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It is Fast Approaching and the Political
Pot is Already Swimmering-The
The State.
i With the approach of the legis
lative session, which is only five
weeks off, the political pot will
begin to boil, though by even the
widest stretch of the imagination
it can hardly be said to be more
than simmnering so far. This be
ing an "off year" in elections the
vftancies which the legislature will
be called upon to fill will be few in
number and for the most part un
There is no promise of any heat
ed contest, though the endeavor to
become members of the dispensary
directorate may develop some ex
citement, It is understood that the
chairman, Mr. L. J. Williams, will
retire and that Mr. H1. II. Evans
will aspire to this place. Gen.
Wilie Jones cannot offer for elec
tion, Gov. Heyward having ap
pointed him to fill out the unex
pired term of Mr. Dukes.
Among the candidates for repre
sentation in the directorate ex
Mayor V. McB. Sloan of Colum
bia, Col. 101111 Bell Towill of
Lexington, Representative Walker
of Barnwell, Representative Gour
din of Williamsburg and ex-Sena
tor MeDeriont of IIorry are men
At this time it appears that the
fight for Commissioner Cruin's
place will be between Representa
tive Tatum of Orangeburg and
Capt. V. 1). Black. head book
keeper at the penitentiary. Mr.
Crum will noc stand for re-election.
The terms of two penitentiary
directors, Messrs. V. D. Mann, of
Abbeville and W. B. Love, of
York, will expire this winter.
They are up for re-election and
Mr. P. 'T. Hollis of Chester is an
aspirant for a place on the board.
Superintendent Griflith's term ex
pires Jan. 20, 1905
The office that lasts longest be
tween elections is that of member
of the supreme court, which term
is for eight years. The term of
Associate Justice Charles A.
Woods-who was chosen to fill
out the unexpired tern of Chief
Justice McIver--expires August 1,
190. Mr. justice Woods will
probably have no opposition next
vionth and will be elected for
ght years.
Miss Linnie LaBorde, who has
ved so acceptably one term as
rarianl, will likely succeed her
' withl dignified grace and ease.
're may be other appllicants.
iere are 110 places on tIle cir
-bench .to be provided for thlis
unllless new circuits are created,
I seems likely.
-dates to which tihe terms of
esent eight circuit judges ex
re Charles G. D)antz,ler, Feb.
Jameis Aldrich, IFeb. r6,
R. 0. P'urdy, Dec. 6, 1906.
R. C. Watts, Feb. 16,
Ernest Gary,' [June 5,
judge D. A. Townsend, Dcc. i5,
Judge J. C. Klugh, Feb. 14,
The '"copy" for the senate cal
endar has not yet been submitted
for printing, and it is not known
what bills continued from last ses
sion will be presented to kihat body
on its convening day. Tbe house
has on its calendar ro6 bills which
were cpntinued from last session.
All of these may be taken up at
once. Some of the measures are
very important.
Items of More or Less interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The riots continue in Chicago
growing out of the recent strike on
the street railway.
A small schooner capsized in a
heavy gale off Cape Fear, N. C.,
the crew and two passengers being
The Louisiana legislature con
vened in special session on Thurs
(lay to consider measures to prevent
the spread of the boll weevil in
H. T. Lewis, of Greensboro, Ga.,
the man who made the famous
speech in the Democratic conven
tion in 1896, nominating Bryan for
the presidency, died on Thursday.
Great Bri. -in is stirred over the
cotton situatien and an imperial
grant in aid of cotton growing in
British West Africa will be pro
posed during the coming session of
The Governor of Alabama has
refused to honor the requisition of
the Governor of Florida for two
safeblowers arrested in Montgomery
until it is seen whether there is
aufficient proof to convict the men
in Alabama.
The torpedo flotilla has left New
port News for its r8,ooo-mile jour
ney to the Philippines. The first
stop will be at Beaufort, S. C. It
is calculated that the flotilla will
make the run in about 70 days.
Secretary Hester's weekly cotton
statement issued on Friday showed
for the 102 days of the season that
had elapsed the aggregate was
,head of the same days last year
46,ooo and ahead of the same cays
y'ear before last 184,000.
The National Republican comn
mnittetee met in Washington last
week, presided over by Senator
Ranna, and decided on Saturday to
hold the national convention in
Thicago on the 21st of June. T1he
:ommuittee turned downi Deas from
Southi Carolina and seated Mr. John
3. Capers.
The United States grand jury at
3mnaha, Neb., has returned twventy
wo mndictments in connection with
>ostoflice bribery cases and illegal
'encing of government lands. The
ndictmnent s are against ex-State
~enators and other prominent per
01ns. Thiere will be othler indict
President Williams, of the A. C.
,, has givenci out a statemen&it in
vhich lhe emiphatically ~ asserts that
uis road is independent and that its
iffairs financially are in excellent
:ondition. lie says the earning
for the past months have increased
at the rate of about $3,000 per year
over the same months last year.
The District of Colombia school
board in its annual report takes
note of the fatalities in football
games and says that no self-respect
ing organization should tolerate
such mauslaughter in the name of
athletics and the board will not
fail to take notice of brutalitv in
play and, if need be in order to
stop it, to prohibit the game in
On motion of Mr. Lamar, (Deim
ocrat), of Florida, the House of
Representatives on Thursday adopt
ed a resolution directing the judi
ciary committee to inquire into the
official conduct of Chas. Swayne,
judge of the United States court
for the northern district of Florida,
and "to report whether the action
of the house is requisite." Mr.
Lamar, in introducing the resolu
tion, charged Judge Swaylne with
"4pernicious absenteeism from his
district; corrupt official conduct;
maladministration of judicial m.t
ters, so much so as to enhara;s
bankrupts and annihilate the assets
of litigants and others appearing
within his jurisdiction.
Qieen Alexandra, of England,
and her secretary, Miss Knollys,
had narrow escapes froin being
burned to death on Thursday. The
fire broke out early in the iorning
in Miss Knollys' bedroom, caused
by an inperfectly insulated electric
light wire, which set fire to a beani
between the ceiling of Miss Kno*
ly's bedroon and tli floor of her
majesty's apartment. The queen
was awakened by Miss Knollys,
and she and Miss Knollys got out
not a moment too soon, as the floor
of the queen's room collapsed im
mediately after. Only a few hun
dred pounds' damage was done by
the fire, it being confined to the
two rooms. K ing Edward was hunt
ing in Suffolk.
Gen. Reyes Chosen President of Colombia.
Ambassador to Panama-Other
The Colombian legation at Wash
ington has received dispatches con
veying the news that General Reyes,
who is now in Washington, has
been elected president of Colombia.
Gen. Reyes says lie will remain in
Washington a fortnight longer.
W. I. B3uchanian, of New York,
minister to Buenos Ayres under
Cleveland, has been chosen by
Roosevelt first minister to the re
public of Panama.
War talk is still coming from Co
lomubia but yesterday there seemed
to be nothing alarming in the situ
Peuliarly Sad Occurrence ini Florence
Retired Inl Best of Spirits and Ap
plarently Well.
Miss Lillian Strouid, a young lady
of Florence 17 v'ears old amnd in the
bloom:1 of health, was found dead ini
her bed on Fridayv morning. Shle
retired on1 Thursdayv night, having
pre-paredl her lessons for next day,
apparently in the mlost perfect health
Her relatives are of the Op)inion
thlat she was taken with all epileptic
seizure and was smothered to death.
I have comple
ment of Christmi
again claim to be he
You will find me at
Stand with as con
Toys and good tV
"Old Santa" could,
For the past tv
'good people of thi
favored me with lib
and - I- now ask a
'same through my;:
Remember at
stand you will find
Dolls! .ols!!
Hobbg Jore,e, Tron
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Boys in Epdles
Apples, Oranges, B
Figs and Graj
California ar
A Large and Splendid
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please the public, and m
prises the best selection of
my line to be found in New
prices to suit the times.I
and first-class in every p;
inspection solicited.
S. B.i(
Led my assort
is goods and
adquarters for
the Same Old
iplete a line of
iings to eat as
wish for.
venty years the
s county have
eral patronage
continuance of
21st Christmas
the same old
ood Wagon
5s Variety.
pes from
id the Tropics.
Stock of Candy,
orts this seeson to
y entire stock corn-.
Christmas goods in
berry. I have made
VIy goods are fresh
urticular. A careful

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