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ESTABLISHED 1865 ',-NEW'PERRV. S. C.- I~HDY No\rM1E 7 98 I\r1llNWF{ i.0AYA
p V) -7],"3E -2.103 C1'k.V 11C
Mayor Jno. W. Earhardt Nominated for a
Second Term-Aldermnic
Mayor John W. Earhardt vas
9ninated, in the municipal primary
NIN d on Tuesday, to succeed himi
eIf, defeating his opponent, Mr.
Robert H. Welch, by a vote of 300
t: 225
Messers John T. Hutchinson, A.
Brown, Van Smith, C. M. West
Aid J. M. Guin were chosen alder
As a result of the election Ncw
berry will have the sam city "co-.1
cil diring the next year as at pres
ent, with the exception of the alder
men Wards i and 4, and in these
two vards the present aldermnci (lid
not stand for re-election.
In the alderminie races there was
oppositioni onfly inl \\ards I and 3.
The race in \Vard iwas very close,
Mr. 'M M. Har.rs beImg del'eated by
a very narrow margiii. Dr. Van
sililh defeated his oppolient. Mlr.
H. E. Todd. by a good 11ajority.
The result is best told by the
fig ures given below.
A large vote was polled, 522 go
ing to the polls and Casting their
ballots. There was a great deal of
interest inl all the races in which
there was opposition, and the coun
cil chamber, in which the polls were
located, was crowded all day with
the candidates and their friends,
and hard work was got in. As the
result in each of the races became
known the p ut-up *feelings of t0
victorious candidates' friends found
expression in loud hurrahs. On
Tuesday night a crowd assembled
in council chamber and demanded
speeches of Mayor Earhardt, Mr.
Welch. Chief of Police Harris and
several others, all of whom respond
ed. The crowd then formed a pro
cession and marched through the
Following is the vote received by
( ach of the candidates:
John W. Enrhardt 300
Roht. H. Welch 225
Total 525
John T. Hutchisoin 49
M. M. Harris 47
Total 96
A. T. Brown 77
Van Smith 69
H. H. Todd .48
Total 1:7
C. Mv. West 79
SJ. M. Guin 126
Ma; or 1'arhiardt has b)eeni nom1
inated for a secondl terin. D)uring
the past year lhe and thle gen tleinen
associatedl with himii on the aldcr
manic bWard have given the town
a clear and honiest adii 1strationi
and1( it wvas tuponi the r-ecordl made
(luring thIiis ad miniistration tIhat hie
asked another term at the hiands of
the Deinocratic v'oters of Newberry.
Mrii. John TI H-utchiinson, who wi'l
rep)resent Ward m, is one of 'he two
new men who will be in the council.
Mr. 1-utchison s a merht.and,.
therefore, actively identified with
the business interests of the city.
He will no doubt make a good of
Mr. A. T. Brown, from Ward 2.
will succeed himself, as will Dr. Vm
Smith, from Ward 3, and Mr. J. M.
Guin, from Ward 5 These gentle
men have been active and earliest
in their official duties during the
past year and have given the mayor
their hearty support and co oper
ation in whatever they conceived to
be for the best interests of the city
and to them is due much of the
success of the administration.
Mr. C. M. West, who will repre
sent Ward 4 on the aldermanic
board, is a new inman. Mr. West is
at the head of tie machine shops of
the Newberry Cotton Mills and is
a man who will give his eariest at
tention to his oflicial diuties. That
lie was elected for a lirst term with
onut oppositionl shows the conffideice
placed in him by his fellow-citizenls
of the fourth ward.
Items of More or Less interest Coidensed
Outside the State.
Charles ). Blake, the aithor of
"Rock a-Bye Baby,' died at his
holme ill Nasschtusetts at the age
of 6o years.
Thirteen miners were killed and
great damage was done by an acci
dental explosion of gas Tuesday
afternoon in a mine at Boianza,
It is -nounced that Coimis
sioner of Pension Ware at Wash
ington, will resign during next year
and return to the practice of law in
A storm swept over Germany the
first of this week, interrupting rail
road traffic and telegraphic com
munication, and inflicting damage
o proporty.
The entire cotton iegion of WVe:t
Mississippi and Arkansas has been
enveloped in dense smoke this week
as the result of serions forest fires
which have been ra.ging for se-er'l
A Inatic went into the Bank of
England oil Tuesday and liied four
times at the cashier, every shot
going wide of the mark. The
would-be assassin was disarmed by
the use of a fire-hose.
The first of the numerous reduc
tions iln wages announlcedl in the cot -
ton mills of southern New England
occurred this week wheni the Fall
River corporations reduced the pay
of thirty-two thousand operatives
ten per cent. No strike re..utlted.
Representative H-ardwick, of
Georgia, has initrodlucedl a bill in
Congress mnakinig a miisdlemeanior,
punilishable by a niiummiu in iunpris
onmiienit of six miointhis aind a mia xi
mum of five years, to seil, or ini aniy
waly to dispose05 of, for gain, p)oliti
cal influence or to putrchlase the
sa mel.
Temiperance Meetinig.
ITh e mo(nthl miI i et in g of the W\o
1mia11's Clnh i stian P el)perate liceIon111
will be' held next Monday after
1noon1, at 4 o'clock , in thle Sun d ay
School roomi of Cenitiral Methodist
church. Th is organization is eni
tirel y undeiiominat ional , and ladies
fromi all the churches are earnestly
invitedl to attenid. Mrs. F. S. Hecr
bert will conduct the exercine
The Usual Crime the Cause - -Silent Horse
mien Came In the Moonlight and Did
Their Work.
The Chesterfield correspondent
of the State says that ne s has
reached that place of the lynching of
Jim Nelson. a cold black negio,
near Jefferson, that couity, oi Sat
urday r.ight. The newv was re
ceived there very (ilietly and elicited
little coinient on the streets. Cls
terfield cor.nty has heretofore been
clear of this kind of lynciiiing and
the illegal hanging,- of Saturday
niight is the second e xceIition to
occllt withlln her loieis ill almnost
a llalf Centnir y. 'lbhc 'orrespo!nle01i
went to th., scen. '1f th crie and
is ei.bled to give the facts- of the
whole Iln'tier.
On S.ituiday afternoon, Nov. is;
an atteinlpt was ma:de t(o unitrag. Ihie
pyenolddaugterif NMile-s W.
Porter. a:n1 m n n farme11r of' i e
upNper part ofth, eril counlty,
Iy Jit Nelson, a negro laboier cm
ployed on Mr. Port(rs far1in.
Tie girl and some smaller -child
ren were playing at a spring Itear
the ho,ise when the attcimpt wa
V de. The ranl to tile hose anld
gr:e the alarm anld the plrpos ( of
the brute w\as no()# accoMplislied.
The negro took to the woods a- 1
early Monday morning a posse was
organized and for several days scour
ed the woods and nearby swaips
in search of him, but without suc
cess. The father and brothers of
the child continued the hunt and
Saturday afternoon Mr. Will Porter
came up with the negro at May
nard's saw mill near Catarrh. He
carried hiiii to Jefferson and placed
him in the guard house in the alter
noon, and about 8.30 o'clock Satuir
day night Mr. Porler and Mr. E. G.
Ingrain started with the negro to
Chesterfield to deliver him to the
sheriff. When about three miles
from Jeffe::-on a couple of men ap
peared froin out of the woods, pie
sented revolvers and ordered the
men in the buggy to hold ill i'aeir
hands, which c6niniand was prompt
ly obeyed. They were thIen1 ordered
to drive oii for about 2(0 yards,
where a good healthy limb of a large
blackjack hing invitingly over the
road and tle negro was dragged
from the buggy and Ingrain and
Porter were ordered to turn about
and drive for what they were worth.
About 20 or 30 men oii horseback
were congregatedl at this lonely spot
anid mnadle quick work of their victimn.
A rope was placed around his nieck
and he was swung up and left hang
ing, while the knights 0f the coid
i-ode silently away into the dark
Nelson's body was left hiainginug
all day Snuday and humndreds of
l>eop)le caiie to look upon it. lie
was a coal black nieg ro about i19
years old wvith thick lips an.I shagg'o
ha ir
Ntone of the lyichinig pall y ap
lJeared( to) lie? iiitoxicateil asth5
waOs ino sweaing oi bo(isti'ons coil
( net. N(,t a sho(t wvas Ired, a i'd a
faiy l~viv jig wit iiii at)() y,ard- o>f
(uyItiu in og t le~ inleallilig oif I lie
preei C eit o)theIk siI- lit Ihor's-iint who)
passed( andil rep iase in thle mi ooni
light of the night be fore.
TIhie coroner went to the scene of
the Ilynch ing Sunday evening and
emnpaneled a juriy aind by the light
of nine knots heldl the inomet noer
the dead b)ody,. The verdict wasi
that Jim Nelson had met his death
at the hands of* parties unknown to
the jury.
The body was buried near tihe
road, no relatives of the deceasel
having come to claini it.
Now marked with a prominent Bi
blaze the lone blackjack stands as a be
silent sentinel of warning to the F1
African brute whlIo would dare in- th
vade the sanctity of the white man's oc
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State. 0i
C an I,w. aboit Old arol t
_11(t m n ie, was killed :It the
Souitheln depot at part.ir 1
M0lIdal_ night1. 11e wih d t) !,o
to I 'ni-in, and thiinking, th nw11rith
toinptedtto)get on wenl it waI(m\'
ili, 'f , his ea ti -t ruck an iron i n
you :!1 1:,- wa-ter tan1k, ean i ).
It iS it , '1 i*irwill m
I)ea, n': 'h1. u_ars have I-kUn
in evidence in those t wo places i bis
'The ice factory at Orangchburg,,
valued at S. 7,oo, was hnllried late th
Tues(day afterinoonl. ()riginl of fire
is unknown. I Isurancc, a'IbOut $13,
ihe third tiial of tile famosi li
Vorkville "goat" case is now on.
It is a suit of Mitchell vs. thle \\ ood
Imen (of' tIhe World for daiages re
suIting froin alleged injuiis' ill -
flicted when Alitchiell was initiated. to
Thle sovereign consul of the \Vood- I
mnen is ill Vorkville during the pro. ti
gress of the case. d
Senator Tillinan has witldlrawil
further opposition to the confirma
tion of Postmaster I larris, of Char
les;on, 11d the senate, at tle in
stanic 11 Senator C.ay, h,rs coil
firn1'.d the long peIdilIg nma
Tile la1i\ whol Vas v.igilk the
jail had been much imprlessd v.it I
the appearance and belhavior of tihe t
prisoners, 4ind she took occasion to
Cxpress Ier approval to the war(lenl.
"They senm as cotincous as
any body,'' she said, ent iisiastical- th
Iy. "even if they don't say any
" 'Yes. they're polite eioughl,"
assenite(d the waideni. n "But1I 'Iml a
little suspicious of too fine muan
nieirs " ar
(l on't see how yo Icn)e!" 'ca
exclained the lady. A
"Wellj I, I ami," d ecla redl th lin I
waideni, 'and I have been ev''r -inuce or
one of tIle simoothecst of Ihe bi 1roke f
out oft jail and left a note for mec iin a
whiichi le wrote, 'I hope you will p
pairdlon ie I r tihe libecrty I onil tak
ing.' '' St
Chritstmas lloliday Rtates.
l'or the Chriiistmnas IIloflidays the
A thant Lih Coast h,ine anmnouinces a rate
ofi( one an (onle third one way fares
pfus- 25te for t he r'ouind I rip h,e t wienl c
pint s Sout hi l'itoniac ad (Ohio R~ iveis I b
and1( I att of the Alississippji hiver. iie
Tlietes oni sale Dheeinbler 2:.d, 24th,
25;thi. alko 8nth, 81st and Januarlay hst,
h11'or ttthe acconanoda tjjiono stud'ent s
and( I enchers5 of1 sc hools and colleiges tAhe
A1 lanth I. ( omut i 'iew ha~s arra'ngJ'ed ,-onn 11(
trip rates as above, D eceer(i lith ito S
22nd, wvith final limit J1anuatry 8th, 1904N. s*
T1hie tiraiin serice of the( A tlantie
Coast line is unlexcelledh. Jor' tickets
and( full inf'ormation, apply to tickeOt
agents. W. J. Craig, G. P'. A., ut(
Wilmimrton. N. C. B
I the Silver Money Taken Out of the
Vault, But the Bulk of the Money
Safe in Another Place.
Hampton, November 24.-About
L)Mock this morning the Bank of
-unsont was broken open by rob
rs and about $500 carried off.
-om1 all accounts this was one f
e boldest robberies that has ever
curred in lHampton County. Dick
>umans, the colored night watch
ill, who is emuployed by the bank
I t ht1r business places, was tied
4 and placed in the keeping of
C of tle gang while the other
nbers enterel the hank and rifled
C vault fa ue of all I lie en"Sll viible.
ter they 1 had takenl the cash they
ick,l thc \\ aIIh Ii th1le chair,
't(-ned bill11 witil wirc, andi p)ut
I1 III1 tlle V llilt n11 d told 1iil1 to
lit 111101 the ee Il-ier can e, hlit
ick ,(2)n reeae Iliniself and l.
-d: I ave hle 'larin, bilt the
hlers lhad illad. their ese:t) <In a
Ver Car, Wlicli was tilund near
tirfax thkuon'n.
ACCOrdiing tu< i t Sttel1 lt (If the
'lorCd watelinianl there were fiVC
.'n inl the gang, all white. For
u1Ctely for the bank it had just
tten a new safe, and the bulk of
e mo.e wa- inl the iew safe,
hlich was not touched.
!r Object is to Rednce Panama to Sub.
mission if Necessary.
C>Aon, November 25.-T-''he cor
spondent of the Associated Presi
-day received a telegram from
gota, dated NovemIIber 21, saying
at the Governmeit had issued or
rs to raise the army footing to
>0,00() ien in he event that Gen.
-yes's mission to Washington
oild prove iuitless. 'I'he sub
gatioli of Panama is givenl as the
asonl for lie Governllent's action.
The Rev. Ir' R. Hicks 1904 Almanac.
Tle Rev. Irl R. Iicks Almanac
r o,- is n1ow leIady. It will be
aile.1 ainy adless for ;o cents.
if surprising how such an (legallt,
I y book can he sent p.-kpaidI s
Ia)Iply. No family or n :soI is
vpalrcd to study the heaIVenls, or
e storms and wea ther in 1 go.1,
thomit this wonderful hlicks A lna
e ald Prof. IHicks splendid paper,
ord and Works. Both are sent
r only one dollar a year. WVord
d Works is' "on<r the best A umeri
ni Magazines. like the 11Iicks
hunaeia, it is too well known to
'ed furt her connniiend(ation,. lFew
n ha Ie labored1 more faithIifully'
r the public good or found a
ii ter pl~ace in thle heiart s of thle
oe. Send u rders to \\Vord and
orks Pumblishuing C2o , 2201 IEnetst
.St. Lou1is, M.
A (;ost Sale.
The lEwart- P'ifer Co. ha:ve pult
i*ii lar,e stock oin thle inaruket at
5s '- thei Ibt ' Jan> i ur . The
Werts Seintinpert.
.\ir, Aluthur I'. \\'eits, of thec
htuunpuert, daiughter o1 .\I r. II. M.
lh Iunpet , of thle U topia section,
ne m i arriedl at the resideliet of the
ide's father on Wedn 1esday after
on at 3 o'clock, the Rev. D. P.
)yd oflintimg.

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