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Sunday, L)Ve Saturday, Was a Day o:
runerals ana ,LlThe Undertakers Had
More Than They Could Do.
Chicago, Jan. 3.-Sunday was a
day of funerals in Chicago and foi
the first time in the history of th<
city some of the people who desire<
to bury their dead were unable tc
do so. The unprecedented deland
for hearses and carriages wou
have been enough in itself to tasl,
to the very utmost the resources ol
the undertakers, but the heavy snon
that has fallenll during the last twc
days has increased their difliclltic
The cemeteries were compelled
to kee) men at work all through
the night digging graves, and it
some of the larger cemeteries they
barely managed to dig them fast
The list of dead was increased
to 588 today by the death of Leroy
R ainbold, a boy of four years, whc
was severly buied.
Tux nu-l~ :s e iOce .
Chicago, Jan. v--Tnight every
theatre in the City of Chicago er:.
cept onile is dark aId with doonl
locked. NtI (e111 of themi will be
OPenl to tie public until their man
agers have complied in the fullest
manner with every section of th
ordinances regulating play houses
The order compelling the theatres
to close was issued this afternoor
by Mayor Harrison, after a confer.
ence with Corporation Counsel Tol
man, who assured the mayor tha
ample legal ground existed for hi
Fire Inspector Fulkerson an
nounced tonight that le had final!'
discovered the secret of the fire il
the Iroquois theatre, whicl Cause(
the fearful holocaust. The asbes
tos curtain, upon which tie safet,
of the audience depended, was. ac
cordillg to Mr. Fulkerson, blocke<
inl its descent by a -el reilector
carelessly left oen)C by a stage han<
WkThile one end of the curtain go
within five feet of the stage, tll
other was suspended twenty fee
above it, and beneath it swept th
flood of flane that carried death v
so many hundreds.
Brother Dickey's Philosophy.
It's mighty hard ter make a coin
fortable livin' findin' fault wid d
bes' worl' you ever wuz in.
De picture's dr de Angels shos
'em always on de wing; but flyin
will be too hard work fer me-e
ever I gits dar.
De Rainbow is nuttin' mo' ne
less dan de Storm puttin' on his bes
-coze en sayin' he sorry it happened
Ef you can't git 'roun' Troubi
by gwine de foctpathi, de bes' thin1
you kin do is ter meet himi in d
middle er de road en have it ou
wid him.
It's a goodl idee ter lay by fer d
rainy day, kaze even ef (de rai1
never comies, you'll still have a hal
leluia time in (Ie sunshinie.
l)e wistim er Solomion would( h
too) mutch fer folk s ini dis day~, e:
timeiv. All IJ wants is (des enolOr
ter show mue hiow~ ter steer clear e
de fools.
It's futnny dat somne folks dat kn
ows all erbo'tit de stars above us
can't find dey way in dis worn' tw
mileshm home.
Press of TokIo Regards War as Inevitable an
and Urges the Immediate Opening a I
of Hostilities, ho
Tokio, January 3 -War with Pe
Russia is regarded as unavoidable at
and the press is urging the ininedi- ph
ate opening of hostilities.
All of the banks are witliholding
fnllis, and it is believcd tihat this is
the result of on.cial instructicAns.
The (overinnent has p,-rfected
arrangemnents for the transportationl
of troops and supplies and- t)he pe- lit
ple claiily await dev--lopments.
The contitlyed dissemination of
optimistic views fioni Berlin cause
general surprise and regret here.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
Fargo Squiers, son of the United ie
States minister in Havana, Cuba, SP
was accidentally, shot and killed on nu
Th1ursdfly by a CIlffeIu- in the ci
ploy of his father . Young Squier.
and severai 8ervants were Shottinii
-it a target. The young man a- ti
20 y 1ars of a 1e and Y ery popl la in
Havana fal
Jailer Charlie Smith of Ocala, re
Fla., was shot and probably fatally na
wounded on Thursday by a negro
desperado whom he had arrested'da
and was conveying to jail. L,
At a meeting of the executive I
committee of the Officers' Associa- th
tion of Georgio State Troops, held so
at Savannah, a resolution was at
adopted recommending the disband- 2C
ment of the colored troops of the d
Nord Davney, a negro piano tli
player of Washington, has been
engaged as pianist to President
Alexis, of Haiti at a salary of $5,
ooo a year. Davney )played once
at the White House for the late
President McKinley.
Mr. H. L, Thomas. translat.,r ti
at the State department at WaSh- <I
ington, died last week at the age fo
of 68 years. He was master of 20 in
languages. in
Several Chicago millionaires in- of
terested in the anti-crime crusade fi
in Chicago were summoned to sit P1
on a jury in a justice court in that "
city and decide a debt of twelve N
dollars. Tne jury was compelled ci
to sit six hours defore the case was 1
completed and a verdict reached. W
IThree lives were lost in a fire a
Swhich destroyed the hotel Louvre ca
in C.hicago on Friday night. se
r IThe richest citizen of Syracuse, F
>N. V., Former Congressman Jamesc
.J. Belden, died .on Friday. His s
wealth was estimated at $io,ooo,- tl:
IvMcClellan on Friday assumed the mn
t duties of mayor of New York with- i
out elaborate ceremonies. y
'I'The Princess Mlat hilde, the niece et
iof Napoleon, the last of t he Napo- w
-leoins, and( rel ated to all the cro0wined \M
heads of E,urope, dlied ini Paris on lii
J'Four l arge tohae< l W i i ware hous
Swere destroye~ d b fir~ e in, Wilson, at
r N. C., on Sat urday night, thle total to
loss reachiing about $75,000. ti
- Miss Mary Martin, a yotung lady,
,was shot at a dlance near Greens- ai
3 boro, N. C., by John Ganis, who P3
was deeply enamored of her. Gans
ked her for a dance. She declined
(I without warning lie pulled out
>istol and shot her. She died some
urs later.
A hotel in which five hundred
ple were dancing was wrecked
Woodbridge, N. J., by the ex
>sion of dynamite. Thirty persons
re more or less seriotisly injured.
A car was derailed by a brokenl
I near Bal i more on SuImdav, roll
down a 30-foot embanikmment and
Iing a little girl and a woman and
ionsly injuring the mother of the
le girl.
Stocking Party Given by the LadlIes of
tie Missionary Society of St. Paul's
a Grand Success.
The old year is past and gone
d we begin out- journey in the
w year. Ve wish each corre
)Ident, reader and Iferald
mi a happy and prosprotis neC%w
Mr. Thiaddens I I,;" ;
nlie( by Mr. I,. Snra(i . o
, Lnthran SeminarV. Mt. Pleas
L. Cliarlestoin. S. C.. visited Ilis
ther's family the past two weeks,
.urning to their work at the semi
ry Saturday.
The stocking party on Wednes
y night at the residence of Mrs.
I. Epting was a grand success.
ie result of the united efforts of
e good women of the missionary
ciety amounted to near $4o. The
tendance at the party was about
*o. The plays were as follows:
t. Guess whose hand. A sheet
is suspended in the doorway; the
lies attending put their hand
rough a hole in the sheet an( the
iess made by the gentlemti. The
.e giessing currecty the reatest
un11bir of timic, was to have a
IMr. Earnlest Epting was the
guessilg correctly foilr
1(d. Piling he tad on
e .nkev. The donk was
awl. oin a sheet. Th1e coltestaits
r the prize w'ere bhibl)(10Ied andl
that position wec to pin the tail
position. Two prizes were
rered. Irs. T. A. Epting won
-st prize by pinning tail at vroper
ace, and Miss Minnie Derrick
>n second prize, booby prize.
ext, Who could carry the most
ocolate drops on a knife along a
ug table without dropping alny,
>nl by J. Fred IFpting. Other
lusements, such as cutting a prize
ke, cake-walking, grab-bag and
tme of the very best music by
essrs. Joe Wilson, Moland and
dgar Epps, Geo. Kinard and Joe
'apman. The members of the
ciety wish me to extendc their
anks to all who gave of their
eans, financially and by refresh
ents, and also for tihe good be
Lvir. WVe wXere very sorry, Mr.
:litor. that you could( niot he prs
t, bu)t gladl our friend 'T. J. WV.
'1s liere. We~ hav e asked f riend(
ilson1 to w\rite whatever he it
oC abou1 1li Pt thpa -y ! V has Pa
The indies of t. P'ani1 miis-ioii
y so(ieity invi\te (every conitrihmor
visit St. - 'auil's church and( see
>w ini the clhurchl, of which they
e p)roud, anid it will make you
oud too. 1L. I. E.
January , 1904.
A Table for All the Years Since 1888 Pr
pared By Attorney General-A
Horrible Record.
Columbia Cor. News and Courier.
The attorney general has cor
pleted the compilation of the Crin
nal statistics of the State, coMpI
ing the tn1itnber of crinies of' ec
sulcceeding year1 wiv]It the (line 11r
viotis from iSSS to vi inlIudh
19,. Tle comparison is not c
Couraging', and,' i neced, in soie r
spects it is a showving tlat mn
give all Iv-abidiig citizen, cii
surios CPits C Cneertn oVIL I
seemin incrteasing tendenicyI t a
The Crilw of innr11-der shows
awful record. there )eilg
manslaughters reported for 190
This record w%as exceeded inl 189
when there were 225. In 19
there was the same nontbr.
Mr. Gunter is preparing a cot
parative tale as to Ilau.light<
int (.thler Stas and tle deploral
fact hGs dvlop()l thal v.e lead.
oh r Ia h 1 4 ti' i r h
11c ;11 I uch 'Ies and i b1 o
that a f .' ',-cor<,d m M
In fev crime:s has there he
shown anl dcrease in the numh
but the record speaks for itself h
ter than words can tell.
Following are the figures:
t- > 0. ..., Ito P w r4
t1I J O o .
. I O -I -a G I ,
C0 01
Ot -Ga G la a y - V'C
ta O .A a y si .e 7) y 4,
-' .- - G - -a - ooI O~
4a t toQ.~~ , % 1 ... s
00 ' Gt QJ 4-. t 4 \O J''. 0.
-I O'' 0 .-A O-4 to a, O t
field, Ky, was. bundO ud
onlin nchoolfor girk ne- ~p
The Marriage of Mr. Ben. M. Aull and
Miss lenriette Sitton a Brilliant
Social Event.
A marriage in which many New.
i- berrians are interested was that of
i- Mr. Hen. M. Aull and Miss Henri
r- etta Sitton, which occurred in the
h Presbyterian church at Pendleton
L,- on Wednesdav evening at 8 o'clock.
in Mr. Atull is a native of Newberry
j- and woll kiiown here. H le h-s lived
c- at Autin ior the past siX years,
st where he is manager of the Pendle
Se ton Natiufacturing Co., of which
e Col. Aug. J. Sittoii is the propictor.
V I(-- is a graduate of Clemsoi . and
has already earned a wide reputa
In tion as a cotton mill man and elec
trical expert.
3. The bride is a daughter of Mr.
7, J. J. Sitton, the president of the
>o Pendleton Cotton mill, now in pro
cess of coistruction, and olle of the
11- staunchest and best known business
is men in Anderson county. She is
>Ic well known in Newherry, and she
iI is dpqervedl I pular here as else
re\~ w thr'uig!hunt the Stte. both
lit fl bet-i ittr: tiln s ;nul her ac
, - .C( 1m p)1ilanenI:t211
at I Th ch rc uQ(I I s : beaukttifu y de I,(I:Co..
ei ((i or the , k 00 Isionol. "tili I'l: large
Ln crowd which witnessed the cere
r, lmnv tted the(- ppurllity (if the
e- young coulple with the people among
whoml they live. The ceremony
was performed by the pastor, Rev.
J. T. Gregg. The maid of honor
was Miss Emma Sitton, a sister of
r the bride; the best man, Mr. John
K. Aull, of Newberry.
The attendants were: Miss Es
telle Aull with Mr. John Dendy, of
Wallhalla; Miss Cena Symmes, of
Greeiville, with Nr. Arthur Sitton;
Miss Lucia lolger, of Pickens, with
Mr. B. J. Iloilmlan, of Philadelphia;
Miss ,aura Bowmaii, of Newberry,
W i Mr. Ernest.1 Folger, of' Pickens;
Miss Sue Crawford witi NMr. Iugene
Alx Id rc, of lickens; ushers,
A nonb111)r of delig,htful receptiOn1s
wevrc teIdeed I. and Mrs. Aull
dur inig tIle week. They have hosts
of frit-ndsi here and throughout the
State lnd inl other States who wish
for then that theiir iie together,
begun so auspiciously, may be full
of happiness,
Death of a Bright Young Lady.
Miss Bessie Scott, daughter of
SMr. J. B. T. Scott, of Little Mouni
Stain died, on D)ecember 23 after aln
operation in a hospital in Columbia
2 for appendicitis. The remains were
4 interred in Union. Miss Scott was
a bright young lady of only [7
-Syears and the bereaved family have
the deepest sympathy of hosts of
2 friends.
Kighits of P'ythias.
S The K nights of Pythias of New
herry~i' (lde. N. -/5, will have
2-their inistal'ionm of oflicers and an
inital haniy (t 'i Tuiesda y nigh ,
I o'' O S ii~ (( t 'v 'I'ThompsonStreet.
Alhl mleniher arV Ue re'(luested to inotify'
the conlitteeIL at on1ce howi mlanly
tickets they dlesi re for the occasion.
th- W. F. Ewart,
mg- E. P. Widemanm,
,A. H-. Booth,

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