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Ine Sad Death of Mrs. M. L. Kinard-Colk
Weather Brings Good Times.
Other Matters.
Slighs, December 3.--It becomes
the sad duty of this correspondent
to chronicle the death of one of his
best neighbors and friends. The
summons came not unexpectedly
on last Friday morning to Mrs.
Sophia Kinard, the most faithful
and devoted wife of Mr. M. L. Ki
nard. For the past six inonths
Mrs. Kinard had suffered the most
excruciating pain with cancer of
the left breast. I visited her sev
eral times during her illness and
found her, as I had always found
her, bearing her sufferings and en
during her pain with the most
Christian fortitude I have ever seen
displayed by anybody under such
I had known the deceased for a
little more than thirty years. I
have beenl with her inl the church,
in the -hoie and inl the social circle,
an.d I don't think I ever knew a
more devoted womani in all Inmy life.
She was a imlodel wollaln. I lever
saw her wear a sad counitenance.
She was always clieerful and lookel
on the bright side of life, never
complaining bit always showing
an expression of hope. \Wh1at a
help is such a life, not only to the
family circle, but to the whole coli
munity in which it is spent!
I want to say a word of consola
tion to the husband a)(1 children
who have beeni bereft of so noble a
wife an( mother. I)o not look
upon her as being lost, but thank
God that her days of suffering are
elded. Vou have the assurance of
God's word that she is at rest from
all her earthly toils and pains. Let
your life be as hers ailn( your sepa
ration will only be for a short while.
The deceased was a consistent
n.iember of Hachman Chapel Luth
eran church and her seat was never
vacant as long as she was able tc
attend the worship of God. Her
age was 63 years, i month and i2
days. She leaves to inourn a hus
band, two Sons, one daughter, and
fitteen grandchilIren; one daughtei
had preceded her to the spirit land.
The body was laid to rest in Bach
iman Chapel grave yard oil Sattur
day, her pastor, the Rev. P. If1.
I)errick, conducting the fuiiera
services. The serioli was very
appropriate. The text was taker
fromi I TIhessaloniiaiis, 4t.h chap terl
and from the ,3th to Sthi verses.
TIhie failiy have the dleephest symii
p)athiy of the comniunity.
Alri. J . Clhintonil Kiniard is w~orking~
ini the N'ewhberi y kiiitting mi nll.
AIlr. l.dd(ie IKiniard., the iinvaili
sonl of NI r. and Mr s. J. I'. 1Kintard,
hais been qunite ill for tIe past tw<
Th'le coldl weather is here. ThI<
hog is k illed , the 'sinnuon beer wil
bed madle tis wveek , so IBrot her ( i
It. I)., yon can see that we art
about readly for that rabbit hiuit
and( you arle iniv itedS to comle alonli
wvithI the e(hitor aind dloetor. \\'hei
we get M imniauigh's old gr'ey boun<o
dlowni here oii Cannioni's ('reek it i:
going to take several to hlp e~ arry
the rabbits.
AIr. L. 1. AMoore, who was thirowi
frotin his wagoni a little mrore thai
two mnonthis ago~ and (cripplledl, i
able to walk. with the assistanice 0
Th'lere is nlo danlger of a c'Oht ro
versy between us, Mir. Editor. Yoi
have taken miy sidle of' thle <p~ies
tioni and I don'11t care to swap side:
with you. I have often heard thia
the rat with the shortest tail is th<
one which cani get thIirough the hioh
the quickest, but it wvon't work bi
oveiry ease. Th'e edhitor (can bea
any~ rat I ever saw climibing out 0
ai hole. Bult let ns look for'ward t<
lie fut ure; tIhe darkest liour is alI
ways befor'e day. It will soon h<
time for our1 editor to go back t
law making again, and we are look
ing forward to him to frame one of
the best county government laws we
ever had. And Bill Hill is going
to be supervisor, so you can all see
that there is a bright prospect in
the near future.
Any one wanting a good milch
cow with a young calf will do well
to se( Mr. J. A. C. Kibler before
There is going to be a lot of mov
ing among our white people this
Mrs. J. K. Epps and son Wilbur
and two little daughters visited her
sister, Mrs. Richard Martin, and
family, of LonIgshore, last Saturday
and Sunday.
Mrs. R. E. Hunter is spending a
while with her sister at Newberrv.
Christmas is right upon us. The
children have already begun to talk
Santa Claus.
Our school observed Thanksgiv
ing day. There were no services
in any of the country clh1urclies, but
work generally was suspended.
II1utinig \unIs the principal enjoy
mlient of the young. TP. J. \\.
Address By The Rev, aud Mrs. E.. C. Cronk
on Sunday- - Flourishing Schools
Other Matters.
Slighs, Deceinber 3.-Ihe Rev.
and Mrs. E. C. Cronk, of the Luth
eran mission in Atlanta, will ad
dress the congregation at St. Pauls
on Sunday.
Sone wheat has been sown in!
this section, but not as Ilincli as us
ual. More oats thanti usual have
been sown.
Boinest & Co. coninenced sawing
lumber this week at the old stand
near Mr. L. I. 1pting's.
Mr. G. B. Aull and Mr. LeRoy
Wedanian have been sawing shing
les the past week for Mr. Sain Wil
TChe school here is flourishing
under the imanagement'of Miss Mar.
garet L aw Johnstone. Miss John
stone is a good teacher and dis
cipliinarian, and the school can not
but thrive and the students advance
under her inanageienit.
Miss Mary Lou Norris isteaching
the Jolly Street school. liss Norris
taught this school three or four
years in succession and she gtve
such thorough atisfaction that she
was again elected to teach this year.
Mr. W. W. lerley is clearing up
the grov'e at Pomaria prepa ratory to
planitinig a p)ecan-orchard.
Mr.~ Jacobl ILivintgstonu is prepar
ing to build1( a house wh'lere onie was
b'urnied last summner.
I ami sorry to hear ofi .\lr. Aull's
loss by fire at Jalapa. H very one
should cariry somle in'-uranice on
IL I. lE.
Milss Alice Roosevelt's Reported "Cut" at
Horse Showv.
New York , Novemnber 20. -Child
rn ot well-known famnilies were
conispicuous at theC horse Show~ to
day. The four tots of Mr. and M rs.
F'redlericek AlIlent. three girls anmd a
b oy , thle lormner all in white frocks,
and( thet t wo little (laughters of Mr.
and( NI rs. George Gould, also dbressedi
in white, attracted thme greatest at
tetutioni durin11g the muorning.
A report that the daughter of thle
-President had sntubbed NImr. I Iarryv
I ,ehr , at thle show yesterday, caused
contsidlerab)le conmnent. Of this al
lege<d occurrence the New York
World says:
"A~\lice Roosevelt 'eit' Harry
b ehr at the I lorse Show. Somie
thming has happened wvhich has mnar
ried the pleasant friendship which
on1ce ex isted between t hem. Ini
trout of 5 ,ooo onlooke7 Mr. L4ehr
got his rebuff.
"I I camne ini at 4i o'clock, a symt
Iphony in blue, iIe had on a smart
ack stAit of undressed worsted,
black boots and derby, a tity stick
of black nlacea and a puff scarf of
dark blue, pitned with a superb
sapphire. He paused at the Van
dcrhilt box for a moment. shook
hands with Mrs Alfr d and Mrs.
Reginald, And then started to go
the rouods Miss Roosevelt was the
centre of'an animated group inl I e
Gerry box. She was looking direet
ly at Mr. Lehi as he came up. He
was all smiles. Off came his lint in
a twinkling. liss Roosevelt de
liberately looked through Mr. I.elir
without the slightest sign of re
cognition, then turned her back and t
busied herself adjisting her big a
white boa.
Mr. Lehr turned purple. started .1
visibly and hurried up the proimeln
ade. Evidently lie wanted to make j
stre, foi he suddenly turned round
and walked back. This time lie C
gazed steadfastly at Miss Roosev,elt. M
bmut didl't attempt to 1,mw. It was
kCry plain that the sub was inl
tentional. Miss RooseviLt lookei
back. but didn't bow.''
If troubled with a weak dicestion
rL Cha mberlainl's Stomach an L,iver
ablets. Liev will do you good. For
sale by W. E. Pelham & Son, New
berry, S. C.. and Prosperity Drug Co.
Prosperity, S. C.
Newberry Readers must Come to that
It is not the telliug of a single case
in Newberry but scores of eitizens tes
Lify. Enidovrement by people you know
)ears the stamo of truth. The follow
Sing is one of t he public statements made h
In this locality about Dotn's Kidney N
Pills. fi
Mt. M. Graham salesman in furniture ti
tore on Main st says: "My back hurt ti
me for a long tine especially at. night t
when I have lain awake miny a tilie I
illffering with it. There was a nasty r
lull aching pain across my loins an(l si
n1o position I assumed woul(i Case it and t
it hurt so f-o turn over t.hat I had tf l
Lake both hands and just oull myself b
)ver. The seeret ions from ithe kidneys t(
were dark and full of sediment besides a
beinlg so frequtit ill action that my
nifluht's iest was broken as many as sev
erAl times. I used difterent, kidney rem. 1
edies but nothing louched t.he right N
spot, until I got a box of Dqoan's Kidney
Pills at W. E. Pelhami's & S"n's drus" 11
slore. 1. was surprised at the result ob- 1
tilned . The sediliment dii-appeared 3
from the secretions and they resumed
their natural appernanee and act,ion so f
that I could sleep till night and arise in S
tle morninv rested and refreshed. I V
have not had backache since."'
l'or sale b)y alil d eal ers. Pr'tice 50 cenits. r
Poster-Milburn Co. Buffalo. t
RelmmiIlber. the nm Doani andi uke I
no other.
- it
Wanted. C
We vould like to ask, through the
columnils of' your paper, if' there is any
peirson who has used (Green's August
Flower for the cure of Indigestion,
D)yspepsia, and Liver Tr'ioubles that has
nottXtct ben cured-and wve also mean their I
results, such'l as sour stomach, fermaen
tation of foodl, habitual costivenuess,
nerivous1 dlyspelpsia, headaches, despon.
doent feel ings, sleeCplessness-- in fact,
anyV trou le 'onnei(cted wvithi the stomn
aich or liver? Tlhis metdicine has been
sold( for many years in all civilized coun..*
tries, and we wish to correspond with
you andl send you one of our books licee
of cost. I f you never tried A\ugust
F'lower, try ai 25 cent bottle first. We
have never- kntown of its failing. If so,
soniethmig more serious i..~ lie mat Ltr
beent imtr'oducedl this year*. Regutlavr
size 75 cents. For sale b)y W. 1E. PeI
ham & Son.
G. CG. GREE-aN, WVoodhury, N. J.
W-IAT.10 1 SOUTil CJAl )llNA,
COU NTY' O1" N10W UEifitY--IN
Milton A. Carlisle, Plaintill',
fElizabet.h King, othierwvise known as
S. .J. 10. King, D)efendant.
J)the Court herein, I will selL at
p)ublic outcry, at Newberry Court
h ouse, S. C., on the First Monday ini
December, A. D. 1903, all the interest
of IElizabeth King, otherwise kiiowvn as
S. J1. 10. King, in that tract of land ly-..
tug in the County and State afor'esaidl,
containiing One I Iunidred andi( Niniety
Six Acres, miore or less, bounded by
the lands of the estate of Mr's. S. M.
Oxner, Levi M. Priessley, WV. TI. Cofield
and others.
Should the purchaser fail to comply
with the terms of sale on the (lay of
sale, the sid priemiises will he resold by
the Master at thie purchaser's risk.
TIerms of Sale: One-half of the pu
chase money to lie paid in cash, the
balance on a credit of twelve moniths,
with interest thereon from day of sale,
to be securied by the bond of the purw
('haser' and ai mortgage of the prlemises
sold, with leatve to the purichaser to an
t.icip)ate paymenits in wh~ole or01 in palrt
from time to time. Purchaser to pay
for p)apers and r'ecord(ing of same.
II. 1II. RIK(ARID, Master.
Mastor's Omlie, Nov. 11 i0n.
1. E. Sloan and Louis F. Sloan,
p artners under the firm nanie of
1 . 1 . Sloan & Son, and Felicia
Chisoln and Nliza E. Crawford, exe
entors of the last will and testament
of Susan Hall, ticeased, Plainti1r.
Villiam R. Smith. Archie At. Smith and
Saiel W. Travers, trading under
the firm name of S. W. Travers &
'ompany. Defendants.
t he court herein, I will sell at
ublic otcry at New berry 'ourt llouse,
.. ., on t he first Molday in )ecember,
. ), 190:1 all that tract, parcel or
lantation of land lying and being in
he cornty of Newbcrry, and State
foresaid, coniaining one hundred and
ixty-five acres, more or less, and
ounded by lands of Geo. T. eid, es
ate of P. .1. Coleman and the estate of
ames W. Williams, deceased.
Terms of sale; one-th ird of the pur
hase mone y to be paid in cash and the
alance on a credit. of one and two
ears, with interest from date of sale,
be secured by a bond of the pur
haser and a mortgage of the premises.
ith privilege to the purchaser of an
icipating the credit. portion in whole
r in part.
Puirhaser to pay for papers and re
ording. I1. 11. RIKARD, Master.
Master's Oflice. November 12, 1903,
no. C. Wilson, Judge of Probate of
Newherry County, and as public
guardianof Thomas Al. Werts and
Margaret E. Werts, Plaintiff,
homas F. Harmon, in his own right,
and as executor of the will of Cora
D. Harmon, deceased, et al., Defend
By virtue of an order of the Court
Erein, I will sell at public outcry, at
ewberrry Court House, S. C., on the
rst Monday in December, A. D. 1903,
ie following tracts of land situated in
i1 County and State aforesaid, near
ie town of Newberry lying on the pub
e road to the steel bridge on Saluda
ver and on Bush river-they being
ibdivided tracts of three hundred and
irty acres and eleven-hundredths of
a acre of the tract of land which is
:>unded by the said public road leading
the steel bridge, Mary E. Harmon,
id Bush River, to wit:
No. 1. Containing forty-five acres,
iore or less, bounded by said public
)ad, estate of G. G. DeWalt, tracts
lo. 2 and No. 6.
No. 2. Containing forty-five acres,
lore or less, bounded by said tract No.
estate of G. G. DeWalt, tracts No.
and No. 5.
No. 3. Containing forty-seven and
fty one-hundredths acres, bounded by
aid tract No. 2, estate of G. G. De
Valt, Mary E. Harmon and ti act No. 4.
No. 4. Containing forty-four and
inety-hundredths of an acre, bounded
y said tract No. 3, Mary E. Harmon,
4ush river and tract No. 5.
No. 5. Containing fifty-one and
wenty-eight-iundie(ths acres, bound
d by tract No. 4, Bush river, tract
10. 6, and tract No. 2.
No. 6. Containing fifty and thirteen
undredths acres, bounded by tract
4o. 5, Bush river, tracts No. 7 and
~o. 1.
No. 7. Containing forty-six and three
undlredlths acres, boundled by tract
o. 6, Bush river, the saidl p)ublic road
ading to the steel bridge andl tract
4o. 1.
There is also allowved, which will ap
ear on the sub)divided tracts, a road
r- right of way of twventy feet wide,
-admig to the said public road, which
ight of way sep)arates tracts No. 1,
4o. 2, and No. 3 from tracts No. 7,
io. 6, No. 5 aind No. 4.
Terms of Sale: One-third of the
iurchase money to be paid in cashi; the
>alaunce on a credit of one and two
eaLrs, in etiual annual installmnents, the
redlit portion to lhe secured by bond1( of
he p)urchaser andl a mortgage of the
andls, respectively, with interest from
lay of sale. Pur-chaser to pay for
TJhe plats are nowv on file in the MI as
.er's otlice and can he seen before (lay
>f sale and will be exhibited on (lay of
TIhe above landls are very valuable.
tome-seekers will (10 well in calling on
he Mas;ter to see about same before
lay of sale, IT. II. RIKARD,
Master's Office, Master.
Nov. :2, 1903.
Leo. 0. F.
.-. .t 7:80 o'clock at, ibdr-ti hall at the
3radted Senoo buildn1(1g1 . V is iors cor
T1. O) Stewart, .Jr., Secret,ary.
Knights of Pythias,
Newhverr'y EaIg4 lNo. ?V.
e3 L odge will be held on the 2nd and
Ith Tuesday nights of each month at
?.00. Visiting Knights cor-dially wel
:omed. TI lOS. E'. EPTI NG.
K. of R. andl S.
Crotwell liotel Rnilding.
Thos. V. Wicker, Plaintiff,
Nannie Pazan, nee Nannie Wicker,
the Court heroin, I will sell at
public outcry, at Newberry Court
1louse, S. C., on.the First Monday ' ,
December, A. D. 1903, all thatipiece or
parcel of land lying and being situate
in the County and State aforesaid, con
taining One-half of an Acre, more or
less and bounded by lands of M. A.
Carlisle, R. C. Perry, Mrs. Ida Hunter
and others.
Terms of Sale: One-half of the pur
ehase money to be paid in cash, and the
balance on a credit of one year with in
terest from day of sale, the credit por
tion to bo secured by the bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the
premises sold, and the dwelling house
thereon to be insured for at least two
hundred and fifty dollars, and the policy
assigned to the Master, with leave to
the purchaser to anticipate the pay
ment of the credit portion in whole or
in part. The purchaser to pay for
papers and recording same.
H. H. RIKARD, Master.
Master's Office, Nov. 10 1903.
Daniel M. Werts, Pinckney Werts,
Margaret Buzhardt, Fannie Sample
and Einna Snelgrove, Plaintiffs,
Martha C. Werts, P. S. Livin ston,
). G. Livingston, Elizabeth T1an 1
ford, Lula Fellers, Alice C. Porter
John J. Long, John Long and Olin
Long, Defendants.
P the court herein, I will sell to the
highest bidder, before the court house
at Newberry, S, C,, within the legal
hours of sale, on the first Monday in
December, 1903, the following described
property, to wit:
All that tract of land situate in the
county and State aforesaid, whereon
the said David Wrts lived at the time
of his death, containing One Hundred
and Ninety-Eighc (198) Acres, more or
less, and bounded by lands of tht estate
of John M. Livingston, deceased,
Ezekiel Taylor, G. (. Williams, the es
tate of Richard Moon, Rebecca L. Pay
singer, and others, and by public road
leading from Dead Fall towards Bouk
night's ferry, and a new cut road lead
ing from the place of William Welch,
deceased, to New Chapel Church.
Terms of Sale: One-half of the pur
chase money payable in cash and the
balance in twelve months, with interest
from day of sale, to be secured by a
bond of the purchaser and mortgage of
the premises sold. Purchaser to pay
for papers.
H. H. RIKARD, Master.
Master's Office, Nov. 17, 1903.
The National Bank of Newberry, South
Carolina, Plaintiff,
J. Lewis Ducket, Nancy Ducket, and
John T. Duncan, Defendants.
B herein, I will sell to the highest
bidder, before the court house at New
berry, S. C., within the legal hours of
sale, on the First Monday m December
1903,.the following dlescribed property
to wit:
All that tract of land of theoestate of
Lewis D)uckett situate in the county
of Newberry and State aforesaid,
containig One HIundlred and F"ifteen
Aces, miore or loss, and boundedl
by lands of D)r. R. C. Carlisle, .J. C.
I largr'ove, and Odell Duncan anid others;
also all my right and interest in that
tract of lhmd ot the estate1 of Lewis
D)uckett assigned to Nancy Duckctt,
containing One H und red and Forty
F<ive Acres, miore or less, andl bounded
hy lands of O)dell D)uncan, Charity Her
riott, Indian Creek, and lands of T. S.
Terms of Sale: One-half of the pur
chase money to be p)aid in cash and the /
balance in twelve months, with inter
est from day of sale at the rate of eight
per cent. per annum, to be secured by
a bond of the purchaser and a mnort-gage
of the priemlises5 sold. The purchaser to
p)ay for papers and recording of same.
Hi. HI. RIKARD, Master.0
Master's Office, Nov. 17, 1903.
.I I. Wheeler, Plaintiil',
.tecourt herein, I will sell atL
public outcry at Newberry Court Hlouse,
S. C., on the first Monday in Decem
ber, A. D. 1903, all that lot or parcel o
land lying and being in the towvn of
Prosperity, containing Twyelve (12
Acres, fronting north on Boyd street
adIjoimnirg lands of HI. S. Boozer o
south, lands of J. M. Wheeler on th
west, landIs of Mrs. Wallace Bruceo
the east.
Terms: One-half of the purcha
money to be p)aidl in cash, th balarj
in twelve months; with interest fr'
(late of sale, to be secured by how~
the p)urchaser and mortgage of
p)remises sold, with pnvWilege tot
purchaser of anticipating thee
portion in whole or in part. PurlL
to pay for papers andl recording.
Hf. HI. RIKARD, Mast
Master's 11c Noon v. 17, 1903.

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