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31110 F-1.114s (lt I LL IMA N'S LEW4(TUI
T1i Proi t-iion and lt live'V avlis of E
antiSilvr-A wricr'sGrenst M11111nr.
|Frol (iIh New York liurtld.j
There wvas a -(.leet, gatherilg of' gv
thlinenl inl (lie roois of, tle Bulli
Club, No. 19 West Tweity-forti
street, last evoling, to listenl to
loctilre b rfso ejii i
im ii, of New I laveln, Conn,, on i
8,1ibject of "Ie Are of' Gold. T. '
speaker beglan with aI declaration (11
the original solrcs of liaHolonal weal
are lounld inl the vaters, (lie soils, t
forests anld the iites. It, requir
only1%. i hanee at the eleinleis of' phy
Cal ald lmilliall exi"sIcv, said lie,
reminild Iu.-; how without value 1ro I
rielt-M. gifts of' tnat Ue until develop,
by human)labo. We sen. by wh-1
alinost. crieature power wealth sprin
out. o barreii rocks and waste watei
w Ihn ma's hand, gulided by ani i
telligent purpose and a stronllg w
qlua'riv.s the granIlit(- and 'ships the1 il
otblvak New Englng hills aild lak
or. 'ir,s thec, wasted force of' gravi
illu1i. h wvaterfiill nl o h o lfrldell strioal
o ind- the i Ilills and itheori(
Prices wNer vIy uch hligher in t
w in x1et ixeeI eniturv ofX o
(11,a. The rea -ml for1 this iA iuml
I1I.le val' ( :.ovu-1.thu ion o of old In
ser'i wic nin i oltill com'ne,
h1,11i gailerl d i-omle li p rtrs of,the a
cient, world olut, l voil goneld.e
o'the ('br-isianl ' ra, and v;pvvial
froll Gl(', anlld the onseef ills ivi
ill inichs of in and all 11 col
mlerce aUtending ills dli!tributionl
moneyy. Every sigonal addil ionl to t
stock of,the preius miehals, brong
ilt,t the channilels of, collimnru. h
beolle Vblow(ld bI)% ilt advawon in t
prices pnaid Chr 1.lbor, hand anid * (-,()
mloditicis, :al, of' course, by, gretat i
dustrial activity. We oien hear 11
stinemint that gobi and silver- a
solected for1. c oinal1.(! t xt Iso of lthc
intriln.I - Value. This ik a mi!l
bew sltillr''I t I-v 1'o-al'! h
view in,readed as mnaterial sut
stne,thtese ilivl. eani suipply b)
e ofmouil walW4. Iron ii a Ci.-' mo
tion ' t1h v it silver or gold. I
the cost (o01 ob ainin.."* m ilvk (he11(
-M, "Okd fi-oi the ind so ill 1 1t whi.. 111a
ios iout (bIIeI e idred tilies 'I l I ,
for -,Ilver as is the 1.abor relirel-d Pi
tol c'xtractvingo anld reflning- a pulnild
ro, and aiotetiit I tousand ori Iuit
thousand times a's inel iFr gotd.
wn.vr IS MrOxEY?
wDTImk nlotes, ein-,que -, hills of, e:
eballge, fotes f hand and oI hert (hi'll
olf'el Awri a mIlos' conveli.I n-t subs
tutle for ino%\ butthe aro mi
lieylil, 11ny Inloie thanl the IllN oI, v
chalge represeniting' t(111h vahte' il o
of a cg of wvihat "or cotton are 11
et susanic-hngrprusnited by 11
palerl. COin cl'es to bev loner il
ysinks into he rank of bullion, i 101
le)rcial olmmod(ity-, it' its, stail da
be 01amperm--1- w%ithl 01r it4 wVVi1_-htI
1i Iis]d. This whe IeMtende- fo1
t.o his disnoIy when he alt'll)ptld
frae it debased coinla e upon Ithe pu
l)e enn in 1t,0. 1Ivby en
1in1 s0ver-ei-gn and shilln disa
p-Mared frvoml view a,s (Iuivikly as.; A
SIa tteil otIn coinls vanlishi dine ui Ui
11atit wa ,tm the fi nlood of i' ir
1 verni onnt0 w'e ares it'n lhe full ti
otf the icessfule peimenilof
tempt'ing tolimtt ai degreinted' sily I
golnge Wetvi (cir bob;liv-nOl ot'
the00 ofh year ('o wi m:me(lin e i'
(it'ate of ilveri( bu lio,t hs i'C oinsl str
fromll whih ow mordei' lthan~0C thr
que ate ofi Wnhem shnbriitly(Ol
Jlthn t'inl.' irasry El hleI in-phiO i.
tsinllg to 18ak, ohe t, evIidenotl of
Itaiine SSIlIS whinevefwe soul II O
toaie upoevn athe Leiation
nthenti to'11 ce vas,r the iina
intiw and o laboa, wtihe.(Aplaus
A iexi deres oeat nioi' lonefr ; E
is1( ounedgless to di retoxsr' elv
Ctll(1i theysukar tioneie Iti lue(
pIlhise.)l'Schotih we( 'pay the si
homte hitor ohe Eintrl of ne to
inrtaeineot 0of til eiicsi tof .top
brlethe, eeat. ilbeownii byss so
(eirIiousatiary tht thee~ pae
were~ not01 boldnd tois Oilrbt''te b an
imterlIet nd no.pedeemai eno.
ie or the8b purhe iof corne dur
the dsvo vr oif pent, andy orap
Proah'oslveretr ofn th Trenaiu
ofhether s 1) on, atllion ori pla of
benetiae t 100000
)opeiin olta11 cra or Silver prodiuctiol
whielh lia! extended inl geogrpiica
a rea every year sice that time, carry
r in the totul product ol silver Ioiml IfI
Unlited States to the close of the pres
lit year probably beyond $350,000,
ld i0i. 01' the gross product of' thq
Coinslocik lode about 410 per eCut'. i
gold, a fiaet niot. always rememberem
wv'heln speaking of' it as a silver beat
I 'L.e, stiituits given to exploratioi
by. the developiienlits ink the (Comstoci
lode has opened III) a vast; arva o
iol ninn e is, an whN%Iil(. thuts I'aI
be ihie exc.S ot vutle in the output, o
at silver lits but slightly exceeded iII
it vitite ot'gold annuiiiiall y sent, into Cml
lierce Iroli other n-gions. the ik
.ovvir ote sneh deposits aus those II
S Leadville and inl Southern Utah, to
i- gether with tle lar.g andi inlcieasilf
to vohnnile ot'"ilver. parted frioil lead am
ji. Copper ill other districts, point clear:
to at growina lispropolHol ion mlavor o
stiver I r ,dcttion. Evidently Aimcri
at ca, both North, Souti and Centrat, i
s estined to remain, Vor. ill we Can nov
see, indefilitelh the largest produce
of both gold nod silver. Im11portan
!e riialielit additions have latelv bec
l inade in the Black Hills and 'in th(
13 0(lic district. The lit ter was clearl
s point.ed oil. by the speaker and ot
ers Over iteen1 i years ago as at regrioll
conlitai ning a systii of gold bearin
11ve4in~s of retariLkabl ricniess, huti
-ihs waited) long belre it received (th
lie a114ention wliuh it now alamply repays
SThe -spvaker permiits hiiself to sa:
that inl the 11et of tle splendid con'
fir-111: i1onl ()I his predictiols aind wel
imioded jud.Ilgeits at' Bodic is fon<
Id a (*'ull, not to Say t riuIIphant, ref'uta.
is Iou ot the calhilies of Which lie wa:
,l- [or years th!'. object.
lit Oi a t'irner oceasion I had th,
1Y honior. of hI.N ing before the Bullioi
ty Club the chliet' Vikets re.specting thi
- gi at reserves ot' giold which are I -1h
i in these banks of dep:).it, tile deel
ie yiige pla.-ers of Calitoria. Sain
lht. baniks thouim(gh1 they are, they will h:iion
AS allI drnfts m1adc' uponl the(m, and, unll
i like Imlost. linancial instiitutions, wil
-pay beP!e the Inlor. thcir stock D
-wakered. (lal:her. A femporar;1.
ec k has; b'een~ i cin to the d nclop
ir Vfromln u l" :ilative eniactIm,entI s" un
'( d - iiw n 1 c%V tut t i on Ii0 i. I caIlio rni
b- i.t is -ate to say that I hese ob
rlkl ! :tutO:1.4 ii1t viel I to ( ho far iore
impmrlanti ilnfen sks at. stako.
At the uolclnion of* his address thi
A Ispialer w.is wartily applauded, anll
Wrolmarks werc ofl*br(ed by ProfesSol
IsNoinbury, *,Ir. Sm-h-riec, and oilher:,
h be t eil adjournilelint.
A Gon 'lU)MITiHi:n-1N-L A'.w..-W~yl (1
11111ri-ed ille, ais a1 ice, dislike thi
mlothers-inl-haw. Tho iother-inl-1avN
is not responls il le for1. hier po11 ioll
probably does not. adiliire it. Yet. sh<
hs111 been the subject, of - coinless A u
riv, myrimds of oim isive jests, and
qlunitilies of' Sarcastic rhyllwes. InII(
.al1 of Ihes has uter'1ed atn ellimlelit o
bitt1rne.sS WVhiIh does not appear il
the fribm-S Ilhat are hurtled ac the widow
:uand Spinlstor. Malice is the iiispira
dionl ol'the assaul1t, upon Ilhe mnollher
in-law. Perhaps it is sa-va.-cry bilr
' 1 Senlsi of' detected guilt'-whiel
i:is been hiidd11in I'voinl 1he too-colfidin'
(i wil'o, but dle promptly by ith
to penletratingf. eyvs ol* tho mlother-inl
0aw Sheo is nlot. bll(inde by 1tve Ibi
the m1w an,. and( to perfeuct, clearnless ()
p-vision0 she( addb, anl expPrieneve wihel ii
ias uiRa sea od SOll sigit, ill enlablin-1
c her to see the bolom. t hings. T
bIe suire, there a'1re diversities of IothII
eris-inl-hla ;t and1( it dloes happe some1 01
ti4 I nes that a wo''crth an.'md we''(ll-conduclt
it ( man1.1 thidis hiimself' subject to;
11r11ealatilictioni. All t.he saints hav
i _ The thorn'i in the tieshi someltimei
'_ pioints the way to (celest iL joysq. i
I k terrific 110 loier-in-law may1 be goot
1_01' dl'ililine. She shouldi be r'egar'd
ed very (1 muci4h as5 an asetic hiri-clot:
shiirt. But a goodl imotheri-ini-law is
very~ti differenit peri'soni. She is~ realli
ai w.ellh-spr'Iingt ofI pIlasure' to) a properl:'I
1combi11 et (4edsbai:id . She is ass'iduou01
ke ill takinlg care 0of th'i baby, anid thi
) ervicteableniess of1 her41 knowled'(l'coi
(c4rn'ing tile mlost effecctivye methd 11(1
carying.i I~ thle infahnt thrlough cr'itic
per4i'o'ls, the ef1'liey with wh Iichi sit
diispenises par iegoi'ie, measures1'C Oil
hed 1( minds of15 just men41 with Ii.en1ti ilimet
ol'a(diriiatio an than (ilikfliness. Giv
ethe 1mot1her-in-law. lier dlue.
Cs TiiiiRY-EIG1'T (IRnAINS oF (COnN.
n,~ nutisanice, and1( how.. to get rid of tIhe
im- hives inl Libertv ycounty, tvhicre we v.is
(ot 1Q41 ti hopst week, ai coloredQ wVomaI
y ? w..ho pr1ofeCsses to talke t hem ofl'i by0som
scre14't charm'l). A liltle1( nehe(w of' th
writori, who had thiirty-eight of' ti
.hlorny1 excresentlces on his hlandi
oh calleItd on her' recenItly f'or' treaitmiein
11( Shle counted car'ef'ull'v the warits, an-i
Id, secuinIg ani equail inu'mber of gri'nis c
in te g'inl of('corn, caullsinig some of'th
l'V largevr ones4 to bileedi. TIhese thirta
,d igh'grinsI of the "'tali of' Ilf''" wecr
(>m1care4t'iIllyI preser'ivedI and4 cai'iied homn
ilie by thle do4ctress8. who Iiinmd h<
X- 1)t iein that11 his warits would drop1 (I
inl inl 'ighlt days. On thle sevenith dai
Int e4ver1y oneQ tell off', heaving thle skiin so
*) a whalt did she) (1o with t he corn'l, an1
all what was it. t hat caused thle warts I
(1 1id- 0o off. We canl voluch f'or the abov
utilt Statemenit, Its wev have it. f'iomi the beu
-hi- au1thiority'-pers'ons5 wit.h whom wV
.he have been intimthe for year's-wh
l in- were pr'Ceent ait the timc.-11runswic
mi- ((Ga.) .Advertliser.
01 8':. Lois, on the 20th., that 'lie ha
nobeen 4onlverted(, and wvould aut onc
a enter the field as anl eva:.gclist. II
1(1 has1 had.a mlt iter'vhew with Mi'. Mood3
'e who is hoh111iIin imet ings thiere, an
i"I wll~ priobaly begin his niew ei
'rci' by speakIng at Mr. Moody
1( meetings, anid then Reek such fields
ofl'er the best pr'ospcCts of success I
as8 his now w.ork.
ul- -G. WV. Car'hotoi & Co. claIm I
da5 to have sold1 the en11'iormos number <
he~ 185',000 co 1' o theIr "Magie Motht
ho naoso mk omo." /
Fighting Over the Sueetion of sa Pastor for Ge
it Iteformed 11rembyteriarnCachOt
rageoim 8c1ee iII a 11ollso of Worship.
A special dispatch from Pittsburg,
Pa., dated December 22, says: '" (
people inl this cit.y Iro in Ia fever of ex
Citeient, to-day, owing to i fistictifl
light. Which took place inl the, First
Presbyterianl uChurch hast Iighit. Soie
Weeks ago tle Colgregationl Voted foi
apastor, Rtev.Nevin Woodside receiv
ing 167 votes, against 116 1or the other
candidates. A majority of the trits- In
tees Were bitterly o)pposed to Wood
side anld cIlre(C that his selection wits
the result of illegal votes. A majority l
o1'he con regationl were determinedl to
that Wvo, Io side Should be their pslitoi- v
especiall its tle call was sustained by
file 1'resbytery. An appeal was takeii
to thme Synod, and Since then there gaI
have been bitter quitiarels alliong the w
members of'the church. The Wood- Ji
side facition achieved it triimph over On
thleir enlemlies, and Out onle occasion,th
notwVithstaldilg the existenlce of ati
injuctioni restrainling Woodsido from ti,
preaclihig untiil (he ap1pel was decid- fotI
ed, gained admissioi to t(e church by
strategy, and held t.he place all dtay. but
id listenled to a sermlon by the pastor u
in tihe evning. lst, nighit (he quar-it
rel ciil ninated in a free oight. There p
Wereo r1tunors(i during thirlday that scri- th
ous trouble was brewig. BotCh fa- th
tionls were preseit inl force, and there an
was at hlfrge attenldanme Of otid(ers, but
at-tracted by tihe prospect of a row. rl
The troubl began early. Woodside
wanted to pretch'11, but l'iis opponents
had anlother elergymanl whloml ther-% co0
wished to prachl. Both pastors waxed e
lhot aid excited. The spectators gave ber
veit to thir feelings inl remarks dle- 1,i1
sigied( to encoura-c their favorites. i
The trustv,s and Suidaiv-sclool teac-.i
ers took sides aund shouted excitedlv. lde
One of the pa1irsons essaIve-1 to m11otit ,'t
the rostrill, wlen he ias seized by 1a
his aittagonlists and rouighly hustlei oI
roin the steps. This led to a gelneral c i
fi-lit. It was thickest round t-he alta, th
but, all over the church were heard w
soutindis of blows. Maiy of tihe wo
MUn sce'(11am1ed ald filited, but some of ai
the stronger-minided etiottraged the
combal-anits with cheers. Two 01 three "
mal"les (ook adv-antagre Of thle conion-001
to settle old scores ami1ionig theilmselves.
.For a. (Inar(er of a or t hl 111 ie hattle b
.1rag'ed iriously . Ileads were freeiv
pillebhd, eyes were blackmned, arnll ie
brokenl and wonenl knotked down.
'I'le ells aid screatils were frigil l
''lhe police were called inl, and after
S0ine dillilnitV, su4cceNe i ulellin hu
the riot. Seviral arress were made. H
The church this inlorning preselits a"
Sorry appearance. Broken reinltints
44-as gdlwbs s(rew fthe. floor. M1in
books (11d libles are scatLtered it all Th
dirveliols, as, if they had lieen used as re
m aiis, ai1.11are qu1iantity of hit r
pins and banigs hae beml gait.hiei-ed
uip. Tle utmiiiost indigilatioln prevailis
it chiuircb eircles. The iniatIer will be d
invesliglted by the Iresbytery, anld it
ik expected there will be Som1e Clerical
suspensiotis. The r1il pastors were
ini the thickest of' (ie fray. be
-.Mark TFAwainl is- a heartiess satirist a
as well as a s.irt. of wacg. Not lot m
ig he vrote to tihe I llItford Courrent tit
Imlaking mlouths at the I'ostimlast.rt
(enieral for ilsistlng that the nlamile of' '
at Counmy should be used0 inl aiddress"ing- "o,
a leter. The other dav 'Thoimas I. lo
Kirby, IM.. Key's privi'te seeretl'.
replied to AIlr. Clemnils person laillkv,
upbraiding him inl wilat w'as intel(ed att
to be a 1'i1i nny1 nianntier for tihe growl inl plk
tle (C.ourani. Now \r. Clem.1en1s, ad- del
dressilgl Kirby as '"m1y callow ,rienitd,"
dren'ettlies himi with inik andi( p)ours a kii
- wilihl <iurt, of' it (down his thrioat. "'I
- was tailkiing t.o lie dlog ntot to the tatil,"'
says~ Atr. Clemecns ; "'ifl steppted on thlis
tail it was not. to call (lie taill's atteni- ['Pi
- tion (0 anythintg, bitt ontly to direct fthe
iat.t,entioin of' the( imaini body' ot' thie ani
' mal. Yon perceive tht beCing a pri- do
I ValeC secretary, I wats lalkinig to thte de
patmilenit, nott to yon-Its irreCsplonsible, tan
ine(xpen'tsive', inl.inceessary' aippiendage." to
I Ir. Clemieu-a adds t,hat wvhen he intgs a
bell his bausi ness isnl't. wi(t the hell, buIt tie
with the owner o,f it. Mi'. Kirby is (lit
Snot (lie boot, but the bootijack ; not the
m tolasses, but the bhtag of the barrel ; sol
n iot the lighining, but the lighitninig-rod.
A *NovEL CAs.-Juldge U. S. Ilamt- w'
~ tmind, of' the Uite(cd States Circuit
Cort,l Mempihhlis, htad ab novel case ki
bef'or'e himu,.1J. C. Bhir'tmghami, of tde
inidictetd Ior unlawf'uhl~ly oldiig two
color1ed1 girls in slave'trv. it, seem.s ic
- the abholitionl of slaver'y, anid eer sinice gi
(lie war hats claimeid to ownu the girls
ibecause lhe owned theli' tmot.her. T1hie'
e cotnducet oft lBirmtinghamn excited the (10
- indigmnatioii of' his nigirhbors~ and at an
ia t heir instigation thie Untited States lhi
e grnd jur'y reecnttly found an inidict- to'
e mnent againist hthn. .Judge Hlammiond
(h<uashmed the inidictmenut, htolding' thtt O"'
i, thle act ot' Congress, whtich says that
.every perlsoni who kidnaps or' cries 1)0
claway anyv other per'son, witht intenit' ali
I' thmat such~ other plersont be sold lito
-involuintar'y servitude or' held as .a anl
e slave, shall be punished by fine or
-impi'sonmenOlt, could( not apiply to anty
e onie htoldinmg otr prteteniding to hoIld in tin
c slavery ini this country because of' otl
r slavery haviug beeni abolished. There
if could 1)0 no slaves hero, and theref'oire Is
y no 0one could b)e held as a slave. Th'is, sh1
"t thme Judge said, is ani offens~e niot pro
s vided for by any act of Congress amid
:1 not punishable by an indilctmtenit in
o the Federal courts. The deendant
e was discharged.
e Gener'al S. L,. Wloodf'ord wvent to th4
o Louisiana and told the Democracy that lui
e the stchooi house must take thie place of Cc
the shot gun.-1Boston Jiournal. This wi
prioves thtat thie General 1s anl .1as. How be
n does lie e'xpect a mnan is golig to take M
a colhueon his shoulder anid go m
i hito the wVtoods to shoot a coont? H11y ,sg99
e does lhe expectt a schioql house to blowt tri
e 'the head oIr' a man w%ho d(in't kowv it tai
Iwas loaded? How does lie ox pect th
cSenatoi' Coniklng to blush and look wt
-emlbar'rassed1 at tile metiont of a school st<
s house? Oht, yes; it'o a clear' case.- Wi
,s Bloston P'ost, th
Ann You Srcs?--1f so1 go to your O'4
nearest d1i-ti'iist:oi"tdro, andl buy a be
o box of Dr'. (1ider's Liver Pillhs. 'They tu
if swill cure, you. You can~, find( themn in he
irgnmbo orel yD.W 'St
ting the M14nelaine Rcady to Pun Grant t
the White l1ouso.
From nit( 1hiladtelphia Tiies.
['he election of Senitior J. Donah
mncronl to the Chalrmanlsilip of th<
publicl National Co(lu,mitteo hl1
[Ich Ileanling fin it that is obviouls t(
intellignit observers of politica
onts. A cotiference with Geiierr
alit at I litrrisbutrg, on Monday, wl
lowed )y Senator Caneron liasten
bitck to Washingtonl to mar111-sil th<4
ant went of the committee in-line t<
,e him the hlighest Command ofl th<(
'(y; and tie Sherinan11 followei
k position ill the rear of the Grani
ratns for the promotion of thi
ing Penisylvattia Senator. Thert
rc earlest but fitful eilbrits to or
tize the committeo, In fellowshil
th Blaie, lIbut the result was I
terl straggling along tl- Blaim
I. until thle Cont(est Wils practicatlly
tdoned. Tbe elortto concentratU
oppositionl to Cuicrotn oil Mr
Iliamyi E. Chalndler wias a iisven,
e, as should have bein knownii bc.
e it was beigun. Chandler hav
hing of Zaich Chandl-r about hin
the ist name and a lower gradi
mscrupulous partisansip; and t
0 him command of the nationa
izatiizifon would have been worst
it a blunder. 1Ie is bright. versatik
I hatndy to h)ave about a commt11ittee
the clothes of the chief Would hanl
i(ulously loose on liil.
'ie selection of Setinator Cameron as
rmnindicates that thle Cominlp
itest is to be oe of atn dewree o:
peration necessary to assure flepub
n succe.-s. lIe is tld man111 who wa
t to tite front to revise tite vote o;
dsiatn aid Florida pfter the clec
a of Tilden, and iavo. those Statei
ivered to Ilayes. .1d was then Sec
ry of Wa, atid it was his assur
e to the Southern Rteturning Boardh
he protectionl of tim bayonet tha
'ire the 111isuperab ofstacles it
way of the fraud, and Hayes re
rded tile Cabitnet ofluer who hal
ed him after defeal, by a dismnissa
I a ithotilv ott Civil Service leform
lator Camieron is doubtless quit(
ling to repeat the Louisinta ltlam
ridat business whIenlever aum,
(1t101Vr liews"sary.) to slcceed inu 1880
w Ae hiazard little inl assumting thll
woni't propose to repeat it to tak(
Mtch ia political waterhattl as Ilayes
W0o't stop For prayners wlhon IW
11ld cUi MWOSS lots anLid throuigl an1
1 of brtmbles to Carry thie election
lie do'sN wit. to be sure hat whet
)1O0S wointg il t.tht railber perilow
y, he won't Com11O h1ome11 sleatred
knows Grat, and ie is for Gralt
(te reasotn that something bette
it civil service platitudes will be h
Itrd if Grant is pulled through
ntay preler Sherima its a secom
>ice, but le is tnot gifted int devotiot
4cconld choices int ayll thitig anld Cs
ilily itt polilies. vith all[ the gen)
ofices whiih have ptssed betwcet
nePr10n aid Blainte, he doesn't sco
nelilte to let Blikine get it a positiol
cre.tile muemtory of'Cineinnati migh
revived unpleatsa-nd y and 11ear1full
ntged. Iteadilg tohe nialtiolnall (0111
Iee by its plaitly defined actions
selection of so ale ond bold a par
itm of Grat as Cameron, ott thi
limt issue, tmeatts that C'atnt shall b<
ninated and tihit no trick shall b4
t to comttpliss his election.
TU T NoVi WITNiESS.-ProsecItinl-E
.)rney: "Mr. Parks, state, if yot
ase, whether yOu have kitowti 'I
'-ndalt, to follow anw professionl?"
'I Ie's beett professor ever sittee I'v
l'rofeissor of whIat?"
'Of religioin."
'Youi don't undetrstanid me, Mr
r'ks. Whait does8 he do?"
'(tceneralvly ht heo pleases."
'TIelilIthe *inry, M%!r. Paurks, wvhat thi
entdantt follows."
b(ent ittmen of te jury, the defenId
tollowis the crowd w'hona ther go ii
'.Mr. Par'ks, thmis kind of prevatica
nt will ntot) d otee. SNow state hov
'I sa1w him1 latst ntight support hinm
f. again st a lampi ptost."
'May it pleaso5 y'our hotnor', thil.wit
is hans shown a dispositiont to trifi
lh the court.."
htdge: "Mtr. Parks, state if yol
owv athlittg iabout it, whta th
'Occupa)ti.on, dIidl you say ?"
Joutnsel: "Yes, what is his occupi
'if I aintt mistaken, he occupies
3rose-e atnined: 'fMa'. Parks, I utn
estand yoti to say thtat the defendi
I s a ptofessor' of ' roligiott. Doe
prtactlce cor'respOtt(d with htis pre
ston ?"
'I tnever-hoard of atny correspotnd
30 01r letters passing botwcett thtem.
'You said somhintug about his proc
tsity for dirinking.' Dosedrn
'No, I think ho drinks as easy a
y tnatn I ever saw ."
'Otno more question, Mr. Parks
mn have known the defotndatnt a lon
to; whtat ate his habits-looso o
'The one he's got ott now, I thitn1
ather tight under the armse, and to,
>rt waisted for the fashion."
'Yout can tako your seat, Mr
afi'. James R. Uatndall, pleasauitl
niembered thtoughuout the South a
author of "Marylanid, My Mary
ad," Is clerkh of the Con< ressionsc
mnmittee to investigate lKe IIogg, ani
itcsconcering a tipl of (te mew
r's of the commaittee to the moutht c
saissihpi. After theo speahking namn
itu.alj)blodges.of A'ood fellowship Il
feral var[ous flubiile, and, then ''t
tietoo."" Mr. Ill it ot join il
s latter atmusoetnt, butt Mr. Vanic
s the hero of' it. WVhoimr hQ woulI
p out of shteer wearintesd,'some lad
mid schad word that he, must tak
floor again, and hto alwvays con
od with the r'eqies$., Abotyt elal
ilook I made,muy Wvay back, toh
at; buit the festivities did ' nota en
til about fAur dolco6k . tt . iyhic
ur' I was ar'oused by o-half t
at I i 4 , bli14
4 Proper Courtentem-An Interix iuPion for RE
froshikents-A Retrompect-Politiai Nott
-Mhristinas Eve at tho 1,apital.
CoLUMBIA S. C., Dlec. 24, 1879.
Both branches of the General Asson
bly adjourned sie duc to-day shortlI
after mid-day, and most of the ion
hers are already far on their wit
homaICI-ards. The closing sceesWCr
iot esi)ecially intterestiiar, the ratillev
tion of Acts being to only maltter 0
buineps that received at.tention. i
both the Se:nte and the Hlouse res,1
lutions of thaink.3 were voted to th
preilding oiicers, to n hich appropri
ate responses wore. made. Taft, th
Republican sonator 1rom Charleuton
offered the resolutions in the Senate
accominiled by reniiks creditaile tA
him. Willialms, colored Republica
seiitor from Georgetowi, compli
mented President Jeter on his fair am
Impartial rulings, and expressed hi
i appreciation of the consideration wit]
which the Republican senators had al
ways been treated. In othcer words ther
was a general Interchange of good feel
ing, and for the time being both thl
color and party lines were forgotten
These pleasanit episodes were occasion
ally varied by the drawing of pay-cer
certificates, which seems to be always
in order, and very seldom overlooked
Governor Simpson held a receptioi
in his oilce last night which wa alt
tended by the members, State oflicer
and attachi6s, and a few prominent citi
zeus. The popping of champagni
corks was very spirited, and the spark
ling wine drew out a great (eal of eO
quence that had hitherto laid dormant
All business In the State House wa
susrended during these convivialities
an , good thie generally was spen
by all present. It was unaimiousli
voted that our Governor knows as wel
how to entertain his friends as to rut
the goverimenit, and he 'certainly un
derstands the latter business. Judg
ing froml the enlcomliumls that we heart
passed upon him by every one, lie I
universally beloved, and stands veri
high in the afMection of the people o
the State. Always faithful to the pub
lie t rusts hitherto confided to him, it i
cotti dentlv believed that lie will adom
the the hcad of the Judiciary with fres
in reviewig thle work of the sessloi
just ClO.;d, I think it safe to say thai
the late General Assonibly has boo
more conspicuous for What It omittc(
to (10, than for anything it actually ac
eoiplished. Amongst the few nia's
ures passed that are o a publiclarae
ter may be mentioned: Acts th pro
vide for the settlement of the Stati
debt; in accordance with the decisioi
of (he Supreme Court; to amend th
Const.itution with reference to thi
Il16m1estead ito establish a Bureau o
Agriculture; and to provide with anrti
ficial lega all Confederate soldiers Oh<
lost an arm or a leg during the lat,
war. There may be a few others, tha
you will no doubt call attention to il
course of time, but most of the time 0
the session has been consuimed in in
corporating chllrcelio, ferries, trai
roads, and other local enterprises, wit
an occasional bill to change the nam
of John Smith to Thoas Brown an
make him the heir of some meniber o
the numerous Brown family. As re
mrarked in a revious letter there is toI
much special legislation, too muce
valuable time frittered away on loen
matters iln which the general pub1lli
haive 1no interest, too much(I '"gassing,
aiud by far' too nmuchi '"buncombe
speech-making. What the remedy is
it is not nay province to suggest, bu
even a ''bird's eye" view of the lat
Sbody would conIvince any observe
that great hnp]rovemenlt could be mad
in the mIemb)ersh)ip of most of th
-counties. It is a very nice thing ni
doubt to sit quiet ly, dlay in and "da
-out, answer at roll call, vote, and drm~
$5i per day, but it is a luxury that thi
ta-paer havc to pny for without
commensurate return for thle ox pond!
ture. Less thtan one-third of hot
houses wvere good, fadihful w ~orker
and tihe "drones" werevecry numerom
it was noticeable that this lattt
class wecre very clamorous f'or a fim
-adjournment before the hiolidatys, I
the face of the fact thait the pub'lic it
terests would suffer thereby. lir
such is modern legislation, and suchi
wvill always be until thme 1)eop)1 ope
-theilr eyes, aind take a 1peep behind thi
I have tried to catch the drift of'put
lic opinion with reference to tihe n)Oi
-State ticket, and I wll1 proceed to giv
your readers the benefit of what I hav
gaierd For Governor Genera
-Johnson Ingood1 seems to be the onl
man seriously thought of, and bh
noninationi next summuer is, I thik,
foregone conclusion). General Joh
.D. Kennedy is, to all ap)pearnIees, saf
for the second placef For Comptrol
er, FairfIeld's favorito son, Gencri
Brattonm, Is most frequently spoken 01
and It Is believed lhe can secure (.h
nomination If lie will aceept it. Ma
Colt of Chera~w is said to be a candl
Sdate for the same officee. For Trea:
urer the present incumbent, Captal
Leaphart, appears to have 11o opos
tlonu of any consequence. For Secre
tary of State the two leading candi
-dates are Col. Sims the present incumr
i bent and Senator Howard of Marlor
a opinion being much divided as to -thi
- resp)ective chanices of the two gentk
I men. For Attorney-General I hav
I heard of three name.s mentioned, Co
- Youmans, the present Inenmbent, Co
f Cothran of Abb>evillIe, Solicitor of th:
& Eighth Circuit and Senator Withei
Sspooni of' York. For Snperintendat
0 of' FAlucatlon Major Thompson, wh
- has administered 'the offie so ably an
t satisfactorIly under01 the new regim<
B will have a "walk-over." For Adji
I tanmt and1 [tnslector' General three gem
i tliuman h: vi been put forward by tihe
0 Mrends, General MaMiganIt of Geor~
tow q. Capt. Will pones -of Colubiba
t and Major T. A. fuguenin of C)harlei
o toll, withi'speculatons iVdely dIhveru
I.ia to who willl wint the t'abe.'
In additiuon-to the list as gifeti phbon
ithere are sa poato be uovorad ethI
"hegging". To name these would1ro
quirU a mIIlamoth sheet.
A hot campaign is aliticipated next
siWiler ald autuII, ajid some trou
ble is f'eared ill tie lower counties.
1 Fairfield is not put down as doubt
- 11, and her people are counted on to
. rally m1anfuly wlen (e . tucsinl is
V sounded. ! h1ople Sho will not disap
point her fiem s tlroughout the State.
Columbia i11 OW ill f1i holiday
V dress, aid the Sigins of Christmas fes
1) tivitie8 are umiltfilkible. Already
Ihe atir is led with the di.scordant
E-sounids of, hundeis of till horns, and
, tle Vrowds that are surging il 1111d Out
'e thle toy stores beokenl m11anly happy
surprises for thie litt le folk s. It wouh i
C s'em that unearlv the entirm populat.ion
- 1 ouituponl (ie streets eljoying the
1 beaulifull disphays of goods *an1d wlres
and also the balimv December weat-her.
IThe bright, smiles'and ripplilg laugh
ter 0f coquettish 1aidels tur1 mily
head COIJJACtlOINCtely, b .11 tho vision iS oo;
lost to view, and I once again awake
to thle Stern realitics of life. A Imorrn
Christmas to all the good people inl old
Fairficd, BomvA ut.
- Wa4o Hmulton to the Old Union Veterana
of 'Ittsburg.
- A Pittsburg, Pa., dispatch, of a re
cent date, say: The sItatemlent thal.
SenatorWade Hllallo has been iln
vited to deliver i lecture for tie Grand
- Army o p the Republio in this city has
- beel idlenied heire and elsewliere, and,
to set at r-eat aill rtuimois, the lecture
comillitteo to-day -.tave 1 pllptoll's let
tor ofneceptanca for puiblient-lon. The
letter is dated Columbia, South Caro
- Hina, and the pith of' it is as follows:
s "1Owinv to the physisal dgis lity un
- de' whuich I labor at present I have
been forced to decline ill invitations
to deliver public addresses, but the in
- vitatiol you ex(tCld is so cordial and
- significant that I shiall try to iatke all
exception inl its faivor. It seeis to mile
that no Surer Imode to restore hia11o11ny
between the two sections o' the coun
try so lately contending inl arms can
be found than to brimar the old soldiers
of the two armies intofinicidly consul
tatioll. Brave inenl are apit to be. gen
Crous, and if' those wIhlo once O)poSed
each Other ill )lttle couild now meet
its citizeiis oft a common country, actu
ated by tie desire of r.Cstoriing 1111
Monly and cultivatiig peace amtiong all
classes, we should sooln see the bitter
sectional feelings which politiCials lre
Vo.tering for their own Selfish endq,
latid it rest forever. Your invitationl
has this enld inl view, as I understaid
it. anid I shall gliadly co-operate with
you in1 this laudable object. It will
t not be ill imly power to deliver an ad
dress just now, but I shall be happy to
1 do so at sOmlie future time Which Vill
. suit you."
- BAYAI ON FINANCE.-1 Con1lectiol
- with t0e memorial ofihe business men
of New York in favor of the bill for
1 withdrawing the legal teilder quality
froiml greelbacks, (he World plublslishes
tile following extract fron a let-ter re
r cently received by J. S. Moore from
- Senator Bayard: - "It is not hostility
to the South that makcs the North
solid. It, is the apprellellsiol lest unl
t wise ald ridieilouls admilistrationl of
I finances shonlid injulre Nordhiern1 prop
f erty a)d invest ments. No instrllnellt.
is so dangerous as legal telider paper
- curreticy, the redemability of wiich
a may be endangered. I to not care
hall' so much for party -success in this
conlnection, althoutgh1 L value it Imost
' highly, is .1 do for tih great service it
would be to our whole country and the
gellerations to succeed us."
.Junan MACKEY .-Ye"sferday was tile
e last day1~ otf the Cour't of' Comanon Pleas
t or' Rlic'hlnd cou nty, Juldg Mackey
a hin~ig conclutded thle buIsmelss of tile
termiw aifler sittinlg upon01 tile bench0 for
twenmtv-six days)'5. Ini that tilme four' or
e five hltmdred causes0 have been1 dhisp)osed
r of, and no0w, fo)r the list time in matny
e .vears, are tihe Oclendars of the Comn
moni Pleas compartIative0ly clearied of'
litigious matter'. It' kinidness of deC
v meanorill, earnelstness iln tile dlischargfe
y, ot'mlost 0loerous duItics, amid genuinle
e ability inl the decisions maide by his
.the eilel1mts of a Judge, ever'y one0
h should be sCatisfled1 that Judge Mackey
wears the erumi no.-R?egi.ster.
r-No] living n, it may be remnark
ed, can.3 take an iterest ill politics, and
aIst thle samel1 time loouk out for1 a1 mule;1
for' of' all pract ical topuics the 11nule is
the mos0t parau ntOi and111 ab1sorbling,
m'ad i rquires all the nlatur'al and1( ac
Squlired imntellect of' the average coloredt
w an to deovote himnsehtf to the sub,ject
wihany degree of personal safety or
t -In a ster'iio tract of country bc
0 tweenl Darit-es-Sailam and Ny3swasswva
0 th10eclophants attachled to the Belgian
ii clophant exped(ition1 mia.rched uninlter
y ruplteidly without food for fomrty-two
a hIonrIs anmd without water' for' thirty-fivye
a hours, each anlimlal carrlyinmg at fthe
II time burdens weighing twelve huni
e dred weight.
LI -An E~dinbur'g womnan, whose hus1
r, band had1( beateni her 92() times inl fouri
c years, had him arrested-- and he. was
p. sent to jail for three days. Thle pun1
I- ishmIenlt was too lighlt. The brute
- should have b)eenl senit to jail for a
n wvhole week. Th'le nextL thing we
-know he'll kill his wIfe, and then he'll
-get locked up for a mionthi.
, telegram wvas received imn this city yes
e day miorinug annlouInclng the death of'
-Mij. Wade IIamlptonl Jr., in Wash
I. Senator WVade flamipton. I..is remains
I. will be brought to this city for inter
e ment ini the f'amily burial ground.
-- olumbia .Register, 24th.
o -The tusk that Cety wayo sonlt over
u Egad as a herakt of pea ce, hs seva
on ee lngamnd nearly three foet in
- circumferenlce at the bic end. It wais
a very appropi late e.ublem of peace,
r It we should sc4 ai muan coming at us
w iith a tusk like that, we'd go in for
bpeace oni any teirms, and pay the hall
ront "ourselyes."
-Knowledge is the iIght bower, and
!and one of.Llho. sll9wiest - cards in- the
pk,et in the. ame .of life, check
irto ltil joer atI10 oftentImes the
-Are book-wornis good for bait?
-A fine sight-the sight of a rifle.
-Nobody's child-Joshua, the sol
of Niun.
-A Press ngent-the young man
who throws his arm arounil his girl's
--A fat 'nan in summer is like one
groping in darkness; he feels his
-A boy's whistle is often sucked In.
-Fogs are mist before they are
-Attacinnent. notice-notice of a
rmarriaoge engngemont.
-People Who give tone to society
rarely give anything else.
-6"Jolhl ! John I" shouted the fihm
er's wii!, ",the butter won't come.
Run, quick and get me another snec
of hair."
-It's not slrprising that Adam fell.
lIe hat'd Eve constaift ly about hium talk
ing about a ulnude dress, and"I she hald
one every (1.
-in discnsSioll with Ia tempelranco
lecturer, a toper asked: If water rots
vout bools, what elfict must, it llave
upon1 the coat of your stoimach?
"Yes. Mr. Ihrkeeper; I am not liko
the re:. w io, vle thev OW *ftl Ifloll
y, never Show themselves any more;
I relmain faithful to y(ou. GIv's 'noth
er bottle !
-Professor-"Now, I ask you, as a
prlctical miner, what spade (10 'ou
think is the very uest.?" Third-year
man (scorn frull i-' "Why, the ace, of
c)mr -c. (Sensation.)
-An exchange has an article on
"How to rilln t lewspaper." This
should be rOad only by the editors, as
every other person ill the. world knows
just how i lewspaper ought to be run.
-"Money does cverything for a
man," said one old gentleian, poim
pously. "Yes," rePlied the o 'her one,
"but money won't do as much for il
1111111 as s01110 Ienwill do for mon.ey."
-Mr. Thomas thinks it is one of the
min-st touching thiigs in life to hear a
Western ho, Sining to its youngest,
"There's a litter in the mire, baby
minle, baby mine11."
-9. hat was an observing fellow. if
he was about six years ol(, vho satid,
"Papa, I wish. you'd quarantine
against Tom Jones colin' here every.
night to see Jeni. t's got to be to'o
-Thie Boston Post has invented a
new Iun1 forl the use of the didi't
know-it-was-loaded people. IThe Post
explains that "it lets the charge out; at
the breech."
-Sairlatoga is gradually gaining on
Niagarai as a resort for bridal parties.
It really looks as it' Niagara would(
soon be left cntirelv to the 1fidianls and
the hack drivers, wvho have killed it -
for the rest of the world.
-"Say, Bill, do you know what an
angel Is?'' "Scasel. ; I neve-oeed 0110
gin4wine." "Well, do you reckon
they hang O1 till forever?' ''Not
iiuclh, I don't. Why, dad says the
old womanI was an anger when he mar
ied her, iut she's got. over it. I guess
a'"gels don't keep in this climate, any
-A London gent, walking in Dub
lin ir the first time, grot into easy Col
versatiol with It. native, and Ch1afred
him considerably, winding up with
this smart observation: ''Now, tell
me, Patt, where vou would be if' the
devil got his dites?" Pat replied vith
feigned sip1Plicity, "Sure, then, I'd be
aIlonle, yer. I onuor.''
-F'om hearing older members of
the fami ly, Charley' had got in the
Of cotirse he was corrected, anid told
to ailwatys say '-Mr. Brownu." Not
long afterwanrd a kit tenl was added to
the househol, and( chiristenmed "Tomi."
But Charlie had1(1not forgot tenl his les
a ni. ' N' 1n), !". he ci-ed ; ''00 mut
-TUhe podometer muay become a ter
ror to husbanidh, when all the ladies
find out the su1cc2ss of ai shirewd Bostonu
wvife, who qjuie!tly attached one of
these tell-tales to her husband whein ho
startedl to ''go downm to the offile. and
post ump the hooks." GOn his return aho
dilscoveredl that hue had1( donieI fifteen'
miles of' walking--around a billiard
table. iIe '-lost" the faithful reporter
the next d1ay'. ~
--A Yor'kshire trainer' revealed his
method of meeting a conlmingal stormi.
I1ls 1)1hu1, he sid, wias to keelp silence
anid nod Is acquaiescence to (eerythinig
110 mattr what was said by his sponse.
''Yes," remaifrked 0110 ot' his frienuds,
''but then she has it -illiheu' owii way."
''Just so,"reipled the Tv'ke, with suat
isf'action ; ''and: nothinag 'annoys her so)
nuch. There is niothing women hale
like a walk-over',"
-A recent issue of the Louisville
Post contained the statement that all
the hmous In Elktonm had beent drunk the
week 'before.. Thereupon a mra,tority
of thme Post's Elkton suberihbe's (isconi
tinued the p)aper', and not.ifIed the cdi
tot' of their intontioni to commence
libel suits. The11 unifotuniato main
c11ameiot in a two~ column leader next
-day asser'ting- that lie was willing to -
take his oath on a stack of' bibles that
ho only meant four'-legged hogs, and
that brandie<d ce'rries thr'own inlto an
alley had led to their downfall.
-Trhe Bnrlington llawkceyc say that
thie patent almanacs,, mortised fo' the
publIishier's mne, have already begun
to pour dowun for 1880, Anud. imt the de
signs~ are ne0W and very different fronm
those of last y'ear. Thie pletur'e of the -
boy skatig fn his bar'e feet, with one
little brother on Is back and six mnore
on hils 10(d, beIng put on the Jamnarv'
instead of'on the Deccomber page, andl
then the pieturo' at' Christmuas Eve
comes along about the end ol D)ecem
ber' instead of in the middle of August
as was the case lat year. .In fact, the
almnaua is enutirely.rearranged.
-The people have ben so much Im
posed upon by worthless Blood Purlit
ere, that we are glad to bQ able to
recommend a preparation whicoh 'can
be depiendedt on as coitaling invalna
ble mnedicinal virtubs, at$I 'is Wvorthy
of' the publliC coufddo, #'sE" 8ii
aapailIa.ctresh. Whent aliyvhii c
cure, th.G disease, ,t,ha, r'equir
a fr ' ye tuodein

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