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Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The mine workers of Alabama,
members of the United Mine Work
ers of Anerica, have levied an as
sessment upon1 themselves of thirty
cents per month for a defense fund.
Four negro children were burned
to death in a cabin in Oconee coun
ty, Ga., which burned on Wednes
day. It is the same old story. They
were left in the cabin by their pa
The senate has ratified the treaty
"for the extension of the commer
cial relations between the United
States and China." It is thought
the ratification will have sonie bear
ing on the far Fastern question.
Secretary Hester', weekly cotton
statement issued on Friday showcd
that for the to9 days of the season
that hal elapsed the aggregate was
ahead of the same days of last year
102,ooo bales, and year before last
It is said Senator Tillinan was
given a counterfeit $too note in part
payment for the lecture he delivered
in Savannah on the race question
some days ago. The note was dis
covered to be counterfeit and the
bank from which it was drawn made
good to the senator.
A successful trial of a flying mna
chine was made on Thursday near
Kitty Hawk, N. C , by Wilbur and
Orville Wright, of Dayton, Ohio.
The machine flew for three miles
in the face of a wind blowing 23
miles an hour and then gracefully
descended in the spot selected for
As the result of a fire which broke
out in the dormitory of Walden col
lege (colored), at Nashville, Tenn.,
seven negro girls are dead and
seventeen seriously injured. The
frightened inmates hurled them
selves from the high windows to the
ground below.
Roscoe Derby, a machinist of
Cleveland, Ohio, exterminated his
family early Sunday morning by
shooting his wife, his three children
and then himself. The crime is be
lieved to have been due to desvond
ency over the impoverished con
dition of the family purse and the
near approach of Cliristnias.
Cardinal Gotti on Friday turned
over to Pope Pius the sum of $9.
ooo,0oo, left by Pope Leo in Car
dinal Gotti's hands to be used as
Cardinal Gotti thought best if he
succeeded to the papal throne, but
if another was chosen to the place
to be turned over to him after four
months had elapsed. About the
ime this scene was being enacted in
he papal apartments ani electrician,
hile removing the hangings in the
te Pope Leo's chamber, found a
le in the walls in which were
-er al bags, ca rek:.~ssl y tied. h
'nsh csu ln Amiral
.ud( four Uniitedj States war
ok l)art ini the b.rilliant uav.l
review on the first day. The date
of the transfer of the territory,
which event was commemorated.
was December 20th a century ago.
During a joint debate at Hope,
Ark., between the three candidates
for the democrati. nomination for
governor, a personal encounter oc
curred between two of the candi
dates, Governor Jeff Davis and As
sociate Justice Woods. Neither
gentleman was hurt anl both were Cl
put under bond to appear at the cs
police court.
A cable dispatch t-) the New York
Sun from London says that "the
original manuscript of the first book
of 'Paradise Lost,' dictated by Mil
ton to an unknown amanuensis''
will be sold at auction in March
next unless it shall have been pre
viously disposed of at private sale.
It is said that "a New Yorker resid.
ing in London" has offered $250,
ooo for the maniu.cript.
Figures Of BusPiess Done For The Year
Show Aln Enornous Sum 01 Money.
Columbia Cor. News & Courier.
Chairm1 mi l J. \Williams ik here
windin- up th. affairs of the dispen
sarv for the year. The figures of
tlhe, busiIess don sh1ow t haL it
amounts to the enormoussum) of $2
817,993 77. The followig . are con.
parative figures :
1903---Gross sales..............$ 2,817,998 77
1902-Gross sales.. 2,406,213 27
Increase.------. ---............$ '111,785 27
Net profits to towns and
counties, 1903.................$ 512,216 35 I
Net profits to school fund
1903 ............. ....... 126,266 00
Total net profits..............$ 638,482 35
Net profits to towns and
counties, 1902....----........ $ 443,198 76 st
Net profits to schoql fund 7
1902....------................... 123,699 57
Total net profits for 1902.$ 566,898 33 fe
These figures show an increase in the
net profits of $71,584 02. eS
A Long List Of Indictments Is Headed By
The Name Of A United States
The United States grand jury at
Omaha, Neb. made a report to the
Court on Thursday, returning nine. h
teen true bills. These in.lude in- W
dictments against United States No
Senator Charles H1. Deitrich for all- -
leged leasing of a building to tihe L
Governiment tobe used as a post-,,
office; former Adjt Geni. Leonard
W. Colby, for the alleged embezzle
mlent of Government funds; D)an
iel Gaines, of Bassett, Neb, for al- )
leged p)erjulry in swearing falsely to br
hlomlestead entr.'es; former State lir
Senator Filiott Lowe, for alleged "'
consp)iracy to bribe a United States
Senator ; Postmaster John S. Mit
chellI, of Ahnii a Neb, charginig him i
with illegal sale oIf postag!e siamips;
WXillion NI frwin, on a charge of
act ing as agenit for AlitcheW, anid
i:aninst R. M. Ai.lein riet of
ma i iunder considerationi. <
Tlhe indlictiii-ms: ainst Senatorth
D eit rich amid State Senator L owe gr
are ini addhit ion to those rle~ie Wi
And Th
.We have made great plepM1atiolns
iristmas buriness. The nex! t wo da
t of all, so take time by the forelock
e last minute.
ecial Holidul
The 61i
t he Souli[
the pheln
9 'l'he hhIr
The 'gari
here. and
CaN Well]
i peliny's
To go on sale at half price, bought
Inces at a price that does not cover I
bis is one of those lightning-like s
is store has become famous. Every
r this season's selling and is the pick(
t and latest styles This sale begin
o'clock sharp.
Itol0e sCOOp for 1
Just received by express in time to
udred pairs of Lace Curtails 3 and
thout a doubt the largest lot of Lace
,wberry. The cuentire lot. to go on sa
Nhat A bou
ress Goods, Silks, I losierv, Underwe(
el la for e verybody--Sh1oes of all des
of Shoes, and doing the birgest Sh
v ite eve'rybhody t) see ourn G ret Sho'
Ma IM ~* ~.Ii
-ss shahl(enter inlto ai con)tract II
thi the United States or its(m~crS. 'I
e Business
3b3EWr 2EM3V
for the last two days busines
vs will be a continuous rush, t
and make vour purchases Wei
i Sales
-For Eue
,LOAKt( k
gst Jaclket and Cape sale cv,
1. Patrons wlo Com1ek here! in
s'de w mc.)IIend,t on
neits that are slvisid, m (
at prices no establishi elit c;
aks and Jac6
i y ize y ou n ish. T
( Closed~ : Ila uary I . I
.T,ord t-. let the balanv(e ,
ro 'fit.
under celiar circum
lie cost to manuifact uire.
[)ot cash deals for which
garinent has been made
nid choice of the le.
)t-)norrow niorning at
catch the printer, five
3- yards long. This is
Curtains ever shown in
le at half price.
t These Foi
ar, Tablle Linens, Rumgs, a (Co
crip)tiens. We're p)roud of o
>e buLsiness, ini this sectioni, Iut
Depanrtmecnt for- their Chris,tr
aIhn: Pn<1 Mi.:s C'ar- Adt
utghlter of thec Rev. anui uIre. R
of 1903
and shal; endeavor to roll up a big
le last, Christmas Eve, being the great
Inesday if possible. Don't. wait until
ru Department.
NoAP m
nr neldi in
rilest of
uil'Id are\
(u ' dupli.
:d WR iR -
rv Wa1kiuntskit
4erl \2
ns, The fanw i- ot ,( ay ndW er ls i unt
W e r aie pi iitgfr oe bs.,-,,,, . .,.

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