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V res Purporting to Show that About
2,000,000 People in This Country
are Directly" Interested.
Slason Thompson, of Chicago,
Lead of one of the bureaus of the
General Managers' association, re
-cently addressed a letter to the rail
N ay companies asking the question:
A 'Are there a million owners of rail
way securities in the United States?"
['."Thirty-nine of the leading rail
way companies responded," said
Mr. Thompson.
"They represent 107,640 miles
out of the 202,471 of single track
mileage in the United States. They
gave the total number of stockhold
ers on their books as 191,387. This
is pretty nearly equal to two stock
holders for every mile of railway.
Applying two to one as the ratio.
approximated in the total, would
give 4oo,ooo stockholders in round
numbers for the 200,000 miles of
railway in the United States as
owning $6,024,201,295 of capital
stock as reported June 30, 1902.
Assuming that the $6,109, 981,669
funded debt is as widely distributed
among bondholders, and the railway
ownership would appear to be held
in something like 8oo,ooo hands.
In one way or another the people
of the United States own the rail
ways of the United States and sonie
thing like 2,ooo,ooo persons through
wages, interest, and dividends di
vide two-thirds of their gross earn
ings Of $1,726,38o,267, (1901-02)
among them and the other third
goes for fuel, tax,-,, supplies and
He Killed His Wife.
Fayetteville, Oct. 27.-News has
just reached here of a horrible wife
murder at Bennettsville, S. C. This
morning at 3 o'clock Henry Patrick,
white, a carpenter, 35 years old,
shot his wife with a shot-gun while
he was lying in bed. She was
about 23 years old. She lingered a
short time only. Patrick was imi
mediately jailed. It is said he was
drinking when lie fired the fatal
shot. Great indignation is felt at
Bennettsville over the affair.
Train Wrecker Convicted.
Staunton, Va., October 27.-In
the Augusta County Court here to
day John Kennedy, alias Crawford,
charged with wrecking a Norfolk
and Western passenger train, near
Greenville, Va , last D)ecember, and
with the murder of Engineer Bailey,
of Roanoke, who lost his life in the
wreck, wvas convicted of murder in
the first degree, the jury being out
five minutes. Sentence will be im
p)osed at a later clay in the termi
Kennedy stated sonme time ago lhe
was certain lie would hang, and at
tempted to break jail twice, lie
>leaded guilty to the charge. He
As 19 years old and intelligent. His
accomplice, James Bailey, will be
tried tomorrow, and the case of
Mrs. Ellen Bailey the aged mother
of James Bailey, who, Keninedy
claims, p)lannmed thme wreck, will be
tried next.
It is reported from Tilt is, Russian
Transcaucasia, that PriinceGalatzin,
governor general of the Caucasus,
wvas stabbed three times by three
natives on Wednesday. The would
be assassins were subsequently shot.
The princee suffered 110 serious in
Items of More or I Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The S. W. Venable Tobacco Co.'s
factory at Wilson, N. C., was
burned Monday night. The total
loss was about $55,000.
A freight locomotive exploded
near Robertstown, Pa., one day
this week, killing three men and
fatally injuring two others.
The newly arrived cotton from
America is being rushed to the
cotton mills of England and full
time is being gradually resumed.
The next postoffice to be investi
gated under the direction of Fourth
Assistant Postmaster General Bris
tow will be the New York postoffice.
The French bark Savoyard has
been wrecked near Brest, France.
Thirty-one of her crew, the cap
tain's wife and four other women
were lost.
Rear Admiral Francis T. Bowles,
chief of the bureau of construction
and repair of the navy department,
has resigned to accept the presi
dency of a private shipbuilding
company in Massachusetts.
Commencing Monday, Noven
ber 9, there will be held in Wash
ington an interesting conference on
the race problem in the United
States under the auspices of the
National Sociological society, an
organization for the study of the
condition of the negroes in the
United States, composed of South.
ern as well as Northern men.
The attorneys for H. D. Hawley
and J. L. Howard, two Chicago
men who went to North Carolina
and tried to sell a gold brick, and
who were tried and senenced to im
prisonnent for ten years, but who
appealed, have isked that the su
preme court take their clients into
its custody for fear that these gold
brick swindlers will be waited on
by a North Carolina mob.
Attempt to Assassinate President of Mexico
While Attending a Fete at
Guanajuto, Mexico, October 27.
-Great excitement was caused here
today by an attempt on the life of
President Diaz, who was a guest of
the State Governmeat during the
festivities here. The President, his
staff and guests were passing by the
Cantagor Gardeni in a street car,
whmen a muan of the lower class, name
Elis Toscano, approached the car
shouting, and fired five shots from
a revolver at the car, finially doing
1n0 harm.
Paklo Escandon, of the Presi
(lent's staff, rushed out of the car
and1 caught the man, wrenching the
revolver from his grasp. The po0
lice took Toscano) to p)risonl. He is
a man with a b)ad criminal record,
and was but recently releamd~c from
pirison at Greanditas, where he had
served a term for hIomicidle. The
matter wvill be investigatedl.
The president remnainedl perfectly
cool and was acclaimed by the
crowd of citizens, showing their
joy at his escape.
Toscanmo's evil recordl renders thme
theory of a del iberate attenmplt at
asMIssinat ion to appear p)roba ble.
The Presidlent received the coni
gratulat ions of the citizens and di
plomiatic corps here present
Items of More or Less Interest Condense
In the State.
It seems there will be no decreasi
for sone time to come in the num
ber of damage suits against th<
SoUthern railway. A great deal o
time in the United States court a
Greenville last week was taken ul
with these damage suits agains
this railway.
While walking home abou
lark one day this week, an(
when in one block of her home
a lady in Columbia had her purs<
inatched out of her hand. She of
rered desperate resistance, but tht
brute threw her to the ground and
inatched her purse from her grasp.
It happened there was only $1.5c
[u the purse.
The home of Mayor F. S. IEarle
n Columbia, was robbed of $15 by
urglars on Sunday night. The)
'ound the money in the drawer ol
i book ccne in the parlor.
Dave Means, a well known colored
tableman of Columbia, dropped
lead while at work in one of th
-acing stables at the Fair ground
Vonday afternoon.
Clemson defeated the A. and M.
,,ollege of North Carolina on the
ridiron in Columbia Vednesday
norning by a score of 2.1 to o. 11
was a hard fought and specctacula
aankers of State Warned About W. R
The South Carolina Bankers' as
iociation through its secretary, Jo
ieph Norwood, of Greenville, i
iending out the following letter re
zeived from inslie Nicholson
If the banking firm of Union :
"Dear Sir:-For the infornatioi
Af the association it might be wel
for you to report the followin
iwindler, who, it appears, has beei
operating in this vicinity, and whi
induced one of our customers t<
cash a check for him which prove<
to be a forgery.
"His plan of operation is to ap
proach a merchant, buy a small bil
of goods, and then tender in pay
ment a check drawn by anothe
p)arty to his order, apparently certi
lied by the bank on which it:
d rawnt.
"In the case wvhich occurred here
lie gave his name as WV. H-. Morrehl
and preseinted a card giving his adl
dress as Spartanburg and represent
ing that lhe was with the A. T1 T1
comnpanty. The check p)urp)ortedl ti
he dlrawnt by WV. A . Dickison oi
the First National banik of Morris
town ,Tennessee,and1( was apparently:
certified by said hbank.
"Thfle followintg dlescri pt ion (1
Morrell tmay be of sonie service:
"'Namie, WV. R. Morrell; resi
dence, Spartanbu)Irg, S C.; nat ivit y
U S. ; occup)ation, with Atmerical
TIelegraphi and Telephlone compla ny
critmitnal occupationi, forgery; age
25; height, about six feet; weight
ab1onit 170 pounds(1; comp llex ion, met
diumt (lark; color of hair, mnedim:
(ark; eyes, wore glasses, clem
"Froni what our- customer ha~
been able to learn si,.cc the abov
occurrence, this party has also bee
operating in Spartibhrg
I Proprietor Dodges Laws of Both States It
Is Alleged-Citizens Are Hot
After Him.
A special to the State from Gaff
ney says the people of the A ntioch
f section of Chrokee county are hot
t after the government distillery of J.
> F. Jenkins. It is claimed that the
t distillery is within the two mile limit.
Mr. R. ( ). Sams went up there Sat
urday to survey the d istance. This
distillery is on the State line, the
line running throngh the butilding.
It is claimed that when one from
this State wants to purchase whiskey
he is taken to the North Carolina
side and vice versa. Jenkins was
tip before Magistrate Speer last
weel on the charge of selling whis
key, but the case had not been
thoroughly worked up. It will come
up again next week. J. C. Otts,
Esq., has been retained by the
Antioch people and Col. T. B. But
ler is retained by Jenkins. When
the case conies up a battle royal
will be fo!ight. Mr. Otts will ap
pear before the State board at its
next meeting and ask that the per
mit he revoked on the ground that
it is within two-mile limit and is a
nuisance to the community.
Strong Address By The PresLient of the
Illinois State Federation of Wo
men's Clubs.
The p)resident of the Illinois State
Federation of Women's Clubs, Mrs.
Rugenia M. Bacon, made a strong
address on child labor the other
day at a meeting of the local federa
tion of clubs in Rockford. She
said in part.
"Nothing can be so important as
saving the children. Anything
which deprives them of the right to
a happy childhood and puts a mort
gage on their strength'to battle with
life, is enough to arouse every ear
nest woman to use her utmost inflit
ence to prevent it." Reviewing club
women's work with the Legislature,
Mrs. Bacon added these significant
words: "My experience at'Spring
field conivinces me that even in work
ing for a jurely philaithropic cause,
women are hampered and hum iili
at d and made far more conspicti
otis by having to influence k-gisla
r tion instead of affecting it by a
direct vote. This is wrnng from
me after years of conservatism,
both natural to me, and acquiired
by the trainlinag of Souithern parents."
-A Denial of the Rumnor Thiat a Merger
With tile Southern Is
New York, Oct. 27.-A n oflicial
of the Atlantic Coast Line today
Scharacterized the rep)ort being cir
culatedl thronghiout the south to t he
-effect that thle chiairamuan of the
b)oard , H-en ry Walters, and associ
ates, were arranginig a nierger of
souitherni and( soulth- western roads
as a ruiiimor emnt irely withlout anuy
fotundlationi of truit hi.
1 Pressing and DyIng.
iTihe Ne. a hi- ry Ste eaim I,aundry
imakes a sp e'iit v of ele:aning,(lyitng
and( p)ressi ng. P at ron ize home in
e dlustry by hav'ing your work donue
an at a home enterpirise. Call at Launi
Idry for pries.
Little Girl in an Anderson Mill Trips and
a Knife In Her Pocket Pierces
Her Heart.
Laddie McCurley, a i 2-year-old
girl, was accidentally killed at the
Orr mill in Anderson Monday after
noon. She was going down one of
the alleys between the rows of
machinerv and stumbled over a
boy's feet which were stretched out
in the alley. She fell and an open
knife in her apron pocket pierced
her heart and killed her almost in
The Three Card Game Played on a Hart
ford Mai.
Hartford, Conn., Oct. 28.-Two
strangers who are alleged to have
Hwindled G. S. Burnham of this city
out of $5,000 through a three card
game, are being sought by the police
authorities here and in other places
tonight. Burnham reported his
loss this afternoon. ie is a well
to-do retired farmer, about 65 years
One of the strangers said his name
was Brooks and that he was con
nected with a hank in Torrington,
Conn., while the other represented
himself as a Sotiherer, who had
come north for the purpose of find
ing his sister in \Vinsted, to whom
he was to pay $30,000. I-aving
learned that his sister was (lead,
the Southerner said he was reckless
as to what became ol the money.
He offered to show Brooks and
3urnham] how to play the three
card game with the result that
Burnham was induced to draw $5,
ooo from the bank and put it in a
tin trunk togetther with a roll al
leged to contain $1o,ooo which the
Southerner placed as his part of the
wager. Burnham was given the
key for the trunk and the men i drove
to W-st Hartfored, stopping at a
secluded place in the woods where
the game began.
Burnham won, and receiving the
trunk started home alone. It was
not untill lie arived home, opened
the trunk and found it empty that
he realized he had been duped.
Fatiher Who Killed Children Now on Trial
For Murder.
Asheville, Oct. 27.-Dir. J. V.
Jay, the lHuncombe) county ph ysi
can who on October 17th killed his
three children with a clawvhanmmer,
was arraigned1 in court at 2.30
o'clock this afternoon, three true
bills having beeni returnedl against
him by the grand jury- W. J.
Cocke, attorney for the prisoner,
statedl that the plea of the defence
would be insanity, andg:askedl that
time heC giveni to sumumoni experts
to testify.
Judlge Shaw saidl that thle case
wVouild be continued uint il 2:30
o'cloek this afternoon.
J udge HI. B. Carter, also of coun
set for Jay, re(ltestedl that the trial
be continued unitilI tomiorrow , but
Jutdge Shaw denied the mnot ion,
saying that sufficient expert testi
mony couldl he secured this after
It is duite possible for next door
neighbors to he. rather (1snim.

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