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CLf S craW mdi 3E s.
Double Tragedy In Camden Which
Shocked the Whole State.
Bank Assigns.
. E. Miller Boykin. president
e Farmiiers and Merchants bank
i:amnden, accidentally shot and
d himself on Monday afternoon,
a few hours later Mr. E. C.
p, cashier of the sane batik,
committed suicide.
r. Boykin left his office at the
"-mers and Merchants Bank a
mWininutes before 3 o'clock, chat
d' pleasantly with several friends
efore getting in his buggy and
starting home. After reaching home
he picked up his gun, which has a
rather treacherous reversible action
and went out to shoot a hawk.
The supposition is that as he
started to clinib a fence he set the
gun over the fence at the same tie
making a motion to get over him
self, when the gun was discharged,
the load taking effect in his chest.
He fell backwards, while the gun
was found leaning on the opposite
side of the fence. Mrs. Boykin sent
a servant boy, Willie Richardson,
out to find Mr. Boykin, and he soon
returned and told the condition in
.whichi he found Mr. Boykin. His
nephew, Mr. John Cantey, who
was at the house, ran to where lie
was and found him dead.
A jury of inquest was empanelled
and rendered a verdict of accidental
Mr. Boykin was one ..he most
prominent citizens of Camden and
well known throughout the State
He was president of the DeKalb cot
toil mill, and a number of other en
terprises. He was chosen a mem
ber of the legislature in 188o, was
United States Marshal at Charles
ton under Cleveland, and had held
other positions of honor. He was
kind-hearted, generous and a true
gentleman., and his untimely death
carried profound sorrow to scores of
hearts throughout the State. He
is survived by a wife and one son.
A few hours after the accidental
killing of President Boykin, the lit
tle city of Camden was well-nigh
paralyzed by the suicide of Mr. E.
C Zemp, cashier of the same bank.
Mr. Zemp was found dead in
his barn with a pistol ball in
his mouth. Shlortly after receiving
the news of the death of Mr. Boy
kint, Mr. Zemp left his home, ostenl
sibly to go over to Mr. Boykin's,
nearby, but instead went to his
barn and committed suicide. Few
men were held in higher esteem
than was E. C. Zemp, and his tragic
death is a great shock to his family
and friends.
All business was susp)ended ini
Camden on Tuesday, the city being
shiroiudedl with a gloom which was
oppressive to anythinug like trade.
And in the afternoon all stores wvere
closed formally out of respect to the
mlemuory of tile leading citizens
whose bodies werec being p)lacedl in
their graves.
If there was any shortage in the
bank it was not known before the
tragedy, thotugh it is reportnr1 fr-om
Columbia that financiers in Colum
bia did not consider the batik abso
lutely safe. In Camden even on
Tuesday the depositors of the bank
felt p>erfectly safe. On Tuesday
morning the directors issued the fol
lowing statement: "On account of
the death of the president and cash -
ier occurring on the same day, this
bank will remain closed for such
4ine only as will be necessary for
an inquiry into its affairs and for
taking all proper iasures to pro
tect the interest of creditors."
On Tuesday night the directors,
accompanied by Messrs. N. C.
Boykin, assistant cashier, and a
son of the late pircsident; George
DeSaussure, a well known bank in.
spector of Atlanta, and E. S. Vaux,
entered the vault and began an ex
amination which continued the
greater part of the night.
Camden, Nov. 18.-At a meet
ing of the board of directors ol the
Farmers and Merchants bank, the
following action was taken:
"Having with the aid of twoable
experts, examined all of the avail
able records, books, papers and ac.
counts foutid in the bank vault, the
remlt of which satisfies the board
that the assets and securities of the
batik are sufficient eventually tc
meet all its legal obligations and t(
pay all depositors and other credi
tors, but in view of the serious in
terruptions caused to its business b)
the calamity which has occurred
the lack at this time of an availabh
person' willing to assume the dutie,
of president and in the further con
dition which exists that some tinx
will be necessary to convert the as.
sets into cash, we do hereby resolv(
and determine for the best interesi
of all creditors under the circum
stances to make an assiginent of al
I-i- property, securities and credit!
of the bank to E. S. Vaux and A
D. Kennedy to be administered foi
the equal benefit of all creditors
according to law."
This resolution was signed by th<
entire board of directors an(i th(
deed of assignment executed a
Nebraska's Senator Charged With Briberl
and Conspiracy-A Postmaster
Inl the Trouble.
The United States grand jury a
Omaha, Neb. , have returned tr-u<
bills against United States Senato:
Charles H. Dietrich and Postmnas
ter Jacob Fisher of Hastings, Neb.
charging them with bribery an<
conspiracy. Th le seinator is charge<
wvith accepting a b)ribe of $r ,30<
fr-om Fisher in consideration o
which the latter was recomnmende<
for the postmuasteshiip at IIhastings
Whlen thme indict ments wer<
brought into the United States dis
t rict court, Judge M unger p)residinug
and were lacedl onl file, the comt
merely a ccptedh the rep)ort of ti
grand jury, umak ing no remarks ot
its contents.
Th'le cashijer and t ime-keepe o11
Vanderbilt' s Blil tmore estate, sai<
to belonmg to prominenit Ashevill
families, have beeni inudicted for emt
bezzlemnent of office funds frou
George W. Vanderbilt. It is sait
the amouotnt appropriated recache
Bill Introduced In Congress Providing for
the Repeal of the Fifteenth Amend.
ment to the Constitution.
A Washington special to the
Ne ws and Courier says that Repre
sentative Hardwickr introduced his
bill providing for the repeal of the
fifteenth amlendmeni of the Consti
tution. The introdi action of this
bill is intended to 'nduce Congress
to take up1) and consider the race
question, which is not only being
agitated in :he South, but is a burn
ing issue in some of the Noi thern.
Western and border States.
Of coursc there is no prospect of
an early consi,leration of the Hlard
wick bill, for it will hardly be
reached during the extra session.
It has not beein referred to a com
mittee. hut, legislatively, it lies up
on the Speaker's table to be referied
to an appropriate committee when
the Speaker shall make his com
mittee assignments. By introduc
ing his bill at this tiue NI r.
Hardwick is but cirrying out
one of the campaign pledges he
made when lie defeated Judge
Fleming for the nomination. Mr.
Hardwick has beei industriously
circulating among his De.nocratic
associates since the present session
began, a,,d lie has already received
much encouragement at the land!
of some of the strongest men oil the
minority side of the House to fore
the fighting on his bill at the first
opportunity. He has not proceeded
far enough with his canvass of the
House to venture upon a prediction,
but lie has his heart in his work,
and although 'one of the "baby'
members of the House lie is capable
of dealing with this great subject
like a veteran.
U. S. Ship Hoists Panama's Flag and
Salutes It-Colombia's Vain
I'he United States flag ship Mar
blehead at Panana, hoisted tlh
flag of the Republic of Panana or
Tuesday and saluted it with twenty
one guns. The TIes-Noviemlbre,
a gunboat of Panana, displaying tlt
American flag, answered the salute
The shore batteries also fired
salute of twenty-one guns, whici
the Marblehead answered.
The Colombia authorities hav<
addressed to the United States
p)rotest, which has also been cablec
to London and published to th<
-world. The pae charges th(
United States with the main re
sponsibility for the secession o
P'anaima, and( directs attentioni tt
the inconsistency of the Unlitet
States government ini puittinlg dlowr
secess.ion inl its owni country b)y
force of arms while it recognizes
aids and ab)ets secession in Colomi
:1n. An appeal is made to th<n
Senate and1( peole of the Un i te(
siste againust lhe out rage on :
sitrrepulic conliiniitted by hPresi
denit Roosevelt and his cabinet.
f Th'le remains of t he widlow (
I James Moinroe, filth presideiit o
the iUited States, have been ex
-humed from their resting pla1ce, ii
ithe Moinroe imaunor, near Le4esburg
.1 Va., and remouved to Rich mondi, ti
s be rein terred in Hlollywood ceme
ALL the magnificE
great Kimball
out-that they may bi
living advertisements,
life time. . . . Imml
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Place of Exhibition,
Gilder & Weeks Drug Store.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensei
Outside the State.
John H-. Downing, cashier of th
Portsmoith, Va.. Dimes Saving,
bank, has left the city carrying
with hiiu about $.,ooo of the bank':
The yellow fever sitilation i La
redo, Texas. reitnins abotit thi
samThe. e deaths are about tei
per cent. of the total number o
It is now hoped that the Chicag<
trolley car strike will be subnitte(
to arbitrationi. The strike has beet
of a very setious nature.
A Vounig man of Kin gstotn, Ohia
16 years of age, has b)eenl placed it
th hohospital for the insanle a
a result of injuries received in:
foot b)all game.
Lord K itchtener, commnander-ina
chief of the linglish forces in11 UIni
h iadl hiis leg'b)rokenl wile ipcassinI
through a tunni iel by htis horse he
comtinlg frightenled and( collidin
with thte walled side.
The UnIlited States sup)rect11
hlas refused to grant relief to thtre
ChIticago men21 who a re ser'vinhg tell
y'ear senitenices ini the State priso
Iof Northi Carolinta for trying to se
a ~ gold bric k in oumilford connlty,i
that State. The ap peal was take
ifirst to lie State supremite couir
then to the liederal dIistrict couri
> anid on to 'lhe highest tribunlial iln th
- land, which affirmed the opinior
of the two lower bordirs.
,nt instruments in the
Exhibit will be closed
a left here as standing,
The opportunity of a
ndiate and thorough in
Profit thrown to the
ip them back. You can
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ar price. Only the sam
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ty consists of
t Cabinet Grands
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Each Piano Marked in plain
figures. No deviation in price.
No Piano duplicated at sale
;old to agents or dealers
till take the lot.
1 a Few Days
.e your selection.
Manager for Factories.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
Simal 1-pox is authoritatively re
pcrted to be alarming i the citizens of
the upper part of Pickens county.
The first interstate convention of
the V N. C. A of South and
North Oarolinaj w%i!* be held inl
- Spartalnburg next Febrlua,1ry.
IMayor J Adger Sml th, of Char
leston, was imarried in Washington
ITesday afterIoon to Miss Ella Cal
vert Campbell, of that city.
Senator J. Q. Marshall, treasurer
of the fund which is being raised
to erect a mnonuinent to the mlem
ory of General IIampton, is urging
that tihe wvork be pulshed1 iorward1.
So far only three counties, Sunmter,
D)arlington , andc Richland , have
rai.sed what was exp)ectedl of thiem
Sand thec total alnounlt oil hanid is
butt $2,c:>o.'
- Miss Rochester, the postmistress
at Central, in Pickens count y , was
the recip)ienlt thrioughl the mna;ls tiis
-week of tile left hianid ol a womiian.
anId theC plel (if tihe c nnt
are puzz//linlg to knlow~ who wouild
mlake such a ghuasily gift to a
younig w~omain. Thie had( has beeni
tuLirnled over to a drullgg ist , w ho is
preserin i g it at tile suLiggest.ioi Iof a
s )tofii ce 5 insector.
P'ressing and DyingK.
Tihe Newberry Steami Laui ndry
nIlakes a specialy of el ceaiinig,d yinlg
e aind pressimg. P1atroijze honie in
dunstry by haviing your w.ork doneC
at a home enlterp)rise. Call at Launi
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