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NEWBERRY, S. -FRDY,DCME , 93 WC A W-p-4.r e .
,iyor Smyth Made His Fortual Return
But the Directors Did Not
Seem Satisfied.
The directors of the State dispen
ary have decided to restore to
harleston all of the city's share of
.e dispenisary profits except so
auch ' will be necessary to pay
,e expenses of litigation in the
'ieters matter.
The mayor and other officials of
tie city appeared before the board
at its meeting in Columbia on Wed
nesdav. After the return of the
:flicials the board went into execu
ive session, Gov. Heyward being
ivited to nttend the deliberations,
id "decided to restore the profits
o the city of Charleston, after with
holding then for such a time as
might be necessary to defray the
expenses of the litigation now pend
ing in Charleston as to the consta
Ales, provided the city council will
place under the orders of the di
vision chief constable four special
)fficers, to be paid by the city of
Charleston, for the especial pur
pose of assisting in the detection
ond capture of contraband liquor,
in addition to the three city detect
ives already employed in the mak
ing of cases for the recorder's court
against the violators of the dispen
sary law."
Mayor Smyth afterwards assured
the board that its actiont met his
approval, and that he would advise
the Charleston city council to take
the steps necessary to carry it out.
The board made it plain that it
was not satisfied with the showing
mtade and would require greater
.eal by the city officials of Charles
ton in their efforts to enforce the
dispensary law.
Gov. Heyward expressed himself
as thoroughly satisfied with the
outcome of the hearing.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
The citizens of the town of Dil
lon petitioned the State board of
directors for a removal of the Dillon
A safe at Lowndesville, in Ander
son county, was blown open by safe
crackers on Truesdlay night and be
tween $5oo and $6oo in cash was
John W. Coward, a white man,
as been convicted of manslaughter
Lee county. Coward killed a
'y 20 years of age during July of
is year.
edar Creek bridge, 1 3 miles
th of Colmbzia, gave way uinder
>wagons on Monday, resulting
he killing of three mnules and
fatal intjumring of a negro driver.
ri. Robert Briggs, a Clenison
ge student, went to -his home
inton to spend Thanksgiving,
n his arrival was found to be
rately ill with p'neumonia, and(
uSunday morning.
government distillery of
eard, about three miiles from
11e, together with 2,500ogal
hiskey, has been seir.ed by
rv constables anr1 Utedk
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State. OU
Cyrus Dixon, a young white man, ab
was hanged at Trenton, N. C., on wt
Tuesday, for murder. gr<
Three lives were lost and one da
man was badly injured on Tuesday fo
by a collision of two tugs in New f
York harbor. tml
75,000 cotton mill operatives of w1
New England have been affected th<
by a cut of ten per cent. in wages, gi
which will be in full force by Mon- lie
day. ' fo
Prof. Borden P. Browne, of Bos
ton University, las been suinuoned ha
to appear before the Ecclesiastical
Court of the Methodist Episcopal th<
Church to answer to the charge of crC
heresy. du
The historic Academy of Music,
the largest theatre in Brooklyn, N. clh
Y., was completely destroyed by OV
fire on Monday. The loss was
about $300,000.
Safe blowers on Monday night tel
robbed the safe of a saloon at Green te
Cove Springs, Fla., of about $400. lii
The saloon was badly danaged by
the explosion.th
General S. M. Bell, com 'anding sa
the troops ill the miners' strike by
district of Colorado, has received a Ci
note wrapped around a humlian ye
finger advising himiii to wil.hdraw ge
his troops. The letter said the jcl
ears would follow and thenl tile
By the confession of an ex-city
attorney a number of prominent
men of Grand Rapids, Mich., in- t
cluding ex-mayors, aldermen. State Ri
senators and others of equal or
more prominence, have been im
plicated ill the water works scandal h
of that city. of
The United States has given di- of
rections looking to the recognitionil
of King Peter Kara Georgevitch. I
of Servia, who succeeded to the th
Servian throne after the assassina- th
tion of the rightful king, with i
which assassination King Peter
was very prominently connected.
Two travelers bound for Charles cl
ton were arrested in Savannah on w:
Monday suspected of the recent th
safe blowing ill that city. A detec
tive asked them who they were and aii
one of them said ill fun that he a
w~as a safe b)lower from Chlicago.N
IIs attemplJt at funl caused tile tI
travelers, whIo p)roved to be innio
cent, to spend a day at the barracks.
A fatal iamily feud in the v'icil- ke
ity of Elizabethtowvn, Ky., resulted ia
thlis week ill tile killinrg of two men, or
tile fatal wounding of a thlird, and km
thle injury of anlother. Tile al- vi
leged murderer, Cust is Gardner,
who was captured, crep)t uder
cover of dlarknless to the wincdow o
the room in whlidA the four menCI A
were sittinlg andc fired tile fatal shot.
Johni Turnier, a Chrilst ianx Science
iollower, dlied in Savanniahx of the
rupture of a lood vessel wi ii
coroner anadle anl inlquiry and re- Ilt
ported thlat Turner was nlot attend(edl
by a phlysiciani suid the Christian bi
science heLaiers who attenidedw
Turnier wvilil)be reported by the T
solicitor genleral to the grand jury is
for inldictmlent for violating the law di
requiring licenlses to prae nledmort,
ne and for criminal negligence
permitting a man to suffer with
t proper attention.
[In the presence of a crowd of
>ut 1,200 persons, composed of
iites and negroes, three ie
>es were lynched on Monl
v atternoon near Belcher, La.,
participating in fatal shoot
of Robert Adger, a white
11. Negroes confessed, stating
!y were trying new guns and
en Adger appeared on the streets
night it quite natural to turn the
us on hiim. The negroes had
ped the white men in the search
the culprits.
r'e Federal court in Chicago
,; taken poossession of all the
)perty ofJohn Alexander Dowie,
self-styled "Elijah II,' who
ated such an ininense sensation
ring his recent crusade on New
)rk. The property seize(d in
Ides the City of Zion, which has
.r io,ooo inhabitants and in
iclh $2o.00,ooo is said to be in
ted. The failure of the crusade
New York seeis to have shat
ed the confideiice of iany of
iwie'- followers and thus stopped
incollic of imoney at the tine it
s most needed. Creditors saw
end coming and hastened to
,e all they could from the wreck
bankruutcy pioceedings. The
ty of Zion was founded two
ars! ago by Dowie, and is the
neral headquarters of Dowie's
A cablegram announces the death
-1. C. Stayinenter, an American
ssionary, and the drowning of
enty-three of a native crew, by
: capsizing of a boat on the Congo
ver, in.Central Africa.
The United States supreme corut
s affirmed the constitutionality
the eight-hour law of the State
Kansas regulating labor on the
blic works. The law makes
Oht hours a day's work for work
m enployed by or on behalf of
- State or cities, counties or other
.Viipalities in the State and for
:ls cont ractors from requiring such
)rkmen to work more than eight
4urs. Whether the law is mis.
levous or not, the court held,
is not a queision for the courts;
e law vas collstitutiona!
Governor Heard, of Louisiana,
notiiiced oin Tuesday to the Boll
'cevil .conivenition . in se'slin in
aw Orleans, that he .vo nhl call a
scial sessioni of the Lousiana leg
ation to adopt some mcas
es which, it is hoped, will
ep the bol11 weevil out of Louis
ia. The convention deternmined
a p)ermanenit organization, to bie
own as the Louisiana Boll Wee
Disastrous Fire Sweeps Away an Entire
Bl(ock -Heavy Losses-There Was
A Lack of Water.
The entire business b)loek onl
am street at P iedmon1011t ways des
>yed by fire on WeCdnelsday after
Thei stocks carriedl by the firums
rned amounOtedIc to abiout $6o,ooo
th poss5ibly $35,000 insuranice.
ne vaine of the buildinigs burnied
not knmowni. The fire was first
scovered about 3.30 o'clock. Lack
water was the greatest troe
Not One Word of the Document was
Changed and it Is Now On its Way to
Panama, Dec. 2.-The canal
trcaty vas signed at 11-33 a. in.
today. There were no amendments
to the treaty.
When every preparation had been
completed for the actual signing of
the treatv a government decree was
adopted, setting forth that:
"WN7hereas a guarantee of the inde
pendence of the isthmus has been
obtained, and
"\Whereas celerity is indispens
able to secure an efficacious and ii
mediate fulfillent of this obligation
on the part of the United States and
of toe junta of the provisional gov
ernment formed by the unaninous
will of tile people of the isthmus
and possessing full sovereign powers
over the isthunts territory, be it
"Resolved and decieed, that the
treaty be approved in all its parts."
The document is coming back to
Washington in the U. S. (liplomatic
mail pouch.
A special from Colon says that
an appeal was signed in New York
dur'ng November hy 400 leading
Colombians to he presented to
Grover Cleveland seeking through
him the' assistance of the Dem
ocratic party.
A Tribute.
A beautiful life has closed. Elean
or Madison Chapman 'has crosscl
the narrow stream which divides the
heavenly land from ours.
Though absent from 'he body,
she speaks to her sorrowing friends
by the memory of her holy life and
example, exhorting is to press on
wari with still greater zeal in the
work of that Divine Master whom
she loved and served with all the
powers of her pure and devoted
so1. The fo wi'g Isltions to
her memory have been paHsed by
her fellow-members of t- : Woman's
Foreign and HIome N issionary
Societ ies of t lie M. E. Church South,
Newbehxrt y S. C.
IR esolved, rs . TPhat whil e hbowing
mi hum 1ible suibmiission to the will of
our Hleavenlhy Father, we lament
our great loss in the deuath of our
beIloved1 sister and co- worker, Mliss
IEleanuor Madison Chapmnan.
2nd. That these resolutions be
copied inito our minu 1tes, that a page
in our muniiuttes he dedicatedl to her
3r. hat a oyof thes5e jres
ohlut ions be sent to her- failiy as
ani exp)ression of 0111 sincere sym
pathy in' their sore bereavemenit.
Mrs. J. WV. White.
Mirs. P.* C. Gaillardl.
Mirs. WV. H1. Wallace.
Hutisoni Sandelrs.
Mr. Chia rli e I Ilutson andN giss
Miary Saiider s wer.e hlarried at the
residhence of the bIrid(e's brolt her,
Mr. Thomas H1utson, inl /est End,
at 5:30 Wedniesday afternoon, the
Rev. G. . Edwardoiie ating.
States revenue officers. The value
of the property seized is estimated
at $5.000.
It is expected that the Pacolet,
two of the Clifton mills and the new
annex at Glendale, in Spartanburg
county, will start early in the year
and give employment directly and
indirectly to thousands of people.
Mr. J. E. Middleton, of McBee,
S. C., was shot but not fatally
wounded on last Saturday night by
Ross Miller, a young man. Miller
had sold Middleton a typewriter
which was afterwards claimed by a
firm in Columbia and taken from
Middleton. Middleton went to see
Miller and Miller drew his gun and
On Wednesday a week ago near
Grindale, Cherokee county, two
white men, Robert M. McCombs
and Smith Inman, engaged in a
quarrel while undor the influence of
whiskey, and a fight ensued, dur
ing which McCombs inflicted a very
ugly wound on the head-eInman,
which caused his death two days
The annual report of President
Johnson, submitted to the board of
trustees of Winthrop college at
their meeting in Columbia this week
to prepare the annual report to be
submitted to the general assembily,
shows that of 790 applicants for ad
isson 474 were enrolled; and that
there are 36 instructors and assist
ants in the college and 9 executive
officers. The enrolment is the
largest in the history of the institu
Total Addition to the Endowment Fund
Will Be One Hundred and Twenty
Five Thousand Dollars.
Sumter, December i.---The Bap
tist Minister's Conference assem
bled in the First Baptist church
to-night. Pastor Brown opened the
meeting by rea,mlg a telegram,
stating that Allen had succeeded in
raising one hundred and five thou
sand dollars for the endowment of
Furman University-thus winning
Prof. Judson's $2o,ooo. Total ad
dition to Furman is $r 25,000. The
Baptist hosts are jubi'ant tonight.
The Conference elected G. W.
Bussey, chairman Louis J. B3ris
tow, secretary; W. E. Thayer H1. M.
Fallaw and Victor I. Masters.
Special Rates Via Southei n.
The Southern Railway comlipany
announces the following special
$37 to Oteenville, S. C., and
return, account of the South C r
olina Annual Conference M. E.
Church, South, D)ecembher 8th- 15th.
TIickets on sale Dec. 7, 8, 9, ro, i1,
with finial li mit December 16th.
$7.45 to Charleston S. C., anid
retumrn , account of Anunual Comn
mnunication M. WV. Grn d Lodge
Ancient Free Masonms, De?c. 8th-9th
Tickets on sale Dec. 7, 8, with lini
al limit D)ecemnber r 2th1.
$2.25 to Colhnnhmia S. C.., and re
turn, account of anmnual meeting
Palmetto A. M. B. Zion Conference,
December 9th-r15th. Tiickets on
sale Dec. 8, 9, roth, with finial limit
D)ecember r5th,
For tickets and further infor
miation, apply to,
S. H. McTan, Agen.

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