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VOL. I---NO. 1 .0 WINNSB3ORO, S. C.. THURKDY MORN1NG, D)ECEMBER 21, 1876. . **0A1i
The Formal Cremation of the Body ol
Baron De. Palm--A llorrible but
Interesting Account.
Correspondence Philadelphia Times.
WASHINGTON, PA., December 6.
There were two solitary watchers on
Gallows Hill last night. One was.
Mr. James S. Wolf, the other was a
reporter. Long before dark the
shrunken body of Baron Do Palm
was wrapped in its pale winding
oheet and laid out, stark and cold,
in the long iron cradle. The
catafalque had been drawn to the
centre of the reception room ; a
briht fire had been started in the
litt o stove.,t the side of the room,
and the back window had boon rais
ed for reasons best known to any
body who wont into the room with
out holding his nose. In the furn
ace room Mr. Wolf sat on the bot
tom of an inverted bucket, smoking
his pipe, occsionally opening the
furnace door and throwing a red
glisre over the little room and its
occupnts. It was a spectral plitce.
The door between the two o ,ms
stood open, and the Baron lay in
plain sight, comfortablo in his cool.
quarters even outside the building.
Things were a little ghostly.
Gallows Hill is qnito a chorial
neighborhood, and with a real
j. baronial mummy within tan feet on
one side and the old gallows posts
leaning almost against the building
on the other, and Cremater Wolf
to hold a little kerosene hunp for
the reporter to write by, and a
'chair from ander the catafalque for
a table, the cheerinees is doubly
'The retort that was red hot in the
afternoon was getting half-way be
tween red and white by midnight.
Every hour the bright furnace door t
was opezed and a fresh supply of
coke was put in. The furnace was
bot, terribly hot, two or three feet
-off the ground, but near the top it
was almost as cool as the snow with- t
out. The intense heat had burned
away the plaster in crevices between
some of the bricks and the biight t
'light shone through. The fireman
is a c'apital ventrilo(gnist,. and he
used his voice occasionally with f
istartling effect, making the Baron
say, now and then, "please stir up
the fire a little." or, "it's getting cold
here,'.' or "won't yon give me a glas
,of water ?" greatly to the fright of
a country lad who stepped in as he
was passing by.
At 7 o'clock tis morn iug., when I
the red light in t;e east began to
throw faint shadowd of the gallows
posts against the little building,
the undertaker climbed from the
silent village to the summit of Ga -
lows Hill to see that all was right
The furnace was then white with
'heat. The fuiace roon was suffo
eating and the retort was red hot
and white hot in spots. At a quar
ter before 8 o'clo k Col. Oleott a
rived, carrying his Hindoo crema
toin vase in one hand and a half
gallon bottle of alum water in the
'other. He took a brief look at the
body and then, taking a package
from his pocket, raised the winding
sheet and sprinkled frankincense,
myrrh, cassia and other spices over
the Baron's breast. After the sheet.
was replaced the alum was poured
over it, wetting it from head to
ifoot. This wais to pr-event it from
,making a blage when first put into
- the retort. Then -the evergreens
and flowere were strewn over the
body and it was ready for the cere
anony. By this time it was, after
8 o'clock, and the reception room was
nearl~y full, the physicians 'and the
newspaper maen naaking a party ,of
about fifty, w o were waiting in
%patiently for the ceremony to begin.
-Outtside about ,a hundred of the
townspeople had gathered.
/At half-pasti eight o'clock the
fireman said that the furnace was
ready, and Col. Olcott told 'lim to
unfiaten Ithe door of the retort.
T'he farnace r-oom was clear-ed, the
door was taken down, a fres h lig
~was put'on the other dopi' that was.
to take its place, and the prepara
tions were complete. Clol. Olcott
and Mr. Newton, the two execaxtor-s,
took their places at the head of the
body, one oelh side, and Dr.
LeMorie aid ipr. Aedyle 'at the
foot."It goes lii feet %rst," said
ColOleoth~ TOh, no' replied Mr.
L~eMoyneu~, oa Ain 194; Br :
O ott~MItanageano differetet"
put~ it he rat.'h -solid part of
the bodf3I1 .titfWdkt i add~*Ie
retort is hott 'ebf "All
:right," sai ou
beares fa, a
piopM4 jy,$ re grle IA&nd'
roou. ho wr4
door between the two rooms and
reaching the front of the furnace,
rested their end of the cradle on the
front of the retort. The heat was
so intense that even before the head
was inside of the oven the smoko
began to rise, and the bearers at the
foot quickly shoved the cradle and
body into the retort. A thick,,
light colored, almost odorless smoke
poured out through the door. Still
not a word was said. Instantly the
fresh door was raised and adiusted
the cremation was begun. The
open door had somewhat cooled the
retort, and when the fire in the
furnace was not as hot as it might
have been, somebody suggested that.
the retort was not hot enough.
"Hot enough ?" rel)licd the firemiau;
"why, it's a second edition of
It was just half past eight o'clock,
, ittburg time, when the body went
ito the retort. For flive minutos
): more nobody ventured to open
Lhe peep hole and look in. Then
Ih 'ine man pushed it open and
Looked in. All was dark as the
fravo. Not n ray of light any
wVhero. Two minutes later a thick, t
xlhitish smoko could be seen break
og eut here and there into a little
>lazo ,f fire. Then the -white smoke
ame and circled about the opening, U
ihutting off the viewi again. At alt
juarter before nine the winding|
iect waa still unburncdl, though
Ino iron cradle was red-hot. The
etort was g tting to a bright heat
Lza:ln, and its interior could be seen
lainly, though the solcs of the
Baron's feet were so near the loop- t
wie that only a little of his body
juld be soon. At this time the
iorgrens and palm lea:ves were
iall intact and in shapo, though
!ompletely turned to ashes, :or
hero was no air inside 'o disturb
b)emil. While the Ifarcn wa; baking a
Lway the spectators went into the)
.eception room and the newspaper
nen sat down and wrote their notcs c
mn the catafalque; then the doors of t
he building were opened, and the r
rowd outside were allowed to con e
n1 two at a time, take a look into r
he retort, and then go out again.
Lt a quarter before 10 o'clock the
i oi had fairly bogun it s work ; the
eet had fallon apart, leaving a ele ir0
'iew of the body, and the ribs were
Lvnding nearly upii ft. On one
lie iay tle leal ; t nad burned t
IOmfpletely looso from the body and
ad roamed omit of place, but it was
iothing but a skull There was not
particle of flesh left on any part of
he body, and eye y bone except
he skull was as red hot and trans
urent as the fuinace itself
A skeleton of fire lay in the iron
radle-a skeleton without a head,
or the skull wa not heated so
.horoughlay aid did not look as if it
,ould ever have belonged to the
iame boly. Even. the iron cradle
vAs beginning to feel the effects of
h3 (liilato. It was warped rand
sent and fb.tened beyond nl
ec,>gnition. From this 'time the1
iromation of the B~ron's body wa:s
-apid. At eleven o'clock the skele
on was still almost intact, but it
Vs evident that thes larger bones
yore ready to crmble the moment
~ho air touched them. All throughi
;he morning a lin.e of people from
hie neighboring towns climbed the
mow clad summit of Gallows Hill to I
ook at the rapidly disappearing 1
iody. At half-past 12 o'clock the 1
reamation was considered complete. I
t'he inside of the retort was at
,vhite heat, and the iron cradle
ooked like the ribs of some huge a
muimnal. Some of the larger bones
wveie still to be seen. The skull re
hined something of its normal
shapa, anid little mounds on the1
ottom of the .aetort marked the
;pot where hahafulls of hot nAhe
liad faillen through between the ribs)
of the cradle. The cromation was
aver. The fire was drawvn out tf
the furnace and the furnace door
was seatled up with mortar. Before
I. o'clock the little cremnation house
waseompty and the door was locked.
B~aron do Pualm's last wish had been
comlhied with, and his body lay in
i little heap of red hot ashes, alone,
LtP guarded, on the asuminit of
TI.'he Hlin~o cremation vep itt
which She Baroii's ades are to. be
put was statiding on the top of the
fur'nace early 1n hi e morning for
public h ed(tio. It is veiy Bsnall,
rind cannot bossibly hold more thuin
i inart,. Col. Olcottsays, however,
that the vase has been used for the
satne giu 6Ae before, and Is without
ubt ]agi enough to hold all .thait
will be let Mpuma~9gged3tbse
cateined bones will next tickle your
smooth wrought sides I But it wll
beim iioana va bodix'* be6foe - he
ash/4 ern be taken oneto
. eo torkand
his poor bones would have to g
thiough he would have though
twice before ho jumpod into th<
A Steel Pen Manufactory, and tMs Vari
ous Processes kmnployed.
Everybody who has used Gillott'i
803's will be interested in the follow
ing description of a visit to tie
manufactory in BirmingIam, whici
is taken from the .ngish Me
Mhanic :
The workors are almost all women,
who amount altogether to about foml
liundrod. The men and boys form
th:e minority, and work in the pri
nary department--in other words,
heiy do tho rough work.
The first departuient, in which only
non and boys work, prepares thc
ihcots of stool required. These are
nado to certain lengths, measuring
rozn two to four inchos in width, ac
,ording to the various sorts of pens
nanufactuired. When the different
iheets are prepared they are he, ided
jo tie stamping departinent, where
be fi-st and subsequont procosses of
>en making are gone thiouigh. There
Lre altogether twenty-foir processes;
vory single pen has to go through
hoem all before it is completed and
it for use. Each workor has a sop
6rate tab'e, with the stamping ma
hine on it, and a stool to herself.
,early all the processes are done by
tamping. When stamped out the
oon, any kind whatevor, is at at irst
erfectly fiat. The sheet used is
olled and placed on the groind on
no side of the tablo ; the worker
ks hold of the unrolled end and
iasses it at regular intervals benezth
he stamper on the block, and by
he help of a contrivance worked by
ho foot, or by a motion of the han
le, the stamuper deocends with a
harp rap and ris'is up again imme
liately. With great rapidity the
Iens are removed from the block,
nd the sheet pushed on. The pro
ess is similar to that of the stamp
ag of seals on paper, with the ex
option that in the case of pen-making
he stool shoot is placed on the matrix.
The subsequent processes, such as
oaundmng the pens, putting on the
me and number, splitting the
ibs, a-e all exceuto I by E t unping ma
hImes nearly inthe same manner ao
Ie first process. In every case only
no single pen is done at a time.
the last process is the temnpering,
11 .1 . - $k- L% upujajVL0nt. ; 159
hrough all the various stages uip to
no twenty-third process the pen re
amins in a brittle state, and hence it
is untit for use until it is temper
1. The pens (one sort at a time)
re put into a large p:n placed with
11 a heating IIpratus--a large cop
>or cylinder-but not directly over
he fire ; ad by an ingenious pro
ess they are kopt oonstnntij
tirring and shifuing about, so that
ii equal degree of neat is imparted
o each single one. This process
o-a on for a short time, and, wha.n
ndad, tho hot peas are seat.e:e I on
he tRoor to cool, which being dcne
ne work is completod, lnd the
ainufactured articles are ready for
A Little Comparison.
The wrath of the conspiratora
vho, having stolen thlree States, are
o full of wraith at a loss of one~ vote
ni Oregon, reminds ns of thle Missis
.ipp~i gamler who, while engaigod in
game aboard the steamer, witli
ris pantaloons stuf'ed in the top of
us boots, was observed by a spectai
or to have i the same locality, tile
op of tile right boot, a cai-d skill
'illy concealed. This card the
poctaitor wvho saw it immediately
batr acted. When the time came
or the use of the boot-hidden re
ervo, the gamblcr i cached for it.
L'he firsat expression of his face was
udicrous. His jaw dr'oppol and a
vild light gloamed from his be.
vildered eyes. From this, however,
1e rallied, and indignation took the
lace of amnazemout. Bringing his
lenched list down upon tile table
vith a force that mnade the glasses
inglo, he roared: "By- , there's
-.heating about this board."
gress street boarding-house keeper
ueenmed muched pleased when told
at the Central Market yesterday thai
bhe politionI excitement was as greal
ws ever.
"I hope it ill - ontinuae aboul
!pur weeks longer," she remarked
"Do you know that siice electior
day my thirtea boarders have eater
one Jmalf less than ever -before
Why;, 64.S put thie poorest sort ol
biatter onr the table without a word
f complairit, and heav biscuit and
-uhbeef and wet coffee are
gbled up, bolted down, Aid away
bhie men go to hear the news.
we can only have one week mnore
['11 saeenough on butter andI beei
He rthW'8 6 ru aSO et O
l og look nt e~ Ao 1"h
R hit of r i sa t wha1 o
prisoner was placed in double irons
anld removed, in the custody of lion.
The. Allen, District Marshal, to
Fort Washington.
1%1-nA he Ne'v York Times, Apra1 0.
The returns from all the depart
ments .aidicato that the plebiscito of
Tuesday has resulted in an over
whehmnihg victory for th1 dynasty.
In not a single onie has a majority
been cast against the proposition,
"Shall the EInpire be Ilwe herodi
tary and perpatnal ?" Count Sin
mnonn, Prefect of the Department of
the Bay, telegraphs 11S that thoug
the l1opiblicanms culaim that every
county gives them a iajoritv, anil
that the formor State of Massaclhu
sotta has cast 116,000 votos against
dhe Empire to 716 for it, there is io
doubt whatever that whon the Re
turning Board comes to canvass the'
returns it will be found that the de
partinont his gone for the Empiro.
It will be remembered that the
Times alone of all the metropolitan
papers announced an Imperial vieto.
ry on Wednesday morning. Heavy
monarchical gains are everywhere
reported. Podunk Centre, with a
population of 270, cast 385 votes for
them Empire and 2 against it.
What the Leading Papers Say.
From the New York Post, Iep.
If the Democrats insist upon in.
quiring into the proceedings of the
Louisiana Returning Board, they
cannot prevent the Iopublicais
fromn inquiring into the proceedings
of the Oregon Governor. On the
other hand, if the Republicans insist
that the authentic action of the
State is conclusive in Louiriana,
they must admit that it is conclu
sive in Oregon. Upon the State
theory, any alleged wrong in the
appointment of Electors must be
righted in the State. In respect to
the Oregon case the facts and the ,
law are yet to be officially ascer
tained. If a wrong has been done
in the appointment of Electors
there ought to be sonie way of I
righting it in the State, but we are ]
not prepared to say that there is j
any. In South Carolina the Demo
crats have suggested a proceolent
by calling upon the Supreme Court
of the Stato for relief. But if there
is no remedy for such a wrong with
the appointment of Electors is a
State matter?
[ inom the Philephia T1 mes, Jud, I
Let us look the Lou'siana and i
Oregon issues in the face They t
confront us and must be met. E.tch
State has made a legal return to
Congress that is a i3 ; but both wvill
come clothed wAthl all the ceremony 6
of law. The Return Board of
Louisiana is the laN f il body to
c:onUpute and certify the retuins oi
that State. It has doio so in itter v
disregard of the honest vot.e of the a
poop e, andl the so-called Governor a
has su certifiod it. It is, therefor o, s
t to legal return, and it has been tie a
elamcer of the fziondcs of Hayo 4 who~
invited fraud to rescue thomi fio.n
palpable defeat, that the legal re
tumn enonnot iad must not be inl
iuired into by Con ;ress. TIhat I.h
bliey declare mius stand, andi on th t
seohnicaxl exu ix with which they
nut thiin~y veiled the most unbi is. -
ng fraud, they have claimed the
Presidential ch.: ir for a deicated ~
lanidato. When challenged be. y
manse of the monstrous wrong a
rganst the dearest rights (of the w
)Opple, the answer has been-"Thus
aith tue law." In Oregon the law
nakes the Secretary of Stato and thme
lovex nor practically the Return d
30ard.- The Secret.ry is req-tired a
0 compute the vote ini prIesence ot ai
he Governor, who is requre I to 0J
ertify it. That computation aind hr
hat certiicate make thme -legal re
urn of Oregon, as do the (dompu1ti
ion and certificate of Kellogg and e
us board make the legal return of lh
r>uiaiana, and' if one is sacred b
~gainst inquiry, the other ja eqnally e
acred against theo hand of C on- ~
ress. When the disturbed con.-a
pirators against -the purity of the
~allot stand. aghast at the lega
etun fromi Grgoat that s~trn~ their
tudied fraud of its vitality, they are
uswereij : te did. the Louisiun.
evolutionists 'answer-"Thus saith
e law j"s We -believe that Gov-~
~rnor . Grover should have com-:
bissioned the Electors as the face *
>f the returns directed hin, just as
he Louisiana board should have ,
mommisdjoned - the Tilden Eloetors F
n the, Mtate, -'!I'hat would have h
ioon justice in the nam~e and 'with n
Ae enield of the law, and with that d
he whole county would, <have been *y
ontent.o As lis,i'' States send a
ha ouly lawful.oe~.iflestes ' f 'their
l1ectoraivute'in esnfdssed defam e
>f the Vossa- of their people, and it
will bef4or.the arsproet41tai .( 1
she pioopl du Congreos to iidu& 4
Ator thm-ar1d giveth?iekdd i
nision of of 2 's
Misceolanneous News.
Seven persons in Dawson county,
Georgia, havo lately had their arns
cut oi' by gins.
The Grand Lodgo of Masons for
the State of North Carolina is in1 Ses
sion at Raleigh.
A number of emigrants from Pike
and Troup olutiOs, Georgia, sot
out last week for Toxas.
A gentloman from Goorgia has in
vented a patent car-couplor, and has
had an offer of $15,000 for the patout
Fifty-six settlers, with their lures
and p: a/es, havo sai!ed fromd Maine
and :-.ssachietts, for Jacksonville,
Govornor Vance made eighty-five
speeches during the late canvass in
North Cairolina. Ho certainly earned
hiu reward.
Bele1h1ue & Co., large slogar dealers
if New York, tspendod on the 12th
inst. Their liabilities are estimated
t $100,000.
The North Georg;a annual Confer
nce of the Motnodist Episcopal
U'hurchb, South, is in sossion at Spar,
a, Ga., Bishop Piorce .presiding
The latost despatches from
Europe indiente a probability that
;bo troubles thore about Tuikey will
eceive a poaceful solution.
The Mexican embroglio still cou
innes. Ono of the tileo Presi
lents of that country, wit, his whole
abinet, was recently captured near
he city of Mexicq.
All the ponds at Charlotte, X. C.,
vore frozen over during the lato cold
nap. The Louisville CoeurierdJour.
tal says that even the water is becomu
ng soAid South.
A rumor is circulating that by an
.rrangoment between the city au
horities of Now York and "Boss"
rwood, the lattor will be released
rom prison.
Gen Joseph E. Johnston, of
)eorgin, and ex-Governor M. L.
3onhan, of South Carolina, have
) >plied to Congress for a reroval of
hei political disabilities.
A highway robber in Naw Ycrk
vas lately sentenced to twelve yer i
mnprisonment for an exploit by
h .- 1.- fainninsy -htu-A 1
welvo dollar4.
Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the
ardest plaeps known in which to
"et a juty. Ono hundred taiesmen
rere examined in a caso in Con.t
here withunt getting a single jurx. i
The gin-houso of Mr. Edward
o. in, about four niulos from An- I
us, Georgia, was desiro.e .1 by C
re last week. Nino bales of edtton C
-ore also consmued. I
Two gentlemen living near .1,ines- r
dIO, G., are JiTung for precious f
Iones, nanar that that city, and have ji
|ready suilcecded in finding some o
?!0;id speclmens of rulbies, garnets a
Lud sanppircs.
Atlrt, 0."., wuas ablaz.o on the b
ghit of toe 12t'i inst., with torch. a
M Pro~ Xs I O-is, bonfliresc an 1 illu.- t
u~nations, in hi nor of Tiilden'~s clo- o)
on. Over 10,000 vs.'t >rs - we ri a
10 city. (1
The IDocraiic lawyers are pro- .t
liring proofs and anuthiorities to 'di
lowv that Michigan cast only ten v
>tos for' Hayes. on account of the a
oligibi1gty of Elector Hauckett, e
ho was United States commziseica. b
when elected LI
Tihe Congressijonal commit teo have
>cid< d to imvostigaute both tihe St.ato
id National elections in Florida,b
da cill was made on theoSecretary
State for the rctiurns, which he0
is furnished,
The tobacco crop in McDowell
iaty, N. C., was almost a. failre -'
se season. Early in the spring,
it few farmers could get plants, L
id in the fall ai great del of what '
as rai sed, W'is caiught by the frost ,
id almost ruined,
Promin'ent Democrats of Chicago a
3ld* a lar'gely attendod meeting in I
ja't city last week. Thse speechse
ore mostly of a pacific nature, but it
as the general opitidn that the
ouso of Rercesent:.tides -idst be
uinfained in its rights, at whateverw
A Connecticunt man namned Niehol*,
hile du*k-hunting neAr Jeekeonvll~e,
lorula, sent a~ load of shiot 4
Ielfet;inita of the e
ngl, ho gt o he u
Whakt We Aro Coming to at Our Present
14ate of Progrone---Lifo and Manners
In 1881, Under the Reign of Ulyssoes I.
Now York World.
An experienced spiritualistic me
dium han kinidly conmunicated to
- the Vord tlh.. following c:traets
from the American pires.s of live years
Lhence, Which, in view of the present
position and drift of political aftirc,
posseseno considerable interest for
our readers:
Wom the (;bur Journd (t. -Woni'd Rlepibli
canl) 1Z,'ruiary 23, 1881.
H. I. M. the Emperor yesterd ty
gave audience to a delegation from
the Now York Cuntom Hous~e, which
assured him of the devotion of its
members. At 11 o'clock H. I. M.
took something. In the aftternoon
H. I. M. walked in the gardun of
the White Palace. In the evening
If. 1. M. entertained a distinguished
party at a state banquet, among the
guests being H. I. M. Prince
Ulysses ; Prince Orville ; the Duke
of Michigan; the Duke of Louisiana;
Baron Davenport, Chief Justice of
the Imporial Court ; the Er- of
Pierrepon t-Kingstor-&c., &c.,
.H. I. 11. Prince Frederick Dent,
Commander-in-Chief, accoimpanied
by his equerry, General W. T. Sier
man, and Lieutenant-General P. H.
Sheridan, A. D. C., inspected the
garri-ion yesterday and was gracious
ly pleaised to complimeht Mirsihal
Lewis Merrill on the seldierly ap
pearance of his men.
omn the saone, February 20.
We regret to announce the death
o Count Ruger, one of, our most
distingu ished officers, who was con
concerne d in the action df Columbia
State H-ouse and afterwai'a took so
prominent and glorious a part in
dispersing the mutinous Congress
of 1877, for which services he was
raised to the'peerage. The deceased
nobleman was born at, &c., &c.
I-om the same. Atirch 1.
While the Emperor was one day
riding down Cameron (formerly
Pennsylvania) avenue, about 3 p. in.,
I was fired at by ah assassin, who
tunatoly the miscreant's aim was
poor and our beloved sovereign es
cAIped unhurt. The ruffian wais
promptly seized, disarmed and re
moved to the Bastile, where to-day
the steel boot will be appliol to him
in order ascertain, if possible, the
names of his accomplices or instiga
tors. His Imperial Majesty, after
the shot had been fired at]hin, dis
playod no emotion, and o4 driving
p .st the Treasury wag greeted with
repeated cheers by his fai jhful Eub
jects, who thus testified t ir joy at'
his escape. Archbishol Nownian
has ordered a soh mn Te Jeum to
be sun- in all the chure .
F-om the .sne, Maurc 7.
An imperial ukase i1hned this
morning changes the natie of Wash.
ington. io shiepnerdsviIhe T.Lhis is a
well-mnerited compliment to one of
ou r mos t high-minded ant patriotic
cif.izons, whose faithful zail the tnt
per-or has already recoignized b~y
calling the chief town of ,he Depart
ment of the Bay Boss torj
/ - , 4
Newo "ork Tinies, Moi 8. ]
The seh oner Susan. aker, Jog
gins, ari-iv d fromn the ,ry Tortugas
yesterday vening and L~inigs excit
ig -ne3ws f the attempt<& escape) of
oeveral .liticed convihts. It aip
pears th Samuel J. Tillen, Charles
Froacs Adams, Mantmn Marble,
ThmaD' ayar-d and svei-l other
despera e's, having sa~cceded -by
the use f bair'ls of mo'tey in '001-.
ruptin their guards, fried them
selves, the nmght of the 24th 25th
ulnt., -fr n their shackled and made
their y to the be .ch, where they
seized boat tnmd pushed off througb
the 'f, intending (vidently to
reach suspicious looking craft that
had ni seen in the olhmg. 'Portn:
nattel he tabsence of tile ei-dnals
was ni discovered and the guard
boat mei off anda recaptured 'thenta.
It is ought that they contemnplatedi
eues g to the rcoasts of Georg'la
who the. outlaws Stephens and
Gor n wouldi htgva raised the ban
ner rebellion and proclahned the
[R li. .
4 .
awyeg amed Wllil 19,adatl
wa fster'da ser~t jp6 "gir
mn hs fordr iIg 1$$ &J pub-]
Tlq II' j a mqotig of thme Union
~p.Qheg A. Dane1 of EliJaeip
w yeste.rday~fned $2,000.4nd sen.
Address of the State Domocratlc Ex
ecutive CommiMte.
The following address ivha issued
on Friday last., by the State com
mitteo: .
7o the Democratic Party of &outh
V inatigui'ation of 'Go'6ernor
Hampton and T4idntonflntGove01dnor
Simpson concluded the labors 'which
the recout cinpaign devolved - upon
the Stato Exoecutivo Comnijttee3 of
the Demilocratic party, and ve take
occasion to express oui gratitfido to
the Deiocracy of South, Carolina,
for its ullwvering support of overy
imoasire proposed, aid our admira -
tion of that spirit of forboarianco,
subordination 'an' fortitude which
has secured universal praise. ,Amid
the exciting and aggravating inci
denti of a most momentous 'strug
gle, enthiusiasimi has boon tempered
with prudence, zeal with calm judg
ment ; and we are confident that the
sublimo patience so sorely tried by
the events of the last eight years
will still be exercisqd 'until the
Tho fruits of our victory aro
sought to be wrested from our
grasp, and an usurpig body whose
Jnly prop is Federal bayonets seeks
bo control the State. We fool as
mrod that our government, which
represents the will of the people and
a based upon the consent of the
Yoverned, will speedily become the
ecognized government in the State,
ka we Arily believe that the indig.
iant protest of the entirp people of
hee United States, who are not
Ilaves to party prejudices, wili
nustain ogir aotion 4nd vindicato our
Our campaign has boon conduote4
ipon the basis laid down by our
ionored chieftain at the outset, and
;hrough peaceful and lawful agen
ios we won the victory, acknowl
dging the legal and political rights
>f all classes, and pledging ourselves
o maintain them inviolato. We'
Lnow that overy plodge of the party
vill be redeemed. With kind foel,
ngs for the ma pge of the opposition,
ye must eioroja enagnanmptity to
Vards them, Generosity deiands
hatprosoription shall not be visit
Id upon the rank and tlo of. - the
1mosite I)arty. and .-ye ,qrnesptly
,ecomnimed that stops be taken at
mnce to .guaranto protection' to
aborers in every county of the
state. Governor .anpton heartil.w
oncurs in this i onmendatien
nd we have his auithority to m ke
t known to the-publie.
Under the severe trials of tho
iresent hour lot fortikudo wark. the
onduct.of our party, and we urge
very Carolinian, without regard to
ast political affiliations, s8riet 1t to
Ufluso allOgiance to the mnonstrons
surpation claiming to exerciso . 0
mnotions of the State (lover'nm0itn ,
rnly resolving never to contrdbnto
nie dollar of taxation for its sitbn
ac, and teaIdily inaintaining the
trdict of thio people at ' the. h;glbot.
ox. E'~very interest of the present
ud every hope 'of -the futiire 1g'
10 pcelC, priosperity andi happinbas
I the Stato for generations demand'
firm, ulnwaverinmg and. persisgtt
otermination never'. undler anuy . c
ulnstances, to recognizdi 'tlho i
ndedl authority of1t dlegraded and
isgracedl nitin *hono slaiid~r n
ituporatioen of our popyle will
ways bie remoembored las the
nanations of .ma vindicivo an1l
arflted politiciani mid adcvontorer,
iwar tod 'in ' i unholy' ambition.'
he issue must bo madb% mnd to
Lld is to, sealthe political fatedf a
rave people. "
lIn confllshi 'a' 'ui v'o ~y one
resume'the ordinary 'tuina 'of
usmless, arid 'seek'- to wicdeni the
repue of meteorial prosper cty oi
cing their au to,thl~iedo~i
>rlse~rtatiaiu1 0ftr' (eloh "Iief
[agietratk whoso ottradh~ V~
10ocon1dence and '4xeited 'the ~f
iration of; the 'civilized Wvor14
nder his guidance and protection,
es issue' will eventnate in the 'coni
eta fruition' of our hop and
'p i~*oseg ?nless Cons tiitiona)
ib i& erished in-Amrerica
A. 0. Jsnztr~
T. B. Fin '
'' 'Ane asti ,
State Demoetatie Eteeutive 'Oon.

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