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G e tral em ts.
ighteen Senators Vote Against the
Measure-Adjournment for
the Holidays.
ashington, Dec. 16.--By the
ive vote of 57 to 18 the senate
y passed the bill carrying into
t the reciprocity treaty with
he bill passed carries into exe
on the treaty between the Uni
States and Cuba which was rati
last March. The treaty pro
es for a reduction of 20 per cent.
in the rates of duty under the
itigley law on all Cuban articles
4ported into the United States and
Varying reduction of from 20 to
per cent. from the established
iban duty on articles imported
to Cuba from the United States.
After the passage of the Cuban
ill the senate adjourned to the
ouse resolution providing for a
olidaY recess from Dec. 19 to Jan. 4.
tems of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the'State.
A negro in Abbeville county, near
Donalds. last week shot and proh
ably mortally wounded his wife
because she had quit him a few days
General John B. Gordon, who
lectured in Gaffney on Monday
nigh'. was taken sick and confined
to his bed in Gaffnev on Tuesday.
It was hoped General Gordon would
be up yesterday.
The vault of the Couirtenay Manu
facturing company at Newry, near
Seneca, was blown open on Monday
night and about ,2,500 secured. It
was evidently the work of profes
sionals as they left a new kit of
A train on Monday morning
struck the buggy in which Mr. W.
E. Osteen, a farmer 70 years of age
and slightly deaf, was riding to his
farm near Camden, throwing Mr.
Osteen out and killing him. IlIe
was a highly resp.:cted citizen and
a man of family.
Former President Cleveland and
a party of other sportsmen arrived
at Georgetown on Monday and left
for the hunting preserves of Gen.
E. P. Alexander, at South Island,
whose guests the distinguished party
will be for ten days, durit- which
time they will indulge in ducking,
deer hunting and fisting.
John G. Capers denies that he
sat at H-anna's banquet in Wash
ington, at which Judson Lyons, a
legro, of Georgia, was a guest. He
'ays an engagement in Boston did
ot permit him to attend, b)ut that
ie thought of Lyons being at the
nuquet never entered his mind,
r the simple reason that his en
gement had forced him to dismiss
thought of the banquet.
of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
signed treat.y with the repuib
?anama has beenf returned to
greeting a bank examiner
conmc unannounced to ex
iis accounts, Asa C. Bush
shier of the Vale National
)f New Haven. Con n.. went
mto the basement and shot and
killed himself His books showed
lie was about $15,ooo short.
A reduction in wages averaging
17 per cent. and affecting 30,000
men in the Connellsville coal re
giouF of PennsyVania was an
nounced on Tuesday.
The Republicans of the Senate
have decided upon Rev. Everett
Hale of Boston for chaplain of that
body, beginning January i. He is
a Congregationalist and is now 83
The Democrats won an overwhel
iing victory in the municipal elec
tion in Boston on,Tue!sday, Mayor
Patrick Collins 'being re-elected by
27,000 plurality. The board of
aldermen will be solidly Df-mocratic.
Fred Bradshaw, a 14-year-old
boy, was shot and killed in the sub
urbs of Atlanta on Tuesday by
James Dean, a boy with whom lie
was hunting. Dean was taken into
custody but claims the shooting
was accidental.
Robert Burchett was murdered
at his home at Max Meadows. Va.,
and suspicion points to his wife and
another man. His wife was found
washing blood stains from the floor.
The body had been dragged some
distance from the house.
A. V. Keech, charged with fraud
ulently using the mails in connec
tion with the Mississippi Valley
Planter prize dlistribution, has been
bound over to the federal grand
jury of Memphis in the sum of $5,
ooo. It seems that it was another
get-rich-quick concern.
News From Excelsior
Excelsior, I)c. 17.-Prof. J. S.
Wheeler and famiiy moved to his
former home in this section on
Tuesday. Mr. Wheeler is a good,
able teacher in the school room
and also a good neighbor.
Mr. J. D. H. Kinard has the
s-,pathy of all his friends in his
loss by fire on Tuesday evening.
Mr. George B. Cook, of Colum.
bia, is visiting in this section.
Our people are about done work
now and getting in shape for
Ice has been plentiful for the
past few weeks.
Owing to the continued cold
weather. grain in this section is
making very little show. Some of
the old people say this is a sign for
a good grain year.
Mrs. Caroline Cook has been
confined to her room sick for a few
days. Glad to learn she is a little
Mrs. \Villie Blamnton of Granite
ville, S. C. , is visiting her father's
family, Mr. A. A. Nates, here.
Special Judge Welch,
The Saluda Standard, speak ing
of the trial of the D)urst case ini lhe
session court for Saluda last. week,
Special Jurdge Robt. IH. Welch
p)residin1g, says, "T lhe case was
given to thle jury in one of the
finest charges to which we have
ever listened.''
A ComIng Marriage.
Invitations have been issued an..
Aiouncinmg the nmarriagc of Mr'. Tom
D)avis andl Miss Annie Cleland, of
No. 6, wvhich happy event is to lake
place on Wednesday, the 23(d of
this month.
Pardon Asked For Henry Williamson and
the Negro Snow, of Greenwood
County. tr
The State, 15th. er
It is seldom that so large a del- te
egation visits Gov. -eyward to ap- C<
ply for a pardou as the one which
arrived yesterday trom Greenwood,
and held a conference with his -
excellency. The object of the party of
was to ask the pardon of Henry pl
Williamson, white, and Charles pl
Snow, colored, convicted in 1902 of te
assault and battery with intent to I
kill, which consisted in brutally (14
whipping a white man naimed Wil- w
liam) Wertz. r(
The ctime, for so it tos deided s<
hv the jury, occurred inl th earlv n
part of March, 1902. \Williaison a
went, with the negro Snow, to the I
home of Wertz and while the ne e
gro held the victim. \Villiamisou ti
lashled him. At the time, the oe- c
curreice set Greenvood county inl
an uproar, there being parties on o
both sides. Efforts were made to
have the case ,quashed, but it was 5
put into the courts and the white k
man and his negro comifralde given It
five years each in the State prison
at iard labo'.
The petition submitted yesterday 1
was endorsed by every imlember ofi
the jury which convicted the two
men and Solicitor Sease who pros
ected them. Inl his endorsement the
solicitor says:
" While the whipping administered
to the prosecutor was sev.re, Mi.
\Villiamson acted on strong provo t
cation and we think that lie has c
been sufficiently punished."
Gov. Heyward, it was learned, I
was asked to grant the pardon on
on Dec. 23, no doubt so that Wil
liamson might go to his home to
spend Christnuss, but his excellency
declined to act so precipitately and
will consult Judge Gary, who pre
sided at the trial, before taking final
In the party who came to urge
that the pardon he granted were:
R. M. Hays, S. F. Evans, D. H.
Tompkins, R. F. McCaslan, county
sheriff, T. C. Turner, clerk of court,
James Rogers, county superintend
ent of education, J. Russell Vright,
S. M. Cooper, B. B. Kinard, E. L.
Richardson, attorney for the pro
Governor Heyward Rightly Felt He Could
Not Receive It And Rightly Refuses
Columbia Cor. Newvs and Courier.
At a recent meeting of Con fed
erates at Chester Governor HeIy
ward wvas a guest as wvell as a
sp)eaker. The Gov'ernmor mladle an C
address that took withi the old sol- I
diers, and one of them was so en.
thusiastic that after the speech he 1
mlovedl thlat the Cross of Honor lhe (.
conlferred 0on thec Governor. Cover- (
nor HIeywardI gi eatly appreciated I
the honor in tenided to heC conlferred(
01n 1him, but, being a young man,
wvhom the accidenit of h)irt h pre- '
venltedl from participating in tile
war, lie felt that lie could ntot re
ceive the honor, tiough lhe ex
p)ressedl his heartfelt thlanks for tile (
intentionl conlveyedI ill the p)rop)osi
tion. The Governor only regrets \
that lhe cannot wear the cross, be- \~
cause he was too young to partic- 1
ipate ini the war, and lie cnidr /
a great honor that any old Con
lerate soldier should suggest thit
wear it. The resolution was in
>duced by Major Reid and was
iried witn enthusiasm. The Gov
nor wrote him the following let
r which will be appreciatedL by all gi
>mfcderate soldiers: S
Columbia, S. C., Dec. 10. 1903- it
Col. J. W. Reid, Chester, S. C. S
-Mv Dear Colonel: The receipt su
your letter, 7th inst, was a most
ensant reminder of my recent
easant visit to your town. Its con
nts add to my appreciation but eI
shall have to ask you to un- P
,rstand that I do not see my n
ay clear to properly make such a
-quest. 1 feel that oniv those j
>ldiers of the Confederate ariiy ib
ho wore the gray, like yourself, I
-e eutitled to the badge of honor U
hich this -rolze cross alonle cantI
mIfer. With this stroog conlvic
w). you will see that I C:nuot
ausistetl\ ask for the honor,
hibhiongs entirely to the heioes
r the Lost Cause. t
Please consider this a final dispo. C
tion of this matter, and be sure to h
now that this decision does not in I
ie mot remote natiner detract I
on my sincere appreciation of the c
onor which has been coiferred.
urtier discussion of it. would not.
I my judgment, be wise; and I beg
1at if vou have anything furthei
1) S'I, plea.. w.6 un1l we can
MI, a pers inZ j)ise . at .,hitb
inie, I am st,re, I can make my
elf fully u,ieristood. I often think
f the pleasant day I spent inl Chies
er and of all your kindness to wll
n that occasion. Trusting you
.re quite? wfl, helieve me, with
egards, yours sincerely.
1). C. Heyward, Governor.
The Rev. J. J. Long.
The congregations of Bethlehem
>astorate h . very cordially re
eived the Rov. J. J. Long as their
)astor. Rev. Mr. Long served
3ethlehem before his connection
vith the Newberry pastorate and
he cordial and sympathetic rela.
ions formed during this former
ervice have been but strengthened.
It was with a great deal of regret
hat the Newberry circuit p rted
rom Mr. Long. His relations with
he members of this cii cuit were
nost cordial and sympathetic and
hey respected and esteemedl him
rery highly. Mayer Memorial as
token of appreciation of his ser
rices added $5.00 to the final por
ion of his salary and lhe was suita
ily and lovinigly remembered by
j ohon y.
A Stocking Party.
T1hec Ladies oif the Missionary so
iety of St. Paul's church, near
'omaria , have issued the following
niqlue invitations to a stocking
arty to lie given at the residence
f Mrs. 1L. 1. Eptinug on the evening
f the 30th1 of December, from 6 to
)n the thirties h of D)ecemiber,
f y'on thlin k you cani remember,
oa Stocking Party we invite
ou1 at early candle light.
ii the little stocking~ new,
eCnnies twice the No. of your shoe,
Or miore if you care to do)
:idlhy sendo or bring with you.
Vith music sweet and gamnes so gay
Ve'll entertain while you stay,
'here will be no extra fee,
LS refreshments will be free.
it More So Than Other Counties Says
Special Judge Robert H. Welch.
Eulogy on the County.
In closing his remarks to the
-and jury at the sessions court for
Aluda county last week, after the
rv had read its presentment,
pecial Judge Robert II. Welch
-Now, gentlemen, before I close
,y remarks you will indulge me
ibile I refer to a rumor, in fact, a
irrent belief, t hat your county is
ervaded with a spirit of lawless
2ss. I know it to be a fact that
copIe beyond the borders of your
)uNt y 1-ave formed the conclsion,
tsed upon what they have heard
id what thuy have seen in the
twspapers, that your county at
iis time is seriously troubled by
S1n uusual large amouint of crime.
I will be frank and state to you
lat when. I coline to your county
I holdtt this court I was among
bose who had formed this con
ilusion. \Vhen I opened court
cr( Monday morning I was sur
Irised to finld only four cases upon
he docket ; and of tlese four, only
ne was for murder, while tile
ther three were for minor of
Ihe .Solicitor hias handed to you
>y this time all tile bills that he
ls, and of tlese biIls, three were
or murder ; and of the three, one
vas against an unfortunate negro
vho was so veak in mind that the
state will agree to accept a plea of
nanslaughter, when the facts, were
ic of strong mind, would un
juestionably warrant a conviction
or murder ; while one of the two
-emaining indictments for murder
s against a white man and his
laughter. The other few indict
nents are for the pe'ty crimes that
istially are wrought in the most
eaceful and best regulated coun
From t hese facts, gent leien, I
itn glad to state t - you, as I lie pre
iding judge of this court, that I
cc nothing-absolutely nothing
,o warrant the current belief that
7our county is a lawless county;
vhile on the contrary, everythi,lg
hat I have seen conviices me that
lie peace and good order of your
1ounty stand as high as any other
.ounty in this State.
Monday was salesday in )ecem
)er-a time when a large crovd
LIways gathers at the cotunty scat,
mdi we had a very large cro .vd
iere. Still I did not observe the
lightest disorder dturing thle entire
lay. Dutring the recesses of court
minigled freely with the crowd,
md1( did not observe anything of an
mseemly nature, but, on the con
rary, a wvellI-disposed and behaved
rowd. 1 did( not see oneC man at
II boist roums or undl(er thle influ'ence
if Iiciutor, amnd I have' not heard of
single arrest beinI)g mnade.
It gives mec great p)leasu re, geni
lemnen, as a cou rt , to state thlese
acts to youei, aind my onily r'-grel is
hat, if they can lbe of any service
li correcting the fal'.e and uaijutst
mp jressions.~ thait exist againist your
otunty , they may not have as wideI
irculit ioni as4 the rumtiors thait have
DeH lar t-llshop.
Mr. Simpson . D)elIart and Miss
lishop, of No. 6 Towniship), were
iarried on Stunday by the Rev. L.
V. Swo

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