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E O craW mU CEms
yesidences Robbed of Watches and
Jewelry, the Total Loss Being
About $1,500.
, 'iken, November 15 -Aiken
visited last night or early this
ning by the most skillful band
urglars that ever disturbed this
hally quiet city.
he home of W. J. Platt was
Tered through the parlor window.
e burglar or burglars went into
e bed room where he and Mrs.
att were sleeping and stole
diamonds valued at $1,ooo or more.
F. B. Henderson's residence was
entered through a kitchen window
and Mr. Henderson's watch, valued
at $150, was taken, and hii po6kets;
rifled of small change.
,. Bradwell's house was entered
through a parlor window and - a
$150 watch and chain was taken
and about $17.50 in money from
his trousers' pocket.
Dr. J. F. Xymaan's house was
entered and his watch and chain
were taken from his vest which he
had left hanging by the bedside..
i. is thought there were several
men in the gang, as the robberies
were committed during the earliest
and darkest hours of the morning.
The tracks noted show small feet
and from this it is believed the
robbers were white men.
The robberies were considered of
such importance that the mayor
called a special meeting of the city
council inmnediately after church
services. A reward of $150 was
offered for the apprehension and
conviction of the guilty parties
Early this morning county blood
hounds were brought fiom the jail
and placed on the tracks, but the
dogs failed to find a trail.
In addition to the places named
above as having been entered, the
tracks show that several other
homes were visited, but no entries
made. The burglars gave evidence
of possessing a great deal of intelli
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
Thomas J. Allen, a cattle dealer
of Nelson count y, Va , was met on
the public highivay by his uncle,
B. V. Allen, and shot dead. It is
thought family matters caused the
Fleet Wilkins, a nmerchant of ntear
Roxboro, N. C., died on Thursday
from the effects of a b)eating admini
istered 1by a negro who demnanded
money anid when refused literally
heat Wilkins to death.
Pope Pius X. held his first putblic
consistory last week, wheu five
cardinails received their red hats.
The ceremony was brilliant, and the
hold whlich the new pontiff has on
the affections of his people was
sh own int a very clear manner.
With the excep)tionl of I ,ooo acres
i nnnledliately surrounding the Hilt
mlore mansion, V'anderl bilt has leased
the Biltmore estate, at Asheville,
to a club of wealthy men who will
convert the 1 25.oo(o acres in to h unt.
inig preserves. Thme land was leased
for a period of ten years.
Andrew H-. Green, the '"father
of Greater New York'' and one of
the city's oldest and most remark
able citizens,en wa shot and nst,tl
killed on the steps of his home, on
Park avenue, qn Friday by Corne
lius M. Williams, a negro who is
believed to be insane. The negro
when asked why he committed the
murder replied, "I did it to save
my character." From the story of
eye-witnesses, it is evident that the
negro had been lying in wait for
Ex-President Cleveland has gone
to Virginia to engage in duck hunt
Two banks in Berli.i have united,
making the strongest bank in the
world, with the exception of the
Bank of England.
The Cole county, Mo., grand
jury, which has been investigating
legislative "boodling", have re- I
turned 106 indictments.
Eighteen negroes were killed at
Gillsburg, La., in a race riot on
Sunday. The trouble arose overI
the lynching of a negro who crii
inally assaulted a white woman.
Baron von Friesen, a Russian,
was stabbed on the streets in New!i
Orleans shortly before daylight on
Saturday morning. He was proba
bly fatally wounded. Two Geor
gians are charged with the crime.
There has been a serious strike
among the employes on the Chicago
trolley lines during the past several
days, almost entirely stopping the
running of cars. The situation was
considerably improved Sunday.
A fast express train on the Illi
nois Central ran into an accommo
dation train near Kentwood, La.,
on Saturday night, killing twenty
negroes and injuring three white
men and ten negroes.
Several parties in St. Louis have
been found guilty of aiding and
abetting Italians holding false pa
pers ofeitizenship. The maximum
sentence for the crime is ten years
in the penitentiary or a fine of $20,
Some time ago an alleged petri
fied man was dug up on the farm
of A. W. Sitton, of near lender
sonville, N. C., which was bought
by a company of capitalists and ex
hibited over the country. It was
charged that the petrified man was
a fake and the company lost money.
and now have brought suit against
Sitton for perpetrating a fraud and
Sitton has been bound .ver to court
in the sum of $15,00.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its
good qualities can be surprised at the
g reat popularity of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It not only cures
colds andl grip effectually3 and pernma
nently, but prlevenits these dliseases
from resulting in p)neumnonia. It is also
a certain cure for croup. Whooping
cough is not dlangerous when this rem
edly is given. It contains no opium or
otheir harmful substance andl may be
given as confidently to a baby as to an
adult. It is also pleasant to take.
When all of these facts are taken into
consideration it is not surprising that
ieopile in foreign lands, as we'(ll as at
lome, esteem this rer.mdy very highly
and very few are willing to take any
other a fter' having on ce unsedI it. For
sale by W. I. l>elhiam & Son, New
b,erry, S. C. , andl 'S Prse rity v I)rug C o.
Priosper-ity, S. C.
Get thec Best For the AskIng.
When you ordler a sack of1 patient flour
from your grocer, (do not tell him to
send( you "a sack of good flour'', but
tell him to send you a sack of ''Clifton,''
because ''Clifton'' is the best patenL.
Every sack is sold with this guarantee,
andl if it does2 not prove as representedl,
your money will be refunded. "'Clifton''
is an all-r-ound flour, and is as good for
cake and pastry as light rolls and bis-,
ceit. T. J. mAY
Employes on Public Works Have Found
Him UnvaryinTly Correct in His
The following protest has been
issued by the etuplo%es on the pub
lic works of the countv:
We, the undersigned citizens of
Newberry county, State of South
Carolina, and enploy,es on the pub
lic works of same, under the direct
Itipervision of John M. Schuitpert,
Supervisor, having seen the charges
preferred against the said John M.
Schumpert in the report of the
grand jury during the present term
>f court, feel it incumbent on our
)art to place before the public our
protest against the same, for the
ollowing reasons, to wit:
We have, as al)ove stated, been
?mploy-ed iuder the supervision of
the said John M. Sclitipert to
versee and conduct the public
works of the county of Newberry.
for a term of several im liths, dur
ing which time we have been cog
Iizant of most of the 1novements of
Supervisor Schuimpert, and we un
besitatingly aver that at all times
we have found him unvaryingly
correcc in his conduct of affairs, and
that at no time have we ever :en
him ii a condition that incapacitated
him for the proper conduct of the
interests of the countv.
We ha, e been informed that the
charges preferred against him were
based on his condition on the even
ing or night of October 7th. We
wish to say to all concerned that on
that day he left the chain gang in
charge of a negro that had been ar
rested at the instance of B. B. Hair,
trial justice at Prosperity, and
brought same to Newberry and de
liveredl him to the proper authori
ties. We furthermore aflirm that
John M. Schumpert was physically
unable to attend to any business
that required active application, and
we wish furthermore to say that
his condition on that day was the
result of causes that had not the
slightest -onnection with the 1'.e of
intoxicating or inebriating bever
T. ). RicTiERsoN.
J. H. B\owN.
B. M. Koox.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Int the State
Of the 165 qualified voters of the
town of Y'orkville 89 have already
signed a petition for the removal of
the dispensary.
Hoyt Haves, a white manm, has
been convicted in P ickenms county
of the murder of his wife early' in
thme spring. The ver-dict was guilty,
without reconnnendat ion to mercy.
Ini the R ichiland court a v'erd ict
for $8,800 wa:, rende!redi against the
-ou thern in thle suit brm. ghit by J
A . P ickett for inIjuriies receivedl hat
year at St Mat hews. P'ickett wa,
aL meCsenger boy and1( attemmpted to
bozLrd a liovingp traiti bilt was jrked
untder the whl~s.
The conivenition of 1':ii,. I>a ugh.
ters of the Con federacy, held ini
Charleston last week, elected Mrs.
Augustine T1. Smyxt he, (of Charles
toin, presidlent.
Julia Moore, a negro woman, of
near B3ennettsville (lied on Frida
night fron the effects of an assault
and battery at the hands of a negro
with whoi she was living The
negro's brother-in-law says that if
he can show the killing was acci
dental, he will emnploy lawyers to
defend him.
The teris of all the directors of
the State dispensary as -well as that
of liquor commissioner will expire,
next January. It is understood I
that neither Mr Williams nor Gen t
Jones will be candidates for re-elec
tion on the board, but that Mr.
R'aus will. There are two or three
candidates out for liquor comins
The cylinder head of the engine
at the "TIcapal ctttoi mill, Spar
tanburg county, blew out on Fri
(lay, killing P. 1) McDalif'l, a car
penter working i tiv mill, and in
juring anloth.r white mali :nd the t
nlegro firemlanl. I
Irowi Rodgers, c)lored was
hialged at Uicl oil11 U11r'idny fol- III,,
11urder of Rodger lant, sol oj 1).
1 Vant, county superinteIdeIt of
e-ducation. on the 5th of April last.
The sheriff of 11nionl said that
probably never a braver man walked
uipon the death trap. The last hang
ing in Union before this was I's
years ago.
Death of Miss Sallie E. Davidson.
Miss Sallie '. Davidson, of the
Fuorce sect ion, died on Th ursday
uorning, and was buried at Enorec
on Friday morning. She n\as a
dalghtei of Reuben Davidson.
[DiBALL FACroj I ES, tho larg,,
itrodnet their Artistic Intitrum,
Display of Sanwples has boen plaed ir
Tlisi exhibit which is pir-IN
Opened Moqday, Not
E did not comom ower to in1,41
or ifl.ring for sule Pianos of 'que4stiom
We Have Made And
One Hundr
flUlfPATltONS include the best n
U NordIicat, Eamies, Calve, E.douiardl
Leiblinig, hudredls of ot hirs.
TIhe Inlstruno *lt8 dI1hislad are of
cahly linished ini PhIillippino Maihogam
\\alnut, andt ltoseowood. While it ise
monerts ini N -her homes10 as a staiiii
miont wvill be t-oldl unt i the exhibit elo,
These Samples will Then be Gi
Cost, Thereby Saving The
Made by Agents
4 Cnserts DailyI
'resident Roosevelt Formally Receives
Its Representative-Canad
Negotiations Next.
President Roosevelt on Friday
ormally receive'd M. Philippe
3unau-Varilla, the duly accredited
'ivoy extraordinary and minister
narked the birth of the new Re
>leuilotentiary Panama to the ITtil
ed States. The reception of the nin
ster public of Padama into the famii
y of nations, and paves the way for
iegotiations between the United
tates and the infant Republic pre
isely as they may be conducted be
weeln an y two sovereign nations.
Paimana November 13.-The
\ssociated Press correspolidelt to
lay comiunicated to Jose Augus
in Aranlgo, president of the Jtita,
lie first news of President Roose
ett's receptionl of N. Philippe
Ibunt-Varilla. as minister of the
Rpublic of Panama. ',Snr Aranigo
p\rssed great gratification, saying
.hat this act of President Roosevelt
nade possible tle negotiation of a
ainal treat y, and that such negocia
-ioni wouild probably, be completed
)efore the Panamanians held a con
vention to elect to Legislature and
adopted a constitution.
1). E I.IMM, TlE EYE
Specialist, will remain in Newberry
until Saturday the 31st, only, and those
who have eye troubles will do well to
call oil him at once. Office over I'ost
oflice. Dr. Crimm will be in Prosperity
Friday, November 20th. One day only.
m in t ho, workd, will nore f boroughly
mntti in tlhe Smili. An Elaborato
the Drng Store of
for advortising purposos
. 16th
Vill Last One Week,
are cordiallY inivi-ed( to enll. \\o
It piblic intelegonce.I by advorl ising
iblo gradto or obsetire origin.
Sold Over
ad Thousand Pianos.
and1( Jean D)o Roszkel(, D anrosch,
the h'ighest 1ossiblo gradoli, atist i.
mur pu11rpose. to h'anve t Ehse~ in. strn
%, living ad(verti4eriEnnt, no instrn
yen to the People at Factory
m From $l25 to $200,
and Dealers,
)y the Automatic Piano Player,

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