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C ~enIbaub Ferns.
Extra Session Of 'Congress Merged Into
The Regular Session -Wood and
Crum Jobless.
The extra session of Congre.s
was merged into the regular sessi n
yesterday at 12 o'clock. There was
no recess between the two sessions
thus affoiding the president no op
portunity to renew his civil and
military recess appointments.
In effect this action will demote
Gen. Wood from his present rank
of major general to the rank of
brigadier general, his appointment
not having been confirmed and the
president having no opportunity to
.make recess appointments. It will
demote, in like manner, 167 army
officers, promoted after the Wood
promotion. William D. Crum
will have to vacate his position as
collector of the port of Charleston
and others serving recess appoint
ments will he likewise affected.
Items of More or Less interest Condensed
Outside the State.
Three men were killed, Vwo seri
ously injured and two slightly in
jured in a collision between a hand
car and a freight train on Thursday,
near Waverly, 0., on a sharp bend
on the N. & W.
The decomposed bodies of an
aged couple in Buffalo, N. V., who
mysteriously disappeared some day.
ago, have been found buried be
neath a woo0shed in the back yard
of their house. They had been
murdered. An arrest has been
Luther and Mitchell Carter, aged
14 and 17 years respectively, were
drowned in the French Broad riv r,
near Dandridge, Tenn., on Friday.
The boys were in a boat when Lu
ther fell into the river. Mitchell
attempted to save his brother and
both were drowned.
There were wild scenes on the
New York cotton exchange on
Thursday, following the announce
ment that the agricultural depart
ment's estimate for the present sea
son was 9,962,039 bales. 2,000,000
bales were sold, the heaviest sale on
iecorcd, prices rose ioime 6o to 70
points. In New Orleans on the
ane day prices jumpedi u1 40 points
in four minutes.
An explosion of a car of na ptha
in the town of Greenwood, D)el.,
'last wveek and the fire caused by the
\xplosion injutred dwelling houses
tihe extent of more than $70,ooo,
~tally dlestroyed twvo freight trains
11 their contents, is believed to
.he incinerated three ramp1s whio
'e riding ill a bOX ei near where
yxplosion occurred and of whose
s nlothinig 1has beeni found ex
someW unirecogniz/ab)le bones,
~ujuredl many' others
(on John F. Von Mneggee.
is now in St. Lois and has
1the positionl of gatekeeper
of the gates at the World's
~tioni iln St. Louis, will in
)er next comle into poss'-essionl
.1oo,0ooo baronial estate as
heir of his mnother, who
il1 tieinig uip her estate for
because .of replorts that
lending an irregular life.
irregularity about him
n, United Staite soldier
and later as government marshal
and officer and officer and police
man he worked in leading cities.
He landed in New York after a
quarrel with his father, growing
out of a duel over a woman with
another man. and begani an adven
turous career by being fleeced out
of $5,ooo by New York gamblers.
The trustees of Trinity college,
N. C., have refused to accept the
resignation of Prof. Bassett, tender
ed on account of the stir which was
created by an article which Prof.
Bassett wrote for one of the imag
azines in which he said the negro
would attain equality with the white
man and that Booker Washington
was te greatest man the South ever
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
Ben F. Perrv, son of ex-Governor
B. F. Perry, has aoain been arrested,
this time in Spartanhurg charged
with selling liquor. Perry gave
bond in the sim of oo.
Attorney General Gunter has
given out an interview in which lie
favors the county court nlan as a re
lief from the congestion of the
Mr. H. T. Cauthen. ofB.amberg,
accidentally shot himself last week
He was going home and had his
nistol in his trousers with his hand
on it. The bullet entered the left
leg but did not do serious harm.
A negro named Ansel Arnold. 45
Vears old, living in Greenwood
county. was found in the woods on
Thursday with a hole shot through
his head. He was robbed of money
obtained the day before for a bale
of cotton. Negroes are under sus
After the second act of "Romeo
and Juliet," presented by the Svie
ville company hi 8partanhurg on
Thursday night" Romeo and Juliet
engaged inl a (narrel behind the
ourtain in which there was some
loud cursing of which the audience
received the benefit. Police officers
vent on the stage anid qileted the
John Godfrey. a young white
man, was accidentally shot while
out hunting in Spartanburg county
on Thursday by a white man named
Greer, receiving wounds from whliich
lie died the same night. Godfrey
andl Greer were two of a party of
four. The wounded muan bled to
death from the wounds before mned
ical aidh could relieve himu. lie was1
a resident of Sp)art anburg and uni
Rob)ert Smith, a Greenwood ne
gro) who only a few dlays ago wa1s
pard- nedl off tihe chain gang 1by Gov
Hey ward, early Wednesday :mornm
in; set fire t several frame buildings
in G reenw~ood back of a ro w of brick
buildings. The fire was got underCl
control, the loss being estimai:ted at
something over $m ,ooo. I lad thme
work not been as p)romnpt anmd eli
cient half the town wvould probabl y
have beeni wiped out. Thle negro
was pardoned on the ground that
he was nearly dlead with conisumlp
rhe Spartanburg Bar Requested His Ap
pointment as Special Judge - -Mr.
Mower Forced to Decline.
Two members Qf the Newberry
')ar have received well-deserved
:ompliients at the hands of the
3partanburg bar. At the request
>f that bar Col. 0. 1. Schumpert
was appointed special jtudge to hold
he sessions court there last week
mnd at the conclusion of the ses
;ions court the Spartanburg bar re
:Juested Chief Justice Pope to
recommend the appointment of
Hon. George S. Mower as special
judge to hold the common leas
tourt, which convened yesterday.
Mr. Mower was forced to decline
under the law debarring persons
from holding two offices at the same
time, Mr. Mower being Newberry's
representative in the State Senate.
Ex-Judge 0. W. Buchanan was
appointed to hold the court.
The following in regard to this
matter is from the Spartanburg
Journal of Friday
"'There was a meeting of the Spar
Lanburg bar yesterday afternoon to
:!onsider the matter of securing a
judge for common pleas court which
begins Monday. Colonel Scliumpert
informed the bar that owing to the
fact that he was an attorney for the
Southern Railway, and there w,%ere
a number of damage suits against
the Southern that ought to be tried
it would he impossible for him to
"By unanimous consent the secre
tary was instructed to wire C1ief
Justice Pope that the bar would be
pleased to have George S. Mower,
of Newberry, appointed syecial
judge for the term. Th'lie chief
justice was at once wired but up to
noon today neither lie nor Mr.
Mower had been heard from.
"Mr. Mower is well known here
and his many friends will be glad
to have the request of the bar
JUI)(.i sc mI-' i1ier'Iw.
The Spartanirg correspondeint
of the State says of Special Judge
"The Spa tanburg bar and the
court officials were highly pleased
with Special Jtid' schmlI1pert His
judicial ability and impartiality on
the bench coimanded the respect
of all and augmenti-d his popularity
and the esteem in which lie is held
throughout t1is cit y and count y."
Relieved of $12.50.
Slighs, D)ecemiber 7.-Mr. L. L.
Moore, of the Bachimani Chapel see
tion, has discovered the loss of $i 2.
50 which was stolen from him dlur
ing the past several weeks. Mr.
Moore has been con fined to his roomi
for some two mon this as the result
of injuries received from a fall and
it wvas during this time that sonme
one camne in to his house and relieved
him of the money. $m I.0o was t akenm
fromi a little b ox wh ichi lie kept ini
a wardlrobe and $u. 5o t a keni from hisI
pocketbook , which lie left lying ini
another roomi, while lhe was at break
fast. There was other money in
the hou'ise whicb was not imoles:Ad.
Th'le Sp artanhu)lrg grand( jury, ini
its presen1t mfent m.i ule last week,
sumggestedl to thle Spa rtanbu rg del -
egationi that it work for the foruma
tion of two add(itionlal circuits to re
lieve the conlgestedl conditioni of the
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the Same Old
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continuance of
21st Christmas
the same old
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I Stack of Candy.
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vibe?rry. I ha.ve made
My goods a.re fresh
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