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Hanna's Campaign Fund Invincible In Ohio.
The Results of the Elections
on Tuesday.
New York, Nov. 4 -George
McClellan, Democrat, will be the
next mayor of Greater New York,
having defeated Mayor Seth Low
for re-election by a ,urality of 63,
617, complete unofficial returns
having been received from every
election district in the city. By the
same returns Comptroller Edward
M. Grout and Charles V. Fornes,
president of the boardof aldermen,
running for re-election on the
Democratic ticket, though elected
two years ago as Fusionists, de
feated their Fusion opponents by
66,790 and 64,973 plurality, re
spectively, Comptroller Grout lead
ing the city ticket.
McClellan's total vote for mayor
was 314,906 to 251,289 for Low.
William S. Devery, independ
ent candidate for mayor, polled
only 2,935 votes in the entire
Baltimore, Md., November 4.
At midnight the returns on Tues
day's election from Baltimore city
and the State of Maryland had not
all been received. In Baltimore
city the entire Democratic State
ticket, comprising Edwin War
field, of Howard County, Gov
ernor; Gordon T. Atkinson, of
Somerset County, Comptroller, and
William Shepard Bryan, Jr., of
Baltimore city, Attorney General,
was elected by about 5,000 plural
ity. The Democrats elected in
Baltimore city three Senators and
eighteen members of the House of
Delegates by large majorities. The
Republicans elected one State Sen
ator. and six members of the House
of Delegates. Vm. II. 6reen,
Republican, is apparently elected
sheriff of the city by a plurality of
between joo and 200.
The returns from all of the coun
ties of the State have not been re
ceived, but enough reports are in
hand to assure an overwhelming
Democratic majority on joint ballot
in the General Assembly,which will
elect a successor to United States
Senator Louis McComas.
From returns received at this
hour, it is conceded that the Decmo.
crats wvill have on joint ballot 82
votes, in the General Assembly to
41I Republican votes. Warfield's
lulrality in the State will proba
bly reach S,ooo.
Columbus, Ohio, November 4.
-The Republican plurality in
Ohio is about r1ig,0oo for Gov
ernor. and the majority in the Leg
islature en joint ballot for Senator
is 93.
Boston, Mas. November 4.-J.
.L. Bates, Republican candidate for
Governor, was re-elected by about
IDenver, Col., November 4.
The Republicans carried the State
by 7,000.
Tackson, Miss. November ..
The vote cast in yesterday's State
lection will not exceed 30,000.
Des Moines, Iowa, November 4.
-Official estimates place Governor
Cummin's plurality over J. B. Stil
ivan, Democrat, t. 55.000. The <
Democrats will have twenty-threel
>f the ioo members of the next f
House, a gain of six, and eight of't
lie fifty members of the Sonate, a t
loss of two.
Omaha, Neb., November 4.
Returns received up to this even- t
ng show that Barnes (Republican) I
For Supreme Judge, will have a C
najority of at least S,ooo over t
Judge Sullivan. I
Philadelphia, November 5.- <
omplete returns from all but t
.leven counties of the State indi- f
:ate a plurality for William L.
Vlathues, Republican candidate for
state Treasurer, approximating
Richmond, Va., November 4 -
'he latest returns from yesterday's
-lections in Virginia show that the t
:omplexion of the General Assem- 1
>ly will be little if at all changed a
'rom what it is now. There will t
)e about nineteen Republican votes t
:n joint ballot, two F'sionist votes
ind one Independent vote. The
otal membership of the Assem
bly is 142.
Providence, R. I., November 4.
-Complete returns from the 1s2
listricts of the State received today
re-elect Governor L. F. C. Garvin
)y 1.587 plurality, a decrease of 6,
I t I votes.
Louisville, Ky.. Nov- 3.-<e
urns received from the State indi
:ate the re-election of Governor T.
\.NW. Beckhan.. Democrat, by a
:najority conservatively estimatedI
it 14,000. The vote cast was
.nusually heavy, ana the returns
ire very slow. Out of 119 counties
in the State returns have been re
:eived from only 22. These give
13eckham 34.448; Belknap 22,035
Belknap carried five of these I
twenty two counties, sixteen of r
which are nominally Democratic.
SequIel of a Race Fight in Lake Village,
iln Which One White Man wvas Killed
and Several Wounded.
Lake Village, Ark., Nov'ember 3.
--iIenry Johnson, a negro, was
taken from jail here at noon1 today
by a mob and hang d in the centre
of town. The act followed a fight
between the whites and blacks early
in the clay, in wvhich Frank Ander
son1 was killed and B. Vinlsoni, a
lawyer from Little Rock, and
several others were wounded.
During the row, it is claimed, Ed
Coleman, a nlegro, began shooting, 1I
which started a fusilade. WVhen1
it was over the dead andc wounded<
were counted. Coleman fledI with
a pos inl pursuit. Johnson was i
locked up. Excitement rani high 1
and a mass mneetinig was held, atI
which observation of law was turgedi
but a large niumber of the more ex
citable rushed to the jauil, b)attered
downm the doors, took Johnson and
hagedl him.
tens of More or Less Interest Condensed
Out-Odr. the State.
A purely accidental fire in the
latican at Rome recently caused a
Lamage of about $50,000. The
3ope has ordered an increase in the
orce of firemen in order to be able
o face any situation of the kind in
he future.
The recent destructive fire on
"oiev Island, which resulted in
he loss of one life, the injury of
wo score persons five hundred
>ersons made homeless, and a finan
:ial loss of $1,500,000, is believed
o have been the result of the
ualicious mischief of two drunken
owdies, former waiters in a hotel,
vho said that things were getting
lull in the island and they believed
hey would liven things up with a
ire. They are both in jail charged
vith arson.
At 5 a. m. on Monday two heav
ly armed men assaulted the assistut
ashier of the Cumberland Telo
hone and Telegraph Co., at Nash
ille, Tenn., and robbed him of
3,000 in ioue The cashier went
o the office at an early hour to get
uis pay roll in shape and was in the
et of getting the currency out of
he office safe when the assault was
Members of the Kings Mountain
iolice force shot and fatally wound
d a bank robber near Wright's
Perry, S. C. The man had robbed
he Forest City, N. C., bank of
12,000. He was met in the road
Lmd ordered to throw up his hands.
nstead he fired, but missed, and
%,as fired upon and fatally wounded.
A colored savings bank with a
voman for president has begun
>usiness in Richmond, Va.
The wedding of Miss Goelet and
he Duke of Roxhurgh will be cel
brated in St. Thomas chuch, New
jork, next Tuesday. The bride's
tiother will give her away. The
%edding will be made as simple as
)ossible and the number of guests
At the church wil I be only about 200
Id at the home only about 40.
The Cuban congress convened on
Jonday and a very conservative
nessage from President Palna was
eceived on the opening day.
Paul Kruger, the aged president
>f the Transvaal Republic, replying
n1 M\I entone, France, the other day,
o the gift of a statue said that lie
s calmly resigned to the events in
outh Africa but that he did not
lespair. The aged man is described
ts being constantly occup)ied in
eading the Bible, as desiring isola
ion and as maintaining a dignified
Postmaster General Payne has
dmnitted that an investigation is
)einug made of charges involving
he office of the Third Assistant
?ostmaster Genieral.
In a recent speech Secretary of
he Navy Moody emphatically die
iied thle statement which has been
:irculated that the marksmian of the
X merican navy are deserters fromi
lie British navy, saying the re
narkable scores in recent tests had
>een made byv native Americans.
Joseph Craddock, a negro, was
yniched by negAocs necar Shireve
>ort, La., on Sunday night for kill
nig two other negroes andl fatally
niuring' anther whone injurie e
suilted in death. Craddock said he
killed the inoffensive negroes just
for fun. He was captured by a
posse of white men, but a crowd of
about three hundred, mostly ne
groes, took possession of him and
hanged him to a tree and burned
his body beneath it.
Six men were killed and ten slight..
ly injure(d at Iona laid, N. V..
Wednesday afternoon, by an ex
plosion at the United States arsenal,
one of the largest magazines in the
United States.
A nid(le-aged man in Philadel
phia, about to be married the third
time, comnitted suicide on Wed
nesday without any known cause.
He went to the hath room and blew
out his brains with a revolver.
Two young women were killed
and fifty-one were injured, seven
teen seriously. in the collision of
two cable cars in a fog in Kansas
City, Mo., early Wednesday morn
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
Several of the pickpockets who
did business in Columbia durinl"
Fair week have been given hear.
ings and sent up to the higher
A fire in Ninetv-Six early Mon
day morning, origin unMnown, de
.,troyed the store and stock of goods
of J. C. Wise and damaged other
property, the total loss being- ihbout
Tle nava' estimntes f,41r the con
ing fiscal yearpr,)vide for coitiliu
ing the w\ork mCi th. dry dock at
Charleston nw.( the Charleston navv
yard C)nles 1i1 for some oI tle
largest estitnntes imade by the de
A burglar entered the re.-,idence
of Mrs. M. I. Fishibilnne, inl Column
bia, about 9 o'clock Sunday night,
and took an o' I silver vatcl case
from a trunk and a small savingH
bank contailing 50 cents. He left
a purse han,.,ing in an apron pocket
containing $15.
During a negro hot supper in
Anderson county Tuesday night,
one negro s'lot another u gro
through the cheek. The ball went
on and struck aiiothier negro, H enry
A iken, in the mouth. A iken caught
the ball between his teeth and spat
it out. That is the story as it
comies from Anderson.
Aged Confederate Veteran Caught In
Shaftig and Killed.
L4aurens, No~v. 3.- -Martin R iddle
a well to do farmer 'nd a highly
resp)ected citizen of the WVarrior
Creek section of this counity, met a
tragic death this muoring about mo
o'clock. HeI operated in connection
with farming inter-ests a b)ig ginnery.
This mnorninug in passinig amo.ig the
shafting lie was suddenly jerked
into tihe umachinery and terribly
mngled and bruised. Death en
suedo in 15 minutes. lie was 6c
years old, b)eing a veteran of the
WVar Between the States, and( huis
friends recall his record as a soldier
worthy of the name W. b T.
'he Cause Supposed to be Desire of
Isthmus to Have Panana Canal
PaIInMIa, Colombia, November 3.
Ihe independence of the isthmiis
w,as iproclaimed at 6 p. m. today.
A large and enthusiastic crowd of
all political partil 3 assembled and
marched to the headquarters of the
Government troops, where Gens
Tovar and Amaya, who arrived
this morning, were imprisoned in
the iame of the Republic of Pan
ai. The entihusiasm was im
mense, and at least three thousand
of the men in the gathering were
Washington, November 4.--Vice
United States Consul Ehrman, at
Panama, cables the State depart
ment under today's date that the
Colombian Government war ship
Bogota is shelling the city. One
Chinaman has been killed. MI\r.
Ehrman has beeni instructed to
protest against tle bombhardmieit.
nx mco xmIos nu(qrmss'i:n.
'Tlhe. United States Gov CrmIIent
received a Calegramil today from
Pan:1ma requesting that it recog
nize the new Government. Ihe
olficials here are as yet in ignorance
as to what the new Govern men
consists of and have taken no ac
tion cn tie request.
She 'ints a Rtfle at her 1.ab1 in Fun
a.md it is Discharged With Fatal
"Lookout. I'll <oot '.b cried
MIs Thom ai at , ' \a dosta,
Ga., in a frolic with her year-old
child oi Saturday, at the same
time pointing at the baby on old
parlor rifle, that 11:d 'enii laid
around1(I the house since Christmas.
The child langhed in glee, but inl
an instant there waN an explosion
and a scream of pain from the baby
and anILother scrCamtl 01 horror fronm
the mother. The child lingered in
agony until this morning, when it
died. Mrs. Zant is frantic with
grief olnd denonnces herself as a
muaitrderess, though it is coniceded
that the shooting was accidental.
Mr'. Press Tucker of Ruby, Firing at a
itabbit, Seriously Wounds His
Little Boy.
The State.
Chesterfield, Nov. 3--On Tlhutrs
(lay last Mr.. P ress Tucker of Ruby
accidlentally shot his little son,
H en nie.
TIhe little boy had been pickiing
cotton and was at the spring get
ing wvat er when hiis fat her shot at
a .abbit, the entire load taking
effect ini tihe boy's body,)'
II iseriouisly but it is hopedi
not fatally hurt.
Marriedl, b)y the Rev'. N. N.
Bturtonm, on Tuesday afternoon,
November 3, MIr. Samunel Robertson
and Miss Estelle Gorce, both of
West End.

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