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,1 lrISI:. AN l)Il"FRR.
What CongresiRtai Aicon and O'Connor
Think of It. -
Froin the Orenvllic News.
o1'O obtain an11 Cxpr'essiOln of the o,in
ion1s of the polit.ical leadersof' the State
u1pon the Inovement recently inaugu
1'ated inl (reenville, which seenis to
have been baptized Wit h1 the 1amelo of
its birth place, the following circutlar
letter was sent out by The Daily Xews.
Replies received follow it :
G1 uENVi,,t.l':, S. C., Jan. 10.
1InA1t Sin :-We are orgallii'g a
lmovelment here to stir the )n)ocratic
clulbs into litb for work now, agai'st:
the next, cmipaign, oil the colored
We propose to organize "Citizen's
Fa'tir I'lty (lub.-,," tihe first arti le in the
colsiitftion of which will be lidultera
ble allegiance to t.he Democratic p art.y
011(1 hlostility to the l lblican, party.
hit we will invite Ihe colt)ored leale'rs
to atliend1 and disc'lss politics qIuietly,
ainid the idea is to oli'er themu a certain
sha'e oft te ollices, if ther will 1join
ottr ciubs. We feel the necessi1 v' of
doing soetlll-ig to obviate eXi'-tinlg
politic'al ditli tulties. anld this prlmtises
at least a chance of success. Over
tures f'or peace cnn hest. coie frou the
11)-countr y', and espcecially tiis dis
trict., where our power is undisputed
amd absolute.
Approval by yourself, and our other
Congressuent would give the move
mlent an impetus that nothing else
could. Will vou kiicly write your
Views on the subject at your earliest
WA.snstx(O, D). C., Jan.1:1, 1881.
1)ru Sa :-Y ours of the 1ltl in
stti, hits re riv'eived, advisiii inc
of your orgtnization of "Citizens Falir
Play'' Clubs. with' "unalterable allegi
anceC to the Democratic party' of the
Slate, and similar 'hostility to the Rle
publican hart y," so-called, of't.he State;
anud asking ilny lplprval of such or
galizations, to mciiibership in whlich
'colored leaders'' are iIvitted, "the
dlesigii eilln' to otler them t certaini
shiar(t of oflices, if they will join our
You' eflort to organize clubs witl
SVO'n lile!g)innec to the .1)ellocratic
)parIt , and lo less unialterable hostilit v
to (hat political spawn l'atl has assui
ed the niaiic of liepublican11 parlty inl
South1 Carolina aid the South, tiiects
myi heartiest epplro'val. Beyond this,
I ain not. in accord with tour etlbrts.
I amit ireconcilhly opposed to givinlg
the negr(o political t'ecogiitionl hlecause
he is a ne0:'gro. The goverimet. has
made him ia citizen, with e<qual rights
before the law with all other citizeis.
Ill till those righits he should be, and
doubltlcss will he, and is prtected. If'
lie is ever to attain tt) political prefer
114nt, let it be ptm1i inerit. W1'ly give
otic to iucotiietent legroes. it more
clmpetent, white iienl are willing' ami
anil ous to till the same otli;e, Fr' utiunle
or imlisfort ulie has phlCEd t he colored
citizen in li he midst of at siupel'rior race,
who ar'e betltlr able to gerne' them1
selves and1(I him w\ithioitt his tid than
with it. ''hei, wihy copil)romise this
Su1p1eriority}, whei no0 grenet'ralgood will
01' ell be etletetd thereby ? Neither
thme law, nor the public well'aure, imn
)o,es the obligation of making' the
nIegro a particinot in the itlhirs of
goverunment beenuse of his nulnbers,
and lie certiainly pwesents no other
claimn to which ie most chau'itatble
sent Iiulil I. wonhl give a ssent . iive
himi .till the pr'otection and advlfitlges
the law allows him, :ni1 let, him take
hi< chiouces in society s1 anly other
citizent, allIl play a Subordiniate rolc
unil b le cani clauim plromot ion lby r'ei
son1 oft miioilI. I h-vonud this il amnm
willing ti to g.o. Tfhere ar'e to) manyOt
legal alternactives to whlichlw enn(Il re(
liri toh (i mal and iwr hi suueiorh
O1liher cit iens betterc enlt i .Ied toa
upotm I h is sith.jee.tu yaa, pci hallp. (I ill'i r
wit h iI me widllv. I lave consI1011ul
with no one. and giv you yr pnio
ih neo inesl t: ion . ptl of upo'
all iitcti'toil tifeing I theti hi It wetal.
vari'u1-C whith I)- oti-r oi'n t he w:n-,tet
touti, 2(( haern i te :anlieds lily
oicy.e :wiayt ho a eevet not tre 1tou
rtit bit, ih, i vigitmyo hinhhoivis
mimilf,i icl luhiingomy on ennae.",
el ilo'u li .- i y h in re ce Iipt oifCl I0it
miz1 Sat ~o ai'met. hh ihe sl)tm
(oCrat ie14 iibto work onrt he olorriged
lieh a deimc'o 0 oulaielf thin oftopera
hioiinstovrteit, andaskng i he sam mets tmyi
approv itli a!.ActyIimr as11 St ae 11t aliey
do'tine wihou it reiration 1 h 1) 3th, lpol
vtl aid 15thhimdentse tthe thin
stitution,i ich recnze the cihli ht lvils
haei iawayco s e in favor of, tl.ht pelhi
gcly' be lst alcul at o s ueie It hi linc
andsf co-opert ion sit h tilhe iemocratil
pagi lie hwvec faoehit. rit tt
repre isnave sha le 11of1( te ('oieI ini
shothl heitliiO n-iportioate, wo lie inflth
i''ene, ie an t supor iteican brndt
't'hue 1mcrtiticparty te prtyi of t
thoneit gover i S netI wichi is' no ItheOi I
domlinan111selt py ii ourtate,and the
plim tis,houhl govariabl b'e )i base upo
vaitue and patllieInucSice pth
fo.undattin' ofthe wri i01 has aet lays
been suc ireteds whreim tha iteli-f
tencoloust ru)l matgmerestrengith n
asi ot' must subm igi I ae weicl
unnbygile howiucht aii movementas yof'
tyou' porwin rachSae, whre thne
twhere te numricI as steniidl oft tho
wh'(il)tecn ionp ie themuhicah coti
publica pIart (leiio the )mcrakc ofar
)umocruey. In 4tuch1 places they are
operated upon through their fears,
ani(d the apprehension of violence and c
social and religious ostracisinl prevents
them from changing. They would not!
be securo in asserting Iheir ind(epend
eoce of convict.ion, for there would be
no power foir them leanl upon ir pro
tection against waongs which would
be sure to follow their politieal change. C
1 think you have wisely selected the
time to initiat.e yourt' mnovernleit to 1
work up for 1882, when there will be
no Presidetntial election to distract us,
atn( Ou' aopeal to (lie colored, man to
"join1 the parly of honest. government.
will be more a)t to have its proper
sway. I wish you and the Democrats
of a reenville suceess in vou 'overurt nre
for peace, good will and (ialertit" with
the colored people, to the end that thal
crenetral pr"osperity which seems to
have dlawned1 uponI our' State, and it
which the colorlc mnan, in cotimnn
w ith (lie w hite 1ian, eiojv , mi y be
mewinta11i'd, an<1( I hat thle Mpit ofe'voiuri I
mlcovemlenIt inly exlencd untit il shall
have spra'nd over tlie whole State.
With these views hastily pennetl, I I
have (lhe honor to remit'iii, delar sir,
yours, very respect l'uIl y,
M. P. O'COSm.
The Coisto-k at Present Sul ering from an
Attack of the Assesanent Malady--The
Whole Lin)o D)emorallzed.
From the San 1'rantisco Call.
The nailmgers of Ihose Comstock
mines which have called on the stock
holde's during' the week to l'urnidli
more coin to keep the lode and the
stock boar'ds runniting, certtaintly e
Serve Somlie credit (or not levving the ~
assc'sSments before the holilar s, so
that the shareholders could I'mve a
chance to buy a Christmwas present or
t.wo, and have as grood a."Im)1e as possi
Ile. But the holiays are nlow past -
the Alta and M ile & Norcross move
tments have gone the way of' all hoolns;
bullion is scarce on the Comustock ;
shafts must be suuk, crosseuts made,t
emlploves paid, and tle general ex
peises Iiiet; 111(1 as there is no monteV
to do it within the Comstock it must S
come f'rot outside of the Comllstock,
an(1 so the stockloldcrs of Alla, Sierrat
Nevada, Utal, Yellow Jacet, and
Savage, are coolly r"eluested to walk
ny to t( capl)tain'S olice an( settle.
For keeping the ball rolling, Alta de
nands (if'y ents per slarc', or 551,
000; Sierra .Nevadl $1, or $100,t)1)0(;
Utah 2, 0' $10.It)0; Yellow ,Jack(
S1, or $120,000), Ilin1 Savage 75;c., or
S1",))0. Total, 5 i8),U0t)-a vCi'} o111
fortathle little New Year's gift tor the
mines mlenltioned. 11ow long tis
ass ssment ight mare 1s goig to
weigh.. dow'n the stock market is a
problei which it is ntouse attemoptin! "
to solve. 'he,, levels continne to get
lower down tnier ground, and it was
only several years ag. 'o thitat the people '
of t ihe Pacilie coast were told that p
whet the deep levels wer'e attained t
ore bodies wonh1 he stutick here and o
there atl almost. everywhere, tihat
sarehollers wouid maitke mTnolley on u
their stocks. and 1that eve'vhody wotuld i
bew Ihappv. Well, fie levels are lower
linut ltey were a ('w vea's ago, drills I
have htieycoimlwdtu the lode, and have e
rnllsickedl every crnet'; Iut. 110 ex(enl- it
siye ore Inol:('s hlave beetn1 fiam1(l, verv <l
lew stockloledr have mtta(e t(onOV, ti
thousancds have lost their all, and 11I
everybody is not. 11appy by any 11n101ts.
Tle onI.idetii'ite result attained dur
ing these year's is thie crop of assess
m1eitns, whileh is abundattl, and prom- '
ises to cOlliitic n ioittiteous fo' soml i
itlme yet. But perltaps the "low" (%
levels have not yet been reached. i
Mu. S-rnmas22N~.-?,l1' StephentS looks I
well and( talks l)ear2tily. lie follows
Sthe prtoceed(3(ings~ closely3. Jolmi (ra
ham21, of1 A2 lhtit has1 just (com1( oin to I
be his s9ecretary', and (1ifins ttiriads ofII
Il9e t's to answerY('t. Evervho<lvI~ wites C
toI Mr i. Stephen and11 2 h11le :Inswers'8(3i' evry a
I leie. AfIteor he com es ti the
liontse,abou011t fountr everiy at'terntoon . 1h4 t
oats dliitmer, and then iii the 9 wilighut I
se'ttle's do1wn 1iihr his gamtie of1 wvhist.
whieb' he plays w%it h as. imlh glee :1
.reelle:wV si h Iu, -.it (i) h21ner -
: uni I li'et Ihe' tols bt. ('halir iout oilf th'e
pl:or and: is. soon12 2in bed aisleep. Neoxt
bein ii he. day's work . ili" sol4, iim
2 ien2i(2' fac've'r wearlts a roiwtn, and1( j
whlen il lighte with at smtile is intense28- il
ly intriesting. Tlruly', il seemts' fiIt ic.
:ailli'tioni lmis re(fined3 his soul21 to (the e
22ure !.2huIli ('(cont inuail glldness, and(1
that12 fr'omt his "'won e i 1. wrough1tL3 thte
wVOndroni2S elomiee" (of a life lywhich i
will 1ho'(inclulwI)''d( as long as8 Aitnem'i- s
('n12 history', is W r .ad.
I-The colored ie of TennIes9see die
mantd a shtare of' oflcoial patroniage of' I
the 11(nins1t99ration)2, and1( hatve forward
ed a commit tee19c to Menatoir. TIhte re- 22
sponseC of' General Gari'ield to thte
Soul tern conit 11ee, Iheaded0( by ElIliot I ,
of Soutth Catrolina, is signtiioint in this
conntiont1(2. Sajlid ihe Pr'tesiden t-clect:
"Th'Iis is 1not the Iimon nor' the40 p lace fo
mec to inite( aniy(hintg as to w~hat I
shall htave to say and2( do( by tand by ini
atn oflicial way. Buit this. 1 must5 sav:'
I noted as; pe'eul iarly sigificait oim11(
senttnce 121 thte remarks of' (Ueteral
Elliot.t to thte etffct thait the majorit y ~
of1 ciizents. as Ite ailleges, in some'11 por
tiotis of1 the South, are opptressed by
the inIorit.y. If' thtis be so, why is it
so? ilecauise a Itrainaed mtant is I wo ori
thrtee men2 tat onte, in comp ar'i wvithI
poliltlcs, that11 suggestion113 isull, cra'in r
llI, of' significaince; that the wvay to
manke te miajor'ity al ways polwerful
over' thie iminoiy i3'1s to inke its tmeml
bet's as trained0( and intel ligenit as tho ~
mini ty itself3. Thlat. bings tipy lie
equality of cilizeuislaip, antd no haw ('1nn a
c3Iofe andt tmnintain itn the long rim a
thiing that 1s not. uphld( wvith a irea
sonable degree of' 32 cultire aind InticlIi
genicc. Leugislattion ought to dlo all It
can1. Somae Scotch p)oet saIid, (or put
in thle mouth of somet prtohet to say',
that thie timie woulhd (3om10
whenOt nortr's.'* righit and 110rt.t'am's might
i12hall mleut, 4)n En etigowani's ioghit,,
Antd it wasM wheno the might anid the i
right of1 a peolc miect t.hat ma.oi'it ies I
arc neCver1 oppressed by minorities."
--The 'Thamies and the MississIppi I
havn overflowed their banks.
'an United Staten Rtev'me Oftcerm Nullify
tlto L.uto Stattet?-Interesting Corre
ipont(lenco on tiho Sul,Ject lietweotn Judgo
Mattckey and the Itoard of County Coi
ilsslioners. t
1"oin the c::ester' Iattettn.
'The following correspondence will t
xla)liin itself':
CIE-STE, S. C., Jan. 17, 1881.
lonorniale 7'. J. Jluckcy, Judyc of
the Sixth Circiti/ :
.1)1i;.t Siit:-[ take the liberty of
tiip to yol ihatt eerlaill I)atties'have 1
'oln reported to the ('otnity (onunis- j
lonerIs for) en1l2uingII ill (eL'ianlce of'
iIw, in the sale of sp)iritiolls Iilnlr01's in=
hester coity. under licenlse (so-eall
d) issued1 by I UiiteI States Internal <
evenie Agents. Ilave Ihese agents t
I2lit: to issute such icentlse? As tie
>Ounty eoin1ilis.iOne'rs onej had1 the
'erOgatlive of issttinlg Iicenlses (11Ow c
'obi,itet by law) outside of ilror-<
oraledl townts, I wriit(' to ask whose I
lity it is to 111bid or stop the traflie. (
I en ngag(e( in nl it hout license froti )
le State attilhorities? I
lIesl)ertfully, sir, I
Your ob)edient servant,
W. 1.1.x tc: TIlo:I'SoN,
(lu'n Hllard Co. Coim. 1
Cu-:s'-:it, S. C.. Jan. 17, 1881. :
'. Banks Thompson, E.;sq., (/u1i)
1nn.u O/ the hourd q/ County Com
Snt:-in reply to your inquiries of'
is <de, I woul illtini vou tIhat. no
111it St ateCs In11ternal I he'einne Agenit
Itvese witli authily to grat i
.etlse to sell intoxi'nting li(luor"S
illinl tie limits of this ountv or
tate. Section :1f1 of' the .Re'vise1
tatiites of the t'iited StIateS provides
a.11 every person who "ells or ofl'ers
r sale flOigi n or (lonlestic distilled
i)irits or wines in (inantities of less
tan five gtallOns at a time s1).Ill pay to
Ie gove'rioucit of Ile I iUited SItates a
x of %.25.0u. This is ia special tax
>Oll retail dealers and not a licrnse
sell. 'I' lleederal authoritics have
way'2ts blehl iviolaite tI he' 1riht of thei
late, under its general and inherent,
olive powers. to reguhlte or prohiit
ie Iraillc, in inoxiatin". liquors. Ally 1
itizrei nuy nake an :Itliiavit I)efo'rte It
rial .1li stire for the arrest. of' i pr
'lgag'ed ill retailinlg intoxi'nting
(Iucrs i11 violafion of' the lws of' th
1:1e. but it is lie special duty of' the
>u nt y coni1S$ionlernS 11s ( th 'ad of
p)('irvisors Of the countny, to inake
:eh lfli(dvif. and scure th e ilarrest of
erS')IS aicting' underl'l such pr1'ele(ed
eences lyonid the linlits of lnliciptal
orl ortlionls. I amll. sir,
Very r('-peetlfully,
CJir'cuit Jiulge.
[It will le ob;erved Ihat theglnestion '1
used in this correspondence 1is one of' 1
>sit ive in'portln'e to our peolle. If a
le .iifiled Slates Internal levenue c
fliers have the power to gni'at Ii- s
!nses mtl i/i/um, the the late statute
I' the Gelier'ai As,-cembly is a fitaroe.
Ve are Co(Ilstl"aei(d to ielieve u.1tidge
n:ckey has aiId d( wii tle law correet- A
111(1 if Ilte tonuly ctininissioniers
xe('ise thie sate cll2unenlable energiy
esOVerin it, it will not. be long lie
re the States find out whelher lier
:1ve havye aniy righits lef't themn.-E'cl.'
--Ilon. llcury Waterson writes a
>sy letfer fo the (('owrir--Joui)hrh/(
i t'hIl ls Clirago Press ba:1n(ftiet. lie
leerfully conc'lucles: "Aiti tlhe South (,
tever lw11Sper(lus. l>eoplet rarely
Ilarrel whoi( are0 ma:kinlg uioner. 'Thle'
oIl out wh leu Ihey don'it n ke'i'i. All
Ils 12alk abouit wha l Gar C ifiel is goin
do fori ai So2uthlirn poClie is pure11
ivol. If he~ hIe 21 man11 o)f 551nst, aIs [
I'ln policy any> lunore than1 lie ilil have
Norithern', policy'. All of' us are get
ug oil pre'tty' well; iad, if wi' ('on1
nuei' to do so. thle goverimient miusf
u Ipr'e' 1y well a lonie. I.10 as med
ing aiid uniiiling I ha:t he' woen 1865
ti Ii'7., lost fIhe lh'puittnais their
iip. Theha'v :ie if back thro'uhd no
ierii of thir-, hou tli'-oigh thle i'aults
du' tailiis oft the Ib-m'oen'I's. If' theri
'olill retain: it. ther mul't behtav'
eneves. 'oIf eyd't do ti:l,hithe
e. arie 'onicerniead ini thle South, we are'
'licia li'ly Iidoieent. Weo hai'e putI
iii house5 ini order'I m0 wed pr'opoi0ise to
sel if ini order'i. We are1 busy, (doing '
~ebIl2( :n i dl\-' seel inl parhit isans
ihe lt'heIIa f'lhola:id bligL0t) 1in1ongL our1
'Ives oi' the f"ols atil biolos of the
orth l-to hurt or hinader us. TI'he
(athI is atS iiinleiwiendet. as a wmood
Ii VyEri. As~ tie pa'('lses(' this wvill
btianlt ial andi solidl iiaprov'emients ;
a 2 bette und'eriiloistain 11g of' 11(me1 in
rests, umiiteiaiIl ad lI pi'it ual; ini
ioral (111 ninc'ipaltionl, wvherein1 the spdl
zig book amui ar1ifllinet ic wvill mauke
eograph I aY2 sight t) see.
BotUixNi-s Fai.u-'n.:s.--Tlhe suapeun. I
i (If' flaur wiell knocwni businuess i
tlay.i' They ar21'lei asIO follis:ieI
4' M. G4reer'. 1book and( stiat ione'ry, F
,nihluwest corner'i of' King 'ind1( .Beau- t
in striea'ts. Foree'c4loIsur e of' mior'tgage 1
-liaiu lit ies about11 $1 ,5t00. A miefeIig (
Itile cr.ieditors~ will bie cailed iln a few
A . Lorv'en, clothing, 27G Kina street. i
spen('ided-iab1ilities r'epIortedat. $ i,- f
II. K . N"u f'ville, stat ionerv', 70 East
y.Made an1 aIssigmnen1'ut -'liabilities
Iorte a(l i $3,20t0.
4. 5. 1Io'e, Jr., book and1( sttfionery, 9
8I K inug st reel.. Mad ioan lolssigmniuentf I
-liahil it les reCIported1 at about0 $3,800, 2
TIhe~ formaiil stait(eent ofII the assets a1
ud l2iabiitie otS(f these Iirmus have not '
ai, beeni l'prepared. Th'ie asse5 in '
most of' thle cases, if' not all, will, how
>ver theI liabi1111litiles. All thle suspendI(- I
i houses are wvell kntown hi*lavintgbheen a
tigage'd ini businuess in Charleston for1 /
numberlO'l of' i'ears.
-homas ifordl, who shot a jusl- '
ce of' di,h. lKenucky Suipremile Co'urt, i
as1 senttenced t.o imliprisomunent for t
fe antd gr'anted1 a0 n0w tr'il, is niow I
ci ig iid at Loulisv ilIe. Althohlughl
11y> a middle-aged manul his~ hair lhas
ecomne as wihiite as sno0w dur11ing Is 1
.nig confnement.
[ho Thrilling Adventures of an Ambitiou,
Anateur Actor and Playwright.
From the Boston Post,
Gallagler is satisfied. The facts are
hose: Gallagher was the President of
dramatic clib and wrote a piece for
iemll. It called for nine persons, and
verylbody ill the cast except Gallaghel
onlsidered that he or she had the
Vorst part, tid that it, was made so on:
irpose. At first they didn't proposc
o play, but. finally decided to do so,
mdll concocted a plan to punish Gal
ughier. lie played the hero, and ill
lie first act said farewell to his moth
r atnd went oi' to sea, and wtell shc
>arted wvith him she contrived tc
vrench his head and scratch his nosc
Im at pinl fixed inl the Shoulder of bick
Iress for tihat purpose. Th'tt eased
ter mind and disturbed his. But htc
ublnitted. In the next act lie appear.
c1 oil shipboard, and had to be knock
(I down by the cruel captain, who lilt
lim so eirilestly with a belaying-pill
hat it nearly killed him. And then
vlhion he headed the mtintinv and cried
0 the mutineers, "Follow me I" some.
iody opened ai I rap tnld he ignlolilni.
tisly fell through it. and got terribly
;nyed by the audience. lie was awful
iad, but dletermineied to conquer in
pite of the disaster. and so camc1 up
udl went on with the play.
in lie third act he was to have a ter
ible cotbat with lie villain ofthe play,
nd whip him. Ir. 1lencoop Smytlh
ilaved the part. Ic was satistied1 that
e had the worst part. inl the piece and
hat (Gallaghier ilade it so to spite hi)n.
iillagher, as lie cliiched him, cried:
'Villain, I'll beat your lifi' out inl two
ecoids." But lie didn't. The villain
vas the strongest man, aid the way
ic lathered Gallagher abont tie stage
as awful. Vhen it calme to that
oint wherc the villain was to cry,
'Let 3m1 up ! 1'in crushed !" he had
a allagler jamied under the table, and
t'as beating hin with a chair-leg-, and
'f course his speecht and Ga'lgher's
eply, "'1 will not spare your life!"
oitnded absurd. Before the villain
onsented to be overcome, he had got
he atudience to shricking witi laugh
r, and had heaten (allagher black
nd blue all over. (lallagher went
omlte terribly eiiwaged. and the rest of
lIe ceoillalny were delighted.
The piece was to be played the next
ight, an(1 (.llalgheQr reliorted hinself
:)o ill to appear. But lie sent. a substi
utie. T1hatt substitute was at prize
ghter under al assuiei 1a11111e. lie
tig'd the Imtoli!t so, ill the par-ing
eene, I hiat lie mearly kil-d her, and
uilled her false hair of'tcciceittally.
[e threw the cruel I captain (lowni tihe
rap. lie lut all the other actors,
1ii ill the tight. with the villain mop
e(l the whole 1sle with him, and
urlled him clear tlirom:h the ba.k flat.
'lie colmpany anmid sceierv were coiml
letely wrecke:a, confusion reigned,
nd Gallag,her sat. ill iront and lautgh
d till lie nearly died. 1 evenge is
weet !
BUL,LOCK ..I N nuIRs'.
W wa-Llice Inckdent-finw the Augusta
Arminal Was Capttured.
Chatham, in a recent letter from
Ilanta to the Savannah Aforning
Ireis, says:
.T met ex-(overnnor R. I. Bullock
eterdav inotriniig on the street, and
e approached mne with a smile (lie al
rays smiles now-a-davs) and retiark
d: "I see you are 'writing up the
;onfe derate (aenerals."
"Yes," I replied, "but you and Gov
rnor Brown always kelit too far in
he 'ear to icomtle G.en.erals."
WVit ha br'oader' smile lie continued:
"Y1ou did( not kno3w thaiit I wais 0one
t (Governor Blrowni's biravo voluni
eirs wihein lhe demandedcl~o the surrcIede
I (lie A ugustal arsenal fromn Captain
(O)t cournse, I rp(iliedl with surprise,
ha.t i did not1, andi lie at once' puroceed
(1 to dlescr'ibe' how thie vohutteens were
ot t ogethler, armiied and1( marc1'hetd out
ii thle rain to the arsenal, where Capt.
Gizey' hatd ablouit. tif'ty mfen at the ports
upp)lied with fortvy roiimd(s each, and3(
eady to "blowv li-I-l" out of Brown 's
oluniteer's itf t hey alt tacked the arsenial.
1 appi ly for' bothI sides thlere wats no
otlict, and3( when the bra'Ive volun
rbers miarchied banck to the hotel an d
armiedl in 1line in ti'onit of it iGvr
or1 IBrown, staninig oin the blconyV
ndioer a Iwiond umbriiella thalt shieltere(l
im(1 fromi the rinii thlen fli ing. thiank
d1 fthe corpis for thleir131 patiOtic zealz
nd( promp1i1tntes.s in responding to his
aill. Goveirnoir illlock wias a Union
3113, but11 all his interests being in
tuiguista, where his clhiilren were
'(r'li, lie was one0 oft the first to r'e
1)ond( to thew call thetinimade by Gover
or' Brown. Captain EI'zey wats a
riue Southiein man11, yet hie wouild have
ied at his post. in dlefenise of the ar
(1nal1 unless otherwise ordered from
-1 lerf is at vry str'ikinig exampl)c of
lowV 130Irelan could( be0 made peaicef'ul;
iir (C,avendcish Fosler is one0 of the few
rishi lanidlordls who have no ftronble
vith (lie tenlants. lHe is a clergymain
ii Essex and1( owns'i. 1lands1 in C.outy
,ouith, Irelanid. Not long ago lie i
tructed1 hlis agent to ireduice r'ents
I l i wiit unan1Iimiouls re'fuisal to aic
('lt thie reduct in. Thecy dlid not
vish1 for miore !onlsidera'3tion-.-t hey
sked ihr 11011 at all. Being able, they
vere willing to pay (hellr just rent in
lie landlord that such hiablitunat justie
s he gave thema made(1 it unnIlcC'eSsary
air thema to use, and( they wvere too
ontest and grateful to abuse, his gen
r'osity. lie ex plains whtat hap peined
y saying that th0 reniits were reduedn
t the Lim3e1 of' the Iast ihinIt in 1847,
nd thtey have never since beeni raisedl.
'he resiul . f' 31 gentlhe use otf the 1land(
[ird's p()oer is prov0~ed byv two remar(Ilk
b)le Ciciomtantitces. Witent thie hand
[Ird (die(, the tenants spenlt $2,000) In
mut.tinig up1 a1 mlonumlent to him. TIhe
geit-hOe uisualhly hated agent-died,
a similar moumentI wVIas put lipi to
unm. At a thno when landhhloism Is
eiig doerield all over Irielanid, Sir
lavendlish F'oster is recelvinig con
(ant ly fr'om his tentants declarations
hat if fill lantdloirds werie like hitm the
aandi( League would lie Imposalble.
-Whitakoer is once mor'e on his car'.
lis son101d courlt miartlal hass COml
anoncnd lit New YorL
N~R if'$ o (13CR DAY.
-The Commons are still patching I
up the Queen's speech.
-The house committee 18 still con
sidering the question of canal charters
for the Isthmus.
-The "'unknown assassin" Is still H
abroad in Texas. Ile has fatally shot
Dr. Bryan.
--The hand-to-hand fight between i
Skobeloff's forces and the 'T'urcomtans
was bloody but vain for the assaulters.
-'The naval appropriation bill
passed the Senate very easily. No
--The gillant David Davis seems to
be in charge of the woman's rights
bill in the Senate. t
-The Jewish agitation has resulted t
in numnerous challenges to sword
duels in the Berlin University.
-A morocco nanufactory was
burned on Wednesday at Lyn', Mass.,
and one or two other tiictories d t
-The capital stock of the Union
Pacific Riailroad Company has been inl
creased by an addition of ten m1illionls
of dollars.
-General Sowell, Ilepublican, will
be sent as Unlited States Senttor fromi
New Jersey to succeed Mr. Randolph,
-Justin McCarthy's amendment to
the Queen's address in the House of j
Conions wRs defeated. It received a
the votes of most of the 11ionie Rulers. r
-The National Wontln's Suffrage
Association is in cssion in Washinyr- I
ton. This move is gailning ground n I
some W1 estern States.
-The tire seems to have gotten the '
best of tilton, N. 11., yesterday. t
Some towns further south ire sufler- C
ing from the other element. e
-The TIennaessee D)emocrats are stillI
at a deadlock in the Legislat ue, mean
while Republicans are gradually work
ing Ill) plans to unseat them.
-The lion. Philetus Sawyer has
been nominated for Ulited States Seu
ator by the Republicans of Wisconsin,
succeeding Angus Cameron.
--ltepresentative Loring, of Massa- a
chnusetts, has made an argmnent inl his at
own behalf upon the floor of the t
Honse. His seat is contested. d
-An important cotton tie decislon t
has been recently rendered in New I
Orleals. A. distinctionl is made he- t
tweel the hook and eye-the tie and C
-The funding 1)11 has finally passed
the house of Congress by a vote of
135 to 1.5. The Senate may now \1
throw aside its private calentlair and c
"take a whack at" tle three per cents.
-The right of a n atiolnaLl bank di
rector or stockholder to vote on the
filnldinlg -was qluest,ioecld on Wecdnes
(lay in the [[ouse. Congre s should c
summons all such challenged capital- c
ists and begin to take testimony. s
-Telegraphie shares were fluctua- t
ting onl the 20th in the New York Stock t
Exchange. The progress of Mr. t
Springer's resolution has toned down b
the giant shares.
-The New York Supreme Court C
have granted an injunction restraining d
the telelgraph companies from entering I
into any agreenent of consolidation, it
and firomt issuing script to increase ti
stock, &c. C
-liolton and Blackburn, masters in e
England, refuse ille advance iln wages '
asked by cot ton operatives, and threat- s
enl to close ny their shops. This Is
another element of the rent troubles
ill the United Kingdom, though not so
atppalrent as ini Irelanid.
--Sunset Cox is happy. Hie was in
the speaker's chair 0on T1hursday pr'e
sidinig over tihe commlittee of the whole
House on the app)ropriationl bil. WVe
trust t.hc committee ill miake the
naviy whlole.
-The (ldead-lok over' the Pennsyl
v'ania Sena)tors5hip !onlt iues. Oliverr
is receivinhg 1.he Unmie.roni support, but
this Pit tsbutrgh irPon chaiion01 does y
niot seem like succeedlv. Tie is a
machine mni, oanul Growr, his oppo11
way's of ai pl)iticianh. Senator Wal- t
lace, Demnocrat, heads the race.
A Woxncmnv-; , wr.;.onwiau..--Geo, t
WVilson, morde Ihmilliairh- kniown 11s the I
"'frog man,'" died Inl Strafor'd a fewv J
(lays ago. La1st Ju ly hin aughlt a frog (
and swallowed it alive. This was ini I
the~ forenoonI,land ini thme aifternioon he I
compinei id of a severe~ pain ini his
stomiach. le was sick several weeks
tinmde'r thle caren~ oft a phlysicnian, and( got
bettecr. T1hec first of last mionth lie <
camlie back to Straillwdr(, but had work-I
ed buat a fewv days when hie was taken
sick wit h iinflaition of thle stomaIich g
and howehj. There 15isnoi doubt but
his death resulted from thle swallow
inmg of that frog. WV ilson seumed to
have a mania for swallowing livinig <
things. 01On1 onetcasionl he caught a<
green snake more thani a foot long, and
swallowed it ailive. At another time
lhe caugh', a black snake, about five
felet, 'long, cut it opena, took out it.s
heart, and swallowed it while puilsa* <
inIg. At the timie he swvallowed the
frog tho,flrst t ime,c his frogship, not 1
likinig his quarters, turned aroind and
canmo back, it was not unitil thme seec
otud or third time lie awvallowed it that
lie succeeded imprisoing hima In his ,
stomach.- Dover' Democrat.l
SwicNss.-A New York letter says: 4
'"Malaria 1s becomllinlg the terror' of
New York anmd all thle surrounadinigs
.1I lie clty the ptoisong g,omes from de- I
fe'tive sewerange, while the country ]
auffer's from railway emnbankmnents'
and othier impedlimen'ts to free overt
flowv." Thilms is the first time we hatve I
seeni such a charge bronlghlt against 1
iNew York and1( Its enviironis. It has 1
lately bieen dliscoveredl that. malaria isi
Ivery dlestructiv~e of healI h ini Washing-.
ton City, also. A corresp)ondenIt, wit- a
ing to the Preess of New York from I
Washington. declares that thle disease, 1
so far as5 itexists, is imbibed fronm the
m nouth of a demnijohun.
-TIhe Vir'gina RepublIcans have1
had a meeting of their executive com11
nmittee, at which the letidershuip of the
Northen party w hich they say has
givenm n1o aid beyond bad aa Ice, wvas
delied, and Mahione repudIated. j
Resolutions wuere adopted looking to a'
thorough reorganizatlion of the party.
?roposed Ship Itallroad 13otween to Twe
From the San FrancIsco Call.
Captain James 13. Ends has come to
he front again with his project of a
hip railway across Tehauntepec. The
oncession lie has obtalned from the
dexican government places his pro.
ect in a line wth the other inter
lceanic routes, so far as right of way
s coucerned. Mexico, like Panama
mid Nicaragua, desires to have the
'oute from ocean to ocean established
heross her territory. Tehultepec is
hout sixteen degrees llorth of the
quator, and about eight degrees
torth of Panama. Nicaragua lies be.
ween, but nearer Tehuantopec than
o Panama. One jreat point of ad
rantage In favor of rehuantepec is the
aet tbhtt. Ps western terminus is in the
Yulf of Mexico. The same body of
vater which will receive the freight
rannsported over the Southern Pacific
failroad will also receive the ships
arried across the Tehautepec route.
L'he railroad connects with the north
rn extremity of the gulf, and the ship
aliway with the southern. The ad
antage of tlhis connection in case of
var would be gre'at as it would be
tuclh easier to close the Gulf of Mex
e.O to hostile fleets than to protect ves
els crossing from Panana into the
vaters of the Caribbean Sen. Captain
rads' method is new, but no doubts
re entertained among experienced en
oiners of its entire practicability.
hips may be transported in stays, to
revent, straining, or they may be
anied in a bed of water and trans
orted across In that element, literally
minghing the waters of one ocean with
hose of another on each trip. Cap
Etin Eads oflIrs to demonstrate the
nitire practicability of his method at
is own expense. The feature of his
iroposition to which objection may be
irged is that which looks to a govern
imit guarantee of interest on $50,
00,000 of' bonds. What he asks of
lie government is much less tMian was
lyon the first Pacific Railroad, but
lie government's poliev has since
een Somewhat chanlge<l. Railroads
re now built without any such guar
ntee, or not built at all. Even Col
nel Scott, with his trained lobbyists,
id not succeed in getting a bill
hrongh,fguaranteeing the bonds of his
'acifir road ; but. whilee lie has been
rying, the Southenr l'acitie has been
onmpleted over nenrly t he same route,
'ithout other aid from movernme'nt.
han the right. ot waly. It. is possible,
owever, that nenls will be found
1hiclh will prove such a guarantee to
apitaiists as to induce themll to fur
islh tile meals fo61r lie const ruetion of
,alptain E'ds' proposed ship railroad.
FRonT DrsCIuxMIroN.--The agi
Ition against discriminat.in g freight
harges on the railways is certain to
ause an earnest debate, and, very pos
ibly, may result, in protective legisla
ion it) New York. The position of
lose interested in the matter is, that
he low rate of through freight should
e made the basis for local traffic
rith the diflerence in cost, if any, add
d. The small shippers, especially,
emald protection, and insist that the
urge shippers should not. be favored
t. their expense, nor should citizens of
he State thatgrants the railway fr"an
hises he made to pay the deficit caus
d by conipeting for the through busi
ess. There is, no doubt, reason for
one of these complaints, but it is
iflicult to see why the rule of busi
es", which enables a man to buy
5,000 worth of goods cheaper than lie
an .95 worth. should not apply to
reightagp. -Boston Her)ald.
buron1A-rrIoN ion C~Anor.nA .--Colo
ci iluitler is maturinig arran<igenits
11> mduce iimm'igrat in to Sout i CDaro
na on a larg'te scale. and) of' a deirai'ible
hass of settlers, and will print the
etailIs of his 1)lan1 ini lis iiext montily
uport An impliortanit teaturle of' thi's
man is thle est abl ishm nent of' an lImmi
rants' loime in t his city. A pr'omi
eit railroatd oficial has expressed his
Lillingniess to tfavor ani aissessmient onl
lhe r'ailroadls of one-Ritnrer of onec per'
entL. il order to raise ten thousand
lollar's for' (.his purpl'ose, if thie State
vill contiributeu anl equail sum.i anid also
liat the raiilr'oads sho0ttid agree t.o
ranspot all imm'igraints fr'ee. The
soard of' Agr'iculture wvill, at an carly
Lay,,conisidler the p)ropriety of using a
rlOtoni of' the fluids of tihe Department
L) furither this enterprise.--C~oumbia
--enjam'in Harr'iison~ tile great
~ranidthther of tile new Senator f'oi
Ildiana, wias Senit in 1774 as a delegate
'l'om V irgiia to' the Coiitinentfal Con
~ress. Fr'lom that (hate until his death11
i,1,791, lie waIs priolimit in pubi)i
tfhur's, being a signer of the D)eclar'a
ion of' indepeindence, t wice a mlemiber
if Congress and thlree times Governor
f Virginiia. i s sol, G~emnural ',Vil..
am H'enriy l.arr'i'son, served his oun-i
ry, bothI ini the armmy anld civil ofilee,
'rom 1791 until 1841, when he died,
meo mon11 ithater taking the1 oath of
>filcc as Pries idet3lt. Pre'sidenIt Jfarri
onl's son, Johni Scott HIarr'ison, wias a
iniber' of Congress friomi 1858 to 1857,
ad (lied aL yearI or two ago at. his home
a 1nCciamati. G~eneral Jienjamin Hiar
'isoni, (lie nOw Senamtor, was bor'n An
ust 201, 1833. at his granidfather's
omcli ait North Bend, Ohio, some fif
00en miiles below Cintcinnaltl, on tihe
)hio river'.
MuniEnwn AnOT A DRINK.-A
momicide occurred1 near' Btesbuirg, in
.43xingt-mi county, onl D0cembel)r 29th,
l'h,e circumstances of' the killing are
.s follows: r'. WVesley Eidisoni, who
ives in (lie Cloud's Cr:ieek neighb)or
100(d, waIs oIn his wvay hiome, and1( whlen
ear' C'aptain Jack ihates' was miet bly
r. Thma Goodwvin, who wa'ls oin
11s way to Rlatesbur<. GAoodwini
mked EIdson1 for a drin kof whI isker,
mit wa's told by the hatter that lie did(
lot have any, whereupon Goodwin
0o(1 hiim lie was ad4-d1 liar. A sim
lar epithet was recturnedl, whien Good
vini madel towvardo Eldson, who direw a
>istol and shot hiim.-Ecdf/efle/d Ad
-Wmti,. 1.Ple,Fwevle
fihch., says: I have not r'ested betteri
i' mionithsR than 1 did last. night. The
'Only Lung Pad" has Ihlped mec won.~
ioe'iuly.-See Ade. *
-The deputy sherifls and constables
are seizing a great many horses and
cattle to satify liens.
-Large additions are being naule to
the nelmbership of Anderson Drvi
Dio Sons of Temperance.
-A large black eagle, measuring
seven feet flom tip to tlp of its wings,
was killed in Chesterfloid county last
-The Newberry Xcu.s cautions the
press ngainat making any contracts
with "Washburne & Co., of New
-Simon Gilbert, colored, waR so
badly eruslhed by" the ears on the P:ort
Royal Railroad last week that lie diet
In a few hours.
--Rev. J, C. Bod has been added
totie ticlt.v of the l'rosperit.v lui
School, which is now attetided by
nearly one hundred pupils.
-The Colulmbia and( Gxreenville
Railroad authorities hnve juist putl ip
an autonatic hot air ptutnp at llelloi
to supyply the water tank at that place.
-Last week a clipper ship was
brought into Port Royal by Pilot Buck
ley loaded with guano. She caine up
to the dock at half tide drawing twen
ty-otlo feet.
-The board of directors of the
Savannah Valicy Railroad let, on last
Tuesday and determined to give out
contracts at once for the grading of
twenty miles of the road beginning at
Anderson C. 11.
-The municipal election in Cheraw
passed oil' qutetly. The following
ticket was elected: Intenlanit. Capt.
T. If. Malloy; wardens, T. 1'. Mlciver,
W. C. Vereen, J. T. Ilayes, iI. W.
--The election for an intendant: and
four wardens, held at Port Roval on
Thursday, resullted in the election of
Captain B. Bulrr as inteidait, and
Messrs. J. 1). ianiett, -J. A. Torrent
.J. E. McGregor and J. 11. M ltoll as
-A reconciliation has been eflected
between the inelbers of the First
African Baptist Church on St. llelena
Island. One hundred in1(d fifllv-five
tntbers were legally dismnissed and
have consaiiuted Ihemlsel'es a church
to be known as the Scotlsville Biaptist
--The municipal election in flenn
fort.. under the ancnded ch tart c of the
town, was held on last Monday, with
the tbllowin g r(esult: lat iinlan1ti 1, Al
fred Willitm.; wardens, .J. W. Col
lins, Ilatilton hiobinson, F. W.
Scheper, I. AI. ifntledge, J. N. Witl
lace atld S. .1. BIamitfield.
On last Saturday night, near Lewis'
Tunrnlout., in Chester coin,t v, the batan
of Dr. George W. Jorda'a was de.
stroved by an inccndiarv fir.e. Five
loads of hay, a crop of' fodder and
other things were conasuned. The
imeendianry was tracked it conisiderable
distance, but no arrest has yet been
-.Some of the newly apuolutfed trial
justices it Clareudot conittv are dis.
charging legal business heti>re tlacie
honds have been given 111d approved.
''hc law requires the trial .justices for
ttis cotunty to enter ilitn a bond of
$200. the bond to be aliproved by the
judge of the circuit heftre enteriig
upon the fuilctions of thcir oftice.
-At the mlunici pal election inl el.,
ton ont last Mondyiv the ''dr" ticket
was elected by about. one-thiril major.
ity. Another impeldinletit is tlms
thrown in the way of the liqtor taf,
flu. There was conlsideratle iiteIest,
mianifestted by the citizetns in the eltec
tuon, which is in keepin t with Ithel
general Rentfiment that is' spr'eadiing
thronghot the State.
-lThe .Andersoni ~Journ'?f says: On
last Monday Mr'. 11. IH. .itrtton, a
form'ler citizen of' this Slate, left New
beirty county an p111jassed ny the rail.
road'iIn the dir'ectlii of' Allanlita with
Sad theirt famillies, who Itmve goneo
wi(th hu n fto settle ini Arikadelph'lia,
Airk. AlirI. lBurttont snys thIat lie and his
fiathe lef ttt .Newbetri-y in 18(67 w ithi
twentyv-six of t heitr fortnieir slav'es andtt
seftthed ini A trkan tsas, since~ which t ui
all of those labotrets aind servanits have
priocur'ed honmes of' their owni and arc
pr'ospering. Thel last of' temi left. lim a
last year and lie camn back to South
Carohina for' other' labor'ets.
Two 'inlainous liegroes or South Carolina
and Their OrIme-Hangedt by ni Mob.
Their Victim.
Aliss llcssic Wtcrs,augltte. of wi'.
Werts, living neatr Prosperit 13, in New..
hbetrry county', in this State, 'wats btrit
tally outraged andt mur'deraed on AJon..
day evenitng while g'oinlg from her'
br'othei's house to her home. Two't
negr'oes namiied Speairmani and IFairt
,were arrtest ed Otn susplelon and lodlged
in the guard..hotse. TIhiy conifessedi
their guilt and on Tunesdar ightt aL
large body of men took t.he'm ont to
lynch them-. Spear'mani wtas shot to
death ont the spot. wherte the cimalo wasO
commuitted. Fair' unuile labs esclap)e, but
wats recaipt uredi ont WVedtesday and
hanged neat' PrIosp)erty by a cr'owd of'
white anid blacks. Thet ItiIftunt
victim was t wenty-two yearis old, andr
wvas a beautiful andi an excellenit youiig
womani. T1hec verdlict, of' the iliaquest
was that sihe came to her deatht hv be
mng choked anid by othierotriages'comn
imitted by Spearmian andl Faitr.
A Cowo1UEssMAN S00'lfftK),.~ A new
metmber' of' Coiagress hnd undt(ertakitt
to br'eak t he bac'k houte of (lie gas mio
inopl)OistR lie wor'ked like a1 Tr'iojan
to ccol>lshhis purpose, assurinag
tebrened citizenas their rig'hts
should ho asettd, One dny, tiholl
returnhing homea, lie foundili a 'maignifl..
Icent niew chiaidelier' in his p)aroir ad
a niote sIaig hiereafler nto gas billhs
would be0 renideired to him. lie forgot
to p)rosecuite the comtpany', ot her amtt
more priessinig business occupvyinig his
valuable time.
-Rev. Ed war'd Crowivev. conyvicted
of' cr'uelty to littlhe chiildren ini (jh
Shepherd's Fold, of' which lie was~
manuager', and wvho, ont F"ebruaryi 28,
1880, was convicted of' ill-tr'eating
Louis Victor anad senlteniced to thte
pemutentiary for' one year aid fmedci
$25~0, was released otn Mondav last,
his ter'm of' imiprisonmnent, owln to
commutation undtfer the law, huavintg

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