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-ag e nts' >art !
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Soy's and Young Men's Spring Clothing
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For United States Senator and
State Offices Opens
AK Use Candidates for Governor and tbe
Other State Offices with Few Excep
tions Attend and Address the
People. Senator Tilbnan
The State campaign for 1906 was
formally opened at St. Georges on
Tuesday of last week.
The meeting was called to order at
11.20 by County Chairman E. J. Den
nls and was opened with prayer by tbe
.Rev. Mr. Steadman. Chairman Den
nis then outlined tbe purposes of the
gathering. The people of Dorchester
County were gathered, he said, to see
these candidates, who bad offered
themselves for offica, and, seeing them
and hearing them, to pass upon their
fitness for office. He referred eJcquent
ly to those who bad made >?outh Car
olina great in history and emphasized
the necessity for those to whom the
ballot bad been entrusted to keep well
(heir trust.
. The Hon.
of Greenville, candidate for Governor, I
"was the first speaker introduced.. Mr.
Ansel was greeted with applause. First
of all be desired to thank tbe ladies
tor their presence. It argues well for j
the campaign of 1906 that they should
grace this occasion with their prrsence
He himself is not. running on his good I
looks, however, for in that event he I
feels sure some of tbe others would be I
elected over him. He wasn't elected I
four years ago, but he came so close
to it that he felt it bis duty to again
present himself to the people for their
suffrages. He is proud that he rep
resents the Piedmont and he is proud
of the magnificent vote be received In
his old judicial circuit, where he Is
best known. He has the endorsement
of his county. It is only upon high
grounds that he desires election. He
stands for the great principle of high
education and he stands unqualifiedly
for tbe great work of the pubHo
schools.' In the youth of the country
is the hope of tbe country. There he
urged strongly the importance of the
common schools. Good readsjis another
plank in his platform. This Is a
matter of greatest interest. We "don't
-want such roads that we shall have
our religion jolted out of us before we
get to church." He favors seeking and
accepting aid from the National Gov
ernment for this purpose. He is op
posed to the State dispensary aud he
Is in favor, of local county option as
between a county dispensary and pro
hibition. ! If the county officers are
able to take charge of the county's
affairs in other matters why are they
not able to take care of the county's
liquor selling, he asked. He is oppos
ed to one oounty dictating to another
as to what it shall have. Let the. Gov
ernor appoint the board to take charge
of tbe selling of liquor and let the
Governor be responsible for them. Pay
them a salary. He doesn't believe in
commissions. ' Let them report to
each term of the Circuit Court. Pen
sion the old Confederate soldier and
let him go to his urave in peoce.
The Hon.
of Newberry? was then introduced to
the audience. He is a; candidate for
Governor. He has represented New
berry County In the Legislature sev
eral times, and is to-day the county's
State Senator. He can prove by the
records that throughout his whole
career he has been consistent In the
positions he has taken. He favors
biennial sessions of the Legislature,
laws restricting the hours of labor, and
liberal appropriations for educational
purposes, but is opposed to the higher
education of the negro. This last
statement evoked applause. He favors
a marriage license system, and the
economical enforcement of the Govern
ment. He believes the dispensary sys
tern is the best solution of tbe whiskey
question and he favors the repeal o!
the Brice law. RBcurring to the ne
gro question, God never lutended thai
the negro should be anything else
than the servant of the white man. If
he had his way he would wipe out the
negro college at Orangeburg. If you
have corruption in the Soato dlspcn
ta y, what would you have if there
* ere 41 county boards? He does not
favor the Raysor-Manning bill. One
of his reasons for this is because one
of tbe amendments pro 'des that
whenever the board thin-ij the dis
pensary is a nuslance they have the
- 7
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right to doss it up. That is not gov
erned by the people. They say the dis
pensary is corrupt. All right. Why
is it corrupt? It is because men origi
nally opposed to the dispensary law
bave of recent years been placed in
obarge of the system. But tbere is nc
corruption in the dispensary. Mr. W. 6
Childs cold him yesterday that since
the dispensary was voted out in oer- j
tain oounties the jug traffic on his I
railroad had more than doubled. Pro
hibition lias failed in Newberry. He
is ready, willing and waiting to defend
any attack made on the dispensary
system. He, too, favors good road?
and good sohools. Everybody does.
But the money of the people is bain?
squandered now. Two more judioial
circuits have been provided, but still
they clamor for extra Courts. He help
ed to defeat the appropriation for the
payment of the expenses of these ex
tra Courts. If elected he will endeav
or to reduce extra Courts. He favors
a liberal appropriation for Ex-Confed
erate soldiers, and he wants to see it
go to those to whom it belongs and
not to those who do not need it,
of Sumter, candidate for Governor,
waB the next speaker. He plunged at
once into a discussion of the liquor
question. This is the leading issue
before the people, because in Involves
more in dollars and-cents, and carries
along with it the moral and inteileou
al welfare of the people. It has been
contended that the public sohools is
the proper place to whioh to apply
this "blood money," because in tbat
wav the youth of the land will be edu
cated against drinking. This is a fall
acy, because tbe liquor habit is just
as apt to strike your brightest boy as
your dullest fool. This money is not
going to the sohools, anyway. Out of
84 expendea by the drunkard for a
jug of liquor all the profits, except two
cents, go to other sources and other
people than the. drunkard's family.
Tbat is all the salve his wife and
children get to heal their heartaches.
He gave the drunkard's prayer - and
the prayer of tbe so-called good citi
zen, who takes this liquor money for
bis children's education. Ihey talk
about putting good men in. charge of
the dispensary. You can't get a man
who is a decent man who will take
charge of this dirty slop. This is the
truth. If you doubt it ask any one of
these good men who are running on
this platform to go in and dish out
the dirty stuff. Not one of them will
do it. The system cannot be cleansed.
Had you crucible as big as the moon
in which to boil It, were you to beat
that orucible with all the coal stored
In the bowels of the earth, were you
to give to each of these candidates,
who talk about purging it, a dipper
with which one might empty Lake
Michigan at a scoop, and to each of
the others a spoon, which would reach
from pole to oole, with which to stir
it, and then let them stir, while the
others dipped, this process might go
rn for "centuries, and at tl i end the
residum cf purified matter would not
amount to a thimbleful.' Mr. Brun
son referred to no other issue, but de
voted his whole time to rasping those
who favored the sale of liquor In any
manner, and urging the people to
rally to Its overthrow.
of Sa'uda, filed his pledge as a candi
late for Governor, but, judging Irom
oi8 Bpeeoh to-day he has entered him
self in the wrong class. His entire
ime was devoted to an attack upon
the Southern Railway, whioh would
lave done credit to the most ardent!
| aspirant for the office of railroadjcom-1
missioner. Mr. Edwards declared that
for six years be has been conducting a
Qght in the Courts against the con
solidation of the South Carolina and
Georgia extension with the Southern
Railway. He finds, so he said, that
this corporation is practically In con
trol of our Government and that there
is apparently no way of escape from
Its abuses/ He deolared that it dis
criminated against the people of this
State, causing their property to de
crease in value, and jinoidentally the
property of landowners in Georgia to
increase in value. He then begantoread,
from a paper whicM he carried a histo-,
ry of bis case already refured to, but
his twenty minutes were up before he
was more than fairly started, and it
never became apparent just what he
was driving at. He was granted an
extension of time in which to explain
briefly what he was after, bub just as
he opened his mouth to speak the
band began to plav and there the mat
ter ended, for to-day at least,
i Then came
of Newberry, who is also an aspirant
for Gubernational honors. He Is here
as the representative of the homes, of
the mothers, of the sons, of the chil
dren, who stand for pure democracy
and who oppose corruption and graft.
All his life he has stood for that which
was purifying and uplifting, and he is
willing to abide by his record. He Is
an enthusiastic supporter of higher
education, but it is to the denomina
tional colleges that the State owes
most. He believes in an economical
and honest administration of the Gov
ernment, x j favors a board of arbi
tration in South Carolina to settle all
differences between capital and labor.
But the principal thing which has
brought him into this campaign is
the liquor question. Three years ago
i he published in the newspapers an ar
j tide calling attention to the condi
tions in the dispensary. He also urg
ed the passage of a law which would
allow the vttlng out of the dispensar
ies in counties desiring to take such
action. That suggestion was largely
instrumental in the passage of the
Brice law. Now he Is ready to go fur
ther. Personally, he opposes the sale
ol liquor In any way, but he is willing
to aliow the people of each county to
vote on the question as to whether
they shall have a county dispensary,
high license or prohibition. The State
ispensary mu?t go. Conditions) in
Newberry to-day are better than in
twenty yeaia. If the prohibition law
is not absolutely enforced that fact is
cue to circumtances that whenever a
man is brouht up charged with a
violation of tbe law some lawyer Is on
hand ready to appear for him and get
blm eft. He has been in the thick of
every tight against the State dispen
sary and he stands today right where
he always stood.
Mr. Jones was followed by the Hon.
of Sumter. Mr. Manning has for 14
years represented his county in tbe
Legislature, six years in the House,
and for the last eight years in the
State Senate. He has made mistakes.
That he realizes. But in every ques
tion upon which he has had to cast
his vote he has applied this test?first
Is it right? Then, is it for the best
interests of my State and county?
Remembering this, he is ready to
stand by his record. No greater work
can be done by South Carolina than
to up uild the edutatlonal system of
the State, and he is glad to believe
that educational condition in South
Carolina have improved, and are im
(Continued on page thr<.e.)
Formal? lor Success.
The formula for sucoess in life
which the late Baron Alphonse Roth
child laid down for the young men
of France and distributed by means
of printed cards was: Shun liquor.
Dare to- go forward. Never be dla
oouraged. Be polite to everybody.
Employ your time well. Never tell
business lies.; Fay your debts prompt
ly. Be prompt in everything. Bear
all troubles patiently. Do not
reckon upon ohances. Make no use
less acquaintances. Be brave in the
struggle of life. Maintain your lnteg
I rlty as a sacred thing. Never ap
pear to be something more than you
are. Take time to consider, then de
cide positively. Carefully examine
every detail of your business.
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Wanted to Lyn oh Her. J
Mrs. Emma Kauffmanns wife of a
wealthy Sious Falls brewer was
brought into court Wednesday for the
conclusion of her preliminary hearing
on a charge of having caused the
death of her maidservant, Agne?
Polrels. She was hissed when sbe
went Into tbe court room and when
she came out an angry demonstration
was made and ories of "Lynch her"
were heard. Mrs. Kauffmann was
held on a charge of murder The
case will be called for trial In Novem
ber. Miss Polreis, who was 17 year*
old, died June 1, and was buried at
Parkston, this State. The body was
later exhumed and was found to bear
45 separate wounds.
Long XenueBBew r'luhr.
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Seme Old Triek.
The Boston Transcript admits that
Mr. Bryan would run a little but
adds: ''That be would be defeated,
however, is highly probable, almost
beyond the possibility of a doubt; not
that it would be easy to defeat him,
bub because the business Interests cf
the country would find it absolutely
necessary to do so." To which the
Columbia State says: "Indeed! And
what are these 'business lnteiests ?'
The corporations, we presume. It
there baa been any doubt as to the
necessity of passing the bill prohibit
ing campaign contributions by tbe
corporations such talk as this from
the Transoript should brush these
doubts aside. Are the 'business in
terests' to be permitted to repeat the
performance of 1896 and overthrow
tbe will of the people by the free and
unlimited use of money? That seems
to be what The Transcipt pxcects."
Bryan Needed.
Bev. Sam Jones says Boosevelt has
mi.de a good president, but that
'things are now ripe fur Bryan to
succeed him. as we need Bryanounri
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Special School Tax Elections.
k\nlating holding elections with the
view of levying special school taxes to
augment the regular school taxes are
hereby noLibed that such elections,
when desired, should be held in Lime
to reporL Lhe result Lo the Auditor on
or before Aueust 1st l!?u<i, in order to
get the benefits for next year. Printed
petition blanks for elections furnished
by the State Superintendent of Edu
cation, can be ootained by application
I to the County Superintendent of Edu
cation. Stiles R Melliciiamp,
' April 3,1906. Sup't Education, O. C.

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