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sz'J- J-i (' RLC, N $ T~h OdI 1'A L T.
What the Pcopsle are Mpilng 11n1d HOW the
ctandidtrie Win.'1 llun.
Thle municipal campaign has already
openIed inl Charlestonl. Three candlki
dates ie ielintioned prominently (lis
titr, Capt. W. A. Cour1tenary Miavor
W'. W. Sale am11 Col. W. .1. Gaver'.
Thie i'iimld orf(he first namled yeelitle
inan11 opened the ball by ol-ramzing at
Couirteiiitv Ciinnpaigi Club, with Mr.
J. W. Bar-lNwell ats presidenlt, and at
inuiber of vice-presidents anid other
otllers ellbrcitnhlg s5)me4 of the best
Inenl of all cluses; in fihe city. The ad
h ieeits of, Col. (hutyer al1so 1hel1d aieet
ing a 1'w evening s ago to organize inl
his belalf. Colnel Gaty hver m11iade an
adldress, inl the course 'of which Ie
"4 am nominated here to-nit as
fie people's Democratie cudidaite, to
be runil withinl, an1d not wvithoutf, thle
Demlocratic Fol. No w wi Iis 1, in.
tenld to submit mysv!eit'fo all the reas;on
aible denannids anl coloinids, of, at
emloentlile candidacy, 1 innii free to
tell yo1.1 ha 1 amii nlit rely opposiii ed to
so-calleti conivent ionlial onlitilinslas
wve have known thenm, primatries even 1
ats they are generally niiningped, tior the
one siniple yet good reasonI, (hat. (lit
titre n1lever and will ineve.r be at r-e e
p rIess1ion of) pliblic opinionl nor of tile
bes interesI and wailts of tile people.
There is a w%ie alld i'riht emourSe to
inaisue eveni inl tle imiost try ing ex igen
Cies. u,.1 us dlisc, over that, 11na1 atiop
it. I aiii, inl (1heri' words, iluch inl
Flavor, aI belitv are all the nO jorit v of
my% fi-ilow citiZenis, of the old i'me1 AvaV
of1 nominaling11" men01 tir tilice-nam'ie
vot il. tnlithites and elt them in i
!!air and honest way. 1. amil, gentle
inen4, StriCtly Orl'th Ihnnptll)on school
of p l iie. 1t ie s not, a wIiit too pro
niouncled inl its doctrines For me, and
its plat form11 is wvise, broad anld liberal
4enongh11 t1.h its aill to accept. I hold
thlat vr citiznl cann collie together.
1under that phil()ibem, and there arte no
issues which need separate us at. this
tinlie or- disturb us as atconuuit.
'No man11 iA apt 14o bev nomlinated by ativl
portion of' the Democrats of C'arles
tol who is 1ot. or may . not be known
to thle people, and whose- 11liness anid
capacity For the resoniusible position of'
'Aly inny1l- not be Iul canvassed be
fore the eltectionl rolls arolil.
For my own part I. prelfer anl open
uoinint loll by the people; in other
wtords to be nmin11ated as I am1 to
Inighit, by Denocrats of' Charleston, ats
at )emocrat, and in this way to obtain
inl broad daylight, wvitholit. cinnivance,
imrgins, plc e 1'oroh r sise, till vot's,
Deiimotaie lr l tepubean, h11a till
*roiund IIltat they bielieve that I will
nalke at good Alayor i the (.it of'
CharilesI , fair to eai and all alike,
of her. interests andl( her inwople."
Anmong the o1hir speakers present
wNaq Mr. T. Ibar1ker. Jonets, ( '1lmirm1an of,
the City Democittic mxeutive,on
mitte(e, who wals reported as pledgringo
hiinself to d ioll in his power to s -
cuire Colonel Gayer's electionl. lin at
card the(, next day Mrl. Jonles deniclie
pledginig himself, Or expres sing 1; a
prelfrecel For any one. His card Coll
cludes as follow's:
dArriing at tle meeting late, I did
not. leari file speehl of, Colonel (I ver,
andl, therefoie, did niot know at Iltt
tlime-as I kiuow now-the ph11111ii 1
upon)1 which lie intended to conduel the
.1 canllot, 1nni wtill not, support aly
'anlditid:te no ot. n1oin inated b y. t' I ie
IDelmcratie party, (-it her al t a eOnven
tionl or- a pnryl:. of, Ow he Deminmerat iv
party, (one, of' which plns o ma)ei king
110111111ition)s will be determinled by the
v'oie of' thie partyv at a1 pimarl1y 'to 1)0
enlledl by Ithe 1)emuocraltie E~x'ecutive
Coiuii tee 1211er on.) All canidait2tes
hefore the D~emiocrat It parity for' lie
-.Mayoraol ty shloldt 2V av I tei' dtermtii
-1)minat1ion, in ri'n in before)Q'4i' this partyv.
to 1a1ide4 the result of' Ithe bal lot wheii
anditl lto ser) tiponVt any4)12 i other tIc2ke3t
it' oni ntted ori elect et.
I shall nil.out!nti d inot pr1op)ose to
staitin hat h111le will act. in g'ootl faith
by the partyf.
Only sucthi, and4 non11e other1s, nieed
Caiiplain Courfenay hazs publli'shled the
followin1g card:(
To the Editor'. of thc NiVews and
Courie)': "'I have read (lie open Jet
ler atddressed to Ithe Ilwueoecanididabes
questions. of' ''Many Demoitcrats" as
1 1 am11 a candtidtett for Ma[Uvtor. at the
ur1gentl solicit ationi of my~ fi'ieiids, but
suibjec t a1 tlays to the acetioin andu chiice
of' the3 DecraCit 1e part v.
used amt I will irefuse Iti servo iI'elect..
ed by aniy theri0 com1bination10. Th'Jis
is whait I hav'e sahli fr'oim the beg'in
in g, as liy fr'iend~s are awarIe.
I am as lit tle dlisposed as ty one to
follow blindly thie act ion of' anyi 1)0liti
cal organ11izatlIn, but1. at this)1 juncturie,
w'ith the State election 4)f 1886)1in full
vie, when the coniteSI, of' 1876 bet weenn
andui barbarism maytI ave to bhe fou811ght
We now enjoy, aiid by which par'ty
aulonei tbeso blessings ennt be malinltaln
W M. A. CoimILRmY.
-The Now'.limpshliro Senatorial on1
foest has vlirtualy 0ended( tii the Repu1b
14an1 caucus1 nIomUintion of' Henry' W.
B llir for te seat vacated by Wad~1 lgh
fld ow flikeid 1y CI. 11. Bell under01 an)
' appolinment by the Governor. Blai'r
j& a man11 of mior'o fore than olthor
W~.atlloigiu or ll~ and' !h the chr'ewdest
politicalI tmanager ini the state excep)t,
plerhIaps, 11ill Chanler11. . MoreoCtver, It
i a po0pular' choice, for Bllali has twice
AllCCQ0(10(l II being Oh)C(Cd to the
11011s0'of Jieptoesentatives hll a district
~stronigly D)emocr'atlc whenl anybody
elso runsi (on 1 lthRpulian .tloket,
Hal s tal ontSp)oken' 1emeraco.1a,
/4.......loh.dins haaotft'wnl rich po'yes
oilHis 0g1.ftondl '$6 oto ti e
ollfdh UntdMh
Three Iloys nid Two Girls 110rn at the
Saino Time.
[Sanl Francisco Chironutolo.J
Qteen -Victoria's bounty of fifteen
dollars For every cause of' triplets ap
pears to have hand t very stiiulating
etlbet in till parts of her extensivo do
milions. Site has hitherto confined
the reward to cases occurring inl Great
rliitain, but the wife of tn honest
(ermnti111 ftitimer In tle colony of South
Aitstn'illa has recently presented an
extiemelv strong appeil for anll exten
sion of tlic bountiy bevond the limitts of
"le rigiht I ight littmle'isand,"a Cob
den llled it. 'Jacob Schuler, farmer,
residing about thirty miles fromk the
town of Kapll tiida, South Australia,
appears to have attra-tcted noi attention
beyond the circle of, his friends, w'ho
Were few aind fitr. betweenI in the
thinlv-settled region where he and his
f'l low-coloniists froin Germinany had
settled. Iis wife, on the other hand,
altrtered attention wheiever she went,
and well site Inight, if the reports con
c.erning hier size, weight ami( atchieve
tientIs Ill t(e way of ilre'asintg the
popullationI are correct. She is sai(d to
stand six feet four inches inl her stock
higs, anld to turn the balance at exact
ly 241 pounds and seven ounces. Site
gave birth to a boy an( a girl in
AMarch, 1873, an11d to two boys an(1 one1
g' it September, 1876, 'mn, child
being born between these two grand
evets, a flet deemed of so little im
portance in her remarkable ell'orIs to
imcrease t'n popItlItion of' her aiopted
counry, thL local chrlioniclers have
1ot thoight. it. worth their time to
fturnish the exact date of its occur
reice. I ler crownin, eflbrt, however,
an(d one tlitt, would, had she lived inl
America, atit once gaitied for ler' the
t ile of' champion child-producer, took
place in October, 1878. She gave
birth to thlee boys and two girls.
I4very Onei present appetirs to have
been greatly tst onished. for, though
Mirs. Schluler ha1d alrteady itade it
repttiiont inl this line, sogreatan cv -nt1
was ittlerly unexpected. The f'ather
of the five is said to have sat stupidly
dowin and illechaniically gazed froim
Onle haibe to antother, simplv savin).
"Alvin G'ott I mein Colt !?' 'Iere
were three boys and t wo girls, but no
facts as to their weight anid anpear
ance inunediately aftcer birti are riyven.
All of' them are alive, and are said to
be very healthy. Thanks to the vise
provision of t Ie Yankee inemtitv in
itrodIng the ntur'sing bottle, they
have all been provided with an abund
ait. supply o' that fluid so necessary to
the susteianice of initint life. Ihe
iieiglibors of the Seliulers donited
various simall artticles ad money to
assist Mr. Soluler's inily, anid a six
penny subscription has been started
il Ihe coloiv for their benefit. It
will probably yield eniou"gh to clothe,
support. atid eductite tle live until they
by the result of a similar subscipt-ion
Imtade in tie colonies tor Pierce, the
s.ole male survivor of the terrible Loch
A rd shipw reck, and who render'ed
himself wort.y. of' it by swimmtino
hack into the sitrf about 200 yards ana
assisting Miss Carmichael, the only
onte o' t lie passengcrs of the ill-fateil
vessel I hat. v'seaped, to reach Ole shore.
That subscription amounted to nearly
Studino, and it is probable that (lhe
'iund fol( the 'atnnous five will equal it'
not. exceed it, for when the Australian
people undertake to do a thing they
uttally accomplish it. A full account
o (he case hais beet transmitted to the
Secretary f'or the Colonies at London
in order that it may be laid before the
Queen. and Victoria, herself the moth
er of' a large family, will no dout
sutitably roward her fruiitful suibject.
Michiael IHegar'ty, the Auistrialian Bar'
1n11m, is said to have offer'ed Mr'.
Schuiler' $:350 a week and1( all OxpenIsos
of' himself', wife and five children to
tratvel, but the offer was declined.
'rIIr 1xx10hJRA TION CON %RN2'ION.
For good and sutliacientt reasons,
which haive already beeni given, the
conivenition of' Northern settfors int t';c
SothI, which was expected to be held
ini I his (citl' on the 4ith of' July, will not
bie Ihadi. Insitead of' Ihis we'see by an
anniounicemientt in the Atlanta 'oun
s//tv/lion that a convention of'this class
of' our' follow citizens will be held in
Atlantta durling thte week of' the Geor
gial Staute Fair, to lbe hek1( in that cityT
next fall , andt~ to this coniventioni each
Southlerni Stat~e will be iinvited to send
as inany delegates as it sees fit. Fol
lowing upi this anniiottucmement the
C.onstihu/ion says :
.1t is hoped that this1 conventioni will
cotin na lar'ge nuonber' of' repr'escnta
lyve mn-i-of' Northern ment who cain
tell frotm experientce what the South Is
capable1k of', wvhat advanitages she0 offbrs
to iinmtigr'anits friomi the Northern
States, the naatutre of'the reception thatt
awaits them, and aill other iniformaa
fliin of' a desirable nature. 1t0 is plain
that inftor'mation comIng fromn such
sostre'es willl have great weight in
dir'ectiig the cour'se of emigration
fr'om' the Northern States. From this
time on to the close of' the Presidentlial
ctrnpalin the enttire North will lie
fIlled with shander's of' the South, nd
the only eff'ectutal way to head thtem
seems to be in stateents fr'omn North
er nment who can speak fr'om expl
cince aiid who are held in esteem in the
neighborhoods f'rm which they orilgI
nially camto. Th'le larger' the conveni
tioii the more good will be accom
plishied, and( weo hope every Southerni
State will 1be well reptreseted. The
pr1oceedinigs of' the convetiont, togeth
or with such letters as may be rccelv
ed, will make a pamphlet against
which slantders .of' tongue .antd pen
caninot prevail.
Szt'rany ThoATr.e-ingafls again
breaks faith with the Deomocrats, ha
not movintg for an investigation of/is
election to the Senate, When the
committee decided t, innvestigate,
Ingalls said he would ask for .it hini
self yester'day If. the committoe woulhd
hold( back its resolution. Jto didn't
do It, so to-day the comittse brotught
in the resolution)E Inigalls got t' ep1'
jonguoto objIect, attd umler the rtulos
itv WO ILVOrII d .H still. hap~s
to day aotion .ut.QdeOX .inter,gmh
Winding up the Discussion--The Objects of
the Two Part les.
WAsI IN(TON, Junin 27.-The 111o01i'
ing hour was dispensed with, and (he
hlouse went into colimittee of the
oho (he bill approriating $600,
000 to py the fee" of Uni(ed St ates
iar'shials 111and their general deputies,
the genieral debate being limited to one
hour. Tiet debate was opened by
lie grouped together some of the
leading poi nts 111ado duriig tle preselit
session on the Demiocrat ic side, par
ticularly by AIcLaiie, of Mlaryland,
and( Carlisle, of Kentucky. 'These
propositions were thatt there' are no
national elections; that the United
States haive no voters; that. the Stites
exclusively have tle right, to cont rol
the election ofmtimbers of Congress;
that. Sena11tors and ltriSelweetaitives are
State officers, agents or atimbussadors
that the United( Stiates have n o uitL
thority to keep the peace within a
State; have had nto "'peaeC" to keep;
that tile United States is not i latioln
but a Coiflederacy of States, and, final
ly, that the States atre sovereiipn. ic
Ile declared that their proposito101n eon
stituted a body of, doctrine mr010 ex
treme thai had ever been heard of be
fore except at the very arise of sees
sion. lie believed tie dorilline to be
Crr'oneOous amd vicious, and proceeded
to lay dowi and support by argnnent,
t1A Counter propositions.
At (e clonelusioni of Gariel'ds
speech llurd, of Ohio, took the (loor
and replied inl behalf ofthe Democrats.
lie recapitulated the points for which
the Democratic party has beeii coil
teniding; reviewed the dhn(e of Ihe
past three 11101n11s, and declared (hat.
the arguments of (lie Democratic side
had not. been fairly uet. It laid beena
said that the Deiocratic par'ty had
backed down, but it was not t rue.
When they began the fight. (hey did not
(xpect to win in a day. In the Forty
Fit'th Congress they had said the arny
should not be used as a pomse (o'm/(
us; in the Forty-Sixth Congress they
had said it should not be used as a
polico iorce, and before the Forty
Sixth Congress atljounlied (hey should
have takent from' the Staimute Book
everiy law that, proposed to use this
ce('ature of theirs at (te polls to iitimi
date Aierican citizents in the exercise
of their rights. (Applause.) There
had been, Ie said, no sirireider of tle
great pri nciple that Contgriess can wi i th
hold supplies as a means of rediressinig
grievances, and so long as the DeIno
cr'atic party was in a najority in the
House it never woul be surrendered.
The present extra sessiot, lie saidl,
had made up the issue bietweeu the
two parties. The Democriats had de
clared that the army should be kept
from the polls; tliat the test 01ai
shohill be repealed, and that the Fed
eral authority shoild not intervene In
olocie in -3ies. Upon these poinits
the Republicans took issue, aia Ir
with this issue the itepublicaln party
should be suiecessfil, it wouldi men
the end of the Republic and lie uplift.
ing of the empire. Could there be a ny
doubt as to a controversy like this,
and should civil -liberty perish on its
own threshold-its own fireside? The
past aid futuire pirOtested against it,
the hopes and fears of the world pro
tested against it. and, what. was prac
tically ofmore value, the Democratic
party, with Its majority of half a mil
lion of Americtn people, protested
against it. (Applause.)
Reagan thei replied to Garfield's
argument on the question of State
sovereignity, iiid the debate was coni
tinued by Cox, CoInner, McMahon and
The committee then rose and report
ed the bill to the I louse, and it was
p~assed: Yeais 88, niays 69. Only one
Greuba'eker voted---Stevenson, of'
Illinocis-and his vo was in tihe ar-~
Moirison, of Illiinois, as II qtestion
of privilege, ofiered a joit resolution
for the finial adjourminent of Congr'ess,
Junie 30th, at 4I, p. mn. T1heo votec was
taken and resulted: Yeas 93, nav ~s 73$
-a strict party vote except thait of.
Ackien, of' Louisina, and all (lie
Grecubackers, who voted in tihe nega
Here is hiow that scounidirel Corbin
r'elies to the charges made(1 against
himt by Judlge Mackey. As a speci
men of' stink pot throwing it is a gem. 1
T1he Chicago Times say's:
In a letter received recently Mr.
Coi'bin answers the remarks of' Judge
Mackey, as follows:
I thank you for (ho nespaper slip
containing Judge Mackey's remarks.
1 laud seen1 them before, It Is certainly
not p~lasant for' any one to recelve tho
dlelicate attent Ions of a polecat, as all
thamt cani 1be (1011 Is to bury y'ouri
clothes, fumigate youri person and1(
cleanse yourself before you can nwain
endure yourself' or society can1 enufure
you. You wvill gain nothing by i'etali
ating upon the polecat, because his
stench is the greatest of' all stenches,
and thie less y'ou have to do with him
the better you are off, Jud~ge Mackey
is the worst polcnt I ever met. I hadl
occasion once In 1809 to 1h011 kick him
out of' the City Council of Charleston
for attem pting to murder one of his
fellowv-aktermian in his seat-wvhile the
council was is session he fired thiree
shots at him-anid he has never ceased
since then to throw his polecat stench
at him. I naever pay any attention to
him, as even In SouthI Carolina ho is an
outlaw amid ani outcast inu society. I
could not have anything to do with,
hIm without bol ittlingu mycehf. A
charge of powvder wouldi he wasted on
him, as, like the siekeninug animal I
have compared him to, hue would onily
more completely contanminiato the at
mosphmere around him,
Over five hundred citi'ons of iWinQo
nta, Miss. headed by a band of music
greeted donator Lamar as he passed
down to Brookhaven Monday night,
The train made short delay, duinug
wvhich Senator Lamar addressed the
assemblage.. , A elarg transpwtenoy
was erected on the ptfrm on which
WasInserbed, Qmar1t if South's
Dofender Against Northern Slander'.n
011'NX[x( iriS 1wl's.
'ect of l1- Receat Taip Below Mason
s 1nl Dixon's Line--Tho Southersers Moral
In t 'ecent Mernl'llo Iecity01r Ward
Beeccher spoke of sectioial strif as
Oie other element.. From this state
of public senti:neit how easy that
there should grow 1) sectioitl dis
likes, race dislikest WO have more
than 8,000,000 foreigners, more t han
11,000,000 negroes. Out of: 40,000,000
or 50,000,000 people ieairly o lle-t(hird
are foreiguers come hlere wit i all their
foreignl ins.titutions, and ha11bits and
social c!ltotus-conle ill to 1ininigle
wil Its. Ilow n atual for1 rep ugnalices
to .spring". up, In iSulderstating', pre
jtidhes, hatleds. This people was
divided by an invisible. lne-1morally
Visible eniough-aid ill' grll nation
was separated, th- No - h1 fArom1 the
South, and slood in bl .d(v alnttigont
isml I irough five years. . Ald now my
own iudgiiilt is that. when you Coli
sier humiit1-al nattre; What it. is to hold
property of any kind; for a people to
Ilave that property swept out of their
lanlds, the riclh aillong them reduced
to absolute poverty, a great bulk of
men who neveri kniew hlow to work
left to subsist by, learning how ty
work; whein you coisider that the
as5celldelcy of th despised slave was
establlished by.-to theml-for-eign powv
ers; when yo-ui consider what the eliect
of, lihii'd ion was; of' the interpositioln
of foreigin intluiec; when I see ia
great., p'ople, proud, jealous, pusled
olt of lpolitical power, out of wealth,
redneed to the vety bottom with a
Servile class put. over their heads, their
whole industry revolutll iollized-I
should Iot have vonidered if lth(re lad
beent a great deal more of resistallce
ihan there has Ieen lit Ihe Soith. I
do say that in I he whole history of the
huinan race there never has b'eeln a
exampleolfa peopl that bore such
reverses, oil the whole, with as utchi I
patience, as much itrandellr, *1S in I
patrioism as thley have (onIe. [Sub
dued applaulse.) The Spectacle of'
moral grauir ill this revolution, the.
sIubstantial patlitece, the Substantial I
r'ood] slls of' those so ter'rifically be
re:ved is witliout i parallel int himan
niaiture, and a1%y mieannelss tending to
sitr ip i spirit* of aiiloity beiween
lie Nori and the South, or between
the East and (he West, or (Ito Germn
1111d (lie Itrisl, or the white against the'
black, that spirit is most muischievous.
We are all one, aill uiitied. When
there was iced tha the North should
be nerved to great exertion ill order
to counteract the arrogant assertions
A' p1l nation Suprellacy, I was not
wialitilig ill Courage to speak. Now,
whell I hat tilme is past, and the time
i1s Comie for peace an1d love and
LIlil, I spe'ak agaill. We are aill
Lunlite( together on one, shiip; we sail I
ill to a prosperloius voyage together, Or
we. founder altogether. What we 1
Although I hated de.vy -,l 1 ever
hated the slaveowler;: . loved the
slave and I loved his master; I love
1111111111d; I love. them, because Christ
loved them; I love therin not for whilt!
they are going to be - I love themhi
because every olne of' them is a m11an
for whom Christ died, aid when we
risc and Stand befitore ilm ill the judg
mnent, it, will he bad for us to look
back to a.single thought that struck
at OMt heart or life ofl aly human be
ill, an(d It will be ia bright beam ofl
light ill 0111' meo to see how by
love we lve overcomo hatied.''
ington (ispatch, dated June 26, says:
There are' fIve days3 left o.(f the (1 curet
fIseal yearl, and your c~orrespoiiclent,
has1 caellyO'II, illvestig'ated the coniilti
of' the gov'erniment finances for)t the
uear, esitmat.ing fori five day's to comle,
e'xact, prlob~ably withlin $I00,00(0 (ither'I
way. Tfhie ye's tran~lsactionls wuill b)0e
ais follows; itceip)ts, $265,5i00,000;
expiturelf lIs, $256,000,000 ; surplus,
$8,000,000), which is applicaicl to the
siniking funitd, which1 flits year~l is about
$37,000,000. This w..onhol shtow anl
apparent dlefleienev of about $29,000,-.
000, but a~s the sinking fund1( is ovoer
pa11ii earil y $ 200,000),nn10, thet treas~ur'y
people1 give thtemisehves tto unine~sslO
Onl that acoun t. T1hie estimlates of
$264, 500 ,000; p~jiOndit tf resg $94l, gt0g
000, ilavin#; $24,-100.00)0 apllicicl to
the siinkiing f'undl. TJhie ditlernce be..
tw'(een thle esttiates aind the actuial
results, all though at~~ppropritions wvere
cut ownvi, aises fr'om tile following
facts: The secretaury estiates that he
lost $800,000 by. the reduction of' the
tobacco tax; anid atang the extriod
itary payments were': $6,500,000 for
arr'emtrs of'-pensiouns ; defIency in) veor
u11a1r penisionts, $1 ,800000 ; gcenl dei
chencies prlovidled for by act of: Con
gress. $3,500,000; Jlallinx award,
$5,500,000 ; Enad's ~je tties, $1 ,000,000 ;
Nationall Bloard of: I lealh, $500,000;
other eixp)endituresC of' ani unuisual na
turl'o, nearlly half' a million. Conisider
lng 'ill these faets, the treasury has
(d011 r'emarikaibly well.
--Tn his later years, says the London
W~orld, Mr'.George Crtuickshank used(
to regret that lie had been betrayed
Into driawinug coarse caricatures. "Io
haid taken a highlly comiaI V'Iew of the
marriago of the poor young Pr'iniess
Chtarlotte, and Leopold came iln for' a
good deal of what wvas antything but
pleasant. The Prilnce llcgent.too, anid
his vices used to be satir edi'toirnmer'cl
fully, and neither the pencil of George
11ot dhe taste of the day waus esp)eciall y
dellete. As George r'egretted those
4prientur'es, I msdo. gilte su110 he had
clestroyed his stock of themn. lhnt after'
all It seems thatii repentanes did not
take quito so piractical a turn. Tihe
carilcature$----a very good investmnent
were cafefully preserved, an Qfnly late
ly, in thie autiton room, collector's
f'ouight With enhh~ other 'over the Pos
session of themfl/
blesomno poyduti on h
i'ouunds of the presSrn we sqb'ovo to
r'elato t~hat ,apA, this mote nidbody hmg
If tli aflfi4) WhidifMr.i NVes
h l lea s btd ht1ie Any hily W ~tol
4 Sese
Henry Wattermon onl the Old Man
Gratnercy Park.
Fron the Courier-Jotrnal.
The Sul, is isled by surthee ill
cations as to i1he "'revilsion" of pul
feeling with respect to Mr. Tilden, v
is itinititely str'ongO'er to-day than
vas this tune tour years ago. N<
its theln, lie is the muan to be got rid
an1d, of' course, the agenetes agai
himist are more clam11orous at nd aggu
sive than those in his falvor. The
gle event of a D1emnocratic victory
-New York would settle the Ca
whilst it Wtterloo defeat all along
line, this fall, hicluding New Yo
might, instead of . sweeping 11l11<
of existeice, make hin a cats nlec
sia/is. But, sIeiulations of this st
aside, if the Clectoral issue, which I
Stilu hits kept So steadily in tihe fo
ground, and which Mlr.l 131. Tiln'a .1
mines in Congress have tried 'Ia bkd
seid to the rear, is alive and< kicki
ntext. yeakr, there is n1o escaping i
iman w'ho embodies it. The Iteptil
can1ssee this, beciso murderers a
ever Iost aikaid of the ghosts of thi
they have murdered. Mr. Tildei
the visible presence-the living, m
Ing, breathing ttappairitio n-of our' nt
deIed electoral System, an1d, consulti
their feals, the formis iwhieh they wi
most not to see, the lepublican lea
ers look to see. Again, the ,iabit.
ruling has made the Republicans mc
acute than the Democrats. They ha
belheld for two years, as Mr. Tildei
Deinocratic coil)petitors and aldver
ries behold now, a coistant menace
the simewy, shamilblinlgr shadow
Granercy Park, only tiev have I
Signed themselves to it, while tile ot
ers have nLot. One thing is certali
if 'Mr. Tilden be not the next Dem
cratic nominee, the Tilden intert
will name the nominee ; and anot h
1, n- is next to certain: if le is not 11
nomince, it will be eilher IMr. Bayal
or Mr. Justice Ficld. The little squi
trigted before and are intriguinig no0
will be left inl tle ditch, wheln the tin
comlies, ats they always are. TIl
forces which niake Presidents do n
radiate about the capital.
The following story is told of Joli
"Watts, .mcei a noted' gaibtiler on tlI
Mississippi, who dtied recently j
Although Watts professed to be
mani of honor-althlourrh a gumblelr
he was by no means ot the very best<
morals, aud lie did not object' to tail
advantageof his fellow man in th
way. For insitilee: With his frien
anld accomplice le would board I
the boat at Louisville, anid, seannil1
file .passelnger list, pick out for h
Victins Some ((d card-players <
wealth with whoimi he waits personall
acquaillted. 'o these people he woul
go yery q;ielly and .say l f. his ow
anonyia -''Theu U I~s 11 man11 WI
plays highi ind we can beat him ; vc
Join with meI tid wW'll do it" Tl
victim agrees, the party is made uI
but Watts always succeeded ill regula
hug success the wrong way f'or h
vietin, and thus the woukl-be bit<
was oft-enl bit ten.
One time lie was accused of swill<
ling ini that way, the charge beini
imide in the heat o' play by a man froi
whom Wratt's accomuiphice had just wo
lo,0:00 "A that your opinion?" 11
(Itietly asked. "Yes, sir; that's wi
I thin1k," roared the loser; "you swi
died me, and I stigmatize yOu as
scoundrel." The hour was late, an1
only t.he watehianu and the party ec
galged1 in playinug heard the r'hari"e, b)1
3111 ot' them drewv back and hekiY the
breath, fbr they were surae .Jack woui
take a life to wipe out the inislilt. it
said that he hats (101e thalt thim~
''1 will give you $5,000t right here
you will not make thatopin1ion1 public,
sid WattLs, drauwinig forth his p~ocke
book. "No, sir; I do not want LI:
moneily you can not bity' tny silent
with mnoney." Then Watts snilledi
his wvicked way and hel a pistoli
01ne hand anld the money in thle othe
anud satid qtuietly, as before: "
friend, for the suIpressionl of yot
opinlion I offered v'on .i,00
You refused. Nowv I offer you ths
amiount of money and your' life. ]
you accept?" The man lookld Iill
Jacek's cokhisteel gta eye, and1( whi
hte t'Cttd there was convincing. I
took the mioniey andt his life and koi
silenit. D)urinc his car'eer W'atts wi
sidt to haive madi~e and lost a mnillic
dollars by gambling._____
-achi Chandlei-,' the Washingat
corraespoindenit of a Cflcinatl pape
in a monmut of thoughtlessness wih<
lie will regret, has1 al lowved hiimselfti
dliscover' a Presldenutial cand idaite wvl
Is not aii Ohio mani. T1hie inform'Iath
Is given wiitht unicommifOnl solemi
that tihe Senator's friends are active
looking over' tire grotiid and son
work has already been done, both
the national committee and out of
and if Jeff Davis cani be kept alive t
thle next Rep)~hublia National Conve
tion they have the greatest hlopes
getting Chnudler on the ticket. The
claim for their candidate that ho wont
make a stron~g governtuten~t and ha
1no eathLl~y need of r'eeated aplic
tions of secondhand bmekbone to ke<
him in the par'ty. Some day It mai
get otut, howvever, that this correspoi
dtont was writing between drinks.
Turis YEAn'S Er~Iorros.-=Eletio1
take place it several States this yea
in the following orddi-: Kentutel
on the fourth of August elects a go
or'nor and' Legislature. Californila<
the third of September, elects all of
eors from goVerlto?0- dowvih 1nludh(l
a Legislature, which wvill elect
successor to Senator 1ootht Malh
follows ouwthe ninth of Soptemnbe
electing a governior and Legislntin
Ohuio oni athe foutrteenth of Octob
eloc~ts a governor and Legislatunie-tl
latter to choose a tionator to fill Nl
Thtn'mian's sent. Mayylintu-lias
chusetti Mussiski f~, 'Vi' ii , Ne
Yor'k . tod~eeisc in . f416 ei'
*Novembe. , asspeohusetts, Maryla
pri4 p gf~oyrig r,
ia e resses' Cueri ion se
& ope1 ~~ 4ta
MRS . AV11 ) IN MifU tR it iR.
of Heo 18 Arrested In Biostoin by a NowaynIpo
BOSTON, June 23.---Then mitr1dereor 0
(1I- Mrs. 1ill, of New York, was arresite
>lie here to-Inight, and is now in custody
'Iho 1is ntIi U liastinoe Cox, a coppe
le colored negro who was emiployed for 1
1w, ytar tud a half inl the neighl)orhood o
of, the 1ull residence. lie was tiaced bi
nist ineans of a set of canureo jewelry be
es- longing to M's. Ilull, which lie dis
in- posed of at a pawnbroker's shop it
inl this city. From tihe. pawlibroker (Ith(
3e; ofileers obtained a description of Ih
lie person who pawied it, anld by thi
rk, descript-ion '. t. Blelh. at newspapei
mi, reporter, recognlized him wvalkingp
es- ailng Shawmtt avenule yeteda
Irt evening, and after following aid
he speaking to bim notiiled the ofliceri
ie- andcautised his arrest. (Jox made i
0 'i pn t 1)u idc I0' to r te
oIS I0 Ur .c,(
uganIMs.s wvatc1 'en onl hlia
.he person.01
Ii- - lIe admits his guilt, and says lie
ire lived at long time opposite Mrs. 'llnil'
Ise house. in New York ; 0ta. on the night
is of' the robbery (he entered throngh the
>v- lower winidov aild Weit u) stairs to
Ir- Mrs. flu1l's roomi for the purpose of
mg robbery, but did not intend to kill
sh her.
(I- The neiegro appears calin and indiffler
of el, utiad gives thle details of his critne
re without hesitation. Ife says he had a
vm key for thle door of thle Ifull DIouse,
i's but was inlable to make it. fit, and con
a- se(uenitly raised tle window inl the
in lower story, and flsteed it uip So he
of' might readily eseape. Ile had a can
e- d1e with him. Ott iscending the
ih- stairs lie heard some one snore and
i; thought it was a man. Ile blew the
a- candfe out, walked into the room and
st stepped up to the side of the bed.
r Mrs. iull awakening asked, ''Who is
ic it?" "Tile doctor," 'eplied the negro.
d She put hr111 hand t) and totchted his
Ld face. le threw ier haind back. cit the
;mne time hayiig his own han1% vi
over her mouth. .lie tlen got, hold o'
te a cologne bottle and dashed colos-ne
e into the fiac of the struggling womnien.
>t after which lie got upon tht(e bed and|
ilIde a igag 1' of the bed clothinig. She
was by this timtie in anil ( exhiasted col
ditionl am( hie lied her inl (he tuniimler
in which she was fountd in l fle m31orn11
Silng. AItei'wards Cox saivs he rehlit
eI (d a candle and holding it cose to her
" face, the cologne igited, which ac
counts for' the singiig of the eye-brows
a a.id the other hurlis on her per.i51i.
-The robbery wats then connniitted, Mnd
the robber ;nade his escape, soon leav
ing New York for- Boston. I le re
sI peils his statement that lie had no
dt other motive than robberv. The
it police authorities here do not, think
p there Is anything of a reckless bravado
, about tile inegro, but on the conitrarv
>f thatt lie is very cowalldiv. Iie is a
- nat ive of Pow hatai coun Iy, V irgiiit,
and1 is about,.1:2 years of' age. It was
his intention to gLo from here to Irovi
dence and emdeavor to get a berth at.s
cook oi soimb foreigi bolund vessel,
and had it not been for accidental and
almost intuitive recogiition of him
from the pawnbroker's description by
rMt. Baich, of the Boston lerahl, lie
Would probably have made goodl his
t scapd from the country. There is
nothing to show that lie had any con
federati di' adcom >lice. le will be
taken to New Yo, - to-maorrowa
43 - -.
The Creditors of Williama, ulrnie & Co.
. Decline 50 Per Cent.
dNew York Tines, 20th.]
- h creditors of Wilianis, Birni. &
Co., cotton brokers, who have beeni
s' conlsultattionh it was held at the oliee
'of the Boardl of Managers of the Coltton
Exchange on WVednesday Ceentig. Mr'.
John L. Macaulay presidedl, aind an
n iouniced that the mleetinlg had been
Ccalled to liear' the reCport of' the comn
Smittee of seveni alppoitited to coiter
Swith Mr. iiilliants. Tlhat coi1mnittuoe
madeh~l its reor)tt, fr'omi which it appear'
'ed t'hat a representative had beeni sent
7 to Chartleston, and that to lhim Mr.
Williams had ofl'ered to pay 50 per'
*enit, of' the cried(itors' clah'ms. The
icommtittee had refused to ac'ept this
ot01h05 tiud had ordericdl a suit to be
Sbrought againist Mr. WVilliamus in the
Utinited States Circuit Court at Charles
tton. 'The r'eport containing the refusa~il
of' the comm)ittee to a1wep~t Mr. Wil
liaums' oIlbr' was unanimouisly adopted
aby the meeting. The generul feelinig'
was thaut the creditors itotdhd rather
n loso ili than mrake a compromise, in
r, consequence of' the manner In whlich
h Mr. Williams hind t reated them in
o absconding from fto city, af'teir giving
o pled~ges to his cr'editors that lie wVotikt
n nlot leave the city until hto had( settled
yv everything. The mteet Iitg adjourned,
ly and 'will be-againt coivened 0on the call
ec of the chair'man.
In. .. - ...
t. MtoxorouEs.-Alli the cit izensq of
i Winnsboro are hi ghily inicentsed at the
11- extortion pi'actlsed upon)01 them by the
ofmanagers of tlhe Charlottei Colunibla
'Y and Augusta Railroad1 amuA a medectfug'
id1 of the buindeas nlun of thi6 towni is dalI
re ed to discuss15 the fe3asibilit.y of ca:tAub
a- Ilshing a wvagon train to. run in opposi
i9 tion to the ri'mlfa~ad. Wdi know their
y grievanecd itro many but they can
I- ardy e any worse tin theo peopl
- of Camden are subjected to by the niew
hiaiiageent of the South Qar'olna
is roadl, Woi sincerely hopo t limit the
r, Legh1ature illh tak6~I thme matter in
yhand and compel the~se mlonopolies- to
v, act, by their charter. A glanc'd tt
an their quarterly re[pot, will satisfy anty
[1. one wihether rates c'an 116 reiedq with-'
gOt injuiney to' the' ronds. Thete t
a earnings evdit duiring thie summuei'
le mtonths are enorzhous.-CGamden
r, Jour'nal.
ar -Telvo sets of' tdliophones have
me been sent ot to Sir~ Garnet W'olseley
r. for use at thdi seat of Wvar in South
a- Africa. The gi'e'at advantage of' the
w. telephonue over the telegraph is that the
14gprlcncarry on confIdetia~l talk
w4pt qt!!cer at the 41lstrit station,
of a p an tl oroeg~itt .toward the
ono %y'1'1aiq #Mw wh1pdr bacir the
'I nfuiAtlan Mt tS jositm. A flue
iS'~'-to thinn1 te atter-.-~s afl
e *htsdrrries
r A renkcht Totirimt's wifns Fitils Inito tho
seeting 'watters8.
A e ~ttastpho occurredl at Nia ntra
Falls SarIII Ibty vy which Mrs. A. 1tol
land, of 1'aris, lP rne wa' swept over
SllorseshR)'o Falls. Mr. and Mrs, 1o!
.hun 1 arrived at Niagair friot t
l est, onl the 181,h, aild hatd visited l th
fa1lls several tI jnes. It was Ihei' iten
tion to leave for New York Saturday
afternloonl, anti after brealkfast1 vishiti
tlie talls, crossintg to tlie Three Sisters
Isltad, where they saw ia bov u getting
water of the river at. a poiit vhere the
bank is a lit tle more than a foot abovo
th. water, and where the Japids art
execedingly swift. Al'ter vieinlg (h
granid scenery 'or a momeni Mrs, Rol
lanid asked her huslband for ie' poclw.
cup, saying she wished to get a drink.
Mr1 . ]tiid hankided her.] the( cupI and
then walked away a few steps and took
a viw l~th~g .lis wife inl then
inennuut 111)( went'to hte place where sh
had seent the bov dipping up vater and
attempted to 1il her silver cup. In'
doimg this sie must have lost her ibal
ance and ftWl into the seething rapids.
As she fell she uttered a frightful
screai, Whieb caused her husband to
turn about, and seeing' his wife strug
gilg in the wilter le rushed to tio
edge ot'the bank, but she was out of
reach an1id hevond illhuman aid.
After seeing his wife lpass f-om1 his
s'ihit I 1lie boiliing, seethiig rapids
and over H lorseshoe Falls, lie i uruied and
ran nearly (he whole distance to
tle French restaurant., where he
dropped completely exhausted bi i.
ehiair. iIe groaled an(d wriuig his
hands when the proprietor came upll to
hnm and asked what the matter Was.
I le replied, "My wife is gone under
the water," andI when ie had suffl
ciently recoyered breath to talk relat
ed the sad occurrence. Mr. Rolland is
at manuifhleturer of firearms, his plaIce
o' busintess being at No. 5 Boulevard
DO Arroy, Liege, lelgiutm. They
have beeni married two years, and were
just eoipletinig a (our aronitd the
world. A Ningara Falls dispatch says
reports whi might convev an idea ot
f'oul ])Ila' have nto foundation il MOct.
Every eflort, will be maulo to recover
the body. Mrs. Rolland was thirty
five years Of'age.
A D)I.'L O1A Tl'C NC.I ND A i1.
Lo.do Iran un Eprcei N'ot. Unirnisioidd
A social Ittissn Ittestion has been
aritating society fo' the last Week.
'T'lhe Russian Aihas'-sador' li'esenlted a
ldy to ndy Salisbtry it her reccep>
tion. The lady was marrieui It112uu1
come to Englaid accompanied by her
htvsband, who is a gentlema'i well
known and respected in St. Idters=
burg. But the lady in lidays gone by
ha I been divorced.* The story of th'o
divorei grew ndlit. grew uitil it. wits
asserted that she had at least six hus
imt- Nywhat,"1 z~l whLuy Saustuv,
"introduce this female Blluebeard to
lmet! MoIInstrotils 11 ftn insulted. mv
hIusbald is iisulted, iy) cottittyv is hi,
suited, my Queen is inisulted '" And
so the lady has left England, which is
to be regretted, as she is singularly
beautliful. As for this particular tus
sian scapegoat, no one seems to know
exactly What her social crime was,
bat admitting that she had ia litth
exaggerated the privilegd of divore,
how"Is society to be carried oi ifeverv
one is to level a stone a'ainst his
neighbor? English society Is not ono
Whit 1111Cme mtoral than Rittsshinl! .soiely,
but it hti th.11 additional veO of' lhi
smwhat nlore hypociitical. T
ldy in qluestion) had been receivedl at
thie otilcial 1)arties of M. WVaddingtoni
ini France, and, with a very slight
effort of Christian u'harit y, shec mught
surely have~ beeni allowed to figure
onice at the official representations of
Lord Salisbutry without all this fuss,
THlE ArtOST M~uurern PEfln)L1u
-T. will be remnemberedl tht J. WI.
Stutz, who travels for* a Virginia to
bacco hlouse, was nearly' killedlin Ncw
berry county by a negro dtriver whom
ho employed sev'eral imostlia ago. Thi
negro was convicted (if lifghwvay rob
bery ando assault with intent to kill and
sent to (lhe penitentiary f,r ten years.
Mr. Stultz is travelinig again, ain'd has
beet to 11artfrwell. Thelm Sentinel ot'
that; place says8 that Mr. Stultz has
recovered, though he looks badly froni
the loss of blood mid tho Ierriird
burns whlich he received whilo lying
hii (ie fire.-K.Aews and Courten.
--A catution to pipe smolut$rs is coni.
taluted in the exluirienco of a French
pdrter wvho redenmtly cut the forefingeiy
of. his left htand with a knIfe wvitht
which he had been cleaning otit hIs
pip~e. The next day the linger swelled.
timd the arm becamdn inflamed, whildi
trimnors appeared tin det' tho a rmpits.
The doctor who was called in recog
nize,.d poisoning by nicothrd,~ and seoling
that amputtatilon was necessary scnt
the mana to the' hospital, whero at last
accounts he wahs lying in a very prevaa
rious condlition,
-The f'resident has been foreed to.
withdraw fronm the consideratforl of'
the Senate the nondnistin of Secretaryi
McCrary to be .Judge of the English
Circuit Cot. in place of Judge Dil..
lon. H~e gives as ri roaso'ry tlidt
"dotib'te lhave arisen as to the pio'pi
ty of appolIiting In .advance of the
natual vacanicy." If the .Piesl:lent liad
not takeni this step ItIs very eretain
the Senb would have dloled that;
the nominatIon could not be consid
ored util the resignatin of Judgd
Illon took eirect.
A Gdboi Ljvimi.--Is alwaysV knoivn'
by hIs appeairance. .A amaun who likei.
comnfortably at honie, um good din-'
tnels, etc., 'Willtalwvays'show it in bil
per-son. Butthereefs another live' more
importatit to man-It is tbe nAD) ILVIEI
--the liver that should regulato tho~
whole aysteM. If' that is Out of ftx,
man Is good for nothing-udn onj~
miothing---to6 restore it to. heainfs
'Dr. (*los 1J4ver .Plus A-eWedosea
hs6always (u*c h to tbe
a4: mihe bo rr

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