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SITUATIONn(N TIn ire-rillncir
mbla Reported to Be'lMoving Troop
On Panama --Administration
Is Ready.
I,aGuayra, Venezuela, Dec. 9.
e French steamer' Versailles,
uch has arrived here 'from Sava.
l*a, reports that Colombian steam
s have landed 1,100 men from Car
gena near the mouth of the
trato river (Gulf of Darien) to
tpen a way over the Darien moun
ams into Panama. Other troops
rom the department of Cauca, Co.
onbia, are said to be converging on
Panama, and from all parts of Co
. lomubia troops are reported to be
marching or awaiting on the result
of Gen. Reyes mission to Washing.
, It is reported from Washington
that the administration is prepared
to riect any move made by Coloi
bia and that our warships and sol
diers will be dispatched to the isth
mus if Colombia will Fight.
"Tokio, Dec. 9.- A strong Russian
;kjuadron, consisting of eight war
ships, including two battleships,
.!s arrived at Chemulpo, Corea, the
.'rt of Seoul, the capital, to sup
.jrt Russia's opposition to the pro
oSed opening of Yongampho to the
m011m11lerce of the world. The Rus
,ians threaten to land 3,000 men
and march on Seoul should Corea
lisr,_gard their warning.
stf.etiug in Charlotte Appoints Committee
To Pieet Other Conmittees With View
Of General Curtailment.
1, Charlotte, N. C., December .
In resp ..se to a call by a committee
1 representing the North Carolina
tha Ma.,r .cturer's Association, over a
him.red cotton manufacturers, rep
latel resenting 244,392 spindles and 8,
06 looms throughout the Southern
after . tes, met here today and made a
vement towards the curtailment
M0r. the production of cotton goods
S. 1i. the mills of the entire country.
smPa committee of fifteen was named
sersn o meet similar committees from
frs. x>ther sections and agree to decrease
aig il production throughout the United
I was States.
b o fo The following resolutions were
ble dopted:
er S ''Resolved, That with the view
toth f securing national curtailment,
it the bich we think absolutely neces
)rgia S . to the cotton industry, were
to Wvor iumendl that a committee of fif
is IS1o . from the pTorth Carolina Asso
hat tihe lon be appointed by the Chair
a chuarch '" eet in Washington city at a~
ay all tak4. a date as can be agreed upon,
.Mr. Cr~ |like committees from other
as taken~ fr sat the other Southern States,
riate to aniyeddle and New England States,
light of the0gited1 by the chairman of this
on1 a hill e g to ap)point similar commit.
:14; arnd alsvhch when they meet in
)L uht Jj'igton as a joint commrittee,
t they may,~ mulate a plan that will bring
ird RIori.iIurtailmnent throughout thc
every idv that this joint comm11itta
urch. J3t tJely call a national mneeting
ere itw a M-eturers; at such place and
:1 to go ey can agree upon1.''
ebok then jg1tumttee was applointed.
Christian1s shall 1heated campaign Mayo:
by reproving as re-elected mayor o
it how sad it , decfeatn Dr. Oli
Item of More or Less Interest Condensed
Nu the State.
The people of Winnsboro, who
had a carnival last week, are very
sore over the matter. They say
they've had their share; that one's
Sanders & Lemacks, at Ritter, in
Colleton county, sustained a loss of
about $7,000 by the burning of
their gin and gin house, with con
tents, on Sunday morning.
Alderman Daker. of the Colum
bia city council, has announced
that lie is negotiating with certain
parties looking to the establishment
of a good colored hospital in Coluni.
Chas. B. Johnson, 33 years old
and a man of family, wvas killed in
the Southern's freight yards near
the old uni'on station in Columbia
on Tuesday night. While breaking
on a coal car he slipped in some way
and was run over and frightfully
The property of Larkin M1. Rice,
colored, of Union county, was ad
vertised for sale on salesday under
a judgment obtained at the last tern
of court by a negro woman who
sued Rice for a breach of the pro.
mise of marriage and got a verdict
for $2,500. Rice claimed his hoine
stead and the sale was postponed.
Mr. Edwin V. Robertson, of Co
lumbia, and his associates have ac
quired the controling interest in the
Columbia Electric Street Railway,
Light and Power company. Mr.
Robertson is president of the Coluni
bia Trust company, which is closely
allied with the National Loan and
Exchange bank, of which also he is
Mr. W. W. Irby, of the Green
brier section of Fairfield county,
was married this week to Mrs M.
T. Fuller, of Raleigh. Mrs. Fuller
was Mr. Irby's nurse in a hospital
in Columbia this sunner, where
the intimacy began. Mrs. Fuller
started for her home in Raleigh Sat
urday evening, but when she got to
Winnsboro Mr. Irby induced her
to remain over and they were mar
By the will of the late Charles
Logan, which was admifted to pro
bate this week, the city of Colun
bia receives legacies aggregating
$6o,ooo. The Columbia hospital
and St. Peter's church each receive
$5,000. The legacy to the city
schools includes four acres of the
race track at the fair grounds and
$40,ooo in money. There is an
other bequest of $9,000 to be used
by the city for the p)revention of
cruelty to animals.
By a strange coincidence Mr.
Charles Muller, an aged Confedi
erate veteran wvho died at WVinns
boro last week from injuries re
ceived from burnring, was buried in
the same grave with a man who in
the great conflict wore the blue.
The lot selected for his interment
was overrun with vines and1( the
persons to whom was entrusted the
dligging of the grave dug into the
grave of a Vankee soldier who died
at Winnsb)oro whliile therec with an
encamplment mn 1865. So in the
same grave the blue and the gray
'sleep together.
The Personal Organ of The Boss of Souther.
Ohio Merellessly Attacks Roosevelt.
Its Meaning.
it is reported from Washint-oi
that the selnsation of the hour is
mlerciles attilck lipon Presiden
Roosevelt con),tainle(d in an elitoria
of the Cincinnati Coninicrcial Tri
bune, the leading Republican orgai
of Southern Ohio
More than ordinary interest i
taken in this attack because of thi
known affiliation , of the n1ewspaper
It is regardtd the personal organ c
George B. Cox, the big Republical
boss of southern Ohio, who is ve,
close indeed to Senator 1amn, an
suspicious administration politican
are inclined to see the fine Italia
hand of Uncle Marcns back of il
whole thing Some of theiml co
strue is as simply a -ieans of forcin
the president to let up on his figl
for Gen. \Vood, while others see i
it the begilning of a s'stemati
campaign in the interests of Hainu,
It is said that, fearing that de
struction will be their harvest froi
the Hanna-Roosevelt row, Repubi
cans from the Sotlerii States mj
flocking to Washington to see whn
can he done to save themselves.
Coincident with the breaking or
of the I-inna-Roosevelt feud com(
the revival of the old scheme th,
representation in the Republica
inaonal convention he based on ti
nuiber ( f voters Lf adopted th
scheme woul cripe the influeml(
of the southern Re publicans in tl
convention. The scheme is an o
one, but it has again been put fo
ward by a New England mnem)er
the committee, who suggests th.
the coimittee so change the bas
of representation that each Stal
shall have one delegate ior each i o
ooo Republican votes cast.
Promptly Renominates Gen. Wood and t!
Negro, Crum-Made as Recess Ap
President Roosevelt on Mondr
sent the nomination of Gen. Leo:
ard Wood to be major , -ral
the army and the nomninotion of i(
other army officers whose prom
tion is dependent on that of Gel
Wood. Accompanying these non
inations were those of about 25 civ
ian appointees, including that 4
Dr. WV. D. Crumi to be collector
the port of Charleston, and son
others whom the president nomina
ed in the last recess.
These appointments are coniside
ed by the president and his advise
to be recess appointments. TI
quiestion of their status has het
discussed thoroughly by the pre
ident with the best lawyers co
nected with the administration al
in congress. TPhe concclusioni h
beeni reached that betwveen the til
of the falling of President Pro Te1
pore Frye's gavel signifying t
conclusion of the extraordinary st
sion and the calling to order of t
senate in the regular sess;ionm of et
gress an appreciable lapse of til
occurred . In this time tihe appoil
menits technically were made. Thm
are regarded by the admiimst rati
as recess applointmnents and the
p)ointees, therefore, wvill receivet
pay aind exercise all the author
of the rank to which they arep
ed my assort
s goods and
tdquarters for
am-lA1 11
the Same Old
iplete a line of
ings to eat as
vish for.
enty years the
3 county have
,ral patronage
:ontinuance of
!1st Christmas
the same old
Vlood gon.
s Variety.
es from
id the Tropics.
Stock of Candy,
orts this seeson to
yventire stock comn
Christmas goods in
berry. I have made
VIy goods are fresh
articular. A careful
res pectfully,
I have complet
1,ment of Christma
again claim to be hec
You will find me at
Stand with as corr
Toys and good th
tl"Old Santa" could ,
For the past tw
, good people of thi.
-favored me with lib(
jand I now ask a c
same through my e
Remember at
stand you will find
Dolls! Dolls!!
11obbit ornc, .Tron
~Veocipede, j
t oys ilp Eidles
Apples, Oranges, B
Figs and Graj
California ar
:A Large and Splendid
i. I have made extra eff
aplease the public, and mn
prises the best selection!of
he my line to be found in New
prices to suit the ti:nes,
and first-class in every p;
ne inspection solicited.Yor
e y
I. R

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