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of More or Less Interest Cannsed
Outside the State.
that 4,000 Mace
Bulgarian officers,
vade Turkish terri
chamber of deputies
on the budget voted
he government by a
been produced in
at Baltimore. It
f the usual Sunday
son of Fire Chief
Decatur, Ala., was
rifle, a Christ
ibe no improve
Far ust Abation.
an n sia aking
a-et which the
Tolstol's first question to
was: "Are you a social.
Bryan replied in the nega
andTolstoi expressed his sat
Lee,the negro who was
it-taking rails from the track
of5the Southern, will serve fifteen
yeI.rs in the Virginia state prison,
ta operate a chain of cot
Is in North Carolina by tene
--Qht dwellers of New York is being
00-&v ed out by ;en interested ir
thiew on business.
urton, of Irvington, Va..
. ofthe'oyster schooner Colum
W as washed overboard y i
hugeWaturaay and lost. T'hi
crew7uffered terribly.
Near Gadsden, Ala., a . mar
narrtd Parson, who raised a dis
turbance at a Christmas tree, wa
fillSd by Santa Claus, in the persor.
-of a man named Lockhart.
Gneril Reyes, the Colombian
ie preparing to leave the
States. The United State
ixie,carr ying 6oo marines.
sai or thelsthmus Tuesday.
Cracksmen who blew the safe of
the Blackwell B&nkirg. Company.,
atJasper, Fla., were detected be
foite,they could get away with the
-coin to whidh they had effected an
Thejrounds which Dreyfus de
Spencls for vindication -have been
inade. public. -These grounds are
*that. Dreyfu's 'was the victim of
forfries pejetrated by Colonel
SHenry. 5
It is stated that Southern inter
emst, largelyof Atlanta and Macon,
har ffered to buy the large hold
ings of John S. Williams &C&. in1
the Macon Street Railway and
Light Company.
Sir William Allan the marine
engineer, ship owneer and member
of pari,amnent, is dead. He was
chief engineer on a blockade runner
-during the civil war, and was cap
tured by the federals.
At Cripple Creek, Colo., Attor
ney John M. Glover, formerly a
congresman from Missouri, defied
the soldiers, h.arricAing himself in
his office, and only surrendering
after being wounded.
At New Haven, Conn., Morton
E. Judd, of Dalton, Ga., has made
application for the appointment of
a conservator over Miss Emma J.
Judd, who has been at a New Haven
hotel since October 15.
Thomas Tobin, who killed Cap
tain Craft, in a tenderloin resort in
New York city about a year ago,.'
has been declared insane by a com
mission appointed by Governor
Odell to make an examination of
the man's mental condition.
The Atlantic training squadron
reached Pensacola Tuesday from
New Orleans. At the Crescent City
the Hartford lost forty of her ap
prentices. The other ships also lost,
but not so heavily.
Miss tel Revelle, heiress to a
f&rtune of$S,ooo.ooo, has disappear
ed at Meridian. Miss. It is believed
she has been kidnaped by patties
who want her money.
It Is reported that the brother of
R. L. Wentz, the missing Phila
delphia millionairt will quit moun
tain regions to return to his old
home in Philadelphia.
The'high price of cotton has fur
ther aggravated the labor situation
in Mississippi, as negroes refuse to
pick cotton at almost any price.
Miss Bettie Woodward, a young
woman of Beattyville, Ky., jumped
from a train near Chat! -nooga ne2Z
was insEantly killed.
In ,wo weeks nearly 6oo deaths
have occurred in New York from
'Ihe Russian government is con
sidering making the sale of tea and
sugar a state monopoly.
Cuban agents are confident that
they will secure $35,ooo.ooo for the
republic from New York financiers.
Nothing new has deveioped in
the Far Eastern situation. Both
Russia and japan continue to pre
pare for war.
President Roosevelt has ordered
an investigation of the reports that
another massacre of the Jews is im
pending at Kishinef.
Canada is building an armed
rniser for the great lakes, although
the Rush treaty is supposed to res
trict such a movement.
Three revolutions are in progress
in Santo Domingo. Another Am-1
erican warship has been ordered to1
the disturbed country.
At a mass meeting of the cotton
trade, held at Manchester, England,
resolutions were adopted condemn
ing internatio nal cotton gambling. j
It is reported from Liberia the
massacre of a white missionary
named John &. Tate and i9gh ..een
f his followers in the depths of
n Airican forest.
The president has designated
ecretary Root to conduhct the Pana
ma negotiat ionis w in' General Reyes,
f Colombi:. during the illness of
Secretary .:,ay.
Because Angus M. Cannon, a
Mormon offEcial, is fighting the Utah
strikers, organized labor is urged
to aid in' the effort being made to
uneat T 7nit.e1 Sitte Senator Smnot
9r. Aull Has a New One to Introduce
Next Session.
Columbia Record.
Representative E. H. Aull, of
Newben y, who has always taken
much interest in the good roads
movement, having introduced a bill
last year which, if it bad passed,
would have alloWed counties to vote
:n the proposition of. issuing bond.s
for the purpose of improving the
roads, has drawn a draft of another
bill modeled on the same lines,
which he will introduce at the forth
:oming session. In a. generl way
it may be said thaf it provides that
elections may be held to vote bonds
)r to increase the tax levy of any
:ounty two mills for good roads
purposes; and, further, that in case
he ekctlo shall be in favor of
wonds, he maximum amount that
:n be issued shall noticeed $200,
mo. The bill provides for the abo
ltion of the board of county cow
nsIslers and provides for the ap
pointment of t*o mien in-each coun
y, bythe governor, who shall be
known as good roads cmissioners,
md they, with the supervisor, shall
save charge of the working of the
roads in each county. This board
)hall in turn appoint one man in
!ach township who shall look after
:he roads and bridges and the pay
ent of the commutation tax The
:ounty good roads commissioners
are to receive $3 per day, not ex
:eeding fifty days. The main object
)fthe A;41, %r' e- is 1 V
aw vherebv cou!tieS Cal: IVtII te
uild their own roa&, .f1the taxpay
ers so 3etermine.
keorganizaion of Olympia Mills Allowee.
to Continue.
Char!eston, Dec. :9 -I: the
_,;itted Stalte Circ:.It CoU ri. tOi
iternooin Jt:dycs Sha:o:c:: nad
Brawley handte dow heir onione
n the suit against t>e Grambx and
)lympia Co>iou Miis. and the
) ynpia Mil'ls singly -.hich were
trgued last week. In th( firs. case
:ommonly spoken of as thc Dearing
uit against the Granby and Olym
ia mills which provided for the
ranby and the Richland mills to:
>e recognized as creditors of the
3ympia the judges sigi:ed the com
romise agreement drawn up by the
ttorneys representing the Dearings
md the defendants, providing for
he setting aside of 50 per cent of
he mills holdings of Olympia stock
05o,oo in the case of Granby, and
75,ooo in the case of Richland
fills in first mortgage bonds which
re to be issued according to the
lan of the reorganization the same
o be held by the court, pending the
idjudication of the claims, and dif
erences between the mills which
re in process of adjustment, the
nills to share like all creditors in
ill further proportionate distribution
>f the bonds and settlement of the
ending claim.
In the Phinizy suit for receiver
or Olympia Mills the court reserved
ts opinion on the appointment of a1
eceiver, but will grant the tempor
try injunction nless the defendants
mter a bond in the sum of $20,80o,
the amount of the holdings of stock
by Phinizy, and Hull for the per
issued in the case which is now to
be given in a full hearing.
The decision of the court allows
the plan of reorganization to pro
ceed and the promoters of the
scheme are given the opportunity
to demonstrate its successfull work
A fire in the Iroquois theatre in
the city of Chicago on Wednesday
caused a panic and about 6oo hu
man beings lost their lives. The com
pany was playing "Bluebeard" and
the electric wires crossed putting
the stage in flames.
At a meeting of the directors of
the Seaboard Air Line J. Skelton
Williams resigned the office of pres
identof the company and Vice Pres
ident Barr was elected president
and general manager. Mr. Williams
was elected chairman of the board
of directors.
ReT. Mr. mes arTed.
The marriage of Rev. Wilaot S.
Holmes, rector of the Episcopal:
church at Laurens, and Miss Caro
Adams, daughter of Rev Robert
Adams, pastor of the First Presby
terian church in that city, will take
place on the 31st inst. Mr. Holmes
has a number of relatives and
friends in our city.-Greenville
Mountaineer. Dec. 30. 1903.
Le'est Devi
The Rise
has rnCv:d into th - firs
recently occupied by
r E. Toad.
The apprec-ation wit
business has been reci
us still further, and we
add, for the benefit of
The Women
For this purpose Mrs.,
afew days for New York
until spring, taking a sp
When she returns we w
give you the latest appr
French Dres
Ladies Ti
We thank you for pa
that you continue to fa'
store of
The Riser Millii
Sunday the 27tb of December,
19o3, Mr. Rufus L. Shealy and
Miss Bessie Maude Kempson, both
of Little Mountain, S. C., were
married in Mt Tabor Lutheran
church by the pastor, Rev. W. A.
It was a very pretty marriage.
Mr. D. Wilson was best man and
Miss Lula Rikard was bride's maid.
The couple went to Columbia.
Mr. B. Al. Havird was married
in Flemington, Fla., on Tuesday,
29th December, 1903, to Miss Lula
Whittington of that city. He
reached Newberry on Wednesday
with his bride and has been the re
cipient of many congratulations
from his friends. The Herald and
News joins in the congratnatinos
and best wishes for, the yotfng
Married December 23, IM, at
:he residence of the bride's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Boozer, in
Laurens County, by Rev. R. C.
Ligon, Mr. Clarence B. Siigh to
Miss Bessie Boozer.
When bilious try a dose of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Taets and.,
realize for once how quickly a frst-elm
up-to-date medicine will cormet the ds
order. For sale by Smith Drug Co.,
Newberry, Prosperity Drug Co.,gPros
lopmentS1 I
t store on Main Stree,
the furniture store -of
h which bur Millinery
.ived has encouraged
have now decided to
of Fashion,
Johnstone will leave ii
, where she will remai
ecial course in both
ill be fully prepared to
oved styles in
mnd Millinery
Lst patronage and
vror the well equ'

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