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The First Primary to Be Held on Tuesday,
the 24th, one Day Earlier Than Last
Year-The Executive Committee.
The meeting of the Democratic
citizens of the city of Newberry,
called for the purpose of deciding
the manner of nominating candi
dates for Mayor and Aldermen for
the ensuing term, was held in coun
cil chamber on Tuesday evening.
The meeting was well attended,
about 150 citizens being present.
The primary plan was again
adopted, the primary to be con
duct-d under the same rules and
regulations as have heretofore pre
vailed. The first primary will be
held on Tuesday, November 24th,
one day earlier than last )ear. The
second primary, should a second
primary be necessary, will be held
on Friday, November 27th, and in
the event of a tie in the second pri
mary, necessitating a third primary,
the third primary will be held on
Tuesday, December ist. Pledges
must be filled before 12 o'clock on
Tuesday, the 17th.
The meeting was called to order
by Chairman Cole. L. Blease. Mr.
Blease was chosen chairman of the
meeting and John K. Aull was
made secretary.
The election of the executive
committee was first entered into.
After considerable discussion it was
decided that the representatives
present from the various wards
should nominate the executive com
mitteemen from their respective
Messrs. I. Cabaniss and Cole.
1.. Blease were chose:i from the
town at large, but Mr. Blease sub
seguently declined and Dr. 0. B.
Mayer was chosen.
The full cominittee, as finally
constituted, is as follows:
Town at large, E. Cabaniss and
0. B. Mayer.
Ward i, M. M. Harris.
Ward 2, I. H. Hunt.
Ward 3, )r. W. G. Houseal.
Ward 4, T. H. Pope
Ward 5, W. H. Hardeian.
On motion of the Hon. F. 11.
Dominick, the following committee
was appointed by the chair to fix
the dates for holding the primfary,
and to rep)ort the rules in tlull, as
amiended : F. HI. Doinick, Dr. W.
0. IIouseal, D)r. 0. B. M\ayer.
'The connuittee rep)orted through
its chairman, Mr. D)ominick, and
the following rules were adopted:
I. Aun election within the D)em
oeratic p)arty shall be held in the
Town of Newberry on Tuesday, the
24th clay of November, [y>3,to select
candlidlates for Mayor and Aldermen
for the ensuing termnfor said town,
the polls to he opened in the couni
cil chamnber at 8 o'clock a. mi., and
to be closed at 4 o'clock p. mn.
II. All D)emocrats who have
duly registered for the municipal
election of m 903 shall be allowed to
vote. In case the right to vote is
challenged, the person challenged
shall be reqluired to establish his
right to vote, before the managers,
by the vouching of three Demi
ocrats, P'rovidled, that in the niom
ination of aldermen from tihe
resp)ective wvards only thme qunalified
electors from each ward shall l)e
permitted to vote for alderman
from that ward.
III. The candidates receiving the
majority of all the votes cast for the
said offices of Mayor andl Aldermen,
resp)ectively, at said election, shall
be declared the lnminees of the
IDemocratic parlty of said town;m
Providled, that on or b)efore 1 2
o'clock noon1 onl the I17th clay of
November, mo03 each of such ca.
didates shall have left a written
statement with the chairman of the
executive committee that he is a
candidate and that lie will abide
the result of such election. No vote
shall be counted fpr any candidate
who has not so pledged himself;
and, Provided, further, that if no
candidate, either for the office of
Mayor, or for Alderman in a vard,
shall have received a majority vote
at such election, a second election
for the nomination of a Mayor, or
for an Alderman, as the case way
be, shall be held on Friday, the
27th day of November, 1903, under
these rules,at which second election
only the two candidates who re
eeived the highest votes at the
tormer election, for the respective
offices, shall be voted for; and, Pro
vided, further, in the event there
should be a tie at the second pri
mary for Mayor or Alderman, then
a third primary shall be held on
the Tuesday following, the ist day
of December, 1903, under these
IV. When the vote shall have been
duly counted the managers shall in
mediately certify the same to the.
executive committee, w.-hich comi
mittee shall constitute a board for
the purpose of canvassing the re
turns of the managers, declaring
the result of the election and hear
ing all contests and protests that
may arise, whose action shall be
final; Provided, that no member of
the executive committee shall be a
candidate at such election; and Pro
vided, further, that the said execu
tive committee shall meet in the
mayor's oflce at io o'clock a. in. on
Wednesday, the 25th day of Nov?
ember, 1903, and in the event of a
second election oi Saturday, the
28th day of November, 1903, and
in the event of a third election on
Wednesday, the 2d dav of Decem-i
ber, 1903, to declare the said elec
tion and to he.;r any contests or
protests in regard to the same.
V. 'T'heo citizens' meetimg that
shall adopt rules for the )rimnary
election shall elect an executive
coimittee of seven members, two
from the town at large, and one
fro-n each ward, and this committee
shall have power to fill vacancies
in its membership.
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Thie Colored People Driveni Out of Morgan
Park, Ililnois, on Account of
Chicago, November 3.---Excite
mlenit prevails today amon11g the
colored citizens of Morgan Park as
the result of the posting of placards
throughout the town giving notice
to all colored pers~ons that they
w~ou1ld h)e allowed forty -eight h ours
in which to leave the place. Several
families have already left, taking
withI them whatever goods they
couldl conv'enienitly carry, and it is
expected that others will follow~
their examplle. Th'le ot dier to leave.
is the outcome of t he mnurder- of
Chief of Police Airey on Saturday
night by Mack WViley, who, with
several of his colored friends, wvas
out on a ilallowe'in ir >lic
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