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Seek Amicable Settlement First
Canal Treaty As Finally tSigned By
United States and Panama.
The signing of the treatv by
Secretary Hay, oil the part of the
United States, and the minister
from Panama, providing for the
construction of the Panana canal
by the United States, has be,en fol
lowed by great rejoicing aiong the
people of Panama and by consid
erable exciteemnent in Colomiilia.
Panama grants to the United
States the perpetual use and con
trol of a zone of territory ten miiles
wide across the isthmus for the
canal. with the right to acquire by
purchase orhy the cxercise of cmi
inent doimain any other lands in
Panaima wherever :itlatc(d, whifehm
in the juidgment of the United
States imay he wecessary 'or the con
struction of the canial, the provi
sie of it, supp of 'ater and
proper sanuitatio- of th:- cities of
Pianama and Colon and other terri
tory adjacent to the caial route.
Under it the United States guaran
tees aid agrees to maintain the in
dependence of Panamim It is tin
(eistood that this claus, was in
serted in order to set at rest all
qiiestions a!- to the recognition of
Panama as anl independent nation
by the other G-overnments.
Panama is to receiVe $o,ooo,ooo
and an annual payien.t of'$250,000,
beginning nine years from the date
of the treaty.
Panama grants to the United
States inl perpetuity a monopoly of
any system of comimnunication across
its territory by canal or by rail
It is reported from London that
the luropeanl creditors of Colom
bia, although they hav no objec
tion to Pananm's inIepiendenlce.
think she should pay a fair part,
say onie- third of the 11mey horrow t:d
' Colomni,i of wdhich Panama re
ceived a great part of the benefit.
The total ColAibianl debt is aboult
$15,000,000, With inte:rest. The
British hoid-holders would rather
accept their share in Pananian than
in Columbi?,n hoilds
General Reyes, the distinuguished
Colombian soldier, whoi~ is onhi
way to WVashington for- the purpose
of doinag his utmost to amicably ar
range affairs, while at Colon last
week, gave out a statement in which
he saidl that if tihe Isthmian tr- uhkis
are not settledl satisfactory to Co
loimbia "the Unil-d States would
have to fight the enitilre Colombian
people, anmd that it wvonid be a sec
)nd1 Bour war.''- 'Cuohnnbia is in
I 'residen:t Nla rro(Inil, of Colomm
bia, has i-nnaed a sutemient to the
Associated P ress ini wich hd e makes
an appeal to the senate and( thie peo
pie of the Unuite(d States, saying': that
the Unmi ted States is hound by
solemniu treaty to respect tihe sover
eignty of Colombia ov'er the isthmuus
and to help Colombhia nu,ntainm her
soverecignty. The conul(mct of tihe ex
ecutive dlepartimnt of the United
States government in the Panama
matter. lie says, isa disaefrul
breach of faith, which he is unwilling
to believe that tie people of the Uni
ted State., will defend or exetme
It is said that public opiniont in Co
loibia demands that Panama be
compelled to submit to the govern
ment of Colombia, which will thenl
conclude a canal treaty with the
United States.
Bogota, November 21.---A man
prominent in public affairs informed
le correspondent of the Associated
Press tcday that the Colombian
government would await the result
of the mission to Washington of
Gen. Reyes before deciding upon
its policy as regards the new Repub
lic of Panama. The general opin
ion here is that there will be war,
but that the government will first
do its utmost to effect a diplomatic
The helief is expressed iii govern
ment circles that the United States
seIate will n1ot ap)rovC of the action
of Preskzident Roc.,evelt regirding
affairs inl the isthmus. A11 partics
1lere have offered their aLid to the
governmeat, and over one h1undred
thoosand volunteers have tend.-red
their services in the event of a decla
ration of hostilities.
W. B. Varn, a Prominent Merchant Way
laid and Bit utally Murdered -Arrests
The State.
Bamberg, Nov. 20.-This towN'n
was shocked and thrown into a
state of excitement Thursday night
over one of the boldest and most
high-handed murders that has ever
happened in this State
Mr. Ml. B. Varn, a prominent
merchant of '.his place, left his store
on Main steet last night about
o o'clock to go home. Ile lived
nearl\ a mile from the business
portion of town. He did nct arrive
at his usual hour, so abont 9 30
o'clock his vife bvcame alaried
and started m accompanied by
one of ler littl 1 soIs, to ewhat
was th1e miLAtter. About Iou id,
froim her house ther tumled over
Mr. hacr's bolving: on the side
walk oi his face inl a pool of, blojod,
with the whole hok ol lis. lwn'.d
Crushed in, n ghatl'-: Higt. Iis
skull was fractured. He wa: un
conscious an1d never spoke after
Pliysicials were hastily sum
moedbt nothiing could b)e done
and he die d at to. 15 o'clock. iIe
was hit twice in (lie b.ack of' the
head withi somec heavyv) blnt in
st rumnent, lie nature of whiichi has
not been determined. An axe
handle anid a heavy piece of iron, a
p)art of a Ibuggy spring. appartly,
were found ini the street not very
tar from (lie body, but no blood
was on (eit her.
ing, as two di fferenit tracks we re
found at the body, as well as on a
vacant lot on thie street ncar t Iown
whviere they had sat downm ini the
weedis anid wvatched for thir victimi
to paiss. W\hien lie camne they' fol
lowved a short tdistanice nt ji a fav
orablle opportunit y for striking~ the
fatal blow~ presenited itself.
Mr. Varn usually took his mioiney
home at niight in a little sack. IIe
(lid this last niighit, counitinig it ouit
in thie presence of a drummer, a
gentleman from towii anid a negro.
T'his ackl wna misshm from the
I I M .N
Otuir I
far exceeds our expectation
is only one way -to do busin,
bet your boots that Mimnau
prices and makes the barga
the high price stores, I cam
the leading Dry Goods, Mill
and that's whaL I am doing.
These Pris- H
Wdne sday Thw
3 bales, NeWhI ry mis Icillini, IanVag0< 41 hv i
at wordh It the iill 6 cents. .\s long t, it 1h
w ly the yarl.
3 ba1es, N4 We in til's 1li ini, Vinai!,l hv
th i re nI..lever louch-d it. The' 11ilpr11 is 7(', AI\l
sa S as long is it lists onlY 5te Not (ver -2t)
each 'ustainet.r
Abig lo)t o-f Newbehe.v mi'ls wh*tevonepn
wile, worh se, as long as it a;s , v
A big lot of ( )tii s, wolh' , -j. 7. .8 . 10 go
5qc thle yard.
10 pieces .\pron Ginghan, worth 6.', for t
only 4c.
50 Pieces, all w il Jeans, r:eived roi a bh 1
wreck, siOlitly soiled, worth 3 't the ali 1, v as
The Boss 0 E
NiCo ompet it iou till he1 :laCis eu11gh to
this claim. Nor can our tremieilons selling p
weakenedi We huy our Shows all divect fromn i
tureis that. v:-nn)l afford to muake -- )+; that w,w
well E-vei y pair of our Shows are .-ired ti
The Great COST
Sir . u;:mlwmavelor 11. fl', ain ti".
we:k eo t his ile w"; Set on foot win1'1 h:1- h)
nei'cssin ofi bu in oppi . ni e~s. he lit- f wi
never been .ein Newo y. y pmt. this y
m "
The Biggest Cut Price Milli
tomorrow. Be on hand.
inioauglfs Sto
A ii tro )ggii, the fruit of the loom1. I cenlt ti:
Wec wi il give to each1 pullrchiaser oif $5~1 > (ir ''vii
Igiving day the chaniice ofi buyiing ii ,... of .\ idh-i
ICome to the i
hiave e int aine<Vl -S 01 $,t .
I11 ) sitiall jClielit(C Ii in ones Ol f
his pocke'ts was fonntil sotie silver j
and1 a $5 bill. I Ie also hIatI somei Tiomi
hills in another isocket, which were ren1 f
tint tOneClCI, the rohhoers 110 (lLht .
td and allow no concer n to
qualities or low prices fo
.usines. the past week, the
s and has confirmed our oc
Ess., cut the price on evervt
o-h is the winder of the axe
ins, I didn't come here to
e herE to save the people n
ner.y and Shoe ousiness
old Good for Four Days On
sday Friday ay d
Ire alz i ll- S- i rts
ists forW alig Skills
ill VMl:' . li o j\
:ii'.ti o wi sVwlltte,w )i
.(0 L:lic-t i1ch
p)' illcl S S,j 1 . 11 2'.! ;Lll(l 3 Y,1
at nilv
lcf)w 1"tg .Whiite 14-d spru
his S:1lle 9 celits
iita illS. Wid f l 22 1'e g, a
I(Ing as- \'i price.
(lisp)ilte wvcl Iu oil l . cc as. lhe Iide
)WCI' 1We fl.(Ill ".1i1cil th,'Y m-cit il.
I c 1,: li 's \\ have a w i
w s >tatttr o :ls
' E, of CLOTI
Ich 2s il,el:liht c e Sh.hi, i
EhY sale ever hel sd i tn the
( ;:irh. IIIfu-u0 j lirg - 1 \\hwIite (il Spr
Sw. wp~'j ~ ~ 30f l'ilIeres ble gw , ine
long T hanfkpri vi.
disptewel Roii o n111 your- feet a r(ehi
wer e frtn w ich h"Vware fi;fe.
rtaife-9 11V at n dra y Gor s Aliliner y f
eni hne <:sla1sme hrOillie wit the ipin
mark a path in
r uS to follow.
best yet, and
inion that there
hing. You can
that chops the
fall in line with
ioney and to do
fA this section
fCt tb week: 9Sc,wrh
for the w%eek t ;o, wor-th
Skilt for I littl nionev.
ItternIs (black ). 'lh $!OOdS
dls lpitcs. VoInI Choice of
Ids, to gO at Only
r((t. frOtti Belfast, Ireland,
1()Ilg as. lihey last 1,0>r only
W i oil the Jillil a ik
,)Il exP'l>ses ae "A dividied
.ShoEs. ,qlthing atdI Lats,
lk over in the S]hIe Bisi
1 hlrgainsl* in t; . lie.
Lown. It starts
iving Day.
nti thet yard IC youri bill is
g Sale.
>l thein,
Ie h oliere a:iar
C he ini rdrti(I .
i R ():'M , \ \ R I ).
his stippletinent te re
dI by Cte peCOP!e of lamn
?rintg ai re ward1 of $200
of t he State.

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