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EverJ Og
Shelf loads of merchandise melted away
the past week, The people came in crowds
The moment they began pricing stuff that
moment they started buying The Mii
Dress Goods
And Silk Whirl...
Such sellinig simply ineans the best saitis
faction Zind best valuies. Thiose nvho are
not fainiliar witli this del)artient should
illnmediately get inl toici.
Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock we
place on sale 50 pieces Steplhens y4 inch
Sockings, all shades, your choice for 49c
the yard. 5 pieces 54 inch black Ziblin
worth $i.oo, for this sale 69xc the yard. 20
pieces 54 inch ladies broadcloth worth $1.25
for this sale 83c. Two hundred pieces
colored dress goods piled on a big center
table, goods worth 35, 40 and Soc, your
choice this week for only 25c the yard.
KO**MWWRNMMIF.m vsg.mnewmQ Mm"
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The I
The New York Life Insurance ation ha
Co. has filed an application in the price of
U. S. Circuit court at St. Louis for steel ri
the cancellation of two insurance
policies, aggiegating $250,000, Onl
the life of Jaies IL. Blair, on the to anl inl
to take
ground that the policies were se- Ive
cured through fraudulent repre- t
sentations; that Blair atteinpted to i
take his own life during October is to tal
and defraud the coipany of the Thie c
amoiut, and that lie deceived the land ele
comipaniy by repiresentiing that DI)cnoer
he enjoyed an inicome of $I 00,c00 a a plural
year and( was abIle to pay the prem that the
lums. thirds ii
The new cases of yellow fever iln thle nex
Laredo, Tlexas, and the dleaths re- Twel
sulting thierefronu cont inue, There wenit to
have been several new cases and cotton c
deaths at Monterey, Mexico. colonizr.
A pIassenger train on the Spar- country
tanburg and Ashville roadl ran over Thie
a womnan at Buena V ista N. C. , oni Vork C,
Th'lursday, sevoring the head and a eek a u
imanglinig the body. The victim was half hal,
a resident of Trenton, N. V., who for one
had been stayinig wvith a family at lorcedl i
Asheville. She left, saying she eleven
was ill, and was not seen alive after- John
wards. ont ani
The Chinese are very mu tch en-emht
raged at certaiin acts of tile Russian nio chian
govertiuent which they considler Seaboar
insults and iminpositions. Somec of his elo
thle hot headled imemibers of the thain a I
council ha~ve ad(visedl the D owager stock.
Empjress to dleclare war on Russia A Ii
but the better informed oflicials re- Kearsay
aliz.e the lhllesness of Clinma and( Monut.,
the nuadness:of atteimpjtinig to go to amlonig
war withl Russia. tendent.
Samn Adamis, a young negro, crim Ti~hire<
inallt assatulted Mrs. Peter I,adusz class at
at Pass Christ ii, M\iss. , on TPhunrs- miissedl I
dhay. lIe escaped but was captuired of the r*
and( a 1tu(oh took himi from the jail The
and( hanged himi to a tree. hn'
Two of Colorado's large banks the fani
have cloed( their doois on acconunt Jly i
naugh low prices have spread like wildfire,
relatives have told relatives and friends told
friends that standard merchandise of every
THE -- -
Still claims your attention. Place your
orders in this department and save at least
Soc to $2 oo on your purchase. Follow the
crowds and you can't miss Mimnaugh's.
Mimnaugh Doing the
Shoe BusiRess...
I haven't room or time to tell you at)out
the different brands of shoes I keep but it
will be a sight for you to see one entire
side of my store room, i.2o feet long, filled
up to ceiling with nothing but shoes. I am
selling shoes at a very close margin. It's
true but I'm selling a pile of them. One
customer tells another about Mimnaugh's
shoes, so the ball keeps rolling.
nd real estate. The bank Secretary Heste
claim they will bc able to statement issued
ar for dollar. for the first six
uited States Steel Corpor
s considerably reduced the and a decrease
steel bullets- The price of period year befoi
s remains unchanged. For the sixtN-se
mch government in respons. geas behid
vitation from New Orleans lat yar b7hind
part inl the celebration of das year be1ore0
nch transfer of Louisiana,
:1 a var ship on Deciber As the restlt of
ce part in tho ceremonies rel a young man
Ky., applied for
iplete rettirtis froin Fary- arrest of his fath
tion give IdwiiiiWarfield, Stewart sent the
l)ciiorat wll avea to te waranthind1
ljritviho11baceofat met, 47h,n00
.c~ Southernenegroust wf
tilt ure wthea aiyoungfutar
tion hae reurndKtothi Aie frE
ompeertrsfoway aret ofas ath a
ctongives odinWrfeld,w
attic changae fone governor, e
Do e oa millionv an atwo- rpu'u o
~s h eodlret sae ntwat senty bthe
lay in ~ ~ ~ i himtr. The bul tIswn1hi
art)iet wh(lreneh
tibito bexperimedent in
ulture with avivwetotouthr
eton haveimsrestgirned toth this'A . SCPU
>tteoin ixhng onih e ays steh) 1
cas t tetseondlres as andiII it, wasol by b
:la ini hiis rltstory.the(ulls .>mwo theiw
he price upndk:dey from siwoticinatmdi
~e rieds til Ovti iorpubv ew norsmen
OttnIs- berryOt reident ha
e of tik nown riginli erovic io the(
SktonWilimoasgv nsw tWtus esCr tize.sa
erie,w ina whirginia iys Mi' W.t Weu nwite
birken on streetni
thilyithat igthe hs.ben- Dst'i timed n >
ge isisrlain t!h toa of the. use
(lind koidnt frmwi
boxsau,adtath n at bV'o sE., Ien
An fiiend s htile ewn uoreis uall tew woe,i'~
rnaoityo the o mp voatios thyw smetis iti
- - for l that i t ma
ure Ofn iininown ofi ia- turn. ove in bed.!
)riadl, ~' . pat ti,laelion werd vry mueK'
omi Friattled nie Cter, met. M y rest, dat
them bing th super -'i- vealte duri
86~, 101( a eniioi on~spto- the use of.
diI cotuibtr nt it
mleiedhon "in the i )o DosU idney I
,rTg'S S
description is going at Mimnaugh's for aI
most a song.
Every trin that tumbles down the moun
I believe I can show you more Men's,
Women's and Children's Underwear than
all the Stores in Newberry combined.
100 doz. Ladies' Undervests, winter
weiglit. worth all over town !oc, as long
as they last Mimnaugh's price 12.1c.
ioo dez. Ladies' Vests worth' 35c 11w
300 doz. len's Fleeced Undershirts and
1)Dr'wers worth ;oc each, as long as they
last Mimnaugh says take N,our choice for
Only 25c each.
200 pairs blankets worth $1.65 to go this
week at 98c.
1fy, S. C.
r's weekly cotton
)m Friday showec
ays of November
st year of 42,000I EV EI
under the same
-e last of 9.000. There musi
ven days of the fiCt of modern
lapsed the aggre- than to the batti
the same days of business. Our b
and behii-d the Worth." It's thE
ist 18i,ooo. in the country hc
an election quar our praises. Th
at Richardsville, beautiful Autum
a warrant for the and it has been \
er, ,om Stewart. through every v,
magistrate wor(d already announ(
warrant he would VICtors belong th
nagistrate issued T hs s p aCe
ier lie and stew- detail of the gret
e got the drop on -Will mention a fe
irm dead. Serges, Prunella
line, Homespun
Casimners, Hen:
Everything in Vw
Prettiest Furs; a
ATION. an d eXamine the
d Retained lnNew-. Everybody bidde
.place or the wini
is not easily earn' d
irdl cons'istent worik
hat D)oan,' K(iziney
th is locahty. Tne~
of s. ore-i of New-Wntd
r'endereid invalo
eti r.(d reOiin g onlpro h a s( re
ex iende.d, samys' "loe o h ueo
s d id me s great,I)sppsa n( ierTob
1cm fo s n ck o eut,scha orsoa
.1d of hit' it grid atino od,hbta
A (uli paini r Igh' IiV15 l5)lSil ett
'r eenisin n b:ro
jul not1 !,-t up ~w h-I rlie?Tismeii
i& iht, coulId ha ribI dl frmnyyasi alc
['he' kidne.s :crt re- , at ewih t oi
hi out or order, veryyoanisniounefor
a brick dIust sedli-ofcs.Iyo Ve*ti
night w.as mnuch Fl~e,tya2 etbtl
fhavinfg to get udhv mve nw f t al
g the niight. Insmehn oeerusi
number of reme-wihyuTe25ensi
I i. lief. Lear'nintrbe itol
'ills I p)rocur'ed a ~7)cns
& Son's dlrug hamtoron
he s'-diment' from.U Gtr. Wob
lrulat ed urny k id nevs
Sto jzet u p at nigh Doyuwn n ftep
? back waLs stronger ms tyihIlasi tw
no as it fornoirl I oyum't aei lal
''coilliiu.d I:1 '
.nifial'. N Y. so:
We wuld like toeask, ti
co O i-.I( h lems tof nyourt taer can th
thoer f teturyo.I
e8 S Sit tOrOf.
tains and rolls through the valleys is loaded
with fall and winter goods for Mimnaugh.
Dimes and dollars do double duty when the
"Cut Price" rule runs th-e business.
200 Pairs Blankets worth $2.25 to go this
week at $1.49.
200 pairs Blankets worth $2.50 to go this
week at $1.95.
ioo pairs North Carolina wool Blankets
made in the south of southern wool by
southern men at $2.49, $2.98, $3.98 and
$4.98. Pink, Blue and Red borders and.
bound with silk.
I made a good tiade on several hundred
Boy's Suit,; In fact I took all the party
had and paid him spot cash for them. I
could sell every suit I have to any big
clothing merchant, but I prefer-to give you,
my friends and customers the advantage of*
this great pick up So you will make a,
big mistake if you buy your clothing before
you have seen my line.
2oo Ladies' Fine Jackets to arrive this
week. By all means look before you buy.
I have set in to do the business and its just
like Mimnaugh, to undersell them all.
: be leadership, and in no con
times is this more aphicable
) for leadership in the retail
attle cry is "A Bigger Dollar's
. talk of the town. Ourfriends
ive taken it up and are singing
e balmy bracing breezes of the
n mornings have taken it up,
vafted to every hill top and
illey. The buying public have
:ed us the victors, and to the
e spoils.
will not admit the mention in
itest bargains yet offered, but
w items: Zibilines, Cheviots,
s, Venetians, Soleils, Crepo
's, Ladies Cloths, Flannels,
riettas - Black and Colors.
'aistings can be found here.
nd Jackets in the city. Call
m, no trouble to show goods.
n to come, and is welome to
~ing side.
Your obedient servant,
's Agustcry, before the Court Hlouse at
idi festion, Newberry, on salesday in Dcemrber,
a St a two tracts of land, as follows:
mea teir One containing 75 acres, more or less,
math,eir situatedl at Walton, andl bounded by
st,feren- s, of ye 1. Crooks, J. 1B. Crooks, and
, One containing 15 acres of land, sit
then stn uatedl at \Valton, and bounded by lands
hastoe- of .J. B. Crooks, D). A. Hlipp, and A.
pnd vt Trrs One-half cash, the balance
books free~ ayable in one year, to be securedl by
d August bond of the purchaser and mortgage of
first. We the p)remises sold. Purchaser to pay
for papers.
Ih matter I. HIIRS OF SAM WOOlD.
e has just - -- ____
Regular Notice.
.E. Pel
'y, N. J. H.Iis Honor, Y. .J. Pope, Chief
- Justice of the Supreme Court of the
Bttiest and State of South Carolina, notice is here
is season? by given that an extra term of the
b)y the Court of Common Pleas, wvill convene
at. Newberry Court I louse, South Caro
lina, on November 16th, 1903, at 10
JLvo'clock a. im., and~ ont.inuie for one
week. All persons having business
t. and our w/it aidi court, will therefCore take
found in nIotice. .JOH N C. GOGGA NS,

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