rich
ard Watson. Patay Welkel.
Third grade Antonio Escalante,
Leon Hlnkley. Doris Llpe, Clebourne
Humphrey, Jtm Graybill
Second grade; Ronald Chase,
Katheryn Brooks, Gladys Faye Kyle.
First grade Dorothy Bingiey,
Jimmy Chatelle. Mary Beth Gray
bill. Violet Petrie .
Plan Musical Progrem
(Special toThf H«taia>
SAN BENITO. April 12 —An eve
ning of music by Robert Reed, or
ganist: assisted by the San Benito
trio composed of Miss Maud Nos
ier. Mrs James D Ward and Mrs.
E. P. Brady, will be presented at
the Methodist church at 8 o'clock
Sunday night. A free will ollerlng
will be taken for benefit of the or
gan tuning fund.
fowl n
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