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The President's Message Was Short, Deal
ing Solely With the Cuban
The fifty-eighth congress con
vened in extraordinary session at
noon on Monda y, in accordance with
the proclamation of President Roose
velt, for the purpose of enacting
legislation necessary to make effec
tive the Cuban reciprocity treaty.
The day was devoted simply to per
sonal greetings and organization.
The house elected Jos. G. Cannon,
of Illinois, speaker.
Tuesday's session of the senate
was devoted exclusively to ttbe read4
ing of the Pr,_-sident's message in
support of reciprocity wN'itlh Cuba.
The message was very short, con
taining less than r,c. words, and
dealing entirely with the Cuban
treaty, for the ratification of which
the special session was called, afid
urging that it be promptly ratified.
The house was in session less than
half an hour on Tuesday. The
President's message was read. The
speaker appointed the committees
on rules and mileage, putting three
republicans and two democrats on
Action taken by the Republican
caucus on Tuesday will no doubt
displuce Senator Morgan as chair
man of committee on inter-oceanic
canals. The democratic steering
committee, it is stated, recognizes
the propriety of making the change
and will aid in bringing it about by
selecting Senator Morgan for the
chairmanship of one of the impor
tant minority committees.
On Wednesday the senate got
down to b'.isiness and received a
number of petitions and also many
bills. Nutierously signed petitions
protested against. Senator Smoot, of
Utah, remaining in the Sena-.
The democratic stcering con
illittee was in session before the
senate met and again considered the
Panama situation. No conclusion
was reached but the indications are
that the do-mocrats will attack the
course of the administration on the
isthmus with reference to the es
tablishnment of the new republic of
Reorganization of tihe Committee May Re
sult in Favorable Report on
the Nomination.
A dispatch fronm Washinigtoni to
the News andl Courier says that
President Roosevelt has again sent
to the Senate thle nominat in of D r.
Crtun to be collector ot the port of
Charleston. Since ihe Seniat e comn
mlittee oin comm icee reportied thle
nom11iniation of Cr1iin there have
been severalI changes in thle mnem
bershi p of t hat conniiijtte'e. M asona
of Illinois, and Jones, of Nevadla,
Repulicans, and Vest and Turner,
Democrats, have retired. The op
p)osition to Crunm loses three votes,
while Mason was a pronounced ad
vocate of the negro collector.
It is probable that the rerga..:a
tion of the c:mmittee inav result in
a favorable report on the Crum
nomination, but the opposition on
the minority side is sufficiently
strong to prevent his confirination.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
A negro was lynched near Coal
City, Ala., on Saturday night foi
attempting a criminal assault upon
a white woman.
The Italian minister of finance
committed suicide at Naples on
Monday because he was hounded
down by his political foes.
The Governor of Montana has
called the legislature inl special ses
sion, and according to their promise,
the Amalgamated company have
opened their iiiiiies, retturnilig 20,
o>o imeni to work.
Five thousand acres (If swaim
lands, near Norfolk, Va., are to be
reclaimed by Ohio men. The work
of ditching and draining the land
has already been begun and hun
dreds of men are to be put to work.
All kinds of vegetable will be raised
and later cattle raising will be en
tered upon.
The dead bodies of five negroes.
horribly mutilated, were found in a
cabin near Marianna, Fla. The
bodies were Henry Kelly,-his wife,
and three small children. The man,
his wife, and one of the children
had been decapitated. The house
was securely bolted. Two arrests
were made.
Dr. E. W. Light, a prominent
dentist of Saginaw, Mich., comi
itted suicide, after fatally shooting
his wife and daughter, Ruby, a
young girl of 18. In letters left be
hind he confessed intention of
crime, saying lie feared insanity
and dreaded being shut up and
leaving his loved ones unprotected.
Secretary Wilson, of the depart
ment' of agriculture, has returned to
Washington from Texas, where he
went to make aii investigation of
the conditions of cotton an<I to learn
lie results of the fight the planters
are making again-t the boll weevil.
He says the weevil can no more be
exterminated than the house fly.
and the only chance for cotton far
iers is to raise early crops before
the weevil arrives.
Two persons were killed and two
wounded in a shooting affray at the
entrance of the Wallace opera house,
Wallace, Idaho, just as the peop)le
were leaving after t.hc performance
on Monday night. The trouble was
caused by oiie Cuff, who wanted to
smoke a cigar in the gallery and
wvho was not allowed to (IC so by t lie
police officers. Cuff and ani inne.
cent bystander were killed and two
police oflicers wouiided, and a num.
ber wvere injured in the pai
caused by the shooting.
CardI of Thanks.
I dlesire to thmank my friends for
the conf idenuce they repose ini me ini
phe'cing myI iname ii nlominiationi for
AlIderan iiIrom War i-l. (O)wing to
the precarious coniditioln of miy
healithI, however, I mlost respecife'll y
decline andc beg to p)lace in nbomina
tion from Ward . , Mr-. M. M.
Yourms truly,
E. V. MoRRs,..
Charles H. Counts Enters Suit to Set i
Aside-Grounds of Counts'
Charles H. Counts, through his
attorneys, Messrs. Seasv & Domi
nick and Cole. L. Bllease, has ei
tered suit in the court of comnin-,
pleas no%w in session to have the
charter of the town of Pomaria set
aside and declared null and void.
An order of the court, special
Judge John W. Ferguson presiding,
was served on Wednesday upon W.
A. Dunn, Intendent, and the war
dens of the town of Pomaria, this
county, requiring that they "be
and they are lieveby required to
show cause before the cov'rt -I
Newberry Court House at tci
o'clock a iii., or as soon thereafter
as cou isel ca ii be heaird, o- t he 18 ih
day of Novetul n-, 1903, w\h\, tyt
said chai ter of I lie said Town of
Poinaria should not- lie set -v;de
and declared ill and vo;d and why
they alid t heir successors in onfice
should not cease to exercise and
perform any of the functions of a
minicipal corporation of the Town
of Poniaria."
The order was granted upon the
petition of Charles H1. Counts,
through his attorneys. The peti
tioner alleges, inter alia, 0,bat lie is
a qualified electoi , resident and tax
payer in the Town of Pomaria; that
the commission for the issuance ol
a charter was duly issued on thu
17th day of December, 1902. The
petition proceeds:
"V. That the petition tinder
which the said conmission was
issued and election was held was
null and void in that it did not
comply with the statutes in such
cases made and provided in that the
petition was not signed by the
requisite iniumber of legally entitled
electors as prescribed by the
statutes in such cises made and
provided, as will more fully appear
by reference to the certificate of
John C. Goggans, Clerk of the
Court for Newberry County, which
is hereto attached and made a part
of this petition.
"VI. That the said ebhaier is
ntill and void in that the prox-sions
Jf law as set out in Paragraph V of
this petition have not been com
plied with."
The petition of "legally entitled
electors'' of Pomaria, dated D)ecem-.
her 8, 1902, praying the Se'cretairy
of State for the purpose of incor
porating the town, (the petition
above referred to) is signed by
Thomias Watlandi Holloway, T1hee'.
Adam Setzler, James Phiilande;
SetzlIer, John Julius H-entz,, John
Calvini A uill, Jamecs L4illard Graihami
George James WVilsoni, Johni Adam
Summer, Jr., D)avid H-ipp, James
The cert ificat e of Clerk of Court
Goggans is as5 follows:
"Thiis is to eert ify thait I ha v
camrefuilly e xainled I le book s of
regist':atoun for thle counbhty uf NJewv
berry nlow on ilje iin iiy oflut. 8 Ig(
(G. WV. Wilson is no(t ai registe-edl
elector at t lie iun einet a t Ponnu itia,
said p)reci net being ihe one wvhiich is
now inclu tded ill thle town of 1Po
maria; I also finid thait the or iginhal
registrationi Jamies L. Grahami was
James F. Grahiami, the "L"~' being
marked over the ''F'', which was
the original entry, and no reason or
authority is given or asnedm by
any one for c:ianging the records
now oi file in my office ''
The attorney general granted
Counts' attorneys ant horit y to bring
the suit in the name of the State
It will be remembered that the
qestion of the validit y of the char
ter of Pomaria was brot:ght to the
attention of the attorney general
some time ago, Counts holding that
he conld not be fined for certain of.
fences on account of the question as
to validity (if charter. The attorney
general held that the validity of
the charter lhnd nothing to do with
this matter, that the towi govern
ment of Pomaria was a governmenti
de facto and as snch could ptnnish
violators of the law.
A Coilg Maidage-Atumored Mr. A. II.
Kohn Will R1e*urn to 11ros!"erity.
Personal MenIion.
Prosperity, Nove17ember i . --\ 1.
\V. \V. Wheeler and family have
nm%-ed into tile house of IIs. 1"an1
nie Schnnpert. Dr. J. A. Simpls,,n
and family will ocenpy the hon-e
on Elh street just vacated )y Mr
Wheeler. It is now cnrrently re
ported that Mr. A. H-. Kohn al
family will return to Prosperity and
occupy his old home.
Mr. 1). M1 . Cromer, who has been
the long and faithul night watch
man on our streets, has changed to
a similar service in the oil mill.
Mr. Geo. Richardson now holds tihe
position mnade vacant by Mr. Cro
mer' resignation.
Mr. Romie Kohn, son of Mr.
S. J. Kohn, and Miss Brucie Stock
alan, only dan,. -r of Mr. J. Buir
Stockmani, will be married next
Sunday evening.
The two iectings -- synod aId
the missionary society-have taken
several of our people to Columbia
this week. Mrs. J. F Browne and
Mrs. J. H1. Dinglehoef have already
returnied from the missionary meet
ing. Rev. Z. W. Bedenbanigh,
president of Synod, Rev. W. A.
Lutz, pastor of Grace church, and
Mr. R. C. Counts, his delegate,
lav,e gone to atLend the sessions of
Dr. R. B. Peery, on account of
sickness, failed to meet his appoint
ient at St. Luku's and St. Paul's
last sunlday.
Rev. C. M. Boyd and Capt. Jnm 0
B. Fellers have been off at Winns
boro to attendc the sessions of Synt 1.
M. A. Carlisle, Esq., President
of the People's National Bank, was
here yesterday.
Mr. C. E. Stewart. of Blacksburg,
made a short call at nis old1 home
Mirs. 1Urr Mvart in, of Newl. arry,
visited her mother, Mrs. H. S.
Bo)ozer, thIis- week.
C:autioni I
Tlhis is not au gent le. word~(l but11 when
you t.hihnk( hiow liable you are not. to piir
chiase the0 onlly iremedyI i I nivYersa lly
knIo wn ando a remedct y thlat has had the
Ilargesut salie oft any med (Iicinle ini the
worldl since. 18Sf for~ tho Cure and utrlieatI
ILunig I.roubh.4 withotl losing its great
p)op)Iumt.y all thes~e years, yout w.il lbe
thank ful we call((d you atte(ntion to
Do8(chtec's;~ *ermanti )yrup. There arie so
Imany ordmarSUy cough remledies mUade by
dIrutggists andtr others that. are cheap and
goodl for l ight Ucoldls perhaps, but for
severe Coughs, Hronchit is, Crouip atnd
espiecial ly for ConIsumpTItioni, wherie there
is diflicuiltepcoainadcuhn
dlurmg the nlighlts and mornings, there
snohglike German Syrup. "'he 25
cent size has just been introduced this
ya.Reg'ular size 75 cents. For sale
by Wr. E.elham &Sn
.IL VT JA 1.J I_11JX. I 11.-1ij
Porial Recognilon Accorded Pantma's
Represent alive - France Rccog
ilies Panama.
It is stated in Washington on au
Lhority that it is too late for Colon
bia to make any effort to resurrect
:ie canal treaty with the United
3tates. It is pointed out that the
United States government, having
recogn'.ed Painma as an independ
mit state, cannot now proceed to
,egotiate with Colombia for the
'1.al rights over which Colombia
xcrcises no political cc ntrol, so any
ut tire canal Iegotiations will b,e he
ween the IUIited States govein
nel't an'd the governillelnt of Pan
Our amII)bassadoo)r at Berlinl b;
-Ihled that all reports that Ger
nanlly will h-comlie emblhroiled i'i the
rouible arec withiout foundation.
Panama's minister will be re
:eived at the White Honse today as
iminister plenipotentiary and envoy
!xtraordinary of the republic of
Panama to the United States.
The 1'rench government has rec
aized the de facto government of
the republic of Panama.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
The new Jerome hotel in Coluni
I)ia has opened its doors under the
iame management as conducted the
ki( Jeroie.
A negro named John Chapman
was shot and killed by another
tiegro, Austin I lillian, on the road
to Cheraw, about eight iiiiles from
2hesterfield. Both were unler the
infltience of whiskey.
Henry Simonhoff, son of a rabbi
in Chinreston, was stabbed Tuesday
morning while oil his way to school
by a negro boy. Tlh ai'ir is the
restilt of rec"It clashes between tile
white an-Id lwglo children going in
:)pposite direeliostt to school. 'lie
moy is not seriollsly itnjitred.
Senator Tillman has beeI given
-hie chairimnsh1ip of the Senate coml
uittee on plblic ieal hI and ntional
1 tmluallt ine. The chail11rmanslip
-arries with it a nicel furnished
ootn ill tile Capitol h)tlildintg and an
mnnual clerk of $2, 200. Senator
Ciiihnian 's private room was formler
y in tile Senate anlnex, t wo blocks
Mr. Actinilla hnety, a young
whlite mtant living near- Norway,
long withl his brother, beenmtle enI
aged in a gniarrel wvitht a negro,
it tile nlegroi's hIome, ab ouIt rent.
Thie negro hit the yotung muan with
ustick an th1 len hit htis brothle r.
MJ. Eney wenmt to his homeli and(
at his gunt and( hred at the n':gro,
ad11(, wvIhi na s No. 3 shot, pHper
-d thle negro, huis wi 'e anudba, hal
'1on: is Set iou-i v hi lilt.
Mrst Cost Nu! I he Cheapest.
The lirst (ot of anO arti(le dos not1
IICessaruily (letermuIine its cheapness(O1.
10'or i'tuIane, at snek( or(I "Clfon" flour
may cost you a lit le more thmn other
so-calld j)at- t itios, but it will be
rheaper to yoa in thle (end. Why? Hee
eaulse it will not onlly make more breadI
to the sack, but, will take less lard and(
soda to make it. Order a sack of "'Clif
ton" andl make a test for yourself. It
will prove the truth of this statement
T. . IAv.

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