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I I A%
-11D Y I_T 'WI AWEK, S15iAYA
New Bills Introduced On First Day-TI
Elections-In Memory Of The Lament
ed Gordon-Other Matters.
Colunibia, January 14.-The gel
eral assembly convened at high noo
on Tuesday.
This being a middle term and a
the members having served durin
one session, both houses were ol
ganized and got down to businei
with very little ceremony.
The matter of the election to :
held during the session wa- take
up early in the day and Mr. Aull'
resolution in the house callug fc
an election of an associate justice
two members of the penitentiar
board, a chairman of the dispensar
board, two dispensary directors,
liquor commissioner and a stat
librarian, to be held on Friday. Th
matter was referred to the commit
tee on privileges and elections.
The most important event of th
first day, and that which consume
the most time, as is usual, was th
reading of the governor's annua
The message was given to th
readers of the Herald and News i:
an extra edition shortly after it wa
When the roll of the Senate wa
called there were only six absentees
Mr. G. I. Holliday, of Horry, wa
sworn in, succeeding Senator Mc
Dermotte, who has resigned sine
the last session. The proceeding
were opened with prayer by th
Rev. V. I. Herbert, in the absenc
of the clial)lain.
Lieutenant Governor Sloan de
livered an appropriate address
referring to the fact that 'he rank
of the senators had not been entere
by death, and expressinig the heart
felt wisl that t hey would live on t
see South Carolina, now great an
grand, become greater and gra nder
Ile expressed the wish that thei
C, proceedings would be characterize
by hiaiinoiy, courtesy, intelligene
and dignity.
A concurrent resolution was il
troduced by Senator Mayfield, irl
viting all -ouinty supervisors t
attend the good roads convention t
be held in Columbia on the 19th c
( this month and providing for th
payment of their railroad expense
by the legislature.
A special message was receive
from the governor on the death c
General Gordon, and the followin
concurrent resolution was offere
by Senator Aldrich:
Whereas, it has pleased the Al
mighty to end the brilliant earthi
career of that splendid soldier ani
statesman, Geni. John B3. GordoAn, c
Georgia: andl,
Whereas, at a tryinig period an
cr it icY period ini thle hiistot v of t h
State lhe camema to onur aid anmd red
e:redl voluontariy service of such valum
and devoin as entitles him foreve
to bec kniowni a the frienid of thm
peopleC of Souith Caro)inw Non~
+herefore, be it
Resolved by the senate and H ous
bi of representatives of Southi,Carolinor
h"lat a committee of honor be raise
Fh&o attend the funeral of Geni. Gon
F don and to pay the State's tribut
of respect to his memory, sai co
mittee to be composed of his Excel.
lency, the Governor, or such mem
. bers of the executive department as
lie may designate, the Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court, or such
Smember of the judicial department
as he may designate, three Senators,
to be appointed by the President of
the Senate and four of the I louse of
Representatives, and that the ser
n geant-at-arms of the houses be in
structed to carry out the provisions
il of this resolution.
g The resolution was sent to the
house and was concurred in by that
s body.
The large portrait of General
e Gordon in the senate chamber had
u already been draped in crape by the
s sergeant at-arms, at the suggestion
r of Senator Sheppard.
The proceedings of the house
a were opened with prayer. Speaker
e M. L. Smith was very eloquent in
e his opening address, saying the
members of the house had assembled
to look after the welfare of their
e people. That was the highest law
aid he would caution them that it
was more important to find what
was necessary than to apply the
The special message of governor
Heyward and the concurrent resolu
tion of the senate relative to the
s death of General Gordon were re
ceived, and speaker Smith appointed
the following committee to attend
the funeral, saying that he thought
those who had fought with Gordon
were the proper ones to represent
. the State at his funeral: Messrs.
Trible; James, Brooks, Jeremiah
Smith and King.
e Mr. McGill introduced a bill of
2 local nature, which the house re
fused to refer to a special commit
tee consisting of the Greenwood
N r. W. J. Johnson, of Fairlield,
introdulc( a bill proposing a fran
!chlise tax of one tenth of1 one per
C(lt. upon the CapitAl of evel y
corporation in the State, excehit
cottoll mills, doing1 1 bi n.s*ILes.. for
profit unlder- a StIechrtr,an
Ieoquir'nl' g that the corporations.,
11):Ike ma e rport- to thic secreta t o f
- The Senate yesterday took up
t the Colsiderat ion of the 34 bills
left over from last session, mostly
f which were either recovnitted or
e cassed over without discussion. A
s resolution wvas' passed inviting
Senator Latimer to address the
legislature on the 20th. The good
f roads convention which will be in
session here at the time, wvill be
1invited to b)e present.
TPhe house yesterday morning
ad ((opted it - con)currentI resolution
Sfixing, FiL as tihe (day for the
ete waV:s Conideable;X iy(l disu
sionI onl the matt ler of refiirring
me Csre ntil a! I(Con nt.c h
i Acurhn wers provok1edl rby were
SI ttrlech-m to n tem e ll dt|o
gtincras The mppopation for erecty
- troduced,-mn te Hal)t to
$30,000. It will be remembered
that at tle last session an appro.
priatioi, was made for this purpose
to be available only when the citi
z-ens of the Sta.tc had v,oluntarily
contributed $ro,ooo to supplement
the appropriation. Not more than
half this amount has been raised so
The bills to prevent delays in
freight shipmeis and to outilaw
slot machinles, were passed to a
third reading.
Mr. Kirby's bill to appropriate
$i oo,ooo for public schools and
Mr. Taylor's bill to abolish sheriffs'
and treasurers' fees were killed.
Interesting News About the Forthcom
ing Eiection-The Candidates and
the Offices.
Special to The Herld and News.
Columbia, S. C. January 14.
The general assembly will probably
not go into an election until Wed
ion. 11. 1-I. Evans has no an
nounced opponent of the dispen
sary board, though former senator
McDermotte, of Ilorry. S. C., is
being talked and a possibility,
Towell of Lexington, Wylie of
Chester, Walker of Barnwell, and
Boyken of Kershaw are in the race
for the t wo other positions on the
board. W. 0. Tatum, and W. ).
Black tre in the race for liquor com
missioners. Mr. Tatum will proba
bly be elected associate judge.
Woods will succeed himself with
out opposi ion. Miss Lalorde is
opposed for siate librarian by se%v
eral ladies but Will in ill proba
bility be electedI for another termn.
T'I'here are a nimber of cantdid:a
for t0h penitent i:ry hoard.
Advocates Callpailgl ott National
Newx lfaven.l Conn., jIn-.
Wm:. .J. BryIn a(rri-ed here toda
otn businless con(Cted with the ie n
ntett will. This evening lie Was
iven a reception at the Iypereen
Theatre. He tmade atn address ad
vocating national instead of party
issues for the coining campaign,
placing himself on record for broad
ening the p)olicy of the Democratic
party, and foreshadowing the for
mation of a party alotng new lines
as laid down by himself this even
ing. A large crowd listened atten
tively, ap)plaud(inlg liberally.
Death of Mr. Thomas V. Wicker.
Mr. Thotmas V. Wicker died at
his home ittn the city at 3 o'clock
yerter-day', afItoon, itt the No th
yecar of his agre. I Ie was a cont
cclh-l and1 leaves a wvif andto
ex e-rail chliirlei and grand(chldrentQL.
'LLnerCal -en t h I is aftermi' .1
thIe honu- 2t 2l payi tre. l.
W&orthily hone.
Tlhe John MI Kiiard Camp,ttI' Sotm
of C2onfederate- \'eteratts, stiot Mr
R. H ertmatt W\right aIs its rep)resetn
tative at the futneral of Genteral
T1he D)raytoun 1). Rutherford Chap
ter of the Confederacy, sent ai beait
tiful wreath of flowers for General
Gordon's grave.
A Comiunication Received From The City
Council Giving A Full Statement of the
Town's Financial Condition.
Ihlic adjourned cit izens' meetilig
hield inl the Court hiouse onl Wednies.i
day afterinooln heard Ile report or'
its Committee, appointed at the
previous meeting, submitting a1
frul statement of tle town's linan
Cial Condition, and after a fuill
and free discussion of tle necessity
for the license tax recently imposed
by the council, continued the com
mittee, with the addition of the
clairman of the meeting, to confer
with council and to report to a
Ifourth meeting, some measure for
funding the floating indebtedness
of the town and by which the cur
rent expenses may be met out of
the revenues. The meeting was -it
tended by about sixty citizens.
The meeting was called to order
by Chairman George B. Cromer.
The committee, consisting of
Messrs. George Johnstone, chair
man, W. E. Pelham, 0. B. Mayer,
T. C. Pool, B. F. Griffiin, F. H1.
Dominick, and E. C. Jones, ap
pointed at tli last meeting to secure
adequate information as to the
financial condition of the town, re
ported through its chairman, Col.
Johnstone, as follows:
The following communication
was handed Mayor 'arhardt by the
Joln W. "arhardt, ]sq., Mayor
of the Tow f Newberry, Newber
ry, S C -Dear Sir : The under
si)gneo have b)een appoiited a com
llittee oin behialf of a meeting of tie
citizens of t he town who have unld" r
consideraticin certain matte i-elat
ingP to the finiancevs of th( towni inl
Whi l th are v', i ta iVitrest .
Th V ..tin te.(d of lis to )bt; in ccr
tain i informationi fromll you which i.
n etSiarv, as tev Coiccik-e it, t<
,Il intellig4ent miderstnllidilng ofl the(
lma'1tters m :i which they alr conkcrled.
'iey rceqtuest us, thcrefore, to ask
of you the following information:
j. \Vhiat are the entire revenues
of the town, and from what sources
are they derived, and what amount
is derived fromi each source ? In
this connection, we would be glad
to have a statement, (a), As to
what is the amount derivable from
the ordinary six mill levy; (b),
what amount is derived under each
of the sp)ecial levies and what are
the amount for the special levies.
2. WVhat is the indebtedness of
the towni? Unider this head, we
would like to be informed, (a),
what is the lpresent amiounit of the
dtifferent buondi Ii tleitstantdinig a
L:ojulst the town; (bi, wvhat is the
onotoll mt of the l<>ating dhebt incl tid
l.lo. a o L'll ii a elo((red bvI- th
b 4deli A t,:n rm th -sd illt
kntuig Ito) hem ti'indbtedeyhi
o . lo what prpes interit ito
pthatol the amouinte oreiane
undI(er the p)resent recently passed
license ordinanice.
We would be pleased to have
this information at the earliest
practicable moment as we under
stand that it is desired that we sub
mit it to an adjourned meeting of
the citizens on Wednesday next.
Very truly yours,
George Johnstone, Ch'n
X. 1. Pelham,
F4 red. H-. Domninick,
B. F. Griffin,
T. C. Pool,
E. C. Jones,
0. B. Mayor,
To this coitnunication council
replied as follows:
Newberry, January 12.
Messrs. Geo. Johnstone, Pelham,
Mayer, Pool, Griffin, F. H. Dotni
nick and E. C. Jones, Committee:
Gentlemen: In reply to your re
quest for information concerning
certain matters relating to the
finances of the town in which the
citizens are virtually interested, it
gives me great pleasure to hand
you the within statement. If we
have failed to fully cover all ques
tions, or if any further information
is desired, please call on the City
Clerk who will gladly fitrish you
with whatever additional informa
tion you may desire.
Very truly yours,
Jno. W. Rarhardt,
Mayor of Newberry.
(i ) What are the revenues of the towi
and froin what sources are they derived,
and what autount is derived fron each
6 Mill Regular 'ax.$ 9120 28
;.( Mlill Opera House
Tax1...... ............. 11,40 03
2% Alill Wiat. Wks.
& I.l. IA. W'ds....300 2
I Aill Sewer 1onds. 1520 o- -$i55i 49
Street 1)1ty-- -......... I g5
R ents....... ...... . 50
L tl.-i1se. ................ 51 62
llines Alayvors t .ot So
I )ispcnsary N Itc-eer
,1 ..i ... .......I
ltty e sh. ............ .. . ;.1
1h 5 35i
.... ........ ...... ...... .. .... .)?2
St. h m,\ c n w r <11AinOt ii 1111numbAr 4ne.
(., ilma i, tht. ind,1bt(dlics" ()f the
town" Ild r-I ti1 hal I we \%old(tI like
to be ;f, IIrIII- I:
)per I i lfl Bt i .................$ 22A, 00
Water \\-ks & l. 1,t. lionds.... 2o) (o
Sewer Bonds .............. ........... 250 00
$89000 o
(b) W hat is the amliolut of tihe floating
debt, inIcluiniig alIl itemis not covered by
the hooded debt, and we would like to
know to whiom tis indeb~tedniess isowd
andI what rate of interest it is dirawinig?
Coinmercial Banik (Note) Duew
12-- 1-03 (8 pe'r cent.)-'------.$ 3028 91
toinereii ta Bak (Note) IDue
3-9-o4 (8 per cent.)....... ..... 2804 8o
Naitiona.l Btanmk ( Not.e) I ue
:-2 04 (5 per cnt.).. ...... ..3696 35
lr G ravel Co ( Note) I ue
3--27 -0.1 ( 6 per cen t. )...... . . rooo. o0
1uar (ravel C2o. (Note) I )ne
6-1 i 1 (6 pe iet . )........ t4i i,
Sarah \\'. I b, t< Iu
iaryiA. l.brman ( Not--.\tt)t
I) 31 ot5 (S per c tl. ot...... ], oo
N.at 'I BanIk Newhe-rry- (N'ute)
Dune 12 22(13 (8 per1 cen't. ----. 569 33
Savings Banik Newherry ( Note)
uew i2-3o- 03 (8 per cent. ).... 2000 00
Savings Banik Newberry (Note)
Due 12-.-r-o3 (81t>er cent.)t... un0 00

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