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While ft 1i with sorrow that the
Drayton Rutherford Chapter, U.
D. C., records the death of one of
its members, Miss Virginia Reagan,
it bows in submission to God's will
and offers this tribute to her
She loved the cause, and showed
her respect for those who battled
for their rights by adding her name
to the company whose aim it is to
keep alive the memory of those
who fought and died for their
Though it was never her privi
lege:t9-ttend any of t.4e
of the cha:pter sh e was g*riatly in -
terested in all of its proceedings and
would have made a valuable mem
ber; therefore, be it
Resolved, That while we, the
members of this chapter, do hereby
express our deep sense of the loss
we have sustained, the memory of
her faithfulness, both to friends
and to duty will stimulate us in our
efforts to be more worthy the name
of the Daughters of the Confeder
2nd, That we extend to the be
reaved family our sincere sympathy
in this great sorrow, commending
them in our prayers to the tender
care of 'he great Comforter, whose
compassions fail not.
3rd. That a copy of these reso
lutions be sent to the family of the
deceased, and also inscribed upon
the records of the Drayton Ruther
ford Chapter, U. D. C., Newberry,
S. C.
In behalf of the Chapter,
MRS. J. A. BURTON, Chmn.
Cause of Lockjaw.
Lockjaw, or tetanus, is cansed by a
bacillus or germ which exists plentifully
in street dirt. It is inactive so long
as exposed to the air, but when carrie
beneath the skin as in the wounds
caused by percussion caps or by rusty
nails, and when the air is excluded the
germ is roused to activity and produces
the- most virulent poison known. These
germs may be destroyed and all dan
ger of lockjaw avoided by applying
Chamberlain's Pain Balm freely as soon
as the injury is received. Pain Balm
is an antiseptic and causes cuts, bruises
and like injuries to heal without mat
uration and in one third the time re
quired by the usual treatment. It is
for sale by W. E. Pelham & Son, New
berry, S. C., and Prosperity Drug Co.
Prosperity, S. C.
First Cost Not the Cheapest.
The first cost of an article does not
necessarily determine its cheapness.
For instance, a sack of "Clifton" flour
may cost you a little more than other
so-called patent flours, but it will ho
cheaper- to you in the end. Why? Be''
cause it wihi not only make morec bread
to the sv.ck, but will take less lar-d and
soda to make it. Ordei- a sack of "Clif
ton" and make a test for yourself. It
will prove the tr-uth of this statement
T. J. HAYs.
If troubled with a weak digestion
try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They will (10 you good. For
sale by W. I'. Pelhan' & Son, New
berry, S. C., and Prosperity Drug Co.
Prosperity, S. C.
Letter to 3. 14. Schumipert, Newvberry, S. C.
Dear Sir: You are interested in the
prosperity of your town. You can con
tribute to it materially, and give it a
far mor-e prosper-ous look at the same
Perhaps the public property needls a
good coat of paint.
Devoe will supply that coat with two
thirds of the number of gallons required
of any other. Devoe will last twice as
long as any other-. Devoc is all paint
and full-measure. D)evoe is the strong
est paint known. Devoe wvill take car-e
of the property, in the long run, for
half the money re'quir-ed by any other.
The reason stated above: D)evoe is
all paint atnd t. I-measure: t:he strong
est pamit known.
1E. D. .Jewell, Corry, Pa., p)ainited his
house 5 years argo with a mixed p)aint;
took 14 gallons. Last spring he r'e
painted with Decvoe; bought 14! gallons
andl had 4 left. Saved $15 to $20, for
painting costs two or three times as
much as the paint.
Your~s truly,~,&C.
New York.
P. S. -The Newberry Hardware Co.,
sell our- paint.
Get the Best For the Asking.
When you or-dot- a sack of patent flour
from your gr-ocer, do not tell him to
sendl you "a sack of good flout-", but
tell him to send you a sack of "'Cli fton,''
because ''Clifton'" is the best p)atent.
Every sack is sold with this guraramntee,
andl if it does niot prove as represented,
your money will bie r-efunded. ''Cli fton''
is an all-round flout-, and is as good for
cake and pastry as light r-oils and bis
cuit. T. J. IlAy,
Tuesday morning and for the
shopper to visit our store. The
Newberry. This week we intend
last week from every adjoining
Prices and Bigger Values every
Store foreign and domestic dresc
weaves know to up to date shoppE
Dress Good
67 pieces double width Dress Goods in solid and fan
14C yard.
100 pieces double width Flannels, 35c kind 19c yard
ioo pieces Italian Sniting, the goods for misses strec
47-c yard, worth 75c.
100 pieces fine Black Dress Goods will be sold
[R price. Don't Ihink of buying your )ress or S
',7 You see our line and get our prices.
'5 pieces $1.50 Broadcloth, 6 (lay price 89c yard.
23 pieces $1.25 Broadcloth, 6 day price 79c.
For Suitings of any kind come to us.
100 Blankets 98c worth
100 Cc
For Cold Weati
Back corner of store pi1
On any price m
R. M. C
6 days following we want ever
last week was the best in our
to make it better. Many new
county. They all left our c
day at Newberry's Cheapest I
3 goods department bristles i
irs. Get in line and follow th4
S v
cy colors Just
t dresses,
it special W
kirt tj ntilI
Vill wvash and r
,joc yard, st
iooo y ards 'i:lc
day seng I
$1.50. 100 Comf
mforts 98c worth $1.E
her Comfort hunt the
ed with underwear ba
ade you you can buy
y value knowing economical
career as the price cutters of
' faces lined our counters the
loors singing the song Lower
)ry Goods store. The Cash
vith loveliness in all the new
a crowds to the Cash Store.
Received Today
15 )icCeS FiVe MercrizIed
tain the beautit'iul fihih, orh soc, wge and
icked on middle counter 2zlc yard choice.
Kimono Suiting, the price was 2() yard, 6
2.c yard.
orts 98c worth $1.50
Cash Store.
rgains awaiting you
it for less at

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