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Slaughter It Facing
People If Country
Cannot Buy Cannon,
League Told
(Bjr Th* Associated Preaw)
GENEVA—Ethiopia appeals to
League of Nations against arms
embargoes, saying she fears a
massacre by Italian troops if she
Is unable to defend herself.
LONDON—Neutrals, seeking
peace, suggest Italy may be offered
Increased extra territoriality rights
in Ethiopia, permitting coloniza
tion of Italians there.
DJIBOUTI—Emperor of Ethio
pia dispatches 60.000 troops te
Somali frontier.
GENEVA—Ethiopia asks Lea
gue of Nations’ aid in seeking the
lighting of arms embargo.
ROME—Italy, indifferent to
Tripartite conference, continues
preparations fcr East African cam
LONDON—Mounting of Italy's
debt leads British manufacturers
to consider curb on credit.
PARIS —Britain’s Anthony Eden
and France’s Pierre Laval meet to
review settlement elements pre
paratory to Tripartite conference.
DJIBOUTI. French Somaliland.
Aug. 14. (A*)—Emperor Haile Selassie
has dispatched 80.000 trcopa to posi
tions behind Ethopia's eastern bor
ders. preparatory for a quick south
ward drive on Italian Somaliland in
the event Italy invades his kingdom.
The troops will be concentrated in
the Harrar region, it was learned
Wednesday. Belcw the Djibouti-Ad
Dis Ababa line, it is the native dis
trict of the troops composing this
Thus placed, they can quickly be
moved into Ogaden, the Ethiopian
district on the frontier of Italian
Ethiopian war leaders anticipate
an Italian advance from Eritrea to
ward Adua. to the north of Addis
Ababa. Such a movement would be
Pentered by the Ethiopian advance
hhe south, it was pointed out.
The excdus of foreigners from Ad
dis Ababa has poured many Euro
peans into this port city. Among
them are Italian® some of whom im
mediate’y volunteered for service
with H Duce’s troops In Eritrea.
German and British nationals in
Ethiopia have been instructed by
their governments to prepare Inven
tories of their properties and be
ready to leave fhe country on short
The orders were attributed to the
grow.ne apprehensions of these gov
ernments that diplomatic negotia
tions for settlement of the Italo
EtHoplan conflict may fail
This uneasiness was heightened
by word from Addis Ababa of the
huge increase in the police force,
coupled with reoors that an extra
ordinary guard had been station
ed at the Italian legation there
France, too. manifests a skepticism
that the Tripartite conference In
Pans will accomplish much in the
w?v of peace.
Long range guns have been
mounted on the islands off this coast,
it was learned Wednesday. The
French cruiser Dumont-DuviHe will
arrive August 18. to remain indefin
One thousand Senegalese troops
will be added to the local garrison,
and hangars will be constructed for
airplanes en route from France.
Rev. Will ford Dies
(Special to The Herald)
SAN BENITO. Aug. 14 —Mrs R. L.
Valentine is in Huntsville where she
was called by the death of her fath
er. Rev. T. S. Williford. 85. Mrs. Val
entine was on the way to Hunts
ville. having been advised of her
father's illness a’hen word of his
death came. Survivors Include three
other daughters, two sens ar.d his
Canada’s hog population is esti
mated at 3.648.900 head,
If you've
Bran or PEP—try
Corn Flake*, the mo*t pop
ular of all ready-to-eat ce
real*. Look for the nama
Kellogg's on the package.
Martha Dean Ramsey, of Harlin
gen, talented young daughter of
Mr and Mrs. Hugh Ramsey, who
is pictured above in dance cos
tume. She is a pupil of great
promise in the dance school of
MarkoHeta Greer Elstner. The
Harlingen girl, despite her youth,
has shown great talent In the
three different types of dancing
she has studied. She is proficient
in acrobatic, tap and ballet.
Miss Thomas
Honored With
Party Event
(Special to The Herald)
EDINBURG. Aug. 14—Miss Reba
Robinson entertained Friday even
ing in her home, honoring Miss Mary
Blanche Thomas on her birthday.
The evening was spent in many
indoor and outdoor games.
Refreshments of punch and cake
were served by the hostess to about
35 guests at the close of the even
• a a
The missionary societies of the
Christian and Methodist churches
presented Miss Althea Cronk. a re
turned missionary of Japan. Thurs
day afternoon at the Methodist
Miss Cronk. who was Introduced
by Mrs. Elmo Bright, gave a very
entertaining and educational talk
on the customs of the people of Ja
pan, the school life, and the social
Many curios were on display dur
ing the program and among them
were costumes and some beautiful
• • •
Mrs. Carl Bolls honored her small
.on. Ralph, on his third birthday
Friday afternoon at the Tot’s Lot
of the Methodist church.
Favors of lollipops were given the
youngsters. Mrs Bolls was assisted
by other ladies in serving about 40
little guests.
• • •
The Ht-Lo Afternoon Bridge club
met Friday afternoon in the home
of Mrs. C. E. Bryan.
Mrs. E M. Everitt was awarded
high trophy in the series of games.
• • •
Mrs Henry Klossner. Mr. and Mrs
R. H. Klossner and son, Roy, Jr., ac
companied by Bob Carmey of Mor
ris. Minn., have returned to Edin
burg from an extended visit in Min
nesota and Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. Grade Callaway, Miss
Lola Coffee and Mark Callaway left
Saturday for an extended tour of
California, Colorado and other points
of interest.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Taylor are
spending their vacation In Saltillo.
Pauline Closner. who has been a
guest of Martha Rupp in Brownsville
returned home Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. R. B Kirkpatrick
and baby girl left Sunday for Hous
ton to spend several days. Mildred
Ackerson accompanied them and
will visit with relatives for several
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Coates left
Monday for an extended visit in
Louisiana, and in Dalias and Mar
fa, Texas.
Odls Drewry underwent an emer
gency operation at the County-City
Hospital Sunday night.
Examinations Given
For Cosmetologists
(Special to The Herald)
AUSTIN. August 14—The State
Board of Hairdressers and Cosmet
oiogists will hold state examinations
in San Antonio at the Gunter hotel
at 8:30 a. m. Tuesday, August 20.
Twc days will be required to give
th*s examination.
All applicants for examination
must register at the place of exam
ination by 9 a. m. Tuesday. August
2:. Examinations are for students
whc have completed their beauty
culture course and persons who have
operated less than one year prior
to April 30. 1935. must take a state
examination. Persons who must take
examination may secure application
Marks for examination from the
State Board of Cosmetology, 815
Littlefield building, Austin.
There are 30 times as many mur
ders in the United States each year
as there are in Great Britain.
Silhouette Shop
106 East Jackson — Harlingen
Things For
Ladies and Children
Holding Open House
AUGUST 16 and 17
Favors and Gift Hose
Made Lately
Of Marriage
<8pectal to The Herald)
WESLACO. Aug. 14.—An an
nouncement has been made of the
marriage of Miss Agnes Nicholson,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. 6.
Nicholson, and Mrs. Henry Alrian of
Mercedes, the ceremony having taven
place Wednesday, August 6 at
Both young people have lived in
the Valley a number of years, and
have many friends. The couple will
make their home in Mercedes.
• • •
The four circles cf the Presbyter
ian Auixli&ry met in various homes
Monday with a program bearing on
“The Spirit of Christ in Every Day
Life." The devotional hour dealt
with "The Good Samaritan."
Circle one met with Mrs. Parker
with nine present. Mrs. J. H. Christ
ner was in charge cf the business
session and the devotional. Mrs. R.
C. Smith, gave the program, inter
estingly bringing in many familiar
verses from poems. Next Monday
circle one will be hostess at the
home of Mrs. E. I. Emmons tc mem
bers of the entire Auxiliary’.
Circle two was hostess to circle
three at the home of Mrs, Helen
Jones with 16 present. Mrs. William
son gave the devotional. Mrs. Brooks
Bucklew directed the program, and
was assisted by Mesdames W. M.
Jenkins. S. E. Stokes, Gwilliam. N. S.
Allen and J. E. Shull.
Circle four met with Mrs. A. W.
Voekel with seven preseit. Mrs. Vo §
kel conducted the business, with Mrs.
George Lucas directing the program.
Those assisting with the program
were Mesdames Carl Schwedes. Paul
McCasland. Wilson, and W. H. Bax
ter, Sr. An ice course was served.
• • •
Members of the Alathean Class of
the Baptist Sunday School enter
tained their husbands Tuesday eve
ning with a picnic at the pump
grounds. About 40 guests enjoyed the
social hour.
Mrs. A. J. Tompkins directed a
number cf interesting games and
• • »
Mr and Mrs. E S Brewer have as
their guests her sister, Miss Eda
Schaeffer, and brother-in-law, Rob
ert Fairbanks and children. Law
rence and Marie Fairbanks of San
Miss Nina Hudson left Tuesday for
Oklahoma City after spending a
few months here with her father. H.
H. Hudson.
Mrs. E F. Miller and family re
turned Monday from a summer’s
vacation spent with relatives in
The Weslaco Garden Club has had
to change the program and meeting
place for Thursday August 22nd, due
to the fact that the guest speaker
is ill. The club will meet with Mrs.
R H Cone on the highway. Mrs.
H. L. Trott and Mrs. T. Gwilliam will
direct a program on “Plant and In
■>ect Diseases.”
Mrs. J. E. Amcld returned this
week from Arlington. She accom
panied her nephew. Curtis Hicks,
who is auditor of this division in Re
lief work.
Mr and Mrs. E S. Brewer and
guests will be entertained at din
ner Friday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Williamson.
Mr. Lee Morrison cf New’ York
City is visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. George Morrison.
Mr and Mrs. W. F. Powell and
family left Monday for their vaca
tion. It will include visits to San
Antonio. Austin and Dallas, return
ing in about ten days cr two weeks.
Miss Faulabelle Christian. Western
Union operator, left this week to as
sume her new duties as manager of
the Robstown office.
Misses Frankie Thompson and
Louise Douthit returned last week
end from a months vacation spent
in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas,
Auxiliary Has
' Separately
Members of the Women’s Auxil
iary of the First Presbyterian church
met in seperate circles Monday aft
ernoon. Circle one met at the home
of Mrs. Louise A. Crowe with Mrs.
Marvin Martin as hostess. Mrs.
Crdwe gave the Bible study and Mrs.
Harry Johnsoif gave the lesson.
Mrs. W. A. Redding was hostess
to circle two which had nine mem
bers and one visitor present. Mrs.
A. J. Laughlin of Mexia, was the
guest. Miss Florence Bell gave the
Bible Study and Mrs. Ira Peebles
gave the lesson.
Circle three was entertained by
Mrs Robert McMinn with seven
members cf the circle present. Mrs
E. E. Lamberth gave the Bible study
and Mrs. G. E Dodd had charge of
the lesson.
Mrs. Harrison Clark entertained
members of circle four which had
six present. Mrs Helen K. Buell
taught the Bible study and Mrs. L.
G. Marsters gave the lesson.
Growers To Meet
(Special to The Herald)
HARLINGEN. Aug 14— Directors
cf the Valley Vegetable Growers as
sociation will hold another meeting
Wednesday night at the association
headquarters in the Madison Hotel
Building. A meeting was held last
Wednesday night. Homer P. Hunt
ley. secretary, is out of the city and
will not be at this week’s session.
WHhaut Okmh-hd Y«1 Jiap Oat rf hi m
the Menial laris' Is Ga
Th# Nr should poor cot two pound* oI
liquid bite into year bow,;» daily. If thia bite
te not flowing freely. your fooddoaan’t digest.
It just dscaya in tbo bowels. Gaa btests up
your stomach. You got eoastiputod. Taut
whole systam is poisoned and you fast i
sunk and the world looks punk.
Laxatives are only makeshifts. A
bowel movement doesn't get at the cause. It
takes those good, old Carter's Little Liver
PUls to got these two pounds of bite flowing
freely and make you fool "up and up". Haiaa*
te-s. gentle, yet amasing to making tote flow
fr -ely. Ask for Carter s Little Liver Pilte fag
BUM*. Stubbornly refuse anything else. Be,
• iset. *.«.**■
Every one smart and easy to make
Marian Martin had leisure hours
in mind when she deigned this
graceful afternoon frock for the wo
man of larger proportions. The soft
jabot cascades down the bodice in
graceful folds, concealing those ex
tra pounds and curves! The bodice
gathers in front to a double-pointed
yoke, another slenderising featu*
with its diagonal lines. Medium
length sleeves puff, then hug the
forearm below *he elbow. Crepe is
a perfect meo n for this pattern,
but in satin you’d have an all-seas
on "best dress.’’ Do choose sparkling
novel bottcns and buckle. Com
plete. Diagrammed Marian Martin
Sew Chart included.
Pattern 9339 may be ordered only
in sizes 16. 18. 20. 34. 36. 38, 40. 42,
44 and 46. Size 36 requires 4 yards
39 inch fabric.
Send fifteen cen^ in coins or
stamps (coins preferred) for each
Marian Martin pattern. Be sure to
write plainly your name, address,
the style number and size of each
Just out...Marian Martin sum
mer pattern book...forty enlight
ening pages to lead your way to
summer chic! Clothes for every oc
casion for every member of the
family, from the Tiny Tot, the
Dashing Deb. the Blushing Bride
to the Mature Matron! Every
design beautifully Illustrated, every
pattern so easy even the beginners
are assured of success! Send for
your copy now! Price of book fif
teen cents. Book and pattern to
gether. twenty-five cents.
Send your order to The Browns
ville Herald. Pattern Department,
233 W. 18th St, New York, N.
Y.- Adv.
Reception Is
Given Lately
For Couple
- _
One cf the important events of the
season took place Tuesday evening
when members of the First Metho
dist church entertained at the
church parlors with a reception be
tween the hours of 7 and 9 o’clock,
honoring Rev. and Mrs E. A. Hun
ter. the former, the presiding elder
of the Methodist church in the
Brownsville district.
Greeting the guests who called
during the evening, and who num
bered over 50 were Rev. and Mrs. O.
C. Crow*. Mrs. Herman B Jeffery,
president of the missionary society.
Miss Kate Failor. Mrs. George Walk
er, and Rev. and Mrs. Hunter, whose
recent marriage was an event of in
terest. Mrs. Hunter was the former
Mrs. Enola Polhemus, of Mission,
prominent in church and musical
The church parlors were beauti
fully decorated with a profusion of
pink crepe myrtle and pink zinnias,
artistically arranged. Punch was
served from a table presided ever
by Mrs. Grover Singer.
An enjoyable musical program, un
der the direction of Miss Kate Pailor
was given during the evening hours.
Among those on the program were
Byron Walters, twe piano numbers;
Arnetta Stewart, two piano num
bers; Linna Louise Crow, two read
ings; Betty Jo Samuel, two readings;
Mrs. Grover Singer and Mrs. Her
man B. Jeffery, a duet, accompan
ied by Mrs. B. F. Hardin; Teresa Mc
Kenzie, piano numbers; Mr. A1
GouMin». vocal number.
Dance by the Triple L club at the
Country Club at 8:30 p. m.
Miss Audrey Willis will be hostess
to the Modem Priscilla club of Ol
Bide-a-Wee club will meet in the
evening with Mrs W. E. Huffman.
Quarterly meeting of the Valley
Federation of B. and P. W. clubs in
Ice cream social at the home cf
Mrs W B. Mather bv the members
of El Jardin Heights Social club.
Laura Wheeler Designs
T""-""— * ... .■—1 - .. ■ ■ ■ .■ 'T—
' towels and linens
St 111 life portraits of luscious fruits!
Can’t you imagine them in their
natural colors decorating your kitch
en towles and those informal linens?
They’ll make a lovely luncheon set or
do wonders for the breakfast nook.
They’re embroidered entirely in
cross stitch—8 to the inch, too—so
they’ll be done in no time. There
are seven motifs so you can have a
towel for each day of the week
And what a welcome addition they
would be to any hope chest!
Pattern 1027 comes to you with a
transfer pattern of seven motifs
averaging 4,ix8 inches; color sug
gestions; material requirements; il
lustrations of all stitches needed.
Send 10 cents in stamps or coin
'coin preferred> for this pattern to
The Brownsville Herald, Needle
craft Dept.. 82 Eighth Avenue, New
York, N. Y —Adv.
Black Flag
1. '
in place
is not a bad idea! T
LIQUID.. Kills insects that fly |
POWDER.. Kills insects that crawl j
Miss Jarratt
Here Lately
A pretty event of the summer was
that recently when Miss Charlene
Jarratt. daughter of Mr. and Mr*.
C . Jarratt, was named honoree on
her birthday. The event was given
at the honoree’* home on West
Washington street, and games and
dancing were enjoyed throughout
the evening.
Reception rooms of the house were
gay with vari-colored flowers and
colored lights.
Those present besides the honoree
were Misses Betty Jean McMtnn,
Rosamond Jackson, Mattie Mae
Yates, Lahoma Fricks, Georgine
Monroe, Betty Jo Samuel, Marjorie
Winans, Barbara Brady, Ethel Marie
Stevenson, Betty Maas, Gay Con
ners, Ruby Day. Alene Craig, Vir
ginia Anderson, Patricia Murphy and
Hazel Jarratt.
James McGill, Carl Gillette, Joe
Kennedy, Byron Walters, Leland
Marsters. Leroy Winston, Lee James,
Carlton Perkins, Edward Lindhe,
Jack Ehler. Duncan Sexton, William
Fricks, Plerra White, Woolsey Sam
uel. Pat Macmanus and Joe In
.-o-— •
Miss Mildred Dorfman, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. I. Dorfman, who
has been attending Camp Mystic at
Kernrllle, is spending some time as
a guest at the ranch home of Mrs.
M. Edelstein near Kerrville.
Three Major
Honors Given
Miss Seago
Miss Mary Frances Seago, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Sea
go, who has just recently returned
from Camp Mystic at Kerrvllle, was
awarded three outstanding honors
during her stay at camp. She was
presented with the senior medal for
horseback riding, and at the close of
camp, as a member of the crack rid
ing team composed of 16 girls was
awarded the blue ribbon in the
horseshow which is an important
feature of the dose of camp.
Miss Seago also ranked highest In
the marksmanship of the rifle team.
The rifle team is affiliated with a
national association, and is ranked
very high.
The Brcwnsvllle girl was outstand
ing In her camp activities during her
entire stay there, and was awarded
other honors besides the three major
ones conferred in horseback riding
and in marksmanship.
Missionary Society
Has Meeting Here
Monday Afternoon
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the First Methodist church met
Monday afternoon in circles, with
only two circles meeting. Circle one
met with Mrs. McGilvery at her home
In Victoria Heights. The first three
chapters of the mission study book
were given by Mrs. W. D. McBryde
The hostess served a refreshment
course to the II members and two
visitors present.
Nine members and three visitors
were present for the meeting at the
Young Matrons' circle at the home at
Mrs. Sam L. Lockwood. Mrs. W. R.
Jones gave the first three chapter*
from the mission study boot, and the
meeting was closed with the Lord*
Prayer. A refreshment course wae
served at the close of the meeting.
— o
Approximately 36.000 science jour
nals are being printed In the world
at present.
■ I f jB ” ■ ■J i H ^B 111B ■ V A ] I 11
A Buying Guide
Before you order dinner at a restaurant,
you consult the bill-of-fare. Before you take a
long trip by motor car, you pore over road
maps. Before you start out on a shopping trip,
you should consult the advertisements in The
Herald. For the same reasons!
Jhe Herald advertising columns are a
buying guide to you in the purchase of every
thing you need — including amusements! A!
guide that saves your time and conserves your
energy; that saves useless steps and guards
against false ones; that puts the s-t-r-e-t-c-h
in family budgets.
The advertisements in The Herald are so
interesting, it is difficult to see how anyone
could overlook them ... fail to profit by them*
Just check with yourself and be sure that you
are reading The Herald advertisement; regu
larly — the big ones and the little ones. It is
time well spent. .. always.
Avoid time-wasting, money-wasting detours
on the road to merchandise value. Read
The Herald Advertising “road maps.’’

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